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  1. Just found out about the vault of heavens. Ha, funny. I quit Feh because I hated the changes to AR, making it brain dead. I even had hoped for something like the VOH when I made my predictions for the FEH channel on the 8th. People thought it a weird and unreasonable idea then, well here we are. I have no inclination of starting FEH back up, but I am glad the actual integrity of the game is at least somewhat back with that addition. At least there is a way for people to show off their actual skill instead of everyone being served T28 on a silver platter.
  2. I have a +10 Nowi and it is a mediocre Refine on a bad unit in my honest opinion. The refine would be great if not for the special slow. Sadly, Nowi herself just isn’t pulling her weight anymore. Even with darting breath she just lacks the raw stats a Stance 3 skill like bracing 3 or solo skill would offer. And her dragon weakness just hampers her too much nowadays.
  3. The 7th unit is on standby until at least one unit dies on the defense team. It still starts as a 6v6. And I'm not saying everyone has to think that way. I could throw the same logic back at you, some people on this forum might disagree with me, I am in a discord where out of 2000+ people, so far none have praised the changes to AR. And 80% of those people are T27 players. That's a sizeable chunk of the people that are directly affected by this. If people don't want to play the mode, increase auto dispatch amounts, because that's how you satisfy people that don't want to play. Now you've pissed of your top ranking player base, who actually try to do something with the ranking system that IS put in place, and suddenly, achieving those ranks is a menial and meaningless task. There's no challenge left in this game.
  4. Yeah, that pretty much cannot be beaten. If only it was a brave weapon, we could have two Olivers after one another. No, that's possible if the second hit triggers a special. Amazing.
  5. Ok so last night It was too late for me to talk about the channel in depth. TL DR, still hate most of the changes. Probably enough to quit Feh entirely. Ok, so first off: New Book. Whatever. Don't care for the story that much, story maps were a free source of orbs. Whooptidoo, new book, new maps, new bad writing. We were already able to bring a pegasus hover bike with Tsubasa, so I don't really care about the idea of a gunslinging mech ruining FEH. As long as we don't get that in mainline games, that's what codename steam can do. Then there are the things I hoped to get some of, but didn't: - HM cap increase to 10k - Being able to inherit 5 skills instead of 4 - Changes to feh pass so that QoL changes are free, but they get some other stuff instead - Faster weapon refines - AA to 5 matches because I just don' like the mode - Make T27 the new T21 and increase tiers to T34 or so. So once you get T21, you stay there, if you get to T26 you reset to T21, but if you get T27, it's a new milestone and you keep that rank. - More manuals to get - More ways to get flowers and trait fruits - Being able to farm trait fruits in AR Resort - New AR and Arena maps Didn't expect to get all of these, but especially the HM cap would have been nice. Instead we got a dick in our mouth. Login bonus and stuff is usual, not bad, not noteworthy. New heroes are whatever as well, though max invested Selena sounds scary on a cav line. Anyway, moving on. I really, really reaaaaaally hate the AR changes. - Lift score changes are the most minor thing, since getting more lift is canceled out a bit by the new tier, which requires higher lift. - Being able to bring a 6th unit to your (currently) Astra offence is just retarded, AR was getting easier as it is already and this makes the only mode in the game that required actual skill and good gameplay knowledge a braindead mode, especially when combined with the following; - Being able to sac a unit and not being punished for it? Like what is this even?!?!?!? Come on, just throw in a unit like L!Leif(when in season) or Ninja Lyn, kill two units on the enemy team, plonk them next to the rest and watch them die. Congrats. You now have a a 5v5 at minimum, the enemy will engage onto you while the rest of your team is safely out of range. What fucking bullshit is this even. AR is dead, the only engaging, fun and challenging mode just died. RIP - To add insult to injury, the above can only be done when a Mythic of that season is in bonus, but guess what, there will always be one mythic in bonus season, so you can always sac a unit since even if your lowest merged mythic is the bonus, you stick em in the extra slot and still get max lift. This mode was supposed to be challenging, not a a babysitter holding your hand telling you your little booboo is gonna be okay. God I hate these changes. And of course Reginn herself is quite amazing as a unit. I have no issue with how her weapon and kit works per se, but with the changes made and her being clearly made with those in mind, Astra is going to be just as braindead as Light was getting. Man, what a tragedy this FEH channel was. Only thing actually great about the channel was the off focus change. That's actually good.
  6. Free pulled a Hubert on the new banner. Sure. that tome can go to V!Titania.
  7. For who wants a picture. Nowi's is pretty decent, the slow on special is saddening. Big F you to mist that now gets her refine at the same time. Mist's refine is amazing though, but it is mist so.... Falchion is pretty good, only beaten by Alm's falchion imo. Oliver's tome is amazingly in character, though not an amazing weapon per se. But pretty fun to add onto Eirforce as your eventual 6th unit. Since most Eirforce uses Reyson that is. Not an amazing weapon, but a fantastic in character weapon.
  8. Well AR is a braindead mode now. Fucking hell how easy can it get. You can sacrifice allies and still get max lift? Pffff Knoll is great, pity break is great. Rest sucks.
  9. Also a new topic made, but it was earlier than the expected 05:00 in the morning
  10. Same for me, I have a solid enough T20.5 scoring that I can easily make T21 in promo weeks, even with a dancer in my arena core. My core nowadays is Duo!Micaiah, Aversa, Reyson and bonus unit. It used to be Sheena and Nailah being in there, but with Micaiah being built I now have enough leeway to swap in Reyson again even though he has Sing as an assist. If a duo unit or legendary with a duel scoring is the bonus I can often stay T21, even when unmerged. Though I don’t care too much for that. I am slowly finishing L!Azura(+7) and once L!Micaiah comes out she’ll be a project. But for now, T21 consistent is just too much investment for too little reward conpared to T20.5
  11. I wouldn’t really consider those two threatening or OP in any sense of the word. When was the last time you faced one of those and got defeated? For me, the last time I saw any of them ans them actually being memorable as an enemy was the weeks of their bonus season. That’s when they were seen frequently, because facing a day one whale invested +10 W!Sothis with bonus stats is the norm with newly released units like those. They score well and thus are seen frequently in higher AA ranges or used at tanks in AR. Other than that, in AA you can counterpick and armour movement is laughable, the only armour I dislike seeing is B!Hector and even he has specific units that can counter him. It just takes a damn while and some maps force earlier engages. In AR i may have seen a W!Sothis somewhere, but if I have, it’s always been as a corner armour, and those are easy win defense maps. I have not been attacked by W!Sothis or Duo!Idunn since their bonus season ended and even then they didn’t win consistently. Maybe in something lije grand conquests I have had trouble with one of those armours, just parking their ass on the thrones while I have autobattle on and don’t realise they are in the way. Other than that, I cannot think of an instance where they were actually troublesome.
  12. To be fair, It’s hard to be OP when you take effective damage from two sources.
  13. Disarm trap is dagger locked. A great B skill would be Lull Spd Res. Other than that, Tier 4 pushes or SS3 are quite good for the A. Heavy blade can work with Galeforce. She's quite flexible. You can also run fury, if you can kite around units that need a specific kind of damage. let's say you clear out two units with her with high defense, which she bypasses through flame lance. then, you are below 50% or so and her dmg switches to targeting defense. Now you can take out the other enemies with high res.
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