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  1. Woah, cool! Congrats! +ATK would be perfect for my purposes, pretty cool.
  2. Thanks! I'd trade my Camilla and Alm for your +ATK Camilla. ;- )
  3. I think that hits the nail. It really feels flat. They are useful from time to time, but for me they're not changing the game (except in arena were it's a pain to meet them). I do, thanks! I'll check your (4!) videos on another day. Hotel WiFi is slow as hell in the evening.
  4. Ok, yesterday I was done with the Cyl banner, the last circle saved me (Camilla and Micaiah, bonus Ylgr) after a long draught. Today I made a YOLO summon (no idea why). 5 orbs gave me: @Landmaster Congrats to your free stuff! Wish I could merge Velouria, what's her boon?
  5. Yup, the last circle saved my moods today. You got the same batch of Cyl units plus a new 5* unit? Great congrats, that was pretty lucky. I am a little jealous of your +ATK boons.
  6. That was the plan, haha. (Not to make you jealous, but to get brave heroes)
  7. @Zeo I liked the showdown between Serra and Saias. The other units were swatted away like pesky insects ("hit me with your little sword, wait until I get CC!"). Can only imagine how this team blows away most other Infernal maps.
  8. Do it! They are fun and nearly invincible in TTs thanks to the heron support (buffs, healing, singing) and 3-mov flying. Great bro theme! Hope you find a good solution for your Chrom, I remember some months ago you were pondering over the same question. He did a great job here though. Really enjoyed the fitting music this time as well. Vector is hilarious and strong, one of the few seasonal armors I'd like to get one day.
  9. Oh wow, what are the odds really! Congrats, I know you like her. Still missing her myself.
  10. @Zeo Sorry you got no focus unit, but at least other good stuff. Who was the second 5*? Imgur is blocked where I am this week. Oh wow, that's a great free pull! Congrats! Something like that would have saved me so many orbs ... (see below) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ok my own plan was: pull all colors to get 2-3 brave heroes and pick the missing one (or Micaiah) in the end. The start looked like this: Followed by this: Ok, much suffering, no focus, only one new unit (4* Thea -SPD) in 215 orbs plus free pull. Only enough orbs left for one last circle:
  11. Try a brave sword next time. It shows that Cecilia isn't that frail nuke after all. How do you like her design/art? I was a little disappointed from hers (and Corrins) compared to how great Celica and Berkut are looking for example. Yeah, I usually don't use armors apart from L!Hector. I think I used L!Tiki twice when EP action was needed. Impressive, Julia had not much trouble with DK. J&J didn't have much trouble at all. I'm curious how they will fare against some high resistance units. Congrats to your first clear! Not much to criticize since you beat the map. ;- ) Voice comments are rare, I really liked that! Grima taking zero damage from DK's special (which ignores WTA) was impressive.
  12. Wow, didn't know you finished her already. That's great, congrats! Really happy it worked out for you. I knew you wanted to pull for her, but you even had enough orbs.
  13. Well done, that was a nice clear. Eliwood is the best Lord, giving his retainers the power to do their job and dealing a lot of damage himself. Fae takes out a lot of dangerous units and Serra is turning into a legend herself.
  14. Naa, I already have Elincia, Caeda and Tibarn as my red GF fliers. I wish her prf wouldn't depend on enemy buffs, it's my least favorite condition. I wanted to make something out of her bulk, but my copies are +ATK/-DEF and +DEF/-ATK and I don't want to merge. Hmm nice idea. With triple chill plus smoke I could run her with Gunnthrà and Hrid on a debuff cav team. Thanks! Yeah, I usually pass all possible level 3 skills from Cordelia using Virion, Fir/Gaius, Selena (GF units get Reposition anyway) and Donnel (plus drag back) for the level 2 skills. I'm using Pass on Tibarn for example, but won't promote Panne anytime soon.
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