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  1. So over a few forums and places to talk about FE, Peri seems to be on some receiving end of hate, which does irk me due to how hate can be used. I can most certainly understand some disdain for her, but outright hate does not seem reasonable. What I wish to know is, is there any people who seem to like her? I mean, I like her character, but I can see why some don't... but outright hate is another thing entirely.
  2. By minor unit, I mean a unit, either enemy or ally controlled that tends to really do well, is memetic in some way, or anything else. What is yours? Mine is Penta-Axe General, from Thracia 776!
  3. So we all have that thought or opinion on something here when it comes to Fire Emblem that others just don't get. What is yours?
  4. Like, for example, I use a few FE characters for the base of my Dungeons and Dragon's character's personalities. Does anybody else do something like this?
  5. So for those not as well informed as to what this is, a Body ring is a type of stat gain item in the Fire Emblem series that increases the constitution stat in some games. Constitution basically measures your body and how much you can carry, including other units when rescuing, if that is present in the game, or the ability to carry weapons in others. What I want to know is, what do you think happens with somebody when a Body Ring is used?
  6. So I had the idea of a story for a FE8 ROMhack that I want to try my hand at, but I am not too sure just how to start or where to begin. Could somebody let me know what I can do?
  7. Well, I tend to avoid villains if possible, but I could incorporate some as characters. I also had this weird idea of having Jagen himself be a Janitor or somesuch. Older characters could be featured as teachers, as well as Jeigan units being part of staff. Cecilia might not teach magic, cause... well, it's a real world setting, but I think she can teach math if possible. I'll figure out just what to do with these characters in time. The subjects will be the kind of stuff they teach in real Japan high schools, which can include Japanese, English, home economics, Calligraphy, among other things. I dunno about crazy love, but some students will have feeling for others in the story, I guess. Yes, there will be normal students and teachers, but I might not feature them too much, unless I need a normal character. As for the violent characters... eh, I dunno. I'd imagine characters like that to be like others, except they might have a lot of urges to do violent stuff.
  8. The cast will feature most characters from all the FE games to-date, with a focus on one in a chapter, most of the time. There are a few exceptions, like a character being really young or really old, or if they are something like a beast-person (Laguz, Wolfskin, etc) which I might cast as something like a pet or something else. Dragons and Manakete's are... eh, I'd have to do some thinking on that. The continent is actually going to be the real world country of Japan, with the school in question being based on a country or continent from an FE game. Again, still thinking on that. I wish to avoid second-gen characters if possible, since that'd be rather weird having Chrom's daughter, Lucina in the same grade as him or something. Any more questions? I can answer some more if you like.
  9. Uh... well, it really does lean on reality, so I don't think any dragons will be featured. Sorry to disappoint.
  10. So uh, I had a surge of inspiration today. After seeing the talk on a discord server about high school AU's and Fire Emblem, I decided to write my own... So here is what is going down. It's simple, just a bunch of FE characters getting by in a Japanese High School and whatnot, and detailing their lives there, such as club activities, romancing, weird shit, and other stuff like that. I'd appreciate some ideas and feedback if anybody has some. Anything will be appreciated!
  11. So for a TRPG session I wanted to play a murderous character for a group I want to join a game with. I use Fire Emblem characters a lot for many personalities of my Player characters, but this time, I want to see if I can use the personality of Peri for a character I want to use. So uh, for those less informed, Peri is a Cavalier who is featured in Fire Emblem Fates. Er... how shall I describe her...? Uh, bloodthirsty, very much so. I'll just give a wikia page Here. So my goal here is to learn how to successfully nail roleplaying someone with her personality. I tend to do this for a lot of characters I make to play as for a TRPG session, but this is the one time I am at a loss on how to convey a murderous personality while still staying gleefully child-like. Any tips will be appreciated.
  12. It's for both, really, and sometimes just for show. Not too sure just yet if I should just buy a pole and spearhead or an entire spear. I liked the Yari's design, and thought it's be easy enough to use, but I can go for any other spear, like a lance.
  13. So, I really had an urge to get a spear, after a comment from my grandmother stating I was real good at throwing stuff. So I thought I could get a spear or somesuch to train with when I have free time. I thought of getting this spear, https://www.amazon.com/Condor-Knife-Paracord-Handle-Sheath/dp/B01KD16S4C/ref=sr_1_174?ie=UTF8&qid=1498072087&sr=8-174&keywords=spear+headIs there any other quality makers of spears I could be referred to?
  14. I've been noting how a few people are having a disdain for some characters due to a few reasons, such as how they were designed, their personality, or maybe even the way they perform in battle and the like. What I'd like to know is from other's opinion, what do you think constitutes as a bad character?
  15. I er, recently came here from the subreddit of Fire Emblem, and was wanting to join this fourm today. So I did. Hi!
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