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  1. I could talk your ear off about it but I've been slackin. Mumble mumble hard to find a right gym mumble. Hitting those benchmarks is super rewarding. I'll have you know I benched 2 pl8 for a single rep once in my life after [redacted years] in training.
  2. It's a medium that's flown under the radar of a lot of this generation of weebs, which is kind of sad. Ongoing must-reads I can think of off the top of my head now are Dungeon Meshi and Golden Kamuy.
  3. God bless. It's great to see more obscure characters get so much love. I think it's one of heroes' greatest values.
  4. There weren't any last second multipliers or anything of the sort, and people are still complaining about multiplier shenanigans? Why does this even matter to you so much? This shit's not even a popularity contest - gauntlet winners may as well have been random as soon as they started the multiplier business. Whoever wins or loses has essentially no bearing on anything at all. You don't even get internet points for this, Christ.
  5. How tf did Shanna win due to multiplier shenanigans when we didn't have multipliers for like the past 6 hours
  6. I guess you could say this taco........ ................got eaten.......................................
  7. You could go with Renewal/Reciprocal Aid Alm. That's what I ended up doing with Lucina last season, and it worked decently well with my core A-team.
  8. I just find it odd that they'd put an ordinary unit in there. Making just regular ol' Tobin Tempest exclusive would be very weird, as would adding a Tempest reward unit to the ordinary pool. My stamina can only endure so much
  9. I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't keep any sort of theme with units gained from the Tempest, like masked units, mystery units, alternate units, or masked mystery alternate units. It's quite strange to have it just be Tobin - do you guys think that this is an alternate Tobin, and we'll get a regular Tobin added to pools, or will this be the only way to get him, or will they just add this version of him to the pools? Also, what are the odds of Berky boy voiced by Ian Sinclair showing up as a surprise enemy come round 7?
  10. I'm sorely, sorely disappointed that Tobin is a sword instead of an Archer cav. Hopefully he'll come with something crazy like a lightning sword+ that other people can inherit. Let's pour one out for all the folk that don't have a 40% bonus unit.
  11. Silliest thing I've ever seen is a QR 2 Hector. Shoutout to the homie with a +8 bunmilla on team Elise.
  12. Ok. I've been at this for around 10 hours now and I still have nothing to show for it. 0.26% 24 times a run is just inhumane.
  13. I can't speak for Rezzy, but the problem I have with them is the fake-out that makes you think you pulled a super special 5* character.
  14. Honestly couldn't tell you. It was all 3*s and 4*s - I didn't bother rerolling. I'm curious about how many other folks rerolled until they got a nice pair of 5* from starting orbs.
  15. You guys think they'll pull hero fest style shenanigans again? Lure us into spending all our orbs with a bait banner, then after a few days, throw another amazing banner at us?
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