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  1. Darn, sorry to hear that. Hope you'll be able to fix your hardware situation somehow.
  2. Can't edit my last reply, sorry for the double post (that happens often with longer posts). Haha, I know that feeling. Kagero is really a bottle swinging monster and you even got her some premium skills! The show was hers and Siegbert's, but I don't think Shiro and his father were too jealous. Congrats! Thanks! Exciting indeed, congrats! Don't press the princesses (not even with raventomes), they might explode you! Fingers crossed we're hopefully getting a summer Sakura. :-) Welcome back, stars! Cool how much action Reyson and Maribelle are getting. Sakura and Maribelle had the closest calls, nice. Congrats!
  3. First of all, sorry for the late replies (seen in the spoiler). I'm currently enjoying the summer, this might happen a couple of times in the next weeks. I'll respond to everyone from page 4 later this day.
  4. Hi there, long time no see! Yeah, Saizo's refine is pretty good, I still won't promote him.Oscar's is ok, but not optimal for me, because I'm using him with fliers (and Cavs). I'm not much running behind the meta, but F!Corrin got a pretty sick fallen alt with an Omni-solo effect on her weapon and a new Panic skill that doesn't depend on her positioning. Units missing refines/prfs are Cordelia and Brave Roy (got him to +10 btw.).
  5. Not really. Many of the older units are fun and I'm looking forward to funny costumes and interesting skill combinations. I just hope for something cool, no matter who.
  6. There is always the shiny new. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm happy the current new heroes banner isn't too tempting, I like to have some orbs for the summer banners.
  7. Fattest Ignis stops even the fastest reinforcements. ; -) Your mage girls blew away the biggest part of the map, will you go for Celica merges on the next banner? Glad you like Airzura galeforcing, she'll come back for sure. She is still my sole GF dancer so far. Velouria will come back as well. Sadly my Lethe is -SPD and I don't have Tibarn, otherwise I could do a beast one turn clear next time.
  8. @SatsumaFSoysoy You pulled for Cordy in 2016? Wow 9 Lyns to 1 Cordy is quite an imbalance. Congrats finally getting her and also with a good boon!
  9. Cynthia in one turn: First time Velouria, even if she didn't need to use her weapon to reduce the CD of an ally. Mordecai took over Hectors job, helping with his link skill and debuffs. Airzura enjoyed her last trip, so I thought she might deserve another appearance. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The first turn was hilarious, 0 damage from everyone. Well done! Funny theme, nice clear! Yay to GF Siggy, I like how he sweeps over the map, leaving the tanky business to Alfonse and Silas.
  10. And he still killed the axe guy, nice! I love the overkill of Catria with her quads never arriving to the third hit. ^^ Wow, first kill is immediately the boss. Reinforcements failed Cynthia before even to arrive. Easy workout for the Takus after the stress of Gharnef's map. Congrats!
  11. I'm really hoping for this + new elite quests. But they missed the moment when the old quests ran out. 😕
  12. Booo, he is (kind of) fluffy. 🙂 Good idea with Lucina though.
  13. Nice, in-bed one-turn clear! I'll record my clear later, look forward to see Velouria for the first time!
  14. No fear, of course (even if Hinokas HP went to 1 very fast). They are enjoying their new toys, looking great on them. Sakura eating the boss Ignis was a good way to finish this map, congrats! I was thinking of a young Tiki clear when I got the fallen version, but I was too lazy so far. Tak-Tak is an helpful sub though, taking Fliers out here and there. Also fallen Tiki shows how great she is, one-rounding Gharnef and a lot of others. Revenge fulfilled! The twins being helpers of fallen Tiki. Very nice, she cleans house here. Why would I mind seing Julius crush a map like this? Very cool, not even Gharnef was much of an issue. Really astonishing how low the amount of damage is Julius takes. Can't tell about the announcer (watching muted), but nice clear. What a nuke Canas has become, leaving Gharnef in awe. Hey, Lyn is really looking good after her fix. Curious team with Panne, Laeg and Laev (both sisters +ATK, wuttt), you sure are bringing the beauties. Panne attacking the sword fighter at 1 HP without Desperation was impressive, but also Laeg tanking a lot of stuff was cool. Congrats! Scary! Very funny to see all those original weapon animations. I'm also running Delthea with ER, it's really handy on maps like this. First I thought Berkut wouldn't do much, but getting the boss kill should compensate him for some idleness. Congrats!
  15. I'll miss 2-3 orbs until I'll reach 950, currently at 942.
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