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  1. Last week was pretty bad for me on offense, defense was still good. I lost all ladders early and lost a full match. Most matches were only 140 matches, because L!Leif was able to cheese most maps for me. Ended barely in tier 25, which I didn't expect after the bad start. Also this week only 140 matches, because I won't want to bless any of the bonus units. Defense started great, a success yesterday and one today so far. @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi Congrats to your almost perfect season!
  2. Last week I got 6 defense wins in arena, no idea why. Usually I get 0-2 wins. /Edit: This week I won't bother trying to keep tier 21, the bonus units aren't optimal for that.
  3. The only unit I ever gave CC (I'm not much of an EP player).
  4. I'm a bit scared today. Yolo'd a little on the new banner. After free pull, 5 orbs yesterday and 9 orbs today I got this: Now the scary part, 15 more orbs: I really hope I'll have some luck left for Alm in February and Celica in April.
  5. Yeah, the damage output is usually enough: Attacking 3 times on PP (with a dancer) is helpful, especially to deliver his smoke.
  6. I had trouble killing Kiria on lunatic with my +10 Brave Roy, but CC vantage Leif killed 95% of the units in the new chain challenges.
  7. Congrats! Do you play her game currently? That looks pretty strong! I still can't imagine how to use her in AR (she can't tank most of the treats), but I get the idea for AA. Hectors and green dragons (not named Sothis) are cheese in AA though, Perhaps I'll build her to eat Ninos.
  8. Congrats again! Good luck getting some of the TMS units! Any favorites? Oh, nice. Many pity breakers? What boon did you choose for her? In AR/AA who does she need to evade? Do you have CC on her? Thanks! 🙂
  9. Thanks! Is she a merge project of yours? I don't have Naga, only double Altina for Astra.
  10. Wow, so many red bonus units again. Doesn't look like my brand new Flora will see much use. I'll switch teams a lot probably to use all bonus units (of the lower row, not pulling for the TMS units). Itsuki looks interesting (even if I wish he was green or colorless), it'll be fun ponder out a team for him.
  11. I like to capture the stars animation. 🙂 Thanks! 😶))
  12. I'd give you this one (my first, +RES/-SPD), because I don't know exactly what to do with her. I'm happy though, I think she'll get some use in TTs.
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