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  1. @Zeo Happy you're catching up with your nephew! Congrats, brami seems great with every nature. I got a free Micaiah and stopped pulling. It's a little ironic since I used orbs to get her back on the recent cyl3 revival. The first one I got was sacrificed for legendary Azura (to make my AR mean) and now I have two. Oh and some banners back (not the guidance banner) I got a free +ATK Bow Hinoka.
  2. Blue is extravagant on him, but I used that avatar for a long period. Cool! I really wanted to get her from her first banner, but it didn't work. Have fun with her! I have Brave Roy at +10 among the 5* exclusives, he already saved me so many times. I'm currently saving for L!Celica merges. She should be on the banner at the end of April. After that L!Leif and L!Alm sharing a banner.
  3. I had to honor L!Celica for materializing 6 times in my barracks. Imagine the +10 Avatar ... Congrats to all those Catrias btw! Good luck getting the last one soon! Healing and 3-mov are his pros, his refresh skill isn't (too few SP). Biggest cons are the missing 4 copies and the fact that Cherche is the better killer.
  4. OK, so I wanted a second Veronica for a while. Firstly for her Duel skill, but also a better boon (than +HP) would be nice. 45 orbs later: +RES/-SPD No better boon, but she came much faster than last year, which is cool. Now, who should eat her? Reyson or Cherche?
  5. @Landmaster Yay, Itsuki is looking great. Congrats!
  6. That's a cool setup. I don't have the fodder sadly (Repel and pulse smoke).
  7. @mcsilas A desired free unit with a great boon? Very unlikely to get, but your luck beats math. Congrats!
  8. @mcsilas Yay, still the master of YOLO! Congrats, I think I didn't know about Ike yet.
  9. I love ER builds! Summer Takumi and Camilla are big fun with it and my bride Cordelia got a fishy bow as well. Anna is fun in TTs as well (prf, desperation and Brazen/brash). Never thought of using it in AR and though. If I get a second Leif, I might try it. But so far his CC/Vantage set works too good for me.
  10. @Zeo Thanks! Yeah, I'll merge her and I like +SPD in most cases, so it's a yay! Congrats on Ferdinand! I really like the 4* focus thing, since I already got 2 new units that way.
  11. Got a free Olwen today! Yay! +SPD/-ATK will be the new base, since my old one was +RES/-HP. Considering the free +ATK Bownoka on Sunday my luck seems to be in good shape. Hope that holds until Celicas banner.
  12. Note to self: I should check restrictions before talking about skills I never use. For me the 5 CD was always the biggest point against miracle. Also the fact that you can use it only once if there is no way to get above 1 HP. The way you two describe how it works makes me want to try it out with Jeorge, but CC isn't exactly a cheap/common skill. So far I've been using Vantage units with a damage special (which is a lottery to proc in the right moment, like you wrote), exception is L!Leif with his personal special. Other tanks like the armor Tikis use low CD healing specials to stay alive. In general I'm not using EP units much, also because of my lack of patience when it comes to AI prediction.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I always liked Jeorge, he was my first 5* archer and yours is looking great! I'm using L!Leif and OG Takumi (both +ATK) as my CC Vantage archers against Flier balls and mage IP teams, but it would be interesting to have a unit that survives the likes of Ophelia and Sonya. I'm not sure about Miracle, do you have any IP support on your team to proc it? I looks like Jeorge would like a damage special. Did you ever consider Sacred Cowl?
  14. Would you mind sharing his build? I still have no anima tank ready.
  15. Yayyyy! Awesomeness, congrats! I'm glad you could finish her easily in the end.
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