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  1. Nvm, I just realize what I just posted is apparently illegal.
  2. I stopped playing Heroes, I honestly hate the game. But if I had to vote, I'd have to go Team Gaius. He's just such a cool dude. My second would be Team Tiki, and then the third would be Team Robin. Fourth I guess would be Team Xander.
  3. Mathilda (9/10) Considering Clive's "averageness", having an actual good, bulky Cavalier unit that can fare pretty well on the battlefield (especially for her join time) is definitely welcomed on Alm's route considering all the fields you're probably going to be seeing a lot of in his battles. Seeing as how you won't be getting Camu- I mean Zeke (sorry, I'll try to be Sirius here) for the next little while, you're going to kind of rely on Mathilda to be cleaning up those out of reach units on the battlefield. Also, she's one of the few rare units in the game that actually gets some good RES. *GASP* IKR?? So you'll be needing her to dish out damage on those Arcanists on Alm's route (I hate Mire with a passion, till I get it on my Enchantresses). She has very good balanced growths, along with her already mentioned RES GROWTH. Although you won't be fighting magic users all the time on Alm's route, it's still a very much welcomed stat growth in a game where it's almost non-existent. Delthea (8/10) I think it's already established that DELTHEA IS A MURDERER (a glass one at that). She's insanely powerful with high growth rates in two of the most important stats in the game, MAG and SPD. As much as I would instantly make her a 10/10, what hinders her abilities to become a major powerhouse on your team is her join time along with her stats and her spell list. Aura is an extremely powerful spell and amazing to actually have a unit that comes with it on their join time. However, it's not a spell you'd be relying on at all on someone with such low HP and HP growth. Delthea's spell list is great, however having no 3 range spells hinders the true capability of a powerhouse such as her. The Mage Ring on her fixes that of course, but you do have to go through Nuibaba's level before you get it. Now she is the only other unit in the game to receive Ragnarok, with Celica being the other only person to receive it, and having such high SPD growths will most likely give you a reason to actually use the damn heavy spell. However, again, low HP growths will most likely hinder you from using it frequently unless you want to heal every turn. She can't take physical hits at all either, with that low DEF growth as well. This is what makes her the glass part in canon, one (or two) clean physical hits and you're looking at a dead loli at your feet. She becomes a true monster if you put in the time to grind her up to the level your other units are at (and when you get to Enchantress, that 2 range spell list becomes a worry of the past), however if you're going straight through the game with no grind then she probably won't be your most reliable unit.
  4. That's true, but at least when Zelda is present she's actually relevant. Going a bit off topic here, but I feel like the title Fire Emblem is pretty dumb to have on a game series where half of its games either don't show off the Fire Emblem until the very end of the game, it's present however irrelevant because the plot probably states that there's no need of it to complete the story, or it's not present at all. But I'm no expert on this type of stuff, I did come into the series when Path of Radiance was still the most recent FE game. Even then when I was playing it through, I was wondering the entire time, "What is a Fire Emblem? Did I miss one of those while playing?"
  5. Ok, I just looked at the Wikis on this information. Are you telling me the Fire Emblem ISN'T present in this game??? I know that the Fire Emblem in this universe is the Shield of Seals and is still in Archanea (if I'm correct), but... what's the point of the title Fire Emblem if there is no Fire Emblem present? I guess the Fire Emblem couldn't be removed from Archanea without plot holes, but seriously just why? "Let's make a Fire Emblem game... but let's not put the Fire Emblem in the game." Great logic Nintendo. Must've been hard to do that while taking out the Waifu Simulator at the same time when making the remake.
  6. Can anyone help me? I downloaded the Demo of the game, but in almost every cutscene with dialogue it always lags/freezes (kinda) at the end of it. When I use RShift to get out of the lagging cutscene, it skips every other cutscene that comes after it and I miss out on whatever the hell is going on. I'm on Windows and installed the Windows version of the game, so can anyone tell me why the hell it keeps lagging for me on the dialogue and tell me how to fix it??? Thanks.
  7. Ok, so people have already played Echoes by now so there's no point in me responding to this. However, I'm just going to put down my knowledge of the Falchions and Grima and all that since there's so much confusion about it all. 1. There's 2 Falchions, both created by Naga. One created to put Grima to slumber (I'm pretty sure) and one created to put Duma to rest. Naga gave Duma the Falchion intended to be used on him as Duma left the continent of Archanea along with Mila. Duma kept the Valentian Falchion within Rigel Castle for its purpose to be used later. The Valentian Falchion was made much earlier than the Archanean one, by the way. 2. The Valentian Falchion should just be called the Kingsfang, as it is a term used for it a few times throughout the game. Even Mila states it as the Kingsfang upon seeing it. 3. Act 6 is all post-game. Nothing about it AT ALL is canon, unless stated by the creators. The only thing canon about it is how Grima was created by Forneus and the whole story behind it all and the Masks (Risen) and such. Their stories are already written, Alm and Celica don't venture off to Archanea and suddenly Grima's much weaker (growing) version appears and fights them. 4. The Gravidus, Parthia, and Mercurius are all just easter egg weapons that are in the game for no particular reason other than if you want to use them or not. Canonically, they were never in Valentia (well, maybe at least not during the time of Alm and Celica's story). Also, why would you be allowed to have 3 Gravidus's for free in the game throughout the main story? All they are are just mediocre weapons (I mean, you can definitely find better weapons than these 3 watered down regalia) that are in the game for fun, just like Awakening. I mean, who would just leave the legendary Mystletainn lying around on the floor only for Chrom to step on it and say, "Hey, I found another one! Let's just store it with the other 9 Mystletainns we found in randomly and use them for later until they break."
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