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  1. Here's the units that I used in my playthrough. This setup worked well for me. Starting Byleth: Enlightened One (their personal class) Claude: Barbarossa (his personal class) Hilda: Warrior Lorenz: Great Knight Raphael: Fortress Knight Ignatz: Assassin Lysithea: Gremory Marianne: Mortal Savant Leonie: Falcon Knight Recruited Bernadetta: Bow Knight Felix: Swordmaster
  2. I've personally always wanted crossover banners, so I'll be happy if FEH gets DL characters, even though I'm not a DL fan myself.
  3. It took me about 300 orbs to get Selkie. As a fairly casual FEH player, that is more than I've ever spent on a banner. Her IV is +HP, -DEF. I'm not sure how good that IV is considered to be, but I'm glad to have her at all! She's definitely going to be my new blue unit.
  4. How do you think the routes will work? Do you think that the routes will only be split in the early game, and will then merge? Or that they'll merge later on, or perhaps never? Do you think that the plot will be the same, mostly the same, or different depending on your route? Will you fight the other houses in a war, depending on what path you choose? And lastly, what about the other students? Do you think you will only get the students from your house, or that you'll recruit the other houses' students as well?
  5. I knew about it for a while because of the Super Smash Bros. series. When Corrin was released as DLC, I decided to play Fates. Since then, I've gone on to play other Fire Emblem games.
  6. Coldest: Something in the 10's F in Yellowstone National Park. Hottest: 118 F in Saguaro National Park.
  7. Pretty much all favoritism. In Ultimate, I'll be using Corrin, Roy, Chrom, Robin, Snake, Pokemon Trainer, and King K. Rool for this reason.
  8. Characters with a red border are unlockable. Starting: Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus Kirby Fox Pikachu Ness Captain Falcon Marth Pit Villager Inkling Unlockable: Luigi Bowser Yoshi Zelda King Dedede Charizard Robin
  9. As a huge Fire Emblem fan (obviously,) I have to say: Alm as a Roy echo Chrom as an Ike echo
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