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  1. To be fair it's more the art direction of Fates and Awakening than Kozaki's actual art style. For example people still blame him for the fan service despite art director Toshiyuki Kusakihara being the one who is responsible for the armor designs. Kozaki's art of the Fates characters on his Twitter are more fluid and natural compared to his designs for Fates. I personally think the GBA graphics are too bright and it hurts my eyes. I have light sensitivity with my vision so that could be why. I do like the art style, it's the in game graphics and backgrounds that make it hard to play the GBA games after awhile.
  2. I'm having trouble picking my favorite meme so I'll just list my most hated ones: Anything with "Thot" (so glad I'm not the only one who hates it.) People referring to the 3ds games as "Waifu Emblem" "Make Fire Emblem great again!" (It screams "omg guys look at how edgy I am making a Trump meme reference!") Clermit (it was never funny.) The pregnant Reinhardt copypasta that has been plaguing Tumblr. It ties with Thot as my most despised FE meme.
  3. It's fashionable among some people in a fandom to bash the current big thing. While there are many justified gripes with Awakening and Fates there are always a select few who hate them out of spite because they're popular. Then you have the tiny but very vocal minority who feel threatened by the huge wave of new fans because their niche fan base no longer feels like an exclusive club house. I'm in the Doctor Who fandom, which is VERY familiar to this one. You have the old school fans who grew up with the classic era, the new fans who first got into the series because of the Tenth Doctor, the classic elitists, the new fans who complain about elitists, etc. When you have a series that has gone on for so long (whether it's a TV show or video game) it's inevitable that the fan base will clash and get extremely divided. Honestly I have yet to meet anyone who only liked the series for the avatar system or "waifus." The only time I ever hear the term "Waifu Emblem" being used in a serious manner is when Awakening/Fates detractors (I dislike using the term hater) bring it up. It's a cheap, easy stock argument some of the extremely vocal hard core veterans fall back on. They invent an imaginary scapegoat. It seems Echoes gets less hate because some of those dissatisfied with Awakening/Fates see it as a return to form despite the game being just as guilty of committing the same crimes (bland maps, one note characters, and yes there is still blatant fan service. Also Kozaki doesn't do the armor designs.)
  4. Where have people said this? I have yet to meet anyone who didn't buy Echoes because there is no Avatar or "Waifus." This is something I see a lot of Fates and Awakening detractors claim yet never back up with proof. I highly doubt that would effect sales. Besides wouldn't pirating games cause your 3DS to be banned from Wi-Fi? I remember people pirating Pokemon Sun/Moon and playing online getting hit with a huge ban wave.
  5. i used to know an outdoor calico cat

    now he's an indoor calico cat

  6. Exactly! I have no issue whatsoever with head canons. The beauty of them is to experiment with "what if?" scenarios. It's cool to see what other fans come up with. I may not agree with some of them but I would never stop a person if they feel a character is LGBT+ or Autistic as long as they are respectful and not harming anybody. It's when people begin to bully others and insist their head canons are "right" that I have issues. Or even worse, harass the creators and demand they become canon. Thankfully I never saw this in the FE fandom but other fan bases have a very bad reputation of doing this. Most of this is usually isolated to Tumblr but I'm beginning to see it spread to other sites.
  7. Ok I apologize in advance if my following post comes off as offensive. It is not my intention to at all. This is just something I need to get off my chest. People need to stop trying to fix the "sexist" writing of Echoes by making all the characters gay. As a bi person it feels like really gross fetishization. I don't care if people have gay head canons for characters but everyone needs to knock it off with the "gentle reminder that nobody in the series is straight sorry I don't make the rules ~uwu~" BS. I've seen people "fix" Faye by making her gay for Celica where they ditch boys and live happily ever after. This is a massive pet peeve of mine. It's bad enough mainstream media loves the trope of girls who have had bad past experiences with men suddenly realizing they were a lesbian all along after meeting the perfect girl of their dreams. It's especially gross when fans do it under the guide of "fighting heteronormativity." Also as someone with Aspergers I'm completely done with Autistic head canons as well. They rely on stereotypes of Autistic people. Why can't a character act a certain way without a label slapped on them? I've seen people tear apart Miriel and other common targets of these head canons, bashing them as "insults to Autistic representation" despite the fact that I highly doubt she and the others were deliberately written to have the disorder. Her quirks are a result of general bad writing and being a victim to the tropey characterization all the Awakening characters were hit with, not bad representation. People are holding writers accountable for imaginary crimes they didn't commit. I'm going to make it clear- I have no issues with head canons. If it makes you relate to the characters or cope with your own sexuality and/or disability that's perfectly cool! It's when people hold them as gospel, aggressively attack others who disagree, throw temper tantrums, and scream "SORRY I DON'T MAKE THE RULES" that I have to draw the line.
  8. In terms of remakes had more fun with Shadow Dragon than I did Echoes. Speaking of Echoes for some reason I couldn't get into it. It's not a bad game don't get me wrong, I just felt it was disappointing.
  9. I like Miriel, it's too bad she was so screwed over writing wise. She had a lot of potential. Same with Setsuna. I don't have a character I hate because of their popularity.
  10. The NA servers were really messed up the first week of SB due to a DDoS attack. Most people couldn't get past the first two solo instances because of it. Balmung and Gilgamesh had the worst issues to the point where the developers have to occasionally log everyone out in those servers because people were using methods to get around the AFK kick timer.
  11. I wouldn't mind as long as it is done well and doesn't involve any cringy mini games like with the skin ship. Though I highly doubt ss would come back after all the controversy surrounding it.
  12. Does anyone here play? If so what is your character name and server? I saw a thread for this but it hasn't been updated since last year. I've been playing since the old 1.0 days and I'm having a blast with ARR. Just completed the main quest for Stormblood and the story was incredible. Red mage is my favorite job and I'm so glad the developers did it justice. My character at the moment.
  13. I'm fitting in really well here!

  14. Hot chocolate, especially salted caramel. I only drink tea when I'm sick and can only drink decaf coffee or else I can't sleep at night. Though I do love Bailey's in my coffee from time to time.
  15. I'm from Long Island NY though I will be moving sometime in the future.
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