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  1. Exactly, Archanea had little content as is... It did not need to have it hijacked by Kris.
  2. I mean- You're not wrong. Alm "conquered" both Zofia and Rigel with Conrad and Celica not bothering to oppose him, far too focused on Mila. Celica even marries him and rules WITH the ultimate savior king.
  3. Conrad gave her the crown and told her to ascend, Mae and Boey have no qualms. Forcing them to magically care about Conrad, someone they barely know, and try to argue/ask about true heir shit is silly and will always be silly. It's not relevant, never has been, never will be, cope with the fact that it's already been taken care of and made clear. Your nitpicks are worthless. Celica is the important heir, not Conrad as he doesn't act like one and pushes everything onto Celica. Not when Echoes has zero focus on that. Zofia's already in chaos and focused on the war, any discussion about the future is irrelevant as Alm takes charge as ultimate leader and unifies Valentia. No one's going to randomly focus on a mysterious Conrad that they don't know is alive until the game is over. Conrad already says for Celica to ascend the throne and gives her the crown. If that isn't enough for you to put it together than that's just the work of your behavior and being petty over miniscule details.
  4. No they would not, as they already bent the knee for Celica. They saw their friend accepting the throne, they have no reason to try and put up Conrad or talk about some random nonsense when Conrad already says that she can save this world, not him. They are going to support Celica and stick with that, as they should. The current focus was Mila, not the throne and the heir stuff that Mae and Boey blatantly don't care as much about. Clive? Sure whatever but Boey and Mae? The ones who go back home and stay out of the affairs? No. And you ignore that being worthy is a significant thing. If it's clear to the playerbase that Celica is more worthy then they have no reason to force a throne drama or discussion with Conrad. Not when the story was about Alm and Celica and their struggle with the gods, not the damn throne. Conrad already gave the crown to Celica and that's that. Accept it rather than making a mountain out of a molehill. Your discussion has long started to lose its worth when it's nothing but a nitpick. Trying to complain at the game because they didn't randomly force Conrad to be more important than he needed to be. Being the main character's sibling does not grant you dibs to inflate one's importance, Conrad already placed his faith in Celica in front of everyone, therefore nullifying some random "more legitimate heir" bullshit by default. As Conrad blatantly doesn't want the throne and directly says for Celica to take it.
  5. Memory prisms and expand multiple characters' roles without forcing an avatar in.
  6. Yep as Kris taking Marth's dialogue instead (unlike Echoes where that doesn't happen) and Marth, a far more experienced character, being made worse is inexcusable. Bad logic.
  7. Your examples are worthless junk. Boey and Mae randomly bringing it up when they already saw Conrad relinquish the throne opportunity to Celica is out of character nonsense for them to do. They also DON'T give a shit about that kind of discussion, far more focused on protecting Celica and going home. But nice projection and declaring any disagreeing point with you as "lack of argument" just because you want to cover your ears ignore it. Conrad is not important, Celica secures everything and did far more than him. They don't need to waste time and development for a character that only presents himself as a knight to protect Celica. Celica was already ascending the throne, they don't need to address "rightful heir" when Celica is just as, if not more, worthy as I already made clear. The characters that talk about that kind of crap are far away from Conrad and are on Alm's route, where they accept Alm as their leader. They're not going to change the entirety of the game's structure just because you feel like nitpicking.
  8. Yes it does, Conrad not having the throne nor being challenged about that is made clear as he told Celica to already. Which she long accepted... in front of everyone, with all of the common people only seeing the princess who cared enough to take the mantle. Celica being the more suitable leader is exactly why the game doesn't make a big deal over Conrad, as he's objectively the lesser choice with Conrad himself placing his faith in Celica. That's not counting the fact that Zofia was already a hot mess and busy with the war, terrors, pirates and all of this shit. There is no room in the game for some forced discussion and giving Echoes guff for not forcing a controversial character to detract from the main plot is just nuts, dude.
  9. It IS a footnote as the game already acknowledged Celica as the more suitable leader. Both in and out of the game's context, Celica is the lord and came out of hiding to help people. While Conrad did not care and only came out for Celica, all while performing the coronation and directly telling her to go to the throne. There is no room to force some random scene in Celica's route when we already had our answer. No, that prementioned scene would once again be forced and dumb. Just make Boey and Mae look like idiots that forgot what happened at Mila's Temple. Boey and Mae were directly present for the coronation and accepted Celica as their ruler. Hell, in both Gaiden AND Echoes' endings they do not care for what happens next on the throne and instead head back to their simple home on Novis. Conrad did not need more forced "noteworthyness" he's a side character in a FE game who did not have the brand nor did he bother to reveal himself to the people who would ask. The game's structure literally cannot do it without randomly detracting from what the game is trying to do. Conrad's a controversial inclusion story-wise as is and you're telling me that the game did bad for not forcing him further and trying to LITERALLY DETRACT FROM THE MAIN PLOT? Jotari, come on. This logic makes no fucking sense and it's driving me nuts. You bring up that they should make light of Conrad's position in his ending, which they do as it's made clear that Conrad was content serving Celica and ignored any suitors. That's a dead giveaway how little value he puts in his position as he doesn't think about the future and anyone passing his legacy. Instead staying single and dying single. Any conversation is unrelated to the main story Gaiden told, like, ridiculously branched off, so it's POINTLESS to shove in.
  10. Not when he makes Celica wear the crown and he doesn't have the brand, which was documented to be important in Valentian culture. He directly gave importance to her over him in front of everyone, so no one would give a shit. He'd only be asked (if anyone on Alm's route cared) after the game, as the game is not about Conrad and the throne. It's a fucking footnote dude.
  11. Sort of, I won't fault a game if it doesn't force itself to do that. I like Mystery of the Emblem after all, but it irks the shit out of me when Kris was not only forced in a game that clearly didn't fit them... They hog the writing when Archanea finally had a chance to make people care about its side characters. Hell, a lot of people don't care for Marth and he's the goddamn main lead! What on earth was going through Maeda's brain to force an avatar and give Marth's achievements to Kris? This is inexcusable to me. You know you fucked up when I see the majority of people like Palla, Est, and Catria more from their inclusion in Echoes than New Mystery. And Echoes had waaayyy less dialogue and opportunities than NM. No shit if it's Kris stealing Marth's achievement and shining character moment. That does not happen in Echoes as no one is handed Alm's strategy scene, it's just removed to replace with a scene that's more consistent with someone as slightly inexperienced as Alm.
  12. You mentioned that Conrad is "more legitimate", he's not. Celica is just as legitimate, she has the hyped up brand and is just as much of a royal. She's Lima's child too and has a place on the throne. Moreso when Conrad puts everything on her shoulders in front of everyone and Celica actively cared about helping her people, Conrad did not. This is literally the most worthless thing to complain about. "How DARE they not force some drama with a character who already placed importance onto Celica! Bad writing!!11" The story was never about "who gets the throne" lmao.
  13. It's offensive because a random character steals Marth's achievements. There is no character stealing Alm's achievements, anything with Lukas and Clive are made up achievements that wasn't in Gaiden to flesh them out as characters. Alm having cut dialogue is far different from Kris being the one to say strategies instead of someone who's SEEN a war like Marth.
  14. You've proven that you're not really listening, you write it off as "weak attempts at justifying bias" when Echoes and New Mystery are completely different games, stories and situations. You used one example that doesn't cover all of Kris' flaws and problems and still use that to assume I'd be fine if any other character had Kris' role. Fuck no I would not, especially to actively undermine EVERY story scene to center around that character and force Marth to act weird and push them over everyone else. Especially making characters like Elice act off for the sake of putting Kris on a pedestal. Hell, that example you brought up... There WAS no character stealing Alm's lines or turning the scene to praise some unrelated character. No, it was just cut dialogue for consistency in the current story's events.
  15. Again, Conrad is not more worthy. He relinquished his position in front of the people who would potentially ask him on Celica's route. Celica has the crown and brand, the only one who would be mildly curious where Conrad fits in things (Berkut and Clive) are not present in her route. Conrad's entire mission was centered around Celica and encouraged her to rule and lead over him. It's not an important detail and it's something that would only be mentioned long after the game's intentional story is over and done with.
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