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  1. I've made an extra section. ^^ Hope we can get an extensive and orderly hub going soon!
  2. Regarding the discord, I talked about with LM73 once. Were too few people at that point so most of the info was just in this topic. But I’m a big proponent! I can add a section in my discord and make it for specific roles only, seems like a decent start right?
  3. But that doesn't matter at all anymore after granting unit X 100 laguz worth of EXP. There's only endgame left at that point. If you're funneling a unit to become god emperor of the universe in 4-5, they obviously will kick ass in 4-E. Once you get to the end result,everyone is S tier compared to the scrubs you will fight in the tower. So Astrid has no edge over the other units anymore. Canto isn't even that useful in the tower, since you only really use it in 4-E-1 and 4-E-5. E-2 is Bk fight and the south is so small you can just park at the start and let units fall onto you. E-3 and E-4 are rush forward, no canto needed. Her caps are decent, but not amazing compared to the units at your disposal. Double bow is nice, but if you're a funneled unit you're pretty much ORKO'ing anything anyway. And blossom don't matter all that much either since you're able to BEXP a units last few stats when they hit their first caps.
  4. That is true, but that's the entire point. You have to get Astrid to T3 first before you can even do that. And other units don't need that. For funnelling exp into a unit, Astrid still takes longer and in a more convoluted way than other units, so she's still worse comparatively. With funnelling everyone can be great, so greatness isn't a useful metric to measure the worth of a unit anymore. So then, how easy is it to get the units there, how tedious and long is it? Astrid is still pretty much the most tedious one to do this for, so she still ranks lowest.
  5. Awesome to see more and more stuff become available. i'll have to update my tools soon. Currently haven't had the time, but I'll get to it soon. As for activation percentages, you'll need assembly knowledge for that. It's stored in main.dol, correct, but some bytes have a specific meaning and change depending on the value. it's how LM73 found out and how we got negative growths working in the end.
  6. Even then I'd still rate astrid as one of the worst. If playing eficiently you 1 or 2 turn the map. If casual play and you are using the map to juice a unit into usability by getting them tier 3 we have to use another metric to measure how good a unit is. Best for that is how easy it is to get a unit up to par. This is by how slow the EXp funnel starts and how quickly it ends. Even with Paragon Astrid sucks here, since she can only do 1 attack per Ally and enemy phase, 2 at max if using reyson. Almost every other unit getting funneled will have 1 range and be able to do Ep fighting. Even if at first it's just eating a counter and not KO'ing back. That's two rounds of combat vs 1 round of combat boosted by apragon for astrid. But as units get stronger, the 1 range unit is able to start doing multiple combats on EP. Astrid is one of the slowest to train and it takes the longest out of almost all your units. So just on a basis of getting a unit up to speed, she still takes way more effort than other units, and thus she's still worse than them. We can't really measure a unit going through this process by how they end up stat wise since every units getting juiced by (at max) 100+ laguz reinforcements will be god emperor of the universe, so Astrid's capped stats don't matter anymore in this scenario.
  7. So you're arguing that you think it's bad and stupid under the explained scenario because you don't like it under your own scenario. That's a faulty argumentation. You're arguing that you don't like CG in Jurassic World whereas the topic at hand is Jurassic Park. There has been evidence presented and your arguments have boiled down to; - I, and other don't like they way they are implemented and structured (An opinion, which doesn't do much when not back with factual arguments) - They take too much time/poorly handled/tedious (Already refuted by the video's shown) - Aren't even worth it (also already refuted, making Alance able to reach ORKO benchmarks in chapter 3 as an example) - Immersion breaking (What does this have to do with a draft race? Right, nothing) - This is how I define a draft race (Nice that you draft race with LTC and Real time at the same time, but that was not the topic at hand, though evidently you are right that in an LTC setting supports value diminish greatly because of the turn count.) - Move gap (Rescue exists and is used prominently in draft races)
  8. I hold onto several terms that at least make it easy for me to explain what I mean by them. I use it to differentiate different projects and it allows for people to understand what I mean and then they tend to say like "ah yes that's what I meant when i said Remake!" - Reboot: Puts a complete stop at the game (series) timeline and starts over into a completely new direction, often only having the title of the Game (series) remain. - Remaster: A 1:1 recreation of a game with modern tools. OOT 3d would fall under this. Then there's two that kinda get used sporadically but they aren't entirely relevant for the topic at hand; - Rehash: A cheap copy or knock off just to get some money from people. Some part 2's from disney movies could be considered this. All the FEH copies made by not nintendo such as Heroes of Emblem Saga on the app store. - Rework: Hardly ever used, best description are the Visual & Gameplay Updates from League of Legends champions. Where they try to distill the core identity and work a resembling kit and visual around it that innovates and brings the champion up to the modern standard. And then there's the remake and its two brothers: - Redesign: building an existing game again and keeping story and design elements mostly the same, only removing plot holes or stuff like that. May also add stuff story wise but leaves most of the story concepts the same. Does however change a lot of things in gameplay. Introduces new mechanics etc. If Radiant dawn got a release on the switch but with an expanded supports system such as POR and core gameplay mechanics being changed such as the combat and terrain system being overhauled; That would be a redesign. Story is the same, just recieving some padding, gameplay is where the big changes are. The skeletal structure of the game is being changed. - Re-imagination: The polar oppsite. Gameplay stays the same, focus of changes lies mostly in story and aethetic etc. The skin and appearance is being changed, with core gameplay staying the same. - Remake: Both gameplay and story etc recieve a major update. I haven't played Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, so I can't be for certain, but from my outsider perspective I'd put them either in Redesign or Remake. I just don't know how much the story differes, I have only seen the new Rival and Red & Blue show up as well, indicating to me that the story has quite a few changes to accomodate that. But I'm not sure. If the story is a carbon copy it's go into redesign. FF7 Remake however, judging from the posts here, absolutely falls in the Remake category. But also, haven't played it so can't be sure myself. These are of course just my personal holdfasts, and aren't the industry standard or anything. But so far I have been able to pretty neatly order games by these criteria, so it works well enough for me, and I hoep you might get some use out of it.
  9. Official in game artwork of Altina existed btw. Her Feh artwork is rather faithful.
  10. That is pretty damn amazing! Looking forward to testing this out. ^^ If you've any questions about RD and the code, there's a few people around here that have been working with RD for a while, and I'm sure we're all very happy to help!
  11. - 3-7 is actually lerger, but the Db starting area is the same. - Fun fact, in tiering characters for RD for efficiency purposes, JIill going the GM route is actually the optimal play, since Zihark is actually your best unit in the DB with the most efficient resource distributions. It's been mapped out rather recently, but with lowest turn counts Jill doesn't reach the needed benchmarks in time if left in the DB. - To add to this, Ike using a Spectre card is safest since cards don't take a counterattack and he can attack from 2 range with it. - Actually untrue, the AI of the hawks is designed in such a way that the last thing they will try to do is cross the line. They will try anything else before that.
  12. I haven't missed that, I pointed out that even though you said all that, you provided 0 evidence as to why Marianne is better than Lorenz and Ignatz, even if the would suck as badly as you say.
  13. And yet you still haven’t given a single solid reason why Marianne is better than Lorenz and Ignatz. Even if they suck, you haven’t demonstrated why should doesn’t suck even harder than them.
  14. Wow, out of all the counterarguments you decide to reply to only 1, and it's the one I have mentioned, not once, but TWICE. That it doesn't even matter, just that it might be an ease on challenge. But not a requirement. Thank you for showcasing the fact that you don't have a solid argument, since ignoring all evidence and just hammering down on an already refuted part of argumentation just demonstrates that there is no evidence that 3-6 is a softlock if you decide to favouritism all the units that do not appear in 3-6.
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