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  1. For Constance, it's Strength and Magic +3 when indoors and Defense and Resistance + 3 when outdoors. For Balthus, it's Strength and Defense +6 when HP is less than 50%. I just wanted to clarify because I think you may have just missed those since they are separated by the "・" And Hapi's is correct, she's more easily targeted by monsters.
  2. I apologize, the random bold and the fact that you seemed to be so riled up over female Byleth led me to ask. It was rude of me, I will admit. I also apologize for the part on realism, as I misread what you said. Biologically yes, men are stronger than women. I don't feel threatened by that fact, but do I feel threatened that people (and girls specifically) keep perpetuating the notion that women are inherently incapable of doing the same things men are just because of being physically weaker? Absolutely. The art is like that because the artist chose to draw her like that, probably for some variety. I don't really see the artist saying to herself, "She should appear weaker than male Byleth so I'll draw her like this instead". Also, if you look at gameplay videos you can see she has no problem holding the sword or swinging it, since you want to talk about how she "can't hold it properly". Anyway, I don't want to get this too derailed from topic and I don't think it's beneficial for anyone to keep arguing about this anymore. And sorry again for sounding harsh with my words.
  3. Are you okay?? We understand you don't like female Byleth, but the extra points you are putting in (for example, "is not that big of a deal for the male version bc they are associated to be stronger") are irrelevant and frankly misogynistic. Especially ironic coming from a girl. We already have seen that the female Byleth gets armour and loses the outfit when she changes class. But Fire Emblem has always had girls dressed in clothing not appropriate for combat. Obviously it loses some realism, but at the end of the day it is just a video game. You would think getting hit with swords and axes would make you lose a few limbs too, but everyone is still intact. It's a fantasy game for a reason. Can you just be happy that the game included two options for a protagonist? I'm not really a fan of male Byleth, but I am happy they included both options. If one of them isn't your cup of tea then that is perfectly fine, no one is obliging you to play as the female version. But there really is no need to scrutinize and criticize female Byleth to this extent.
  4. Grappler is male only, I think Vincent just forgot to write it next to the name.
  5. Maybe they will continue the Monday - Wednesday - Friday release schedule with the rest of the staff once they finish with the students? Who knows honestly. It will be interesting to see what they decide to release after next week.
  6. There was a quick clip of Marianne healing from the JP site. It's not much but I think it's the only gameplay we have of her at this point.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if all the personal weapons have a limited durability per map, meaning you can't use them once they run out but are back for the next map. Especially with combat arts consuming durability, as theoretically an unbreakable weapon would have unlimited use of combat arts
  8. I hope there is a good variety of master/4th tier classes. There are still Warlock and Assassin, which could be part of the advanced classes but the sprites don't really look like there is an assassin class, and I honestly can't imagine what a warlock would look like. I'm a bit disappointed there isn't a falcon knight class, but hoping that it could still be a master class. But I am really happy that wyvern rider is gender neutral!
  9. Omg, it would be so funny if they gave her a Newfie accent like that. I don't even think most people know what that accent is though, which is a shame ahah I like their ambition with her language as well. It would be really cool to see her progressively get better throughout the game
  10. I agree with this. I hope wyverns won't be gender locked to only guys, I really want to have female wyvern riders in this game. That being said, if they do allow girls to become either pegasus knights or wyvern riders, I wonder if we will have a choice between the two or if it will be more determined based on the unit's strengths/weapon levels (like higher proficiency in axes vs. proficiency in lances).
  11. While I agree story deaths can be impactful if done correctly, I sincerely hope this isn't the case with Lysithea. I mean, a major selling point of Three Houses is its students, their training, and their customizability. Having one of Golden Deer's students die would seem unfair to say the least, and it would be quite irritating to have a character you invest so much time in suddenly die. I'm hoping her death would only happen if we do not choose the Golden Deer. If I remember correctly there was a screenshot of her being in a promoted class. Not saying that means anything (we don't even know what class that could be or how advanced it is), but that gives me a bit of hope that she can survive. Thani's leak seems more and more convincing with each bit of info we get, but I guess tomorrow's Famitsu information may help to confirm or deny any surrounding suspicions regarding it.
  12. I really love how they did a different C6 for Tharja, it made such difference between her and Robin. It would have been really cool to give each clone character just one unique combo instead of justing have different specials. If they had more time for the game maybe they would have done it for each of the archers, Elise and Leo, the pegasus knights, etc. Even just having one combo would make each character feel more unique, because just having different Awakening and Warriors attacks doesn't make them feel as special, but maybe that's just my own personal opinion
  13. For those curious, the official website's description of Tharja's skill confirms that the damage taken from the skill will not affect the ranking.
  14. In case you guys missed it, the official website has updated with the new DLC and characters. https://www.gamecity.ne.jp/fe/index.html Also this confirms a few things: -Linde's skill charges Awakening gauge when you perform a critical -Caeda, Tiki, Anna, Linde, Minerva, and Navarre all get their personal weapons
  15. Looks like they're going to reveal post-release plans on Sunday at TGS. Maybe we'll finally get confirmation of DLC and which series/characters they'll use in the DLC. Source here (in Japanese).
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