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  1. I can't say I agree with this, at least not about SW5. Then again, I know it has the problem with extra modes and replayability, which I couldn't care less about but I know it's a pretty big deal for a lot of people.
  2. Yesterday I said that I'd like it if the returning characters were older than in their games. I take it back, I don't want them to make new designs if they are going to look like the two we have seen lmao.
  3. This is not even a complain, but the fact that the characters only have 1 special makes me slightly disappointed, specially since in the first FEW they had 3.
  4. I'll stay positive until they show the trailer, not point on getting disappointed about something that could be done in so many ways, specially since Emily said that there would be a ton of new characters and that the ones from old games would be a minority, so it shouldn't be something like warriors or a "best of". It's super unlikely, but if they do this I'd want them to take the characters from a point in time after the games, something like 30 years old Marth or Alm and Celica in their 50's.
  5. Do we know anything about the emperor/great lord classes? I'm not counting on it, but it would be nice if they changed them to have something to do with the magic/horse talents that ended up feeling kinda useless in three houses. Also, will they be advanced or master classes?
  6. Yeah! And since it was done by CC2 it had lots of quick time events that made it feel pretty cinematic, similar to the storm games.
  7. It was a psp game that came out arround the time of storm 2, so maybe it went under the radar, people tend to speak less about handheld games than console ones (unless they are from nintendo).
  8. Nope, my first warriors was Warriors Orochi 2 on psp, and not much later I played WO3 (or z, I don't remember how it was called) Since then, that I can remember, I've beaten Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pirate Warriors and Dynasty Warriors 7. I have also played yukimura's story in Samurai Warriors 2, but I hated everything about the game so I never touched it again, probably won't play any old school warriors either. I have SW4 SoS though, and I plan to play it soon-ish, but I'm playing too many games at the same time right now. I also really want to play SW5, the Persona one is a bit lower on my list of priorities, but I want to play it one day too. I didn't like the demo for DW9 at all, but tbh it didn't run properly on my pc. Not from Koei but from the "warriors" genre, I have also beaten the 2 Fate Extella, one of the Neptunia ones, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact.
  9. I mean, it makes sense, the crest of Gloucester is related to magic, while Charon's appears during combat arts.
  10. 8- Leonie, I love her time skip design, and that makes this one kinda hard to swallow. 7- Ignatz, I like his clothes, but I really don't like his hairstyle, wich is probably the thing I care the most, 6- Raphael, not bad, but not interesting either. 5- Hilda, I don't like her hair. The overall look is not bad though. 4- Lorenz, he is fine, I like this version more than his ts design, the others are just better imo. 3- Marianne, I really like her with her hair down, but I'd like the design more if she didn't have eye bags. 2- Claude, he is fine, just not different enough. 1- Lysithea, at first I thought she was too similar, like Dorothea, and was going to make her third because she didn't feel all that exciting... but I really don't like her timeskip dress, so this one feels like a big improvement.
  11. Fantastic new look for Marianne. Lysithea looks good too, but as with Dorothea, she looks too similar to her past designs. I hate the hairstyles for Hilda, Ignatz and Leonie, though. That said, Ignatz's armor is pretty neat.
  12. I mean, while I was counting on Ferdinand being GK too since it suits him so well... the one student who we actually see being a GK is Sylvain. Unlike in former games, Paladin and Great Knight aren't each others counterparts in TH, so there's no reason to think Syilvain won't be the one representing the class.
  13. I honestly love it. I can hear him say "If Felix can have a spare sword, I can have a spare gauntlet. Or four."
  14. Yeah, I get it. Though I wonder about what they'll do with Count Bergliez and Holst... Will they make a trailer with them if they are playable? It'd be kinda silly to have them as a "surprise" when they have already appeared in a trailer. I wouldn't be so sure about that, by focusing on their specials they can get away with not showing so much about the normal movesets. Aside from the "shooting like crazy and then crouching when the arrows fall" special, we see Bernie shooting an arrow while doing a backflip, which isn't something particularly unique. Petra was never going to have Felix moveset, she is an assassin (or a dragon rider), not a swordmaster. Aside from his specials, Linhardt only does a normal "weak" combo, while we see Mercedes doing strong attacks. I'm not saying that it's impossible that they actually have unique movesets, just that... we should be prepared for disappointment. XD
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