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  1. Even so, that isn't a good excuse to randomly not make Byleth fight for the sake of the three lords. Pokemon Trainer made sense since they don't fight and can use the three Pokemon. Byleth can not do that.
  2. If Warriors 2 wasted amiibo on Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude that'd be so saddening. Seeing various FE game characters like Tiki getting amiibo is so much cooler imo. Like, if Tellius is a major part of Warriors 2, it'd be cooler if Micaiah got one so she can join the amiibo lord squad.
  3. Said it better than I could, Rowan is the worst. Camilla and Tharja at the very least earned their popularity and spot in the roster among many others. Rowan is an annoying random OC that is prioritized over so many inclusions that earned their right to be in Warriors yet couldn't be in it. Even worse with Koei's tone deaf excuse of "too many sword lords!" then waste resources on the most generic cookie cutter sword lord to ever exist with an awful character.
  4. Uh huh... We literally have rocks that are png low effort textures for example. Along with clones yet they never really did much with such an easy concept since the roster was still awful even AFTER DLC which is just... ??? Hyrule Warriors had so much more after DLC. Isn't the Warriors History Mode Maps literally just recycled content with still portraits all the way through? It's not that great either. Along with the three games being the only focused content with DLC not changing that along with baffling decisions like Azura in DLC. Yet they still had the gall to throw NPC clones that should've been in base game. Warriors felt rushed. We still don't have some iconic classes in the game, it's ridiculous. The fact that we have to wait until the SEQUEL for a shot of unique classes like Armors, Cavs and other stuff is weird. Good thing I clarified that I don't want Warriors 2 to happen SOON, not ever. Koei being split up on resources and projects will only gimp Warriors 2 in the long run, that being one of my reasons than just my bias against Rowan and Lianna Considering Koei recycles assets all the time, Rowan and Lianna will appear again. Age of Calamity is different purely because it's a canon entry.
  5. And? I'm saying I personally don't want one for a while so Rowan and Lianna don't have a future in other FE content. Especially with what they did with Itsuki and TMS, where they have Itsuki shine side by side with the lords on the anniversary video with the 8bit thing. Which is fine but shouldn't happen with discount Ephraim and Eirika. Plus, making one as of now will only have it be another rushed cashgrab like the original game. Koei has plenty of work as is, if Warriors 2 takes a while long after the "shameless terrible cashgrab" reaches the end of its lifespan, that's great.
  6. Alfonse isn't the star of the show in those side stories however, he's usually just... there and if that's somehow bad then I have bad news for you regarding Warriors History Maps and Supports. Also, 4 booksworth isn't saying much since Heroes' dialogue and story in those are ridiculously short. Rowan and Lianna's beginning sequence has more dialogue than half of Book 1 if not all of it lmao. I find it okay since Alfonse isn't a super powerful character, just competent with allies like Kiran to keep the team afloat. Not his fault, Intsys rushes their stories since Fjorm and Eir definitely are treated as the main stars of their book, not Alfonse. With their special beef and connections to the main villain of each book and all. They just try to force each book to match a schedule. Alfonse is still a better character and less insufferable than Rowan. Better to be boring than an annoying twat who the story centers around anyway.
  7. Except Rowan is still canonically apart of the story so I have to see him and his ugly design + annoying attitude no matter what. And he showcases his stupid knight gimmick all the time in the story. We are glued to Rowan and Lianna and their mediocre writing with them having the center stage all the time. While everyone else flips flops out of the spotlight. Your point falls flat since we can also not use Alfonse and due to Heroes' story being minimal, we see a lot less of Alfonse than we do with Rowan and Lianna, who have boatloads of writing and main story action. After all, they ARE supposed to be the main leads. Alfonse having favoritism doesn't make him a worse character nor detract from his okay writing. That's on Intsys' poor handling of the cast, Alfonse getting heat for that is ridiculous. He showcases his traits and grows as a character, his arc overall being decent and solidifying his position as the main lord of Heroes. Naturally he'd have more writing than others since he's THE main lord of Heroes, not mediocre one offs like Fjorm or Eir.
  8. The Archanean and Shadows of Valentia choices are actually really good though. Clive is the goat and Atlas is great.
  9. Woah, Woah, Woah. Relax, I didn't mean it as an insult to Encore. TMS is alright since it gives the proper respect Archanea deserves than the shameful display Warriors provided. Intsys adding TMS into Heroes shows that they're willing to add anything into Fire Emblem Heroes since TMS is a side game that didn't sell that well. At least we agree Lianna and Rowan suck. Those miserable excuses of protagonists are the worst we ever had. Alfonse >>> Rowan. Alfonse at least showcases his smarts in the story something Rowan's stupid little sister never did. Along with that, Alfonse at worst is just inoffensive and isn't an annoying ugly looking turd like Rowan.
  10. Good thing the Book 1 OCs are most prominent then like Alfonse and Veronica. Warriors 1 happened when Heroes cared to be fair. At this point, they would 100% add any new character that releases in any sort of Fire Emblem content. It happened with #FE Encore. If Warriors 2 happened Rowan and Lianna are 100% being shoved in Heroes, which shouldn't happen as they don't deserve a future.
  11. >Just Kris and Kris alone is a bad Archanea choice You sir have a great thought process
  12. I would hope not. It means a collab event in Heroes would happen with those mediocre OCs.
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