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  1. @mcsilas Sorry for you getting Sakura (instead of Jakob). @daisy jane Congrats to your (perfect and free) Sakura! For me: Didn't get Sakura.
  2. Ilyana not having bold fighter surly is a bad sign. We'll never get Infernal difficulty for TTs.
  3. @Zeo what a streak! Congrats! He isn't top tier at tanking anymore, but perhaps he'll get a good refine. Good luck getting Lancina as your next free pull. ;- )
  4. Hope you do! Neat Rutger btw., payed off pass by for the GHB rerun!
  5. @Zeo One of the best breakers (without a pity), have fun with him!
  6. Impressive collection. I'm not strong enough to save for many 5* exclusive +10, brave Roy is my only one. Looking awesome, congrats! I think that heavy blade isn't even necessary.
  7. @Anacybele Congrats, that's great news! The pity breakers are cool as well, have fun with them. As for myself, bored summoning stroke back:
  8. Yeah something like that, or just a confirmation.
  9. Update: 46. Yeah, I haven't been motivated to save in months. But bored summoning doesn't really help against being bored.
  10. Too bad it took so long, but congrats! Do you have special plans with her?
  11. @Ginko Congrats finishing your dagger guys! Curious for your final builds for them. @Namero That's one impressive monster, congrats! Is it your first 5* exclusive +10 unit?
  12. Good luck then! I wouldn't mind a Sakura, I like her art and never got anything from 2017 Halloween than Nowi.
  13. Congrats! The most stylish of all Lucinas. What are you going to do with her? Who are aiming for on the old Halloween banner? Good luck with that.
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