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  1. Yes, it is exactly because of those things that I was making my point that Corrin is a far superior support unit than Clive or Mathilda. Those are literally the arguments I used to show why he is so much better.
  2. I don't know what you're on about, since Corrin checks the boxes for some of the most relevant tanks in AR. I have seen 0 hrid, 0 Conrad and 0 Berkut tanks so far myself, but even so, if Corrin isn't able to soak multple chills for them, Matilda and Clive most definitely won't. +10/10 B!ike, of of the most used tanks in the current meta, can be supported by M!corrin and have either three stats soaked by Corrin alone, or all 4 when he is + atk and takes a +3 def seal. Mathilda and Clive cannot do this. Corrin is shown with a bonus of +2 atk and def to simulate a possible atk/def 2 sacred seal. Taking a + Atk nature and a +def 3 SS does the same. taking a drive means someone else needs to soak a chill from Ike, but if possible that opens the seal slot again. A unit that can soak a total of 28 stats worth of chills and also takes care of shrines is incredibly valuable. This is something only he can do, the other two cannot. B!Ike is just one example, but since he is such a prominent unit in AR right now, I felt this was a justified example. Corrin can do the same for DC/Null C Donnel, Nailah, Hawkeye(With Fury four and a Res boon). Corrin also has 61 Hp, which is huge, since it dodges all panic manors. He doesn't even need fury 4 for B!ike, though he is a great candidate for it. Corrin not being able to soak chills for super tanks is not true at all, he is in fact able to soak multiple, if not all whilst maintaining a high enough Hp to dodge max lvl panic manors. For armours it of course is a different story, they need to have team support from multiple units specialising in one stat. And neither Clive or Mathilda is soaking more than 1 chill for armours anyway.
  3. Corrin has higher bst however as an infantry unit and has a static spectrum +2. This means he can easily soak chills, the cavs cannot. So I think Corrin still is more useful.
  4. The highest scoring units will be mythics with merges, since a +10 Eir or Peony will count as +20 for scoring purposes. So a Yune will need to be +6 to score better than your +10 Arena core units. Since dark is a minor blessing it gives +5. Also, general advice, build only what you need and don’t recklessly upgrade structures for the sake of it.
  5. The skill ceiling being lowered is not what worries me by itself, it’s the skill floor being raised, which might jeopardise my rewards since more people can more easily contend for the max rewards. This pushes the max arena score up and forces me to fish more for max score matches.
  6. The Arena change is horrible. It removes the last part of skill Arena had is now gone. It’s purely scoring based now since one bonus kill is enough. Anyone can do that. So it means we’ll need to fish more for the highest possible score. It just means the entire arena becomes a score check, whereas it at least now was at least a tiny little more skill based.
  7. +Hp is best imo since you could use it to double as a start for a cav line defense.
  8. Accepted! Good luck practicing vs my defense teams =p Once you’re ready to start investing in a defense map, I’ll try it out and see if there are any tips and advice to give. For now though, your offense is more important. =]
  9. Wanted to get my feathers for cooking out of the way, So i just yote Nailah into the kitchen. She made 6 5* dishes in a row, all of which were just 1 ingredient *5. So 5 times Wheat, then 5 Times squash etc. Nailah is a a premium chef with many Tellius styled dishes. She picked up on that fast, considering she's from Hatari.
  10. Legendaries that have the same blessing that is active during astra/anima season do hep reduce lift, regular fire/earth blessed units do not. You need anima blessed units for that to work, so the blessed gardens units won’t help you reduce lift. Also, I’d like to add you to my FRiend list as well, mind sending me an invite? Fc is in my signature.
  11. I do not see myself in that list, would you like to become friends in Feh? =] I ended up rank 400ish, the front page was fun for an hour. =]
  12. Fact: Multiple people have given you solid advice: amonst that, the ai guide. Fact: besides this AI guide I have personally also requested that you record your offense against defense teams from this community. Fact: I have also requested you to show your defense team by befriending people of this community so we could tackle your defense map and show you how the ai works. Fact: you have done NONE of these. Always coming up with excuses. So I will call bullshit when I see bullshit. Give me some damn examples of you gaining new knowledge about the AI and executing it in your plays if you have been working on this. So far the only thing I have seen you listening to is giving B!Ike DC and a Light blessing. Both of these actions have nothing to do with AI knowledge, the AI is not involved with distribution of blessings or skill inheritance. We’ve been handing out advice like candy, so if you are so certain that you’ve been implementing new knowledge, I would like to know exactly what you have been doing to manipulate the AI. Because so far, I am smelling a big pile of BS.
  13. No you don’t, every time someone links the AI guide to you, and tells you you can read a paragraph once a day(which takes 5 minutes) to get better, you say you are to busy. ‘Learn the AI movement is a perfectly vlid response to someone who chronically has shown to not put in the effort despite complaining. Me and other people have been giving helpful advice for weeks and you took almost none of it to heart. So don’t start bullshitting about how our comments are not helpful of they’re only four words long. People tend to get fed up when they type out long essays to help others and only 3% of the info gets acknowledged and maybe used(B!Ike inthis case)
  14. A perfect week this week =] Last battle was a whale team with +10 Ephraim, H!Hector, Yune, Sothis, Alm and B!Ike. So easy to bait and pick off.
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