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  1. I swear if fucking Binding Blade shafts Genealogy for the remake even though Gaiden got remade before FE6 that'll be bullshit
  2. Paid DLC's gonna give us entire fresh faces with their own support pool. Anna's been getting old and so samey that even Intsys is running out of ideas for good interactions regarding her money "gimmick". It was fun as a one-off thing but I'm sick of Anna now. Thank god she's just a full fledged bonus unit. Amiibo characters in Fates didn't get supports who tf cares? Anna has no connections to the base game cast, the idea of a merchant being caught in the war and just coming along on the ride is more refreshing than forcing her to fuck Byleth because why not?
  3. Sorry for the hotake but thank GOD Anna doesn't have supports. Her interactions have been shallow and repetitive. She's so out of place in Three Houses it's not even funny.
  4. That's why a Three Houses anime won't happen 🙂 Intsys are wusses when it comes to making stuff canon especially multiple options kind of things.
  5. At least Emperor Rudolf in his memory prism explains to Mycen everything. Rudolf knew Alm being in Rigel would endanger him to the Duma Faithful so at least he had the decency to try to look out for his son's safety. Hell, despite Rudolf's sacrifice at least it let Alm be successful.
  6. That is why we need an FE4 and FE5 remake. Heroes has already shown to treat Jugdral with respect and accuracy to the original ((except for Reinhardt, perhaps this means he'll be significantly more important in FE5.))
  7. 1. Leave the idea of Monastery exploration and students as Three Houses' unique quirk like Echoes' exploration. 2. Fix the battalions or trash them because holy shit their animations are horrible and out of place. 3. Make the animations back to Echoes or GBA tier please. Three Houses had way too much jank and attacks that obviously looked like they missed connect anyway. 4. Trash avatar or make an avatar that doesn't have the whole world at their feet please I swear to GOD. Byleth hit me hard with the avatar fatigue and a major reason why I love what Echoes did and got rid of an avatar for a change.
  8. Oh god I can't believe I'm actually excited for something Heroes related. The Archanean one was godlike, I'm SO ready to see what they write for this one.
  9. He more than likely was supposed to be way more important in the original Gaiden. You know what I love about recent times? They consistently reference the original box art. Cipher had a special combined artwork for that. Heroes now references it too (and Battle of Revolution! Heroes made a turn for the better once the Three Houses writers came back holy shit there's so much meta references in the recent Archanea and Valentia banners).
  10. Well yes and no For characters like Norne? Oh yes, she got to interact with characters in Forging Bonds. Plenty of characters are flanderized to their basic tropes in Heroes however.
  11. Cool, other fans can have it. Echoes' roster is nearly complete anyway it doesn't need alt seasonal debuts like other games might need. Sue me for preferring something over the other.
  12. So through some temporary seasonal that isn't even likely for Deen when they can shill CYL waifus? No. I'd rather take Tempest Trial or GHB than that shit.
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