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  1. For real!?! That’s the day before my birthday (turning 20)! :D
  2. Seeing that name made my inner Pokémon fanboy scream in sheer happiness! OMG this is amazing! ???
  3. With 9 orbs in hand and a pity rate of 3.50%, I went and pulled from the Performing Arts banner. My results: my first Priscilla (4* and neutral IVs) and the big one, PA Olivia (+Atk/-HP). My summonings have begun to turn around in my favor. Now, if only I could summon a Young Tiki from the VG Block A banner.
  4. And Kaiji Tang continues to deliver the ham and cheese of awesomeness that is Owain Dark!
  5. I bet you all can guess who I’m supporting for the Voting Gauntlet.
  6. Interesting... What could this mean? (meanwhile inside my head) Please let Owain be playable. Please let Owain be playable! PLEASE LET OWAIN BE PLAYABLE! I DON’T CARE HOW! JUST PLEASE LET HIM BE PLAYABLE!!! (I apologize for my Owain fanboyism...)
  7. What did we do to deserve someone as glorious as Kaiji Tang? :D
  8. Ah, I see that I’m not the only one who would like to see Oboro.
  9. Ah, that horse is the one thing that’s helping me keep my sanity amongst the salt, anger, hate and toxicity of FE Warriors on YouTube, GameFAQs, etc. ?
  10. Yikes. Was it really that bad? I wouldn’t know since I was watching the stream on the YouTube on my iPhone instead of the app.
  11. Damn... I will never understand what compels people to committing such heinous acts. This is just lower than the lowest of scum.
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