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  1. My first playthrough ever and seeing how much they changed the characters. The art upgrade will always stick to me as one of the biggest glow ups in gaming.
  2. Nooo moooore avatars Except Mark, they're ok.
  3. The theme doesn't really bleed into Rigel. All of it seems to primarily focus on the Zofian characters and Alm's route, at most with Rigel it puts focus on merit and having the birthright. It's a mix of both or Berkut would've had the throne immediately regardless of Alm.
  4. Alm only got the chance and becomes a good ruler because of merit, otherwise he'd eventually be overthrown and never have a dynasty. Hell, if he didn't have merit he would've led the Deliverance to ruin and never make it to realize he was a prince. He would've died on the battlefield. Alm has skill and merit, that is the truth. Just goes hand in hand with his birthright. Also, a lot of those commoners regardless of their endings became some of the most important members in the Deliverance and some of the more standout than the random generic soldiers that were present.
  5. Okay this point is actually fantastic. Celica's punishments are temporary while Alm's is eternal. He showed a clear yearning for family yet the blood of his cousin and especially his own father's in his hands. That's rougher by a fucking landslide lmao.
  6. No matter what, the themes objectively cannot be contradicted in the story because the side cast is canonically integral to Alm's success and numerous characters are interwoven perfectly into the world. Gray, Tobin, Kliff, (Faye too I guess), Forsyth, Python, and Lukas rising above their stations to become an important part of the Deliverance for example. Alm brings the best of both a common man and a noble man. Him being a royal doesn't destroy what he preaches, it only reinforces the best of both worlds otherwise what's the point of preaching that men have merit regardless of station if the game ONLY shits on nobles and ONLY puts commoners on a pedestal?
  7. To be honest... I like Three Houses but I prefer the old system with just portraits. It was much better to just listen/read and visualize it. Three Houses recycling animations and fading to black just makes it hard for me to get immersed the same way, especially when the models are so ugly with jank animation along with the models barely reacting, their portraits of all things seem to show more reaction (thanks Koei). Bernadetta's panicked state on her portrait was just superior in comparison to anything the game tried to showcase in terms of expressiveness.
  8. It did add a lot, but not the stuff that the fans are obsessed with. The characters, visuals. and supports. The characters and the attempted value of them are what made Fire Emblem standout to begin with. It's what people talk more about. That is why Echoes is the preferred remake, as it added that and made all the characters way more of... actual characters. By the way, it never overhauled the actual story. Celica's goals? Alm steamrolling? That was always a thing and never stopped being a thing. The only new additions was allowing for the chars to exist more and new chars that ultimately did not matter in the overall story. It never got rid of any potential problems, the only problem it got rid of was the side chars and ugly visuals, which don't exactly effect the plot.
  9. Every single thing is unique? Debatable, Nohr and Hoshido only has the visual aspect going for it, which makes it more shallow when you pull back the visual flair and see nothing there. It didn't give a single shit about building the surrounding world that the game does end up humoring, it was entirely ignored by the story. Even some aspects about Nohr and Hoshido gets ignored. The big thing Fates has going for it is gameplay.
  10. Simple. Shadow Dragon was TOO 1:1, it completely fucked over the Archanea cast. Which is a shame as just like Echoes, it had some amazing dialogue sequences. Echoes is the better remake because it tries to give a shit about its characters and visuals, the things people can't stop gushing about. I still like Shadow Dragon a lot, but lets be honest with ourselves. Also, SOV absolutely has the excuse of 90s barebones stuff. The things that people dislike most (lopsided treatment of women) with little to no popularity or benefit was a product of the 90s. People hateeee the damsel shit far more than popular inclusions like Berkut and whatever else. The plot points are divisive but the script is generally well received, people like the way chars talk and the way they talk to each other. From Gray and Tobin's banter, Mae being Mae, to even the side chars enjoyable moments (Jesse is hilarious and enjoyable in all of this little screentime. Such as the prism with Silque).
  11. Kris is worse. At least when the dust settles for the other avatars, they have a clear cut role that makes enough logical sense. Kris has none of that and very minimal justification for Marth to pretty much ignore everyone else and put someone he just met on the highest pedestal.
  12. Apparently Fanboy and Chum Chum, Alex Mack, GIR, and any significant content beyond 80s TMNT was disconfirmed or at least had their chances made extremely unlikely one way or another by the devs. Speaking of unlikely. Making Fiends, Catscratch, Mr. Meaty, Robot and Monster might have their chances lowered from showing up on the roster.
  13. That's not true, the essential point of a foil characters is showing two characters with different approaches and two different personalities. It can be handled in a multitude of ways. Echoes was never really dishonest with Berkut, they were pretty clear cut with their characters and the general showcase Berkut and Alm's differences. They have paralleling backgrounds while having arcs that are literally the opposite of each other. Both Alm and Berkut have dialogue where they're aware that they're meant for something. But Alm doesn't let his arrogance claim him, he's aware of his weak points and always working to win and improve himself. Berkut however did let arrogance claim him, and instead of trying to improve himself. He broke down and couldn't accept anything that didn't fit his view. Alm, however, broadened his view and didn't shrug off commoners. Well actually, Fernand didn't have a swerve. He was having reasonable thoughts even before Berkut attacked him and his care for Clive was always genuine. That mirror scene directly dedicated a focus on Fernand and how he believes using Duma's power isn't holy and morally right. He directly questions what the Empire is trying to accomplish... he's starting to have doubts. Doesn't that by default shows Fernand isn't beyond redemption since he still has his own morals and disagreements with the Empire? He shows that he's able to think for himself. I get that Berkut's character isn't for everyone, but I can't agree that making him win wouldn't make this issue worse. Because it only hypes him up more and it'd make his ultimate fate of losing constantly even MORE glaring. Like, he did all of that and gave Alm trouble of losing against Berkut only for it to not matter at all in the context of Echoes' story. Such a loss essentially never mattered due to the structure of Gaiden, which should never be said for a protagonist losing in a war game like Fire Emblem. They need to be impactful and change context of the story in its' entirety or what's the point? It's why Sigurd and Leif's specific losses were praised so highly. There's just no point. Alm as a character was just meant to win. I already see a solution with Berkut that doesn't involve changing his losing role. Just give him more likable qualities or just more time in the story in general. Give more of that relationship with Rinea, his beliefs, his care for Rudolf, some talks/disagreements with Fernand, more set morality for Berkut, and more acknowledgement of the fact that Rigel shaped him into who he was (he has a brief line where he says that his father and mother constantly forced pressure on him of being the greatest no matter what). Whether it's through memory prisms or a scene in the story similar to Berkut's other intermissions. Maybe both.
  14. Valid opinion, but that's just the way Berkut is. He's an antagonist who we get to see more of, which helps make him likable for many. By extension, it gave us more of others and what's going on with them (primarily Rudolf, Nuibaba, Fernand, and Jedah). I find it nice to see his own perspective and it fully lays down his personality. Also, Berkut and his ultimate fate does tie into Fernand's. Fernand gets to live long enough to see the error of his ways thanks to Berkut and his downfall.
  15. That essentially happens in Echoes when Alm and co. were given trouble with an army of 3, they're acknowledged as formidable. Berkut isn't some incompetent warrior that gets curbstomped in canon. He gives a good fight but ultimately can't win. Which makes sense, Alm losing in a way your comparison highlighted (Avdol? Seriously?) feels like total nonsense. He doesn't do that in Gaiden nor should he, him being remotely taken down by Berkut is overhyping a character in a way that would be disproportionate to his ultimate role. He's not some badass rival that ultimately comes on Alm's side or a big baddie on his own terms. He's just an arrogant douche that gets a taste of reality and loses it, giving it all up in the end. Completely changing a successful battle from Gaiden into something Alm has to retreat from is... nah, that ain't it. Just feels forced and trying way too hard to make Berkut something he's not. He's a loser, always has been. The game sees him as such, Berkut makes a sport out of cutting people down. Compare his debut attitude about war to Rinea's attitude about it, Berkut's definitely a little ruthless. Also him going "you're not worth my time" is just plain stupid for him. Berkut being that stupid that if given victory he goes full tournament-arc villain and essentially LETS Alm continue to march and slay more enemies in Zofia's benefit. That's just plain absurdity, especially when they're continuing to cut through Rigelian troops around that point as well. This only makes Berkut a bigger moron and that stupid ass moment would be torn to shreds by critics because anyone with common sense would just roll their eyes at the literal throw just for the sake of not ending the plot there. Worst of all, it's in a WAR, with a battle Berkut was still fighting hard in even with three troops. Him not joining in with Desaix's troops where Berkut + Desaix was expecting them to be cut down like nothing doesn't really correlate to him defeating Alm and just... letting him walk away That's the entire point of Berkut and his arc. That he's a sore loser and pretty much goes unhinged because of everything unraveling to be a lie with his own people in Rigel doubting him/sleeping on him. He declines so much that he pushes away Rinea, ignores Alm's outstretched hand in the end, blinds himself in Duma's power, and was forced to use Nuibaba's mirror: something he thought he was above. Making Berkut super successful against Alm completely contradicts that and would overhype him in ways that are disproportionate to his role and actions. You have to completely change the game from something Gaiden never was in terms of structure and cast if you wanted Berkut to be bigger.
  16. Jotari, this isn't some random tournament arc where Berkut is an exaggerated rival played for laughs, where he beats the protag and rubs it in for comedy or whatever. This is war and every battle was treated seriously by both the Deliverance and the Empire with dangerously sharp weapons all over the place. Berkut has already established to desire the Deliverance dead and saw nothing special in Alm, he wouldn't keep him alive if given the chance because in Berkut's eyes, there's nothing WORTH keeping alive with Alm. He'd mock Clive for his shitty leader-picking decisions, mock Alm for his weakness, and proceed skewer the village boy right then and there. You know that one moment with DIO where he bests Jotaro once and he says "I've seen enough. I'm satisfied." That's what Berkut would do with Alm in the broader context of a ruthless Rigelian's character like him. Berkut gives zero fucks and has zero respect for Alm. Berkut may have confidently ran in with only two others, but he still fought with the intent to kill and canonically gave the ragtag army a bit of trouble because Berkut was still fighting fairly ferociously. It'd be completely stupid for Berkut to beat Alm and not kill him, as it would weaken the army drastically and keep them from being a pain in the future. He, Fernand, and Generic Cav were clearly aware of the opportunities it entails as they willingly kill anyone they defeat on the map, fitting the Rigel standard of being ruthless and battle-hardened. To not do so would just make him a big dumbass that complains about not ridding the thorn in his side yet dropping the opportunity early on. Literal plot convenience especially when the Deliverance would essentially shrug it off like it's nothing and proceed to still do stuff against Rigel, making Berkut a fucking moron for not landing the fatal blow as the Deliverance doesn't stop. It just makes his character worse and hypes him up as this "badass that beats the protagonist" for nothing as he still loses and is essentially tossed aside, blindsided by Rudolf and his plan. That would make Berkut's ultimate fate an even worse case of wasted potential since he shows he can beat Alm, yet it doesn't even MATTER. At least SOV had the decency to make Berkut lose and have those losses be acknowledged for his downfall, Berkut getting reality quickly shoved in his face rather than getting away with somehow beating Alm and yet the Empire still loses. It would be worse than Gaiden in every way if Berkut was forced and overhyped to win, as Alm isn't meant to lose due to the stakes of this war. The war is consistently given large stakes in both Gaiden and SOV. If he loses once, it's over as this isn't some sort of joke. Changing it so he can just lose willy nilly against Berkut and not mean a single thing as they succeed regardless is just dumb. Protagonists losing needs to be meaningful in war, such as Sigurd and Leif's losses that really hit hard. All you do in this case is just make Berkut an idiot and feel like bullshit that Alm and co. can lose to Berkut in the midst of literal war and yet Berkut lets them live anyway. I hate that idea in the context of a war-filled hell hole.
  17. It'd be complete and utter bs to make Berkut a moron that had victory at his fingertips and threw it away "just cuz". That's worse in every way than him losing in battle and consistently getting chewed out for it. Especially when FE fans already have a distaste toward characters retreating from fatal blows/fatal situations; Alm never had to deal with such a case in Gaiden, furthering how dumb of an idea it is as the plot can't handle a way of making Alm lose to ruthless battle-hardened Rigelians and survive. No amount of attempted reasoning will ever justify a character like Berkut, who's shown to have brutal thought processes and zero mercy, beating Alm and not killing him. It just makes Berkut's character worse and his downfall even more of a laughing stock among his detractors since he did in fact win but let it go for no good reason in his character outside of literal plot convenience. And rarely does a FE main character get defeated in a direct battle and live. It's not common at all and when it does happen sometimes, it's occasionally made fun of depending on the protagonist as it makes little to no sense. I get that Berkut losing can be off for some people, but replacing a "contrived plot measure" with another contrived plot measure is counterintuitive, and none of your approaches handle this problem. It just makes Berkut a bigger dumbass.
  18. To be fair, Zeke noticing Alm's mark implies he already had his sleeves up; for whatever reason it was (Alm trying to cool off or whatever else he was doing), Echoes at least had it where there's a CG for Alm's mark being exposed than it being out of nowhere like in Gaiden.
  19. This idea never ceases to be kind of absurd the more I hear of it. Making Berkut win and somehow not killing Alm despite Berkut having murderous intentions would make him even more incompetent and an even bigger idiot all around. Alm losing and not dying is already bullshit but someone like Berkut winning and it ultimately not mattering is kind of... trash. Why would that be a good idea? Literally everyone would just complain for different reasons. The fanbase already can't stand the usage of "I must retreat from a fatal blow, I cannot fall here!". Why do another one despite Berkut winning and would absolutely shove a lance in Alm's heart? Berkut is ruthless lmao, it'd directly be breaking character and would just leave plot holes to make him win. ? What are you even talking about.
  20. "The only time his flaws are punished" you do know that Celica is only punished at the end of Act 4 too, right with Jedah and all? She's always winning fights and getting allies otherwise. Wouldn't that make them even?
  21. "Duality" was a thing made up by the fanbase. Ever since Gaiden, it was always Alm doing the most stuff while Celica was passive support that had to be saved by Alm in the end. Kaga in his earlier stories tended to make one army super righteous and correct while another faction is either misguided or evil. It was so set up for Alm that Rudolf planned all long for Alm to do what he did while Celica didn't have an equivalent. Alm was handed literal Rigelian generals in the form of Zeke. Gaiden's more about the love between Alm and Celica and overcoming adversity, nothing was said about it all being equal alas. Tbh, I'm kind of glad they didn't do it like the novel. Feels extremely cheesy and just plain... off that this one random cleric is suddenly a mother figure or the sister of a random villager. I like Silque better that she's just an independent lady, not another love interest or half sibling.
  22. She has her part to play by healing those in the war, Celica wants to do her own thing and avoid the war. Silque's ending specifically in both Gaiden and Echoes makes clear that she's an important part of healing. She also doesn't remain there forever, she disappears. This proves that it was just a cute little easter egg and nice way to establish more relations for Silque without forcing her to join a route she doesn't fit in. As you said, the game specifically intends Silque to be apart of Alm's party and Alm's alone.
  23. She had a goal to help heal the war torn people. She doesn't join automatically because she's not one of the chosen characters to contribute in the plot. You have characters who have every reason to be apart of the army yet can be left behind, it's purely for gameplay reasons. Gameplay story segregation and all. None of the other characters you can reject follow from afar or do their own thing, just stand there. Your point makes no sense, it's purely a gameplay thing. Maybe she fully went off on her own after all? Similar to what Atlas does? Her still remaining there is definitely still a "gameplay convenience easter egg" thing to me, imo.
  24. It's made clear in the conversation that Silque has her own mission and goal that she wants to stick to no matter what. Which makes sense considering what she does in both Gaiden and SOV, giving her individuality and more character isn't a bad thing. She isn't apart of Celica and her own goal or Gaiden would've specifically established as such. Her being in the shrine is slightly weird but that's not acknowledged by the game, it's there purely for gameplay reasons in case the player in Alm's route changed their mind.
  25. Nevermind, just keep playing. Their second support debunks Mae feeling heavy about killing people.
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