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  1. Just give me Morva please. I think he has a chance. He was added to last CYL and Spring Myrrh TT final battle gave me a lot of Morva vibes. That song... I hope to see Orson and Morva in FEH in a future. And Nergal, of course. But I think he should be added as a regular hero first. I just hope they dont give a trash kit to him when he comes to FEH... at least a PRF (Sonia...)
  2. My Ephraim already has Atk/Def Solo 3...I hope they give us something else. I would be happy only if they give us the 4 version, and I think they will because both Fjorn and Ike got premium skills (+1 to each of these stat... still poor but I wont complain with Atk/Def solo 4). He also has Rouse Atk/Def 3 so... I think they can give the legendary heroes every single and random skill since L!Ike had Tactic Def and received something totally diferent focused on Res. If im not wrong... Just give Ephraim Atk/Def Solo 4 and Eirika Atk/Spd SOlo 4 or Def/Spd Solo 4 and good effects to their Braces (I liked that one where Ephraim has no CD on his Solar Brace).
  3. I made two new heroes based on my two favorite anime girls: For which one of my girls would you summon first, the Friendship Flower or the Love Flower? 😄
  4. I have no problem with Gatekeepr always they add an story or at least something when he comes to FEH. I mean, I hope he says something else than "Greetings Summoner, Nothing to report". Im pretty sure he has a name, why cant we know it? He has family I guess, inspirations, desires, things he likes and things he hates. I hope they work on his personality so I can finally empathize with him...
  5. Guuuuys keep voting for Eirika, she is so close to the victory. FINALLY. Do not relax on her ❤️
  6. Its such a crime that at year 5 Nergal still not be present in FEH yet... And also Limstella, Sonia, Ephidel... WHAT ARE YOU DOING IS?
  7. I want a team (or two...) of corruped dark mages / bishops. Like: Gharnef, Veld, Nergal, NERGAL, NERGAAAAAAAAAAAAL, Solon, Riev, Validar, Manfroy, Jedath, ...
  8. Very cool! (much better than original art) Eldigan, Cordelia, Sophia, Eliwood, Robin, Olwen, Takumi, Marth, Not bad (cant choose between Resp and OG art) Lyn, Azura, Hector, Minerva, Eirika, Julia, Caeda, Meh... (not bad but original art is better for me) Delthea, Ike, Sanaki, Linde, Alm, Niles I don't like it, sorry (I dont like it at all) Roy, Lucina, MY TOP 5: 5. Takumi 4. Eliwood 3. Sophia 2. Olwen 1. ELDIGAN
  9. Eirika > Ephraim > Eliwood = Lyn > Hector > Roy The twins are my favorite here, Eirika wins only for a micro point... I think Eirika is a very solid lord, she is not soooo broken and still be usefull in some situations. I like that balance. And I cant choose between Eliwood and Lyn.
  10. Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones have the best stories among GBA era titles. And for me, the most interesting chracters (specially villains like Black Fang or Lyon cant be ignored). So I just choose Binding Blade even when I really love all GBA titles (for me the best of the franchise so far), I think its plot is pretty meh and its lord is soooo bored in my opinion. So so bored. SS > FE7 > FE6
  11. And why not Ninian? If Azura has her legendary alt I guess Ninian could get one. For me, she is a pseudo lord in FE7... (she is also the mother of a lord but that does not count I guess)
  12. I will talk about Magvel, because its my specialization. Possible candidates: ROYAL MEMBERS: Tana, Innes, Joshua, L'Arachel, Lyon. OTHERS (story importance): Seth, Myrrh. Im not sure if the royal members of Magvel have the importance that Julia or Azura have in their respective titles, but I would say not... not for Tana, Joshua or Innes for example. The only option I see is L'Arachel but Im not sure. About Seth, I doubt he would get a Legendary alt (unless they give one to every Jagen unit, as our friend said before). Myrrh has high chances too since Tiki got one. But I dont think Myrrh is a godness in her world, or have such holy importance, so if Myrrh would get one Legendary alt, every single manakete in the franchise should get his or her own legendary alt too... Maybe we dont get more legendaries alts from Magvel, but yes mythic heroes. In Magvel we have the "Five Heroes", who fighted against Fomortiis (St. Latona, the hero Grado, etc) in ancient times and gave their names to the current countries and kingdoms of this continent.
  13. (Seasonals, New banner heroes, Special) 1. Kiddo Lyon + Kiddo Ephraim + Kiddo Eirika DUO (infantry healer)- LET ME DREAAAAAAAAAAAAM - I would accept independt versions of these kids too, maybe its better this way 2. Vanessa (Flier Lance yaaay!) - because we miss Flier lances in FEH, we all know 3. Riev (GHB, Blue tome infantry) - to complete my Grado Generals thematic team 4. Glen (GHB, Sword flier) - to complete my Grado Generals thematic team 5. Valentine Tana + Cormag DUO (Flier Lance) - BEST SHIP 6. Artur FE8 (blue tome infantry) - then my Lute finally has her S support with her husbando 7. Orson (Lance Cavalry) - yes im a huge fan of FE8 8. Fomortiis (MYTHIC, Red beast armor) - evil, you are welcome to my heart 9. Vigarde (maybe GHB, Sword Armor) - and i mainly like bosses and foes 10. Morva (maybe GHB, Red Infantry dragon) - Myrrh daddy 11. Limstella (Blue tome infantry) - WHERE 12. Nergal - (GHB, red tome armor) ARE 13. Sonya - (Red tome infantry) THEM 14. Ephidel - (green tome infantry) ALL? 15- Shin (Green cavalry archer) - Please, we need more Sacae representation 16. Noah (lance cavalry) - Fir boyfriend :) 17. Nyx - I liked her in Fates 18. Sain (cavalry lance) - he is fun 19. Kiddo Lon'qu + Kiddo Ke'ri DUO (Infantry sword) - sad story I cant forget :( 20. Yen'fai (GHB, Sword infantry) - Yes, Sai'ri brother
  14. Hello everyone. How are you? I would like to show my favorite songs/soundtracks from the diferente Fire Emblem titles. And also, I would like to listen to your favorite ones. I will divide my elections in 3 groups: SAD music, EPIC music and DARK music. 1. SAD 2. EPIC 3. DARK If I find some more songs I will add them to the above. Post your favorite songs and soundtracks too!
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