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  1. Spent 9 orbs for two green stones, hoping to get Atk/spd solo fodder. Got Hone spd 4 for my Azura instead. No regrets!
  2. Judging by last years units, I am expecting retainers, and I think it is Severa in the silhouette.
  3. I think Tibarn is a given for the Chills banner so they clear some Reds for the Legendary banner. Just like how Ylgr got skipped because of her feature on the VG banner. So my thoughts are: Red: L!Ryoma NY!Hrid New L!Hero Blue: L!Ephraim L!Lucina Selkie Green: L!Gunnthra L!Yune Hs!Hinoka Grey: L!Robin Hs!Sakura B!Veronica (I hope, since that could mean Cain goes together with Eir and Alm.) Tibarn goes on the chills banner to clear some space. Kaden keeps being skipped because there will be a Link skills banner in July or August.
  4. Had a match vs Clair where I got the full 200.000 in one fight. Witchy wand + Est and Catria is just plain stupid in this mode.
  5. I started as soon as I could, and it was very funny to see the Rokkr die to my own attack instead of what was supposed to happen. No coordinated team attack happened since I was the sole person with score. So catria just kind of bonked it and poof it went away.
  6. Landed in T26 today with 5 lift left in the tank. The rewards coupled with the 30 stones i will get from the resort tomorrow will allow me to upgrade to 5/5 offense and defense.
  7. Soooooo..... I was at a birthday party yesterday and I got quite a bit farther than tipsy. When I got home I apparently had an urge to DrunkSummon. In ten orbs I got a +Def, -Res second Bridal Fjorm! That, could have gone a lot, and I mean, A LOT worse. Now I have one for every season though!
  8. I am missing one Jeorge manual. I will be getting a pic as soon as I get that last merge.
  9. Another two perfect runs today. I am very glad I decided to invest into my first 5 star ever pulled: Jeorge. At +7, +3 he is sitting at 56/36 offenses and with his Parthia that goes up to 62 attack. His CcVantage was very useful today to get a flierball on the desert map. What I like most is that if he’s at 75%, he is still able to use his Parthia well. One unit was able to withstand a vantage hit, but the 30% damage reduction saved Jeorge, allowing the double to finish it. I just feels satisfying that the first MVP of my account managed to find new purpose and be a core member after falling behind due to powercreep. Now just some seliph merges, since he was the second 5 star i got ever(rerolled until I got two 5 stars) @Ice Dragon, what skills did that Seliph comp have? I am curious!
  10. She’s gonna be pissed when she finds out Ishtar has been slinging Mjölnir around for ages.
  11. I had something happen to me. Every single summon, all 5, were three star Eirika’s with the exact same nature. +Res, -Hp. Five times in a row, what are the odds?!
  12. I spent all my currency to get the stones As soon as possible since i could upgrade some important stuff sooner. So i have to wait now. =\
  13. She was the first easily accesible red tome flier. Her stat spread was comparable to Tana and A!Camilla, I haven’t seen a soul who disputed Aversa’s usefulness and were sceptical about her performance.
  14. This week was the week, sacrificed some Tailtiu and Chrom for higher sp skills. My team of +10 Nowi, +10 Aversa, +10 Titania and +3 L!Azura managed to score 3780 this week. That is currently rank 464 and hopefully enoughfor my first crown. Never got Leagjarn so Aversa is running without R Duel. Maybe one day.
  15. Dragons on a defense team in Astra season, ah the merryment! Except Duma, even though he’s easily dealt with at least he decreases lift loss. Naga herself can also work if you have a Line of cavs to force a turn one engage. Since naga then gives the cavs the ability to deal with offense naga’s.
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