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  1. I’d hardly call Wings of Mercy worthless, it is such a valuable skill. I have played since day one and I can count the amount of cains I summoned on one hand. He never shows up for me. I have hardly any WoM units because of it. My free pull was HS!Hinoka, so I have splashy bucket fodder i guess! No reysons in the other two green stones.
  2. Time to once again vote for Fe10 Jill and Zihark, repeating in that order. can’t leave my two favourite characters from FE ever hanging.
  3. Why use 20000 feathers to earn 16000 feathers when a base 4 star caeda gives the same bonus multiplication?
  4. Did a full circle, walked away with +Atk Perceval. what is this -atk curse everyone seems to be having?
  5. Got a free Caeda merge, she is now +7. This Caeda was +Atk, but so was my base. Also yolo’d for Ced/Shannan. 1 green and 2 red. Got a Ced, so pulse smoke for Nailah! No Shannan, so no posture for Camilla. Need the guard effect and it is so much more valuable than SS4.
  6. Was on a break, was planning on being on a break this week as well. ‘AR Tier now 27!’ Wait what...? Hadn’t realised i was having a near perfect week. Good for me i guess.
  7. So you knew this as far back as july @Anacybele. So instead of dodging the fact that you've been shown to be rude by blaming others for your own mistakes, maybe own up to your own faults, and accept that you're just not that good at this game, or reading skill descriptions in general. This was a post I found with a 2 minute search, you know how many other results I found? More than I can count on one hand. Others have shown recent explanations of Corrins unique utility already. So recency is also covered and not available as an excuse. With how rude you were framing others for your own inadequacies being incredibly quick to pin the blame on others, I think help with the game is the least of your worries, you need help with your people skills first and foremost in my honest opinion. There are over 40 pages of people here listing out advice, and instant blame is all they get for it? Pitiful. EDIT: Nevermind the fact that TEKWRX has been asking questions here about how to climb, is already T19 now, and is using winter Cecilia with M!Corrin. he asked why this duo works well, and he also got the explanation about M!Corrin in this topic. So even though it wasn;t directed at you, it was still readable here in this topic for even more reasons.
  8. I manually run the quests, and even Nailah has no issues with Sothis. Don’t get what the big deal is. She has no issues even on the third match, where there are no bonus stats.
  9. He’ll raise score regardless, just keep him in a corner
  10. I’ve explained this to you already quite some pages back.
  11. Gordin and Klein are great for AR Defense, but not with those skills. And another reminder, if you struggle with bulky defenses so much. Practice and record yourself playing mock battles vs our def teams. I have a flier balls you can try against as many times as you want and it won’t cost any lift since it is a mock battle. Record it, show is and we can see how you play. That way we can show you what you are doing wrong.
  12. You only need to assign the Weapon ranks for the base value of the class and the max value of the class. Not the unit in question. Magic is coded so that they all use the same animations. Fire is no different than light or dark. The game crashes when it does not have a base value to hold on to however.
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