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  1. The ones I've tried so far are: - subs only - iron-man - subs-only iron-man no inheritance (excluding holy swords and Altena) I've been debating whether or not I should try a no-mount run, but considering the size of the maps in FE4 it feels as if that would be extremely tedious. Solo-Sigurd became tedious quickly. So what are some FE4 challenge runs you'd recommend?
  2. Those are good points. As much as I wish Scarlet had a romantic support with Ryoma, I enjoyed her support with Corrin thoroughly.
  3. Talking about this is making me want to play FE4 again. I was planning to pair Azel with Ayra for magic sword Larcei and Ulster, but it's been some time since I tried a proper Azel!Tiltyu pairing. Yeah I see what you mean and it makes sense. Is Foreseti Arthur that powerful? How do you feel about characters whose only supports/romance options are the Avatar/Corrin?
  4. That's fair! Pairing the two non-major holyblood magic kids feels appropriate, especially so for their childrens' plot-related revenge. Was the hair colour factor not added in Awakening?
  5. I've been playing through FE13 on HM/Ironman, asking my partner to choose all of my pairings. I realized her method for pairings units is visual, she picks whoever look like a cute couple and then confirm the pairing if they visually mesh with their children. I usually pair units based on either optimization or specific builds I have in mind for that run, so this has been an extremely unique experience. So far it's been a lot of fun playing through with another entirely different system for pairings, and I'm curious how others here determine their pairings.
  6. No no you're correct and I should rephrase. I'll use FE11 as an example: H3 was fun with minimal pre-planning, whereas H5 was extremely difficult for me without meticulous pre-planning as well as making sure units met specific benchmarks. This speaks about me being a poor player first-and-foremost, but it significantly hindered my enjoyment of the mode as a whole. I enjoy the Binding Blade HM as well! Though I always have trouble getting through a NM play-through without some sort of challenge. I should run a low-tier NM Ironman and then a HM Ironman!
  7. I was planning to run through the series on the most difficult modes, but after some thought I realized that I just won't enjoy playing many of them. FE9 Maniac Mode is an absolute slog through far too many enemies and little challenge, FE11 H5 is too difficult and limiting for me to enjoy casually, FE12 Lunatic(+/R) is more of the difficulty in FE11, FE13 Lunatic(+) is again too limiting for me to enjoy casually, & FE14 CQ Lunatic is again crushingly difficult for casual play. Which hard modes do you like, which do you dislike, and why do you like/dislike them?
  8. You are one of the most hard-headed people I have had the displeasure of chatting with on any forum. Arguments fly over your head and you repeatedly argue that your subjective claims are objective truths. I apologize for being so direct and rude, but you are not worth mine, or anyone else's time when it comes to discussing Fire Emblem and unit viability. I hope that you can someday return to these discussions and meaningfully contribute. When that day comes I'll be happy to chat with you.
  9. In the other thread about optimal unit amounts in FE7 it was mentioned that this guy has defended Lyn with the same fervor and zeal on Mekkkah's videos as he has here. If you read the comments on those videos his arguments are largely the same, if not a bit more disjointed considering the YouTube comments section.
  10. If everyone here is telling you that you haven't properly explained yourself then you should consider taking that advice to heart. And alright we'll go through this again. - what does Lyn being faster do in terms of changing any meaningful benchmarks? - prove how her dodgetanking makes her a more reliable unit than Marcus in terms of survivability - demonstrate why her supports matter, not just that they exist - I'm not sure if I should take she's a better unit from the get-go seriously, but I'll ask anyways; do you seriously believe that Lyn's supports and prf weapons make her more useful than Marcus -assuming average stats- immediately after she joins? - by saying you use Sain and Kent for those chores you're acknowledging that higher movement is useful, at the very least theirs, unless you have a competent way to defend only using those two it naturally follows that Marcus is at least as useful as those two due to his ability to do those chores as well or better from his join time until they catch up in average stats - and despite that Marcus is still able to ORKO & 2RKO a plethora of enemies from his join time to the endgame I'm going to stop you right there. Not eveyrthing you say is meaningful, nor is it correct because you think it is. No one here has any reason to give your opinion more weight than their own, but you can combat that by throughly responding to critiques and explaining exactly what your defenses are. Rather than saying "If trained Lyn is faster than Marcus", considering saying "Lyn's ability ro double when combined with her Mani Katti can be situationally useful, especially so if Marcus is busy with villages and chests. Here are a few examples of this..." Sure that's a poor argument, but it's still better than most of the one's you've levied thus far. This quote applies to you, try to consider it before you respond. "If everywhere smells like shit, maybe it's time to check your own shoes"
  11. Thank you for responding. I appreciate you taking the time to try and explain yourself, regardless of the quality of your response. 1. Assuming you play Lyn mode or assuming you level her to a particular point during Lyn mode? And what does this doubling do for in terms of benchmarks (2RKO to 1RKO) that Marcus cannot do? Are you trying to argue that her access to the Mani Katti is better for combat than Marcus's access to 1-2 range weapons for his entire career? 2. Then give us the numbers where a perfectly average Lyn outperforms a perfectly average Marcus at the Dread Isle and why that matters for any playstyle. 3. Despite growing she still falls short of him in terms of combat for a majority of the game, something you have yet to disprove. And if you're using supports as a meaningful metric then you need to qualify exactly why they raise her so far above units like Marcus. 4. Hop off that high horse, you've stil dodged half of my question as you've done everytime this is asked. Explain why your playstyle raises Lyn above Marcus, don't just tell us it does. Yes we know she doubles, and that she builds supports, but you need to explain why those matter more than Marcus's superior base stats, higher movement, 1-2 range weapons from start to finish, and much greater durability. Your videos are one part of your explanation, give us the other and clearly explain your playstyle so we can stop arguing around your refusal to clarify your statements or respond to specific critiques.
  12. The fact that you've remained this tone deaf after the time you've been gone is impressive at best and derailing at worst. Every thread is not a soapbox for you to preach about your anecdotal and biased claims about tiering and unit viability. I'll try to make it easier for you, though others have done a much better job at deconstructing your arguments and giving you meaningful points to respond to (something you have consistently failed to do). 1. At what point is Lyn capable of performing any actions which Marcus cannot perform more effectively, as effectively, or adequately in the context of FE7 and its enemies? 2. Is there a benchmark for these actions, if so, for how many chapters can Lyn perform these functions in a way that is meaningfully superior to Marcus? (e.g. 1RKO when Marcus can only 2RKO) Please assume average stats and do not mention your playthroughs in which the RNG favoured Lyn. 3. Exactly why do these differences raise Lyn to A-rank and lower Marcus below her? 4. It is patently false when you say "I don't need personal experience to know she's good" as the entirety of your argument is predicated on anecdotal and personal experiences, like most people. Unless you have a clearly defined playstyle in which Lyn is able to function more effectively than units you list below her, as well as a metric for measuring effectiveness, you have no argument.
  13. 1. Excellent points on Seliph. I'll take some time to figure out whether or not I want to give him a 100+ kill Brave Sword, but you're absolutely right about him needing some extra bulk. 2. I forgot to list that Aideen will be my staff dump, thank you for pointing that out! 6 & 7. Excellent! I didn't scrutinize this pair heavily enough and your advice has been great! This should be much better than my initial pairings. 10. I'm a sucker for a good Patty, so I've gone and given her the Bargain Ring per your recommendation. 11. I enjoy trying to make Tinny a viable combat unit, but in the context of this run that will probably be a significant detriment. Good call. 12. This guy is my favourite unit in FE4, so I'll be sure to swap some things around before I start the run so I can maximize his damage output.
  14. Thank you! I completely missed on the Earth, Defense, and Thief Swords. The Bargain ring made it much easier to swap around Dew and Lex for optimal pairings and combat-usage of Elite, and the Knight Ring was something I should have remembered to give to my dancers in the first place. And thank you for pointing out the Brave Lance issue! I've gone and swapped it with Fury's Silver Lance for optimal usage.
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