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  1. That's the magic of bows for you! they have 1 damage less than yumi (and no +2 res) but 10 more accuracy soeven Elise can use them, and bow wielding classes have better growths distribution than the trash that healing classes have always suffered from. Literally effective growths vs garbage.
  2. Finally we agree on something. Setsuna has 45% in skill (30 personal 15 archer), that's quite good considering she gets either certain blow or air superiority and she comes with skill +2 (the main problem of +2 skills is IS thinks too much of units with +2 but not enough without it, making Effie a poor defensive unit in a purely defensive class, meanwhile if she had 14 base def +2 she would actually be much better, or if she had +2 in speed to not be slower than the slowest units in the game before Benny, who have 8 speed, namely Silas, Rinkah, Mozu at 7 base, Effie's spd has the same base as Benny while her base def isn't impressive, her HP base/growth is nothing like a tank should have and in knight she doesn't benefit from any boost to her speed growth. If she was a wyvern, her stat assignment would be great, for knight it's trash. Benny is more usable in their base class set than she is, that says much about her performance as your early knight who can be killed by the top ennemies because of poison strike and speed seal which leaves her at 0 speed and ennemies doubling her with 4-6 damage per hit or something like that, now compare with Gilliam who's said to be trash, well he does much better against the ennemies he faces in his joining map and the next one as well because most of them can't double him at base and he actually has HP base+growth for average def, still 3 points higher than Franz with a 5 base HP advantage, all Gilliam should have is a lower starting level or 1 more point in hp, skl and def). Rinkah would benefit a lot from the Benny HP treatment (a lot less from his speed). Also another problem with her is...oni has awfully low use skills, like why would the tank use shove instead of a weak unit to push the tank to the frontlines? I don't see why they didn't put shove on another class and maybe swap on oni. Seal res is also not very useful for a clearly str/def oriented class, even though oni chieftain uses magic (why not let oni chieftain have res seal and put a useful t1 skill on oni savage?). Oni only offers nice growths (except in skl) but skill-wise it's one of the worst classes in the game. That's when too many classes hurt more than they help. As much as I like their design, their skills don't even fit their theme! And why do ennemy onis have 10 more HP than Rinkah? seriously, ether let her have more HP or reduce randoms'HP. If we play no HP emblem, then why should ennemy units have 60% more HP than playable units? That's just BS. Arthur has many ways to patch his luck, the easiest ones being Percy and bronze weapons, another one being redemptor's veteran skill lv 10. Anyway, outside the negative dodge, most units have garbage dodge anyway since you need 20 luck to have 10 crit avoid. Only royals and a few gifted units that suffer from other problems have enough luck to be useful against crit. The best is to deal with crit by not letting it hit you...or chip damage with Benny who will tank 4 crits in a row after 5 level ups and still be alive (not exaggerating too much). I'd also give more base strength to Subaki, Hinata, Kaze, more base speed to Silas, Rinkah, Orochi, Hayato, more base skl to Hinata, Rinkah (she's supposed to be skilled as opposed to her class), Niles, Nyx, Hayato, more base res to Nyx, Hayato, Orochi, Reina, Takumi, more base def to Silas, Effie, Arthur, Owain, Subaki, Oboro, Mozu, Azura, Saizo, Hana, Benny, Charlotte, Kaden, Keaton, more base HP to Corrin, Hayato, Mozu, Hana, Subaki, Rinkah, Effie, Silas, Nyx, Owain, Niles, Scarlet, Reina, Benny, Charlotte, Xander, Laslow, Peri, Beruka, Selena, Miltank, Oboro, Kaden, Keaton, Kaze, Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, and boost everyone's HP growth by 15%.
  3. I almost agree with everything you said. Except that in ninja she's a worse Kaze, might as well use Kaze for that matter. Every fast unit beats Takumi in the archer class because every acc problem is solved in archer and whatever promotion you choose (air superiority makes flyers a big target you can't miss, certain blow makes everyone a big target but it only works PP and doesn't counter flyers' target access while air superority means you can ridicule flyers who can't hit you more than 1/3rd of the time, and Kinshi has 4-5 res over sniper for what it's worth). Fujin Yumi is just a nice early game weapon that's ridiculed by the forging system and my castle granting free forging materials/gold efficient high rank weapons when you can't have them in your own castle. Ross takes 28 level ups (or 18) to be worse than every other axe unit (not being able to wield anything but iron without a spd penalty is pathetic, he's the Ogier of FE8 with garbage speed on top of the rest). Dozla has the decency to come with 43 base HP and 11 base def, 6 res, enough speed to pick his fights (don't send him against fast paladins (they're very rare though), heroes or swordmasters, maybe fast snipers (also very rare), any other ennemy type is just being annihilated with effective weaponry or killer axe, and Dozla can do that at base. He's not Seth or Duessel but he becomes faster than Duessel as well as stronger than Seth, with innate 15 crit bonus and axes, B axes means he will fast get a total 20% bonus crit so who cares about anything else? With the S rank axe, should you give it to him, only swordmasters can double him (and maybe 1 or 2 heroes in ch20 in hard mode, that's it) since at base his speed is 9+5=14, not many ennemies have 18 speed in FE8. That's the difference between a game with bad unit balance but low/average thresholds (and 4 spd difference to double) and a game with bad unit balance but high/very high thresholds (no HP emblem meaning you have to take 2 damage per hit to survive if you get def debuffed, since -3 means 5 damage per hit to 30 HP, seal def means 8 damage per hit, meanwhile in SS even if you have 0 def, you have more HP on every levelled unit than any Fates unit HP except Revelations Silas and Ryoma/Xander who have about the same HP as Seth at final level, which is still 12 less than Kyle, Gerik, Garcia, Gilliam, Cormag, Dozla, 8 less than Duessel,...and 5 spd difference to double in Fates doesn't help it's units balance). Add to that the massive avoid nerf in Fates (1.5xspd+0.5xluck vs 2xspd+1xluck) and crit avoid being quite inexistent aside bias weapons (10 avoid) and redemptor lv 10 skill (15 avoid) I'm glad everyone can use as soon as they reach lv 10 without having to go redemptor, which is gender locked and slow+unskilled. Enjoy playing the same playthrough over and over while we enjoy varying our experience then, what do you want me to answer that? If I played FE8 Seth solo 5 times in a row, I'd be mindblowned and so bored that I'd sell my cartridge and never play the game again (even after 2 Seth solos if I'm being realistic), not everyone likes doing always the same thing and I personnally hate routine, it gets boring really fast (for example in LOL I don't have a real main, because I like playing different things and get bored after 5 games in a row with the same champ, there are 145 champs or something like that, why would I play only 3% of the roaster and be awesome at them when I can play 40% and be correct at them while having more adaptability to meta and match ups?). You repeat yourself a lot, and you read/listen to others too little. Getting Butterfree to lv 12 takes, what, 10 minutes? 3 with an emulator? Is it too long for you? Then how can you even play modern games with even slower execution and walls of worthless talk about food and weather in war games? How can one say it's a waste to spend 3 minutes training Buterfree in blue/red to pass the 1st gym and play X/Y? That game has literally walls of tutorial text, half of it is a f****** tutorial, it's like playing FE6 without a save! I prefer largely replaying g1, even if I spend 3 min training a Caterpie it's a game that I can finish in 2-3h while beating 100% of the trainers with any team comp with little to no grinding (I remind I don't consider cleaning the trainers like grinding, since they're all here from the beginning, don't require you to loose more than 5 extra minutes to clear if you do both routes to the poison gym city, and you're fighting each trainer only once, it's not like waiting for reinforcements in FE since these trainers are already there, it's rout the ennemy without reinforcements, that's my rule for almost every game involving combat, otherwise I'm not better than Sacha who skipped everything and didn't get his badges legitimately because I skipped many steps). Edward has about 50% in offensive growths and 20-30% in defensive with 70-80% in HP, he beats Zihark in HP, str and def after 12 level ups or something like that and the promotion, while Mozu requires 9-10 level ups which she can and should get before obtaining Takumi if you dispatch your ressources while being aware of which unit does best at a specific moment with the same ressource consumption. The fact is that most units you get before Takumi are short-term units that will soon be replaced. The only units that don't have a better version of themselves later are: Rinkah (no one excells in def as much as she does), Saizo (no other ninja is as versatile as he is), Kagero (no other shuriken user has such combination of str/spd), and Mozu is a generalist who excells in skl, spd and lck and has no effective mid/long term concurrence. Takumi is just a disposable who does fine at base and doesn't require training to do the role he plays, but he plays 1 role, not 2 or 3 or 5. He's the one who goes though terrain and kills very slow average def or low hp/def ennemies with annoying gimmcks like ninjas and spear fighters (actually he can't even kill spear fighters by himself at any stage of the game unless overlevelled since he's too slow and not strong enough).
  4. I felt like the difference was even bigger in Fates, Radiant Dawn is known to be completely unbalanced but that's what you get by putting together 3 games and casts in one and having availability issues. Fates has 3 different games separated but they do the same balance issues (+ Hana is NERFED in IK while this game's ennemies are a lot stronger than BR's and much more overlevelled, she barely tickles ennemies at any stage of the game in hard, that's not counting lunatic, seriously tht girl is similar to Kagero, but Kagero has a better class for glass canon work and a usable base strength + poison strike).
  5. That's great! well, sometimes this chapter can be a bit** especially with 1 roll RNG that can completely ruin a turn. What class was your Elise in? Who did she befriend/marry do get it?
  6. It's not, using re-match options in later games or fighting the Elite 4 several times is grinding, while beating every trainer offered to you once is completing the battle part of the game. If you don't battle every trainer, you didn't beat the battle part of the game, you just skipped what you could, which means you're speedrunning to a certain degree. Speedrunning isn't completing the game, it's going as fast from the beginning to the end as possible, while using cheap tactics like bug exploit (which makes completing gen 1 in less than 5 minutes possible, without even getting the starter, or like in Diablo where they beat the game in 3 minutes...sure by using a montage/save states where they select the shortest level path where the next level spawns right next to the previous one, so they get to level 9 without fighting a single monster, kill 1 ennemy with a fixed drop teleport staff to skip everything until they can't skip...), frame abuse (like some shortcuts in Dark Souls games that can only be used if you move exactly at the frame needed to fall there and not somewhere else where you'd die or follow the path), and such abnormal ways of playing. To both: Venusaur is the worst starter because: his type is bad for everything but a few trainers and 3 gyms in early game, his movepool is garbage like samthedigital said. Blastoise isn't the best water type, but he's the only one not needing to be fed exp while doing nothing for 15 levels, only to have bite as it's first actual move and dragon rage, and learning hydro pump only at level 45, or coming after you've beat half the game already to finally access a damn fishing rod that fishes more than Magikarp or get access to surf. Before these, you only have lv 5 Magikarp and Squirtle. Charizard is good because he's got slash and has 98% crit rate with it or something like that, then he learns flamethrower (he learns it before lv 40 if you let Charmander evolve only after learning it), he can learn dig, earthquake, strength, the move that deals lv x1 damage gotten on the path to the maniac's house to deal with rock types before you get dig or to have a second anti rock move since dig has 10 uses. Slowbro is the best water type in gen 1: amnesia + psychic + surf + withdraw/headbutt/body slam/sleep and he's basically soloing everything you fight after getting him, but it needs to be evolved to be good and has a poor movepool until level 30+. But they cost you something valuable: they're 1 use only, and could be used to perfect already good units instead of patching poor units' design. Takumi has mobility but he sucks at growing into a good archer, he only has his bases to go with since his growths are like Silas, completely average and unsatisfying (compare Takumi and Kagero, she has worse bases but her speed and strength growths are among the highest in the damn game, with her base strength being what you'd expect a prepromote ninja to have, whie she has 10 more levels to grow. Mozu is not good at base, but she's not terrble and training her is highly beneficial since she is a delete button, and can delete many ennemies Takumi can only chip. Mozu is sure to kill them, because her speed can't be as bad as Takumi's even if she's speed screwed, and can be twice as good as his, and speed is everything a Fates archer wants, thanks to quick draw, certain blow/air superiority and bows/yumi being stronger than clubs/axes and forges being all a strength screwed archer needs to reck havoc. Mozu can be good in all physical classes, and even more in ranged classes which don't require her to stat check the ennemy's damage and her def/HP, which is quite similar to Takumi only she has more def/res and less HP at equal level, and in 3-4 maps she should be higher than level 11 especially with chapter 9 reinforcements being too strong to take out with only frontliners and divding your team into 2 groups, one for cavs one for mages. I fully agree with you. Also she has enough maps to see some chip/last hit use and desert chapter is a good map to train her because your units come from the right so she can take out the left ennemies with some help. Fast archers rule. She can double ennemies doesn't double while she's using a steel yumi, which means she takes a speed penalty and still outclasses Takumi. Unlike Reina, she can access certain blow and quick draw makes up for most of the str difference between them, also by the time you get Reina at garbage D rank bows while she's a prepromote, Setsuna should be between C and B rank, close to using silvers and already able to use dual yumi and other specific weapons. Ross' accuracy is garbage even with the most accurate axe in FE history and won't become good anytime soon. His speed is and stays garbage, his HP (the only pro of using axe wielders in melee) has nothing to go for him since he's got about the same as Colm. His def and res are laughable and his strength isn't impressive. His father costs less investment to be better than 10/20/1 Ross. He can also get bows or swords, and his con is high enough to wield every weapon in the game without speed penalty except dark tomes which are simply bullshit and irrelevant. By the way, if hero makes him faster, don't forget he keeps 14 con, which means 1 spd difference with warrior with steel axe (15 weight) and same spd as warrior with the free battle axe from Dozla (it's garbage but it's free and powerful and has 5 crit), while warrior gives 1 def/res more vs 1 HP and these 2 spd vs 2 con. Cavaliers outside Kayle can still rescue him. Ross is really a liability. As much as I'd like him to have something for him, he's just garbage and not even the metis tome given to base Ross can salvage him with tower abuse. He's just bad and every other option for axes is better than himwhile costing less to raise (hell even Dozla is far better since he's actually tanky at base and can use a speedwings to be nearly as fast as base Seth, with decent spd growth and high HP/str and decent skl and not loosing speed to any axe, with a pure water he's got 13 res at base like Duessel).
  7. Since most Pokémon I catch come around 3rd/4th gym on later, my starter is most of the time the only Pokémon I raise until then, so it takes the exp from every trainer, I don't need to grind, I just let them solo until I get my beloved Pokémon or whatever I chose to use. It means at the end of the boat, the starter has gotten all the exp from Palette town to the 3rd gym, you see what I mean? I fight every trainer, it's not grinding since I don't fight them till the last pokémon, let mine be KO and battle them again. That would be grinding. I just beat the game 100% (except Pokedex which is just plain stupid and impossible to complete without cheating on emulators), which is what the game was made for (+ Pokedex). Also, getting enough money to buy Pokémon in the casino requires to fight most trainers until the big city. Which leads to getting high amounts of exp. But it's off topic.
  8. You said earlier that you liked to train your starter, well, I' doing that too. My starter takes little to no effort getting to lv 32 (Venusaur) or 36 (Blastoise/Charizard), so there's no effort taken for any of them to beat the 3rd gym, the 2nd can be beaten after the boat with Charmander when he learns slash, not even needing the help of a grass type, and Pikachu still get killed in 1 bubblebeam. I've played this game countless times, I know most of the game until the SYLPH SARL by memory, all the match ups that are relevant and many challenge runs have expended my knowledge of this game at the point where I can play it the eyes closed with pretty much any team comp. Let's forget the Pokémon topic now. Trying to fix Takumi wastes ressources, since he needs permanent ressources to fix his speed, he's like Xander in terms of investment, only the benefits are much lower. I'd rather invest 9 level ups on Mozu for her to be better than Takumi forever and being totally independant, than use a speedwings + spd tonic and robably add a spd backpack since he's still too slow with 15 speed after the speedwings + tonic (meanwhile the same investment in Mozu makes her able to double all the spear fighters without help, and maybe the fighters/berserkers since her speed nearly gains 1 point per level). That's my words, and I stay on this train. I won't waste permanent ressources that could help a good unit double all the time (let's say a speed screwed Scarlet after a few levels, or paladin Jakob, or any unit that's competent, has EP and lacks 1 or 2 spd to reach doubling thresholds, while Takumi lacks like 5 spd to reach them except for slow ass ennemies who still need him to get a tonic + speedwing or a permanent backpack: onis have 9 spd in chap 7, Takumi needs 3 spd to double the slowest non armored units tat you fight 2 whole chapters before getting him, that says how unimpressive his speed is, plus the ennemies he can double with a +4 spd have 30+ HP and 10+ def, so he couldn't kill them in one hit even if he got +5 str, since he needs 40-48 damage to kill them and he doesn't reach that until after promotion, when they also get theirs for more base speed and def/hp, Takumi's only chance to ever see the doubling thresholds is a sniper promotion and it doesn't last long until these ennemies catch up and he needs more overlevelling and ressources to reach doubling thresholds again). Takumi isn't worth any investment. Like Reina, their bases are great for their role, which is to cheese chapters 10 and 11, maybe 1 or 2 more in the game if ennemy flyers don't carry bow breaker in flyer oriented chapters. Outside this and ninjas, they don't see much use since Reina has no real EP thanks to flying (hard to go trade with her if she uses her mobility) and using bows to kill without exposing her to counter attacks and having no real defensive capabilities past chapter 11, where she even falls in 2 hits from promoted ennemies while being a prepromote herself and having the highest base HP pool in your team for this chapter, because she's so glass cannon... If I'm using a long term archer, I reclass Mozu and she carries me after little investment, while like I stated, the exp put into her wouldn't even make my other units gain 2 llevels, so their performance would be largely the same and that exp would be wasted because it would serve no purpose, my team wouldn't get any stronger by feeding 1 level up to Silas when he gains barely 3 points per level up most of the time, because he's so damn average, Subaki wouldn't hit much harder, Hana would still barely survive 1 physical hit and her luck would still be damn low with the luck nerf 50% luck as dodge/avoid. The only one to get from nothing useful to a force to be reckoned with is Mozu, so it's her that I train. I don't like wasting exp and levelling units 1 level higher for little benefits doesn't interest me. Silas would gain like, 1 HP 1 skl 1 lck, which wouldn't make him anything better than he would be the previous level, even 1 str/spd/def wouldn't help him with his lv 4 Rinkah base stats at level 6 (in most stats), and Rinkah had 4 chapters of availability over Silas to grow to level 7-9 before he's even part of the team, at which point she should have 2-3 def over him alongside quite similar strength and decent enough skill/spd/res, especially more speed than him when starting 2 levels lower with equal base speed. Your available units are either overlevelled or playing with bases mostly, so the only benefit to play Mozu's paralogue is to use her and get the best and most efficient trainee unit in FE history (Donnel is better but starts worse and can't reclass for 9 levels, + no flying access and he's forced to play at 1 range until D rank in lances and javelins MT sucks in Awakening). And when I put "" to "trainee", it was to highlight the fact she wasn't completely a trainee since she's in a tier 1 class, not a tier 0 and she has promotions in her base class, even one being the equivalent of hero with complete weapon triangle control. She's far from being as bad as FE8 trainees and she's no Est since she joins early. Like I already said, 50-80 growth in every stat is better than 30-60 with 40-55 in the most important stats, naemly speed (80% speed in archer ain't no joke). So if you prefer playing Takumi, keep playing the same way over and over, playthrough after playthrough, while me and other players try funny things, uncommon builds, getting the best out of the so called "worst units" who're just mostly underrated because they have to compete with royal bias bull****. We're having fun at least and every playthrough feels different from the others.
  9. You not liking growth units ("trainees" sort of) doesn't mean they're bad or not worth the investment. You ignore every data I write and just tell us how much you're better at tactics than players like me. Well, firstly, you talk of silver weapons without even knowing their drawback. It's -2 str/skl per BATTLE, not per hit. Meaning if she is used by herself + in attack stance, she should have -4 str/skl, not -8, that's a HUGE difference. Even then, for attack stance she can be traded another weapon so the drawback doesn't apply twice, since you're already next to her. I gave you the average stats, and you can see that even under averages she beats Takumi. His inability to double most ennemies for most of the game is not helping him accomplishing anything. He's just a chip damage bot who can OHKO weaklings that most powerful units in your party could kill by mid game with an adapted weapon or a forge, which you get by the time you upgrade your armory. [For Bulbazaur, you're the one who disproved his own point. He's weak because he uses tackle on all early game ennemies for 7 or 8 levels before he learns his 1st grass type move (35 power) and the next one is around lv 31 when he's evolved, so he's using tackle (94 acc 50 atack, normal) and vine whip (35 power, 10 PP, so bad it's barely worth mentioning, you'll have a hard time going through the Mt Moon in one go) for at least 18 levels before he learns razor leaf (94 acc, 55 power), even then he never learns any attaking move of any type other than grass (and it's solar beam, that trash move which costs 2 turns). His typing makes him weak to fire, ice, flying, psychic and bug. Zubat kills him in 4 leech life while being 4+ levels lower, there are like 3 in Mt Moon, + Ratticate, and several pokémon you want to use vine whip on, which means...you'll have to waste time to back to the pokécenter. Meanwhile you could use Squirtle, who learns more attacking moves, + withdraw later, has 2 weaknesses, which are so easy to make up for (Spearow destroys any plant type in sight and he's available on the route going to the Elite 4, West from the 1st town you encounter, Sandshrew ignores most of the electrical gym, only sonic boom users do anything worth mentionning to him, and Sandslash should be able to OHKO Surge's Raichu in a slash crit while taking 0 damage from electric attacks and his Raichu doesn' have any non electric attacking moves, at that point you could even use an underlevelled Digglet with it's 10 HP and beat Surge by spamming dig). Wartortle solos the water gym lv 24 with bite since Starmie doesn't have anything but tackle to hit him with and Starmie's HP/attack/def vs Wartortle's are seriously a one way street (esecially since you can start the fight by tail whipping it since Misty uses a def+ on it, with a second tail whip it should have base def or lowered def and you just spam bite, I don't remember if Misty has a super potion in g1, but anyway bite has 25 uses and her tackle is tickling your Wartortle. Also, Blastoise can OHKO or 2HKO Raichu and has enough special and HP to tank 2 thunderbolt without being KO (if not 3), so it's a non problem (I usually use my starter if I'm allowed to in that gym and it's already evolved by the time I reach Surge, and any fully evolved starter makes quick work of his underlevelled Raichu, lv 24!). And FYI, Butterfree solos the 1st gym at lv 12, while Beedrill needs barely more to beat it with fury attack (multi hit makes rock types much less problematic, especially multi-hit + poison status). You could use Beedrill and Rattata and still beat the game, even though your rival's lv 59-65 in the E4. Bulbasaur is just the worst starter since it's replaceable with any of the grass types on the road to the Pokemaniac's house, and both of them have a better movepool than Bulbasaur (one even learns petal dance, which makes the game so easy). When you play challenge runs, where you do things youdon't usually do, you learn a lot more thn when playing "efficiently". For example, if you don't use Zubat or Beedrill, you could not even know that bug moves annihilate psychic types unless you saw it on the Internet because Kadabra and Mr Mime both OHKO Zubat, Golbat and any bug in the game if you play them, but if you play the bugs, you're likely to be overlevelled so moves like twineedle kill them before they even move, all you need is to outspeed them.] As for killing vs overkilling, well, if Takumi's killing, so is Mozu. If Takumi needs to double to kill, he can't kill while Mozu can. So, considering his trash speed and average growths, he doesn't double even half of the ennemies in the game with a speed tonic: it means he needs a backpack to do anything (and potentially a +spd personal support bonus backpack on top of 4 spd class, it means samurai, swordmaster or master ninja are his only otions, and it's a waste of these units, ninjas being better than Takumi and Hinata being the fastest tank you have for EP before Ryoma/Scarlet join, even then a trained Hinata can be tankier than Ryoma after promotion, which means...you're fielding Hana to patch up Takumi's garbage speed). Takumi is a great filler for 2 chapter when he comes. That's all we need him for (like Reina). He's outclassed by any half competent fast unit or by anything resembling a tank. Epsecially the ones who, you know, don't need a backpack to do the only job they're good at (like Rinkah is tanky without wasting any resource and has +4 damage just by giving her...an HP tonic at the 1st turn, which has been told already million times and you still do as if it wasn't a thing, it makes her bases 12 str and 6 magic virtually, better than any lv 4 unit you have, her only real competition for a few levels is Silas, and he's slower since he has 2 levels less to grow any speed with the same base while having the same base def too with 2 levels less to grow and 15% less def growth to show off his tank skills, he's better than Rinkah only with VoF activated, otherwise his only advantage over her is being mounted, which is a bane in the chapter with wolfskins who nearly OHKO him, and if he's against a counter wolfskin, he's dead, meanwhile Rinkah's lower damage, higher speed and def mean she can hope to tank even the counter, or she could...use a tome and not take damage from counter, and clubs and not take damage from countermagic, which makes her the most adaptive tank since FE was created, if she uses a horse spirit, it's magic, she has more def than VoF Silas! And it's only D rank which is quite fast to get to when you face low res ennemies for most of the game with a base of 2 (6 total) at level 4 and more growth than Subaki and Hinoka).
  10. Sorry I didn't check Anna, everyone seemed to talk of her as a prepromote so I assumed she was one like in Awakening. In this case, well, if you really want to use her (not only you, but anyone reading this topic), then I guess you can if she's a regular unit not overlevelled. 0 base growth in magic sure makes terrible magic users (even though 25-30 personal growth still leads to some usable magic stat, especially with a bonus to the base stat if the mom has it high enough, it's still not really worse than what Hinoka can do). Maybe you should try Kagero as her mom if you want some real strength growth, she has an insane personal growth (isn't 65 the highest personal str growth in the game? Even with a base of 0, it would mean 32 growth for the child, which is slightly better than Subaki and you could use a class with more than 10% str growth to patch it up, like DF which would put the kid to 47% or vanguard 52%/ ballistician 57% if male, it's kinda gross from 32%, which could also save Subaki himself in case you want to try something new with him, other than oni savage's lack of useful skills for EP before level 35, + heavy blade, yummi). ------ Birthright: Chapter 6 complete, Corrin dark mage lv 10 (skill bought, hoshidan skill +10% activation rate, quixotic, sol, astra), gonna marry Kaden for sweet mage tank with seal magic. Azura (skill bought amaterasu) will marry Jakob for Tactician (light valkyria, her dancer reducing damage skills combined with inspiration = GG), Saizo has too much str+ mag to be used, Hana will pick guardian>onmyoji, if I play Azama he will go onmyoji, Rinkah is lv 9 ninja (since her strength already stinks, might as well stay in a physical class...with low strength growth for balance with other units). Jakob will go tactician (after all, the skills are great), Sakura (skill bought inspiration, amaterasu) lv 4. Kaze still ninja lv 7 (skill bought quick draw + trample to skip the early early game, maybe I'll remove one later).
  11. Hi, For people not interested in my Conquest bows only run or who want something funny to do at the same time, here it is! Rules: 1. Pick the route you prefer, it's a chilling playthrough after all! 2. Switch every unit you play in an opposite attacking stat class (Hana onmyoji and Orochi merchant for example). 3. If you use kids, follow rule 2 (if you make an Orochi!Selkie, she has to be in a physical class). 4. No taker skills (strengthtaker and co), they break the game. 5. Optional: use a very fast tank with low damage in a class that will give it enough bulk and speed for this archetype to be relevant (be creative, use silver to make up for the low damage like some say they do with Shanna in FE6, use fiery blood on Rinkah, use luna, etc.). 6. Optional: don't use any 1-2 range weapon (except tomes and shuriken ofc) or choose if you'll use them at 1 or 2 range ONLY (mostly for shuriken, tomes and magic weapons). Like the old times when mages would die if they were exposed (like Orochi ^^) or when there were bows but no shuriken. 7. Optional: don't use effective weapons except beast stones (which do less effective damage if i've understood correctly and in classes locked at 1 range anyway). I think Heavy blade might be your best friend on magic oriented units in a physical class, everyone can get it and the map is easy to clear with 1 or 2 einherjar. ------ I might play a magic Selkie in fox, could be funny, as well as a physical and weak Kana with dragonstone (if I pair Corrin with Kaden I can do whatever I want, probably a +mag -str Corrin or just - str with something like +def, a defensive Selkie could be funny too with beast rune).
  12. I think Anna shouldn't be allowed, since she's a DLC-exclusive unit, doesn't count as a normal gen 1 unit (she's not in the basic cast and unlike Awakening Anna she isn't available without paying) + she can be obtained early and cheese the game as a Shiro-like unit in early game. She's also more useful than Reina thanks to having lockpick, staves and access to physical and magical damage. Play it as you want, but the topic rule is gen 1 units, children don't count because they're too customizable. You can also patch up their weaknesses or make them overspecialized at your liking, unlike gen 1 whose bases and growths are static. You can have an awful Sophie with Nyx as her mother and bow knight as her class, while you can have a Mozu! Sophie who does whatever she wants and ORKO everything, see where I'm going? ------ Chapter 8 complete, Silas mercenary level 10, Effie archer lv 10 (only knight skills for now, I thought defensive formation or whatever the name is could be useful for an archer, like I saw Takumi in chapter 13 seriously annoy me with it) she has 14 def 16 str 11 spd 14 skl, she got like 4 level ups with 5 stats from the beginning, she would be more viable if she didn't usually roll 2-3 stats per level from 6 to 12 in my usual playthroughs. Archer Mozu lv 4 or 5 (only gave her 1 level in her paralogue since she didn't have access to a 2nd seal at that time, and I did it right when it spawned), lv 9 Arthur, lv 10 Niles, lv 6 Odin, going to class change Arthur and Odin before chap 9. Like I said, I couldn't end my only attempt at quick draw DLC without loosing several units (actually not less than half of them) so no Point Blank for me. I wasted my money...at least the story was okay.
  13. The whole point is to use gen 1 only. Units who have the same base whatever you do (children have different stats and growths depending on their mommy/daddy). And I'm quite sick of people always brining in children, in this game none of them is cannon in the main story by the way (no forced wedding, no story related children). And by playing the awful End: Lost in the waves, that's supposed to give me Point blank...only if all children stay alive (why didn't they tell us from the beginning that everyone should be alive? It takes like 30 minutes to complete and now you say I should do it again?) I already saw how unsatisfying these children are (like, seriously, most of them are inferior to their only parent, and thanks IS to force the player to make survive every child when they're straight up lower level than the 40+ ennemies coming at them, with 6 levels disadvantage over the parents, I didn't look at randoms' level), I got enough of their inferiority (even with the legendary/character locked weapons they're inferior to the 1st gen...such a shame... plus you have very few active skills, so nohrian trust is quite useless sadly...). Elite can be used (but it's only 1 per file sadly ^^) as well as all the DLC content except takers (they make the game too easy, just use defense/res or mag/str taker and stomp). I never know who to give elite too (+ it costs a skill slot...not really a good thing, and once you're over levelled, you gain 2 exp per kill wit elite...which happens too fast since ennemies have both high stats and a low level...this game should have been made by better level designers...at least if the ennemies are strong, they should give the exp that comes with strength, like the cavalier in FE6 that comes with a silver and high stats, well he is higher level and rewards the killer with more exp...that's worth it, not higher stats for no return, especially in a game with overspecialized playable units that end up having big weaknesses and damage being completely breaking the ceiling). 1. Many kids don't have a real edge over their original parent and optimization and co are so boring and a big waste of time... 2. If it's more difficult, then it's a challenge 3. The title contains the word "challenge", thus refer to point 2. If you usually use children, then you'll have to play differently in this playthrough, isn't it good to try different things? After all, many players don't even use bows most of the time (casual players), so it's not like . Isn't it? + You probably use many units without a bow. And here you have to make everyone a bow wielder, even units never used, wich is quite different from just sticking to one party (and who knows, you might even enjoy one unit in a bow class more than the way you usually used them, and use them again in another PT? Change is now, this was François Hollande's campaign title, even though he didn't change much outside allowing gay weddings, which was kinda forced on him since like 50% of the people voting wanted it and moe than half of the people who voted for him). Wow you're gonna suffer. PS (might contain DLC SPOILERS): seriously I liked Lost in the waves for it's story, but IS is really bad at understanding what a DLC reward should mean, and give us all the information. I'm glad they didn't also make it so that Royale Royale would require you to make everyone survive, or it would be staright up impossible to get the rewards. Lost in the waves is a pain to complete without loosing any inferior unit to the more numerous and more competent ennemies. Even the rallies...they could give you more than one per rally unit, so you could not waste 4 people's turn to have 1 rally of each...and more activable skills, Nohrian trust is here just to activate the protection skill from female Kana, but even then it didn't activate a single time for me, so useless...might as well give him an actual skill. Midori is complete garbage in this DLC stats-wise...even her luck stat is only 29 and it's CAPPED...
  14. Hard mode, it's the normal difficulty. You can always reduce the difficulty afterwards. I don't think playing 80% 9 base speed class will really make the game THAT hard, especially when bows counter or go even with most annoying ennemies in CQ.
  15. +1 If you can get one with lance breaker, the bow breaker pegasi don't get any benefit from bowbreaker ^^. Fight fire with fire! Kids are annoying to use, they require S rank for each of them (A+ is faster), they're 2x less numerous than gen 1, and not every kid can have access to bows, I guess. Didn't check it though. I hate having to optimize each child for the role I want it to fulfill. Gen 1 are already specialized, don't suffer from mom issues and are available from the get go, also they don't add maps to recruit (even if several of them will require some support grinding in order to access bows). Nothing stops you from doing paralogues, if you want to do them. This challenge doesn't count gen 2 in but grinding is authorized (and even recommended since you'll need some gold to get all the seals necessary).
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