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  1. Voted for Sacred stones because all other options would cram two games into one remake and I think that is a terrible idea.
  2. TH and TH also sit at tables when eating food. So the tech is there
  3. I agree with Jotari here. Kratos from GoW sounds absolutely stunning fr example, his "Read it Boy" line from the game awards is incredibly memorable. But it's not authentic in the way you would describe. Darth Vader is one of them most iconic voices of all time, even though it's the most unauthentic voice out there. So much so that the actor was quite pissed that his voice wasn't the one used in the end product. Diversity is great, but contraining the voices of characters to voice actors that are similar to the character isn't the way to go. It can be a good match, but shouldn't be a rule. Voice actors have such a range often that they can do many different characters. That's why VA's like mat mercer are so prolific and widespread in the VA world. their range is amazing. Restricting that to just american(?) white dudes as roles goes against what VA's are supposed to be able to do.
  4. I checked the code for the woman. They didn't put in the Aimee model. It is supposed to be Aimee. I haven't checked the male yet.
  5. My very first playthrough of RD, which was also my first FE, I used Ilyana and she capped all stats. Then in the tower I found out the sppeedwings etc did not raises stats and caps by two. Just stats. I was hoping to have Ilyana with stats beyond the normal caps. She still wrecked face left and right though, since it was easy mode. So tragic
  6. Actually you missed 8x. WHich also kinda sucks. TL;DR: All map gimmicks that the gaidens have are poorly executed or unfun to play against in their current form. The fire in 8x has no real meaning as the tiles are placed randomly and easy to dodge, whereas the enemies do not make a distinction between tiles and just randomly take damage. The boss is on a throne and is not fun to deal with as well. 12x Has inconsequential poison that robs the player more of their time than of their units'health. Poison is a nonfactor. 14x Gives no indication of which tiles will turn into water. It would be better with a small event that plays before the chapter where a tile or two Roy would try to step on suddenly vanish. And instead of going Normal Tile > Water it would better show the player by having a Normal tile > Wet, but still traversable tile > Water tile. 16x The arrows hardly matter. The random falling also doesn't help. 21x Trap tiles that do not matter once again. Also, great for warp skips, tedious to walk through. The gaiden gimmicks don't warrant more than an afterthought or a simple rule to live by. It's not engaging.
  7. For Goran, the 3-11 boss, might I show you this: He's one of the 1-7 prisoners in my RD project. As for levels, working on EXP formulas and all kinds of other things in RD. So expect some of these issues to be addressed at some point. (Disregard the low Goran in the 1st image. I fixed that pretty quickly afterwards)
  8. Depends on what Op wants to do. A draft Race is a speedrun, where playing and racing together is part of the concept. A draft is mostly in LTC setting, but doesn't have to be done all at the same time, since time isn't a deciding factor in who wins or not.
  9. Seconded on the Mustafa. Cheap, lazily written character that's shallower than a puddle. Jarod is memorable to me, and though not a favourite, Valtome is definitely memorable.
  10. It actually is. Edward being fielded brings no real worth to the map past 1-5 (assuming HM, since in NM almost everyone is viable), actually detracts from the growth of other units and is so squishy that he on average gets near 2HKO range. SPreading EXP too thin in the DB is one of the biggest mishaps in RD. Edward being level 12 is also laughable. Try level 7, 8 max. With maximum favouritism and every boss kill maybe you could squeak to level 11.
  11. So the can't forge strong enough weapons to do meaningful things in P3 and cannot kill Ike, Volug is too slow in 3-12 due to 1 range and cannot keep up Vs the Tigers and needs a supp partner for the stats. But you can't place the buff provider anywhere. this goes into great detail though the title is rather clickbaity
  12. Zihark is still the best unit you have in RD HM for the DB. Better than Jill or invested Nolan. It's been mapped out rather extensively. Believe in Zihark DB carry supremacy.
  13. How is this an unpopular opionon? That seems like a cold take that pretty much everyone agrees with. =p
  14. I'm actually working on this for all fire emblem games that have auto battle. It's actually way more interesting that you'd think. Though that's with post commentary. In the moment it's not very interactive. The only rule I made was "Game over conditions can be used normally" so that you don't softlock. Every other unit has to move automatically. SoV is very fun due to the multiple tactics.
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