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  1. I'll try it, I've downloaded FEditor but found it very not noob friendly so if FE Builder is different I'll try it. Thanks.
  2. Very nice to get this comment, looks like reading You Tube haters' comments. If I made this topic it was because I didn't find any without reclass, because everyone is talking about reclassing all the time, how this unit is OP in that class but they all require a heart/friendship/marriage seal to even work at all. Since I wanted to try and play more role play (closer to cannon classes, promotion not being really cannon since they mostly use the default promotions for even less unit diversity when said unit is an ennemy, like Hinata being a Swordmaster, WTF he has no speed no skill how could he be put into the swordmaster class as an ennemy? MoA exists and IS should at least fake to remember it). How could I know since I've never been to chapter 20 of any route? I didn't know the best class in the series which is Nohr exclusive was nearly absent from Birthright especially when Big Sis and her pal are in this class they could send wyvern squads (the chapter after the Opera had several wyvern riders, one or two lords and Camilla+Beruka). Awakening had several chapters with 30%+ flying ennemies, often moving by squads, why wouldn't Fates have them? After seeing this particular post-opera chapter and Conquest chapter 10, I thought it was common to get flying squads, just using logic, but if IS doesn't use te same logic as me, well, then that's it, no 50+ ennemy flyers in birthright so air superiority won't be very necessary except in Camilla/Beruka chapters. Still has its uses. Why writing down on me for not knowing? I already wrote that I didn't complete any route and didn't do any late game either. It's like flaming or blaming noobs for being new players and having much to learn, well, it's normal since they're new, as long as they don't try to do Lunatic+ Awakening from the beginning without knowing anything about it, there's no reason to be rash with noobs for their lack of knowledge. In my case just telling me there were like <30 wyvern units in the whole BR route would've been far nicer than mocking me without taking my inexperience of the latter parts of the game into count.
  3. Sorry but I've never been past chapter 19 of any route of Fates, I don't know the late game chapters and tactics nor the ennemy stats and skills if they have. Base Orochi has 6 or 7 speed. she would need 12 or 13 bonus speed to double a 14 spd general without Wary fighter and no one can double Wary fighter otherwise. + many knights/generals tend to block the way with 2-3 units side to side and at least 2 of them with a throwing weapon (in chapter 9 hard BR the 3 knights blockin' da way to the hall have 19-20 attack and you need 2-3 units to kil only one unless you're using armor killer with a doubling unit, preferably Hinata who's got actual base speed, strength and duellist's blow and who can take 2 hits without dying). Even though, all Chibi guy needs to outclass Orochi is 2 levels, which he gains fairly easy at 50+ % exp per kill in a chapter with 6 or 8 reinforcement waves. Just use attack stance so he can easily hit AND kill the weakened ennemies, it's not very likely that many of your units will ORKO the cavaliers in that chapter. Chibi makes an excellent onmyoji/basara and his speed isn't an issue, his skill is fixed by his base class (unlike in Oni savage where he could face 20% hit rates) and he is kind of similar to Sakura growths-wise except in a better base class. Not like there are many good onmyoji/basara anyway so might as well use him for magic damage. My team in this no reclass run is (after completing chapter 9): - MU dragonstone tank (+hp -Idon'trememberwhat) - Silas lances (not many lance users til chapter 9 where they become numerous, surely he'll go for clubs after GK promotion for more weapon variety and easier forging) - Felicia (she died because I misplaced her but I'm playing casual and I'm willing to let her go to the bench when my roaster will be full, but live to serve is so good to have) - Sakura (best healer/10) - Setsuna (will go birdy because she has dat speed for air superiority usage) because you're never too low on anti air units especially with wyvern being far more dangerous than LOLfalcos - Hinoka (mainly used her to chip the boss as she took 0 damage from his killer tome, she levelled up from that) - Azama (best mountain priest/10, good hp and can actually benefit from recovery skills, while his staff rank allows him to make use of them without having a wonderful magic stat) - Saizo (best ninja/10 with mixed attack and mixed tanking) - Hinata (tanky samurai with samurai's skills, will go MoA for dat seal strength) - Oboro (tanky with good base res, nice damage, instant access to guard naginata, and no lancer Hinoka for contest, seal def + seal speed will be OP) - Chibi Hayato (like I told before, he starts low but can easily level up in chapter 9 or Mozu's paralog and he'll be a great contribution to the team with sustained magic damage and mixed stats), he levelled up 4 or 5 times in ch9 without much favouring since I needed to weaken cavs anyway before killing them so the tanks hit first (lv 10-12 don't get much exp from killing these ennemies anyway) then Hayato gives the final blow. Soon I'll use MILF queen situationally if she can be used better than other unit for one map or another, Takumi will probably be the same situational pick (not doubling vs high def/hp ennemies isn't a boon, it's a bane, unless you're the tank like Hinatoboro with seals), Kagero will take Kaze's role (mage killing is more efficient if you can ORKO them with enough res to take 2 hits), Lobster and wyvern will be like MILF queen and Takumi I guess since they don't get much exp when they jointhe party and I'll see if there's a real difference in performance and utility between these two and my other grown units when they come close to the same level (I'm no one shoot lover, except vs mages and ninjas or annoying ennemy types, I prefer having 3 tanks to weaken the ennemies then kill them and heal my tanks to push them further, that's why Silas isn't seeing paladin, on top of the fac that defender will be useless since I deploy all my units and prefer attack stance over being swarmed by 3 ennemies and putting my healer in danger to heal the one army units who're not so one army past ch 15 when ennemies 2HKO most of your units, 3HKO maybe if paired up, but full deployment allows more map control and positionning to cover a defensive stance, chokepoints etc.). As you can see, we don't have the same way of rating/using units. Many people say Hinata is bad while I find him really useful, while some find Hana amazing although she's a goner if anything physical breath on her. Better use ninjas to weaken bosses and feed them to the units needing their exp the most to become what they have to be (tank, finisher, anti air unit, etc.). Same for classes, MoA is often seen as a poor class while it's seal strength can be seriously life changing when facing something like berserkers or generals or great knights. Even spear master is ranked quite low while having both seal def and seal spd which allow you to simply destroy weakened units without retaliation and once you get that sweet lance faire you're steamrolling generals.
  4. Hi there, If you had to make a tier list of Fates for each route with 0 reclassing, how would you rank the available units? Children in a different part than the gen 1 units or not at all since they depend on too many factors to make a deep tier list for them (like parents stats when they're recruited, inheritance available, chapter of recruitment...). Ryoma and Xander would be like A-tier (no S for being unavailable for at least 1/3rd of the post-choice chpaters, nearly 1/2 of the game if you count from prologue) I guess, no Seth tier for them even though they might be better units.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where Syrene has gone in Nightmare modules Chapter Units Chapter 17B? Can't find her anywhere in the units list, like she doesn't exist. Sorry if it may be better to post in the Fan Projects topic but no one seems to be interested before a few weeks when I post in that section and I'm not waiting a few weeks to finish my Generic Units mod of FE8 with adjusted characters to fit the generic units' growth rates and base stats without being overly weak by being underlevelled (I want a level 10 Syrene with spear and dragon killer sword and generic falcos' stats for tha level but can't modify her inventory or level since she isn't in the data). I've already encountered this issue several times with Syrene and I used to give up after looking for her in the database for tens of minutes. She is perfectly findable in 17A but non existant in 17B.
  6. Hi Tonight it's FE Awakening that makes me happy. I've tried it before, abandoned it but I'm back at it. I have few supports (mostly from automatism when I reached chapter 2) like Fred/Chrom C, Chrom/Lissa C and such, like 3 or 4 total. I use dual attack as little as possible (I generally pray for no dual attacks when I can't position my units any other way). Pair up is only used for mobility like rescue in older FE. My team is: -Kellam (knight/11.96): 27 hp/ 15 str/ 0 mag/ 11 skl/ 7 spd/ 5 lck/ 17+2 def/ 2 res B lances -Stahl (cavalier/15.08): 34 hp/ 17 str/ 1 mag/ 17 skl/ 14 spd/ 11 lck/ 17 def/ 4 res B swords (1 fight for A) A lances (paired up Chrom on him for +1 damage on Valdar, otherwise he had 5% crit rate with 18 or so damage, 24 damage was all I needed and Chrom pair up+silver lance allowed me to win without any losses, could've let the boss come but I was too hasty) -Sully (cavalier/11.89): 27 hp/ 12 str/ 3 mag/ 12 skl/ 14 spd/ 13 lck/ 13 def/ 2 res B swords B lances (used the Finn lance to display 0 crit rate from Valdar the Weak annoying Chick) -Frederick (great knight/4.48): 32 hp/ 15 str/ 2 mag/ 14 skl/ 10 spd/ 8 lck/ 17 def/ 4 res B swords B lances C axes -Lon'zu (French translation) (myrmidon/10.28): 24 hp/ 8 str/ 2 mag/ 18 skl/ 18 spd/ 10 lck/ 9 def/ 3 res B swords -Lissa (cleric/11.61): 26 hp/ 2 str/ 8 mag/ 9 skl/ 7 spd/ 16 lck/ 5 def/ 8 res C staves -Maribelle (troubadour/6.15): 20 hp/ 1 str/ 7 mag/ 5 skl/ 6 spd/ 8 lck/ 5 def/ 7+2 res D staves -Virion (archer/11.51): 27 hp/ 10 str/ 1 mag/ 17+2 skl/ 10 spd/ 11 lck/ 10 def/ 3 res (if only he had better bases...) B bows (I was blessed with 2 giant bows, used only 1 for all the 10 uses) -Chrom (lord of neverused/9.64): 26 hp/ 12 str/ 2 mag/ 14 skl/ 14 spd/ 8 lck (he should have way more!)/ 10 def/ 3 res C swords (5 move, no vantage and sword locked, so many downsides I'll only raise him for late game duel against Valdar) -Ricken (mage/8.16): 23 hp/ 3 str/ 11+2 mag/ 10 skl/ 7 spd/ 14 lck (amazing, boss tank for those annoying gamble/thunder tomes shenanigans)/ 7 def/ 5 res (he actually knows what defensive stats mean) D tomes (1 hit from C) (soon he'll be able to wield B rank tome which gives bonus against other tomes ^^) I don't see any reason to use Gaius, Panne (Palne), Vaike, Miriel, Sumia or MU (Classic) since their bases aren't wonderful and their performance in this type of run isn't the best (MU no skill until lv 10, which isn't what I call a skill so nothing until promoted lv 5 and tactician skill stat kinda sucks balls so activation rate for ignis would be inexistant anyway). I didn't even recruit Donny, his exp served Lon'zu very well before chapter 6 and Ricken and Virion levelled up once or twice too, thanks and R.I.P in your village Donnel, your potion will be useful. I plan to use: -Say'ri (vantage built in, high weapon rank, correct base stats especially magical stats for a physical class), -Henry (got an Aversa's night on the tile close to the boss in the prologue so might as well put it to use), -Cherche (Zelcher is far better of a name IMO) (Haar/10), -Libra will replace Lissa or Maribelle (maybe Lissa cuz less move), -Anna will replace the last one remaining, -don't know if I'll put the effort into Nowi (magical tank/10 but those shit tier base stats and hard joining map for her really suck) -or Gregor (quite bad as a mercenary each time I didn't reclass him, unlucky mercenary/10), -Cordelia (I might be able to kill Gangrel if I pump exp into her and get her to 20/5 falcon knight for rally speed in case she can't solo him and his 23-ish speed OMG most annoying thing about him, that's why Nowi could be useful for, those annoying 25-40 magic damage bosses others can't double without a +8 in speed), I think it's good for now, some of them might even not find their way into my team or some will vanish (Freddy Mercury will soon be replaced, Rev!Gunter/10). I'd love it if Panne was a Radiant Dawn/PoR cat, but sadly her class sucks as much visually as in stats on top of 1 range lock AND early game stones having only 50 uses then wait on the bench for chapter 10 boss kill to get the next for...the chapter where the boss has magic damage, crit rate and speed on top of accuracy, and there are many high damage ennemies + heroes and mercenaries with actual hit rates even if you're standing on a castle. Now that I think of it, Anna with rally speed could double Gangrel with like 2 level ups in speed, if only she had damage and more base res...and maybe an actual sword rank since C is Lon'zu's sword rank at level 4 unpromoted 5 chapters earlier...maybe Lon'zu could kill Gangrel if he decides to proc strength more than once in 10 levels with a silver/killer sword. TL;DR: See? I've rarely been so enthusiastic about Awakening. I don't have 20 def on anyone (yet), I don't have 5 res on anyone (yet), I don't have 19 spd on anyone (yet) but I'm excited, I have to think of what unit to do what task, I have to use more offensive strategies and for once chapter 5 wasn't a pain since full deployment was really useful on the map control with annoying wyverns going everywhere in little scattered packs (I like this paradox). It feels more like playing Radiant Dawn than Awakeshit (AKA Backpack Emblem, which I completed with a Kellam backpack Chrom with Chrom being promoted only for Valdar 1v1, then on hard with Ashnard's woman general as a dark knight or paladin, can't remember but it was a thematic run). Sure no reclass cuts some great units such as mercenary Donnel, Wyvern riders, and others but it feels more legit (I ended up changing units' classes in GBA FEs because I was too used to units being in other classes than their own or being reclassed). Finally able to enjoy more Radiant Dawn gameplay in a more recent and portable game, although walls can still be shot through, no balconies for bonus/malus to hit rates, no canto (for the best or the worst, being ganged up by a 6 cavaliers pack felt really bad, like a gangbang when you're not willing to give yourself in the first place), no Haar (Zelcher starts underlevelled but with good bases, the opposite of Jill in RD with bases inferior to her level's standards and her trash base strength on the second highest strength class, tied with Nolan for lowest strength on a strength-specialized class), no availability bullshit (sure I'd like to play Mr and Mrs Ferox before the endgame but they're not given for 4 chapters then taken back for 80% of the game and coming back largely underlevelled in the final chapters, with only one being relevant but seriously, I find Muharim completely OP, can tank forever even in hard as a human in Part 1, not taking any damage from bosses in tiger form, and comes back with still 34 or 36 def as a tiger, enough speed not to get doubled and high strength, this guy is Skrimir's Oifei like Duessel is Ephraim's, maybe even better than Duessel except neither him nor Skrimir can transform any time they want).
  7. Thanks. BTW, I'm from EU too, look at my description under my picture. Gonna try Silas MU (silas VoF) with lodestar, samurai, hero and master ninja or mechanist and their daughter with Asugi (no choice since MU is a samurai as her reclass option) for ninja. too many units to try, build and send to destroy anything before ennemies start to deal 40 damage in normal mode around chapter 16 of BR. Playing BR on hard mode for now, easy access to the parents.
  8. Thanks for the tips. After swordmaster, would you go for MoA or directly into paladin/GK? I'll use all the good swords I put my hands over, he reckt havock with the killing edge for sure (Astra is OP with crit). I don't know if seal strength is really a must or just a convenience since I didn't go past chapter 18 or 19 in Rev. Sure it's practical, but wouldn't someone like Hinata be a better user of seals since he rarely doubles and he can take a physical hit? MoA>blacksmith, maybe A+ subaki for each one to get the other's class skills before blacksmith? I have gold DLC so I can farm for seals as much as I want. By the way, do you know adresses of easily beatable my castles with good skills? I'd like to farm some skills for my units before endgame some time, and most castles I see are really too high level they would decimate my army with 1 unit even when I'm around chapter 17 or so...
  9. Hi there, Today I've begun 2 runs (1 CQ 1 Rev) and I had a goal. In CQ I wanted to make Jakob a great unit and thought of a concept: instant reclass (level 3) into GK until level 15, then falcon knight or kinshi knight. The goal is to have either a mage killer or directly aflyer killer with easy access to darting blow, camaraderie for better sustain and then air superiority in order to screw up ennemy flyers alongside amaterasu for team sustain. With Elbow Room and the GK lv 15 skill, he's safe against physical units while dealing damage and if I keep Luna on him he's gonna rock hard. In Rev I thought "man, I was so stupid, sure the GK Kinshi build is awesome but what about a swordmaster>MoA>Pally or GK? It would be even more OP. So I went for it, grinded my support rank to S with Corrin to pass samurai to level 3 Jakob who promoted with a marriage seal and after chapter 7, which he reckt without much defence and without any tonic but alternating between bronze sword and bottle for 10 dodge (1 MT 110 acc) and the bosszerker had 17 hit on him on EP, 0 on PP for 16 damage, Azura K.O after 1/3rd of the chapter...OFC Corrin backpack on Jakob. Jakob: level 12.93 Swordmaster, res +2, gentleman or whatever the maid/strategist level 10 unpromoted skill is called, duellist's blow, vantage, astra, swordfaire coming soon HP: 31 str: 12 mag: 8 skl: 17 spd: 19 lck: 16 def: 9 res: 12 +2 (res +2) I hesitate between MoA or directly paladin for 8 move after he get swordfaire. Whatever, with such low defence he destroyed chapter 7 which many units have struggled in during other playthroughs especially on hard mode and with Azura going to sleep after a 3rd of the chapter. And he started as low as level 3. With his stats now he will be even more insane in the next maps and his skillset ensures he will stay relevant with Corrin pair-up for the whole game. Early elbow room swordfaire armor killer is really busted. Especially astra swordfaire elbow room armor killer, +16 damage in 2 hits this early is insane. For people who said MU samurai is OP, then I tell them they should try samurai Jakob reclassed into paladin after grabbing all the good skills they want. It reminds me of the Valm boss in Awakening, but this time he'll be faster and have vantage and replace OP stats with OP skills making up for lower stats than better long run units. I'll post his paladin or GK stats after I reclass him. OFC this is all without any stat booster, otherwise he'd rival Xander's HP (or at least Ryoma's with 36 HP if I give Jakob a seraph robe).
  10. I understand that you like the game, just the map gimmicks (Rev the chpter where you get Rinkah, Conquest the chapter where you fight Ryoma, or not, with the 50k pots in the way, sometimes you're forced to break negative pots because you have to kill that ennemy hiding behind it, or it's in the easiest path, and the trap staff which can simply get your units killed in 1 turn without other counterplay than not being in range), the shuriken, the totally absurd weapon bonus/debuff stats: - shuriken free +2 spd while katanas have to loose both def AND res to only get a +1, naginatas having free def and res bonus, maces having even less accuracy if I remember and -1 MT than axes for 5 crit... - (-5) spd javelins/throwing axes/ranged swords while you already can't double so ennemies double you for free ORKO, silver weapons lowering your stats while iron weapons can be forged for better setup than silver, steel -3 spd is okay since it was even worse in GBA games with female swordies having 5 con and steel swords having 10 wt meaning they lost 5 spd for no good reason, implying you had to use iron or very high price weapons to make up for it, not even talking of steel lance lowering pegasi spd by 8 or 9 depending on their con - magic being mediocre since physical and magical WT are mixed together, Nosferatu being less than bad with the throwing weapon treatment on inexistant def units with barely any spd already, and so on...and general magic units being awfully bad like they were in GBA games at base, but with even worse GR for the game they're in (it's like copy paste Lute's GR on Nyx but with +10 max stats so she is ridiculous compared with original Lute while the ennemies get insane base stats when promoted or reaching higher levels like ennemy malig knights, ninjas, etc.). Like I just wrote, magic units don't feel good to play, because their base stats are like 10 points lower than any physical unit. Nyx is Tharja but without any of Tharja's strong points (def, nosferatu being good, knight and sniper reclasses for def and skill and hit +20, acceptable base spd), Owain is Henry but without anything good in Henry (to begin with humor, then mag, lck, def, only his res starts decent+no despoil, samurai is good but base stats kinda suck for CQ, he still get nearly OHKOd by anything not magic as anything else than dread fighter, and no +1 mov access or locktouch or lucky seven, or anything enabling him other than your god unit not killing an ennemy in 1 round and letting him get the exp), Birthright kid has so little skill he won't ever hit anything without serious favorism, Orochi can hit and chunk but her spd is abysmal and without a speed boost/duo she can even get doubled at some point by ennemies not called Slowpoke (Pokémon (tm)). Good luck with any non royal mage, they're hurting you more than they help. In the end, whenever I tried to play on hard, I ended up lowering the difficulty because it blew my mind up, I'm not the kind to put everything at max difficulty but I'd like to just play a game without having to spend 15 min per chapter to inspect ennemy skills, weapons, stats, map gimmicks and other things, just taking a brief look should be enough (no armor slayer? ok, no sleep staff? ok, no 30 MT ennemies? ok, etc.) instead of looking for darting blow pegasi, trample maligs, poison strike ninjas, counter/countermagic werewolves, several skills on the type of ennemy which should be the weakest (faceless bullshit) which have access to seals, wary fighter, poison strike etc. Plus, GIMME BACK THIEVES WHO CAN STEAL PLEASE, what's the point of thieves if they're just walking chest/door keys? RD thieves were the best by far without needing free +2 spd, armor killer weapons or stats debuff or poison strike. Hell, they didn't even have +1 move (ok they had more move than mages but if I remember they had the same move as regular foot units once promoted).
  11. Hi, Each time I see my cartridge, I think of funny builds to play, fun runs etc. But each time, I'm reminded ninjas' bullshit, all post-combat damage, one roll hit chance, flying squads with bows and naginatas or axes and tomes, rally def being mandatory to use anyone not called Xander or Teddy Bear, slow as fck exp leading to incomplete build for 75% of the playthrough, shitty farming DLC for high level units (if you don't have paragon don't even bother...) so you still struggle to reach level 15 (even level 5 promoted is a headache). I'd like to at least fight ennemies without 12+ def/res in a DLC worth real money, and without seals (OMG these skills just shouldn't exist, they're the paragon of bad design: high stats ennemies more numerous than your troops and sending your stats down a giant pit!). Imagine -4 seals in TSS the game would be barely playable for most of the cast, prepromotes would be largely weaker since they lack dodge and def or res and many of them have weapon weaknesses, be it bow, horse or armor). I think no game should revolve on temporary effect consumables (except pure water which was close to balanced, except non boss magic units were trash so it was still over powered) in order to reach higher stats than they would need in a normal situation just because they get debuffed into oblivion. So many funny things could be done in Fates but everything is wasted by unpredictable RNG (less predictable than it used to be), cancerous AI, bullshit skills that have nothing to do in such a game (it's OK in equal numbers situations where you don't have to face 3+ ennemies while you're debuffed because there are 4x to 6x more ennemies than units you can bring. For me it's the same playing Fates as playing TSS with a mod where every class has 15 movement and flies. It's stupid, you're overwhelmed very often and bullshit skills make your god units feel like ennemy cat food. Seals shouldn't be applied if the user doesn't even attack or hit the target, this is simply cheap gameplay abuse. People tell Awakening has too much numbers and difficulty jumps, but Fates nearly doubles ennemy damage or density from one chapter to the next one. Should we point out that your units aren't supposed to have 30+ def in a no grind run around chapter 18 BR (the chapter with the castle, many rooms and chests, 40+ damage generals with one or two that might even have wary fighter to ensure you can't use a reclassed fast axe user or whatever using an anti-armor weapon (or the sword you get on chapter 7 BR). I can't even imagine higher difficulties over the top stats (feels like watching at Awakening Apotheosis ennemy stats). How is it a game for beginners in the franchise? Unless you like abusing phoenix mode, I don't see anything funny in Fates and even then, no risk high reward isn't very funny either but at least you can exp without perma death of losing the unit until the chapter is finished. The children are funny to build but their recruitment chapters are completely not for the pre-ch11 soft cap. Promoted ennemies when you don't even have one promoted unit in your team except pre-promote with nerfed stats, skills, combinations of ninjas and high damage ennemies are examples of what you can't face when you're not in mid game (and the yato really would need an earlier upgrade because 1st comes so late it's not even funny, yet your sword still has steel sword stats with def and res bane, in Awakening it's OK because you can use high rank weapons without other drawbacks than gold and accuracy, but in Fates you have to loose something important to hit hard without upgraded yato+forge system is grinding hell while the game promotes playing without heavy grinding (less exp when large level difference, encounters cost gold). What do you feel about it boys and girls?
  12. Hi, Sorry for posting nearly the same topic as yesterday but I think it wasn't in the good section and I have taken my concept further and am currently testing the results. Yesterday I came with an idea to balance weapons. I was wondering if anyone would enjoy a FE 8 mod with swords draining hp, 1 range axes ignoring def, and what you would give to lances and bows (currently lances give +4 lck, +2 def and +1 res), while bows have 3 more might, light is effective against monsters (no need to wait for promotion anymore), anima is buffed (+1 might), dark didn't change much, and tomes' weight has been adjusted to fit their users' constitution. The idea is that most sword users aren't very tanky but very fast. If they could drain hp, be they tanky or not, they would be much more usable and wouldn't need access to 1-2 range weapons to be useful. Fast units would drain 2x per fight but take damage if they don't dodge, while slow units would heal back some damage but only once per fight. I intend on balancing the classes and making the ennemies more of what they should be (like in Awakening I guess, they fit much more their roles than in TSS IMHO, especially knights, axemen and mages/dark mages). Lances' bonus stats make them able to reduce crit chance, to take easier the swords' hits so the drain isn't OP, while +1 res helps a little without being gamechanging. Bows don't hit at 1 range so I gave them more poke damage to make archery more useful for what they're supposed to do (the counterpart for 3 MT is 15 hit, a little like Yumi). I gave 30 weight to 1-2 range physical weapons so you only use them situationally (if I give them a speed penalty it would affect more the already slow units than the fast ones, + negative stats tend to bug and show max stat instead so it's the opposite of what I want). It's a good point for me so general Gilliam is as fast as Paladin Franz with a javelin (0-5 spd hoho). Special weapons weren't modified (rapier doesn't drain, don't expect to get back to full hp in one hit on a sword-wielding cavalier, neither does hammer deal true damage, I think it deals enough already). Trainee axe is 1 range, low MT, high accuracy and unbreakable, like short sword and lance, short bow is 2 range, low MT, high acc and unbreakable. These weapons apply the weapon balance treatment so your 8 damage lv 1 Ross will have 8 true damage on any ennemy axcept lance users (9 damage) and sword users (7 damage). Thin lance comes with the tank buff (enjoy your finally able pegasi, including ennemies) and thin sword drains hp. No crit bonus for short weapons. This means trainees can pull their weight even if they can't attack from 1-2 range before D rank (throwing weapons are D rank like in FE13, steel axe is also fixed to D rank, I don't see the reason for making a steel weapon E rank and not the other ones, might as well put everyone to D at base) because their weapons are better and their class stats have been improved a bit (not their growths though). Tana is a Wyvern Rider (female, yes they exist in the code, and unlike female mercenaries, they have custom animations, just like female shamans and sorcerers), Syrene has a little more base stats and completely different growths (tank falcon knight FTW! Palla is back even better than the original!) and weapon ranks on 2nd tier and some stat caps have been made more logical according to their roles in FE8. Magic classes, sages trade mag for spd, sorcerer is better, mage knight and valkyries are more similar in stats to paladins, magic classes base stats have been twisted to fit more their goal. Manakete is less cheated but lasts the whole game when you finally get Myrrh (unbreakable nerfed Dragonstone, again more like Awakening but 1 range only), she has base stats close to Seth's so it won't be an all in fiesta like it used to be at level 1 against cavaliers with Myrrh in chapter 16 but she has more HP (also this means she can take an axe hit from a promoted unit without dying), growths more spread but less OP (very few >100%, most are between 70 and 90, be careful, 12 spd 40% growth! you might keep a speedwing if you want her to double promoted ennemies!) and stat caps are the same as Necromancer (25 spd, 30 everything else) not OP since axe go through def, so does necrodragon's breath and dragonstone has 8 MT (with capped str it means 43 damage, less than regular silver weapons, only some ennemies not wielding axes will not deal much damage to maxed 35 def but it's not like she will cap it at all times in 19 level ups...right? Myrrh should be very close to cap def though if you max her level, but rarely doubles, doesn't necessarily OHKO, and true damage is abundant in axe maps). Great knight has 7 move, , archers have more skl to make up for usual shitty archers, mercenaries are closer to heroes in stat spread (less spd, more def and str) or you could say they are closer to cavaliers with actual skl, female lord has more def, 1 con bonus, male lord was nerfed a little in the speed department cuz Ephraim before promotion was a little too OP compared with Eirika at the same level, and Great lords have better con and stat caps because you wait 16 chapters to make them promote and they're both forced into the endgame chapters. Wyverns lords and knights are more distinct (I took their archetypes from FE13 wyvern lords and griffon lords, because I thought it suited well to the FE8 wyvern concepts), mounted/flying females and males have equal con because it's more the mount's weight than the person's that it taken into count, con overall is more fit to the class it's linked to. Swordmasters trade defensive stats for offensive, assassins have more str than swordmasters but thei def/res cp is still 20 (promotion bonus more offensive for assassins while more defensive as it used to be for swordmasters) and assassins have rogue's exp gain. 200 gold for unreakable weapons, 220 for unbreakable tomes, 10 per use for iron weapons, 20 for steel, 50 for silver, 45 for killer, shamshir is the exception at 60 or 65 because it's killer+drain with lower MT, add 2 gold to these to get the tomes' price per use, staves are globally cheaper. Low rank gems are worth more than they used to, because there's a special surprise in the preparations' armoury and it costs much (even if I lowered the price, being in preparations' armoury automatically makes it cost more gold). Because I didn't like the absence of choice with this point, I made you able to choose if you want to spend that amount of gold for this or if you're patient. It's also a way for farmers to get what they want without waiting to have cleared 70% of the game to have their full team able (and the ones drawn back by this can finally be played in the main story). Would it be funny to play? Would axes having a real utility make you use axemen? (-1 mt +5 hit for axes BTW) Do the effects I gave to lances, bows, magic types appeal to you? Tell me if something would be funnier than what I wrote. I'm open to discussion and I don't think I did the best I could do, there's always room for improvements. After all, it's been 2 years at least that I began to make Nightmare mods and I'm still not perfectly satisfied, maybe I have too many different concepts in mind so I will never stop making new mods and spending hours on Nightmare. Other people learned to use better programs but I'm not a fan of the difficulty to learn these programs although they seem to allow many nice things like skills, randomizing, modifying or creating characters, creating maps and stories etc. If you want to try it and see, here's the link (Lunar IPS patch, apply it to a clean ROM, I used the (U) Trash Man ROM to patch): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nfofzdikxkxqop/FE 8 drain sword true damage axes version.ips?dl=0
  13. Hi, Today I came with an idea to balance weapons. I was wondering if anyone would enjoy a FE 8 mod with swords draining hp, 1 range axes ignoring def, and what you would give to lances and bows. The idea is that most sword users aren't very tanky but very fast. If they could drain hp, be they tanky or not, they would be much more usable and wouldn't need access to 1-2 range weapons to be useful. Fast units would drain 2x per fight but take damage if they don't dodge, while slow units would heal back some damage but only once per fight. I intend on balancing the classes and making the ennemies more of what they should be (like in Awakening I guess, they fit much more their roles than in TSS IMHO, especially knights, axemen and mages/dark mages). Maybe I could also give 15 or 20 weight to 1-2 range physical weapons so you only use them situationally (if I give them a speed penalty it would affect more the already slow units than the fast ones, + negative stats tend to bug and show max stat instead so it's the opposite of what I want). I'll try to give like 30 weight to see if it's possible so general Gilliam is as fast as Paladin Franz with a javelin (0-5 spd hoho). Would it be funny to play? Would axes having a real utility make you use axemen? What effects should I give to lances, bows, magic types? It's up to you, make your game from what I suggest and tell me if something would be funnier than what I wrote.
  14. Well, at the moment I'm playing FE8 randomizer with which you can randomize the game yourself (seeds) so I'm not focused on Conquest or Fates, it's a side activity like it has always been. I'm a casual player after all. Still I think some things (namely mechanics like seals and shuriken/daggers debuffs) are wrong and don't bring anything good into the series (just remove stat debuffs and tonics and compensate with base stats buffs where needed like on GBA level base stats for magic units, but with much less personal bonuses than in GBA games where your mages had some good stat bonuses like +5 spd +4 mag etc. to make up for class's weakness). Of topic but to give you an idea of my current occupation and lack of focus on Fates: I'm enjoying my 4th run (the first 3 stopped between 5X because of trash comp vs multiple boltings and chapter 7 where I didn't want to bother anymore wih bad units) and going Ephraim's route on 100% random growths, chests and events, thieves are randomly given too for the lulz and I've got a strong comp for everything except heavy magic but I can restart the chapter if it happens, 57 hp 15/1 death gargoyle Gilliam with 13+2 spd, 21 str and def and 5 res is carrying me and Kyle is a close second with swordmaster Seth. Eirika was trash mage but 30 base hp allowed her to abuse some weaklings to promote at 10 into mage knight (because she has acrobat and 0 base mag and barely more of anything else except 6 spd and 7 skl alongside 0-5% growths across the board and 15% hp 20% skl so I went for mobility and horse aid and let her out because priest Ephraim has good growths and good base spd and luck and this run gave me 150+ accuracy E weapons and some good other weaponswhile most usually strong weapons are either <50% acc or not dealing any damage or having 20+ weight XD, spiders have 25 MT claws with 160 acc but weighing 35 XD). Yeah I'm completely of topic, but it shows you I care more about this specific randomized FE8 run than Fates which bores me after annoying me enough and having either no map design or extremely annoying map design alongside too many niche units I want to use but they just don't become good and abe to handle themselves (at least in CQ). Hoshido becomes a solorun most of the time after I get bored of giant maps full of mixed ranged and melee ennemies with all kinds of weapons and effective weaponry mixed in. Samurai Kaze into MoA is great BTW, infinitely better than ninja's more shaky str and lack of HP. Seal strength just rendered Xander unable to deal more than 7 damage or so to Kaze's 13-ish def who was just slowly killing him with +1 auroral katana or whatever it's called (20 avoid bonus weak MT). MoA Kaze 7 was better than Ryoma by a good margin BTW (same def or close with nearly 3x more res and attack doesn't really matters when he tanks or dodges everything with MU B-support as a backpack). This is on hard mode (samurai only run, well only falcon knights are allowed for healing purposes, but since ch10 BS it went into Kaze+Rinkah replaced with MU to build A-support solo. And if you ask, it's not having to check ennemy weapons and skils that bothers me, it's poison strike, trample, lunge, pass, stat seals, daggers and shuriken, randomness of forge components instead of paying money to upgrade gear like in older FE with forge and in any RPG and MMO. This and the fact you have to attack people on thrones while when you defend you don't get any throne or elevated terrain advantage since it's not Radiant Dawn's great or quite good map design so you're never getting the advantage in the whole part of the game I've played (until ch 18 I think, then it's a major jump for ennemies who get promoted, high stats sometimes higher than your units even counting royals, etc. I prefer playing TSS endgameon hard mode 10x in a row than 1 chapter of Fates past 18 or 19 on normal mode casual or even phoenix).
  15. How much defence did your units pack? speed? which units on which chokepoint? a lot of things can vary a lot between two runs. I used dread fighter Odin on top-left, Niles on bottom ballista, Effie on bottom-right chokepoint, Haitaka rallying def for Effie or Arthur/Niles, MU rallying (spd and res at that moment, no wyvern yet for rally def) before she was forced to go hunt those annoying pegs and finish off some ennemies for a safer chokepoint. Arthur was bottom left with hand axe and sometimes he and Niles were in attack stance. I just got overwhelmed by the non stop spawning reinforcements, at the end of the chapter I had only MU (falcon knight), Odin, Pigtails 1 and 2 and Azura who miraculously survived an attack unscratched. I lost Arthur Niles Effie Camilla (to a random arrow in a mess of ennemies) Nyx Beruka (or maybe she was one of those who survived I don't remember, just having 5 units left at the end) and Silas (who was sent to the top-right corner). I didn't use tonics because my Effie had 17 def, 21 with rally def, but it wasn't enough still...like should I have her reach 25 def for this chapter or what... Also Camilla is great aganst mages but she lacks physical bulk (maybe another royal weapon would remedy that, like Ryoma who's average but is carried by his pref and Xander that can stay relevant at base solely because of insane pref +4 def being absurd, +2 with tonics and +4 with rally ending at +10 with little effort). If stats debuffing wasn't a thing, I wouldn't complain since I wouldn't have any problem clearing it even with 0 grinding, but stats debuffing IS a thing and you choose between killing these retard ninjas or healing, either choice leads you to bad situations. Also I didn't use javelin on Effie because she had 7 speed and I didn't want everyone to double her (that's why ninjas didn't get killed automatically but also why onis didn't kill her, she died on turn 10 I think because surrounded).
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