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  1. "Non believers" it was less so non-believers and those who performed crimes against the Church. I haven't seen any instance of Rhea punishing someone who doesn't care for the goddess.
  2. Seteth is heroic strictly for being the closest equivalent to a therapist in Fodlan.
  3. It's really funny to imagine that because of Byleth's absence including the OP sword that cuts mountains, Catherine becomes a full blown Lu Bu for Scarlet Blaze.
  4. I don't have a problem with that. The roster is actually good this time.
  5. I didn't take the time to appreciate this but god the models are so GOOD. The portraits really don't do them justice.
  6. The small amount of supports they have also feature them supporting with each other. Their central identity ties into them being Gray Wolves with their own disconnected underground world due to Fodlan not favoring them enough in fate to the point they lose everything. I think it because Three Hopes isn't focused on a crossover narrative. If you're going to include brand new existing faces, either put extensive effort into explaining why they're there and make them important or leave them in their worlds. Especially when they're going to be full fledged characters in comparison to the blatant ads like Cipher DLC where Echoes doesn't even try to fit them in the story. There's no reason to have them if they aren't important in the grand scheme of things. It's not "harmless" they're making brand new characters with loads of resources poured into them at the expense of a lot of other things they'd be better off doing. I just don't like your ideas as they can explore Fodlan without the need of crossover characters. It muddies the waters a lot as they'd be then forced to split the resources into having the character reminisce their own worlds, the impact of that, and give purpose to why they're there (something that is inevitable as shown by every other character inclusion in collabs)... If you want to make the crossovers worth a damn anyway. That reeks of nothing but incompetence if the writer needs to shoehorn Robin from Awakening in order to explain something from Fodlan. Meanwhile new/Fodlan based characters will talk about their homes, no matter what they have more room to explore than with established characters. Fodlan characters that exist such as the Ashen Wolves have their entire lives and stories told in Fodlan only. Brand new crossover characters would tie in to what we know about them, their lives would relate to something outside of the borders of Fodlan's world. And not in a unique way like Brigid, their worlds would NOT exist in Three Houses' continuity so we get nothing out of Marth's relations to Archanea or the twins' relations to their own mediocre kingdom. Ashen Wolves are automatically better as they're new characters that easily expanded on things without going "hey, hey! remember this funny character you love? haha, isn't that a cool reference??? references are great!", their backstories were specifically tying into the houses, crests, and ideas we know about. You cannot relate Robin's experiences of slaying Grima and being raised in Awakening's world the same way as you can with Yuri living somewhere in Fodlan since childhood. "You get to cut the filler out" No I cannot, as they're full fledged characters that got priority over other ideas and have canon impact + supports. They would get a ton of resources that could've went into making Three Hopes even better. They aren't low effort inclusions, they would have to sacrifice cool things from Three Hopes to make it about these randoms. That comparison does not work in every way. Side characters exist for a reason, crossover characters exist for a different reason. They aren't the same, keeping needless crossover characters far away do not correlate. That'd be like saying Persona 5 Royale or Persona 5 Strikers should've cut everyone outside of Joker and Ryuji because they didn't bring back characters from other Persona games as playable characters. Instead it did its own independent thing. Three Hopes is automatically less independent by trying to drag itself into obligatory crossovers. It's blatantly intrusive, they don't serve an irreplaceable purpose here. Crossover characters just aren't a good idea for this game and it blatantly detracts resources from other things. The game would not be crafted with them in mind like your other examples, also the examples in FE are bad to use as they're also obtrusive and left plenty of bad writing holes that made ZERO sense in the actual story. "Both" that's not feasible with limited resources. You'll get more crossovers in the future, Three Hopes should be its own thing than discount FEW but with a Fodlan coat of paint. That's not my point. Seeing the same students then random people like Marth standing next to them and supposed to be apart of Fodlan is a massive clash, regardless if he's in the style or not. Especially when it's taking place in only Fodlan, not a brand new world or multiple worlds clashing kind of thing. The chars clashing so hard is one of the biggest appeals with crossover ideas so it's hard to deny that established FE chars would not stand out a lot in Fodlan's world. "They can have their cake and eat it too" they cannot. That's overambition and overambition is the entire reason Claude and El got left with shells of routes w/ Dimitri also being forced into Silver Snow leftovers to a degree. They tried to juggle way too much and it led to something getting shafted. The same WILL happen to full fledged crossover characters because it's already been proven that it isn't a low effort copy paste job. Three Hopes being purely about Three Houses while condensing elements of the original game to open brand new opportunities for Fodlan with the existing characters we have. We're already seeing instances of this with Felix actually mattering to the plot. I want more of that than Koei balance characters who don't need to be there. Not everything needs to be a crossover, I like focused games too. It fundamentally does not work. Resources are limited and we'd be sacrificing something from Three Houses in favor of random characters out of their element. I don't want that.
  7. Trying to anticipate this company being logical with their decision making was our first mistake.
  8. Echoes is a different game. It's not a add on to Gaiden, it's a remake that advertised Cipher as DLC. It was a blatant advertisement and they were intrusive to the point they blatantly aren't canon to SOV's story as no one in the army acknowledges their existence. It still works well enough as SOV was doing advertisements before the Cipher DLC such as the 7/11 items. Three Hopes is not marketing anything. In regards to your argument about it "not being lazy", they're rehashing characters that they don't even own or fully wrote than further exploring Fodlan. Koei has a freedom and opportunity like no other than bringing randoms like Robin back. And all that shit you're suggesting is unneeded filler at best. If you can't properly build your world without hinging on forced crossovers then that's a matter of writer incompetency than things being limited. So you want them to pour in lots of resources for these crossover characters. You tried to argue that it's a super simple port but it's blatantly not. They have to make 3Hs portraits, more support conversations, depict them in all the base camp activities, fit them in the brand new class system (mounted units like Xander, Leo, and Elise would have to get reworked for the new dismount system) and alter a LOT about their models to fully fit in the Three Houses style. That's not a copy paste job, they're making brand new characters at that point at the expense of everything else they could focus on. Characters take lots of resources. To compare Caspar, Raphael, and Ignatz... Characters who exist in their world and are meant to exist in their world from the very beginning to needless crossover fodder is insane. That's awful logic. Side characters exist for the world they're built into. Crossovers are nothing but collabs and shoutouts to something outside of the pre-built world. Leave them out. I firmly believe Three Hopes performing crossover bullshit hampers the focus it's originally aiming to do. No they don't. The characters you're trying to defend and justify fitting in Three Houses don't work. I don't really care if Robin "relates to Byleth" when they're otherworldly and don't belong in Fodlan and the prebuilt characters for a game centered around that prebuilt nature. They do not belong at all. If we desire these interactions so bad, have Lyn interact with Claude in a proper Warriors sequel, don't drag down an independent game for these crossover characters. The Hyrule Warriors "sidequel" didn't do it, FE shouldn't be the exception. "No one is forcing you to use them" Except lots of resources WILL go into the twins at the expense of others. Lots of writing and effort will exist if those ugly twins are treated as full fledged characters that get the "necessary details". Koei ultimately has limited resources and time, it should go into making Three Hopes expand upon Three Houses as much as possible. I could care less if the lemon twins are main characters or not, the crossover characters would still take time and resources: resources that are better allocated elsewhere. The twins are obtrusive and needlessly clutter space. You repeat that point when it doesn't change what I'm arguing. IT DOES NOT MATTER if they are main characters or not, they're still getting supports and effort like every other character and that effort is obtrusive and a blatant waste. Three Hopes is doing a lot as is, wasting time on crossover characters is dumb when they can be focusing on further expanding Fodlan like Strikers and Age of Calamity successfully did. They don't belong, I don't care if they're treated as normal characters, they stick out like a sore thumb anyway and makes their inclusions feel forced. They're either important with a focus on a crossover story or the most shoehorned cameos ever. Either or, I don't like it.
  9. Reminder that marketing also depicted Age of Calamity as something we see before BOTW. They might be exaggerating where there's still technically one story, we see through the perspectives of other characters. Like in Claude's POV, he gets certain encounters the others don't, the Almyran will definitely be Claude specific. I could easily see Randolph getting crushed only in Dimitri's route.
  10. Then I'd rather have no Cipher than deal with the mediocre lemon twins again. Poe at least was crafted to be a Three Houses OC so I have a better time excusing her, she fits and it'd flesh out a character who was meant to exist in Three Houses. I don't want crossovers if the game is going to live and breathe Three Houses. That's a waste of effort that can go into so many other things that actually fit what Three Hopes is trying to do. Three Houses is already a popular game, Heroes could make THs based alts without the need of dragging Three Hopes into crossover shenanigans. I don't want the crossover characters used to flesh out an existing world, that's lazy. Do it with the current cast we already have than wasting time and effort on existing characters that don't fit in a game that happens to not be about them. It gets cluttered and the appropriate theming gets messy. I don't need more Claudes in the form of outsiders, one Claude is enough and he had little shine in Three Houses. I want the game to focus on strengthening Three Houses and give them their shot at glory than being forced to share it with an afterthought of a crossover attempt. There's so much they can do and they actively take effort away from such an ambitious project by making it about characters who have their game already. Fodlan has too much potential to bog it down with Rowan and Lianna, characters nobody cares for.
  11. I think the OCs, our leads that we're forced to see so much, being so bad is a massive negative too.
  12. That's exactly why I'm having an easier time accepting Shez. Not a stretch to imagine them and Arval becoming the first FE Musou characters people actually like. Shez is right at home with these goofy students, I hope they don't feel the need to make everything align with Three Houses for this game. Actually, that'd be really cool if Monica and Kronya encountered each other.
  13. Fodlan did not put in any crossover characters, thus Three Hopes should not force any in by default. This takes place in Fodlan and exists to further flesh out the world and its characters. It's a waste of time and effort to push in unassociated FE characters. The most they should do in terms of crossovers is let Cipher's gang, Poe especially, get a second chance.
  14. Here's the thing, they aren't just simple well thought out cameos like Anna is. Intsys was hungry for marketing and forced Koei to shoehorn Celica and Lyn in. This led to them being all alone with cloned movesets of Marth and Navarre despite being unique lords that required their own unique flairs. In a game that lives and breathes fanservice, Celica's inclusion was not good nor satisfying in the slightest. If we wanted to avoid Alm so bad, whatever, at least include her own gang to some degree than lazing out. Especially when she doesn't matter for the story nor was she well repped in moves. She's a lazy Marth clone despite having the grounds to make one of the craziest movesets from Gaiden alone. Lyn and Celica's dynamics with the current FEW cast was by far the weakest in terms of support value. There's an exception or two but not enough for me to be happy with them as inclusions. They deserved their parties or unique movesets at least, not carryovers. They could've fixed this issue with DLC but failed. Ok.
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