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  1. As far as the entire cast goes 3H has by far my favorite cast. Yes, there are characters I don’t like (like Gilbert or Leonie) but I see value in them as well since no game prior to 3H has presented its side-characters in a detailed way. At least many of its characters felt like the were involved in the story and had something to say outside of support conversations. 3H isn’t even my favorite FE game. That would be Genealogy and while I love most characters, many of them aren’t that interesting due to SNES limitations. If Genealogy was remade then 3H would be kicked out as my number one cast, provided it gets the Echoes treatment and not the Shadow Dragon treatment.
  2. I share the same name as one of the Laguz in Tellius. He has the male version of my name though, so it’s not the exact variation of my name.
  3. Seeing how I answered this before the game was out, I wanna say that Claude and Hilda are definitely my favorite, along with Byleth and Dimitri. Other than that I don’t really care too much even if there are more cute ships.
  4. I was hoping for Holst but it wasn’t meant to be. He was a running gag. If the new characters are interesting I will buy them.
  5. No. I’d rather see characters such as Holst. There were many characters mentioned but not shown and it irks me.
  6. Kurahana like Hidari is a freelancer artist who works for multiple projects at once. Considering the fact that Hidari only worked on Echoes and Kozaki wasn’t even initially planned to work for Fates I don’t expect her to come back. I love her work but I hate how she was practically only a character designer in Three Houses who didn’t even get to illustrate the cgs. The cgs were so jarring it would’ve been much better if Kurahana made them herself but IntSys didn’t let her. Anyway, I don’t think she will come back but I’d love to see her again as long as she gets better treatment. Three Houses looks so different from her other works, honestly... Besides, I don’t get the hate she gets but I guess the fanbase only wants to see Hidari or Soeda at the point, huh
  7. I’m partial to Claude and Hilda myself but I’m currently doing Claude’s support with Petra, I think they’d be amazing. Other than that I personally loved Marianne and Lorenz as well as Ashe and Anette.
  8. I play with Japanese audio and while I like Mercedes, her constantly saying “ara ara” sometimes really annoys me. And Bernadetta’s voice. Other than that I have no complains. From what I’ve seen the English dub is amazing too. Again, I’m not feeling Mercedes as much here and that’s also the only thing that annoys me.
  9. In much GD run I wanted to turn Raphael into a dancer but I missed the quest. Now with the BL I went with Mercedes. Probably not the best idea but she has always been a support unit to me and she looks gorgeous too lol
  10. Lysithea is so strong, it actually feels silly. She keeps leveling up magic & speed, so she became a glass canon. She oneshots everything and nothing is safe from her...
  11. I love what I see, especially Bernadetta but damn Ferdinand got worse for me. Like, I’m not digging his hair at all. I love Linhardt though, so he’s my favorite BL male now!
  12. I pulled Dimitri and Claude (and Surtr smh),with 260+ orbs but I still need Edelgard! I hope the last ticket will be nice to me...
  13. Not sure if I’m happy about some A supports not ending in romance and Byleth being the only one gets S supports but whatever I guess. This reminds me of these newer Story of Seasons games where your farmer is the only one who gets married despite so many eligible people living in the village. I don’t even need all A supports ending in marriage but having a couple of paired endings like in the GBA games would’ve been nice.
  14. We are definitely going to get a a launch trailer next week but who knows? Maybe we get to see more timeskip designs but I suspect that this might not happen.
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