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  1. Last week i was T21 and a score of 3842 was demotion to T20. I may have been able to get 3846 with fishing but I was not going to bother. water season has the highest threshold.
  2. Yeah Spiral for sure. Disarm trap is also great if you have a dancer as backup. More of a light season setup. I have a disarm trap ready, either for HS!Camilla with a pumpkin a box dagger for enabling Galeforce shenanigans just like Eirforce. GaleCam can work just as well when a astra dancer is released. The other option I keep open is getting Leila, and making the easiest hit and run team with Leila/Peony support. Anyway, Kronya. Kronya is a great strategy, even now. She is just not useful for every team. Just like galeforce is also not always possible. It’s why you pick multiple strategies and have multiple teams. Not doing so is just bad strategic planning. I pick Kronya when I see she can give me an easy win, because her counters are easily spotted. No healing tower? Snipable/Tankable Hardy Bearing unit? Pick Kronya. If not, work around with a different team. Whenever I am able to use Kronya, it is an easy win, because I can just check if her counters are there, and don’t need to do calculations all the time.
  3. Yes and you also have mentioned multiple times that you’re always short on stuff like sacred coins, which you are now leaving 90 of to waste. That’s almost an entire upgrade from 2 to 3 for a seal. And what does it cost? Autobattling 4 times With a lvl 1 unit (since your friends list gives you a lvl 40 unit it’s an easy wipe) and you do not need to spend flags. So on a non multiplier you are at most contributing 400/500 points to a mode that racks numbers into the tens of millions.
  4. Probably good to look at the winners of the voting jubilee. Oktober is plenty time to make a pair of units from seperate games that did well there.
  5. Seems logical, she attacks, debuffs the enemy. She buffs herself and allies. Then she buffs all allies again with the buffs she has, like kaden. Seems a great fit. Creates a 12 stat difference which is pretty decent.
  6. From the new removals I am missing Kana, Hinoka, Siegbert(yes, the entire week’s worth), Lene, Celica, Olivia and Shiro. I also foddered Eirika, Grima and Olwen so I would miss their feathers if the cap was raised. I have 2 units here I would really like to +10 at some point. These are Micaiah and Karla. I also would not mind further merges for Ishtar who I got to +2 and has IP as a skill inherited. The other is my +3 B!Hector. He would be a useful arena unit. No priorities for them though, I am just glad to have Micaiah and Karla already, at some point I’ll merge them up. Tibarn might be a good unit because colourless beast with 3 move and built to Galeforce is pretty potent. The rest we’ll have to see. Fodder is amazing all around though. Even though IP will cost feathers.
  7. So I guess Lorenz meme’d himself through and ‘hanging with tens’ is as usual, the big fat 0 and in last place, haha. Rhys losing was expected, did not have the time to feather merc my way up the rankings because I was sick the last few days, so I went for the easy 500 feathers. Lute will be a formidable opponent. Byleth and Rhea winning was only logic, double fanservice wins over single fanservice. I expect a duo v duo finale, with the biggest multipl— uhh... Assets to win. Still supporting Mia for now though!
  8. Did free pulls only, no 5* units on free pulls from march until now. Did get fury fodder once so that’s nice. Continue saving for B!Micaiah and B!Nailah.
  9. You pay to gain the items with which you summon them. Playing through the mode gives rewards though.
  10. As I said, for people actively searching for these units in a timely manner(so without just buying orbs to force the appearance) , it will take an incredibly long time to gain the units they want merged up. And yes, when summoning for other focus units you will pick up demoted units. The percentage chance however will be going down even more when around 45 units are dropped. So for everyone who wants to get these units merged up it is a downgrade and more expensive option. The only people that ‘benefit’ from this proposed idea are people that want a copy of every unit. And in that case grails are more time efficient since both waiting to get them through summoning and grails are f2p. Nino in FEH is a great unit, can’t deny that. With the right skills a formidable unit in Arena, AR and Abyssals. Nino in FE7 though... Yep, right on the money! I hadn’t seen, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve replied to them in this post as well. You literally said ‘Some people get what they want for 500 orbs and have a much easier time, others take 1,000 and have a harder time’ which proves you don’t get how interpreting chance statistics works. ‘I think Nino is top tier because mine capped magic and speed!’ Is the same as ‘I got 8 copies of F!Kris in 570 orbs!’ Both can happen, but both are a horrible indicator of the true expected value/cost of a unit/banner. That’s why we use average stats and average costs for units and banners. It’s to show what is the most likely to occur, and what you should expect. The graphs also show the 25th, 75th and 90th percentile, giving and indication of how many orbs you’ll spend when you do get lucky or unlucky. It’s about informing the player, but the 50th percentile is where most players will land. And the amount of orbs for the 50th percentile is significantly lower on revival banners compared to getting them as demotes. I hadn’t addressed you at all in my first post, and you decided it was a wise decision to start spouting insults and trying to pester people into silence only because you disagree. And yet i am the arrogant jerk, I see it all so clearly now, thank you for enlightening me.
  11. I haven’t had a free 5* since march. Then again, I was in the 9th percintile on the Bridal Micaiah summoning. So you win some you lose some.
  12. Hell is a dud and won’t make any impact on the meta, won’t be a big issue to need a counter for. She’ll probably help the player at times because you can grab the pots while Hell smacks a red tank and refuses to die.
  13. The only thing I have done is crunched the numbers and listed them to show that factually it is a bad idea on all accounts unless you have a huge budget for orbs, since that removes the limit on the resource. The fact that you are using the same kind of logic that SF used in 2009 to validate Nino as a top tier unit shows that there is no further use in trying to reason with you. I mean, the copious amounts of flaming were a strong indicator onto themselves, but saying that some people get lucky ans some don’t is the same as saying Nino is top tier because yours got blessed after grinding her for 100 turns on one map. It’s the entire reason we use averages. If I told people the spring seasonal banner was a good orb investment because you had a free summon and 9 tickets, so you could technically get a +10 seasonal unit in 4 orbs, I’d be giving out terrible advice. The 50th percentile amount of orbs for getting revival units is lowest, and thus the best investment on the revival banners. Demotion chances are hundred of orbs more expensive. You’ll also be taking an even longer time unless you full circle everything or only summon on the colour your demote is in whilst looking for thee shiny new focus unit. Chances are however, that not every focus unit on a banner is going to colour share with the demote you want to +10. I also would like to note that I have not stated my preference for a specific alternative anywhere. My post merely used statistic and facts to show that the odds are best the way they are now, and I offered some other alternatives that would suit people like collecters that just want a full dex whilst staying f2p. My only preference is not throwing them in the demote pool, and I have logical evidence to back up why I know it is a bad idea. So please, quit making a fool out of yourself since you don’t even seem to grasp basic math concerning chance. I even acknowledged that you are entitled to having your own preference, even if it is based on faulty logic. I won’t stop you from having a preference, since it does not meaningfully impact my life in any way. The fact that you’re trying to shout down others with flaming and insults whilst sitting smugly in the saddle of your high horse, I do take issue with however. Especially when you’re your counterargument boils down to ‘not everyone has the same outcome’. No shit, it’s chance based, someone might summon 5 focus units in their first session. Is that accurate and reliable data for the rest of the playerbase? No. It’s why averages exist, they are literally designed to tell you what the most likely outcome will be. In the demotion scenario you might get lucky you said. But you can say the same about the revival banner. It is an empty claim. It’s the entire reason calculations are made. But alas, you don’t seem to grasp that so it’s no further use trying to explain this. As said before, you’re welcome to keep having your preference, but there is absolutely no need to start blurting out insults just because someone backed up their point of view with logic.
  14. Brunnya tanked a surprisingly strong Young Azura. +10 with her prf, all stats +6 through harsh command+ and tactics, an adjacent unit for her tome to activate and bonus doubler. I was able to isolate B!Veronica at the start and pulse smoke helped. After I removed all other units she was no longer a threat. Got attack twice, second one was not interesting but the first was very funny and I will upload the video tomorrow.
  15. You are correct, when following logic, facts and statistics discussions tend to end, because it is quite hard to argue facts. - Revival banners with year 1 5* focuses offer way higher appearance rates for said units than demotions into the 3/4* pool. - For collection purposes, the cost of 100 grails is f2p and low enough that everyone can get a desired unit in roughly two weeks for free. Always cheaper than spending orbs. - The same applies for +10’s the timeframe for grails or codes is similar to saving the orbs to summon on a revival banner. A revival banner +10 red unit costs around 1050 orbs, if that unit was in the demote pool, it would cost around 300 orbs more, and that is without counting the 45 added units that further dilute the pool. So the actual number is higher. So yeah, objective facts and statistics actually do end the discussion. You can have an opinion and preference, that is fine, but the fact is that demoting these units compared to keeping the revival banners is bad for your orb cost. There is no way around that.
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