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  1. Endriu: Some jerk: Wanda: TheSilentChloey Lord Frigid: Diovanni: Maaka: Chickenbits: DLNarshen: Satsuma: Guiltylove: Sorry, tried view the clear, but no matter what I did, it didn't want to start. =[ Rezzy: Alexmender: Landmaster: Hilda: For some reason it won'tt go into the spoiler, but as always, amazing work with the Askr trio! Well done!
  2. I had Catria and Catria and Catria autobattle these maps, I only later realised the last maps was Lv40+ units.
  3. Feels so good to have this as a first match of the week. When even your support unit is able to carry, while soaking chills from units and structures.
  4. No reds first circle. Some duds and. L!Tiki. So 5 duds, She is +Atk so i guess I’ll merge me Res on into this one or use the res copy for fierce breath fodder. She isn’t a merge project and the Atk bonus will help secure more kills vs dragons.
  5. Yes I understood that and that is why I explained why that is not really the case.
  6. I can’t really speak for if Rezzy wants the Est alt, but the Ests cant’s really be compared. The weapon types are so different so they fill completely different roles. Better comparisons for base Est are Catria and Cordelia, while summer Camilla, summer Laegjarn, F!Morgan and summer Corrin are better comparisons for spring est. She is better than most, and more of a sidegrade to Summer Laegjarn, both are good units, but held back by merge accessibility. Regular Est however is still one of the best Lance fliers and especially one of the best armour killers. With her weapon it isn’t uncommon for me to se her quad green armours like surtr for 70 dmg every hit. And since she has a brave effect she can still double wary fighter armours. Don’t sleep on Est (or catria for that matter), they are incredibly strong and relevant meta units in some game modes. Rokke sieges especially is trivialised by them, but they also work in AR on defense or offense. Palla is also good, but a lot less flexible because of the TA effect. Vs axes she dominates, but Catria and Est can usually duke it out with every weapon type. Palla is just a bit more niche. She is a great B!Ike check though, quadding with TA is a nightmare for him.
  7. The point is stated in my post, it has potential for monetary gains by being able to insert a new rare currency. Even though colourless would be the best meta choice, you’ve probably seen people clamouring for a red bow from the time before Igrene. Casual people go hard on colours, competitive players go hard on colourless. Monetary win win situation for IS and they can even start rolling out premium raven weapons or raven related skills once the top player meta becomes too saturated with colourless. In my idea Red -> colourless etc would be possible, colourless -> any colour. Switching between would be possible, but red -> blue would not be possible. Only switching between colour or colourless.
  8. I can tell you right now that that is a Golden Throne =]
  9. To be fair, Catria has an amazing Prf and she has some worthwhile fodder compared to other year one units. Though I admit a summon pool cleanse is sorely needed, and I do not consider Catria so valuable fodder that she should be excluded from that. Also, I think you meant Shanna, since Sheena is a green armour.
  10. Micaiah has a Brave alt currently, not a Legendary alt. For the possibilities: Legendaries: - Ike - Micaiah Mythics: - Yune - Altina - Ashera - Ashunera - Deghinsea - Soan - Lehran
  11. I miscalced, Kronya did exact lethal and that cost me two pots. That meant I now lack aether for one last fight. That locks me in at 13.360 instead of that sweet T27. Oh well, still enough for a gold throne I expect.
  12. Went for my single blue stone on the spring revival banner since Lucina’s swift sparrow is the only worthwhile skill. Besides, blue has the highest 5* percentage since it’s two units on there. A 5* Altena wasn’t what I was expecting but it is a very welcome pull! +Def -Hp is pretty nice as well, so I am very content. Now let’s hope I have the same luck tomorrow!
  13. So what if the update gives us some kind of colour refinery that allows us to drain a colour or grant a colour to units? Red, Blue and Green units could turn into grey units with this new refinery and turn their blar tomes etc into grar tomes. And maybe current colourless units could be given a colour through this refinery. I thought of it as a possibility just because we only have 1 colourless tome right now and this would be a quick way to broaden that spectrum whilst giving us a new currency that is rare and needs high scores in a mode that forces merges and high end units that are expensive. I am not expecting it, but if it happens, you heard it here first.
  14. I’ll chime in on this since I think it might help you understand better when I visualise it with a similar scenario. I’ll only try to put things in perspective and while it won’t be a fun read(just because of the subject matter) none of it is intended to be offensive. The example is merely to visualise and maybe that’ll help you see things from the perspective from the other people on the forum. I’ll spoiler it since it isn’t on topic all that much and I won’t be responding to this in depth after this since I’m merely trying to explain perspectives. Regarding the actual banner: I am hyped about Bramimond, but the banner is a clear dud. F!Grima is a dud, Camilla is fodder Fjorm is a merge project for me, and so is Peony, but Tiki is a dud and I don’t want to get pitybroken by her. I’ll just wait for a mix of Fjorm, Azura, peony or something like that. Mamori is meh, but would be feathers at least. The other two are merge projects, but Mamori is not worth the risk. Altina is my only red merge project, but the other two are just horrible. I’ll wait for a rerun, because I am working on a dark IP defense team. Edit: And I am also glad it wasn’t Ashera/Ashunera, since my orbs wouldn’t handle that. It also means that they will have even more powercreep! =D
  15. Strange, my game hasn’t registered the daily reset and my lift hasn’t recharged etc. Not even after closing and reopening the app a few times.
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