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  1. Thank you, everything here is interesting. On the topic of rescue, cavaliers can rescue general Gilliam, Barth and such if they have neutral con modifier, I'm okay with pegasi not being able to rescue generals (and even great knights or any mounted unit) as it makes no sense to rescue a heavy armored unit with a flying horse (meanwhile it would be more realistic if wyvern riders/lords could rescue generals with 16 con since a dragon has much bigger and powerful wings than a little pegasus) and if they rescue mounted units, then these should dismount to be rescued (there's no sense in carrying a horse on horseback...). But why do female paladins and especially female GREAT KNIGHTS have only 20 total aid? hell, a great knight should have even more aid than a paladin since they already suffer the movement penalty for being armored, might as well be able to carry more weight... On the topic of gender-locked classes, I agree with you, like why is grandmaster male-locked in Fates when it's gender-free in Awakening? Why are pegasi female only? This has been discussed already in another topic, I don't remember if it was on Serenesforest, they said that Hercule was riding a pegasus (well, in the Disney version, not in the actual myth, at least not in the 12 works of Hercule), which is a good point on having more males riding pegasi. I'm happy that sky knight has finally allowed male pegasi, athoughI'mdisappointed by the main one, Subaki, who doesn't really follow any category, since he has high skill but low speed, middling def but low strength, middling HP that don't allow him to facetank like he should by being one of the sturdier units in his game, in the end Azama is the one who should have been the sky knight and Subaki should have been the mountain priest, seeing how the growths of their respective classes are more fit to each other. Also, it's disgusting that we had to wait for the 14th! game of the series (12th original game) to finally break the exclusivity of axe wielding classes to male units, and the 13th for wyverns to be completely gender-free (well, technically New Mistery of the Emblem also lets you promote into wyvern as a female, but that's only as a 2nd tier class and 1st tier is pegasus-only for flying classes). Charlotte and Rinkah are quite refreshing as the first female units in axe-locked infantry classes in the whole series, correct me if I'm wrong, and even then, these girls are sadly designed to be only meatbag (Rinkah) or stat bag (both) for dual guard. Their stat spread isn't even worth actually playing them in their original class if we consider their competition, Subaki as a spear master does everything Rinkah does better and as a pegasus he compensates less def with more HP/res, Azama strictly outclasses every physical unit except Ryoma in any physical/hybrid tanky class, Scarlet has more offense than Rinkah forever (even though after trying oni chieftain bolt axe Rinkah, I can tell she hits like a truck while being a brick wall), and another offense is that Rinkah's caps are completely opposite to her growths which is quite annoying. Meanwhile Charlotte has a personal skill that barely serves any purpose in a male-exclusive fighting generics game, while the other crit boost she has access to only kills her accuracy even more. She has traditional axe wielder def/res with high HP in a game where not being able to take 2x 37+damage hits by chapter 20 is really bad, and the only way to fix her def is to send her to the wyvern/great knight lines, even then it has to be used for more than 10 levels to make up for her awful bases when you put her back into berserker (especially since eating a crit means she dies instantly). Effie should have been the fighter and Charlotte something better fit for her, while Arhtur could have started in cavalier to be better from the get-go. So even when females have access to traditional male classes, they still don't follow the strengths of their class (Rinkah's strength, literally), or follow the old style units of these classes so much that they become nearly as bad as these (Charlotte who ends up being a replica of FE6 or 7 units with access to berserker, since her speed is too high to be a replica of fighters/warriors). Like you just wrote, what makes women good is skill and adaptability, using technical weapons that we men would not have thought of to make up for genetical differences. That's why it would be amazing to see crossbows again, since they basically negate any strength difference between genders, while allowing women to stay out of the ennemy's hitting range. I would add that crossbows should deal fix ignore def damage, since the main goal of crossbows is...to pierce armor/mail. other things could be added the same way, like replacing daggers/shuriken with blowpipes and stings, that would inflict paralysis, poison, sleep etc. This way they would have access to support classes that help the army without being in danger of strong physical hits, and without needing Effie-level strength to fight these stronger genes males. Effie is like the female Olympic athletes who got their medals taken from them because they have narly as much testostherone as men, while Rinkah has apparent muscles but her strength growth is mediocre and mostly because her class has the 2nd best strengt growth after berserker, if you reclass her into any other Hoshidan class it only goes down. So I think that if IS wants to keep on making gender inequalities, they should add more options for female units to be useful than just ferry units or magic classes. And their step back in 3H where pegasus is female-only again makes me want to burn them to ashes. Seriously, they went forward for 1 game and now their revert back to misogyny, not letting men ride flying horses as if it was not worthy of their strength or as if only women could ride a flying horse, when everyone can ride a normal horse.
  2. The numbers you bring in are interesting, I didn't study much of Awakening, especially caps since different caps for each unit mean you have to remember differences between each unit and I played Awakening much less than Fates in the 4 past years, while I barely ever played for caps since in that game they're completely absurd and unneeded for a hard playthrough and only allow lunatic to be how braindead it is with ennemies having higher caps to hit before they stop their overgrowth to hit for 60% of the HP of any of your units that didn't grind through 3 reclasses. Another completely misogyne element that we can find in the vision of women in society, notably in jobs more tradionnaly masculine than feminine, is the Luck stat. Males (except kids) tend to have much lower luck compared with kids and women, which tends to make you guess that men don't need luck because they're competent, while kids and women have to rely on luck to make up for adult/teenager males' superiority in these functions. That's exactly how people think of female/kids who succeed in male-oriented jobs/tasks, either they're a rare element that is out of the box, or they're simply lucky to have succeeded. Meanwhile a male who achieves female-oriented tasks/jobs is often seen as having succeeded because of sheer competence. Of course when I genderize tasks/jobs, it's only under the sight of the society, like how classical dance tends to be seen more as a female practice than a male one, while weight lifting tends to be seen as a male practice, or taking care of kids vs being a soldier/cop. Moulder starts with 2 luck and has 20 or 25% growth, yet he is more used than his beautiful, elegant, shy counterpart (I'm using these adjectives on purpose to show how genderized the characteristics of units are, men leaning more towards ability while women tend to be used because of looks or personnality/gimmick), simply because this old man with mediocre growths compared with Natasha has enough with just his base stats, having a constitution that allows him to wield C tomes as a sage without suffering any speed penalty while evryone else would take -3-4 speed (men) or -6-7 (girls except mage knights), while his effective speed largely compensates his lack of power, and he has more HP/def than females with a growth of 25%, similar to Kyle's who is the tankiest of the 3 original cavaliers of FE8. Same can be said in FE6, I've seen many comments telling that Echidna wasn't worth the trouble since she lacks bulk, power and constitution (thus loosing massive speed to her preferred weapon type, axes) while even Dieck at least had hp to take hits (and at base he has 10 def just from promoting, while Echidna at base has only 8 while she's pre-promoted, her 6 speed advantage being easily solved by Dieck's bare constitution, and her def at level 20 being his lv 5/1 def, while his lv 20/1 def is 3 points higher than her lv 20 def and his lv 20/20 is 6 points higher than hers in the same class). Typical example of male gameplay superiority, or of females being locked to E ranks or silver in order to loose as little speed as possible, since it's their best stat for tanking purposes, since it allows them to dodge, not being doubled and also their best damage stat because doubling is more important when you deal 30 per hit with silver than when you deal 30 with iron and are able to use steel weapons without speed penalty to bust 33 damage per hit at minimal cost.
  3. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  4. Mordecai can get doubled by fast ennemies all he wants, he's got enough HP to just take the hits and heal up afterwards. I don't know why people still compare Mordecai to Jill since they're on different teams, have totally different utility (smite/canto, Mordecai can actually rescue nearly every unit in the game in tiger form since he has a massive constitution/aid while Jill can't take the hit to her speed before very late in the game and can't even rescue some mounted units when you get some, probably more in part 4 than anything but still, it's not a boon that con/aid is fucked up in RD, not even made clear how much you need to push/rescue another unit, a real mess Intelligent Systems didn't care to look at, on top of that not many units can rescue Jill because 1) she has more movement than them and 2) she's heavy as hell thanks to riding a dragon, with that her average def for most of the game and her garbage all around HP and mediocre at best res mean she's in danger quite a lot of the time you use her from the first time you get her, hell in the second or 3rd difficulty setting she can even die as an NPC since her AI is stupid and her bases are hot garb). Or compare Mordy to anyone else (the only units comparable would be the paladins, with more reliable combat stats since they don't shift/unshift but their stats are quite garbage for when you get them/their level and most of them don't even grow into anything useful, coming short 1-3 points of doubling the 9 points weighed down Ashera even as their speed is capped in t3, while paladins have useless movement advantage over infantry since most of the maps after p2 are either indoors or terrain-heavy with some ledges they can't even hop on, effectively leaving them with less movement than infantry on most maps, while like I said Laguz don't suffer any movement penalty in my memory and infantry has better stats and caps than cavalry for almost the whole game, except in p2 since Geoffrey and Kieran have nice bases (nothing to be amazed of, but still nice to use) but sadly Geoffrey only likes a promotion to fix him in the short term since at the end of the day when you recruit the Queen's uncle he instantly surpasses Geoffrey with 0 investment on top of having much more charisma). I didn't like the facts that PoR Laguz lacked untransformed utility and the fact their good stats were hindered like thieves by the fact they had only 20 levels, 0 promotion bonuses to make up for it and weak weapons that never improved. I think of mix of PoR and RD could be really nice in terms of gameplay as well as actual fun using the units (even though I use Laguz in human form mostly to level them up, it's not funny to look at them with their several sub-20 stats in a game with >40 caps, especially in a game where every Laguz has bad growths while most Beorcs cap several useful stats like str/skl/def (Aran), str/spd/skl/lck (Mia?), str/skl/spd/def (Mia & Edward), and many other stat spreads, some being shitty (Astrid) while others are awesome, reliable and carry you through nearly the whole game (Haar)). If shifters have a level 20 cap, I expect them to have GBA Manakete level growths to make up for it.
  5. Healers actually get stats and can attack at 1-2 range on promotion (with highdamage most of the time) and they gain more exp the higher level of staves they use, meanwhile dancers mostly can't even fight, the few who can get obliterated by most decent ennemies in 1 hit, their avoid is garbage before long, they don't have decent 1-2 rage weapons (try using Azura with a bolt naginata to see how -20 avoid fares on her when she can't even do much damage, since her magic will be about the same as Oni chieftain Rinkah, minus fiery blood AND seal res...up to 10 damage lost, sure Azura should double more often once she gets out of her garbage base speed that doesn't double much for the next 8 levels if you powerlevel her, for most of the game if you don't). If IS made a refresh staff, I'd certainly use it. Dancers are just a waste of a slot for me, it's fine when they're free deployment, then I bench them and almost never fell the need to use them anymore, it's already hard to use decent combat/support units in some games, there's no way I would let a slot go to an unit that can barely fight, has to be protected while it can't even heal or provide anything else than 5 base movement refresh. If they had canto + 6/7 movement I'd probably use them. But they don't, so I don't either. That's what I liked in Echoes, clerics had a great variety of uses and each one had a different spell pool, making them effectively different from each other, one having rescue, the other warp, or summon. They could make a cleric/priest with dance/sing so it could counterattack (at least after promotion), heal and refresh. But I don't need an unit that can only refresh and has to be very far from enemy sight for the whole game. I would rather have t2/t3 Micaiah since she could at least spam long range heals and spells as long as she had uses for them, far from danger, and even in t1 she could OHKO several bosses thanks to her personal weapon, rendering her useful even in LTC (or not, but OHKOing the boss with an unit that needs minimal stats to not die in chapter 8 or 9 where you don't know where ennemies come from and you don't even have a goddamn torch in the whole chapter seems rather nice in order to raise her exp by good amounts in one fight). If you guys like your 5 movement 16 HP underlevelled dancer who can't take a single hit without dying, especially in games like No HP Emblem or Ultra High Damage Emblem (which sums up what Fates and Awakening are) and when you can even add the first one to the second with ennemies having 24 damage when your squishy units have 4-6 def and <20HP on top of the possibility that certain ennemies debuff your units' stats from 1-2 range, either with shurikens or with seals if you miss your finishing attack, which happens a lot especially when you desperately need this ennemy down now, then I don't say they're inherently bad, unusable or you shouldn't use them, just that I find them to be a hindrance and a serious waste of brain cells to use when I could use a juggernaut or someone who could help the juggernaut actively doing its' job without forcing weird shelter tactics requiring 3 units just to make 1 other unit move once more than usual refresh in order to clean more ennemies in a certain area (ennemies that could be killed using attack stance and opening the field to your bait unit that will place at the front after the area is clear to immediately draw the next wave, using as many units without any of them being in danger at any moment from a random miss, because they can actually take the counter or the ennemy phase coming after that miss). To each heir own. I never actively used a dancer past it's free deployment chapters for the reasons I've listed and because I don't think that a weakling has anything to do on a battlefield if they can never grow to fight the ennemy or directly save my units in 1 command whenever I want (which anyone with a staff or save+canto/shelter can do). I'd even bring a knight/general rather than a dancer: same promoted move, actual combat ability, can protect its' allies and in older games could save almost any unit without fearing the ennemy phase coming at them because they could facetank it and use a vulnerary if needed to be full HP the next turn.
  6. I understand your point, but for MU you can just take the choice as the start of the run, which I do nearly all the time since the first chapters are worthless and a big solo fest with little use, most of the time you're gonna do the same things anyway so why bother. For Felicia, well, her performance won't change at all from a normal playthrough, same availability, same classes, same combat...she is still a promoted class Nyx with a worse class set and base class (for no reclass) with a somewhat better stat spread and better availability. If you put a DLC class scroll on her she looses her unpromoted unit exp gains so it won't change either (at least not for the better). Include Mozu if you want, but she probably won't see much use anyway because her initial investment remains the same and she still has little combat except sniping pegasi when she doesn't get surrounded by doing so, which means she's gonna kill 2-3 max and I'm generous, since her lv 4-5 stats as an archer are about the same as Niles defensively with less HP but maybe more def and less weapon rank to use better bows and not be limited to pegasus hunting. In no reclass she shouldn't even be deployed in ch10 or she's dying in 1/2 hits from anything while dealing little damage. She's only usable from ch11 and then if you raised her with max exp per chapter she can hold her own, although her HP is barely better than Nyx before long and only promotion will sae her from being a vastly inferior Haitaka with 0 utility. If I had to rank her she would be C in this kind of run, because she can't hide behind a wall of units and no backpack means she relies on herself to double and damage things (and attack stance). Unless you put Corrin on her back I don't see the point of using her, in BR ennemies without hulking def can be fought with little strength but in CQ it's unforgiving to not ORKO/OHKO the ennemies you pick. Her presence won't change much but it will steal exp from Effie and Nyx, the former needing as much str/skl/def/res as she can get to stay alive and OHKO everything without support, the latter needing as much exp as possible to be able to not die instantly and have the time to deal her damage especially when she needs attack stance bonuses/heartseeker to even hit with anything not E rank.
  7. Ah, Elise is S of course, if only for Lili's poise making ch7 doable. Also you can pair my unit up, it's the only one who has to be paired all the time not to see any combat (well since you have only Effie and Elise in the first chapters, you can use meatshields to make the village rescue even possible, my Effie OHKOd all of the ennemies in ch8 with her ch7 lvl10 stats, MU vanguard PU C support with robust boon and HP/str/spd/def/res tonics, the fighters didn't even come after her when she reached lv 11 since they dealt 0 damage to her without even using Lily's poise, and the mages dealt very low damage + she had 32 damage at the beginning of the map...it's totally doable if 6 base res can do it so easily. Also, ch9 was a walk in the park, I had to unequip Effie for ennemies to come at her (especially the archers they seem to target even when they don't really deal damage, at least her HP didn't seem to get any lower so maybe she took 1 damage per hit), and she could OHKO the spear fighters with iron lance, by the end even with javelin if I remember well (I mostly used heartseeker Nyx with attack stance Effie to ORKO the ennemies when they weren't grouped anymore so Nyx could reach lv 11). With the key you gain from someone in the chapter I took the rescue staff that will probably be required later on. I let the bronze naginata rest in the chest since it's not even half as useful. If you use visit points, the guard naginata gives her even more res than MU +hp C support (+2) and little less def (-1) since supportive partner has to be counted in the def/res calculation. Not that she needs more def than what she gets from guard naginata anyway. I rarely use Azura past ch9, so I don't really see any difference. The major problem will be numbers and lack of pair up. For the question on the guys, well, if you need to PU in order to survive (or a meatshield) you can unequip them and use them for the free deployment chapter since they're here anyway, but it's better not to if possible. If my Effie could solo ch8 full of mages at level 10, then the only hard part ill be ch10 and only because you have to defend 4 'king defeat tiles (who the hell thought of it? it has never been more than 1 or 2 tiles to defend, or in RD Micaiah's defence chapter there was a wall only letting fliers pass it so you only had to snipe them and block the foot laguz to win the chapter by default, much better designed than CQ 10 from my POV). I've mostly seen dancers as dead weight for most of FE chapters in every FE I've played, since I don't LTC I can't protect them from being surrounded when too many ennemies gather, or I simply prefer using one more healer/damage unit than a refresher that gets OHKOd, can't heal, has 5 movement (so can't follow my army once they promote and I preferred to give the boots to my thieves in FE8 than to a unit I could not use because they would get killed as soon as they approach bolting/purge/deadly breath/longbow range or get picked by a Falcon/Wyvern lord/Paladin I couldn't block, but this was mostly in Awakening with same turn reinforcement). Like I already said, avoid the pair up as much as possible except Corrin who can't be benched and might as well be a useful backpack rather than dying or having to be protected like a real life politician. Pair up is too subjective (which unit gets which partner, which one gives birth to which unit etc.) so I refer to keep the units in their original form without an alteration most of the time (+ it forces you to think of uncommon tactics to get past certain points). Why I don't tier or use Felicia, Mozu and Azura: Felicia has early access to any t2 skill which makes her too good, and I think most of us who use her use her so often than trying to play without her brings something different, rather than just switching between Silas and Effie as your early game carry which is the concrete result of using Felicia, MU...Mozu has to use a second seal you're better off using on MU to let Nyx double (diviner/onmyoji PU makes her an effective killer with litte investment, which is the only reason for her existence). The hardest part will be to manage to give Selena some tonics (probably transported by Elise since she's the only one not fighting). Also giving MU to Nyx in Paralogue 1 allows them to build C support in order for Nyx to benefit from Corrin's personal skill in ch10, which gives her an effective 5 mag in diviner and 2 def (4 def with a tonic, bringing her to 8 def, 25 HP, so 33 effective health with def+HP tonics, which let her tank 1 axe hit, maybe 2 with the second def calculation 41 HP, it's quite valuable alongside +3+2 spd for a total of 16 speed from base or 18 in my case because Nyx levelled spd 2x in 2 lv ups). Mozu if you pick the no reclass restriction can't even kill the pegasi so she's better off benched anyway. I think I've explained everything you asked. If you have to use a meatshield for ch10 then go on, but I'm sure it's doable without it. And I'm playing on hard (lunatic is a big no for me, even the pre-choice chapters are hell). I play in beginner since I'm sick of resetting after 20 minutes but if you feel like you can do it in classic ironman, then why not, your challenge, your difficulty setting. As long as it isn't normal mode (which is like playing birthright between normal and hard since without steel shuriken debuff, the ennemies don't even attack Effie in ch10, Benny could as well be reclassed to fighter in that mode in order for him to draw any ennemy towards himself XD). I would really like hard mode and lunatic mode bonuses for playable units like in Awakening, FE6/7, maybe 11/12 and older games I don't really know. Xander would especially like more speed in hard and lunatic (and some res), Leo more mag/skl/spd/def, Keaton more def/res, Flora more HP/str/spd/def, Shura...is good as is...that's it I think, maybe Peri/Laslow could like more bases, Selena a bit more str/def/res and Beruka more spd/def since she's not supposed to tank magic, there's Camilla to make magic bounce on her tits as a Malig knight.
  8. Azura shouldn't be used, because she's usable in Birthright, I don't know if I made it clear when I talked about Felicia not being used for the same reason. Which of course means you can't refresh anyone ^^ 😈
  9. I edited my post but another bug made it uneditable before I could save it, so... S: Effie (only combat unit before chapter 10, decent bulk, Vanguard Corrin helps her being as tanky as she needs to be), Camilla A: Selena (decent availability, weapon ranks, bulk and speed, though strength is lacking, bows is a real godsent so I guess you should promote her to Bow knight for actual damage and anti-flyer unit), Beruka (flying is as much a boon as it is a bane because there are archers everywhere in this awful game, but she can actually tank a hit even if she starts underlevelled, no HP+5 strips her from her S tier potential), Peri (shelter, decent bases, good offensive growths, but lacking in bulk most of the time and accuracy a little shaky), Flora (only othe staff user, decent ranks, decent bulk, comes with live to serve and demoiselle, can learn tomebreaker, if reclass in the same class tree is allowed can learn rally res and inspiration before the game ends since staff botting gives quite some exp). B: Nyx (availability, enjoys diviner/onmyoji MU backpack once Effie can go solo, Nyx can become good but her start is quite hot garbage with less res than Peri with only 1 or 2 levels less, and 11 speed won't see her doubling before looooooooooooong except oni savages if she procs a few times + speed tonic, accuracy is really shaky is she shoots from 2 range, and 1 range is risky of course except vs archers). C : Charlotte. Kana tiers: S: none A: Effie!Kana (decent def and res, good str, decent speed, garbage everything else), Camilla (comes too late to be S but has the potential and probably the bases). B: Nyx/Elise!Kana (availability, good magic and decent res/spd) C : Charlotte/Selena/Beruka!Kana (availability, Charlotte too glass cannon and 0 magic, Beruka slow and bad offenses, Selena bad offenses, none of them give +2 starting stats at base I suppose but I don't know how much of a stat you need to give +1/+2 bonus in base stats so...let's hope this is at least doable in few level ups).
  10. I quite agree for once, as Nyx the legendary sorceror who supposedly hits like a truck and doubles everything starts with base stats that are very far from letting her double anything at all, as well as tanking much magic damage (should I recall that the dark mage on the bottom half of the map who you want dead by turn 2 or 3 has 18 damage + the dark mage bonus damage skill at 2 range letting him reach 20 damage, all that on chapter 8? 1 chapter before you even recruit Nyx with 11 speed and eight res at level 9, while ennemy spear fighters have more speed than her? and die in 2-3 hits from her while some of them come with seal def to make your tank a useless arrow target? If you could put Elise near your tank...but there are archers everywhere around the chapter 9 chokepoint so everyone not called Corrin, Effie or Silas just get One Punched by Saitamarchers with their 20+ damage and damned attack stance). Charlotte...she's salvageable I guess...but when she comes she would get one punched by most ennemies if she had less HP and it doesn't really save her since she get two shot anyway by about every unit on the map, the next map she can't be protected from the reinforcement spam of Kinshi knights and can't OHKO them either in return...I don't see her contributing much if at all before becoming severely underlevelled when she can be fielded and protected (in chapter 16 or even 17 since 15 is a stupid Corrin/Gunter fest where they force you to play Corrin even if you want him/her dead as soon as the game starts and if you dared not pumping exp/stat boosters into MU then this chapter will be near impossible unless he/she is a flyer and can skip the map entirely, welcome Camilla/Beruka marriage!). Personnally I had Corrin take a vanguard scroll for Effie to tank most of chap 7 with Elise behind her and Silas (backpack Felicia) to block the path to Elise since this map can't be chokepointed by only 1 unit, although Silas was disarmed after he helped put the bottom faceless rushing north get into OHKO range for Effie. This way Effie got the maximum possible amount of exp in this map while staying safe enough not to die (level 10 at the end of the chapter, 27 hp, 16 str, 11 skl, 7 spd, 13 lck, 16 def, 6 res, next chapter will be hardcore with hordes of mages...but I'm trying no reclass except Corrin, and Camilla will probably end up marrying Corrin because Kana needs her to have magic, strength and existing def stats/growths alltogether, maybe even the villager lv 1 skill to have actual growth rates since she has such garbage personal growths sadly, thanks to IS being biased from the beginning to the end of unit design). Effie levelled def just in time not to be killed by 1 damage after poison strike spamming BS (I also had to take an elixir from battle points so she would survive when she fell to 2 HP and Silas was going to die, I healed Silas with Elise and Effie with elixir. And regarding Charlotte as a backpack...I remind you that backpacks must be very restrained (only use if necessary, as in this unit dies if she isn't sheltered or if she doesn't get a backpack NOW). Healing items are gonna be the real deal, and I think it's impossible without some tonics. You have 1 healer for most of the game, and Effie for 2 chapters, then (lol)Nyx who can only benefit from Corrin support (the reason why I made him a diviner as his second class, +3 spd/mag is just too good to pass since Effie should be able to do what she has to do with all the exp from chap 7-8...if it's even possible to survive this). I guess Mozu's paralogue has to be allowed in order to make ch10 even possible, and maybe I could allow ballistician MU cannonning because otherwise it's quite close from impossible to deal with the 40 ennemies rushing in an Awakening level of stupidity and the really *insert gross word* pegasi rushing the defense point.
  11. Hi, I think it would be interesting to tier female units in Conquest for a females only run. The rules are the same as usual (not based on LTC, more on efficiency, the role they play, are they needed, strongly recommended, how they contribute to make the game easier), except here it's a little special: no servant (no Felicia abuse) and no Corrin (Corrin will be male and only be pair up bot in defensive pair up as soon as posible, when Effie arrives for example). Pair up should be reduced to the minimum (outside Corrin who has to hide on someone's back, the rest should be used as independent units most of the time. Attack stance is allowed since ennemies already abuse it to the point where it's purely disgusting with their seal def/steel shuriken attack stance shenanigans. Kana is the only allowed child and will be discussed as well in this list. Let's put 3 lists: 1 with reclassing/DLC classes authorized and the other where only the main class tree is allowed. MU can reclass freely since his usefulness entirely depends on the stats he gives to his partner. Kana will be the only one to be discussed in the 3rd list, and won't be tiered with other females since she depends on her mother and inheritance to be anything (though you must also specify if you reclass her or let her in her original class). Don't forget to specify Kana's recruitment time (since she will be different if you get her at a time you can kid seal her or during the beginning chapters). This would help players who go for such challenge to immediately identify good units, units they should train until a certain point before ditching them and units who they should avoid. Units who will be tiered: Camilla, Effie, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Nyx, Charlotte, Flora (Kana in the exclusive Kana tier list as stated above). Mozu is excluded since she appears in every route like the servants, Silas and Kaze and has been discussed thousands times already. Many units will be tiered very differently between reclass allowed tier list and no reclass I suppose. How I guess the tiers will look like: S- Necessary A- Very helpful B- Can be used since you've got room anyway C- Use it if you really want to, but it's like shooting yourself in the foot Let's go!
  12. That's interesting, don't hesitate to MP me if you manage to find a way to do it, I'm totally on with you (though like I wrote earlier I'm completely garbage at coding, since I never learnt it at all, I just use modding tools like Nightmare and FEBuilder). I would love to help you with gameplay, map design and story (well, at least discuss of it in a brainstorming way with anyone included in the project). I loved Tellius games in their way to make a large scale war, with political aspects and Fantasy aspects intricated, fused with each other. It could also be interesting to put in some 2020s problems (ecology? gender equalty? homophobia?) alongside some "racial" (we French don't name it race because humanity is a species, and skin colour doesn't define different races, only different results in the adaptation of the outer appearance to the climate conditions, like Africa has darker skins since the sun is hard while Scandinavian countries and Canada/Russia have white skins because they don't see the sun for long periods or their winter is so cold they don't go outside much etc., while you can say a race of monkeys is different from another, humans all share mostly the same properties except their traditions and climate tolerance). But anyway it's your game and you're the one to choose ^^
  13. Hi, Yesterday I began a Conquest run with BR cast. The first thing that I did (even before knowing my +skl Corrin with decent bases in +res -mag from The Choice would be massively speed screwed) was to marry Corrin to Jakob and make him a spear master. Well, Jakob with seal def AND speed trivializes the game so much I have to disarm him in order to let other units do something. He's lv 12 and so awesome even though he can't double shit, it's insane. I'm playing normal classic for once (not ready to step up in hard classic, and the classic mode is mostly to kill any nohrian I recruit in order to keep most of the Hoshidan cast since unit number is limited. I think in hard I'd have to place more carefully (even if Jakob has 14 spd and 15 def with Corrin backpack not even counting Corrin's personal skill making it 17, and 9 or 10 res becoming 11 or 12), but seriously def and speed seals are completely broken, and Jakob still hasn't learnt lancefaire + elbow room (or shelter). My myrmidon Takumi is really good although he's being outclassed defensively by...Setsuna, of all people XD. My Oboro hasn't gained one level without proccing speed which is quite rare (usually she doesn't level speed in 3 levels and ends up as slow as Silas), but she didn't gain a sngle point of def at level 14. Kagero hits like a truck but I use a +1 bronze dagger (the run is a bronze only run, without forges except the dagger since it has garbage MT forever and the ninja class has garbage strength), but in her 1st 2 level ups she didn't level speed at all, I hope for a good speed level up 12>13 with spd+res. Of all of them, Jakob is really the best thanks to the seal combo and benefitting from Corrin support bonuses+skill, I dropped Silas at lv 10 (13 str 12 speed 11 def, not enough to take a spot, and I already field ninja rinkah to pick locks when Kagero is fighting for exp), I play Hinoka (if it was hard mode she would 3RKO the ennemies...12 str at level 14 is really hard to salvage (thank you for making mages squishy in normal mode, in hard she wouldn't even 1RKO them with bronze/iron). So, now I think you guys should really try and adopt Jakob spear master, who renders defense perfectly useless and nerfs ninjas into oblivion (also samurai Takumi since he's faster than his archer self and has enough accuracy + bulk to hit things with WTD and live after taking 1 or 2 hits just like Hinata while having more strength than him). Tell me when you've tried it and seen the results if the awesomeness of spear master skills in CQ, where tanks aren't tanky anymore. You can reclass him to pally then for better res and movement.
  14. Currently I'm trying to hack transformation though I don't know if they'll work (I tried yesterday without transformation anim and the game crashed the moment I it launched, double click on the file and black screen forever). I don't have an anim for the transformation itself, only starting class and transformed class anims so it might end up crashing or not playing anim...we'll see. The concept here is: journeyman: swords/axes D, access fiendcleaver: transforms into an Elder Bael (spider) (+4 str, +4 def, +1 con, -2 res, -5 luck, negates crit, 11 MT 80 hit), effective against cavalry and demon king shadowkiller: transforms into a Gwillgy (cerberus) (-2 str, +4 skl, +4 spd, +10 lck, -1 con, +1 mov, 6 MT 90 hit, brave effect), effective against infantry and demon king recruit: lances/bows D, access bright lance: transforms into a dragonzombie (+5 def, +5 res, negates crit, 10 MT, 75 hit, negates defenses, 7 speed penalty from con), effective against dragons and demons (+Bael) and demon king beacon bow: transforms into a Maelduin (centaur) (+4 str, +5 skl, +5 luck, 9 MT 85 hit, bow), effective against armors and skeltons (since their sprites have armor and promoted melee skeltons have shields even on their map sprite) and demon king disciple: anima/dark D, access alcalibur: transforms into a gorgon (+4 spd, -2 def, +4 res, +5 luck, 9 MT 85 hit 15 crit, monster magic without attribute), effective against monsters (legendary weapon effectiveness). Edit: animations for my shapeshifters don't work (not even the normal weapon animations) but at least there's no crash. It's usable without animation. Maybe some day it will be possible to do it completely. Each class has 2 weapons/magic types, 2 monster weapons (1 for magic) and an unique effectiveness set (with differences in mov, weight/con, bonuses/penalties and power/hit rate/crit rate for magic and range, bow effective against armors is a first). Both physical classes share the same bases (30 HP, 4 in every stat, 0 magic, 11 con) and the magical class has a similar spread but is squishier (25 HP, 4 everywhere, 0 str, 9 con). I used a different locks in order to ensure no one can use someone else's weapon (based on class). They're unbreakable but cost 4k gold each. There are 2 journeymen and 2 recruits, only 1 disciple. The classes are prepromotes but with thief exp bonus they should level up quite fast and their bases are those of prepromotes with perfectly viable growths (fast ones cap skill and speed at 22/23 except the magic one who stays at 20 but his weapon gives 4 speed, and 24 speed double about everyhting in this game). Caps are 22 everywhere and 23 speed. Every foot unit has either shove or smite, and mounted units have canto. Manakete has 35 HP 4 everything as bases and is also a promoted class with thief exp bonus, dragonstone hits res but is nerfed, so are dragonzombie's blow (-5 def bonus) and Demonlight (-5 res bonus). If it crashes I'll simply do it without transformation with only the monster weapons so that I don't need to use them in human form, it would probably remove crashing from having too many animations and from any bug in the transformation patch (and also from not having a real transformation animation outside dragonzombie who transitions through Manakete's transformation animation into dragonzombie). Eirika is Celica undercover with "Micaiah done better" stat spread (more usable). I think it should easily replace anything Ephraim has over Eirika (Ephraim is more Ike-like with improved t2 caps to match RD's redemptor caps but with 20s instead of 30s), I'll polish it now and playtest it so I can put a link to the mod in my signature or whatever.
  15. Interesting, I don't know much about 3H since I don't have a Switch, there are certainly some good things in that game. But since I don't want to play Hogwarts while I like being able to customize my party, there's no way I'll buy a Switch to play that game. I prefer modding FE8 with or without skill systems with all the amazing patches available on FEBuilder (thanks to the team working on it, I'd like them to implement Laguz though, it's like in Awakening where you can play every Beorc unit, even a Manakete in Einherjar, but no Laguz at all...I just want to port shapeshifters on GBA games since I don't intend to buy a switch, which is sadly the only console that will get new games for a while, unless I find a promotion under 100 euros (about 90-95 $)). If you have ideas applicable to GBA FE then I'm all ears.
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