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  1. I was rummaging through the game files and came across a few fun things, including this: Couldn't find it in the PoR code files. Does it appear there anywhere?
  2. There's actually quite a few of these items that are unused. Sadly, adding extra items through paragon with the IID's and corresponding MIID_'s etc does not bear fruit. Devilaxe for example is already in FE10BATTLE but adding in a IID_Devilaxe does not link it. There's currently over 20 unused weapon files in the xwp folder, so any support for being able to add those in (instead of replacing the models over other items) would be greatly appreciated. ❤️ And of course a heartfelt thank you for paragon thus far, since I've been able to do so much already. ^^
  3. To add on to this, bosses still grant Titania roughly 60 exp or so. So she's easily leveling up at least once every two maps. Also, shoutout to M! and F! Kris. Not my vote, but big balls of stats they are.
  4. EU version also works fine. All important stuff is there, though the following nodes are missing: - "Battle Music Configs (Us)" - "Chapter Sound group Configs (US)" - "Env. Sound Configs (US)" - Map music configs - Map sound configs - Music configs - SFX Maya sound configs - Sfx Sound configs - Sound groups - Voice configs So all music stuff. All other stuff works perfectly. There's also one node in the main menu called Unknown Data. That's actually the Movement cost data for terrain. Lastly a question I was curious about. Is it possible for Paragon to also call for and display things like the Flame Lance and Devil axe etc? They exist in the item files for the ISO but don't show up.
  5. Not sure about +, but regular lunatic has been done on 0%growths.
  6. I was writing an explanation already since I realised you can't see the calculations in a publicized document. It's in the post above.
  7. Sanaki can't wield Rexaura. As for the stats, what is unclear to you, maybe I can try and elaborate further if i know where you're stuck. EDIT: I just realised the publicized document does not show the option to show calculations. In short: Caps are noted for each game, the highest value I could find for playable units, not just a specific class. (With some exceptions such as laguz) Then I noted a conversion rate for those stats. How much do I need to multiply the caps of the otrher games with to get the same value as the 3h cap. So for the GBA games the Hp cap is 60, for 3H the Hp cap is 114. So the conversion rate for that is 1,9. 1,9 * 60 =114 Next I noted down all the average stats for each unit (which is where some muddled stuff is found for Robin etc). Lastly you can just convert averages to 3h versions of those averages by multiplying an average with its matching conversion rate. So Micaiah's 44/70 Hp average vs cap is the same as saying her stats are 71/114 (3H) On the next page you can see it neatly noted.
  8. Am planning on doing that. It was like that at some point even. Must've CTRL-Z'd a bit to far back somewhere. And yes, EM bonuses are extra stat that aren't tied to weapons, and ignore caps. But as said, these aren't even the biggest bonuses that get counted, considering we have Tyrfing anyway.
  9. Seems like in formatting all Stat value indicators (Hp etc) were shifted to the bottom at some point. I can see all of them though. And yes, when making this I was thinking of how to factor in bonus stats. The idea was to look at hight of average power. SO all available tools at 20/20 with average stats. It's listed in the doc as well.
  10. So a while ago this post about a Lords Battle got me thinking. How would all lords compare to one another from a stat perspective? This of course is not easily glanced since most FE games use different stat scaling. So here we have a table that converts stats from one game to Three Houses metrics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRRt-p2B208an7BaQfMgKYu3eUTSdhc80Xcq9PwSSBVzg4kdsUVvUpq5pyEt7mh_An0tqbQThUmlVkl/pubhtml On the first page you can see four tables: - Table 1(Top Left) contains all highest caps from every game, so we're all working with the highest metrics for every game. A few things to note; Three houses max stats are taken from characters and do not take class additions into account. Radiant Dawn does not use Laguz caps as there are no laguz lords. - Table 2(Bottom Left) lists the conversion rate. This shows how many points a stat is worth if transferred to Three Houses. As we can see, for example, Yuri has 1's across the board. However, every point of Str Roy gains is almost 3 points of Str when converted to Three Houses. In short: Caps are noted for each game, the highest value I could find for playable units, not just a specific class. (With some exceptions such as laguz) Then I noted a conversion rate for those stats. How much do I need to multiply the caps of the otrher games with to get the same value as the 3h cap. So for the GBA games the Hp cap is 60, for 3H the Hp cap is 114. So the conversion rate for that is 1,9. 1,9 * 60 =114 Next I noted down all the average stats for each unit (which is where some muddled stuff is found for Robin etc). Lastly you can just convert averages to 3h versions of those averages by multiplying an average with its matching conversion rate. So Micaiah's 44/70 Hp average vs cap is the same as saying her stats are 71/114 (3H) - Table 3 (Top right) shows average stats for every unit plus some things I'll go into detail about. First off, I am not entirely happy with the Corrins and all three Awakening units. If I use OifeyBot correctly the Awakening units should have gone from lord>great Lord and Tactician>GrandMaster for 20/20 averages. But the stats seem low. I went for Maiden!Lucina and no boons or banes for Robin. Corrin should also be boon-/baneless. The Three Houses leaders are levelled from base to 99 in their unique classes/Trickster for Yuri. this is for simplicity's sake though I may change this to an actual progression with intermediate classes later. Lastly, I thought about stat bonuses. in the end, I added these as fairly as I could. This means Ike and Micaiah gain +5 to all stats from Yune's blessing. this seemed overpowered compared to the other units, but Seliph and Sigurd also wield the Tyrfing which grants +40 stat total, which is even more than the bonus Yune gives. I may have missed some bonuses so please do let me know. All noteworthy stuff is listed next to each unit. - Table 4 is the end result, but I advise going to the next page for some more detail and a clearer layout. Results: Ok, so the results are in! To preface, this still doesn't paint the whole picture of who would win a Battle Royale. Combat arts, crit rate, matchups and skills all play a role and as such these stats are not an end all be all. - Coming in at a shared 1st place for the Hp category are M!Kris and Alm! ike barely misses due to him capping at 65 Hp but the max for Tellius Beorc is 70. Cool to see Celica clocking in at 104 Hp, F!Kris also matching her in her swordmaster class. Even Roy broke into triple digits! Yuri scores lowest with a measly 64 HP. - Attack has our first set of Cap exceeding units. Dimitri, Ike and Ephraim make the top three, all exceeding the cap. Dimitri due to Class bonuses, Ike is blessed by Yune and Ephraim has his Siegmund granting him additional Strength. To no one's surprise, Micaiah ranks lowest, but with 51 Str she is still able to wield any Light tome without a speed penalty. - From last place all the way to first, Micaiah shows that she is truly the queen of Magic! Almost breaking into triple digits, Micaiah is way ahead of everyone that matters. Here we see our first weird cases. Hector clocks in at an incredible 85 Magic, almost capping out. But that's merely because his Mag was copied from his Str, due to no split existing. Anyone on a horse or in heavy armour will have to watch out. We also see our absolute lowest stat here, 2 magic for Sigurd. Don't think he's going to miss it. - In the skill category we see something kinda horrific. Ike has a 100 Skl stat, meaning every other attack will proc Aether. Seliph also goes beyond the cap with a staggering 93 skill! As for our tactician... He actually has the lowest skill amongst the (pseudo)lords. Of course, this may change depending on whether or not I handle the 3DS averages correctly. So we'll see. - three houses takes first and last place, with Yuri capping speed and gaining a bit more due to trickster class. Edelgard, as an Emperor from start to finish, lags behind with a measly 43 speed. Thank goodness stride and raging storm exists. - The luckiest man alive here is Leif, with the highest value we'll see today. 116 Luck! that's well and truly past the cap of 77. Marth and Micaiah are also poised to buy lottery tickets, whereas Sigurd doesn't seem to be that lucky. Fitting, all about that story immersion right? - To almost no one's surprise, Hector is one beefy boi. Going well past the cap with Ike close behind. Ike has two bonuses, however, so Hector is way more homegrown on the defence side. Edelgard also impresses with a great 64. Celica is made of paper with the lowest score of 28. - Lastly, we have Resistance, and everyone knows who wins here. Micaiah is the first lord to claim two titles, with highest Magic and Resistance. Going almost 30 above the cap! She can take a hit on the magical side, and even 51 defence is quite sturdy. The person who does not want to face Micaiah's magic stat is Marth, with 8 Resistance. That's after being bolstered by the Binding Shield! Res is generally low, with only a few breaking 50 or more. Lyn and Roy benefit from their weapons, as do Sigurd and Seliph who come close -breaking the cap even!- due to their insane +20 Res in their base game from Tyrfing. - And to close it out we have stat totals! Here we can see who is a dud and who is a big ball of stats! Robin scores lowest, with Chrom almost matching him. Not even breaking 400 Stat total. this of course may change when 3DS units are recalculated. Surprisingly Micaiah actually beats out everyone for first place. Mostly this seems to be a case of having so much more Res than most other characters. it wasn't what I expected at all, Ike took second even, who I thought was going to win. But in the end, Micaiah was the only one who broke 600 stat total. Of course, Yune's blessing helps, but as said before, I decided to count these as the Yune bonus isn't even the largest one in the list, and everyone else also has their final weapons etc. So when assuming the peak performance of each unit, this seemed fair to include. Feel free to discuss these units in the comments, let me know if I messed up something that I haven't addressed in the post. Please help me fix the Awakening and Fates units because I think I didn't do them right. Were there any statistics that stood out to you? I personally really liked the FE5 stat conversion rate! I may compare the final bosses of each game as well at some point seems fun.
  11. That one got a good chuckle out of me, very nicely done. :') i haven't played enough of TH to even formulate a well built opinion on Edelgard, which is why I stated that it was merely used as the example because it was already used as an example. Wish I could continue but currently the game is being lent to a friend. But yeah, my point wasn't to attack, just merely to show that it's impossible to have a meaningful discussion with this rhetoric. As for an unpopular opinion i have: Fucking hate Frederick, though I respect the VO for the Pick a God and Pray line. Ana really soured me on Frederick,... Sylvain too actually. And bears :')
  12. If the "Edelgard is Racist" viewpoint only makes sense to you from an angle where it has to come from someone who dislikes Edelgard, then you're just not looking deep enough into the themes of the story that it is trying to convey to the player. You should try meeting the game on its terms and try to give it some merit and look a little deeper. Making a blanket statement that only people who dislike Edelgard would consider her racist because it would be an easy thing to gravitate toward is underselling the ideas and themes the story is trying to convey. Doesn't feel nice to be on the recieving end does it? And of course you'll be in disagreement with what is written above. I'm merely using the Edelgard thing you mentioned as an example and have no significant opinion on the take. it's merely there to serve as an example. This is the logic you use and it's makes any argument against it useless. Because if people disagree you'll just repeat the "You're not digging deep enough" until the other person agrees with you. If someone replies you can always repeat your "just dig deeper" line. If they agree then you've won. There's no use having a discussion with this because the "just dig deeper" line isn't an actual argument at all. it's just a border for you to set and whoever doesn't agree is not deep enough yet so they must be wrong.
  13. I find it funny that you use Largo and Calill, and thus PoR as an example here whilst saying characters cannot comment on the current status of the story. PoR is pretty much the oly one that is actually able to do so since the support convo's are locked behind chapters deployed together. So yes, the y actually do reference stuff that has happened in the world. You do have a point in the fact that all supports are still optional and do not make the plot unable to move forward if missed, I'm not challenging that. I am challenging your statement that supports are entirely in isolation and cannot comment on the current status. You've got a solid point but it's not as all encompassing as you say (in PoR's system at least)
  14. Jotari had a great response already with this post: "Less is more isn't literal the less you have the better. Otherwise no supports would be preferable to any supports. Less is more means it's better if you can achieve the same result in a smaller amount." Shadow Dragon and 3H aren't comparable since opne has a support system whereas the other doesn't (bond supports aside). Three Houses has so much fluff that could be trimmed. That's a case of less is more within the context of writing. Less is more does not mean that it's better to remove the supports alltogether. If Shadow Dragon were to have a support conversation system the same thing would apply; Don't overly fluff up the supports and don't use 50 words when 25 would suffice. No it's really not. There are examples of long stories being great and having fleshed out characters. There are short stories that have more fleshed out charactewrs than long saga's. Arance recently came out on netflix and is 9 episodes currently. The series has recieved universal praise for how it handled its characters. Meanwhile Game of Thrones(Tv) was longer and butchered many of its characters. If Arcane is not a suitable example for you since it's going to get more seasons, we can look at the short stories of Love Death Robots. A few have amazing characterization that puts the shallowness of characters such as Arya, Jaime or Dany to shame. As Yexin said: Sadly however, FE has not always stuck the landing with the "better" part. So yes, you'll most likely know more about a charcter with 20 shitty supports compared to one with 2 shitty supports and nothing else. But you'll know way more about a character with 2 great supports than one with 20 shitty supports. "a longer book/story is always better than a shorter one. It’s just basic logic. A character with more screentime is always gonna be more fleshed out and better developed than a character with less screen time" You sure about that? Well said. If I were a sculptor and just brought a rude brick of marble over instead of an actual detailed sculpture my patrons would look at me quizzically. If I then told them that "There's more stone so obviously that is going to be better than less stone, that's basic logic!" I would lose my job on the spot. It absolutely is tru that while "less is more" is something to strive for when writing, writing something that's actually good in the first place is also quite important. And FE has not always done that. I can keep removing bits and pieces from a turd but in the end it'll still be a turd. And sadly some support conversations are just not that good. I'm actually working on a revamped support system of Radiant Dawn. It'll stay the same mechanically, but I want to use the Mist/Boyd A support and Ike/Soren A support requirements to spawn in extra Base conversations for certain support pairs. It'll work like the PoR support system, going by chapters deployed together. The only thing I am not able to do is removes the 1 person limit for viewing supports. But in the end it'll be PoR chapter based support leveling, with base convo's becoming available after certain chapters, with the RD stat bonus system.
  15. Seems like ottservia still has not learned one of the pillars of writing; 'Less is more' since the last topic on supports was made. It is one of those rules every writer learns about just like 'show don't tell'. Know why the rules exist before you break them, and Three Houses clearly does not know why the rule exists.
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