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  1. AFAIK, Phoenix mode is a game over if all your units die on the same turn before you get your next turn (thus they can't respawn).
  2. Duessel is inferior to Gilliam as a same type of unit but prepromote and overlevelled. His defense at level 8 GK is similar to level 18-20 knight Gilliam and his HP is barely better. Yet he still gets the job done. If you think SS is so easy wih weak ennemies I think you don't remember how much a simple 20% hit stone can completely kill your unit, because it can't move for several turns unless you can recover the stoned unit, who can't dodge on top of 30 free crit rate for the attacking unit. Sure, luna shamans don't scare me much with their 60 hit rate and 9 magic. But the sleep/berserk priests, purge/bolting sages, fast valkyries you can hardly ORKO (mainly ch17 where they're mixed with paladins and GKs not far from wyvern lord + wyvern riders and their reinforcements) with accurate magic, the vicious armor/horse slaying weapons hidden in formations you think you can ignore because your units are so gr8, the dangerous snipers (ch9 Eirika's route anyone?), the dragonzombies 2HKOing nearly everyone aside from capped HP units (even then, only a few dragon-Z have 29 attack, most have 30-31 and that's in normal since I barely played that stage on hard)...Lyon's 50-ish attack with magic (most physical units without pure water take 70-80% of their HP in 1 hit of Naglfar and Lyon's surrounded by gorgons who can gang up on any unit left in range if you didn't manage to 1 turn Lyon from the moment you can access him)... I think people seriously underestimate TSS difficulty. It's by no means POR level of easy (seriously, past the chapters without BEXP it's so easy that you have to limit yourself on BEXP or let Marcia die in ch2 or 3 or never touch her in order to make the game any difficult in hard, even before that the only moment it's tense is the defend the fort chapters where you're surrounded and Boyd can easily fall due to bad biorythm and tempest amplifying it, ennemies barely get more than 2 AS for nearly 1/3rd of the game and even Gatrie has a chance to double with heavy weapons before he even ignores their weight, he can double several ennemies in the pirate chapter at the beginning with the steel lance that slows him down...). And so many people find POR to be such an amazing game although I could play it blindly in hard and the only hard part would be the last few chapters when ennemies suddenly start having something looking like stats and bosses having actual stats (and Ashnard if what I read is true about his broken stats and he steals the medallion). Meanwhile TSS has several tricky ennemies or formations in several chapters past chapter 9 (chapter 10 Eirika has Pablo, whose crit rate and magic power + speed are all dangerous on top of being on a castle door for free avoid and def, chapter 11 Ephraim has anti-squishy tactics and you have to rush with Ephraim to save L'Arachel from her stupid suicide mission (even Dozla has a hard time with so many eyeballs looking bad at him, but they're magic eyeballs), chapter 12 Ephraim has a quite harsh start although it goes down when the starting point stops sending reinforcements, chapter 13 Eirika has so many cavalier reinforcement spam that you need to build a wall in order to protect you squishies, while running to the ballistas to avoid being shot, and putting Eirika just far enough from Cormag's starting point to avoid being OHKOed by a killer lance, and the boss is quite impressive if you don't use slayer weapons (he can crit kill several of your units or simply let them very low while taking little damage from non overlevelled units), then chapter 13 Ephraim has bolting on a very annoying map and hunt for the villages + stealables, chapter 14 Eirika has high crit rate 1-2 range swordmaster boss that really demands something like swordbreaker, swordslayer or a wall that can tank crits from him twice in a row and stay alive, with +30/40 avoid from throne on top of his speed and (maybe) luck. Ephraim has a boss that can OHKO your mages and is just a better version of Eirika's chapter 13 boss, but with long range staves and co. Chapter 15 has Valter with a dangerous spear and fili shield, you need high crit evade or Caellach's crit shield in order to fight Valter safely, and he's still dangerous with his class that can activate pierce, his middling speed and good attack. Ch 16 has long range magic and groups of promoted ennemies who don't loose much AS with steel weapons (except warriors because steel axe is 15 Wt, I think none of them loose any AS), treasures, thieves to stop from stealing your treasures, ch 17 has civilians, fimbulvetr sage crossing the bridge when it's down, wyverns, brave weapon hero reinforcement alongside normal reinforcements, ch 18 has stone spam, eggs to kill on differents heights, ch 19 has darkness, snipers in top right corner with warriors, a useless Manfred who can't tke a hit to defend and low level unpromoted guards on the neutral side who barely slow the ennemies, and treasures to steal with thieves to intercept. It also has a postgame mode which has decent moments and allows you to do something after you completed the story rather than Final Fantasy IV DS save before boss and then just New game + but nothing after you beat the boss, can't even save after completing the game. TSS is worth more than most people here advertise it for. And the story is decent and Lyon's a good bad guy with the moments when he's himself and tells the reasons for him to unleash the demon king and the moments when the DK is just being a dick pretending Lyon is still there while he's just playing like he is. I've seen much worse (especially with Conquest even though I didn't play much past chapter 22 or 23, one chapter after all the PCs are available) and my first blind run was very enjoyable, unlike POR and Conquest for different reasons. Why is Duessel better than Xander? Because no debuff BS (inevitable end if I've read right) and poison strike spamming exist in TSS. When you look at the ennemies' main parameters you know what to expect and can build your tactics based on secured data, meanwhile with all the variables in CQ, there are so many things that can go wrong, so much more things to check that it's just a waste of time, attention and annoying to try and predict what can happen on the EP. Given how many ennemies there are you would expect this to be an EP centered game, but due to overcomplication of mechanics and of the data to take into count, you're better off simply doing your best to PP it because it makes overcomplicated things less relevant. Too flashy for its own good.
  3. Hi, So, now that I've taken the time to think of the origin of the problem rather than the problem itself, which is units having trouble with ennemies in early game in a FE game with PU and attack stance available, I'll explain myself. You have access to a limited number of units, and in CQ OG you can't grind. You units at the moment they join have LOWER stats than several of the ennemies although they outnumber your troops. You may have 50% growth rate or even 70%, it ain't gonna save you if you have to play against seal speed ennemies who nearly double you before they even activate seal speed (looking at Effie with burning eyes), or against ennemies who can take 6 def away from your units. I know what you'll say: "But if you know how to play the damn game, you know can kill them without being sealed, thresholds" nanani nanana. I don't think having to rely on insane level ups for Corrin in the first 6-7 chapters of the game is a good way to balance a game, neither is the fact that all your units need several hundreds of gold worth of TEMPORARY stat boosters just to not die in 1 attack stance +1 normal attack at the beginning of the game. Look at Radiant Dawn part 3: the GMs all have a role they can play well enough from the get go. Gatrie is a General, Effie is a knight. Gatrie can take several hits of very powerful ennemies at base, Effie can take 2 hits and die at base. Gatrie's speed is busted to the point he can double some ennemies, while Effie's 55% spd growth allows to get to an average of...yeah, 12.7 speed at level 20, which is lower than Keaton's level 15 base speed and he's not particularly fast. Fast knight you said? Actually Effie can get doubled quite a lot and even take damage from the ennemies who double her, unlike Gilliam who can gain 1 point of speed and sit there for the whole game and not care at all since it's all he needs to break the speed threshold to not get doubled by any axeman in the early game while his def slowly grows into the amazing steel wall it becomes. Effie's speed lets her get doubled, Effie's def lets her get hurt (and not by paper balls, but rather by trucks of overstatted ennemies overloaded with skills giving them the edge on your already shitty units with non OP skills yet and who barely ever double anything aside from Niles who can't hurt anything but mages and pegasi, barely better than Kaze who can only hurt mages). And add to that the fact the ennemies also use attack or guard stance to inflate their damage or prevent you from ORKOing them, and that's what I call shitty game balance. The level design would be fine if stat debuffs didn't exist at all and ennemy damage could be calculated easier (if you could know beforehand who would attack stance with who, in which order they would attack so you know how to prevent them from doing so, for example), but with these "OMG so flashy I want to play as a full ninja with poison, debuffs and OP stuff" ways to push naruto and ninjago fans into finally buying the game (just for them to get deceived because they'll manage to game over in chapter 1 in phoenix mode at any rate since they come from the most casual appealing part of kikooland) to make more cash and not to actually give the player a satisfying experience. Look, most Faceless have 11-12 def from chapter 7 onwards in HARD, 24+ HP, 9-ish speed and nearly as much res as def, so you can't even burst them with a magic unit (reclassed Corrin/Felicia). Your own tanks have less HP than any ennemy on the map except Arthur who badly wants a bronze weapon to have actual accuracy and 0% crit chance against him. But Arthur, although he's a tanky juggernaut, lacks the defence to really do this job, and he lacks the speed to be a killer (sadly since he's probably the highest damage unit at base and his accuracy means that he wouldn't be OP if he was able to double). On top of shitty retainers' base stats compared with ennemies, look at your units' levels, except Mozu, everyone is already past level 5 (Effie Silas 6, Arthur 7), which means...that they won't have many levels to actually benefit from high growth rates since exp gains are garbage as soon as you get 2-3 levels ahead. Which means they'll get like 2 points of each stat or something like that before stagnating for 2 chapters. And become shit again. Now you have Camilla who joins just at the same time as her vastly inferior retainers (who I'd really have loved to be available in chapter 7 or 8 instead of 3rd turn of chapter 10 so they could actually be levelled up at that point, especially Beruka who starts with Arthur's speed but 2 levels higher, with lower growth and also 3 chapters later, in a chapter with ninja spamming and archers and defend the 4 escape points against 7 move fast pegasi she's 1 or 2 damage short of OHKOing anytime even with support, although they come by 3 at some point so you can't put 2 units to kill each one of them while being rushed by 24 damage onis on 2 sides, by ninja+spear fighters from another side and by Oboro and Hinata ll at the same time). Camilla has stats your best units would get by level 18-20 or even after promotion. But she's already promoted. If you use her, she steals exp from your growth units who need it to be even relevant at all. If you don't let her get kills, she will become irrelevant once she can finally gain decent exp per kill. Unlike Seth, she's vulnerable to 25% of the ennemy units in the game since they love spamming bow wielders to put their arrows far in your butt. And they move in groups so she can't even kill the 1 archer in the formation and call it a day, because there's still 1 or even 2 of them around. Xander has OP sword, but I'd prefer him having a lance in order to not be laughed at by ninjas who will enjoy debuffing the hell out of him and spamming poison strike so any shitty leftover ennemy can pick up Xander's life. Duessel is so much better at the same job it's not even funny (and actually Duessel takes more frontal damage than Xander since his defence isn't as high compared with ennemy damage and his level is also too high to gain substancial exp even from bosses, while Seth had all the chapter 1-8 to benefit from increased exp per kill to overlevelled units and that's the only reason he is so OP, because of the coded bonus exp to promoted units in early game, there's even a patch to disable it on FEBuilderGBA, but unlike Xander, Duessel doesn't face stat reductions, entrap, hex rods, freeze although sleep is even more annoying but still it's curable unlike freeze and hex, and Duessel doesn't suffer from poison strike shenanigans playing Awakening counter shenanigans but better without needing to die to apply their braindead tactics). Actually, since his stats are totaly those of a GK, I'd love him to be a GK and have a PERSONAL AXE, just like his dad (because 3 of his classes use an axe and he was birthed by an axe wielding overstatted king and his sister also wields an axe, even the little healer sister can wield a goddamn axe, why does Xander use a damn sword of all things in the game where swords really are at a disadvantage even with OP stats, range and 1-2 normal weapons can't double anymore?)! It would at least make sense from a story perspective (LOL story having sense in Fates). So yeah, you start with some garbage units, with shitty stats, you have to face ennemies with higher stats than your units although they already outnumber you, and your only way to make up for it is to use attack stance against single ennemies to hope to kill them before you get killed (with very unequal accuracy) or dual guard and hope it doesn't get you killed. You also have to waste a ton of gold into temporary stat boosters just to not be cannon fodder for 8 chapters instead of having directly the base stats allowing your units to do their job. Add to all that the fact that you have to buy nearly every single healing item you need or want since they give you nearly none from the beginning of the game, that weapons above iron are about as useful as your fingers instead of toilet paper after you took a shit, and instead of these shitty weapons they give you for free because they know most won't even use them more than 3x in a playthrough due to how gimmicky they are (instead of letting durability, availability and price balance them), you'll have to buy or find tons of iron weapons you'll have to forge in order to have actual weapons and not even more stat debuffs on your already mediocre units (especially non royals). And shurikens give 2 speed for free while daggers have +5 accuracy, nice joke IS, next time try to think and playtest before selling the final product. I've seen many people on these boards explain thresholds, strategies to kill this or that. I think I shouldn't need to follow an LTC guide just to enjoy the game in hard if there are only 2 non lunatic difficulties since normal should be called easy and phoenix mode is complete disrespect of the series. Or they could let you play phoenix on any difficulty if that's what we want to just take revenge on these * annoying ennemies on the hardest difficulty. It's a single player game, not an online MMO or MOBA where you have to ensure the player isn't OP from the get go facing handicapped ennemies (which is actually common in PVP MMO or MOBA since they release OP heroes or classes to sell skins and cosmetics or payable classes etc., thanks microtransactions for ruining gaming experience in general). I don't want my game to be a puzzle game in hard, I don't care if it is in lunatic since it's a mode for experts. Hard is for people who want non poop-made ennemies and actual ennemy density, not for masochists who like to play puzzle in a tactical RPG (and an RPG should always let you do things in the way you want, not trying to force you into doing specific things to cheese it, that is for LTC/speedrunning, not for casual play). That's it, what are your thoughts?
  4. Thanks @Benice and any other people who might have mentionned my Birthday, although I don't care much TBH I even asked my family to stop saying happy birthday and trying to organize my Bday because for me it's a childish capitalist argument to push people into buying more and more unneeded things.
  5. Are we really doing that AGAIN? Bronze give +10 crit avoid, as a berserker it negates all of Arthur's negative crit avoid, but why would you use it on a berserker is beyond me: as a fighter, though, Arthur has good strength, axes hit hard and he has a good skill growth. Once he can hit you can give him better weapons, maybe even gamble. And Arthur's best class is cavalier, because if he looses some speed (1 point + 5% growth), at least it gives him a luck growth, access to visit points naginatas, elbow room, shelter, and his son can inherit elbow room or shelter instead of a skill he has natural access to. Also, once you've gotten Percy, you have 2 options: either you use both in tandem, each one buffing the other/weakening the ennemies, or you can just bench Arthur if you don't like him. It's not like you have to use Arthur and Effie in tandem to get the earliest Percy, so you can put Effie on Arthur's back for him to have 1 def less than her at base, 3 or 4 base speed over her and 6 or 7 HP, so that even if he takes a crit (a 1% chance crit), he won't die that easily, and as opposed to Effie, Arthur doesn't fall to 0 (even -1 if that was allowed like in Genealogy of the Holy War) when he's under seal speed. Unless we play a different game, most units without a DLC class don't ORKO much at all before long (except Niles with mages and a fast AND powerful Corrin vs onis, hint Corrin is often one but rarely both fast and powerful without a dedicated backpack, which means you waste an unit slot just to have one unit perform well). It's the same as Radiant Dawn, most units take a long while to even get to the point where they can function by themselves and ORKO. That's the main reason why Camilla is so high up: she's almost the only one who can ORKO most unpromoted ennemies from the get go. Peri with her personal is comparble offense-wise to...to? She has nearly the same offensive stats as no Darting blow Reina, and she has 9 or 10 levels left before promotion, + promotion bonuses, + insane strength, passable skill, good speed (at least she can easily outclass Silas unless he's already 20/1 AND speed blessed), her personal is only icing on the cake. What you're telling us is that you'd rather have an unit not kill and not do anything meaningful rather than having a second Camilla in training. Same as cavalier Arthur, she can grab the visit points naginatas, and she can use guard naginata AT BASE, bumping her defensive stats higher than Silas, her res becoming better than Silas' with VoF. All this while retaining a better speed than him for the whole game, ensuring she can grow into a good ORKO unit in a few levels. Her bases are crap, Odin's base are crap, Nyx's bases are crap, half the cast is crap at base, only half the cast starts 5-10 levels higher and has much less time to grow than she has and gains much less exp than she does. Now can we end this please? You don't like growth units, I think it's clear, and I won't go into a 3 pages argument over that. All I say is she's one of the few units who only require some exp to bench 60% of the cast if not more as an ORKO machine while not being a glass cannon. How many units can do that? Not many without using like 10 different ressources just to enable them. Mozu only asks for a little exp at the point in the game where you've got mostly crappy offensive units, where Effie can't OHKO anything yet and before some good level ups and get doubled by half the Hoshidan generics until her speed growth finally wants to be nice. Mozu has 1 or 2 speed over Effie with a 5 level disadvantage, at the same level she has about a 5 points lead, and it only gets wider as she gains levels because her growth is higher than Effie's. I was comparing PoR's piss easy difficulty to Fates. In PoR, anyone can be a killing machine with little investment just because BEXP is stupid OP and ennemies have 0-3 speed for the first 7 chapters of the game with a few exceptions. Fates is quite the opposite with decently fast ennemies, pair up and attack stance spamming, all the bullshit level design/gameplay design IS put to work. Map/level design has to do with the topic, because a unit like Kaze suffers from this, while Jakob is one of the units who helps you defeat it. The differences are: damage output, skills, utility, worth of a heart seal on said unit, room for improvement. If Kaze needs a forge, a pair up and tonics to kill anything tankier than a mage, then his combat prowess is bad, and his utility is very limited, the only things he can do that Jakob can't are lockpicking and poison strike. Jakob hits hard enough if reclassed that poison strike is unnecessary for him and poison strike doesn't kill. Jakob asks for 1 ressource, everything else is just overwhelmingly OP on him. Kaze asks for several ressources and even then he's outdone by several units. Because he can't facetank except mages, because his damage is through the ground, because he joins just before ch 12 starts with a base level comparable to my most used units in the middle of ch 9 (2.5 chapters earlier, 3 bosses earlier, 2 if you don't count Takumi because he's not a guaranteed kill). Anyone you've used can beat Kaze with ease, and Niles is all you need to kill mages, has more movement, more utility, 1-2 bow not long after Kaze is recruited, can get 9 movement with a 1-2 bow, hits much harder with a bow (magical or physical) than Kaze with any shuriken...the list goes on. Setsuna beats Kaze because her offense even with a mediocre strength is 50% more than Kaze and that's with an iron yumi. She also starts with 8 strength at level 3, while he starts with 5 or 6 strength, D shurikens, and only has 5% growth over her in their base class. Setsuna gains quick draw and suddenly she deals 2x more damage than Kaze on a physical ennemy, meaning that if she fails to double, she hits as hard as Kaze if not harder due to def being applied once instead of 2, while if she doubles she kills unless it's a knight/great knight or an ubber ennemy. She can miss 1 of 2 attacks and still outdamage Kaze. If you give Kaze a tonic or pair up, you must give the same treatment to Setsuna, in this case she owns him even more. Also archers are much better attack stance bots than a weak ninja who struggles dealing damage by himself, which means that the damage penalty for being an attack stance bot relegates him to dealing around 0 damage. And shuriken don't deal 3x damage on the most mobile, fast and annoying ennemy type: pegasi/falcons/kinshis, Niles has been sniping them in ch10 one and a half chapter before Kaze even joins. Kaze can barely deal 5-6 damage to a wyvern if he's not 10 levels ahead, and they have close to 30 HP as soon as the boat map in BR. Sniper gives 10 hit, 10 crit vs 5 everything that master ninja half-assed gives, and Kaze should go mechanist instead for actual base strength, def, HP and movement. And bows to save his non existent damage with shuriken. Archers have 2 range, mages have 2 range, bows have good hit, snipers make up for yumi accuracy, when you draw an ennemy you put your unit at the good range position with the weapon that allows the best performance. Archers can draw and counter mages. End of argument. To kill a mage, Takumi needs 1 hit, Setsuna somewhere between 1 and 2 depending on her strength and the weapon she uses. Kaze needs 2 full hits, no pair up/tonic can change that. E bows aren't a problem though: 7 MT is the power of a steel shuriken, but also the power of a bronze yumi, and a bronze bow has 6 but 10 more hit than the bronze yumi. Bronze bows deal 18 damage to flyers, bronze yumis deal 21, steel shuriken deal 7. I don't see how E bows could be worse than C shuriken. Shuriken are annoying in the hands of ennemies, they're absolute garbage in the hands of anyone not called Saizo/Kagero or dread fighter (but DF is bullshit in itself and makes any physical unit OP because of base stats). +1 bronze yumi has 9 MT, 27 against flyers, bronze bow +1 has 8 MT, 24 against flyers. I could go on but you should have already understood my point by now. Do you really think that I'm including magic units in that? also I could even include them, since when they reach C rank they can use flame shuriken/Felicia's plate and outdamage Kaze, which is kind of ridiculous and helps my point. He's outdone by a magic unit with a little investment in his best class, so... I think now we can close this topic, it's going nowhere and no one has been able to convince me and other people who understand how Jakob and Kaze work that Kaze is better than Jakob, and Jakob supporters and myself have proved how not only Jakob, but most units in the game can beat Kaze at his own role or a close one, and some of them can even do more things than Kaze. If we want to use skill buying as an argument, there are 20x more skills buyable everywhere for Jakob than for Kaze, so even abusing a busted element of the game still favors Jakob and it's much easier to find a Jakob with several damage or support skills than to find something else than poison strike, lethality or golembane for Kaze. Even being so popular, Kaze still lacks skill builds in MyCastle environment.
  6. Bronze fixes almost all of Arthur's crit problem, and if he's the one to crit with a weapon allowing it, then he doesn't take a hit at all. Bronze also fixes his hit rate and is forgeable. Peri can last hit on PP with any weapon and get her personal going for EP and you can even dance for her. With Laslow's rally command and her passive she's got 18 speed, with Kaze backpack she's got 21 (or 20 without command). It's high enough to double a whole lot of ennemies at base. If she get a Keaton backpack now her offense get +3/+6 if she's doubling. Mozu is more durable after like 6 level ups from level 1 than half of your available units. She tanks more than the glass canons, than the squishies, and soon she can tank about as well as Silas without VoF. Unlike Silas though, she has enough speed to double once she get going, which takes no more than 40-50% of her paralogue. I did't use her much lately, because she puts many CQ and even BR units to shame after just that and playing normally one or two chapters as if she was any other filler unit, and then she starts really outshining many especially in a class with high strength.Archer works, as well as spear fighter, wyvern, fighter, cavalier...offensive skills are a nice bonus to have. She IS screwable, but so is about anyone seeig how the ennemies scale into mid/late game. This is no Path of Radiance hard mode where there are like 3 difficult chapters in a 27 chapters game, most of the reason why I dislike PoR is simply the fact that the pace is a slug, the visuals are inferior to GBA, the animations are uggly and I get to play who I like after half of the game is done, and Serenes Forest being an awful 5 maps with some swamp and no shop no BEXP (although the game isn't any kind of challenge even without BEXP, just give your robe to Ike and your dragonshield/energy drop to Titania and you've successfully completed the game, GGWP no other unit is required, and finally you can't control Laguz shifts like in Radiant Dawn which means they're definitely useless for a certain number of turns except for meatshielding). So yeah, units who can grow well are good in Fates, since the further you go into the game, the more you want to skip awful maps (if that's what Serenes calls good map design, then I'll have to tell you my opinion is close to the opposite, the maps are annoying, but not even half as annoying as the f*ing puzzle game with ennemy formations, skills, dual attack braindead spamming, paired up ennemies most of your units can't double or get doubled by with broken attack numbers, sudden difficulty jumps like when generals show up with a jump of 10 def/HP compared with knights, etc., I just hate Fates' level design and the only reason I'm attracted to the game is good 1-2 swords+skill builds, the sheer pleasure to build units in theorycraft and see them on the battlefield is what draws me in, otherwise I much prefer Sacred Stones with diverse and funny map/level design, in normal for fun or in hard without Seth abuse and without Franz, Vanessa barely gaining 3 level ups in 5 chapters cuz her offense and defense both suck and she can't hold a steel lance to make up for it, deals chip damage even to monsters and dies in 1.4 axe hit in axeland, I don't see how she's so praised in LTC when the only thing she does well is ferrybot and village collect, probably for the same reason as RD Jill, which is dump all your stat boosters in this unit, because it flies...at least Vanessa can double without a steel weapon, Jill doesn't even have this luxury and BEXP in RD is non existant before 1-6-2 is completed, hell Jill has one thing over Vanessa, canto after attacking and growing some defense in the very long run, sorry 2 things, she doesn't die in 1 arrow in the whole game). On topic, what does Kaze do that no one else can do (maybe can do better than him?)? If you give me an acceptable answer, he'll bump one or 2 tiers in my personal tier list, but as far as it goes for me, Setsuna is better than him, similar stat spread after she starts growing, but she has more strength, yumis with 9 base MT on iron, 13 with +2 iron, quick draw in her base class, doubles as much as Kaze after a few level ups, can ORKO ninjas with a little help (tonic and maybe attack/guard stance, better than Kaze needing Rinkah fixed to him for the whole game to do anything and using 4 MT iron weapons that only have eight MT after +2 forge, steel forge locked to 1 before chapter 13/14, while steel yumi deals almost the same damage as a silver weapon without any forge and yumis give 2 res for free to make up for archer's lack of it), and due to +2 iron yumi having 1 less MT than Fujin Yumi, quick draw giving Setsuna 17 attack with +2 iron and her own strength added to that (8 at base, which means if she gains 0 point of strength she has 25 damage as a level 10 archer), you can guess what comes, Setsuna beats both Kaze and Takumi, the oh so praised ones. And please don't give me a LOLaccuracy, because once she promotes she can't miss anymore. As for mage bait, archers have 2 range, mages have 2 range, now you can guess that you can draw a mage with an archer placed at the limit of it's range. Kinshi also gives Setsuna/Takumi flight and base res, rendering Fujin Yumi perfectly obsolete, forged weapons get bonus hit/crit after a certain point, and Setsuna doubling with a forged steel yumi...is insane. 16 MT +2, 20 MT if you ever get to +4, and if one goes completely out of his way or abuses salvage blow and arena, 24 MT when +6. It's a whole 48 damage when one doubles, 56 with Quick draw, 72 with Setsuna's base attack. Anything not called General or Great knight will really suffer. OFC this is ideal set up, but even normal set up still beats anything Kaze can ever reach without a +4 dedicated strength backpack. And then we're not speaking of Kaze, but Kaze+Rinkah, and it's 2 units, not one. Same for conquest with Mozu instead of Setsuna, only Mozu trade some res for more def, and she's still got a decent res growth, and bows have 10% more hit than Yumis in exchange for only 1 point of damage (which is seriously busted). Even if Mozu isn't an archer, you can reclass anyone who can support with her into archer and abuse bows. Kaze joins at chapter 12 (11 is finished when he joins), so he's not doing it before mid game, and he starts bouncing of ennemy def long before he can hope to get the class unless you play many DLC/MyCastle battles. As for dread fighter, try doing it with any early joiner and they all blow Kaze out of sight. Because they're not screwed by their base stats like he is, because they're not doomed by their stat caps like he is. And because some of them even increase the strength cap of everyone. Or def.
  7. Arthur is fine as long as he isn't RNG-screwed in any way. At least his downs are workable without any pair up abuse. He can do well by himself with heling items and tonics, like most frontline units. But skills-wise he's not comparable to Jakob. Still more useful than Kaze for earlygame contributions and can be a good backpack if he falls off. For comparisons, I thought of ninjas in BR/Rev (especially BR since in Rev not many units are even viable at all without grinding or DLC scrolls), and Peri in CQ since she joins basically at the same time as Kaze but after preparation menu, which is annoying but workable. Weaken an ennemy enough for her to kill it, equip her javelin, shelter the unit who traded the javelin, now she has her personal + elbow room activated for +7 str/mag, +4 skl/spd, hell she can even hit for 18 with the bolt naginata if you use visit points rewards. 20 str/7 magic isn't something you just ignore when it can be set for EP on a level 10 unit without any level up. With bolt naginata she can maybe double with 17 spd, 2x 18 magic damage hurts a lot, and that's with 0 base magic. Better than anything Kaze can hope for at this stage of the game since he hits on the physical side and his personal skill could as well not exist for what it's worth, just like ninja's pair up bonus, why did it have to be 3 spd 1 skl instead of 4 spd...IS please... Keaton gives the same amount of spd as a ninja, on top of 3 strength, FFS...yeah, I see some people seem to really like Kaze for some unexplicable reason, I think it's fanboyism or fangirlism, because I don't see how I'm getting anything from him unless I dedicate 3 damage ressources to him just to make him usable, not talking of long term use, this was including a pair up bot since he won't survive a single axe/bow hit with some aids skill like Quick draw that's present in both ch8 and 12 without guard stance (well he could maybe stay alive if not for the ennemies going in attack stance 24/7 all the damn game, because ennemies dealing 80% of your squishies'HP in 1 hit wasn't enough, they had to also let them attack with a pal so they could ORKO you without ever having to double).
  8. For the matter of difficulty, I assume Hard of course: normal is piss easy and lunatic isn't everyone's thing. For the argument of Jakob being equal to early promoted Arthur: Jakob has 40% more skill* (edited from Luck) than Arthur at the beginning of the game and uses more accurate weapons, can use magic weapons and physical weapons well, pick up the flame shuriken/bolt naginata from castle visit points if you've unlocked them, he has access to any lv 25-35 skill you want him to without gaining garbage exp per fight. Having access to +8-+20 damage skill combos in one heart seal and one partner seal, or to skills negating damage like armored blow while everyone still takes 8 damage just for engaging an ennemy, means he's instantly better at any job you want him to fulfill as long as you choose your build before then. He even gives you a free healer with promoted skills as early as your build and support option allow it, with a good exp chapter even though I find the ennemies to be as overwhelming and overstatted as Awakening's on harder difficulties, dissuading you to do it without a few promoted units unless you're really confident about being able to take out swarms of overstatted unpromoted and promoted ennemies. Kaze, in the meantime, has no access to any useful skill apart from poison strike and locktouch. His offense and physical defense are garbage without any natural means of making up for it. Doubling means little when you still need high strength pair up and forges to kill anything more than unpromoted underlevelled mages. Kaze requires a ridiculous amount of investment just to exist when his join is followed by better units not much later in each path (Saizo, Kagero, Peri with a javelin, all of them are better than him by a mile and actually have a late game at all since Kaze can't damage knights forever and he lacks what is needed to threaten/soften berserkers, and steel dagger Felicia does the same job as him with debuffs but she can also flame shuriken and heal and bring support auras just like Jakob). Jakob 2 is like 2 levels away from tombreaker, 4 levels from inspiration/5 from armored blow, and can cumulate elbow room, shelter, armored blow and tomebreaker and luna.
  9. Why continue to praise Kaze's mage killing attributes, when Jakob is virtually invulnerable to tomes for most of the game once he reaches level 15? send him into a mage onslaught and watch his WTA + tomebreaker ignore everything he fights, 60% base avoid if it's not more in Fates with 0 spd/lck. Even Benny and base Effie have more than 0 speed and they're the slowest of molasses in the party for all of t1 (Effie) or forever (Benny). Kaze doesn't need to fight to pick locks, Niles has more movement just by giving him 2 or 3 level ups and has access to 9 movement or 7 + staff utility and better damage output than Kaze through shining bow. Kaze's pair up bonuses aside some speed are trash and Niles gives speed already, like Selena, Charlotte, Arthur (who both also give 4 str at base), Keaton, and so on. Kaze is a nice pal, loyal like Silas, serviceable, but by no way is he a useful unit by himself, since he struggles at killing the squishiest ennemies without forged steel. If you speak of Conquest then he's outshone by basically everyone in the cast (outside from Odin maybe) who's been used for 3-5 full chapters before he joined back (even then with lv 11-12 rejoin he still deals very low damage and struggles doubling a good portion of the ennemies with steel shuriken, not even mentionning steel daggers that're the only legitimately forgeable ones in CQ). Kaze still get killed in 2 hits by any physical weapon wielder at any point of the game, and I wouldn't be surprized if he died from a crit facing a sniper since his luck is pityful forever unless you give him the Arthur treatment (at least Arthur deals damage with bronze weapons so he doesn't need permanent stat boosters just not to die while still dealing damage). In Revelations, he's unusable because of early promoted ennemies he can't even scratch without Rinkah's support or +2 steel forge. In Birthright, you get 2 better ninjas, one who can tank a few hits until he's under 50% then you don't want him to take a hit (Saizo) and the other who can tank just as well as Saizo at base, but who can actually kill everything in t1 by capping her insane strength, actually being able to double while dealing so much damage, also able to take out mages without a scratch and her base def ensures she never becomes a real glass cannon like Hana. Think of it like that: just to reach Kagero's base strength level 10, Kaze needs to reach his own cap, which is unlikely to happen before level 16 if not 20. Meanwhile a level 20 Kagero has a whole shurikenfaire worth of strength over him, she actually has a personal skill even if niche, Kaze can't even use his without being pair up fodder, and if you take the way of archer Kagero, she gets +2 str from archer, +4 damage from Quick draw and +5 from yumi, so a whopping 11 damage on PP (it's not like you use Kagero much on EP anyway). With that Kagero also reaches 80% str growth and an even more insane cap, while retaining 65% spd growth. Kaze falls off when mid game comes to the corner (and in CQ he comes just before mid game, being screwed forever), has low early game potential/use outside opening chests and doing the same combat as Jakob, needs a dedicated str pair up or illiegitimate forge just to be able to kill something at all, sometimes both, his res isn't that impressive for chapter 12 (since he rejoins after chapter 11 ends in CQ), and will never reach anything close to invulnerability against magic damage since he struggles at dealing more than chip damage, his only combat use is poison strike, which Laslow can also do but with better mid/late game since he has a strength growth. Jakob, while Kaze plays catch up to everyone else by feeding him more exp than Odin + Mozu put together, is stacking t2 skills, both supportive and for himself, can let MU take -7 damage and +15 avoid as his backpack just by heart sealing him once, making Corrin a second Benny with potential speed, damage and actual avoid. Jakob can be a spear master, a berserker, a great knight, a sniper, a swordmaster, etc. while everyone else is still in t1, benefitting from both class bases/bonuses and from lv 15 skills in earlygame. His late game isn' bad at all since by then he can have class changed 3x to grab so many lv 25/35 skills that it's not even funny, he basically outclasses most of the cast by doing this. He tends to be shoulder to shoulder with Camilla in terms of domination. With tomefaire to ignore mages, you can make him whatever you want, he will still only need physical bulk or high avoid to be a real tank. Guess what? He can grab any skill/class allowing him to do so while Silas still struggles to tank 3 hits, while Kaze still can't scratch to save his life and while Effie still can't OHKO nohr avoid being doubled before she begins to see the light of RNG enlight her trash speed base of 5. That's why Jakob is infinitely better than Kaze, who could be good on paper, but is a big fail for me as an unit in the actual game. If the game had FE8/FE7 easy mode ennemies, he would be a great unit, but in this game he is poop. Being useful just to use poison strike and lockpick isn't a boon, it's a clear bane, and his reclass option is worse for him since he looses his ability to counter at range and kill mages in whatever number of turns. He needs to go mechanist to actually deal damage, and it's not even that great of a difference. Lethality is a trash skill not worth a slot and most ninja skills are mediocre, poison strike doesn't let him get experience, shurikenfaire isn't guaranteed to ever reach his skill slots since he must get so many level ups just to get there in a game where he struggles to gain experience. Exp funnelling a bad unit can make it a decent unit, exp funnelling a good unit can make an awesome unit. Jakob benefits 10x more from each level up than Kaze and doesn't even need to fight to get exp. The fact that he can use any simple build before anyone promotes makes him the most useful unit to give ressources to. He could be better than Camilla depending on the build you give him. And he can start doing it from ch7. Peri can do the same mage killing job as Kaze, only she can actually reach Effie level of craziness by setting up OHKOs with javelin (her personal takes care of that). And she can also shelter, has 7 move at base, potentially 8 after promotion, can grab heartseeker to make up for her skill, while maintaining a weapon she has a rank in, elbow room gives her free damage (armored blow let her activate her personal with little punishment) and her speed growth ensures she's gonna double very fast if you level her up. Mozu can ORKO any ennemy after a few level ups as an archer and as a sniper she can double and obliterate everything while retaining a good physical bulk and half decent hp/res. Sorry for this wall of text, but I had to. After experimenting with Jakob, I know how gamechanging he can be if you're willing to let him, and it's far more gamebreaking than Camilla who doesn't have much utility or Xander who needs investment just to start doing his job well (at least if you want him to be independant like Haar). Even Jakob 2 can do this, he even comes close to learning tomebreaker and any level 35 skill you want him to. So even Jakob 2, even though he does't have early game use, is better than Kaze. This is personal opinion, but if you read it you will understand that some information there is absolutely objective and proves my opinion here to be in the wright, even if it's not absolutely true about everything.
  10. Hi, Today I'm thinking of why should I ever use Kaze when Jakob has way more utility, damage, skill access, pair up bonuses for Corrin, doesn't need Rinkah's support just to have a decent strength, has natural access to a mirror healing skill, tomebreaker to completely shit on tome users, base 6 movement, no movement restriction on desert tiles, better stat distribution including caps (dat -2 str mod really destroys Kaze forever in my book)...and he has 2 more levels to grow out of his bases (with better base strength and def than Kaze and a royal lead in luck at any point in the game), his major problem, speed, being solved by fixing a shuriken instead of a dagger on him and alternating between healing and debuffing/Killing to level up, while Kaze has only access to combat exp. What are your arguments in favor of Jakob or Kaze? Outside from Poison strike, which I already know of, is good, but better used by other units who can actually damage all the ennemy types, not only mages. This is an all routes contest, even if Jakob is the clear winner in revelations due to being overlevelled thanks to several more chapters of utility duty before Kaze joins/rejoins. I should add that in Rev I just put base Jakob with +hp/-res Corrin as his C-support backpack and he solo'd ch7 at base with an iron shuriken>steel shuriken, going the Northern path first to grab Gunter for the Western path, used Gunter instead of MU as Jakob's backpack (my Jakob has15 str and 18 spd instead of 12-13/14-15 at level 12 after this, but got -1 def and -2 HP), without any tonic other than the free HP tonic given in the opening maps. all this while keeping him as a butler, AKA one of the weakest physical classes in the game, both offensively and defensively (25 HP 9 def at level 12 ain't anything special, even the supposed 26.5/10 ain't very good). PEMN, but being able to do this from level 1 should mean something still, especially when you fight ninjas on about every portion of the map on top of cavaliers/archers/fighters/lance fighters/Knights and a few samurais who are totally not a problem.
  11. Of course I don't expect you to compare a knight's def to a troubadour's def, this would be bull. But we can compare a knight's def to a troubadour's res in situations where it is useful (for example, how Effie takes physical hits from fighters compared with how Elise takes magical hits from mages in CQ 8, where the kid can draw 1 or 2 mages without ever being in danger, meanwhile Effie takes good amounts of damage from fighters, amongst whom one or two top their high attack with quick draw and also fight alongside a few mages, where Effie has to survive both heavy physical and magical damage in one turn depending on the situation/tactics). Effie's def is only high at the beginning of ch9 where she has to shoot herself in the foot in order to draw the lancer if you want to take the front door, because otherwise the spear fighters don't go for her. And Effie under seal def is less than a minion. Her best class would have been archer for real. Too bad she's a knight and not good at it. Like we sad, Hp has 2 stat boosters: tonic and seraph robe. Seraph robes are a limited ressource, tonics cost 150g each. 10 chapters of tonics are worth 1500 g per unit for 1 tonic, 3000 for 2 etc. I doubt CQ gives you enough gold to pump up the HP of every no HP/middling HP unit you're using, assuming there are more than high HP units. Meanwhile def can also be boosted to insane levels just by pairing up with a captured knight/GK/general (I've captured a nice knight with inspiration and 2 other good skills in some run, it is nice to see him in my logbook). Good HP: around 30 before lv 10 (Hinata is included as well because he has Arthur without HP+5 level of HP as a myrmidon and only gets better as any actual bruiser class). Effie fails greatly in this category with average at best HP (23 base at level 6 in her tankiest possible class with 60% growth as a general and 55% as a knight, bringing her to...30.7 HP at level 20...that's 1 point higher than Arthur's base HP at level 7...alongside her shaky def with a personal base of 4 as a level 6 knight and only 55% growth in the highest def class, she is the most glass-canonny knight I've seen since Amelia who was facing weaker ennemies anyway and didn't suffer from stat seals and debuffs or poison strike combos, getting RNG-screwed with Effie in HP is unforgiving since her HP is only good AFTER promotion and still not that good compared with units who have her General HP as unpromoted units, and her speed doesn't forgive her for being screwed in anything else since she needs to proc it ASAP and get to her lv 20 spd very fast in order to avoid being doubled, since her lv 20 spd as a knight is only 12.7, which for the ones telling Effie doubles is the proof that they have used an RNG-blessed, or should I say RNG-sanctified Effie, because 12 spd doubles jack shit past ch8 in hard, and even in normal it doesn't double much). Arthur, Azama, Hinata, reclassed Subaki (sky knight has 0% hp growth...), royal heirs (Ryoma and Xander), Benny, Charlotte, Keaton, base Kaden and basara Kaden (because his class has 10% HP growth, the same as myrmidons, which is barely passable), basara Hinoka, reclassed Hayato (50% personal growth as lv 1), Takumi is on the edge due to no natural access to a good HP class, Odin in a good HP class (although not practical), Leo. These are the units with high HP in Fates. They can all get around 35-40 hp by the time they catch up to royal heirs. Ryoma has 16 base def, whichis decent, his only bad defensive stat is res, and Xander has even more HP and def (his own def isn't that high for his archetype but he's like the reincarnation of Duessel with 8 mov, and his prf let him have more def than he has otherwise, I think apart from HP a decent Silas may surpass Xander at one point, especially being more available so he deserves stat boosters to fix his downsides and having probably better spd/res unless early promoted, but no 1-2 weapon hurts him and magic weapons aren't his forte). Obviously Revelations Silas has the best balance of HP/def/res in the game with passable speed, although Benny can have a word with him after catching up in HP or taking HP +5.
  12. I often use +HP Corrin if I want a tanky Corrin (I even use - spd sometimes, knowing wary fighter is there if I need it). And like I said, it was the last time I answered to Levant on the Radiant Dawn points on Laguz etc. and honestly I tried to link it as much as possible to the topic by constantly recalling the HP/def/res part. Laguz are just better combat units than Wolfssegners and Nine tailed Fox but they have more downsides for being better at fighting, like having to manage a ressource (well for a cross-game comparison it's similar to ultimate abilities that boost one's fighting ability rather than just dealing X damage, full transformation is the ultimate ability and half transformation is more like the beaststone or beastrune without it's drawbacks on units with 50% more HP than Fates form changers, that allows them to be so interesting, mounted mobility and shove, a few having both shove and canto, notably birds). The positive point is their mobility that is better than Beorc units since they take less penalties for it. Back to the topic, Fates form changers have good combat stats with average def/res (one being anti-mage the other being anti-tank, and if you look at it beastrune Kaden has better combat than beastrune/beaststone Keaton due to good base strength, excellent base speed and growth, impenetrable res with average def, his beastrune def being about similar to Oboro without guard naginata, and he actually has 35% def growth which is quite decent for a supposedly glass cannony unit). Their only real problem apart from range is that...they have foot soldier mobility, which is a dowgrade from any form changer I've seen in a Fire Emblem (comparable to Ena in Radiant Dawn). When I play Fates I hate going with 23 base HP units because they just fall so fast from anything that beats their def/res that it's the same as sending a glass cannon. Meanwhile higher HP units have it better and don't rely solely on their def/res to tank but can take a big hit from their HP alone. Increasing their def/res makes them very reliable frontliners and HP is more versatile for tanking than def or res will ever be. Be it magical or physical damage, HP doesn't change while 20 def 6 res means the tank can only take 1 magical hit and gets benched as soon as magical ennemies are too common (which is Blacksmith!Rinkah, GK!Silas and Spear Master!Oboro's problem, at least without guard naginata, which is simply an item that could be seen as a cheat by itself, it's only downside being low damage and no 1-2).That's why I prefer taking Kaden as any class in my team rather than Kaze. Better strength, better HP, average def vs trash def, nearly identical res, and Kaden only improves if you give him a class with a 1-2 weapon or some quality weapons, while Kaze is already in his best class and already underperforming. His strength cap and his def are really holding him back from being the good unit so many players make him out to be. Anyone can be good with backpack abuse, but everyone can't get a +4 def +4 str backpack at the same time. Rinkah isn't exclusive to Kaze, meanwhile bad def/str and middling HP are his dowsides for the whole game. That's the reason for me to play Kaden, Hinata, Oboro over Kaze, Rinkah, Silas. Even Oboro has 2 or 3 base HP over Silas while his HP growth doesn't even ensure he will have the same HP at her level. It also doesn't help that he has shaky growths and bases everywhere on top of HP. Oboro is better than Silas in almost everything for about the whole game. 8 base speed with only average HP/def and mediocre res put Silas in the gutter in my book. You said this gae is 90% PP action. Well, maybe. But you seem to forget that, in order to see PP, you must be able to survive EP. I've played lunatic and I can tell you that my MVP there was Spear fighter Subaki. Yes, Subaki. 19 def at level 18, seal def, more than 30 HP (I don't remember exactly since it's been like a month ago, must have been between 33 and 37) and darting blow really helped him, he has 24 def with guard naginata before promotion alongside his HP, effectively tanking all of the ennemies on the boat chapter even if he was 1v5 and attacked by magic once per turn by the dangerous Malig knight. After that all these ennemies were lying there with seal def on them and my team just had to come and slaughter them. Without my stupidly good Subaki (not even strong, just tanky and average fast more from bases than growths), I'd have to take out swarms of ennemies with my limited team. With Subaki playing AOE taunt tank and debuffing ennemies, it was a walk in the park. PP action is ENABLED by good frontline units. With bad frontliners, You can only kite ennemies 1 by 1 and end up cornered by a finite map and too many ennemies to kill them, it also kills any intent on saving turns since you can go forward only if you won't die for it. The versatility of HP is the most valuable frontline boon. Having bad HP is a bane. Take Hana, she's a PP unit with low defensive stats. If her trash defensive growths don't cooperate (and they're likely to screw you over more than not), she will be OHKOd by a lot of ennemies before midgame even happens. That's where you go when you don't have HP. Azura dies in 1 hit from so many ennemies I've stopped hoping she would be able to live through a single hit. She's a Heron Laguz but worse (no mobility steroid, no multiple units song, only 1 type of song available). In a game with many open maps and ennemy groups moving all together towards the player in a very Awakening-style AI and level design, I don't even deploy her in most maps past chapter 9/10. FE 8 has another way to make you realize what HP is worth: dragonzombies. Good luck taking a hit with bad HP, 29-31 true damage with very high accuracy puts your squishies into danger zone where any other hit before they heal set them dead. It's especially true when your mages or squishy physical units don't reach 40 HP before CC, alongside barely having 10 def against 25-30 damage ennemies. Fates even shows you how important HP is the further you go into the game: when you see Garon's attack, speed and bulk in normal mode in chapter 12, you have to think that you will have to be able to fight THAT with your no HP units. Then you think that you'd better have good HP because no amount of defense will be enough to fight him plus whatever ennemies you'll have to face alongside him if you can't one round him (and with dragonscale, I doubt that anyone can one round him). Especially if he has draconic hex like in chapter 12, meaning you won't survive 2 rounds against him not even counting his underlings. In no pair up mode, I don't even imagine the set up you have to use to kill him without loosing anyone, and he's not even the final boss if I've understood the hints I've read here and there.
  13. I think it's the last time that I'll answer your inexperienced fallacies: Wildheart lets you transform and untransform WHENEVER YOU WANT, do you understand whenever you want? It means that your half transformation gauge only gets to 0 if you take as many ennemy attacks at it is needed to go from 30 or whatever 27 he may have after attacking on his turn, to 0. Which never happened to me, because he can't fight 10 ennemies per turn because there aren't so many he will be able to 1 round (in p1 ennemy density isn't high enough and in part 3 he doesn't necessarily one round everything at base, but with a beastfoe or energy drop his performance is surely better with +3 strength or tripple weapon damage vs laguz). Why give anything to Nolan? At least you can say Jill has flying and no arrow weakness even if she has garbage base HP and unimpressive growth to go with it, so she makes use out of stat boosters. Meg has Nolan's bases minus hp plus def, with a seraph robe she outclasses base Nolan. Base Nolan is level 9/ Meg is level 3. Meg normally caps speed at level 24, Nolan caps his first stats above level 30. Good luck fixing his garbage stats until he falls in the dust. Meg with promo bonuses has 12 str/def 9 spd from her lv 3 bases, Nolan has 13 str 10 def 10 spd with his level 9 bases, and he has no business with seraph robe as a fighter with 30 base HP it would just be a waste on him. So if we take lv 9/1 Nolan with dragonshield he has 31 HP, 13 str, 12 skl (with axes), 11 spd, 12 def, 5 res. Vs Meg 3/1 with seraph robe: 30 HP, 12 str, 9 skl, 9 spd, 12 def, 7 res. She tanks magic better than he'll ever be able to, no more spd penalty with steel while Nolan still looses 2 spd with steel (on top of having shit tier accuracy with everything higher than iron before tier 3). Like I said, you can give Meg 6 level ups in her join chapter. Anyone else would gain 2-4 levels max depending on their current level at the beginning of the chapter. It means that she has all the room to outclass every single combat unit you have atthis point in 1 chapter. And that's on hard mode. After looking at their average stats, Meg lv 9 is equal with seraph robe to Nolan lv 13 with dragonshield. So now he still gains less exp than her and has already been outclassed by the so called bad unit Meg is supposed to be. Imagine if Mozu had Rinkah's base stats and her own growth rates at lv 1, that would be about the same argument. And celerity fixes all temporary movement problems for chapters 8 and epilogue of part 1, part 3 no one can move far enough to make a difference between mobile units and knights and it emphasises really on turtling (and maybe sending one god to kill the boss or whatever the LTC tactic is). Meg outclasses his res forever and it's useful in the chapter just after her joining map since she can tank the mages fine and draw them for anyone to OHKO them while she heals. Meg has comparable shove utility to Nolan. I prefer a unit with more accuracy and guaranteed to not loose AS just by promoting even if she is RNG-screwed in str and gains 0 point in it, (also base accuracy of swords is mountains above axes) while her speed is on par with his at a comparable level (9 with 13) and effective speed favors her due to what I said, she looses less AS from her weapons (it goes wild in p3 with poleaxes and the like since swords have way less accuracy and weight problems than axes). Nolan's only postivie element is his prf weapon, everythin else about him is subpar. So in her case, her better base def (which is still average and not high def) is a boon far more important than whatever he brings to the table. And you can still use both since the goal of DB missions is to survive, in which case whoever you use isn't a big deal. Just Nolan is so overrated that it looks like fangirls lick his toes all the time on every FE board (be it GFAQs, Reddit or Serenes) while his severe lack of performance even in easy mode has always bothered (or should I say annoyed) me. Even save scumming his level ups didn't allow him to be half as good as Aran. I just find Nolan sucks and all he's good for is taking 2 hits before healing. In this case you can have an unit who will be good as a filler with 1 stat booster vs an unit who's gonna be underperforming for the whole game even with 3 stat boosters who should go to Jill or Volug who can actually use them to kill ennemies and boost the kill count of the chapter where you attack the falcos from a cliff. Just for your information, lv 20 Meg has the same speed as lv 24 Nolan. Who's gonna double the fastest? Nolan's level 20 speed is 16, 17 after promo. He's barely better than Aran of all people and Aran actually has 20 def on average at lv 20 with 30 HP vs 12.85 def with 35 HP. Who's gonna take the biggest hits between these? Still not Nolan. This guy only has his base HP and his facial hair going for him. If you like Nolan so much you should know that he has to reach level 25 just to match Volug's base stats (with a little lead in def and speed against a big lead on HP and a 6 chapter lead of combat and mobility for Volug where he can kill everything in sight not wearing an armor while Nolan is sandbagging and fails to counterattack anything with a sword while his damage is laughable for his class). Also compared with Eddie, Meg has much higher bulk and better base strength with equal lv 21 strength, so she's less RNG-screwable than him in terms of damage and bulk, with also a 2 HP lead 1 level lower than him and he doesn't outscale her either due to myrm/SM caps being trash in everything not called spd/skl. If you're taking one to the tower, Meg's 12 res cap over Nolan and 16 res gap with Edward is indisputably better than Nolan's level 60 speed advantage while he has 5 less def, so yeah, when ennemies deal too much damage I know that HP isn't so much better than defenses, but a unit with both is king/queen when ennemy density doesn't allow you to take out 2-3 ennemies only per full turn. It's just that Radiant Dawn's t3 caps are trash unlike GBA t2 caps, if you want to compare them against ennemies, add 10 points to GBA caps and you'll see how Radiant Dawn just fucked up with caps in general. Be it the hot garbo def of reavers compared with Warriors (despite Boyd actually capping it and not too late at that for 5 level ups with bexp to patch his weaker stats), the speed cap of 2/3rds of the Beorc classes not even able to double the weighed down final boss in normal and hard. This is one more reason to use Laguz, the ones who can double are much better combat units than half the cast if not more and are usable at base without needing to be babied, and units like Janaff can do some work without levelling up once, he has 57 base HP, 16 str (24 in half and 32 in full), 17 spd (25 in half and 34 in full), 30 luck and 12 def (18/24). Janaff has t3 units base stats and even has decent growths for what it's worth. In human form his base stats are better than Boyd's, in half form better than Ike (2 more speed) and in full form he completely stomps part 3 if you got enough olivi grass for him. He even stomps part 4. Ulki hits softer but has ridiculous avoid due to his personal skill and more res, he's more like an actual swordmaster but he flies and has canto. Laguz HP is so high that they can allow themselves to have lower def/res, because their base HP is only matched by level 10, 15 or 20 t3 Beorcs. Anyway RD is giving you royals so you don't even need any Beorc other some staff bots and mandatory units. I don't even play tower tobe honest, did it 4x, 3 in easy 1 in normal and it's boring, doesn't exploit many of the new mechanics (like height differences). TL;DR: how do you see Laguz: oh no these units can't take 15 units per turn, kill them all and go unscratched, they're garbage! (it's a hyperbole but you get the point). How do I see Laguz: they have t2 halfway to t3 (Mordy, Lethe, Volug), nearly t3 (Ranulf) or t3 level 10-15 stats (Janaff, Ulki, Muarim), at base with no investment, the best mobility after/alongside wyverns/falcos, best shove utility, some have canto, and all of them blow every Beorc out of the universe in HP, making up for their average defenses with massive HP pools. PS: About transfers I wasn't implying Mordecai but Nephenee. Without transfers she starts with Sothe's defensive stats (sorry, less than Sothe is more correct) as well as worse than Sothe offensive stats. I don't see how anyone can be willing to raise her in any mode above easy. I like her design but she's nothing special as an unit, even a pain to use, needs heavy babying for several chapers, she's Edward without his strength growth. Highly overrated IMO. She would be worse than Marcia, Sigrun and Tanith if she didn't join Ike early in part 3. Giving paragon to Marcia gives the same results with flight utility if you used her in part 2 to get her to playable level for the Crimean border map in p3 where you have to save the villages. Actually Marcia may even be better than Neph with that. Anyway Fates is Royalstomp from brginning to end and seals put up a middle finger to defense/res based tanks, as well as shuriken/daggers' debuffs. Thus HP is a good stat to have.
  14. Gatrie has 0 part 2 contribution and Brom is garbage for endgame due to fail speed and res. So Mordecai is there for part 2 and his HP soak enough damage to stay on the front lines as long as you have to hold, knowing that Brom or Nephenie (depending on who you trained, Brom being far more usable at base for the whole p2 and none of them being useful in GM chapters since GMs are already better) and Haar will clear the map with the Crimean Knights clearing some of the road blockers on the path to the boss (since I always steal the valuable items and there's one close to the boss and if you can't kill the boss you also have to steal his item if my memory is good). Mordecai just needs to take 1 ennemy and evenutally a javelin thrower at a time with a concoction and a vulnerary in human form and in tiger form I think he OHKOs several ennemies but I might be off (I don't remember their stats and his attack at this point of the game in normal mode), at least he's a Jeigan and that's better than Nephenie can say for most of p2, where she dies in 2 hits from any promoted ennemy and is weighed down by like 3-5 by her only available lance that allows her to deal something close to damage when she joins. If anyone could have used to be a pegasus, it's Nephenee. Meg at least doesn't need much mobility for half to most of DB chapters that are relying on skip tactics or defense maps where no one can really go far, except Jill for LTC but it's not my playstyle and I don't want the lady to miss with her trash tier accuracy and get killed instantly because her tanking abilities are poor and she faces overlevelled ennemies for most of her availability for the whole game. And don't start with transfers, transfers aren't legit because 1. you could not have used the unit in PoR or not reached stat caps for transfers and 2. many people don't even have a save file of PoR or even the game and many play on emulators (especially 90$ games that are more than 10 YO, it's like double the original price seriously) and not everyone wants to go look for info abou how to make transfers on Dolphin, as easy as it could be. I personally don't want to suffer like 27 chapters of the game tied for most boring gameplay in the series alongside Gaiden and its remake Echoes SOV. Still Mordecai has nearly double Neph's HP, 1 point of base def over her in HUMAN form and has the ability to transform and take 0 damage from every non magic ennemy on the map except maybe the boss. If his survivability is as bad as you say, then Nephenee is unplayable above easy mode (actually I used Brom instead in my 1st normal run since he was much better to start with and didn't need to get 5 points of strength just to match the damage of his competition while being killable in 2 hits by anything wielding an axe and 3 by anything wielding a weapon, barely exagerating), and we all know she isn't so Mordecai is far from the garbage you make him to be. And if Morde without wildheart is no worse than Nephenee for a part of the game where his transformed performance is very useful (acutally I think he might deal more damage in 1 hit than her in 2 but well...), then Volug with wildheart is the best ground unit in DB: highest HP pool, tied for highest defense until they promote/Aran, highest damage at base (he OHKOs much stuff Sothe only 2HKOs and take retaliation from, like mages, and his doubling potential stays good for a while, only not against cats/swordmasters but you send Aran or Tauroneo against these and it's laughably easy, when he's available which is the biggest problem of DB, having their best units leave the party so often). Give Volug a dragonshield and his def jumps from 13 to 16 with 49 HP, now he's bulkier than Tauroneo, more available, more mobile and I'll have to try and give him a pure water to see if it is also boosted by transformation bonuses or not, never tried it before. If it is then he would take nearly 0 damage from fire magic, which would make him the best DB unit since his movement is unrestricted in indoor maps unlike mounted units (including Jill), he has the best bases out of all the permanent members of DB and can shove even Tauroneo I guess, I don't remember. If you can manage transformation gauge it's even better since you can fully transform him when you need him to kill shit (22 base str 26 base speed 18 base def, 22 with dragonshield as a full wolf, this trivializes part 3 ennemiessince his contenders for def are Aran and prf!Nolan, the first has lower HP and much lower spd while the latter has lower HP too, lower speed and lower accuracy, and neither Aran nor Nolan are realistically doubling anything in part 3 unless heavy favoritism while base Volug can). Also Volug's weapon is unbreakable and if you use him a lot you'll even see how good an indestructible silver forge can be when you double almost everything (BTW with a speedwings he jumps to 22 base speed in half form and 30 in full, which means he doubles everything in part 3 when he can fully transform, not too often maybe but if you can set it up he can do some nice things, since half form and full form use the same amount of gauge per fight it doesn't change his gauge loosing rate and the good thing with wildheart is that you can move, untransform, retransform the same turn and attack which means he doesn't need to manage anything at all, only not sending him into the whole ennemy army but only Haar and Ragnell Ike can do that, Gatrie too but only with celerity otherwise he's not going far enough for it to work). Here, Volug's HP is his biggest defensive tool but any def/res booster sent at him puts him ever further from the other DB members. Volug is the middle ground between Fates Keaton and Kaden with the beaststone. But he outclasses both of them: he has promoted units' stats and a weapon that scales as the game goes on (and doesn't actually decrease his stats) to stay relevant and gains 1-2 free stat points bonus every 2nd point in every non-HP/luck stat depending on which transformation you're using. He also has unrestricted paladin movement and good shove potential in a game where mounts loose 2 movement points indoors and every endgame map is indoors (but his Endgame potential isn't high anyway). Volug is the best candidate for your stat boosters because he doesn't need to gain any level at all to beat part 3 with a dragonshield and an energy drop, maybe a speedwings if DB gets any, for part 3. Savescumming his 1st level up until he gains a point of speed can also help a lot since it bumps his speed in half form up to 21, or 24 with a speedwings if he can get his jaws on one. Leonardo or Aran support helps him a lot too and with Aran it's mutually beneficial. If people keep praising Zihark for his performance then what to say about Volug, who has better everything except speed? Zihark isn't really endgame material anyway since his strength is ass forever and beyond BEXP fixable limit unless you save scum a lot or give him paragon for 10 chapters (which is barely possible anyway), and his weapon type doesn't help his strength at all, he won't deal more than 20% damage with endgame weapons to generals and I'm assuming he is used long enoughfor that to even matter, when Stefan and Volke both join usable in part 4 with good/amazing bases and weapons and don't require any training to get there, actually using Stefan allows you to skip Zihark completely and give something to Volug and Tauroneo who are better from their joining map to part 3 and Tauroneo is still superior to Zihark for all of p4 since he doesn't rely on earth affinity to survive and can actually deal damage. Tauroneo is more like Silas if he had base speed (which he sadly lacks). His only bad time is when he caps spd, because he won't double middling speed ennemies ad the final boss, but seriously who would expect a marshall to double endgame ennemies anyway? It's like expecting your swordmaster to kill an armor without knight killer, totally unexpectable. Moreover Zihark struggles to kill any tier 2 unit, which means he won't realistically reach Stefan's level/stats by the time you get the green haired badass whose only worse stat would be res by 5 while he has 5-6 more HP than Zihark so a better physical durability (I don't expect any unit to dodge in normal mode and above with ennemies benefitting from leadership stars which are completely gamebreaking IMO and should just not exist at all since they make things imbalanced especially for DB who have very little bonuses from that mechanic, less than the ennemies in p1). You're better off just taking every DB unit who isn't dead weight and doesn't require to get any level up to be good (or is here from early in the game, Nolan/Eddie for the decent frontliner, Aran for the available tank, Meg is later joining Nolan with accurate weapons and better def and can just use the seraph robe and be instantly as good as Nolan while her level will ensure she can only surpass him by far for all the DB exclusive chapters, her only limit being the sae as Nolan's, which is movement, both being restricted in p3 and 1-8, don't forget that on top of 6 more levels to grow and much better exp gain she also has better promotion gains with 2 str/def instead of 1, and she can also use Tormod's celerity before giving it to Ilyana to fic any movement problem in the later chapters of p1, some peole in here have already explained how Meg can get to lv 9 on hard mode in her joining map without risks, so Nolan isn't getting anywhere above her if she just gained as much levels in 1 chapter as he got in 2 and a half and she will still gain more in the next chapters if you only put her on the ledge in 1-5 and take out the pegasi or something not particularly dangerous like the axe knight(s) in 1-6 and maybe the axe cavaliers if her level ups helped with her def, still with the seraph robe she has the same bulk as Nolan so 1 or 2 def with 4-5 HP make her good enough for a while, and at that point Nolan still looses AS with the steel axe with is laughabl when I see people say that Nolan can double because is doesn't happen a lot at all and without Tarvos his def is nothing to be proud of forever and his garbage promo gains and inabiliy to use BEXP to fix his stats before nearly p4 don't help his case, while his magix ensure he has no imbue niche). Sorry for this long parenthesis. The point is too many people forget that Laguz are mostly jeigans/oifeys and their mobility alone makes them good units, they don't need any investment to be usable and any stat booster givn to them patches them up for like 5 more chapters, which is quite good following this forum's own standard of thinking. Not all of them have Canto for sure, but they're still fine without it since they have shove, which allows some turn saving in LTCs. Laguz certainly aren't the best units, but they are good at combat while transformed and never useless, while some Beorc are barely usefull at all. I'd have seraph robe!Meg, Volug, Mordecai, Lethe, falcons in my team anytime instead of Zihark, (sorry) Fiona (I like how she is the most effective DB tank when raised but she still lacks availability, bases and adapted map design to get going), Leonardo, Rolf, Ilyana, Soren even if he's salvageable, Marcia, Astrid (who not only has garbage bases but also garbage growths in this one), Makalov (sword paladin really is bad, availability is bad, bases are bad, late game is bad too since caps are bad and 7 move canto is barely better than 7 move shove) and so on. Because I like their gameplay that requires thinking, their HP that are sky high, allowing them to survive even with halved stats or half form's 3/4ths of total stats, their mobility while cavalry is useless (availability, stats, caps, only Titania is good and her late game is kind of bad too, even on easy mode, I've already tried it and she deceived me without being RNG-screwed, she's just no Seth in a game without any good paladin, and Renning is the only gold knight you need for late game, even if none of them is good to bring to the tower anyway). In Fates Keaton is good stats-wise but his weapons are garbage like every stone in Fates and Kaden is good and very underestimated. Both have good/excellent HP in a game where no one has HP, both are decent offensive and defensive units if you use them well, and both can produce an useful child, one that most people use purely for performance and the other I always want to use just because I like her design and she can be good depending on her mother, too sad she can't have MU or Ryoma as her mother (or Scarlet -_-) so I put her either in dread fighter or archer most of the time. Given I ever play the playthrough up to the point where I get her, which is quite rare. HP is so good, sad we only realize it when he have to suffer lv 20 frontliners with barely 30 HP.
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