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  1. I tested both patches, you talk to any character and play his chapter...
  2. I do not know what happens, it's for FE7 USA ... .w. I just tried it with a clean rom and the, both patches work....
  3. Mmm ... I was editing that chapter because it seemed better idea that was an event to open the chest and not to step on the tiles near the chest, I seemed a little more intuitive but forgot to update the texts until a couple of days, in addition, yes, the chapter if it has a bug but already update it, so you should already be able to complete it.
  4. Thanks Both UwU Right now, I came to edit this post, and announce I'll be working on the English script. It'll be only the texts for now, so I'll be easier to play and understand, and fully translate it to English on future releases. So in a few of days It'll be done, plus, I'll probably insert them when all of them are finished.
  5. I bring this project that is a FE7 hack by the part of the latin community... the history in its majority is comedy taken seriously, besides that is in spanish but I hope you could enjoy it. The hack It is still under development, the current state is Actually I started the translation to english, a few of descriptions are ready but the chapters are in progress Chapters: 19/32 Chapters with dialogues (spanish): 18/32 Chapters with dialogues (english): 6/32 UwU And I work on it almost every day, and now more because the summer vacations starts PS: Please excuse my terrible English I added a folder in the link where I will add some scripts in English https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g214gzflg9zpzxr/AAAG1R0JiwkgwXN_0iuue43oa?dl=0 ~24/07/2017~ -Give Up and Skip commands added, for change chapter and skip a alredy completed chapter -More Spanish and English Translation -SFX to Deni/Zack Animation -Stairs at Banrigth, and escape in Loli-Con-Quest and Im You but stronger have now a Unit Command
  6. Project: Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban Platform: FE7 Showing: Patch When and where should I send the patch?
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