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  1. Actually great master as a class is on par with paladin stats-wise, while having more speed and magic and being good users of the bolt naginata, unlike paladins. Azama is an example of how good this class can be on a competent unit, but he's not the only one who can be good as a great master. I think I know why great master is so overloaded stats-wise: it starts with GM...
  2. 1) Daggers are more useful, not better (-2 might on iron isn't better and daggers don't give +2 speed like shuriken do, even silver dagger only has 10 MT vs 14 for silver lance, it matters when ennemies have 15-20 def and dagger might isn't any close to deal even 1 damage, while any physical class can at least deal 2 damage to a 15 def ennemy without any weapon triangle advantage/disadvantage and without counting b rank +2 might wchich would bring it to 4 damage, this is with 3 strength which is sky knight's base strength). Since the early chapters give you either units who won't double before 10 chapters (Silas, Effie, Arthur if they ever get speed blessed), or units who double for garbage damage (Jakob, Niles) or simply units who start so bad they barely serve any purpose before 3+ level ups (Odin, sadly Mozu too even if she can catch up way faster than anyone else it's true that she comes from the bottom base stats-wise and screw D-rank javelins I hate the guy who came up with that stupid idea, they already can't double and get you doubled and they need to rank up before even being usable). The problem with daggers is that they cost a turn to barely tickle the ennemy and even with the debuff most of your units can't ORKO the weakened ennemy. 2) Even Jaegen starts with better stats and stays better than his competition for a few levels. Felicia starts weaker than anyone but Odin and doesn't become better before close to mid game when you get access to the fire shuriken. Jakob in his base class is like Kaze with a little more strength and a lot less speed, alongside shuriken being better than daggers for their bonus that doesn't make sense (ennemy ninjas are sometimes hard to OHKO and you're not doubling them before very very very long, and once they promote bye bye doubling). If they had 1 or 2 more strength I wouldn't mind (even the mini boss Flora in CQ hard chapter 8 is ridiculously weak with a steel dagger that also slows her to add to the comedy). Or if steel daggers only dropped speed by 1 at least so they would be worth using at all. 3) Yet they all take a deployment slot. A greatmaster will heal your frontliners and survive an ennemy phase while damaging the ennemies who attack it. A butler only gets to tickle the ennemy and remove 2-3 def/res and in most cases magic instead of strength (great idea to debuff magic on iron, so your units who aren't fast enough to double with steel will only attack once to debuff strengh once they rach C rank), which is a lot less useful for your army than it is for the 3x more numerous ennemy army with better stats in many cases than your units of the same class (knights with defense for example, unlike Effie who hits hard but tanks barely better with def +2 than Silas and who is equalled by VOF Silas or not far from it, while being easily doubled by everything until she decides to proc speed in her coinflip level ups, alongside lacking HP to sustain hits). It means that you have a little more useful healer than a base troubadour but you must choose what action it takes, weakening or healing, and you still have to hide it from the bad guys who wanna hurt it. It's like having a healer with a weapon he's rarely gonna use unless it's Effie or Charlotte maid (or Camilla). It's sad, the concept is good but the application is poor. We need a heir of FE Fates that improves everything from this game into the next one to finally have a good gameplay, on par with Radiant Dawn's multiple mechanics (and with nerfed movement for mounts indoors because mounts Emblem has been lasting from the first FE until now with only RD nerfing poneys and instead making one wyvern solo most of the game, which isn't really betterin ters of balance) (and a good story but that's another thing).
  3. Hi, I typed the base stats from the main site for you to see things clearly: Great master: 19 hp 8 str 6 mag 6 skl 8 spd 5 lck 6 def 7 res 65 total Butler/maid: 18 hp 4 str 5 mag 9 skl 8 spd 4 lck 5 def 4 res 57 total Game balance? is that what butlers/maids get for being able to use shuriken? There are 8 base stats points of difference between 2 promoted classes while both are hybrid physical weapon/staff and great master has early access to a passive healing skill while butler/maid has to heal someone (so not attacking for that turn) to get heal back from the same level skill. Shuriken and daggers already hit like wet noodles. Then why this much difference in stats and why is great master as fast as butler while hitting way harder with more powerful weapons and being much bulkier, with countermagic as an anti magic skill vs tomebreaker that doesn't even break magic weapons (while countermagic counters so many weapon types) for what lv 35 skills are worth. I was wondering if I'd switch my Jakob to great master, but now I don't doubt anymore. Great master spits even more on butlers by having better growth rates (+10% hp, +5% str, +5% def) while keeping the same spd growth and loosing only to magic (5%) and skill (10%) (it means even total growths are 5% higher than butler). Why even create classes if there's absolutely no intent to balance them in the first place? I don't know, filler hurts a lot I think. Like how blacksmith and master of arms are replicates of hero with slightly different (should I say slightly worse?) stat/growth spread and different weapons (at least master of arms gets full WTC, which isn't blacksmith's case).
  4. For real, FE7 gets me bored even faster than FE6, that's saying a lot. I find most units to be nothing special, the chara design is very poor and the stats are not appealing to me. Thieves who can't promote before 2/3rds of the game and then loose their stealing ability? No thanks. Most units having poor bases and growths like in FE6? No thanks. Forced tutorial until you've cleared a large annoying part of the game in easy mode with ennemies who are mostly ridiculous? I'd rather play Fates and have 5 chapters disappear just by clicking the choice, while the first chapters actually contribute something gameplay/story-wise (for what Fates' stories are worth LOL) and present an actual difficulty tactics-wise (like chapter 5 not to get killed by dragon killer sword while keeping your weaklings, Rinkah who's permanently in WTD and takes 95% of her HP in 1 magic attack and Kaze who deals 0 damage and get 2 shot by mercenaries, alive. FE7 is so damn long to even start that I get asleep before I finish a single chapter so I end up rushing it before falling asleep and the next time I play it I don't remember what I did the last time. I feel like playing a French MMORPG called Dofus, where there are many things to do but everything feels so like it's always the same, like farming the same thing again and again, that I get bored in no time. I didn't even reach the most interesting part of FE7 in 4 years of trying to play it. Barely reached half the game. If you make the gameplay interesting, at least I could enjoy the game and finally see what's hidden behind this ton of boredom the early game throws at me repeatedly.
  5. I suppose it's dead, but I second this. Maybe I could finally play the full game, since I really don't like it divided like it is, with multiple route splits (in my longest playthrough I went until Eliwood and the axe lord gathered and nearly to their gathering with Lyn). It's really too long and you face too many roaster changes for me to enjoy. I feel like I shouldn't raise anyone since I don't even get to play them, get sent wherever the game wants me to without justifying having 3 groups (while Eirika and Ephraim shared the same army after chaper 8 and the route split). The magic changes seem really interesting, just like giving the same growth number to each character of each class (even though you can't reall do it for dodge tanks since luck is really much less useful than def for example, or skill than hp etc.) I think you could set a value of skill/luck per point of str/mag/hp/def, like 0.6 str per skl and 0.5 hp/def per luck, it would make things more balanced (having 30 luck isn't half as useful as having 30 def). Make foot units better at combat than horsies would really make them the go-to choice while cavalry could flank or be utility units, like they should have been since the beginning (a cavalry charge is fearsome, but when it's broken, cavaliers are not much more dangerous by themselves than foot soldiers, and you can make them fall and kill them easily while a foot unit will be firm on its feet, the only point of cavalry in the rage of battle is for their horse to hit their surroundings, but Fire Emblem doesn't have a divided animation/damage for mounts and riders so...). I also agree with bows, I feel like if we didn't have bow weakness on flyers we could even put bows with real war aptitudes (bows don't only attack at 10 metters, they also attack from 50+ metters with English longbows having fearsome range, which would make some 5 tiles range normal bows and 7-8 tiles longbows in FE gameplay) and magic could have been AOE (seriously why does a gigantic meteor crah in the middle of battle just to hit 1 ennemy?) with turns of casting and turns of cooldown (a magic-adapted version of Laguz gameplay-wise with power spikes and weak turns) with probably movement restriction while casting, but it's an entire other story, still magic shouldn't be limited to 1-2 range either, especially destruction magic which is global scale.
  6. Hi, Does anyone want to make a collaborative mod/hack based on fire emblem 6, 7 or 8? I'd like to have brainstormings with interested people/players in order to make a good mod or hack, and my knowledge goes as far as a non-hacker can, I don't know how to insert new sprites (like halberdier to give soldier a promoted class) or even make them, but I know how to create a magic weapon out of a normal weapon/empty item number (with working animations and damage numbers, I created an inferno Reginleif and a C-level light animation Rapier which displayed without bugs with the animation), and basic things like character/class modifying, class paths, promotion item modifying (can't make a Fates-style second seal yet, maybe someone can, I could only make an Awakening second seal but I don't think the stats would adapt to the 2nd class bases, maybe the patch could work), unit placement and modification (but if you change story-related units it tends to bug if I remember correctly), well, anything most people can do with FEBuilderGBA. Should we use the skill patch or modify the stat caps? Should we make another "No HP Emblem" or have better HP for everyone (including magic based units and female only classes like pegasi?)? Should we create/re-create classes like halberdier, 3rd tier classes? Should we delete gender lock (knowing it would need sprite creation for opposite gender for mercenary, fighter, pirate, bandit, berserker, warrior, rogue/assassin, troubadour, walkyrie, monk, maybe a real female wyvern animation because I can't differentiate male/female in their existing animations, re-use femal thiefe and hero from FE6)? Should we change weapon distribution per class (it would need new animations for classes with different weapons)? Should we change the story? Completely or only parts of it (like what one would like to re-write better, say some antagonists who could use some deeper writing and why not even join the player's army after they changed their mind, like Selena or Caellach, Orson or Glenn who would be deeply wounded and found by Eirika then healed by The Stache or NaStacha, and so on)? Should we change some characters' class if we keep the story or parts of it? Promoted some late joining units (see you L'Arachel) or buff some units who need some love (Dozla, Syrene, Garcia, trainees, Tana, Knoll, Natacha, Eirika, Forde's jack of all trades state, Kyle's def to fit the tanky cavalier archetype, and so on)? Should we target Conquest or Radiant Dawn's level design/gameplay, or simpler games? Should we make Fates growth style with extreme specialties or more balanced stats/growths? Should we try to remove flying effectiveness from wyverns like in FE10 or let them weak to arrows so they're nerfed simply by not being safe around any designed ranged weapon (1-2 axes, lances and swords aren't part of a weapon type designed to hit from range while bows and magic are)? Should we make pegasi invincible against magic like their description tells it? Should we make shapeshifters and if yes, how should we make them? How to manadge range on a unit who has bonus stats? If Myrrh had 1-2 range, she would solo the game as long as her stone lasts, it would break the game. Weapon durability, for or against it? Personally I like indestructible weapons, but many seem to be against them. I think it forces you to choose which weapons you buy since they cost much more, and silvers would be much rarer than what they are for free in the OG (2 free silver swords in 5x and 7 are too many for that part of the game, where you don't even have that many sword users reaching A rank anyway and cavaliers who tend to use lances more due to lance-heavy levels and javelins barely affecting their speed while they take 6 points of speed from pegasi and 5 from falcons, which is pretty unbalanced and heavy pony favoritism, which comes with the question of the importance of constitution as a stat, should we remove its effect on weapon wielding and transfer it to strength? should we suppress completely weapon weight and give stat penalties in the stat bonus category to affect everyone the same like in Fates? I find it much more fair personally). There are many things we could use brainstorming for and it could lead to something completely different from what we would individually think of, which is the reason for me to suggest a collaborative work. If you're interested, answer in this topic and tell me/us what you would like (from what I wrote or from things I didn't think about while writing this, or from things other people write in their own answers). See you soon in this topic!
  7. Ok, so when there was a 6 page arguent between joshkja and Extrasolar about Odin there was no one closing it, but each time I have an argument with someone related to the topic my topic gets closed? Wow, that's such a good show of liberty of expression... If I was completely out of topic I'd understand, but it's related to the topic in several ways, so why can't I defend my points? It's like the 3rd time you close a topic I've created because there's an argument for less than a full page.
  8. I was comparing royal treatment in SS (which is the FE game I've played the most and finished several times both routes) and Fates to show that in other games royals are not OP (or not as much and still have more drawbacks, Ephraim is neither Ryoma nor Xander level of OP even though he's very good, and his late promotion delays his snowballing power by letting him at 5 mov until chapter 16). And Eirika AT BASE can wield Sieglinde for 25 damage, which is more than what any other non promoted non Gerik unit can say combat-wise, on top of being able to promote even if level 1 (her promo gains are no joke) to get a horse and become a decent rescue chain bot if that's all you want to use her for. Also, 30% def and res growths are good for GBA FE, her only bad point is bases, but her growths are good and in her route she has perfect availability, while on Ephraim's route she still has 2 thirds of the game to get out of her bases. And Sieglinde's 16 Mt x3 + 5 str + 4 base str = 57 damage against monsters lv 1 unpromoted, she can OHKO one ennemy per turn and get to lv 15 in late chapters to get her promo without much effort since many flyers come at you in some chapters, and that's without even using the 2 refill staves you get for free to get back to 30 uses, she's Myrrh, only you trade impenetrable def/res and good strength to get insane speed/luck avoid/crit avoid and double anything not called hero or swordmaster in 10-15 lv ups, and promo gains make her nearly as tanky as Seth, all that only requires her to takes a few kills which she doesn't need anything more than what she's the only one to be able to use, and anyway she's forced for endgame, might as well replace this bias towards Joshua whose avoid is lower and who stays footlocked forever with making Eirika able to take one long range attack, and if she kills 1 ennemy per turn on PP that's 1 less ennemy to be aware of in EP for your frontliners. Then Laguz come here for a comparison between shapeshifters treatment in other games, you can't say something is bad in this game without comparing it with what's been done in other games. Sorry to disappoint you, but Laguz (yes even non royals) are far better than Keaton and millions times better than Kaden. Why? Muarim at base can OHKO several ennemies in RD, I think he can even OHKO some ennemies in the 2-E, while taking about 0 physical damage in tiger form. His def is better than HAAR's, and you tell me Laguz are useless? Lethe can also ORKO several ennemies, and cats' class skill has the highest potential damage output in the whole game (aside maybe Aether in RD since it was busted? although the proc rate is way higher than Aether and cats have more skl than Ike), while cats have decent res and acceptable def alongside high HP and good avoid. With their base HP alone, in human form, with 0 def they could tank 2-3 hits in their join chapter (Lethe, Mordecai would take 3-4 hits), now count their def and they can tank 3-4 (Lethe 51 HP 9 def) and 7-8 (Mordecai 57 HP 16 def). I don't see how you can kill them except on purpose, they tank better than your cavalry units and if you transform them Morde can take as many hits as his trasnforation gauge can sustain + 7-8 hits, while Lethe will just dodge 70% of the attacks in cat form until she untransforms so she will take much less damage than your paladins. NOW TO THE TOPIC: Kaden is so bad (I love him but beastsones are garbage and beastrune is not available for the time you get him until after you beat his cousins wolves, and he's still a 1 range locked ninja with a weapon that has the worst drawbacks in the game) he can barely hold his own, even some units I don't particularly like (Silas, Oboro, Saizo) are better than him at his job (tanking magic with guard naginata, killing mages with any weapon giving speed or with high Mt) while having better stat distribution and better overall growths. Kaden is a unit that's been completely thrown in just to say they made a shapeshifter. He could at least get a useful reclass, instead of diviner. Keaton is better than Kaden, still his HP is only good because it's no HP Emblem, not because it's really good, his speed is not much better than tiger Mordecai while his attack and def are way lower alongside HP and luck. Keaton will take damage all game long except from iron shuriken ninjas, which doesn't happen much past chapter 9, and he's recruited several chapters later. With only a steel shuriken debuff, his def reaches 10, which means he'll die in 2 normal hits, and let's not talk about his res. These two have bad/good bases/growths for the game standards, but they're not doing anything anyone else can't do, since Keaton is just Effie trading some def for some HP, and she could be a great knight with 7 move at this moment, OHKOing ennemies when she can't get debuffed+killed by the usual 3 attack stance formations in EP which let them hit you 9x or so with 6 units. Meanwhile, no one has 32 def at base in RD P2, neither does anyone have 57 HP alongside 32 def and 8 res, 18 spd/skl and 15 lck, and hit for 37 damage. Keaton, on the other side, hits lighter than all the units in his category (I think you could make Laslow or Peri better at ORKOing than Keaton when he joins, and they come with rather weird base stats in a chapter that doesn't forgive any mistake), and the nature of beast stones ensures Keaton will never be better thn them. On top of that, he comes with 5 move, while Laguz have 7 move (6 for the equivalent in portable FE) and 9 (8 for portable FE) transformed, which is like a promoted unit/a mounted unit, and if I recall correctly, Laguz don't suffer movement penalty indoors like mounted units do, requires veification. They can also climb while mounted units have to take the path, and they can shove mounts and Moredcai can even smite for 2 tiles movement, which makes you able to move a mount by 11 tiles instead of 9 (hey transporter, how's it going?), and tiger except Kiza max their strength and def at 46/44, 23/22 untransformed, which is 1 point lower than paladins' cap in human form and better than general in tiger form (by 7 points BTW). Comparing physical damage in RD and Fates, it's like tigers have 60% more def than Wolfssegners, and in human form they have 20% less. Capped speed tigers only get doubled by BK, if you want to know. That's how shapeshifters are treated in Fates: they can transform all the time, but even though Keaton has a good stat spread, he's still nothing special, he can't use 1-2 range or even 2 range weapons, and he has unpromoted movement and requires a master seal to promote to only get romoted foot units' movement. Keaton is just Effie worse, and requires a second seal to get into a decent class (unless you use him as a stat stick, which is the only unique part of him since he offers 3-3 str/spd before promo if I recall well and 4-4 after promo). Unlike Mozu, he comes with usable bases, but unlike Mozu, he can't use bows and doesn't get access to a good class no one else has access to in Nohr (Laslow ninja which no Nohrian has access to except him, Kaze being a Hoshidan, Mozu archer, Selena sky knight, even Camilla and Beruka can pass down sky knight to Sidekick if they're his mother, Keaton is just the 4th guy you can make a fighter, and he's the second who needs a second seal to do so). Keaton is a random unit who can take a hit, his growths are too spread for his actual uses and his class is useless outside a faster backpack than berserker, and that's only trading 1 spd with 1 str. Kaden is Kaze without 1-2 range but with better damage...except Kaze has access to forges and his weapon has no drawback to give 2 speed and have 1-2 range. TL;DR: I'm not out of topic, I explained why I made these comparisons, because while people say Keaton is great, they don't even consider his efficiency cost (which no one forgets to complain about with Mozu although she has better availability, better potential and a niche no one else can compete with in CQ with instant archer reclass) and his move is absolutely not going for him since he's just a t1 foot soldier with hero's stat spread. I also wrote about growths for both him and Kaden (Kaze with 1 range and no forges, on top of no utility). And shapeshifters took a heavy hit in this game, because they are not doing anything unique and have absolutely no niche no one else can compete with, which is a problem of game balance, which is part of the topic. Meanwhile in Tellius games, Laguz were a unique type of Oifei that was never done before in FE and their mechanics were not shared with anyone else, bringing some new things to the gameplay. Wolfssegners and Ninetails bring nothing to the gameplay and don't have any unique utility since anyone can get renewal with My Castle and anyone can also use poison strike so wolfssegners and ninetails' skills are not even unique (aside of healing being every 2 turns, and 20% less HP recovery over 2 turns than renewal). Give Silas renewal, take his einherjar, create a new game, buy renewal from einherjar, use a beastkiller: Silas is now better than Keaton, and if Silas get poison strike too (Kaze friendship seal), he does Keaton's job 10 chapters (or even 12 since Keaton must reach 20/5 or 15/5 to get one of his promoted skills) earlier than Keaton. That's IS's way of designing units, they favor quantity over quality and throw some furry fanservice without making them worth using in any way. I clearly explained why Fates had a poor way to balance units (growths and stats/skills) and shapeshifters are the most affected by this poor balance and fanservice without any reason, they don't serve the plot in any way even though Rev tried to give them a reason to join the party, they don't serve the gameplay in anyway since they are worse than their normal classes counterparts in one way or another, they're just there to be there. It's sad because I like them but FE 10 Laguz only run (with Ike and a few filler units to be able to finish the missions) is more efficient than FE 14 Shapeshifters run (even Manakete is poorly executed, although still better than beasts, no reason to not be able to counterattack at 2 range, and for once that Manaketes don't spit fire but use horn attacks, they use their magic stat to deal damage in a mostly physical oriented class with a bonus to strength on yato but no bonus to magic, and in nohr noble they can lower ennemy stats but can't counterattack at range with dragonstone, which is quite deceiving and underwhelming on top of being illogical, how can one weaken ennemies without doing anything to them?).
  9. Since your posts seem to complete each other, I'll go on with both at once. TL;DR at the end if you want to skip the detail. Luck is a really awful stat since Awakening, but even worse in Fates. But what's even worse is not having luck, since you now need twice more luck than in pre-3DS games to get the same avoid and in Fates you need twice as much luck to get the same crit avoid (which is dumb as fck, might as well divide luck growth and cap by 2...) so if royals have all 5-10 more luck than other units by design, they are the only ones with decent crit avoid and a little innate boost to their avoid. Most non royals don't even have 10 base luck (5 crit dodge), and not all the promoted classes have secondary stats bonus (even less in crit avoid), actually less than half of the promoted classes (even only taking unmounted classes, most that have secondary stats bonuses are weapon locked). Add to that some absurd things like royal weapons (not all of them but some) having +10 crit avoid...just fire IS and replace them with competent designers (and writers please...the games' stories have rarely been as bland as in Fates although it had a good opportunity to have an interesting story, which tells even more how bad the scenarios are...). So, royals are much less prone to being crit-killed than non royals. Now another thing that took a nerf mega hammer: skill. With 1.5 acc per skl point, you need 10 skl to get 15 acc (instead of 7 to get 14 or 8 to get 16, and 10 to get 20), that's a major nerf on everyone using inaccurate weapons. Guess what? Fates uses single RNG to calculate hit and crit. This means that your axe users (and yumi/lance/naginata/clubs) loose massive amounts of accuracy compared with older titles, this combined with single RNG roll...yes, this game heavily favors sword users (especially with 1-2 range katanas with +1 spd to get only -4 effective spd from your base and nobody being able to double with 1-2 weapons), shuriken/daggers and nohrian bows (even though most nohrian having access to bows have crap speed, strength or something else which makes them quite underwhelming) and, guess what? The royals heirs' weapons are...swords! Xander couldn't get a lance or he would have the WTA over Ryoma, but what about both having the most accurate and powerful weapon type with 1 range being able to hit at both ranges? It's just like giving Takumi Point Blank, but now give +10 to each of his offensive stats, to his HP and +4 def/res, and make it so his weapon is the one that makes him able to hit back at point blank without taking a skill slot, and making him 1 level under the required level for lv 25 skl. Now we have: royals who have 4-5% more crit avoid than commoners alongside 4-5 hit rate, royal heirs having +damage skills and + crit on their 1-2 range weapon (Xander +10 dodge, Ryoma +10 avoid), royals with more skill base and/or growth than non royals (for most cases) or skilled commoners lacking either speed to double or bulk to not die in 1 hit, skill also helps activating most skills so most royals having more proc rate (even marginal) on proc skills than their counterparts, most of them have either good/awesome bases, good/awesome growths or OP weapons to make up for only half decent stats (that's Takumi, Leo is good bases and growths, Sakura is good to awesome growths since she even gets some def as a healer, Elise has awesome but specialized growths that make her a better Nyx, she only lacks sorcerer/dark knight to make them shine but gets tactician/malig as good promotions, Camilla has awesome base stats, at least for her join time, and natural access to passive offensive skills without proc rate luck involved, Hinoka has OP speed and decent everthing else but she really shines in her alternative class, because even without GBA cavalry/flying units rescue levels of utility since sky knight doesn't have shelter/canto, they still have total trash growths, even in speed they only have 15% as a speed specialized class only to get an excuse for darting blow to exist, because they couldn't revert spd difference = 4 to double like in anything not Awakening level of bad design, etc.). For realism, I think Sacred Stones was more accurate: Eirika had good growths, but bad bases, so it would even out and only her promotion + Sieglinde made her really strong (+ no 1-2 range outside magical swords, eh...), which fits her character, Ephraim had good bases (too average but well, more often than not he was OP) and good growths (reason for his OPness even as a chapter 16 promotion unit), Innes was Seth-like (which fits his big brother archetype towards Tana but not his rivalry with Ephraim), Tana was an Est with decent bases but not very powerful at base, L'Arachel was an Est too (same as Tana but starting as a low level healer), Joshua wasn't really a royal but he had those bases and good HP all game long (it's more Marisa who needs love than Joshua being too good, especially when she's called something like thunder), and Lyon was possessed by the Demon King so his tanky mage state was OK (he would've loved a lighter weapon though...). None of them are straight up OP: some lack bases, some lack availability, some lack post-promotion stat caps (Ephraim you screwed up your stat caps...for real...), some are sword locked...and none has a personal 1-2 weapon without speed penalty with silver-like Mt and iron (bronze) -like acuracy. The real MVP in SS were Seth and Duessel, none of them being royals. Seth is a talented general who taught to the Renais cavaliers (the teacher remains unbeaten by his students, which is kinda sad), Duessel is a charismatic and fair general who taught Ephraim weapon arts so it's only logic that he's one of the best units if not the best in his category (and sadly Ephraim doesn't get any other weapon on promotion as a sign he has accomplished his training with Duessel). Now if we compare, we can also point: Keaton is too strong compared with Kaden. Why? Why so much difference in treatment for 2 shapeshifters? Why does the fox hit much less hard than the dope wolf-grizzly thing and tank much less while having only spd and res over him? Why can Keaton double with his bulk and strength, why can't Kaden hit mages at 2 range? Why does Keaton get HP+5, gamble, sol, axebreaker, rally strength and axefaire, while Kaden gets mag +2, prediction, rally mag, tomefaire, rend heaven and quixotic? None of these skills fit Kaden's style, none, while Ketaon is OP in any of his classes for what he's used for. I feel like comparing Haar and Lethe with equal availability and no 1-2 axe for Haar. He still doubles many ennemies he doesn't OHKO, and his bulk makes him able to solo maps without magic groups. Kaden was supposed to have low strength, then why not use the Kitsune's magical power as a source of damage? He could do his job if he hit on the magic side and had 1-2 range. Comparing shapeshifters with normal classes: 6 damage beaststone, 6 damage iron sword. So, with the basic stone drawback, you never get anything stronger than a base iron sword. Even worse: it's an iron sword lowering your bulk to boost your speed! if Keaton and Kaden were to be different in stats, then why not give each one his stone so they'd get different buffs/debuffs? Kaden has a decent base def, but the beaststone drawns it and his good HP stays unused, while Keaton can take the def penalty to be faster and his HP is completely OP! Even far worse: what does Kaden gain when promoting? spd and res. Everything else grows by...1. 1! Even archers get better promotion bonuses by going Kinshi which is well known for being a trash promotion stats wise and growths wise! Kitsune are only ninjas with never evolving iron swords, spd penalty 1 range bulk buff stone and garbage silver stone, all of that being 1 range locked and killing either his already average bulk mostly relying on HP as a consequence, or his speed which is his best tool to not be useless. Shapeshifters got to another level of garbage compared with Laguz: they can always attack but the drawbacks of being shapeshifters apply even when they can attack, although they still lack 2 range counter options. On top of that, compared with Laguz...Their HP are like 15 points lower than RD laguz, their defensive stats are inferior to half transformed laguz, Keaton's speed barely surpasses Mordecai's transformed speed (especially considering 5 spd difference to double) and ennemies actually have speed in CQ/Rev, all that while not even being able to OHKO any kind of ennemy before like 5 level ups (which is promotion time for Keaton) and Kaden never OHKO anyone while Lethe had some time OHKOing mages before needing to 2HKO them, and she still had str x2 so every point of strength was 2 points of damage, 4 since she doubled every ennemy in the game without any difficulty. Even though Keaton is good, he's still inferior to Tiger/wolf Laguz. Meanwhile Kaden is straight up inferior to every Laguz except Vika and Lyre. They don't get access to a skill like shout in RD which let tigers, wolves and such hit back ranged attackers and stun them. They don't get any proc skill, neither do they get enough skill to activate strong proc skills (and quixotic kills Kaden's avoid). I'd say, really, Panne is better than them. That's how bad they are, even Keaton. At least she has 100% HP growth, 50% def growth and no stat penalties at all with her stone (she even get +1 def with beaststone and +5 def +3 or 4 res with beaststone +) and her competition Nowi is so slow that she doesn't double much at all in hard mode (she only doubles knights, generals and potentially some other slowpokes if there are any) if you just use the main campaign and play normally to level her up (well, not normally but without pair up, which is normally for a Fire Emblem) and don't reclass her. I think IS is just a company who likes abusing bias and only goes for sales since 3ds FE came in (in terms of FE games). But they've always been biased towards certain units (Gerik being Dieck with more everything, straight up annihilating any competition for the 1st hero crest in Eirika's route just with base stats, Pegasi being unable to ever become good fighters in most FE, excluding Gaiden, SOV and POR/RD where caps will destroy all hope for them to become great whatever you do, especially in RD where they're worse than F Dragon master, a clas that not only is stronger and tankier but also nearly as fast as falcons' t3, or mages having forever the worst base stats along with most archers, yes even Takumi and Setsuna's bases suck for their join time, Setsuna being under levelled, lower level than Hana who joins at the beginning of the previous chapter, and fighters/non mounted axe wielders, who generally can't hit a mountain if they're at it's foot, they'll just attack towards the opposite side, because we all know a lumberjack can hit everywhere on the tree and make it fall in 1 or 2 hits with his massive axe, instead of actually having to hit several times the same spot...oh wait! they have to be accurate, strong and have massive amounts of energy to cut only 1 tree? so why the f*** do these units lack everything but hp and strength in gameplay?! In wars axes are a common weapon because cheap and efficient, any villager has an axe to split wood for the winter, but in the game they can't even throw it towards an ennemy! They miss f***ing zombies! That walk 0.5 Km/hour!). Sry for the long post, I had much to say. TL;DR: royals have more skl/luck or at least lck than most units and most of them have personal weapons with bonuses, which means they have more: acc, 1-2 range damage, ability to double with 1-2 range physical weapons not called 3 MT shuriken, crit avoid, avoid, sometimes proc rate. Shapeshifters are worse than Laguz because they don't bring anything more than better armed units at any moment of the game, Kaden is a ninja without shuriken and with the shittiest weapons in the game and Keaton is an HP bag with Effie's base def 9 levels higher right before midgame, average speed at best at th cost of def, the weakest weapon type of all game and still no 1-2 range (or even 2 range) weapons for shapeshifters, nor ranged counterattacking skills like wolves/tigers/lions in RD (who could counterattack AND STUN ranged ennemies if I recall correctly). Their silver-like weapon's drawback is even worse than silver weapons, it straight up draws a 2 kmĀ² wide target on their forehead asking to be shot at with the massive bulk penalty. IS has just found their cash cow with selling biased units with everything going for them as opposed to the common units who lack many things to be attractive (chara-design counted seeing how many royals are drawn with more charisma/attractiveness than commoners in Fates, Oboro and Mozu being the best example of 0 charisma in their portraits while Ryoma and Xander feel powerful from their looks, Ryoma having his personal armor and helm while other swordmasters have none and generics have traditional japanese samurai outfit, but...without the mask that makes them awesome, it's just lacking any form of charisma). Thanks for reading, waiting for your answers.
  10. That's the magic of bows for you! they have 1 damage less than yumi (and no +2 res) but 10 more accuracy soeven Elise can use them, and bow wielding classes have better growths distribution than the trash that healing classes have always suffered from. Literally effective growths vs garbage.
  11. Finally we agree on something. Setsuna has 45% in skill (30 personal 15 archer), that's quite good considering she gets either certain blow or air superiority and she comes with skill +2 (the main problem of +2 skills is IS thinks too much of units with +2 but not enough without it, making Effie a poor defensive unit in a purely defensive class, meanwhile if she had 14 base def +2 she would actually be much better, or if she had +2 in speed to not be slower than the slowest units in the game before Benny, who have 8 speed, namely Silas, Rinkah, Mozu at 7 base, Effie's spd has the same base as Benny while her base def isn't impressive, her HP base/growth is nothing like a tank should have and in knight she doesn't benefit from any boost to her speed growth. If she was a wyvern, her stat assignment would be great, for knight it's trash. Benny is more usable in their base class set than she is, that says much about her performance as your early knight who can be killed by the top ennemies because of poison strike and speed seal which leaves her at 0 speed and ennemies doubling her with 4-6 damage per hit or something like that, now compare with Gilliam who's said to be trash, well he does much better against the ennemies he faces in his joining map and the next one as well because most of them can't double him at base and he actually has HP base+growth for average def, still 3 points higher than Franz with a 5 base HP advantage, all Gilliam should have is a lower starting level or 1 more point in hp, skl and def). Rinkah would benefit a lot from the Benny HP treatment (a lot less from his speed). Also another problem with her is...oni has awfully low use skills, like why would the tank use shove instead of a weak unit to push the tank to the frontlines? I don't see why they didn't put shove on another class and maybe swap on oni. Seal res is also not very useful for a clearly str/def oriented class, even though oni chieftain uses magic (why not let oni chieftain have res seal and put a useful t1 skill on oni savage?). Oni only offers nice growths (except in skl) but skill-wise it's one of the worst classes in the game. That's when too many classes hurt more than they help. As much as I like their design, their skills don't even fit their theme! And why do ennemy onis have 10 more HP than Rinkah? seriously, ether let her have more HP or reduce randoms'HP. If we play no HP emblem, then why should ennemy units have 60% more HP than playable units? That's just BS. Arthur has many ways to patch his luck, the easiest ones being Percy and bronze weapons, another one being redemptor's veteran skill lv 10. Anyway, outside the negative dodge, most units have garbage dodge anyway since you need 20 luck to have 10 crit avoid. Only royals and a few gifted units that suffer from other problems have enough luck to be useful against crit. The best is to deal with crit by not letting it hit you...or chip damage with Benny who will tank 4 crits in a row after 5 level ups and still be alive (not exaggerating too much). I'd also give more base strength to Subaki, Hinata, Kaze, more base speed to Silas, Rinkah, Orochi, Hayato, more base skl to Hinata, Rinkah (she's supposed to be skilled as opposed to her class), Niles, Nyx, Hayato, more base res to Nyx, Hayato, Orochi, Reina, Takumi, more base def to Silas, Effie, Arthur, Owain, Subaki, Oboro, Mozu, Azura, Saizo, Hana, Benny, Charlotte, Kaden, Keaton, more base HP to Corrin, Hayato, Mozu, Hana, Subaki, Rinkah, Effie, Silas, Nyx, Owain, Niles, Scarlet, Reina, Benny, Charlotte, Xander, Laslow, Peri, Beruka, Selena, Miltank, Oboro, Kaden, Keaton, Kaze, Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, and boost everyone's HP growth by 15%.
  12. I almost agree with everything you said. Except that in ninja she's a worse Kaze, might as well use Kaze for that matter. Every fast unit beats Takumi in the archer class because every acc problem is solved in archer and whatever promotion you choose (air superiority makes flyers a big target you can't miss, certain blow makes everyone a big target but it only works PP and doesn't counter flyers' target access while air superority means you can ridicule flyers who can't hit you more than 1/3rd of the time, and Kinshi has 4-5 res over sniper for what it's worth). Fujin Yumi is just a nice early game weapon that's ridiculed by the forging system and my castle granting free forging materials/gold efficient high rank weapons when you can't have them in your own castle. Ross takes 28 level ups (or 18) to be worse than every other axe unit (not being able to wield anything but iron without a spd penalty is pathetic, he's the Ogier of FE8 with garbage speed on top of the rest). Dozla has the decency to come with 43 base HP and 11 base def, 6 res, enough speed to pick his fights (don't send him against fast paladins (they're very rare though), heroes or swordmasters, maybe fast snipers (also very rare), any other ennemy type is just being annihilated with effective weaponry or killer axe, and Dozla can do that at base. He's not Seth or Duessel but he becomes faster than Duessel as well as stronger than Seth, with innate 15 crit bonus and axes, B axes means he will fast get a total 20% bonus crit so who cares about anything else? With the S rank axe, should you give it to him, only swordmasters can double him (and maybe 1 or 2 heroes in ch20 in hard mode, that's it) since at base his speed is 9+5=14, not many ennemies have 18 speed in FE8. That's the difference between a game with bad unit balance but low/average thresholds (and 4 spd difference to double) and a game with bad unit balance but high/very high thresholds (no HP emblem meaning you have to take 2 damage per hit to survive if you get def debuffed, since -3 means 5 damage per hit to 30 HP, seal def means 8 damage per hit, meanwhile in SS even if you have 0 def, you have more HP on every levelled unit than any Fates unit HP except Revelations Silas and Ryoma/Xander who have about the same HP as Seth at final level, which is still 12 less than Kyle, Gerik, Garcia, Gilliam, Cormag, Dozla, 8 less than Duessel,...and 5 spd difference to double in Fates doesn't help it's units balance). Add to that the massive avoid nerf in Fates (1.5xspd+0.5xluck vs 2xspd+1xluck) and crit avoid being quite inexistent aside bias weapons (10 avoid) and redemptor lv 10 skill (15 avoid) I'm glad everyone can use as soon as they reach lv 10 without having to go redemptor, which is gender locked and slow+unskilled. Enjoy playing the same playthrough over and over while we enjoy varying our experience then, what do you want me to answer that? If I played FE8 Seth solo 5 times in a row, I'd be mindblowned and so bored that I'd sell my cartridge and never play the game again (even after 2 Seth solos if I'm being realistic), not everyone likes doing always the same thing and I personnally hate routine, it gets boring really fast (for example in LOL I don't have a real main, because I like playing different things and get bored after 5 games in a row with the same champ, there are 145 champs or something like that, why would I play only 3% of the roaster and be awesome at them when I can play 40% and be correct at them while having more adaptability to meta and match ups?). You repeat yourself a lot, and you read/listen to others too little. Getting Butterfree to lv 12 takes, what, 10 minutes? 3 with an emulator? Is it too long for you? Then how can you even play modern games with even slower execution and walls of worthless talk about food and weather in war games? How can one say it's a waste to spend 3 minutes training Buterfree in blue/red to pass the 1st gym and play X/Y? That game has literally walls of tutorial text, half of it is a f****** tutorial, it's like playing FE6 without a save! I prefer largely replaying g1, even if I spend 3 min training a Caterpie it's a game that I can finish in 2-3h while beating 100% of the trainers with any team comp with little to no grinding (I remind I don't consider cleaning the trainers like grinding, since they're all here from the beginning, don't require you to loose more than 5 extra minutes to clear if you do both routes to the poison gym city, and you're fighting each trainer only once, it's not like waiting for reinforcements in FE since these trainers are already there, it's rout the ennemy without reinforcements, that's my rule for almost every game involving combat, otherwise I'm not better than Sacha who skipped everything and didn't get his badges legitimately because I skipped many steps). Edward has about 50% in offensive growths and 20-30% in defensive with 70-80% in HP, he beats Zihark in HP, str and def after 12 level ups or something like that and the promotion, while Mozu requires 9-10 level ups which she can and should get before obtaining Takumi if you dispatch your ressources while being aware of which unit does best at a specific moment with the same ressource consumption. The fact is that most units you get before Takumi are short-term units that will soon be replaced. The only units that don't have a better version of themselves later are: Rinkah (no one excells in def as much as she does), Saizo (no other ninja is as versatile as he is), Kagero (no other shuriken user has such combination of str/spd), and Mozu is a generalist who excells in skl, spd and lck and has no effective mid/long term concurrence. Takumi is just a disposable who does fine at base and doesn't require training to do the role he plays, but he plays 1 role, not 2 or 3 or 5. He's the one who goes though terrain and kills very slow average def or low hp/def ennemies with annoying gimmcks like ninjas and spear fighters (actually he can't even kill spear fighters by himself at any stage of the game unless overlevelled since he's too slow and not strong enough).
  13. I felt like the difference was even bigger in Fates, Radiant Dawn is known to be completely unbalanced but that's what you get by putting together 3 games and casts in one and having availability issues. Fates has 3 different games separated but they do the same balance issues (+ Hana is NERFED in IK while this game's ennemies are a lot stronger than BR's and much more overlevelled, she barely tickles ennemies at any stage of the game in hard, that's not counting lunatic, seriously tht girl is similar to Kagero, but Kagero has a better class for glass canon work and a usable base strength + poison strike).
  14. That's great! well, sometimes this chapter can be a bit** especially with 1 roll RNG that can completely ruin a turn. What class was your Elise in? Who did she befriend/marry do get it?
  15. It's not, using re-match options in later games or fighting the Elite 4 several times is grinding, while beating every trainer offered to you once is completing the battle part of the game. If you don't battle every trainer, you didn't beat the battle part of the game, you just skipped what you could, which means you're speedrunning to a certain degree. Speedrunning isn't completing the game, it's going as fast from the beginning to the end as possible, while using cheap tactics like bug exploit (which makes completing gen 1 in less than 5 minutes possible, without even getting the starter, or like in Diablo where they beat the game in 3 minutes...sure by using a montage/save states where they select the shortest level path where the next level spawns right next to the previous one, so they get to level 9 without fighting a single monster, kill 1 ennemy with a fixed drop teleport staff to skip everything until they can't skip...), frame abuse (like some shortcuts in Dark Souls games that can only be used if you move exactly at the frame needed to fall there and not somewhere else where you'd die or follow the path), and such abnormal ways of playing. To both: Venusaur is the worst starter because: his type is bad for everything but a few trainers and 3 gyms in early game, his movepool is garbage like samthedigital said. Blastoise isn't the best water type, but he's the only one not needing to be fed exp while doing nothing for 15 levels, only to have bite as it's first actual move and dragon rage, and learning hydro pump only at level 45, or coming after you've beat half the game already to finally access a damn fishing rod that fishes more than Magikarp or get access to surf. Before these, you only have lv 5 Magikarp and Squirtle. Charizard is good because he's got slash and has 98% crit rate with it or something like that, then he learns flamethrower (he learns it before lv 40 if you let Charmander evolve only after learning it), he can learn dig, earthquake, strength, the move that deals lv x1 damage gotten on the path to the maniac's house to deal with rock types before you get dig or to have a second anti rock move since dig has 10 uses. Slowbro is the best water type in gen 1: amnesia + psychic + surf + withdraw/headbutt/body slam/sleep and he's basically soloing everything you fight after getting him, but it needs to be evolved to be good and has a poor movepool until level 30+. But they cost you something valuable: they're 1 use only, and could be used to perfect already good units instead of patching poor units' design. Takumi has mobility but he sucks at growing into a good archer, he only has his bases to go with since his growths are like Silas, completely average and unsatisfying (compare Takumi and Kagero, she has worse bases but her speed and strength growths are among the highest in the damn game, with her base strength being what you'd expect a prepromote ninja to have, whie she has 10 more levels to grow. Mozu is not good at base, but she's not terrble and training her is highly beneficial since she is a delete button, and can delete many ennemies Takumi can only chip. Mozu is sure to kill them, because her speed can't be as bad as Takumi's even if she's speed screwed, and can be twice as good as his, and speed is everything a Fates archer wants, thanks to quick draw, certain blow/air superiority and bows/yumi being stronger than clubs/axes and forges being all a strength screwed archer needs to reck havoc. Mozu can be good in all physical classes, and even more in ranged classes which don't require her to stat check the ennemy's damage and her def/HP, which is quite similar to Takumi only she has more def/res and less HP at equal level, and in 3-4 maps she should be higher than level 11 especially with chapter 9 reinforcements being too strong to take out with only frontliners and divding your team into 2 groups, one for cavs one for mages. I fully agree with you. Also she has enough maps to see some chip/last hit use and desert chapter is a good map to train her because your units come from the right so she can take out the left ennemies with some help. Fast archers rule. She can double ennemies doesn't double while she's using a steel yumi, which means she takes a speed penalty and still outclasses Takumi. Unlike Reina, she can access certain blow and quick draw makes up for most of the str difference between them, also by the time you get Reina at garbage D rank bows while she's a prepromote, Setsuna should be between C and B rank, close to using silvers and already able to use dual yumi and other specific weapons. Ross' accuracy is garbage even with the most accurate axe in FE history and won't become good anytime soon. His speed is and stays garbage, his HP (the only pro of using axe wielders in melee) has nothing to go for him since he's got about the same as Colm. His def and res are laughable and his strength isn't impressive. His father costs less investment to be better than 10/20/1 Ross. He can also get bows or swords, and his con is high enough to wield every weapon in the game without speed penalty except dark tomes which are simply bullshit and irrelevant. By the way, if hero makes him faster, don't forget he keeps 14 con, which means 1 spd difference with warrior with steel axe (15 weight) and same spd as warrior with the free battle axe from Dozla (it's garbage but it's free and powerful and has 5 crit), while warrior gives 1 def/res more vs 1 HP and these 2 spd vs 2 con. Cavaliers outside Kayle can still rescue him. Ross is really a liability. As much as I'd like him to have something for him, he's just garbage and not even the metis tome given to base Ross can salvage him with tower abuse. He's just bad and every other option for axes is better than himwhile costing less to raise (hell even Dozla is far better since he's actually tanky at base and can use a speedwings to be nearly as fast as base Seth, with decent spd growth and high HP/str and decent skl and not loosing speed to any axe, with a pure water he's got 13 res at base like Duessel).
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