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  1. Nah, I liked the option of going BE but changing your mind and going for SN if you think Edelgard is heading in a trainwreck. Seteth and Flayn get a lot more in this route, so there is value lost because they do not shine nearly as much ANYWHERE else. Fuck that.
  2. I like everything about Jeralt including his death Because unlike every other dad, his death was never meant to happen and not part of a grand plan or off screen. Pretty different.
  3. Japan would hate that, forcing the maps into smaller chapters is never happening
  4. We're stuck in FE tradition. Sorcerer villains are never going away at this point.
  5. Additionally, she sees him as incompetent doesn't she? She easily gets mad at Claude's jokes. Dimitri sees right through them and controls himself: leading to the two having better relations toward each other.
  6. She literally tried to murder Claude and Dimitri before the war ever started. She clearly intended to force everything in Fodlan under her rule.
  7. Edelgard tells you why she "allied" with them in her Supports. She didn't have a choice, their entire backstory also reinforces that they had the ground Edelgard did not.
  8. Fire Emblem fanbase can't handle moral gray either. Plenty are blindly calling Rhea and Edelgard evil just because they have bad and flawed aspects to them.
  9. I prefer it to stay that way, they're a big deal in the lore but they're washed up without Nemesis and the major army they used to have. The Sword of the Creator was and still is a big deal and deciding factor for both wars.
  10. Overall I can tolerate the Slithers because they aren't made this big deal and get the role they deserve: A small part of the Empire that gets bodied in EVERY route. Thales despite being given an important role, doesn't he die to rubble falling on him in the Church route? Or in his disguise in the Dimitri route killing it's main source of leadership while the rest get crushed with the empire? lol these clowns never deserved to be top tier important guys.
  11. "Blend in" then, because it's not until she does something that the suspicions get validated.
  12. I said Rhea is gray too what. Edelgard is also heavily misguided and believed in the lies of the Empire version of the history. It shows how much she knows since she called Nemesis a "king" still. Exactly.
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