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  1. Hell no, especially with the high chance of garbage like Kris 2.0 shoving themselves into a perfectly good plot. Not worth it.
  2. Kris being the first playable one ultimately doesn't matter when he's in one of the worst preforming games to ever exist that is Japan exclusive. A majority of fans don't even know who he is. If Robin pairing with Chrom doesn't work then pair him with an actual popular character than the nobody Kris.
  3. Kris didn't deserve that recent alt, give me another Camilla or anyone else and I still wouldn't be as tilted.
  4. So again, outside of hate... Kris is a nobody, therefore not a good decision to pair with. At best it should be Robin paired with Tharja or Chrom or something else.
  5. How is shoving Kris more on the banner a good decision.
  6. Kris!? What kind of garbage is this, a complete waste of effort from IS's end. The banner choices are just begging for this banner to flop.
  7. Kaga's input doesn't matter the instant he didn't give Gaiden the time of day in his TCG set and sent Thracia out to die for no good reason.
  8. It's still completely ridiculous how they gave so much effort to Kris and their specific supports. If the Archanea cast received 25% of Kris' writing opportunities they would've had a lot more to them for sure.
  9. Anyone who says Alm was "changed" in Echoes fell for the mistranslation trap. Alm was never an aggressive "headstrong" dude. Everything that involves Alm in the original Gaiden was replicated in Echoes. Awakening took the wrong interpretation of Alm, and it's hard to entirely blame them since Alm is pretty much a blank state outside of being forced to fight. There's a reason the most iconic line from Gaiden is "crush these bastards" something that was never present in the Japan script. And @Ottservia... All of Alm's achievements are amounted to might. Lukas is literally Alm's teacher and he's the one making the strategic moves, such as the entire Nuibaba situation. Clive and his lieutenants handle the actual day to day affairs too. So yes, the game supports that Alm fights what's in front of him. Delthea is a common attempt at a point but... He didn't use his words or some wisdom strategy. He stabbed the guy controlling her. Not true, Lukas is the one that provided the group important intel. So without the trap, it still would've been thanks to Lukas's guidance, a consistent thing since Act 1 that they still approach Nuibaba's manor. Lukas gave in depth reasoning why it would be good to storm Nuibaba's manor. Alm falling for a trap simply shows his character flaw and how it brought the army in a worse position. Alm does struggle and slip up, he simply doesn't die in the war and works his way out of any holes. Such as Berkut canonically giving Alm trouble in the battles. Alm doesn't say that he "struggles without her" either, just that he fights what's in front of him and that she has a wisdom that he sees value in. The game directly shows in a vision and makes it clear that Alm wouldn't have won if Celica never took her journey. You have to rewrite Echoes massively to make it work.
  10. But it is fact that Alm does fight in front of him and he believes that Celica could add something different that he could not. And it is worth considering since Celica had the wisdom to approach the one who caused all this in the first place. Alm being reckless brought him more trouble than necessary, it didn't benefit Alm and directly hindered the army. Him acting rashly made it more difficult on Forsyth and Lukas in Daybreak Skies, him not listening to Lukas when running up on bandits was a hinderance than any actual story benefit and him gunning for Nuibaba's abode just for Celica put his army in a terrible spot. Him and his group working through that troublesome situation doesn't make Alm's reckless tendencies any less of a hinderance, since in many cases Alm not being reckless in those situations would've benefitted him. It's a flaw, just something that Alm doesn't end up losing the war over since he's competent.
  11. No? Pretty sure Duma makes it clear NOT to repeat Duma and Mila's mistakes, not Alm and Celica's specific mistakes. Where they refused to agree with each other and allowed man to spiral into a messy state. Alm and Celica were only ever talked about to resemble the two ideals, which they 100% do. The flaws of the ideals are shown more through Berkut and characters like Lima. If Celica represented the flaws, she'd be too passive and never get anything done. She never would've had any successes, yet that contradicts itself. It's way easier to go with Alm and Celica being the peak of Duma and Mila and their ideals. You bring up the Act 2 argument but they immediately make up around Act 4 through Halcyon's magic. Further showcasing how they're the best versions of Duma and Mila. Alm represents Duma's ideals, he's said to have strength of heart and he believes in man as a whole, that they don't have to be lost without gods. That's literally Duma's ideals for man to be strong and not hinge themselves on gods. Berkut only represents the problematic flaws, aka being too cold and putting too much value in power. Which lines up with him being a confirmed foil of Alm. Celica is a similar peak where she's extremely loving and passive, but she WILL work and get shit done than whining about Mila's blessings and doing nothing. Alm throughout the entire game does fight what's in front of him. The Tatiana situation was entirely Lukas telling the strategical advantages of going for Nuibaba, not Alm having any passive wisdom in that situation. Hell, the entire solution to the Delthea situation was literally fighting and killing the man controlling her. There was no unique "non fighting" factor. Alm didn't use his words to sway Delthea or have her fight it or some bs. It was his sword being plunged in Tatarrah that freed her. That point was never contradicted and without Celica, it's directly confirmed in game that he dies in the war. Combine that, their personal bond and Celica's numerous successes that confirm her value... There is a "balance" even if Alm saves her in the end just like in Gaiden. It's all about Alm and Celica's bond, that without each other... one would be lost even if they can theortically get some stuff done apart just like Duma and Mila. But they would fail in the end without each other. Which is an objective truth since Alm and Celica save each other from certain death. Duma can't even be reached without both brands to open a door.
  12. Alm doesn't even win without Celica so that's clearly not true. Along with that, Celica handles 80% of the Duma Faithful and the entire pirate problem from the roots without Alm needing to save her. And it's not like she ends the journey wrong since the gods are a major reason why they win. They just can't blindly depend on them and nothing else anymore. Celica had a personal arc of accepting herself and Alm wasn't much of a factor in that. Just like how Alm is a major part of the "noble vs common" arc without needing much of Celica to save the day. Their personal bond is what they need. They couldn't even open the mythical door that required both brands if Celica wasn't there by the by. Alm couldn't go the entire game without Celica unless you completely rewrite it. I can do the same for Celica, simply have her defeating Jedah in the swamp be canon and boom, zero death on her end. Additionally, there's no official statement where they're supposed to cover each others weaknesses. Ever since Gaiden it was all about their personal bond and the major theme being their relation and how much they resemble Duma and Mila in ideals. Alm and Celica manage to be competent separate but they come together to make their strengths even more effective to the point they're unstoppable and create a dynasty that lasts a thousand years. Their need for each other comes from the bond more than covering each other's weakness with the two saving each other sometimes but largely doing things with their own armies. Alm personally finding value in Celica with things to learn from her (which is consistent in how Alm learns from others than himself) and Celica learning from Alm's approach doesn't really change that.
  13. Which further shows that Alm and Celica are more effective together than apart. Even clarifying that without Alm, Celica would also die and fall than her handling everything. It doesn't erase her efforts and successes that are such a factor that they're a major part in the Unification of Valentia (such as Jesse's kingdom). Alm does have moments of relying on his friends, it's a constant thing in script and even official content: Daybreak Skies that showcases Alm has a lot to learn and bases his experiences off everyone else. From Tobin saying that they're apart of Alm's strength, Lukas being Alm's capable teacher (and the major factor that guided them to save Tatiana to begin with), his growth from the personal journey that goes hand in hand with Celica's own personal growth (not the one in Act 5), to literally dying without Celica's impact and journey.
  14. They're both necessary to each other's success. Without each other, Alm and Celica fail. The purpose of Alm's journey isn't relevant for Celica's route outside of their bond and when they meet up. Celica never has a canon moment of saying "what would Alm do" and directly apply his ideals. Never did but she had multiple successes regardless. "But you did it anyway because you have something I do not—strength of heart. You understand what is precious and fight for it no matter the cost." -Clive This furthers my point that Alm is all about strength and his tendencies to stay firm with what he does. Clive learning from that doesn't make Alm this super big well of wisdom that's wrongly claimed to be. Crediting Alm for the Nuibaba situation is disingenuous. Lukas is the one who provides the suggestion and specifically highlights the strategical advantages in gunning for Nuibaba. Even bringing up that the Rigelian masses would be thankful for the "invaders" that wasn't Alm and shows how much you blanked on the script. He doesn't deduce Celica's "illusion" either it's present in the script that he fell for the trap but fights his way out of it. Keeping up the consistency of Alm being skilled and capable in combat based situations. Saving Mathilda was a matter of combat and something that's credited to Mycen than Alm himself. He even says that he received tutleage in tactics, terrain and the like and that they're "his grandfather's gifts".
  15. Not a fact. Alm and Celica overcome their trials with Alm personally finding her sort of wisdom valuable. With Alm's trials directly involving him fighting what's right in front of him, which Alm says. Your points are worthless, mostly utilizing headcanons with game dialogue while forming your own conclusions that the game never stated. Along with arbitrary bullshit like Alm needing to lose or Celica is magically worthless. "What? Celica is confirmed the major reason Alm survives the war overall? Doesn't count!"
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