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  1. I envy you, Catria is best Whitewing and if BB!Micaiah wasn't high on the list, I would have gone for her this banner. Well done, amazing unit!
  2. As stated in the above post, that was just an example, not referring to you. 😉
  3. Def Res bond could also be used, that’s true. I literally forgot about the brazen skills so that could work as well. And the starting player was not a reference to Javi himself, just an example.
  4. As I said in my first reply to Javi, since it’s a passion project and not built to score optimally, I won’t be judging it from an optimal mindset. The first build Javi listed had the goal of ensuring +6 res on both fases through the use of waves. Currently, only spd Res solo can grant the same stat boost on both phases so I offered that seal as an option since it emulated the goal of the original build as closely as possible, regardless of whether it was optimal. I am not going to suggest things that are optimal if the goal of the build that someone is asking about is not made with optimal efficiency in mind. The spd is wasted, but that doesn’t matter since the original idea was having 6 res active at all times. Only spd res solo can provide that currently. If there was a def res or atk res solo, that would absolutely be a better option but those currently do not exist as seals. If the question is made with optimal scoring and efficiency in mind my recommendation would be sorcery blade, after saying that if one would go for optimal scoring, Nemesis would be a bad choice anyway. but Nemesis is not an optimal scoring unit and the build was clearly made with maximising res in mind. So that’s what i kept in mind when providing an alternative. I’m also not going to recommend the most premium skills to someone who just started. You have to keep the target audience in mind.
  5. If you’d have read the conversation you’d know why I said spd res solo. The original question is as asking if double res wave was a good idea. I said no, because spd res solo grants the same amount of res on top of 6 spd on both phases. It does not matter if it isn’t optimal since it was already established that Nemesis was chosen as a passion project. So with that in mind, spd res solo was a better seal that still gave Javi the res buff he was trying to get with his original build.
  6. Yeah I turned both into manuals and kept the 4* versions because of Hero Merit and Flowers. So I never saw which one had which weapon and never really looked at their portraits. they're just fodder to me. Probably going to Echidna if Deck Swabber doesn't perform well enough. though I doubt it.
  7. Eh it may be, I tend to mix that one up with Carrot cudgel. time's pulse might work well if you give him Blue flame from the manuals.
  8. Not really. Huge Fan+ works a lot better and you can just use Spd res solo as the seal and then you have +6 Spd besides the +6 res the entire time and an available C slot for something like panic smoke or a rouse skill if in need of buffs. EDIT: And for scoring, just gotta mention Ena scores better. But the reply was made with the fact that you are planning on Memesis in mind.
  9. Got a Catherine (Fodder, was neutral), (Shamir, Neutral, also fodder though I really like her. =[ ..... ) and a Gerik as a pity break. Also great fodder! No Flayn, but I can reach T27 anyway so she's not a need per se.
  10. People are being harsh because he deserves it. He's a giant letdown in every sense of the word. - Having perfectly healthy allies is not bad IF it were for every combat or if it were more than a light breeze that knocks you out of it. You can't pair him well with fury users, push users and similar stuff. - He can not work on astra season since you'd be forced to bring a healing tower which clogs your backline and thus worsens your matchup vs Cav lines. - He also cannot even do certain PvE content well such as Duma, F!Takumi and similar maps. Savage blow is also one of the most used PVE enemy skills. - In AR there is no way he will be seeing one combat per turn. - And to add insult to injury, he only reaches the 175 score bin, so the one place where he could actually find some value, he's also bing gimped. Even the summoner in the latest map had an Atk superboon. Ena has a superboon for reaching 180, which puts her way ahead since she has the stat spread to actually win vs L!Crom, strange as it sounds. Memesis bitterly falls short at every possible point he could have been valuable. As for base kits, I don't know if you've seen it, but pretty much all grail units and demotes have flawed base kits. It's the weapon that can make or break them. And Memesis gets the short end of the creator short in that regard. And this is where you're wrong about Petrine, and where Memesis again falls flat. Memesis has Chill Atk and Savage blow, Chill atk is already on so many units and not in high demand, and Savage Blow at 5* is a meme when Camilla exists. Petrine however has a valuable Atk Spd push, which is indeed terrible as a skill. But what does that let you do? For fodder, you can use a Petrine to get Wrathfull + Push 4 from B!Camilla. Her Threaten, though the T4 skill is nit yet released, also can be used to inherit an T3 skill + the T4 Threaten from a different unit. And to top it off, Petrine's weapon is actually useful, since it has continuous effects and at that, and effect that makes her stand out among the Lance Cavs in a viable way. She can target Res, which can be huge. Sorcery Blade as a seal is great for a reason, it lets you punch through stuff like L!Chrom. Petrine's base skills need a rework if you want to use her, correct, but she provides valuable fodder for those that do not wish to build her and unique and viable unit through her weapon for those that do. Memesis provides neither.
  11. No God Shattering Star, only Screen Shattering Disappointment.
  12. Update is out and I am very disappointed in Memesis Had posted in general already, posting here too.
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