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  1. You know what? Levin sword is not a physical sword, Amatsu is a unique sword with very limited uses that happens to drop from a boss who wil use it so you don't even get the full durability, and Ragnell isn't a common sword, let alone the fact it is far from being a C rank sword. Hell even in the Spotpass content you don't get any 1-2 physical sword. You can only get Ragnell in Priam's paralogue, which means after you got enhanced Falchion. You won't use it a lot for main game, that's for sure (especially if Priam's paralogue is harder than all of the main game, seeing how in normal mode the conqueror's paralogue was harder than 90% of hard mode main game). So Ragnell is out of it, Levin sword isn't physical, Amatsu has no more than 30 uses (if you even get a chance at looting it unused, meaning either you one shot the boss which means heavy grinding or lucky RNG crit/skill activation, or you grinded like hell so you could already complete the game with 1 unit at that point). Attack stance I may have used badly, I mean when you attack while having one or several allies on adjacent tiles. Still a lot weaker than 1-3 support bonus range. And in RD you just had to talk to each other once, and maybe use rescue/shove and stay for 5 turns a chapter close to one another in order to gain 1 support level, either way it wasn't harder than in Awakening and Fates while the range of support was clearly far more beneficial (and double earth gave 30 avoid, something you don't see commonly in Awakening and Fates, I didn't look at marriage support bonuses but it seems highly doubtful, and it doesn't change the fact Radiant Dawn had tripple digits avoid numbers without any support, my Mia reached 115 or 120 avoid without any stat booster already, not needing to learn a skill to have acceptable avoid at base, and the way weight worked in Tellius allowed most units to overcome heavy weapons' drawbacks, allowing everyone to use the strongest weapons by end game, not only manly men with +7-9 base speed and +4 con favoritism like Gerik/Moulder/Duessel's +2 leading him to 15). Entirely different...yes, FE is turn/turn based, while Diablo is real time. Both send you waves of ennemies, except, SURPRISE! in Diablo they know how to preserve themselves while in Awakening they come kamikaze to explode at you (lunatic counter shenanigans for you), in order to maximize their damage and take down your units no matter the human cost. Both send ennemies from all directions, both have mechanics of reinforcements at certain points, except in Diablo you can react because you're not forced to watch until it's your turn, so in fact Diablo is managing reinforcements better than FE13 by design. Both have weapons, skills, supportive abilities, damage, Diablo uses gear to gain stats while FE uses RNG to determine if your unit will be decent, trash or godly, meaning in Diablo you actually have a way to manage your power level while in Awakening like other FE you can only cry if your unit is speed screwed or didn't raise def/res like they should. You can also rage when you're trying to play with unit average stats and every unit goes out of their way to have completely different stats per level than you should expect, like a speed/res blessed Subaki in my last PT while Hinoka was def blessed, or a 10-11 cavalier Arthur into ninja not raising speed in 5 levels in Fates. If you had the option to click on "use average growth rates" like in...was it in PoR after you complete the game once? at least you would know which unit has which stats at which level and decide who you will use according to that knowledge. That would be actual strategy. Which unit has the things I need now and in the long run? this one. But no, it's RNG that decides if your unit will proc a single point of speed with a 60% GR in 15 levels (already had a 14 spd Chrom lv 20, it hurts a lot when he should have 18.5, so he could double himself from that file if it ended up being rounded at 19). In fact, Awakening is a fail at being a Fire Emblem (AKA T-RPG), it also fails at being a good hack n'slash turn/turn. It's a hybrid with only the worst of both worlds. It's highly fan-service and otaku-friendly (loli dragon in scale swimsuit, Tharja, very low % of adult playable characters compared with older FE, so you clearly send children and teenagers to war, nice legitimation of child work and child soldiers and highly shônen oriented), while older FE had deeper background, characters that were developped outside supports, better chara design, actual art style (not generic anime faces), a decent story for most of them (Awakening's meanies are caricatures all the way, even the Conqueror has been rushed and lacks depth, while he could've been a different version of Ashnard, he's just so rushed he fails at being a character and contradicts himself, and the scenario is such a random mix that it's laughable: do we have this? check, do we have that? check, oh! and don't forget this too, or we won't get enough sales! otakus gotta have their loli grandma dragon acting like a 5 YO spoiled kid who they can legitimately take in missionary, superman and everything they want cuz it's a 1000+ YO dragon in the body of a little girl, it's not pedophilia, I swear!). Except the hardest difficulty unlockable is Luna+. I don't play that. I didn't even finish lunatic because it's stupid. Normal is easy mode and hard is normal mode from our standards. Except magic users are OP especially ennemies who outnumber your units, these units who have low res and get nearly 2 or 3-shot by magic through their 50-80 HP if the 65% accuracy the ennemy has on you works correctly. I don't know why I should use ALL it's mechanics. Dual attack and dual guard are completely random, it's not what I call a mechanic, it's an annoying RNG element in a game that is supposed to be tactical and strategic but uses so much RNG that it makes me sick. Everything and it's mother depends on RNG except base stats. Even Fates that went all the way reducing RNG mechanics (shield gauge, 100% dual attack chance, no dual attack if you are adjacent to your healer even if you have 3 combat units of your army around you) failed at making the game reliable: still % chance to hit, and ennemies rates are higher than yours for each %, many 31% hit while you miss 1/2 75% hit rates, many 1-5% crits from ennemies get through while you can fail 4 crits at 40% chance in a row, while they could just say duellist's blow auto dodges the first ennemy riposte, but if they hit 2x the second will hit, only skills allowing to dodge/crit if conditions are met, so you can rely on everything and you don't have shitty RNG involved in hitting or not, in crits, etc., everything being preventable by planning in advance, and no hidden bonuses for ennemies, like hidden bonus crit from generic units attack stance or such bullshit you don't even see unless you let all animations on which doesn't happen if you want to end a chapter in less than 30 minutes. Does it mean it's good? Could you play it legally before buying it? I'm the only FE player in my group of friends, I couldn't test the game BEFORE I bought it. And the defaults often appear when you start loosing the hype of the first moments. Hell, if you look at how many albums of shitty French rap are sold by shitty French rappers who only talk about drugs, boobs, disrespecting the authorities and the women gender, homophobia, and other trash content, you'd understand that sales don't tell you the quality of the product and even if people give positive feedback, don't forget that their pride could also make them tell good about something bad just not to be taken for fools, I've seen it myself, it's not a myth, or they just gave their thoughts when it's hot, then when they get the time to analyse they think differently, like me. I found FE13 very enjoyable at first, now I can't get past chapter 21 because it's so boring and empty, even FE8 replay feels better, be it 5 or 15 chapters, it's still funnier while being 9 years older on a less capable console, but animations look better, characters are more interesting, I don't feel like hearing my sister's highschooler complexes reflected everywhere, and I don't have to choose between 50% spd growth and 65%, I can choose a slow unit on purpose, or a unit that comes with weird bases but good GR leading to them being better than your early coming growth units like Dozla vs Ross/Garcia. Dozla starts really slow, but having RNG proof bases unlike Garcia who can not grow any spd in 35 levels with 20% growth, ending up even slower than Dozla, while needing exp to have the same HP and not being close to Dozla's base def/res until level 18 + warrior promotion, leading him to not getting any speed on promotion, Garcia is easily screwable because he has HP and strength growths, everything else being trash or mediocre, Ross has many levels to be nothing more than his competition who start better. Dozla has superior movement than your classic foot unit, being good for Eir!12 where he can benefit from a 30% avoid for 80% of the chapter by stepping on the mountains, his base res allows him to have 13 res with a pure water, denying Mogalls any chance to deal significant damage, he still has mobility advantage against Duessel in most of late game while Duessel faces so many forest/mountain/lake tiles in 3 or 4 chapters AFTER chapter 15, not counting unimpressive desert mobility for both and Dozla's movement superiority in 3 chapters on Eph's route where Duessel is supposed to be a god alongside Seth who has more move but the same terrain drawbacks, eading them to fail at being what they're supposed to be, stat checks don't overcome no water/moutain walk, terrain penalties, 15 con being a dowside for Duessel since any mounted guy with more than 10 con can't carry him: none can carry him once promoted, lowest male mounted con is 11; and females can't either :falcons have 6 con, 14 aid, too bad he has 15 con, only Dozla, Gilliam and Garcia can rescue Duessel in the whole game, meaning you HAVE to use them if you want Duessel to go faster than a snail's pace, and Dozla is usable at base for the whole game even though he doesn't start great, it's good enough he doesn't suffer too much problems and he has bulk to solve his problems. And mountains to solve his avoid, and you can give him the hopron guard if you fear ennemies with 10+ skill or 5+crit on items, while Cormag comes with far worse bases, doesn't get any bonus from terrain, fears bows and ballistas which come in his join chapter and there are bows for the whole game, and he also fears magic which dents his HP far more than Dozla's 43 base even through a pure water, BTW Dozla ends up with better HP/str/skl/spd than Duessel while 17 def 10 res is enough alongside 59 HP to do everything you want, sure it's lv 20 stats, but Dozla levels up faster than Duessel, taking 5 levels while Duessel takes 1, until they are more or less the same level, at which Dozla is faster than Duessel, has 15 bonus crit over him offensively and still has better terrain mobility and mountain/water walk over him in chapters where it matters, like 45% of the 2nd half of the game ^^ where Duessel will struggle to even reach the ennemies just like Gilliam: Chapter 11 water, chapter 12 water/mountains (+ Duessel not recruited yet in Eir route), chapter 13 water/mountain (still no Duessel), chapter 14 equal movement (no Eir!Duessel), chapter 15 should be equal, chapter 16 equal, chapter 17 is full of forests, mountains and water, chapter 18 I don't know if Dozla can cross terrain better than Duessel, chapter 19 no, chapter 20 is full of forest, mountains and lake, endgame has no terrain specificity for non flyers. --- Sorry for the long paragraph, I don't see where I could cut it without it disturbing the pacing of the argument. It shows just how much more satisfying it is to know about FE8 than about FE13, where all you can do is slash waves and waves of kamikaze idiots suiciding on you, and the most efficient way of beating the game (that also takes the lowest turn count) is Chrom+MU roller coaster destroying the game with illimited exp pumped into 1 unit, and taking their children along the way because MU has such high stats at that point that even the mediocre starting Lucina has enough base stats to be playable right off the bat, especially high HP/STR/SPD and enough def for her HP to tank until she has to use an elixir. The point in this thread is to say FE13 doesn't fit Fire Emblem's genre at all. It's everything but what we expect from FE.
  2. All in all, we shouldn't be forced to play with it. I'd like an option to activate/de-activate it, simply put, and getting back my old rescue system where you had to pay to rescue a unit, loosing stats instead of gaining them, and having everyone able to rescue or push and a few smite. I think Tellius refined the gameplay mechanics to it's best and should have been the base of the new generations of FE games, instead of going back to FE6 which had the worst GBA mechanics since it was the 1st on GBA (FE6 and Fates RNG, FE6 EP reinforcements...). We lost terrain management -bonus/malus involving the ground level, shove/smite, coming back modified only to complicate things in Fates, Awakening didn't even have any class bonus stats like +15 crit. The class balance is a joke. Hero has everything a foot unit wants and a mix of paladin and GK has everything a mounted unit wants. Swordmaster is a joke, griffon rider is unimpressive as a class while having double weakness and only 1 weapon access. Sorcerors and dark knights are straight up broken OP. I won't even play Three Houses because the academia simulator and slice of life doesn't interest me and I won't buy the Switch for a game that barely reminds me anything of FE, especially of previous house consoles FEs (these being Tellius games), even though the models seem very pleasant, It seems to take another step into fan service and anime. Just I'd love if they could have put the brigades in previous FE to see you're not using 5 people but actually 5 squads in a war. FE should have waited for Switch to use 3D, because everything downgraded from the GBA games where the magic animations were very good and fluid (Radiant Dawn had nice magic animations but 3D was disgusting) and the models were beautiful for the graphics of the console. Finally Three Houses has good graphics in battle (although the art style is bland as ****). I still play 3DS FEs but I'm so depressed at the things they completely failed or obliterated...not enjoying them like I was competely taken into RD the 1st time I played it as much in the story as in the gameplay and characters/units. Awakening's lack of magic damage tanks is really annoying and second seal system is so bad compared with Shadow Dragon and Fates reclassment...just leading to power creep grinding...it's sad...replaying Awakening feels like playing Diablo 2/3, just choosing a build and bashing mobs of ennemies. 0 story involvement passed the 1st reading and hype, Awakening has like very few mechanics, not far from Shadows of Valentia, and Fates has so complicated mechanics that it's a pain. If RD was on portable devices I'd be able to play it everywhere, but I'm forced to play it on PC or WII, so I rarely play it.
  3. 1. In old school games (GBA and GBC/WII) you could benefit from support bonuses 3 tiles away, and attack stance didn't exist on top of not being forced (Fates automatically looks for attack stance and Awakening still has a % chance of it activating, so unless you keep your units disarmed you'll end up doing random dual attacks even if you don't want to. 2. Not speaking of Lunatic, I didn't get passed mid game lunatic, I didn't see the point. Frustrating gameplay and counter everywhere. Even in hard late game mages deal 35-40 damage. And with your best mage tanks having 27 res...well unless you second seal for 20 more levels, you're not close to tanking mages. And no, mages weren't made to damage everyone. Should I recall you how many units in GBA/Tellius FE could face tank 15 mages without taking 10% of their HP as damage? Well, 70% of your magic units, 80% of your pegasi/falcos, all your manaketes, all your high res Laguz. 1/3rd of your cast could face tank as many mages as they wanted without a scratch. Meanwhile they would be slaughtered by anything physical. That's fine. What's not fine is when these mage killers can't face tank 2 mages without loosing 1/3rd to 2/3rds of their HP depending on the level difference, while they are still vulnerable to physical attacks. Now they're just bad glass cannons who can't dodge anything because everyone and his mom has 140 accuracy without acc +20, while your 20/20 unit has 70-75 avoid at best. At least Tellius knew what dodge tank means. I shouldn't have to rely on bad skills like Lucky 7, quick burn or slow burn to dodge. The only class that gives +10 avoid in any conditions is myrmidon, a class you don't want to stay too long into because it hits like wet noodle while having no 1-2 physical weapon. I shouldn't have to rely on loosing a unit on the battlefield by pairing it up to patch another unit's stat, each unit should have it's own boons and banes and be able to do well in their niche. Mage killers gotta tank mages otherwise they're just poor assassins who can't take 2 hits from anything and whose dodge is dogsh*t. 3. OFC I want my units to have res if they're meant to tank magic. Troubadours, clerics and pegasi were specially made to tank magic damage. If they can't then they're just supports who can't do sh*t except stay 2 miles from any ennemy unit and staff bot or rescue/drop. If no one tanks magic, then magic is OP. Ennmy anti magic units have nearly the same res as your units, except their strat is to go kamikaze so if you don't kill them in 1 fight, you wll loose in no time by being surrounded. You need 50 magic damage and 35+ speed to ORKO all your ennemies until very late in the game. They need 2 mages with 40 damage to halve the HP of you highest res unit, and 1 physical attacker alone to put her (most likely a girl since except Libra males with res are a myth in Awakening) into the <30% HP zone, meaning 1 or 2 mages + 1 physical unit can kill your res tank, while old FE had you tank 2 physical hits and whatever number of magic hits in between, the job was only done by the physical units. High res units are supposed to be magical generals/wyvern lords, but instead they're just...there...doing nothing except staff botting, and even then their magic isn't even good except your mage>sage staff bot (Miriel). In the end you better rely on self healing than using two shot material for healing, especially in bad maps like chapter 16 (Mila's Tree), where your squishie get surrounded and killed in 1 or 2 turns. I simply let go of my healers once Valm arc starts because they just get killed by encirclement of flyers/cavalry in all of Valm and then they're so underlevelled that they become useless and one shottable.
  4. Hi, I think something is really wrong with FE13. Not something like durability, gold costs, shops upgrading far too slowly compared with the ennemies' weapons (like when you have access to steel while the ennemies get silvers and you get silver or killer when they get braves...), beast stones being a myth before chapter 10/12 and dragonstone being barely enough before beating Gangrel (just before getting access to the shop that sells them...a shop selling transformation stones...for real?). That's certainly a stupid design but Awakening wasn't a game for logic, coherence. It was a game for fans and new comers to enjoy and play with adaptive difficulty (with really high gaps between each difficulty and the return of FE6 stupid EP reinforcements). No, what I'm addressing here and now is...THE most awfully balanced stat. I mean, RESISTANCE. You know, a stat very useful for late game, mid game and not deniable for early game when ennemies power creep each chapter before staying still for 5 consecutive chapter just before the mid game power creep. When you take damage from physical ennemies while magical attackers take out 1/2 of your HP in one attack. With D ranks. Cordelia, your bulky offensive pegasus, has 90% in HP, 60% in str, skl and spd, 45% in luck and def and...35% in res, starting with 8 res level 7. Level 20 she'll have on average 12.55 res. Level 20/20 Falcon knight she'll have 17.1 res not counting promotion bonus. Magical ennemies in late game deal 35-40 damage easily, even the ones who use 10 range tomes hit more 30-35 without difficulty. A pegasus, class made to tank magic damage and kill mages before they slaughter your whole team, takes 20 damage on average from each of those mages who manages to hit her. Sumia starts at 7 res level 1 and has 40% res. Level 20/20 she has an average of 22 res without promotion bonuses. Still taking 15 damage per hit on average in late game. Maribelle has 6+2 level 3 and 55% growth, average of 25.8+2 as a troubadour/walkyrie level 20/20 without promo bonus, and 24.whatever+2 as a war cleric. A unit whose only defensive stat is res still takes 12 damage on average in late game, and her 18 base HP and 65% growth don't let her the pleasure to face tank magic while any physical ennemy can come in and finish her at 60% HP (15% def growth as a valkyrie and 20 as a war cleric, 75% hp as a war cleric). Lissa is even worse: starting at 4 res, with 50% growth as a cleric and downgrading to 45% after promotion, she has 22 res on average without promotion bonuses, with 70% hp growth as a cleric/sage and 80% as a war cleric. She's a healer with the same res as a physical unit (Sumia) in end game, starting with less res than said unit. Nowi has 2+9 res with dragonstone and starts at 18 HP, with 50% res growth. On average level 30 she has 16.5+9 res (25.5), the same as Maribelle before res +2. She doesn't get any promotion bonus. Even your hybrid hyper tank has only 60% magic damage reduction without abusing seals. This game was completely balanced around multi-reclassing instead of being balanced to be enjoyable with base classes and normal gameplay. You can't even choose to de-activate the attack stance mechanic, so if you wanna play old school, you loose your support bonuses. Avoid has been severely cut, with spd *1.5 instead of 2 and luck *.05 instead of 1. So in a normal game you have your highest dodge/res magical tank/mage killers who take 40-55% of the damage magic attackers deal and they have 37+2 spd 30 luck (Sumia), 39*1.5= 58.5; 30*0.5=15; 58+15=73 avoid. The ennemies who target Sumia have ~140% hit rate, they are higher than 60% hit rate. Awakening has craptastic res levels even on the highest res units, and res growth per class is incredibly low: 10% for pegasus, 5% for mercenary, like pegasi and mercenaries were supposed to have nearly the same res...seriously? Nowi at 50% res! Myrrh had 7 base res +20 in FE8with 30% growth at level 1! Fae had 6 base res +20 with 50% growth in FE6! Nowi is pure trash compared to these! Not only on the res part, but also on the def with 2+15 base for Fae with 30% growth and 2+15 base for Myrrh with 150% growth! These manaketes barely took any damage from unpromoted ennemies in their joining map (at least Myrrh since I didn't go so far in FE6, too boring, maps are too big you spend entire turns just walking), while Nowi get 2 shot in her joining map with Gregor backpack increasing her def and more base HP! Her only good point is having more uses of dragonstone and getting dragonstone + by the end of the game, not salvaging her awful start and unability to do anything once she inevitably breaks her first dragonstone while levelling up to get on par with your other units without getting any kind of bonus exp (no paragon, no exp *1.5 or other kinds of bonuses from GBA games), unlike the GBA manaketes who could reach level 20 in 19-30 fights and keep 20 uses at max level to kill the most dangerous ennemies, while having no 2 range allowed them to tank ranged attacks without loosing durability; Nowi hits at 2 range, and thus looses durability so she breaks her dragonstone much faster than the other 2). Even Tiki, with 12+9 base (normal dragonstone, not counting dragonstone +), only reached 18+9 (27) res while having the highest res growth of all of Awakening's cast, simply she joins already at level 20, not helping much, and her recruitment chapter on anything above normal is really annoying, with late game level ennemies, every one of them flying, packing on your weakest units with 40+ damage each while you had to maintain a turtle-like formation to take the incoming ennemies out and then go kill the next ones before coming back to turtle again and again for like 10+ turns before you can finally end that pain by rushing the boss with your best units and torture them to make them pay for this awful level design they have nothing to do with (thanks Intelligent Systems/Nintendo devs for this game so purely made of brute force and suicide, it feels like playing The Lord of the Rings instead of watching it, but you don't have many parts where you can kill the boss to end the chapter). This game is a pain for these reasons, and I miss my magic nullifying units each time I play awakening without playing dread fighter. Oh man, why did they put so much damage AND accuracy on every single magic ennemy in the game? The prologue already sends you to hospital with it's mages. If you have tips on how to get a mage killer invulnerable to magic without using second seals like 3x in a row or having 10+ levels more than the ennemies (well it's the same since you have 10+ levels more than them at that point) with the rare anti magic units. And without nosferatu involved because it breaks the game by existing and being buyable from chapter 4 onward as long as you have gold... For me it's like, let your mage killer behind and send them kill the mages, until you get to Valm and the mages become dark knights who tank all damage better than your units tank theirs... and you've got to risk your more physical oriented units to finish them off cuz your mage killer left them at 40-50% HP... So in the end, I say "F*** off, this game is not a T-RPG, it's a hack n'slash, just grind your way through the 50 ennemies who deal 70% of your damage each and come 5 by 5 on each of your units". It always ends like that. I'm not into puzzles. At least I finished this game twice. I didn't even get to the 2/3rd of Fates because it has no story to keep me in and gameplay also becomes boring or map design annoying at certain points, and I quit because I'm bored. I did FE8 like...15 times from the beginning to the end, 10x creature campaign, completed lagdou ruins so many times I don't even recall (I was into min-maxing my units), stopped more than 50 playthrough during mid game and hundreds around chapter 6-12 but I can't even get to chapter 19/20 of Fates and Awakening becomes boring during the Valm arc, and ends up completely boring after the Valm arc, when you don't even feel like there's a point in continuing to play, because any random encounter is harder than the main game anyway, DLC are harder, and unit balance is just about who get the most second seals and the best skills. I feel like Fire Emblem has gone out of it's genre, Awakening being the one at fault for taking a 180° bend from Fire Emblem, downgrading everything introduced in the Tellius series (rabbit is worse than anything in Tellius games, I even preferred the herons although I hate dancer-like units outside Fates), the height/balcony bonus/malus has vanished, the indoor movement malus to mounted units has vanished, allowing mounts to return to their all around domination in rushing tactics and in Fates cavaliers even benefit from elbow room, one of the most OP free damage skills in the game, and they have it from level 1. Transformation takes no management again, has no drawbacks unless weapon durability is a drawback (more for Taguel than Manakete who can buy dragonstone + anyway from the beginning), so manaketes can freely attack/counter at 1/2 range, I feel like this game just wants you to play the same way as in a hack n'slash: maximize your sustain and damage, and go slaughter waves of ennemies after waves of ennemies. Team building is limited by open maps with a mix of flying ennemies, cavalry and foot units, meaning you can barely use squishy supports from the Valm arc onward, you have nothing to answer the 10 sages/sorcerers with 10 range tomes too far for you to reach, while they can eat half of your units' HP in one attack or 2 while being virtually invulnerable until they have used all their durability and become useless. So, now I'll literally play Awakening like I play Diablo 2 and 3, grind and slaughter waves of ennemies who now can't scratch you anymore cuz the game allows and encourages you to be 20+ levels above your ennemies. And forge like your life depends on it, because 1RKO means less possibility to be RNG-screwed. End of...is it even a rant?
  5. Wow! At the beginning I thought you'd deny it but in fact you're supporting my argument! Thank you, I feel less lonely now! And I used my Great Lord seal on her twice, well she had Effie's defense with little lower strength, while reaching the 20s in skill and speed as well as luck around level 12-14, alongside being close to 30 HP. Simply having your Reina's offense level with 12 more hit rate or something like that, much better defensive stats and no weakness to bows while being under level 15 and not being considered promoted even though it's technically a promoted class stats-wise. At Reina's level she would have around 26 spd, 20-22 str, 26-28 skill, 24+ luck, 20-ish def, 14+ res, 33+ HP I suppose. Who else can have so good stats? Keaton and Velouria maybe, apart from the res part...that's it. For Rinkah, she can go any offensive class as long as it has 15/20% str or magic growth she'll do well in it thanks to fiery blood, and the more speed it has the best she will do, keeping a high defense thanks to her personal growth and 3 personal base def if I'm right (class 7 personal 3 total 10). Now I want to do a funny run with Witch Mozu having 5+10+25=40 magic growth for fun with 45 hp , 50 str, 40 mag, 55 skl, , 75 spd, 60 lck, 45 def and 50 res. Perfect jack of all trades.
  6. Sorry for the long posts and the double post, I can't edit it anymore and I try to answer every point to make it clear why I'm saying this or that. Have a good night.
  7. @Fates-Blade Nice Rinkah, I wouldn't have believed she would reach so high values in mag/res, did you stat bonus her?
  8. Well, if you want to go into comparisons: Royals: heirs to the throne: cheat personal weapon, high base stats, good growths, 1 level from gaining their 1st t2 skill, each in one of the best classes in their respective army especially when they don't suffer from the 1-2 range drawbacks. big sis/bro: Camilla has so high base stats for her level (especially in speed since wyverns aren't fast enough to get around 20 spd after promotion, alongside good str and def and she even has res) which make her instantly OP just because she's been favored. She also has good growths. Takumi (I prefer comparing him to Camilla than Hinoka) has decent bases but is slow enough not to double a lot of ennemies for a good protion of the game, although his bow is so OP it singlehandedly makes him Reina's equal in some scenarios, and he gains levels faster than Reina to match her stats one day and maybe outclass her, + free walk over any traversable terrain. dark bro/light sis: Leo is not far from being anything you want a magic unit to be: not one shootable, accurate enough to hit, not far from doubling, has a personal weapon although it's average, a sword weapon rank (doesn't he?) and enough hybrid stats to be playable as well with swords than with magic. Seeing his stats, he might even be a better levin sword user than anyone else. Hinoka at base is...just a guard naginata user, but well she can tank mages and that's big for chapter 9 BR where hard+ mages basically 2HKO most of your units and they come every 2nd turn, and it's not Saizo or Kaze who will kill them cuz Saizo tanks them pretty bad while Kaze won't kill them except if you hackforged like Awakening lunatic ennemies' +4 weapons or if you had very high luck on his str + res lvl ups (since he still needs more than his base res to tank more than 2-3 hits), you want him to kill the mages in 1 fight, not 2. Hinoka is a godsend for that fight. But her str is awfully low for her level (like personal str is trash, barely better than Subaki who starts lower level than her to close the gap if he get lucky) so she has to class change to make anything out of her, and loosing her movement advantage over most of the cast isn't making her any favor in a game with so many usable units and her servant needing a seal far more than her since Azama outclasses her in everything but spd/lck/res in which he's good enough anyway for most of the game (although Azama's so good he will be amazing even if you don't seal him and outclass most of your physical units anyway, just give him a go). Little sis: Elise is everything but well rounded: out of the ceiling magic, luck and res stats, average speed, low hp str skl def. At least she can kill with E rank tomes and her secondary class is also good for her if you want her to be a fighter and to use her personal more than once per chapter. Sakura is well rounded while being above average in nearly everything. Your Est archetype starting as a healer (but why bother when Azama can heal as much with better staves while being more of a frontline healer and killing ennemies by himself with E ranks?). Rest of the cast: Prepromotes: Reina starts good but can fall off easily with RNG and lack of support options, Scarlet is busted like Camilla but physical only, and late joiners are filler units, some of them better than their counterparts (or at least better rounded than say Orochi, Hayato and co.). Jakob: Jagen/Oifei, his growths lack consistence but his skill access and his stats make him still useful. Other units: good/useful units: Rinkah has def, she's a knight with 5/6 move, her personal let her damage things and do weird builds like the one I've suggested in this thread. Kaze can kill mages but falls off, replaced with Kagero who can kill almost everything in 1 try. Saizo is Oboro but ninja, with magic. Oboro is good and stays good, although don't expect lots of double attacks, unlike Effie her base speed is good but her growth is under average especially for BR averages. Subaki is a serviceable unit, playable in many ways, who likes any stat booster you can throw at him. He's weird in every possible way. Orochi is a truck made human, it never misses a victim to send into anoher generic isekai, but it hits only once then the driver runs away before the police comes and catches him. Hayato is a bit like Sakura, except he starts worse and his skill will lack forever. Hinata is your go to mercenary with samurai skills and a bit low skill, a hero with better t1 skill and lack of regen skills (not like he would proc it too often anyway). Hana is Kagero without 1-2 range (but if you want she can outclass Kagero by actually activating skills as a ninja and having better skill/luck and even speed). Silas is...well, he's everything and nothing, like Subaki with better offence and fighting abilities but with less utility (rally speed>>>>>rally skill, cav lv 10 skl = flight, staff>>>no support utility at all, warding blow = armored blow if that counts, but I think it's more useful since 20 res is important to kill mages while 10 def is only serviceable since most physical fights happen on EP) Effie: she hits hard (when she hits), has average def (definitely worse than you would expect from a knight, in her joining chapter if she get sealed speed she's dead in 1 turncuz CQ ennemies hit like trucks and abuse poison strike/grizzly wound), shit base speed she has to make up for with good growth but as a knight it doesn't salvage her (only useful when promoted into GK when she finally has speed), can't take any magic hit (one physical + 1 magical is probably her death), her HP is shit for a knight (especially low hp alongside average def and low res means she doesn't tank like a knight should), she's completely in the wrong class and her seal doesn't help her at all with a support magical class. Arthur: actually better than Effie in several things: HP, weapon type (less weak to shuriken and yumi), speed, skl (although axes hurt), he can hope to double attack a few ennemies Effie won't double before promotion, that's better than nothing, and if he's the lead of the duo, he has approximately the same def as her (with better HP and speed) so he's a better tank. Give him the luck items if you wanna use him, and I think hero is the way to go (no -15 crit evade please). As a cavalier he beats Silas in HP forever, he has better offence (if he grabbed lv 10 fighter skill that is), samey def, less res and luck, fighter>mercenary except if you want Silas to go bow knight. Owain: well rounded but starts really far from blessed, totally underlevelled (1 or 2 levels lower than the units who joined in the previous chapter, 3 levels lower than his buddy Niles) but it's workable, base stats are really not amazing. Correct growths, but will he really outclass Leo? Niles: if only their classes were swapped, they both would be so much better...still good at killing pegasi, a little less at killing wyverns but does he even fight any? Nyx: Elise but worse. Her stats are trash for her level, she will never get back the 2-3 points of magic/spd/res she would like to have over her bases at level 9. More a backpack than anything with her stupidly low hit rates even with E-ranks, cuz tomes nerfed into the ground. Beruka: Good tank if she doesn't get doubled, still more effective at tanking than Effie, a personal that can be abused but more if you give her a dread scroll than in her base class. Finally an axe wielder who can hit things reliably. Selena: Quite comparable to Hinata but in the mercenary class with better skill stat. Peri: Kagero with a horse and no shurikens. Starts worse than Kagero though... Laslow: more supportive than offensive, even if his str is correct. Charlotte: berserker concept: stupid hp/str with good spd, low/average skl/luck, low def/res (as in unusable), a ideal backpack for cheated princes. Benny: the best tank but too tanky to be focused sadly. He can still draw the ennemy mages without dying too fast. He can actually tank the wolfskin/ninetails, unlike horse units who will get burst. (especially Silas/Effie/Peri if you play her, Xander should be alright if he doesn't take 3+ at a time I guess, didn't go so far into CQ). Unlike Effie, he has a good skill stat, so he can activate skills often and hit reliably with steel. Metamorph: Kaden: weak but can actually kill mages as well as cavaliers, the only one able to do that is Kagero and she doesn't have as much res as he does (does she?). Keaton: A replacement to Effie, same stat repartition with better base speed, HP, skl, and better class skills (at least he has a regen skill in t2), can kill horses but eh, not many horse ennemies in CQ...a hero before you have one. He's Arthur made right but sadly needs a seal to get any 1-2 or just 2 range weapon. - - - - - TL;DR: Rinkah isn't Xander/Ryoma or even Keaton tier, she isn't Nyx tier either, she has a few niches she can do well in, as the one I've presented here, and the one of highest def in Hoshido in her base class + best axe user in the blacksmith class (Hinata lacks personal skl base+growth to use axes/clubs and most of the others don't want axes anyway since there are 2 guard naginata or maybe 3 in late game). Her base stats aren't stellar, her growths are weird, but she's fine and better at magic than the other Hoshido magic units except maybe Sakura who's well rounded but less tanky anyway. Only if you want to invest into a marriage/buddy seal (support grinding isn't as annoying as people make it to appear and you don't have to give too much exp to get to S/A+ or even both with cheap and low level encounters/castle battles). And for people who prefer Oni chieftain to Blacksmith: blacksmith has +7 base/max skill and +15% growth over oni chieftain, +1 base/max speed, +2 base hp and +10% growth, +3 base luck +5 max and +5% growth over chieftain, at the cost of 2 base 4 max def and 5% growth, and 3 res base 4 max and 5% growth, alongside 1 str base/max and 5% growth, 5 mag base and 15% growth. Better physical unit all the way, especially if you expect to hit someone.
  9. It seems like Johcja and Palasid understood my thoughts. Sorry I wrote Pavise? I had Aegis in mind. Sure level 15 skills are level 15 skills. Still, Rinkah benefits from Silas (+2 def/res, elbow room) and then from Orochi when her def isn't a problem anymore (mag +2, +3 mag/spd so sh can actually double many ennemies just like Hinata when he's recruited if you use a katana/sword that doesn't REDUCE his speed, don't forget Hana will have around the same speed as him at the same level, though her HP, luck and def are all lower in exchange for more accuracy with an already accurate weapon type, and about the same strength at level 10, the res difference isn't so much that she can singlehandedly kill several mages without going in danger zone). Then she get Luna/Rend Heaven. Basara isn't a bad class, it just has weird growths, that's why you don't stay in it for too long. No problem, as a diviner Rinkah is already tanky enough so in Onmyoji she will do fine and have enough magic growth to stay relevant. With +9 magic damage and diviner/onmyoji's base magic, she already does fine, much better than no spd no def Orochi or no skl Hayato. Hell, she may even have better actual damage output than Hayato who's designed to be a hybrid magic unit (oni 2nd seal, more balanced growths than other mages). As Palasid said, as a Witch Rinkah get even more magic base and 5% more growth than as a diviner onmyoji, only loosing skill and maybe some luck/res? I don't like Witch though, due to average to under average res and low skill (more on the res part though). Rinkah just needs some growth and base in magic and res and such non-RNG based skills to improve her damage, and luna will help when it activates once you get it. She can tank fine with one seraph robe, her def growth and diviner's res growth/base, and once you can get pavise you're free. Silas has mediocre res, very flipcoin spd with an unfixable 8 base at level 6, and can't go to a slower class than his or he'll just never hope to double even a General later on. In a game where hard mode ennemies have better stats than many of your playable units (and sometimes more balanced like paladins' 16 spd, def and res), I think a unit which can beat most in bulk as well as effective damage (I mean the damage you deal when you add up all the skills, not when you just blindly read one's str/mag stat like many seem to do with Rinkah on every forum I've been on) is very close to being a lead unit. Hell stop talking about Corrin whose growths you can't balance yourself, it's just a better version of Kana, who's recognized to be a terrible unit with a worthless personal skill which forces him to play dragonstone and stay awful. Corrin's highest stats are skl and spd at base and his/her str is far more worthy than his/her magic even with a +mag, the only way to have better actual magic is to go -str or to switch to a magic class (which at t1 is not beneficial to his/her utility in th team as it makes him/her squishy as hell and his other growths also suffer from it). Corrin has 0 personnal skill boosting his/her non PU damage, s.he needs a bag to even be at full potential, which means you loose 1 unit on the field, 2 if you wouldn't have used Corrin if he/she wasn't forced. Corrin basically claims 2 unit slots for him/herself for most of the game. His/her Nohr Noble lv 15 skill pushes you even more into this playstyle because it makes him/her access skills he/she doesn't possess if he/she is the lead unit of a PU. Corrin claims to be good, but each time I invest in him/her, just by reclassing I realize how bad he/she is outside his/her personal classline (in ninja strength get completely trash tier, as well as def, in cavalier everything is average but not good, and other cavaliers are better than Corrin in their class, in wyvern it's the same because Corrin completely relies on Nohr Prince.ss base stats to begin with so s.he doesn't have bonus base stats while every single other unit has personal bonus to several stats, so Corrin is completely reliant on coinflip level ups to even do anything outside Prince.ss/Noble dragonstone tanking, nd it's not even that great before you get dragonstone +). And to grind support ranks in BR/Rev you can do the lowest level ambush so the unit only gains some weapon exp and less than 20 exp per map, so it's not far from a no grind playthrough (I mean it doesn't push her far over what she should be like without this supp grinding), + paralogues still exist even if I don't play most of them many gen 1/2 units are praised just by giving access to such paralogues (exp, weapons and ressources). Corrin gives access to a bullshit difficulty paralogue not doable for a good portion of the game in hard due to promoted ennemies, Awakening level map design and mixed attacks (magic as well at strength) with high weapon ranks and good/effective weaponry (even f...ing dragonslayers). Also you don't control Kana and Kana is stupid (at least in chapter 5 you control Corrin).
  10. Hello again! This time I've come to tell you about Rinkah, the ever overlooked unit. While people praise Silas in BR for being tanky and dealing damage (and having mobility) or Oboro for these same reasons, they also say Rinkah is bad because her offence (namely strength) sucks, especially her base of 8 and her base speed of 8. She's level 4 at the beginning of the game. She has Silas' level 6 base def, 15% more def growth, Silas' base spd, 5% more growth, +2 magic with 20% more growth, their personnal skills make their strength 12 (Rinkah) and 14 (Silas) with 8 base and 15% less growth for Rinkah vs 11 for Silas, while Rinkah's personnal gives her 6 base magic just by giving her an HP tonic at the beginning of the chapter and she keeps it for the whole chapter unless you abuse heals on her, meanwhile Silas stays at his base. Silas has elbow room, giving him +3 str/magic, but it's nothing Rinkah can't get, since marrying her with Silas/cavalier talent Corrin gives her elbow room too (and marriage seals are much less used than heart seals), so now with 2000 gold she has +7 str/mag just by using an HP tonic each chapter (150 gold per chapter won't ruin you, be honest with yourselves). Now if you wish to give her another reclass into diviner, she grabs mag +2, now gaining 9 points of magic alongside seal res (3 skill slots until there, 7 str 9 mag without a single str/mag level up), although at the cost of 2000 gold. Silas would have to marry a diviner to get that, but she can befriend Orochi and not force her to go cavalier/oni 3rd class. As a promoted unit, she can take luna from Silas marriage, reducing ennemy's res to bits while Silas still struggles to activate vow of friendship for +3 damage/def (meanwhile she has his VoF def without any skill in her base class in a few level ups with 65% def growth, she might even have 12 def at level 6 while Silas still has 10+3 with VoF). She can also abuse armored blow for 0 damage as an oni/blacksmith on PP, while Silas will still take damage with it as a great knight against promoted ennemies. She can grab lancebreaker, quixotic, rend heaven, tomefaire. So she can get a full passive damage boost build (Fiery blood, elbow room, mag +2, tomefaire) with situational skills (armored blow, rend heaven/luna, quixotic, lancebreaker, pavise, also quixotic makes luna/rend heaven and pavise's activation rate skyrocket with +15% while 30% ennemy hit is totally laughable considering the damage they'll do to her as a paladin/GK/oni savage/blacksmith/basara with her 45% personal def growth carried into any class and her 16 pre-promtion level ups + post promotion). Meanwhile Silas needs to marry to get lancefaire for bolt naginata/any lance to be really strong, he has 10% less personal magic growth in a base class with 0% magic growth for bolt naginata to be of any use, 0 personal magic base and scrolls/parchments are a waste on him, + he can't get seal res alongside mag +2, rend heaven, quixotic and tomefaire, his spd growth is 10% lower than Rinkah's in any class with equal base spd and no base class/promotion access to tomes to train it or keep it in, and tomefaire is a waste on him. ------ So, Silas vs Rinkah: - Silas personal def is 2 points higher than Rinkah, but he is 2 levels higher than her and has 5% less growth (don't forget he has 50%, and here it's 50% vs 55% in the cavalier class or 65% in base class, nearly 2 points per 3 level ups, so 8-10 points at level 20 for her vs 7 for him on average, and less RNG praying for Rinkah's def level ups). His magic ability is way lower than hers, his only worthy 1-2 range weapons can't double attack, let ennemies double him very often (-5 spd, letting him at 3 spd at base LOL at level 6) so he's locked to 1 range forever or to bench-level speed still forever even if RNG blessed. - Rinkah has: real 1-2 range options, with stat boosts on top of it (scrolls/parchments), a world worth of skills to make up for low growth still better than part of the physical cast's magic, 2 activable skills for choice, death blow if you want this subpar skill useless outside PP, she makes any magic weapon she has access to godly with her +9 damage (11 magic at base with those skills), any scroll/parchment like horse spirit godly with her +14 damage to it in lategame and still +9 before that, and she can abuse pavise alongside being bulletproof physically. Now her nodamageness outdamages most of the cast in the magic dpt as well as staying on par with them in physical damage. Don't forget her awesome skill growth that will skyrocket in anything else than oni blob, lancebreaker making her tome wielding even more OP since shuriken/daggers don't reach 1 damage against her for most of the game past the first few levels, well, you have a brick wall, with good to godly offence depending on the ennemies she faces but always a way to deal with any of them (seal res, luna, quixotic for procs), good enough speed in any class (especially out of oni savage, +1 base spd and +5% growth in diviner), and all that without a stat booster, her personal skill being the easiest to trigger in like the whole cast since it requires nearly nothing, while Silas has to put Corrin into danger zone to trigger it. Oh, I forgot one point, since she barely takes any physical damage without PU, most ennemies will just stand there like sandbags as long as she's in the way to other units. With pavise she doesn't really fear magic anymore, and one seraph robe should let her be the real thing for the whole game. Maybe your talismans should be given to her to let her draw every magic unit at her and kill them like they're nothing in PP (if she didn't autokill them in EP that is...). Horse spirit Rinkah with this build is just bonkers. You think it's a lot of investment? She can be a cavalier as soon as level 4 and grab elbow room at level 5 and she will already have +7 hybrid damage, and luna already makes her OP alongside seal res, diviner is just making her the most tanky mage in FE history (or so I think), and her ability to have +9/+14 effective magic makes her laugh at Saizo's magic growth. And for PVP you can always max stats her so she has +12/+14 damage on top of capped mag, and maybe horse spirit boost if you use it. ------ Give me only one non Ryoma/Xander who has physical bulk, high activation rates, high hit rates, high hybrid damage, every weapon access alongside magic, with a build with a -faire, pavise for magic tanking, and all that while being fast enough to double most ennemies and horse spirit boost easing the spd requirement to do so, with 2 of the best hybrid classes speed/def cap-wise (basara 31 base max spd, oni chieftain 30, basara 30 def, oni 36), and all that without needing to PU to get any of these stats, not only staying relevant for the whole game, but being better as the game goes on (stats-wise and skills-wise). All this with lancebreaker and ninja access if she ever wants to go that way in the end (shurikenfaire replaces tomefaire, +2 spd from shurikens, effective weaponry and magic weapon) or for duplicate if you have to chokepoint 2 areas at the same time. That's wright, except a def blessed magic MU, nobody can do that. Hayato has non existent skill, no cavalier access outside MU marriage, and shaky tanking stats/ Orochi has low speed, nonexistent physical bulk/ Silas can't access oni savage and diviner at the same time and has nonexistent magic base/growth/ Xander lacks spd and res and can't go magic any time soon for better offence, since most ennemies have higher def than res it's a pity/ Odin is too shaky and needs a DLC class to fix him ASAP (one without magic) and he can't get any useful faire except maybe in axes but berserker isn't the best class to go through if you go hybrid build and he can't get a -faire alongside elbow room (+ no free damage personal skill) unless you make him a swordsmaster but his magic stat will suffer, and his bulk will be awful, and as a dark knight his speed will be unusable past midgame. All these require PU bonuses to even be good/great (no PU Xander is just a powerful tank, he won't double trash ever and his res is far from anything good, alongside no rightful king-like skill for him to abuse pavise, and he can't get quixotic without loosing sword efficiency so his personal weapon goes to waste because lancefaire or tomefaire doesn't help him a lot in his good classes). ------ That's all for Rinkah's niche. As you see it's quite the skillset, and only 1 way to get it (marriage + friendship), but it singlehandedly recks the competition as it blows away one stat attackers by being good physically AND magically, offensively AND defensively, and letting many final classes accessible for whatever you prefer (if you're fine with 32 max def, Rinkah can stay basara for +1 spd over oni chieftain, but if you prefer 38 max def over 1 spd and 5 skl, then she can go back to oni chieftain, don't forget pavise activation rate depends on skill and basara gives her 10% growth whereas oni gives 0). BTW, I wonder why IS made Rinkah's skill cap -2 while she has 50% PERSONAL skill growth and 4 personal base skill, one of the best in all routes...especially for a hard hitting base class unit. I'd trade 2 def cap for 2 skill cap in oni any time, dat base and dat max...
  11. I'll try it, I've downloaded FEditor but found it very not noob friendly so if FE Builder is different I'll try it. Thanks.
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