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  1. Hello peoples. I'm just here. Idk why
  2. I beat a Y Nuzlocke With Greninja lvl. 67, Aegislash lvl 65, Nidoking lvl 59, Golduck lvl 60, Furret lvl 49, and Yveltal lvl 70. Deceased: Dragonair lvl 34, Abra lvl 15, Vivillon lvl 28, Arkbok lvl 37, and Flechling x 3.
  3. Hide in the back and play Heroes with my Julia, Halloween Henry, Ninian, and Ike
  4. Good to know, you're very welcome.
  5. So, basically, I started making these things for people that showcased a team that they had in Heroes. An example that I made for myself is down below. So, just tell me your teams, and I'll make a lil poster thingy. I don't even know what to call them.
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