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  1. Are you getting sick of dealing with the one question surrounding Awakening: "Who do I marry to whom?" Do you wish there was a program where you could just tell it what all you want from your children characters and it'll tell you which parents can give you all those things? Me too! So I wrote a program that does exactly that. The first screen is just a marriage organizer. Drag and drop characters around to marry them to each other, right-click them to see their stat growth / cap modifiers and available jobs. It'll even calculate these things for the children characters, if they have married parents. If you hit any button on your keyboard (except escape, that closes the program) it'll take you to the spreadsheet screen. The buttons at the bottom are to add a Heuristic (i.e. a Thing You Want) to search for: a class, a skill, or a minimum stat growth / cap. You'll need to pick a letter to represent each heuristic by typing it on your keyboard. In the screens to add a Class or Skill heuristic, classes or skills starting with the letter you've picked will be highlighted, so you can use that as a search function of sorts. So, for example, which combinations of parents would produce a child who: A) has access to Galeforce, B) can reclass to Dark Mage, and C) has access to vantage? These ones, highlighted in green. Cordelia with Stahl / Lon'qu / Gaius / Gregor, Tharja x Gaius, and Olivia or Lissa with Libra or Henry. And the avatar with anyone but Miriel / Panne / Cherche. And Morgan can do everything. If you've married characters together in the organizer screen, you can reduce visual clutter on the spreadsheet screen by crossing their rows or columns, or removing them altogether. I'm thinking of making a Youtube video to illustrate how to use it, but for now, here are the download links. Win x32: http://www.mediafire.com/file/psy1q6tcc0bxdk8/Matchmaker_win32.zip Win x64: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6h0rqaq3sgzs0di/Matchmaker_win64.zip (the x64 version comes with the necessary java files to run it. That makes the filesize a lot bigger, but the program is a lot more stable and you don't need java installed on your computer to run it) Tell me what you think! Or if you find any bugs.
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