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  1. Is there a guide for editing event text in FEbuilder? My previous experiences always end in all of the text in the game just vanishing, and I do mean all the text, from cutscene dialogue to the "player and enemy phase" cut ins.
  2. That would take me ages, but I suppose I can try, I just want the tiles, and not the whole thing, so that might not be too bad in the end.
  3. Does anyone have a clean full version of the Valentia map? I wanna tear it down into tiles, so I can use it to do whatever. Maybe upload it somewhere. I only ask here cause I can't find one without labels all over the place.
  4. This post speaks to me on a spiritual level, I'm not playing to be the best, I just want who I want, and wanna have fun with them. And given my team is kinda weak, there's a lot of the lunatic and some later hard levels they just can't do.
  5. I'm not sure this is the kinda question that should go here, but is there an Advance style battle calculator/simulator available anywhere? Preferably one with support for custom units and weapons. The only battle calculators I can find are Heroes ones, and while they're nice, they don't have the kinda features I'm looking for.
  6. So I'm working on a bit of a "Project" and was wondering what the best way to determine base stats and growths for units and classes. While this is a good general knowledge question I can apply any answers to in the future (hacking or such) as of right now I'm doing things with Heroes' 5 stat set-up rather than something more traditional.
  7. I wanna ask, does FE1 not use the stacking technique? Cause if it does, then 6 colors are available. I did too many Megaman Robot Masters to know that all too well.
  8. Well, that's only half the idea. And I'd be lying if I didn't expect a response like this. Problem is, if I'm playing an actual game, I will wanna pay attention to the story. I think a more of generic nameless setting would take some of the pressure of screwing up of my mind and I could spend more time thinking about what I should/could do. I also do like the idea of just having something I can quickly boot up and play a bit without getting invested like I would with a game proper.
  9. Would it be possible to make a hack that was just a series of maps that gradually ramp up in difficulty? It would lack any story, and may be useful for helping people like myself get better at Fire Emblem, as well as giving a test for more experienced players to see how far they can go before they lose someone for any reason. Though honestly, I'd really like a hack like that just so I could play Fire Emblem without "playing" Fire Emblem.
  10. While this is a neat idea, it's unlikely that Lords would get a branching promotion, as the twins don't have them. That and I'm not a huge fan of mounted units.
  11. As long as I don't have to get people killed for to recruit her. That is a really annoying factor for her. Also, I noticed in a older GIF here, is Leif gonna be available? Is was he just placeholder?
  12. Welcome to the forest! New members like us have to make a certain number of replies to existing topic before they can create their own, apparently due to some spammy bots or something they had some time back.
  13. This is a hell of a thing. But judging by the main large image, shouldn't it be a "Class Web" rather than a "tree"? Though, naming semantics aside, how could such a large number of classes be properly balanced? There'd almost certainly be one that winds up being miles better than any other class, at least, maybe in each group. And as far as individual classes go, while I'm not saying you have to change it, it's always bothered me when a non protagonist class has "Lord" in the name, but as I said, that's just me. Don't worry about changing that if you don't want to, naming stuff is hard, I've experienced that first hand myself.
  14. NeoMasterZX

    Dat Merc

    All of these are offensively nice. I wish I could do this kinda work. Maybe at some stage I could request some work , but probably not.
  15. This might actually get me to play Shadow Dragon in some format. I can't get through the NES game cause it's antiquated to hell and back, and while the remake fixes all the gameplay mechanics, much of the maps and enemy units don't feel like they were re-balanced to help make anything better, which makes the game still feel kinda jank.
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