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  1. Hi, What team compositions do you use and why (easy-normal modes, not hard which is a different game)? For me it'd be: Act 1: a) Nolan+Fiona (BEXP+energy drop if needed, you have 4k BEXP when you get her anyway and no one else needs the energy drop since...), Zihark+Volug (1 level up of BEXP for str or def when I get him+dragonshield, now he shits on act 1 and goes through act 3 easily, if you can give him a 2nd BEXP level up for the one that didn't go up it's nuts but that would be at the start of p3 since Fiona needs the BEXP left from p1 after he takes 1 level up from it), Sothe (no dedicated support sorry). b) Aran+Edward (I save scum his level ups so that he gains def nearly every level up in early game, then he can tank 2 tiger hits in 1-3 and 2 steel axe/lance hits in 1-4 on top of ORKOing everything, now he's Aran with speed, I give Aran the first robe and Edward the 2nd one when he's in t2 if needed, otherwise I can save it for someone else like GMs or p2 people joining the GMs since GMs have very high HP across the board) (+3 def, +8 hit, +8 avo, Caladbolg +8 avo/crit avo, Aran can now get to 28 def in t2 instead of 25, which goes a long way to help him fulfill his role), Sothe/Fiona+Volug (choose which one you prefer, better affinity that needs early help or better earlygame that falls of a cliff in p3 and of the Himalaya in p4 and endgame). c) Jill, Nolan+whoever (say Leonardo for +2 atk/def), Zihark+Volug (still the same investment in Volug since he becomes twice better with the early help and tanks 5x better with +3/+5 def in halfshift, +4/+6 in full form, going from 13 to 16/18 def and from 18 to 22/24 is pretty...beastly), Sothe. Act 2: a) Haar, Brom (kinda forced anyway since Nephenee can't take 3 hits for all of p2)+Heather (water/fire helps both, more level ups for Heather means more strength to steal heavier things and more avoid not to die in the process, I've had her dodgetank 2-E in easy once, she barely got hit without any support and ended it in t3, OFC never happening in normal), Mordecai-whoever you can support him with (he'll get +1 atk/def just from his own affinity anyway, but Brom has to be his best option even though keeping them together isn't the best tactical choice since they fill the same role and if Mordecai is shifted ennemies will only attack Brom, rendering tiger useless), Lucia when she's around (if I can give her a miraculous level up and savescum it for actual stats she may even see use in p4...or not, but I like her, too sad she sucks so much availability-wise since everything is fixable with p3-4 BEXP fountain), Lethe if I'm in the mood to use her (rarely use her past p2 anyway, her sister actually grows some speed and energy drop is all she needs to get better than Lethe with the flourish scroll you get and her better availability in p3, also not dealing much damage actually helps her grind her claw rank, while OHKOing would hardly get it up for later, and she has actual res for a Laguz which is appreciable, also caps early enough to BEXP non spd/skl/res stats, or Ranulf is simply forced and better anyway, I would've loved for Lethe or Lyre to have innate 0 cost flourish, that would give them a real purpose other than filler #25). Kieran+Geoffrey. 1-turning 2-E. b) Brom+Heather, Mordecai+X, Lucia, Marcia+Danved (both can go up ledges in p3 CK chapter, which is more than any paladin can achieve, Kieran and Geoffrey can handle the middle houses fine at base), Haar (no extensive use this time since Marcia is gonna replace Nephenee later without even hurting GM exp pool or gold, better res cap, good enough str/spd, canto better than +2 str no canto shitty start). Not 1-turning 2E since now I want the dragonshield and nullify, and Danved and Marcia need CEXP more than BEXP and Laguz won't get any BEXP from 2-E anyway. Act 3: a) Gatrie, Shinon, Titania, anyone from GM I want to field, Mordecai, healers, Janaff/Ulki (or both if I have enough room), Heather when thief is needed. b) Rolf (with 3 str/spd level ups he starts doubling and dealing damage, then he reaches 23-24 speed and doubles everything but swordmasters, dealing more damage than Shinon against anything he doubles, just be sure he levels str+spd 3x in a row and everything will be fine since his strength will inevitably follow without any BEXP abuse), Mist+Brom, Heather for thief jobs, Mordecai + water/fire/thunder affinity partner (might be Lyre for thunder), Kyza, Lyre, Sigrun/Tanith, Ranulf (, Lethe). Ike is mandatory so I don't need to mention him. Helps a lot with cats' avoid with his earth affinity. Don't find Mia good enough to use her above easy, she doubles but her damage is craptastic before she reaches Vague Katti/Alondite anyway and ranged swords are both weak and inaccurate. Facing wyverns as soon as chapter 2 doesn't help her either (unless she can use a wyvernslayer, even then 17 str only goes so far and she still tinks on generals, meanwhile Zihark has earth affinity + easy BEXP abuse and faces Laguz, and Edward has more strength than both in t2 and 3 and has bonus def from support in case he doesn't dodge, neither Mia nor Edward have avo from affinity but Adward has more HP + Caldbolg bonus luck if needed, so he dodges better than her and he has easier access to earth affinity since he has 3 of the same movement range as soon as p1, Volug being too far to help him, also DB has more gold to spare in buying good weaponry than GM so Mia is doomed by lack of funds, vantage is crap if you can't OHKO and in RD it's not even guaranteed to proc like in Awakening/Fates when you're <50% HP, also early access to Paragon and resolve vs crap personal skill, no access to resolve 'til ch2 when things start getting easier, and Mia has competition with much better units than herself, while DB is all ests or mediocre prepromotes, what with Haar taking half of every map by himself for all the time he's around and cutting everyone else's exp because no one matches his mobility and stats before the hawks come to play, he's legit Ike on steroids flying on a dragon with an eyepatch and killing everything while sleeping, imagine if he was awake -_-). Act 4 is just the same as before but spreading your units depending on the maps you want them in (Marcia Haar or Tanith Haar can now get a support together for more avoid, not for Haar but for the seraph knight, going to Micaiah's army, I don't remember if Tanith can go there or if she's forced into GMs DB, same for Sigrun). Endgame is not even the game anymore, just throw all of your cheats together and ROLFstomp it since it' the least fun part of the game and completely unbalanced with speed caps and co, you have enough OP units by then not to care for who you raised.
  2. I'll only answer that since this discussion won't go anywhere because we both have our way to play and we don't share them. In POR, while Laguz were easier to use (sure, there was literally 0 management, yu just watch out for the gauge getting to 0 and then replenish, completely unskilled way to play, 0 satisfaction to make good plays, and no incentive to use them at all since even transformed their stats are garbage, Gatire with a few level ups has as much str/def as full form Mordecai and more speed), they were far from capping anything at all, they didn't have better weapons ever, like thieves for most of the game, at least Volke had a promotion and an S weapon, although I don't know if he can actually get his hands on it since S weapons seem to be absolutely not guaranteed to be acquired by the player in POR. Muarim seems average, good at first but really falling from a cliff when you go further, Mordecai's def was not even worth t2 Beorcs and honestly, the only things going for them was desert maps. If I had to compare Laguz in POR with anything, I'd compare them with prepromoted Ninetails without res (cats) and prepromoted Uhfedin with the Beastrune, both with +2 movement. Except Kaden and Keaton both have better growth rates than Lethe, Ranulf and Mordecai/Muarim and inherent class bonuses in t2, on top of better exp gain (but no BEXP), and they have E, C and B/A weapons with advantages and drawbacks, honestly beastrune is by far the best IMO (especially for Kaden who wants the def buff instead of debuff to get +6 def from beaststone). POR Laguz have none of it, just regular steel swords that never improve, stat caps inferior to the caps registered for their class in the class data (like caps around 30 when the registered data shows 34+ in the class caps, maybe Wikia is wrong on those numbers but it's weird). They don't even do anything better than Beorcs and flyers are stomping the game alongside cavalry anyway, which is not my preferred strategy (I think cavalry should have much lower stats to make up for movement and canto, and I think the caps in RD are just what they needed to be good for the wide maps but hurting you in the long run if you overused them). If at least Mordecai had more than his shitty 40% def growth, I'd really like to play him, but as it is they're just plain bland units with not much going for them. They were usable for 3-4 chapters...yes, if you wanted to gimp your actual competent units by cutting their exp to give it to units who won't do anything with that exp since they barely improve at all. Lethe doubles but seems to barely deal any damage before endgame hits, Mordecai is actually faster than his RD version who just inherited his POR base stats in a far more difficult game, without the double stats he'd clearly be trash in RD, and in POR he's a wall with decent damage, hardly doubling, overshadowed by Muarim in about everything but def for a long time, and in POR, Laguz have common t2 prepromote HP instead of +10 base HP compared with high HP t2 units. At least they can take a hit with their HP, and res is a problem for them in both games. At least nullify in early access for a few turns in 2-E instead of 1-turning it is a thing so they don't suffer from tripple damage fire. And movable skills in RD are a saving grace for everyone while in POR you had to choose your favs before assigning any skill to anyone. If IS wanted to make Laguz good in POR, they should have given them actual stats and weapons. If beaststone + and beastbane didn't exist in Awakening, Taguel would definitely be complete garbage, at least they have a little niche with that, not awesome but enough to keep them in that class if the players wants to. In POR Laguz have weaknesses but 0 strengths, except not being in the WT. When you have such bad weapons, the WT doesn't really matter anyway. They don't deal double weapon damage to beasts, dragons, flyers or whatever and they can't even damage Ashnard except maybe Ena/Nasir or some endgame Laguz who are allowed by Their Highness IS who decide who has the right to kill the final boss...TSS at least let you kill it with anyone even if legendary weapons were mandatory, at least it wasn't lord only can kill the boss. And POR's difficulty curve is...very badly handled? what with ennemies not having the strength to wield their weapons for half of the game and then suddenly gaining a burst of stats (especially bosses, early game bosses have good damage but that's all and Daein's generals have...pretty spectacular OP stats with weapons that you can't even dream to use like the Flame lance, well I didn't play up to that point so maybe you can make use of it, just never had a chance to myself). Sure RD has its own difficulty problems, but at least it doesn't have 65% of piss easy chapters in hard mode (looking at you earlygame and midgame POR where any unit in your camp with decent def/speed could double steel weapons ennemies for a very long time before they started to actually have enough stats to cut you on that...but with BEXP you could as well have a 20/10+ Marcia at that time and then it didn't matter anymore if they had 15 speed or 0, she would doubled everyone she could fight in the game). I'd prefer Wpn Wt - Con rather than 3-9 strength ennemies gimped by iron/steel weapons for 15 chapters. That's why TSS is harder than POR, ennemies are not slowed down by every weapon in the game except pegasi who suck anyway before promotion and that only Eirika, Marisa and magic classes fear (except Boulder). TL;DR: POR has bad ennemies, but even like that they didn't manage to make Laguz worth anything. RD has strong ennemies, weak human form Laguz, average halfshift and killer full forms with double stats making up for bad human stats. All have their good and bad points, but at least in RD they can counter and deal damage (at least tigers) in human form and with the bane skills they can even deal good damage (21 for crows just from weapon Mt, 30 from tigers, at A strike, 36 for crows and 45 for tigers at S, 51 for crows and 60 for tigers at SS rank, with 0 strength). Double stats are just a way to make them relevant with low growth rates (and Blossom helps a lot in case you want to cap several stats, they don't gain much exp anyway but at least they can get more stats up with blossom because everything rolls 2x for level up). 22 def in human form is about the same as Stefan at base. He has more spd sure, but he isn't available before endgame and the absolute end of p4. 22 def with 65+ HP isn't bad by any means, and when transformed it's: "hey, try dealing any damage to me!" Before you say I'm going out of topic with other game comparisons, if I talk about Taguel/Ninetails/Uhfedin, it's because they are all the equivalent of Laguz in game that executed them better in some ways, like having useful class skills and a niche like permanent beastbane, healing 40% MHP every 2nd turn and such that kept them from beng trash classes, that could have been made for Laguz to make them relevant and worth using in either game. Beastbane doesn't even get a bonus vs horses in RD, like WTF IS? Fix your game please until I can edit it far enough to changes skills, weapons etc.
  3. I'll try to keep it short this time. My point on the training vs no training: Base Mordecai's stats are like T3 Brom with way more HP and less speed, but a speedwings makes him as fast as speedwings Haar. Gatrie's spd cap is 1 point higher than Mordecai's speed with 1 speedwings, equal to Titania's or 1 point lower. Gatrie has 1 less movement than Mordecai in human form, 3 less than Mordecai in tiger form, and does fine at base when you need to turtle. If instead of feeding exp to Beorcs who already do fine but won't be a great help in endgame (Gatrie, Brom, Titania, Sothe, t2 Micaiah, Oscar if used, etc.) or who start like shit (Mia's base stats are all about speed, skill, her weapons deal little damage, she doesn't dodge well before getting an earth support, hell she even has unreliable dodge in easy mode without earth support, Elincia in p4, Nephenee, Fiona, Boyd who lacks base def or speed, choose one, Zihark who would really love a seraph robe although he's lv 3 promoted already and shouldn't have LESS HP than post-promotion Edward, although I agree after trying that resolve Zihark recks p1 with a Volug support ASAP and should snowball fast in p3 with this advantage under his belt) (talking of Volug with 25 HP I managed to put him under the ledge in 1-6-2 and he got away from a mage with 1 HP, so he's quite better at tanking fire magic than you'd expect, and that was without a pure water, with it he'd have 8 HP left and could have taken a physical hit on top, with resolve active he's more susceptible to dodge like 2 physical hits, meaning he could've taken 3 physical hits with 2 dodges and 1 through on top of the mage, which is 2 more than anyone else than Zihark or Tauroneo can pretend to do, and Zihark with resolve active dies from anything in 1 hit pretty much). So, if instead of raising not worthy units or units who need to take 15 levels of babying to get anywhere by themselves without dying in 3 hits (Neph, Mia who should even die in 2 at first and barely damages armors, Boyd who's a worse version or Danved with more strength/HP and less speed, so much less that he can get doubled at base, according to forumers and Boyd hates swordmasters more than human form Mordecai), I can make an unit that already has t3 stats when transformed into being more useful overall, whether or not he's transformed, halfshifted or in human form, then I'll go for the one who has t2 stats in half form and t3 stats in full form, permanent HP advantage over any Beorc ever, good enough luck to not be constantly facing crits from everything, and like you said, Nullify exists in this game, making his fire weakness disappear if you equip it on him, then he's just as resistant to magic as Haar but still has more HP than him to tank these hits and OHKOs mages for quite some time, probably forever when his strike goes to S rank. Since I can perfectly manage how I expose my units in this game because it doesn't have Awakening's map/level design and reinforcements moving on arrival, I can most of the time make it so Mordecai will face exactly the number of ennemies needed to transform freely on the next turn and obliterate everything while eating a concoction and an olivi grass on the 3rd turn to get 4 more fights out of this, 1 PP action, 3 EP, 1 olivi grass, 1 concoction, and every 1 range ennemy disappeared in a 18x18 size area from where he transformed to where he lands hen he untransforms. If he is low I can revert, grass and retransform, as long as he has 7 transformation gauge he can retransform on the next turn, I don't see how it can be considered hard to use. Since Shinon has provoke, I can even do some funny things to draw the ranged ennemies on Shinon and the melee ones on Mordy so they both counter, Mordy gets his gauge to full and then I wipe the floor with the ennemies' organs while Mordecai goes 9 tiles further and slaughters everything without taking a single point of damage from any non Warrior/General/Sage unit. After all, I could let 14 def 11 speed 32 HP Nolan solo tank all of the ennemies in 1-4 while Volug was away, came back just to kill 1 myrmidon who was dangerous for Nolan and Micaiah/Laura and went back away to continue his 9 move slaughter even after eating 2 arrows and a fire magic on top of a few javelins (if that's bad in your book...then there is only 1 good unit in p1 that returns for more than 1 map in p3, and that's Tauroneo, who ends ups nearly identical to Nolan when he comes back and had no time to build any support if you didn't go out of your way to do it in 1-6). Risk management is part of the game. Since I know how to manage the risk when exposing Laguz, because I failed at first, learnt and now I remember how I did it and can reproduce it at will (when it's possible, not in chapters where there are massive groups of ennemies waiting just a few tiles from the starting point...is there even any chapters like that in p3 GM's maps? Not that I recall...or nothing that Ike Titania Shinon Haar and Gatrie can't dispose of on t1 before setting up Mordecai for t2 or t3). And if it's not Shinon who uses Provoke, then it's Gatrie. If you make up some plan, there's no such thing as impossible, everythiing can be planned and done. Maybe it's easier to not use Mordecai for you, maybe it's easier to have a 3 turns impenetrable wall that tears through everything for me, and since we both know how we play around the weaknesses of our units, we both do it well enough to not suffer from it. If no 2 range was that bad, Mia would be in low tier, if DB was so in need for 2 range in p3, then Zihark would be mid tier at best, but these units are all in high tier and have shitty 2 range, suicidal personal skill (adept can kill Zihark if it opens him to more ennemies than he can chomp) or simply useless personal skill (how is Mia doing anything useful with how vantage is shit in RD is beyond me, she can't kill anything in 1 hit but mages, and she'd probably need more than a wind edge even for a sage on top of lowest accuracy attainable on a ranged weapon, they should've made decent/good magic swords instead of shitty physical ones). Also, shove exists, I can shove Mist or Rhys to be in healing range of Mordy when the area is cleared. All this Mordecai can do it without a single level up, while Gatrie needs 2 level ups (lol if you use a speedwings on Gatrie who has 60% spd growth) to double or Titania who needs 1, Ike who has enough speed to double everything but swordmasters, Soren/Boyd who go from not doubling to...not doubling and Shinon/Mia who double everything at base and have shitty weapons (bows don't get any better in p3 than they were in p2, Shinon has low strength, barely exceeding 20 while he's closer to t3 than from t1). With a speedwings on Mordecai and 2 speed level ups on Haar and Gatrie, you have 3 units who barely take damage and double almost everything and 1RKO everything they double or close to everything, I think Gatrie has axes too so he can hammer generals whenever you get your hands on one, Haar doesn't really need it because he promotes early enough to start 1RKOing generals during p3 with regular axes/poleaxes (and he has enough skl to use poleaxes unlike most units). By using Mordecai, you get an easier time playing the game, by not using him you get a harder time facing ubber wyverns and such. You said you could use WTA to not get hit by axes. Well, when you barely have any supports built, any +3 luck +2 speed gained from levelling up and the ennemy has 30+ hit and 3-6 crit chance on your swordie, even on Ike, it's really not something I want to try out. Mordecai could take the axe hit, even 5 of them or 3 crits and he would not be low. 3x5=15, 3x15=45. Haar has 46 HP and 30% growth, what deals 5 on base transformed Mordy deals 9 on 20/1 Haar, who has less luck than Mordecai and thus less avoid and and crit avoid. 9x3=27, 50 HP-27 damage=23 HP, Haar dies in 2 crits even after capped def + promo. Mordecai can take 3 crits and have 12 HP left from the same ennemy. Even if he reverts, by then the ennemy is long dead without much effort. With 2 def level ups, Mordecai would take 1 damage per hit from the same ennemy. He takes less BEXP to level up than t3 Haar and gets twice the bonus to his stats, it's like feeding 2 level ups to Brom, since Mordecai has stats resembling Brom's more than anyone else, but you have a 9 move t3 Brom for several turns, a 7 move unt to play around for 1-2 turns before getting back your t3 monster. Back to the topic, if Laguz had similar transformation bonuses than in POR, they'd be much better if their transformed stats remained untouched, so their human and half forms would have insane stats. Or if they had like 3 gauge per turn, 1-2 per fight down and 10 gauge per turn up, 15 per fight when in human form, they'd be exactly what they're meant to be, with halfshift they'd be cut on doubling against fast Beorcs (Mordecai would be cut on doubling anything) but remain meatshields with good attack and good movement type and in human form they could use their combat gauge up much safer, while not reverting so fast and chomping half less olivi grass (seriously Laguz should be called Hobbit Fighters, they abuse herbs).
  4. So your POV is that because Mordecai doesn't counter at 2 range and fears fire, his 16-32 def, 57 BHP, 16 Blck, 18 Bspd (22 with spdwings like Haar and Titania only has 1 more) with a cap of 30 (enough to double all of p4 before he even caps it and due to his high def he can cap speed, only he'll start taking very low damage in human form before capping his speed, and even then it doesn't matter when he destroyed one part of a map while Haar was on the other, this without caring for taking damage for 9 fights and 1 turn, 8 fights and 2 turns, etc without an olivi grass, add 5 fights per olivi grass while in tiger form, that's basically 1.5 turn from eating grass only once and he doesn't have to get healed afterwards). With 16 speed (which he has in human from with resolve and 1 speedwings), he tanks as well as Tarvos Nolan, that's in human form. Since he can get to full gauge in 2 fights while doing that, either he is already in resolve range and kills everything or he can eat an herb and draw one more ennemy to put him in resolve range (or a vulnerary, depending on how much HP will be lost). There's a whole strategical point in using Laguz, and the payback is that you have t3 Beorcs with little investment long before your team actually reaches t3 (like 5 chapters earlier than most, only Titania and Haar can get to t3 early enough and Titania is useless for most of Ranulf's recruitment chapter with ledges everywhere, she's unusable in the swamp chapter where you recruit Janaff and Ulki, she's slowed down in several other maps with terrain, hell, p3 is the most open maps-filled part in all of RD yet nearly half of it constantly throws terrain to nerf cavalry). Where Titania is unusable, Mordecai moves unrestricted, unless tigers have normal movement restrictions from grass (I only remember for sure they move freely in the sand, so you can send him to Micaiah's last chapter and Mordecai will chomp mages who can't defend themselves, like Volug does, like Nailah does, hell if you can't use a Laguz in the only FE with so much anti-cavalry map design, then you should restrict to easier games, Beorcs are scrubs except S and borderline S units, and Jill isn't part of them in my book, sure she repays well...after you basically broke the DB's legs and arms just to baby her out of her trash tier start and garbage growth rates, she's Nolan done worse with shitty avilability, absent from the only map she would've been useful in in p1 and she doesn't even surpass the master before she's like 20/20/15, which means she's shit for 26 levels before becoming average t3 unitand finally getting to a state state...but then the game is already over when she does that, if Jill is S tier then so is Edward who has 7 chapters of availability over her, a pref weapon with near SS rank damage and +8 avo/crit avo, Nolan would then be SSS tier and Volug would be SSSSS tier because he's Nolan but with 9 move through any not liquid terrain and infinite weapon uses with auto silver upgrade at 60 uses and auto SS weapon upgrade at 130 uses, so before the tower if you continue playing him as much as in p1 for p3 and early p4, which means he gets his SS weapon maybe before you even recruit Stefan and instantly crushes Trueblade damage without caring for weapon durability ever, and he also crushes trueblade durability before long). With how much exp you feed your Berocs with to get them to t3 for them to equal Laguz base stats midway through t3, you could have used with Laguz in a smart way, given them just the amount of exp they need through BEXP (flourish if you use it ensures your Laguz gain decent stats each chapter, get to 99 through BEXP, go to chapter, level up, wow that was so hard to cap a Laguz in 15 levels in most important stats, meanwhile Haar still gets his part of CEXP and Titania still has her share of use, Ike still gets enough exp to fight BK, no one was hurt but instead of using trash units that take 20+ levels to start doing anything meaningful by themselves, I used units that could do much with no investement and invested just enough into them so they got what they needed to be more than Jaegens, saying Laguz are bad is like saying giving a heart seal/parnter seal to Jakob in Fates results in a crappy unit that does little to help and ends up bested by other units, maybe in endgame other beat him but in the meantime he got armored blow and tanked like no one on PP to soften high stats ubber ennemies for the others to get the kill, hell he may even OHKO most of the map since GK Jakob has ridiculous attack, not even counting bought skills, in BR he can legit one shoot everything for half of the game with the exception of ubber ennemies that he leaves low enough to kill them with scrubs, and with that he has enough def to be better at tanking than Silas at least, on top of access to tomebreaker for anitmage high attack high def combination, if he gets wyvern just solo the game with him since no one else in required, take malig skills revert to great knight to not die in 2 arrows and game over, well Jakob doesn't need 2 range to do that, neither do Laguz to stomp not S tier Beorcs for the rest of the game, since with 1 stat booster most of them just have better combat than t3 lv 1-8 not S tier units and Laguz have something Jokob doesn't have: they can get skills from other units in the game and give their skills to others, chaging their skills for what's most useful before each chapter, meanwhile Jakob needs to acquire the skills by himself). I'd even say it's better to use Muarim when you get him back than to raise a Beorc to do the same thing a little better with 20000+ exp investment that Haar/Titania/Ike/Shinon could have shared instead. If you fear that Laguz taking BEXP cuts you from the exp the game throws at you, then why do you even use more than 4 units per map? Well, simple answer: because this game's hard and you need to fill the holes. Laguz are very good filler units that need no training to be serviceable and with much less training than Beorcs who fill the same role they can do much better and have better movement. You seem to forget that Laguz don't take -2 movement just for being in an inside map while mounted Beorcs suddenly have the same movement as foot soldiers and are not spectacular in the tower, where you get something crazy like 6 laguz gems during the whole battle each and enough filler units to carry the tower without having trained anyone for the whole game (except Ike so he doesn't and can kill Ashera). Every 3rd tier unit discussion is useless when Bastian Micaiah and Elincia are the only healers you'll ever need, Volke is the only dagger user you need to use in combat and Stefan is good enough not to need to train any shitty swordmaster (on top of having awesome Laguz outfit resembling Caineghis'), Janaff and Ulki are the only non royal non t3 Beorc units you need since almost every other slot is already filled and Rafiel with celerity is good without ever requiring to transform, 7 movement 4 units refresh every turn you can set it up, using laguz stones/gems on a heron is heresy when Rafiel just does all of the 4 unit refresh with 0 investment and celerity puts him at 7 movement to keep up with your army since only royal Laguz can be 9 move away on turn 1 before he refreshes them, if map density allows it. Now you have to choose between all the prepromote/ready to use units they shoehorn at you for all of p4 and endgame. The only parts where unit performance matters are p1-2-3, and in these parts the only Beorcs better than Laguz or who can do something Laguz can't are Shinon, Haar and Titania, Ike only by the end of p3 when he receives Ragnell. Every other Beorc is subpar and thus only subpar filler (Nolan being the best subpar filler unit who has a very continuous activity, filling the same role for all of the DB chapters until he finally doubles but not long enough for it to start to matter when as soon as p4 he stops doubling again and goes back to unimpressive meatbag). CK don't share more than 1 chapter with Laguz before the very end of p3 and that's if you don't 1-turn 2-E, otherwise CK never share any map with Laguz before the end of p3 where they barely improved from p2 except if you moved paragon and overlevelled 1 or 2 units in the one map they can use it...not very likely since when they rejoin Ike's army they're in the same situation than the DB in p4. And Mordecai/Janaff/Ulki swipe the floor with CK all day long as much if not more than with non Ike Titania Shinon GM and Haar.
  5. PS: Sorry, I was wrong about 1 part, I thought resolve also gave x1.5 str, it appears it doesn't in RD while it did in POR and the FEBuilder version comes from POR, not RD, thus my confusion about the skill giving half more strength when it doesn't. Still good enough to carry Volug though, since he ties with Zihark in offense with A strike and Zihark has lower offense with silver swords than Volug with S strike, not counting my personal +2/3/4 strength given by the energy ring I automatically feed Volug to ensure he doesn't get countered by mages. Which brings Volug to 13/19/26 strength, 2 points more attack with 1 booster than Zihark's t2 str cap that he reaches after several BEXP levels after he caps his skl/spd. Even in half form, 19 str isn't bad when your Mt is 9 in p1 and 14 in p3. Swordmasters don't have access to Vague Katti for nearly all of act 4 and when it becomes available, it still has 1 range. Alondite is available for 3 maps in the tower AFTER you beat the last map with Beorcs, just in time for dragons (half of them have 1 range IIRC) and auras. I'm not even sure swordmasters can double auras without white pool (don't they have 37 speed?)
  6. Well, about DB exp, you have a choice of giving the boss kills from 1-5 onward to Sothe, Volug or Tauroneo. Sothe is trash in p3 no matter what you do, Tauroneo doesn't gain much from the 1 or 2 boss kills he can get in p1 since he doesn't even level up once and Volug has highchance of getting speed from most level ups, if he gets 2 or 3 speed level ups he's nuts, and everything else on top of hp/spd/luck is insanely beneficial. +1 strength for example can be the difference between taking a counter from a mage or OHKOing it as soon as 1-E (or sooner if Volug got strength magically with BEXP, still 25% not 0, if my 45% speed Leonardo could gain 6 speed level ups in 6 levels then Volug sure can get 1 25% str level up with some luck). You know who else is great in DB? Nolan, who hates early BEXP unless it just gets him from somewhere to 92% exp bar because he suffers enough from high level with low level base stats not to cut him down on 2 potential stat gains per level. Nolan has less movement than Volug, is your meatshield that has to safeguard your cat food team and his only support realistically happening without taking 50 turns per map is Leonardo or Edward, Leonardo helping far more than Eddie because Nolan still lacks in offense. Jill comes near the end of p1 with base stats that I would've liked on Meg 2 chapters earlier but instead she's usable from 1-6 only for 4 maps, in one of which she can barely fight anything (1-6-2 either cheesed with Tauroneo on turn 2 or massively carried by Volug who is the only candidate for taking care of the top side of the map without dying in 2 attacks, and a pure water is highly recommended in his inventory). If Volug has gotten a dragonshield he can attack once or twice more on PP because he's not fearing death, if not then you'll have to keep him healing whenever needed. Jill on the other hand is really dying in 2 hits from whatever attacks her, has shit tier accuracy for half the maps she's in during the whole game (yay even Nolan beats her in that department while his skill is already inferior to Aran's), she's weighed down by every non iron axe (hammer gives her like -7 speed, ending up with 8 speed from base 15 and she can't hit to save her life, sometimes she doesn't even OHKO with hammer due to her complete trash strength even if you give her the energy drop). Jill has about the same growth rates as Meg, you know, the joke unit? Somehow people think Jill is incredible although she literally needs every ressource in the DB + all the CEXP and BEXP to even do anything more than ORKOing pegasi in 1-6 with a hand axe, and that's in normal mode, I don't even imagine how bad she can be in hard where early game ennemies have Awakening lunatic level bullshit stats from what I've seen the only time I've dared try it. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/69426809 This epic tale is so true it's funny, basically how everyone in the DB chapters try to do anything and while they try to do something they realize Volug has already beaten the chapter. By the way, Volug can use celerity, pass or paragon without needing a promo item or any level up. If he gains 20-28 exp from a boss normally, double it with Paragon and add double exp from everything else, and now Volug effectively has 3 chapters where he gains some exp (well say 2 since 1-8 is literally Tormod and Vika doing everything worth mentionning until Sothe and Zihark arrive from their stupid starting point through 100 bushes around the damn swamp and reck the boss peninsula) or he simply has to take celerity and go even further from 1-8 and pass for 1-E that helps him slaughter the ledge ennemies and open a path for whoever wants to get there, while Nailah opens the stairs, and they both take care of the thieves so you have all your time to make it to the chests with Sothe. Any ressource spent in Volug helps ease the DB chapters and since he has good base parametters and good options to get even better. Put Resolve on him to watch insanity since Volug under half HP still has as much HP as base Jill full HP, if you look at things from further you can realize that what you thought was really misinformed and making you look less smart than I think you are, with resolve active, Volug has 24 str, 27 skl and 29 spd at base, which should be enough to solo 1-E, even better, if you were to give him a seraph robe, he'd have 28 HP when entering madness mode, which is 4 more than Jill's base HP when she's full, or 3 less than she'd have with a seraph robe, still completely dominating her in all offensive stats until she's in t3 since she doesn't have high enough skl/spd caps to ever reach 27/29 in t2, and 24 str is what she'd have very late in t2 mostly after BEXP abusing once she has reached her spd/res caps. Now for p3, with resolve and 2 hp/speed/luck level ups, he has 51 HP, 16 str, 18 skl, 22 spd, 15 lck, with the skill activated he has 24 str, 27 skl and 33 spd. Zihark gets completely ROFLstomped even if all his offensive stats are capped (24 str is his cap, 30 skill is still a bit higher than 27 but nothing worth noting when his weapons have 10-20 less accuracy than a fang, he caps speed at 30, his luck growth isn't very high), and if Volug gets B double earth support on top he has 66+15+30=101 avoid, 111 on a thicket, that in half form. In full form, it's 45 speed> 90+15+30=135 avoid, 145 on a thicket. Now tell me anyone in DB has anything worth noting over Volug, who doubles every non Naesala royal with 2 speed level ups and resolve active, and if he is given an energy drop his strength is 26>39, suddenly he stomps every Beorc's str in t3 except capped Boyd since Nolan hardly caps strength in a playthrough where you don't spend 80 turns per map + save scumming level ups unless he's heavily RNG strength blessed. With these stats, tell me again that Volug doesn't have dibs on the DB ressources to push his offensive stats, that he never reaches SS strike and that he isn't lategame material when he still has 3 speed points to gain to reach his cap of 18/36 which means 27 speed in human form with resolve, 27>40 in wildheart and 36>54 in full form, with 26>39 str with 2 strength points from base or 19>28 in wildheart, which is equal to Ulki's full form strength. If you gave Ulki and Volug Resolve, they would not counter at 2 range but they would obliterate late game even with wildheart and they would have better offensive parametters than non resolve royals, Volug equaling Giffca in effectiveness and Ulki beating them both with vigilance ensuring he is untouchable (36 base speed>54 with resolve, 40 cap>60, with how high his luck is, that's 164-165 avoid at capped speed with base luck and no support). Give them red pool when you can and you'll see how nuts that is. This requires setup? the whole game requires setup, and Laguz have exactly what they need to set it up since you can put them just in resolve range on 1st EP and reck the map from there. Meanwhile Jill is still at 31 hp, 13 str, 12 skl, 15 spd, 15 def, 3 res, even at 20/1 (after 6 painfull level ups and all your non speedwings stat boosters) she has 36 hp, 17 str, 15 skl, 19-20 spd, 17 lck, 19 def and 7 res, she's still 10 hp lower than base Haar, 7 str lower, 7 or so skl lower, about equal in spd, maybe superior in luck, 5 def lower and has about equal res with him. If she can use resolve, then she has =<18 HP left, 25 str, 22 skl, 27-30 spd. She still inferior to base Haar in every defensive parametter and has to fall to 18 hp to just match his base attack, speed means little when he ORKOs everything with a brave axe or a killer axe crit, glad Boyd gives him exactly that, a killer axe, or you could get him the brave axe given by Kieran in p2. Haar with resolve is a thing too, but he has less HP than Volug, 3x less HP growth and caps HP at 50-60 while Volug caps at 70, meaning Haar's left with <25 HP for all t2 and =<30 by endgame. Sorry for the wall of text, I just developped what I was just realizing on how insane Volug is and thus how completely nuts Ulki is. They might not have 2 range, but except Haar/Titania, no one can do what they can better than them and their raw HP value ensures they're safe when they do it. Not even speaking of mastery skills since they're overkill by this point, with 24 base skill in full form, 36 with resolve, Volug would already activate it more than once in a while, and Ulki with 34>51 would activate it very often. Still unusable against lategame bosses so I don't mention them.
  7. Thanks, I was beginning the reading of the massive Vincent ASM hacking notes posts, but I may keep it for later, when I've already used a bit of HxD and been used to the program. How do you use the Rebuild and Extract files? I opened them in HxD, it only opened new tabs but didn't change anything about the Data.cms.decompressed file and there is no "Read me".
  8. I DLed HxD, loaded RD clean disc in HxD, but now all I get is a massive number of code lines with nothing understandable except the game title. If you have tips, they are very welcome (the text looks like it's random, nothing forms a single word, like a series of letters and symbols instead of proper words, so I can't understand what it means).
  9. How? I only found the class and the growth modules for Nightmare, nothing about item and map placement/level or gauge. Is it even with Nightmare? I'd sure like to be able to make Nolan a prepromote with actual base stats (since his bases are barely better than Meg's level 3 bases while he's already level 9), like a Tauroneo lite, without letting him grow out of control because of growths + promo gains. Having actual base res would also be quite cool, because having a high growth in a stat very low with a low cap as well isn't the best use of an unit that desperately needs something else, but giving him 10 res in t1 would be overkill...same for other units, if Jill was already in t2 with stats worth something, she could effectively be as good as Haar, but she isn't because although she's t1 while her companions are t2 (even though she had more time to fight and more move to get to the fight than the others in POR so she should already be as high level as Tauroneo with no doubt) and even for a t1 her bases are godawful, not even able to wield any axe over iron without loosing AS. I'd also like if Titania was a t3 unit at join with early promoted stats, it would make her a real oifey that falls off in lategame but carries the GMs in their very hard first maps where they basically copy/paste DB performance in p1 but with ennemies who can crit (ch 2 boss is really scary, 37 attack 18 spd, good HP/def, tomahawk and good crit rate, on top of leadership stars for insane accuracy...) I've made a second patch better than the previous one, going to edit if I am allowed to because I couldn't bare the mediocrity of DB anymore so I gave them base worthy of GMs (well I thought I gave Jill awesome bonuses but even with how many bonus stats I gave her I still find she sucks, seriously she should have been a pegasus knight with those growths, like, all DB units but Aran should be pegasi, none of them focus on str/def/hp but all on spd/res and some on luck, some on skill...for a group that faces 80% physical ennemies in p1 and 95% of physical ennemies in p3 their statspread is garbage and Volug has great bases in OG but lacks def growth to be really good in p3 and later, although dragonshield helps, but in my mod Volug is SSS tier for real, like he can dodge a meteor shot from 2 ledges higher than he is and even if he takes it it only deals 20-30 damage before pure water). Dawn Brigade should be renamed the footsoldier pegasus brigade, Nolan ate a seraph robe before the game starts but he's like overlevelled pegasus with level 5 base stats lol, Edward beats him in every non hp/str/def/res stat for all of p1 and actually becomes stronger if you use him, Nolan only has the advantage of base HP and Tarvos, otherwise he'd be even worse than Edward. Aso earth affinity on a fighter for whatever reason, an affinity that would've been much smarter to give to Edward while Nolan could've appreciated water, double water with Leo for 3 atk/def + tarvos would have benefitted him far more than earth since dodge tanking ennemies and hitting them with near constant +15 hit/avo on their side and nothing for the player army...isn't the most reliable, especially when you cap speed when the part you're the most useful in is already finished. He doesn't even have good luck to dodge effectively (same problem as Zihark, Edward with his luck and Caladbolg would really have been the best earth affinity user alongside Volug's automatic 13-28 luck with his 90% growth) and honestly, wouldn't everyone like a Nolan with +7 def when Tarvos is equipped? +3 def for p1? I bet this would give the DawnBrigade exactly what they want and need, instead of everyone having paper defense and the jaegen not even having capped t1 def when in full form...the ennemies have 25 damage in ch5 FFS, and no one has even 15 def by then, nor do they have enough hp to up for that, even the seraph robe doesn't suddenly give them hulking bulk since their defense is still subpar.
  10. she doesn't promote earlier, but she actually caps HP mag res quite fast, so you can BEXP her spd/def if you want. She has >100% growth in HP/mag and res.
  11. Hi, Like I wrote in the last Laguz topic I've opened, I've worked on a Laguz rebalance patch with nightmare modules (can only mod class and unit stats/growths). Every non royal Laguz in this mod has the same stats in human form he/she would have in halfshift, since halfshift is so rare and I can't edit unit skills or their items/level. This means they have nearly their full form stats in halfshift and they have more in full form. Basically, they're close to capping several stats in full form while some of these stats are overcapped in human form (mostly speed). Human form has higher caps, especially in speed and defenses to follow the stats expected in halfshift. Link to the Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nyth7hd8ba0m4h/FE10Data.cms.decompressed.compressed?dl=0 DL wiiscrubber, lauch the program, select a Radiant Dawn game file (keep a backup), part 1 (there are part 0 and part 1), Data, Data.cms, right click, replace, wait until wiiscrubber confirms the patch has been applied, close, play on Dolphin. By class: Tigers have 32 max speed in full form, don't remember the value in human form but it's higher than 16 (probably between 17 and 20). Cats have higher def/res, 4 def lead for males, 4 res lead for females. Probably gave them higher max speed in human form, unchanged in full form. higher def/res caps in human form. Wolves are the middle ground between cats and tigers, 36 or 38 max speed, 38 max str, better max stats in human form. got Volug in p1 he's bonkers with nearly his full form bases in halfshift. I'll keep wildheart on him for p3 I think so he doesn't become too hax. Still outdoing any DB unit before long. Ravens are like cats, the nine tails of the skies (with canto on top), bumped thair human form move from 6 to 7 because they were the only non dragons to have 6 movemet in human form and 8 in Laguz form. Better caps both in full form and human form (34 strength in full form, Vika will be usable). Hawks are like wolves, the middle ground between tigers and ravens. Basically you'll never need to use them in full form before the tower. Why give that to Laguz? Since their only tool to fight all the time is halfshift and it's locked to DB and late GMs, I gave them their wildheart stats in human form. You'll be able to experience what a laguz would be if it had wildheart from the get go and then they won't need any level up to be tower-worthy, 24 base def Mordecai in human form with 13 speed, 48 def (overcapped) and 26 speed in full form, 21 base str = 42 in full form. Royal Laguz without formshift. Wildheart is their formshift. Actually except a few things (like tiger speed vs lions), they have better stats than the royals at some point. I buffed Nailah because of her availability (+1 base speed and +1 or 2 base strength, +1 base def), and Naesala because he's inferior to all other royals on top of having S strike instead of SS. I nerfed Tibarn (-1 movement because why did he have the highest in the game? lower speed I think, lower strength maybe). I also modified a few things on Beorcs. Meg and Fiona have t3 stats very different from other classes of the same tree (since Fiona has 50 max HP, I bumped her def/res over 30, while Meg has more speed, more res and less def than generals). Generals all have the same caps, better than what they used to (40 def instead of 36-38, 32 or 33 speed instead of 30-31 for Brom, etc), Paladins also have better stat caps in t2 and 3 (basically paladin caps from gba in t2 with 24/20 def/res instead of 25/25, 1 less in offensive stats in t3 than in t2, 25/26/24 in t2, 34/35/33 in t3). Jill's t2 and 3 caps are modified (she far closer to Haar instead of being a completely different class, she's a female wyvern lord instead of female wyvern knight basically), better bases so you don't have to dump 3 stat boosters on her just to make her slightly better than "barely usable" and then you can give stat boosters to whoever you want. Astrid basically gained +2-+3 in every base stat, +5% speed growth. Rolf got +2 in almost every base stat. Gatrie got better stats but not incredibly more. Shinon has less def I think, more attack (since he's an archer, not a knight, and he faces many ennemies he can't kill without a crit in the first maps). Titania has different caps so she will not be the same. Falcons all have been buffed, their caps adapted, and Seraph knights are better than female sentinel (not higher caps but high enough where it matters unlike OG and more balanced, better offense). Sigrun is usable, Marcia too, Tanith is good. Nephenee was buffed in a non gamebreaking manner: +2 base speed (doesn't change her damage, only she can double more what she should already double if her weapon wasn't 3 Wt too heavy for her) and better hp/def (she has -6 or -8 hp compared with class base in OG, why even put class base stats for 1 unit and put negative numbers in unit base stats? Just like Mist and Volke). Brom has better bases, especially skl (since he needs some in order to disarm). Heather can actually steal heavy stuff (19 strength instead of 15, don't worry she's still using knives so she won't become better than Nephenee long term but she could be better short term). Swordies and thieves have better strength caps, Zihark has less shitty bulk, Mia has bases more fitting to her base level, Lucia is more usable in p4 and more Jaegen in p2, Aran has slightly better bases, Meg has instantly usable bases and has better stats than Nolan with 5 less levels than him (promoted her at 15 and she was better than Nolan 20/1). CKs are overall more worthy of investment, Makalov is about on par with Kieran and Geoffrey, Danved has slightly better bases and 5% more growths to stay relevant. No one should die in 1 hit in their recruitment chapter I hope, at least not one hit from mooks, including Rhys and Mist, and Laura. Micaiah is actually funny to use, don't get tricked by her bases, her growths are worth it (twisted Myrrh's growth rates a little), magic classes stat caps are more GBA-level good (not as much insane def as in GBA games but the rest is approximately on par). Ilyana is biffy mage (not ultra biffy but more able to take a hit than any non-Micaiah mage), Soren is faster at base (he can hope to double some day), Beautiful lady fire sage is good, Tromod got like +4 everywhere to make up for shitty availability. Bastian is more usable, basically 0 investment for a t3 Soren. Tauroneo is bulkier at base. Nolan has good base speed and 10 base def. etc. I don't spoil everything, basically everyone's usable. Have fun!
  12. Hi, I've started an Awakening PT yesterday and could barely stop from playing to the point I've beaten Yen'Fay this morning while having started an hour before dinner. My rules are: Normal mode (beginner because I don't want to reset the maps), NO MOUNTS, NO PAIR UP except if you need the movement to get to an ennemy and kill it whether or not your unit is paired up (just as if the unit had moved and been danced would play in GBA Emblem), no same chapter master seal for same GBA promotion item (hero crest, knight crest, ocean seal, sage ring, archer arrows, elysian whip), which I flexed a little during the Valm Arc when I had Gregor and 10/10 mercenary Cordelia promoted (I considered my FEMU Echidna the bolt axe hero to be a prepromote I had left her lv 10-10 mercenary until after ch10 and promoted her just before chapter 11 but since she was only allowed to use bronze axes she couldn't fight Gangrel, used an arms scroll at C axes to get to B in order to bolt things). I used a third hero crest on 10/10 myrmidon Lucina just before chapter 16 (Fort Babirussa). I use a full roster; NO PARALOGUES at all, NO ENCOUNTERS, but Anna's shops are allowed, NO MAGIC TILES this one I broke 3x but only because I had no choice and didn't use the item I got from it, sold it for a miserable amount, another time I got 20 exp and the last one I don't even remember but it didn't give me an item. My team: strategist Echidna (+spd -def) up to ch3, reclass at 10 mercenary, used until ch8 when she reached lv 10; Chrom who lagged behind for quite a lot of time at level 13 until he gained 5 levels in ch12 and 14 to get to 18 and I sealed him right before Mila's Tree where he didn't fight at all; Virion who lagged behind until Valm arc started and his killer bow allowed him to gain 8 levels in 2 or 3 chapters, promoted right before Babirussa (he got shit level ups until 13 then 6 good ones, 18 str 19 speed at sniper 19/1). Lon'Qu was a great help but got left behind since Sai'Ri is basically to him what Conquest Xander is to Conquest Silas, there's no point is using Lon'Qu when Sai'ri's stats are equal or better everywhere but in def (she lost by 1 in def to 18/1 Lon'Qu while she won by 6 in HP and 2 in res, 2 in speed, lost by 1 in strength and didn't require me to give any exp/promo item to get there) and I had Lucina as a 2nd swordmaster; Gaius was promoted at level 12 into assassin for passage before reaching the 2nd final boss map of Valm (currently lv 12, 3 more levels to go and only 1 massively hard chapter to do it), he's decent with 21 str, 33 skl and 27 spd and B swords/bows, I used a forged max Mt bronze bow until C rank (8 Mt). Cordelia got good halfway through mercenary when her def got to 13 (around level 5), got strength like a crazy girl (27 str at 10/10/5 hero) and has enough speed to double all mooks and nearly enough for the bosses, she kills Valm arc heroes in 1 round with iron swords...they have 42 HP, 19 spd and over 10 def... Nowi is my mixed tank as she is most of the time, not amazing offensively but she's a Mordecai with good res after 10 level ups without gauge management. Gregor was promoted at level 19 at 16 speed for 19 speed before the boat map, he a tank more than anything else; Olivia was used until she hit level 7 and decent speed/luck since she's Lucina's mother (luck +4 helps with ennemy crits and all other options were either mounted or inappropriate since Lucina didn't want a magic mom, and Echidna doesn't marry a lord AFAIK), Henry is too funny not to use him, without pair up he's much worse since he relies on his HP, def and skill to do anything with trash tier speed and average magic at best, but he's funny, I just regret IS being so lazy, Ruin doesn't even have a proper magic animation, GIVE ME BACK GBA MAGIC ANIMATIONS INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS! or at least the Radiant Dawn animations, much faster than GBA ones but less impressive. Hell, Levin swords are literally the user lifting an arm and the lighting coming from nowhere...please 2013 was a falling down from the animations that were made more than 10 years ago...especially with Ragnell, Alodite, wind sword and tempest blade having real magic sword animations... I digress. My healers were Lissa promoted level 12 into a sage with forged wind to OHKO wyverns in 10 and 11 (it works, also she had 11 def at 12/1 sage wtf but only 13 spd), now level 18 or 19, and Mirabelle (yes I know it's Maribelle but I like fruits) who got 10/mage 10/sage and is now level 10. Maribelle literally has the highest attack in my whole team before even unlocking tomefaire, but I mostly use her for support (14 range staves FTW). Miriel got ditched around chapter 8 and Ricken around chapter 9-10. I've recruited everyone in the main story and they didn't die in their recruitment chapter. Panne has been very useful from ch7 to ch15, then I used her less due to ennemy def and HP taking a huge boost and their damage taking 10 points of boost in 3 chapters. Waiting for the beaststone+ to help her, she's level 22 with good stats (high hp good str high skl/spd good luck 16+1 def and same res as everyone else not named Cordelia, Nowi, Echidna, Lissa or Maribelle who all range bewteen 10 and 17 res). As for difficulty, well, with the self imposed challenge, I find normal to be the most balanced difficulty. Ennemies aren't overly fast and tanky as they are in hard and lunatic, the big roster means I can't get too overlevelled unlike lowmanning, hell I feel like playing Radiant Dawn easy mode, where sometimes is easy, sometimes it's not (especially when I gave 50% of the exp of every chapter past the prologue to FEMU, she actually solod the prologue). The hardest chapters were 8 (stupid desert movement restriction with swarms of mixed attackers), where Gregor nearly died, 11 where Gangrel has incredibly high stats even in normal mode, none of my units could double him even at 22 speed! He even doubled half of my units...well, I sacrificed Gregor, but the guy was like Rambo, he dodged an 83% hit from Gangrel on the 2nd attack, was left with 2 HP or something like that, next turn he one shot a wyvern on PP with wyverslayer and on EP he dodged the other wyvern coming at him and killed him on counter, GREGOR IS FCKING RAMBO! My Nowi with Lissa's Barrier took from 0 to 2 damage from the mages and Lissa and Panne ganged up the sage before he could do anything. Chapter 12 was easy, chapter 13 was like WTF warriors have 35 attack and snipers 28! Lissa sniped the great bow archers and she sniped the snipers who tried to snipe her but were sniped instead by her sniper sniping skills, Henry did a good chunk of the bottom side fighting, while the promoted units and Panne did all they could to secure the kills on the strong ennemies and Echidna trained up to C rank in axes by soloing the top-left side with a concoction. Chapter 15 was far easier than expected, with less reinforcements and no spawn moving reinforcements I could prepare for them and feed Gaius and Virion a good chunk of the flier kills. Chapter 17 was hard due to mixed offense and mixed defense on the ennemy team, my silver/killer/levin sword Say'ri with 1 magic power gained 3 levels and Gaius boss abused because I really really really want him to get passage before chapter 20. Chapter 17 boss has 34-35 attack with 24 speed, 13 def, sits on a throne and her valkyrie res is no joke. Chapter 18 made me get Gaius from North-West to East with the last rescue use I had, which allowed me to open the rescue chest (I didn't even know it was a rescue staff), which I transferred to Panne, who then gave it to Mirabelle in the middle, opened the South-Eastern chest with Gaius before rescuing to the Western one, then opening the energy drop chest before being able to open the Nrth-Western one without it falling in the lava, that was the hardest part since ennemies could be chokepointed except the beastkiller/bow vulnerable griffons who didn't make me cry at all, most fail class of all times, 0 reason to go there except the lv 5 skill...oh wait, I can't use mounts and pair up, no reason to ever use this class. Yen'Fay was so busted, none of my units could tank and kill him, either he doubled them or he could crit them and they had garbage hit rates. That's where my lv 3 sniper Virion got the most broken niche ever, he killed him with 95% hit with the great bow dropped in chapter 13 while Yen'Fay couldn't do anything, I'm glad he doesn't move and is a swordmaster, with hero defenses it would've been hard. Yen'Fay in normal mode has 28 or 29 spd, 35 or so attack, very high avoid (Henry of all people had less than 80% hit on him with C rank thunder magic although he had 23 skl and both sorcerer skills putting the boss down by 25 avoid). If you fight this boss in a full roster balanced exp no pair up run, don't expect everyone surviving without a cheese strategy, Yen'Fay outstats everyone at this point due to Amatsu dealing physical damage with 5% bonus crit and he has vantage even in normal mode to fck you up. Waiting with impatience to see what I'll need to bring into play for chapters 19 and 20, 19 being the stupidest of stupid map designs, open plain with tons of promoted cavalry reinforcements from all sides of the map, them benefitting from fort bonuses when they spawn while you benefit from being surrounded from all directions all the time by 30-ish damage mixed offense paladins, great knights and dark knights. And the boss is quite hard to deal with If I remember well, he's not that fast but not that slow either for a great knight special class and he tanks well, has high damage and ignores effective weaponry... I hope Maribelle, Lissa and Henry can deal with him (Henry's 61 crit rate with ruin is so funny...when it crits, I bought a ruin tome from Anna's shop before breaking the one he comes with and I used Nosferatu to help my healers who already needed 3 turns to heal everyone). Tip for newcomers to no pair up full roster balanced exp Awakening runs: buy healing items. Lots of them. If you have money, buy more healing items. This game with this playstyle is as rude on you as Radiant Dawn, promoted ennemies take a massive boost to their offense and defense and silver weapons really hurt. Without grinding for def, your units with 40 -50 HP still die in 3 hits from physical attackers and 2 from magical attackers. For real. In normal mode. Pair up is THAT broken, letting you bypass this level of offense is completely crazy. Don't start me on hard mode, I abadon ship long before the final chapters of the Valm arc in hard no pair up full roster, because everyone dies in 2 hits from everything or else gets surrounded by the hordes of ennemies and killed inevitably. I find the hardest chapters in normal Awakening no pair up no lowmanning are nearly as hard as Radiant Dawn normal mode. Especially if the only spotpass items you can buy are magic swords and axes and magic axes require fcking B-rank to even use them. Chapter 12 paladins have 15 def, that's 6 more than bow knights, and they hit hard. Raise and use Nowi, there's no better advice I can give to the mixed attackers issue on a plain without chokepoints when paladins and dark knights all have 35-ish attack and dark knights can attack from 2 range, rendering turtle formation useless. Buy pure waters on ch17 shop, 5 res isn't bad when there are so many magical threats and most of your units have <10 res, literally anyone wielding magic is a threat lol. Forge if you need more offense, forges last for a while (hell 20 ruin uses last me 5 chapters and I didn't forge it at all). Use Virion. He looks like a shitty unit, but when you face 1-2 range ennemies with high speed you can't double and high damage and crit (Yen'Fay typically), longbow is the best way to deal with them. Killer bows also OHKO falcons with little strength level ups from Viron until chapter 15, then silver bow OHKOs them, probably even with base Virion since they have 39 base Mt on anything with wings. Panne is very useful, free horsekiller with 18 Mt, 3 more than rapier, just by reaching level 15, which is easy (the ch10 boss isn't very dangerous and gives her good exp after being poked, and she can get her 2nd beaststone from him, I like killing him with her, she doesn't care for his dialog because he's a human and she wants to take her beaststone so hard that she kills for it). Prepromotes help, Frederick didn't help me because he was forbidden but he would have been helpful until midgame with that sweet def, but his speed getting high early on can result in him stealing kills which is annoying, and he still gets doubled by Gangrel no matter what. Hammers are also very common in ennemy hands and beastkillers exist. And magic. High damage magic. That's it, most fun I've had in a while by playing Awakening (even funnier than the last time I did something similar with that but with mounts allowed, this was 1 or 2 years ago, posted about it in the same section). If you want to share your experience, if you like that or not, etc, let a com so other people interested in Awakening challenges can read it and find something less boring to do than galeforce/nostank Emblem!
  13. Laguz stones are useful if Laguz need to see immediate action. If they can wait until transformation or chomp one olivi grass and wait 2 turns, so they are transforming on turn 3, then they can reck shit as soon as turn 3. Between a Beorc who will be killed by a boss crit and a Laguz that will kill or simply deal 30-50% of the boss' HP without taking meaningful damage (11-33 is 23-60-ish % of Haar's HP pool just in 1 boss hit, sure Mordecai isn't available yet which I had forgotten but Haar can be 2HKOd by 3-2 boss while Mordy would be 4HKOd by the same boss, and later bosses have even more attack so the highest def/HP the better). (((Seth has 19-21 speed at best at level 20 (21 is massive RNG blessing and 45% has more chance of being RNG screwed than blessed). I think the heroes in chapter 17 have 18 speed, if not then the swordmasters and heroes in chapter 19 certainly do have 18 to 21 speed. If one of them has 21 speed, even capped Seth can't double them, thus he can't kill them in 1 rund and can also take a silver sword swordmaster crit (silver sword has like 13 damage, swordmasters have around 13-14 strength at least, which brings them to deal 26-27 damage minimum to Seth, -19 or 21 def =7-8 non crit, 5-6 if dragonshielded, or 21-24 on crit, 15-18 if dragonshielded). Seth can't do everything and if he only gets critted once and takes too many ennemies on the same turn (which can happen easily in ch19 due to ****ing FoW and massive ennemy density with reinforcements, and great knights who hit Seth deal at least 10 no crit damage to him, more probably 12-15). Seth is also vulnerable to beastkillers, halberds and zambato, there are like 3 zambato in Eirika's campaign from the beginning to the end, at least 2 halberds and 1 or 2 beastkillers, meaning Seth risks being gangbang killed up to 7x in the game just from effective weaponry, well make it 6 because in ch6 he probably won't die from it but without an elixir he can die if he doesn't heal before the boss who has like 11-12 damage on him with semi-reliable accuracy). Seth's caps limit him even if he gets all the legit stat boosters and in Seth Emblem he misses half of them because he doesn't loose turns and buy keys to open chests to find a +2 strength or +2 def item, which means he's also missing his only average caps by a few points. 14 res is not reliable when everything and its mother in endgame hits with 30-ish damage and 105+ accuracy, remember Seth's avoid is far from great with 37 base and an average of 55 avoid without boosters means he'll still take 40-ish accuracy ennemies, Lyon deals 50 to 55 damage, which means with a pure water and a talisman, Seth with S lances takes 50-13-7-2=28 damage, if his HP is lower than 57 he dies in 2 hits from Lyon and that's not counting stone and the minimum of 5 gorgons around Lyon who can add up damage, even if they don't move 2 of them can attack Seth wherever he is around the boss. With Audumla he only gains 5 res and still dies in 2 Lyon hits without 1 or 2 seraph robes. Seth isn't anything special, he's good but overrated as Seth Emblem is far from being optimal with the number of times he can die, and that's if he doesn't rescue Eirika. If he rescues her, his avoid drops to 26, which kills him. Lyon also has insane hit rate, Seth barely has 10% chance to dodge with his average speed. 17 luck isn't exactly safe either considering crit weapons and classes and it severaly gimps his avoid to not have 20-25 luck (which whould give him +3-8 avoid). Sorry for the long text, but I wanted to do this in only 1 paragraph because it's not on the topic itself.))) Volug is the unit who sees the highest number of fights alongside Nolan in DB, if he can't get to SS strike, Nolan can't get to SS axes. Nolan needs to level up 12-14 x and be promoted to reach Volug's base speed in half form. Volug has 1 more damage than base Nolan with steel axe and doubles every non-1-E boss ennemy at base with this damage, 0 investment, the only ennemies he doesn't kill in 1 round are generals and the boss of 1-E, maybe one or two ubber knights but if his strike rank already upgraded to S which he can do before the end of p1 since he's not wasting turns but saving them by being played the same way as Seth. What 2 range ennemies are you talking about? Laguz? randoms that ally units will dispose of? more Laguz? Volug's p3 is free because most of what he fights IS 1 range-locked. Zihark is also 1-range semi-locked, since wind adge is the literal worst 1-2 range weapon in the game and Zihark has nearly 20 HP less than Volug with no bonus to his underwhelming def (even Nolan tanks better without Tarvos than Zihark). If he doesn't face 0% chance to be hit, then he can be killed in 2 hits anytime in p3. Hint: Micaiah has less leadership stars than random bosses for all the game since she never gains any, correct me if I'm wrong. Meaning ennemies gain free hit and avoid bonuses while Zihark doesn't. Bosses and some randoms also benefit from chapter affinity bonuses for more bullshit hit and avoid. Base Volug also has 3 more speed than base Zihark in full form and 16 base def with 22 base strength, implying 31 attack. If I can transform him just in time to intercept the 1st or 2nd Laguz wave in p3 ch6, then no one has as much bulk + offense than he does. I try to expose him to 2 ennemies in a turtle formation while I try to expose Beorcs to only 1 ennemy each otherwise they become cat food. Nolan's stats reach base Volug's full form by level 20/14-20. Volug can also gain stats on level up and BEXP in best used on units who aren't guaranteed a 3 stat level up with chapter exp. Laguz aren't guaranteed a 3 stat level up with chapter exp, thus they benefit far more from BEXP than Beorcs with decent growths. Most DB units don't even cap anything in a plausible number of level ups so they don't want worse level ups, thus Volug benefits far more from a BEXP level up. Yesterday I killed the CH5 boss with Volug. Believe me or not, in normal mode, he gained around 25 experience from that shitty low level mage. If Seth can level up by boss killing only, so can Volug. You mention Beorcs superiority a lot, but what you forget is that your Laguz are your best world enders. They have a few turns of insane combat. If you don't want to use an ultimate weapon for 2-3 turns just because it has to load beforehand and it has a cooldown, then don't. I will, because a weapon that will be 3x less likely to die than Beorcs while having much better combat when loaded is exactly what armies have been looking for at all times. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with weapons that took years to develop, but this ended the war in 3 days. 1st day bomb, 2.5 waiting for a peace treaty that didn't come, 3rd day re-bomb, 2 days later the Japanese surrendered. good Laguz are nuclear bombs, they are not in ultimate mode all the time like you don't throw a nuclear bomb in every battle otherwise we would all be dead or not even born, but when a nuclear bomb if thrown, the battle is won. Throw you Laguz at the boss in kill the boss maps and there's no unit who will kill it faster and safer than them. Mordy is slow, but 1 speedwings and 1 speed level up (again you can reset as many times as you want without penalty in the preparations and get 1 speed point on him, with speedwings it brings him to 12 spd which equals 24 in tiger form, 24 doubles everything that Titania doubles at level 20 since she has the same spd as her cap) bring him in absolute double territory for most of p3 and if his strength is too low he can also get an energy drop. I don't care about giving ressources to an unit who uses them to be good and ease me some tight fights. if said unit is tankier than Haar at the same time when it's in ultimate mode, then I take it with open arms. Most of the time my stat boosters end up rotting in the supply for 80% of the game, might as well use them. Volug reverts only if he's out of Olivi grass or if you kept Wildheart on him and manually revert+transform+attack or use healing item on PP. Yes, if you used Laguz you'd know that you can revert, transform back and use an action on the same turn, the only thing they can't do is moving after reverting or transforming, that would require canto (birds can though). Which means that transformed Volug is a more reliable and better overall unit than anything you can play in DB. If you fear him untransforming, just keep wildheart on him and give him 2 speed level ups at least so he reaches 22 which should double a tigers and maybe low level cats, or 3 speed level ups and he doubles nearly all ennemies in 3-6 except high end cats. with as much as a dragonshield, his def reaches 16 in half form, 22 in full form. If he can die, so could Tauroneo. Tauroneo is far from dying in one turn with inferior stats to base Volug in full form, thus Volug is far from dying in 1 turn (Volug at base in full form has 11 HP over Tauroneo and only 3 points less in def, becoming 1 more by eating a dragoshield for general level defense). If you want a comparison, base Volug with a dragonshield and S trike is about equal to base Gatrie with +6 speed, which would solo all of part 3 avoiding mages or engaging them to not take counter damage. If that's bad for you, then Beorcs are trash can fodder since they can't do what Base Volug does before Nolan caps his t2 speed and before anyone else is around 20/20. Volug with 3 BEXP +HP +lck +spd level ups reaches 24 speed in hakf form, 32 in full form. With white pool that's enough to double Asehra and I think it's also enough to double Lehran/Sephiran, but not the auras. With SS strike and base strength he has 41 attack on top of 32 speed. with an energy drop he has 40 attack with S strike or 45 with SS strike. That's 4 less than capped strength Alondite t3 swordies, and with S strike and red pool he has 45 attack with an energy drop. Now tell me that Laguz are shit, but no Beorc under t3 can do what Volug can with just 3 speed level ups and 1 stat booster. Volug is lv 15 at base. He levels up in like 1300-1800 BEXP for the next 3 levels. You have far enough BEXP to give him 4500 BEXP and that's with 0 CEXP. Since he still gains CEXP for strike rank and since he gains 25-ish exp from the first boss kill, not counting any of the following bosses who should be higher level than him, he gets enough exp to level up 4 times easily without battling a single time in human form, just from some boss kills and BEXP. You can easily have 3000 BEXP in one chapter post-Daein trio's recruitment. If you don't use Meg, Fiona, Aran and Edward and have enough with Nolan, Sothe, Jill and Volug, then your BEXP can go mostly to Volug since others won't need it to level up and some 500-700 BEXP will be enough to put them to 91 exp most of the time. None of them benefit as much from BEXP as Volug, all of them gain more CEXP than him, and boss kills benefit Volug more than them if he isn't in level up range since he gains the most exp from it compared with mook kills (10-25 exp per kill on Beorcs, 1-2 on Volug most of the time, the boss gives him 10-25x more exp than the mooks, the others barely gain 3-5x more from bosskills than from mooks). If Sothe can level up, Volug can, the only advantage Sothe has is 10 exp per steal, but Sothe has 2 less movement than Volug and has several chapters running towards chests where he can't fight half the time and in 1-E he can die in 3 hits on top of having 5 chests to loot/thieves to loot them from. Better, Volug and Sothe mostly don't compete for experience since thief utility gives Sothe half the exp he gains in p1 and they part to each side of the map most of the time.
  14. I'll try not to be an asshole. Volug can level 3x in p1 from bexp alone. His highest grwoths are HP 95%, luck 90% and spd 40%. Which means more often than not he'll get from 49 hp 13 spd 13 lck to 52 hp, 16 spd and 16 luck. That means 5 hp recovery per turn from renewal, a potion's worth every 4th turn without costing an action,that also means no ennemy will ever double him in Micaiah's chapters, that means 24 speed in wildheart form and 32 speed in full form, that's more than Ranulf and that's at level 18, he still has 22 level ups in front of him to cap his stats. Knowing he caps speed at 18, 5 speed level ups are the most he can get, and since he has 3.25 stats per level up on average you don't loose much by levelling him with BEXP. 18 speed cap means he has 27 speed in wildheart when it's capped (so between level 20 and 22 if skill or strength get a level up instead), with 27 speed he has 1 more than Nolan at capped speed, 2 more than Jill, and Nolan has 49 hp on average at 20/20, which is Volug's base HP in p1. Level 22 (7 BEXP levels, not only gained by BEXP but the level up is BEXPd to ensure he levels up 3 stats), he has 56 HP. Now if you use him wisely in full form he has 18 def at base and 56 HP on average (95% growth is more than enough to ensure he'll follow the average), on top of doubling every ennemy he'll ever face even in half form before p4, he can easily reach S in p1 epilogue if you just play naturally, and since he's the most durable permanent DB member for every chapter he's in until half p4 (unless you transfer people from other armies to Micaiah's group, which is highly ineffective if they're not fliers since desert raises a middlefinger to foot soldiers but Volug has free movement there), he's more often than not on the frontline soaking hits and softening or killing ennemies while levelling his strike rank. He's the only Laguz who can reach SS strike without going out of your way to do it and even increase your team's efficiency by doing so. Wildheart, again, lets you revert and transform back to 30 gauge every turn, no matter how low your gauge was before reverting. You can also put it off for one chapter if you need his full stats and put it back on later if you need him to be transformed the whole chapter, since it's not a free skill even for him (so sad BTW, he should have it equipped for free due to plot making wolf form cannon for him and human form unnatural, he barely speaks common language). This means his transformation cost is a flat 0, he doesn't even need any olivi grass if you use him with Wildheart on. It's up to you to choose between paying potions and concoctions or olivi grass, if you want to rush by killing fast but having few turns to end the chapter or if you prefer taking your time and being 100% safe on transformation gauge management. In half form he's just a better Zihark for 75% of their shared availability, who can actually follow or even let Jill behind, so Jill has someone to support, otherwise no cavalry army has no one to constantly provide support bonuses to Jill and thus she's much less dominant because supports are OP for LTC and such. So most players will play Volug, one way or the other. No t2 unit is better than Volug except mybe Haar with a speedwings (Titania tanks much less hits than Volug due to having a massive HP disadvantage at plausible levels, and if Volug is in full form she doesn't even compare, and if you wisely gave a dragonshield to Volug to raise his def by 3-4 then he simply leaves everyone but Gatrie and Haar in the dust, and Gatrie has low movement and a low speed cap hindering his wonderful base and growth). You talk of range, which we have already debated multiple times in other topics. If Nolan has 1-2 range but doesn't kill, be it at 1 or 2 range, then Nolan's combat isn't better than Volug's who has 1 range only but will kill most non tiger ennemies in 1 round with S fang and Volug will take less % HP than Nolan until Nolan is over level 20/10 with Tarvos (or oer level 14 without it). If instead of levelling up Nolan this much although his base stats are barely higher than Meg's despite being 6 levels higher (of course he has better HP, it's his only saving grace and his class' asset, without it he would be worse than Edward), you levelled up Aran with a seraph robe, you would have a clone of Tarvos Nolan with a little less speed (it's not like Nolan doubles much anyway despite having 60% growth in speed), but who doesn't rely on Tarvos to tank, his own defense being what allows him to frontline. "Yeah but 33 spd cap" yeah but speed tide = 38 speed and Micaiah's group is not the group I want to bring in the tower because they have a 10 level deficit compared with GMs and even CKs end up higher level at the beginning of p4 despite their awful availability (actually counting the fact that 1 of Micaiah's chapters has ally units doing 80% of the fight, there isn't much availability difference between CKs and DB and CKs start with so much more base level and stats compared with DB it's not even funny, like Kieran has as much speed at base as lv 20/5 Nolan, as much strength as 20/8 Nolan and as much def as 20/20 Nolan and the only areas Nolan beats him in in t2 are HP because 45 cap paladin, skl/spd where Kieran has enough to double often and has access to brave axe whenever he wants from the 1st chapter you can use him in, and luck, even Nolan's awesome res doesn't surpass Kieran's since Kieran starts with 11, has 13 on average at /20 and has a higher cap than Nolan). So, the only real good units who need investment for p3 but give a good payback are Jill and Aran, Volug needs no investment but any of it (especially in def) helps him be even better and maybe to not need to remove wildheart to stay relevant and Nolan without the goal of going to Endgame can be promoted as soon as his bulk and speed allow him to not be ORKOd in p3. Any further investment in Nolan without the goal of bringing him to endgame is a waste of experience and ressources since he doesn't beat Aran in any significant way before long and one rounding ennemies in p3 DB can actually lead the unit one rounding to die a horrible death unless it's Volug who has enough raw bulk + earth affinity to take 2-3 ennemies per turn with a concoction or elixir. Leonardo is the best user of beastkiller anyway with Lughnasadh and crossbow/arbalest or whatever it's named since he doesn't take any risk by killing an ennemy and can snipe kill at base level with crossbow. So we have 3 awesome non royals Laguz who don't need any training to be good and enjoy being trained or stat boosted since it lets them outperform most units available at the same time for a long time before Beorcs reach t3 and finally outclass Laguz in some stats, after taking so much exp your Laguz would have transformed into a tool of slaughter, give Ulki, Janaff, Volug and Mordecai as much exp you'd have given to Titania (who can't double endgame bosses if Aran can't since they have the same speed cap), Oscar, Soren, Gatrie, Nephenee, Jill, Nolan, and the Laguz will stomp the game with good movement (with less restrictions than Beorcs), huge stats, massive stat gains from stat boosters (Mordecai with a speedwings has instant 22 speed in full form, that's 1 more than Titania, he also has 21 hp and 16 def over her, but he needs a precious 200 gold olivi grass and a few hits from ennemy units who won't kill him that easily to begin with, to have those awesome stats! yes, if you manage to position him optimally and have a good formation, Mordecai could probably transorm on turn 2 and solo the part of the map where Haar isn't, hell he'd end the chapter before Haar could hope to do so because he doesn't need to be careful of ennemy range at all when he's transformed, but it costs some olivi grass, if you end the chapter in 3 turns instead of 4 because you have a better unit then you saved yourself the pain of having to plan anything past Mordecai's transformation, just know how many hits he can take before reverting to avoid doing a mistake (like suiciding in human form vs the hack stats of 3-2 boss wyvern lord). Laguz stones also exist for a reason, to use when you need an instant transformation and use only when needed (if you can play the beginning without Mordecai and transform him and end the chapter in 2 turns after he transformed, then you played wisely and saved Laguz stones for later, I guess you could get him either celerity or pass so he can begin the slaughter immediately after transformation and fast pass you to the next chapter). Also Mordecai doesn't loose stats on level up, Volug doesn't loose stats on level up. Laguz aren't magically weaker the further you go into the game. When a beorc can reach 44 defense in 6 defense level ups with def being their 3rd highest growth rate, thus being very likely to go up with BEXP (45% isn't exactly low either), then I'd think that Beorcs are superior to Laguz. Why is Seth better than everyone in SS? Because he outstats them for 15+ chapters. Does it matter that they beat him at 20/20? No, because he carried them for all these chapters, letting some scrubs deal with the leftovers to have a chance at climbing up to his sit by endgame. In a game where you basically have an army of endgame ready/forced units (Stephan+Volke+Sothe+Haar+Ike+Nailah+Naesala+Tibarn+Janaff+Ulki+Giffca+Cainghis+Kurthnaga and Ena free exp in the dragon map+Micaiah+Muarim), the most efficient way to end it is by giving your all to the ones who can make the hardest parts easier. Haar and Mordecai (speedwings from p1 endgame and from p2 means they can both get to the speed threshold, Mordecai needing it more since he goes from 18 to 22, also giving him 1 BEXP savescummed level up looking for speed brings him as high as 24 speed, which doubles fine, it's 1 more than /20 Titania by the way, I'm surprised no one ever tried to give Mordecai a speedwings and talked about it on Reddit, SF or GFAQs, Mordecai takes like 5 damage at base from 3-2 boss while everyone else takes at least 11, and that's Haar with capped def and not taking a crit), Volug with a dragonshield, Ike, Janaff, Aran with a seraph robe, early promoted Nolan (the only ressource needed for him is a master seal and the exp he gains without trying before being rendered obsolete by trained Aran's superior def, Volug, and Jill's superior movement and super canto). TL;DR: give Volug BEXP and a dragonshield (eventually an energy drop if you let him with wildheart) and he recks DB chapters without effort. Give Mordecai speedwings and BEXP, and he 2 turns any chapter where you can mange the number of ennemies he takes just to avoid reverting (especially true for kill the boss chapters, he barely takes damage from any physical source and deals about 50% of their HP per hit before S rank, at S rank his attack jumps from 38 to 43 without weapon triangle issues with 90% hit, with an energy ring he goes as high as 42-47), give Janaff BEXP and he'll cap most physical stats while he already doubles as much as capped speed marksmen at base, give Ulki BEXP and he'll cap spd in no time and go on to 2 levels of magic and 5 levels of defense in any order and then 2 levels of res and 5 levels of strength, his luck caps after 10 BEXP levl ups oby highest growth and his HP in 6, menaing after 3 level ups speed is capped, after 6 hp, spd and magic are susceptible to be capped and after that he can max nearly all his stats, just with BEXP level ups. Wildheart gives you a high level t2 unit on any of these Laguz, including the meh Ranulf, laguz stone gives you an instant transformation for H bomb effect in any area you want them, olivi grass prolong transformation or accelerate the process of filling the gauge if you can start slower and go blitzkrieg from turn 2, 3 or 4, full form good Laguz are your best boss killers and 1 range cleaners and most ennemies have 1 range, giving your stat boosters to Laguz bump them 10 levels worth of a Beorc in terms of efficiency, because going from not doubling to doubling on a heavy hitting unit with more base bulk than a general can have at 20/20 capped, or increasing by 4 the damage of an unit who doubles can put them in ORKO thresholds, increasing by 4 the def of an unit with very high HP is like suddnely giving indestructible Tarvos to 3rd tier Nolan, but the Laguz doesn't have to abandon 1-2 range to do that while Nolan has to, getting 2 points of stat per level up in non hp/luck stats means Laguz hit higher thresholds much faster than Beorcs. What you can do with a t3 Beorc, you can do with a base level Laguz with the appropriate stat booster without giving it any investment. Non cat Laguz have better caps than Beorcs, which matters for endgame where half Beorc classes don't even have enough speed to double without white pool. Speed capped tiger with white pool can double Ashera (35 speed vs 31), and they cap as low as 15 (6 speed level ups for Mordecai, 3 or 4 for Muarim, 4 or 5 for Kyza), meanwhile their defense lets them tank more than Haar and Gatrie and endgame let you use Laguz gems. Beorcs being better in t3 halfway through than Laguz with 2 level ups means nothing when Beorcs could as well not be used past the point when your Laguz transform except in rout maps where you can still use them side by side, using the burst of stats of Laguz to blitz when you choose it's the wright moment for it. Bexp more often than not helps laguz a lot in reaching their demonization point, the point from which it doesn't matter anymore if you know what you're doing or not as long as you ensure revert doesn't happen. Beorcs being better in t3 means nothing when you have to train them up there first from the scrubs they start as just to see that the prepromotes endgame gives you + the royals could have handled endgame without you levelling anyone coming before Janaff. Actually Caineghis, Ike, Tibarn and Naesala could probably 4 man all of Endgame, Naesala's better res for tanking magic and the others destroying everything else and killing the bosses.
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