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  1. Back to 0 we go. No one ever said the infinity had to be positive!
  2. @kradeelav Request to add the URL I posted earlier to be added to the main page, since the info in the Op isn't all that relevant anymore. 😉
  3. It's most likely nothing. As this article here states thanibomb knows nothing more than the rest of us and was just hopefully optimistic herself: tinyurl.com/p2tvzz2m Anyway, if anything, other games need the Echoes treatment more. Tellius can wait a bit longer. Even if they're my favourite games in the series.
  4. I'd still instantly dislike any character that would interupt the climactic music of the final battle by asking if he should wear a tiger hat or not.
  5. The Serenes page has, if I'm estimating, around 40% off all the text in game that'd need translating. Other than that, you don't seem to have a grasp on the hex problem, because that "problem" is not only on the EU rom. That "problem" is how the entire game is structured. So it's not a problem, it's how you have to follow the rules of how the game is built. As said, start reading the hacking notes topic to get started. 😉
  6. I'm don't have the time to help you actively with your idea, because i'm too busy with my own FE10 projects. However, I can tell you a few things here to get you started. - Are you sure you've gotten every thing piece of text. Even the obscure boss quotes and random talk commands. - Have you read through the FE10 hacking notes topic yet? Might be Fe10 related, but also applies to FE9 for quite a few things. - Are all weapon descriptions, class descriptions and all commands etc translated? And most importantly, for when you're actually editting: The game in hex code has a lot of restrictions. You may have everything translated, but the game divides everything in little chunks that fit in the text boxes. And thus you can't randomly copy paste everything. You need to have all your stuff translated within the boundries the game sets.
  7. My apologies as well, a simple misunderstanding did not warrant an overly hostile reaction. In any case, I'm it's cleared up, but yeah, Neph's preference is never really explored aside from being slightly uncomfortable with how direct and close Heather is.
  8. Wow, I don't really know how warped your logic is, but that's some sexist as fuck shit. Just because a character has boobs they must only be attracted to other females? Of course Nephenee is a woman, but what i said was that her sexuality is never explored. There is never any indication given of whether she's straight, lesbian or bi. It's not relevant to her character exploration, which focuses way more on her self esteem issues regarding her countryside accent.
  9. Nephenee's sexuality is never really explored. Heather is quite overly done a lesbian.
  10. She also flirts with Ilyana, and the little text she has implies she flirts with multiple women.
  11. I wouldn't do this with the game running. I'd change the data and then patch it through wiiscrubber.
  12. And you're both arguing past one another. You're stuck on the decision. Seazas doesn't like more than that, which you're ignoring. It's the fact that Marth is not only making decisions, he's grown and has become a capable mind who is able to deduce, strategise and pivot in heated scenario's. Chris takes everything from Marth except the decision. And that's why Chris is disliked by Seazas. (At least partly, there may be more reasons.)
  13. Pretty much this. It was done with the best intentions.
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