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  1. I haven't finished every FE so I probably won't say too much about some match ups, that said: A: I haven't played the tellius games, but since I haven't heard anything about Brom from the FE fan base, and Effie is absurdly strong, I guess the latter would take it. B: Frederick. Clive is... somewhat stronger than the average, sure, but Frederick is basically the very definition of peak human condition, so... C is complicated, Alphonse and Sharena have more experience, but the twins shoot light beams and their dragon might be stronger than the heroes bosses... I guess I'll give it to the Alphonse and Sharena... As for the ones I've missed:
  2. I guess it depends on where you live, but for Japan and Europe the tweet about mystery (and new mystery) was uploaded today, if that's what you are talking about.
  3. I needed almost 13h to beat it on hard classic, I'm a pretty slow player though. That aside, the man who analyzes your characters in the abyss is a pretty interesting addition. It confirmed that my endgame Edel had trash Str, with a lot whole of one star. 5 stars in HP, Def and Charm though, I guess that's why she was a nice enough tank.
  4. Honestly, I would have liked a golden route, even if it would have been hard, them having goals that aren't that much different makes it difficult to me to think about them agreeing being something impossible, even if it would have been hard, maybe needing Byleth coming back in time after having gone through all the routes or something like that. What "bothers" me more than the lack of a golden route though, it's being forced to kill Edelgard/Dimitri. I understand that it might be too "idealistic", but at the state they are after being defeated it's not like there`s an actual need to kill them, imprisoning them would enough imo.
  5. Now that the DLC is out, maybe we could finish this? It's not like there are that many characters left.
  6. Wait, what!? Does she appear in the present or in a flashback?
  7. Fire = flames, emblem = crest. Also, at least in spanish I can tell you that it's literally called fire emblem, well, emblema de fuego, since it's in spanish.
  8. Does anyone think there'll be more DLC classes? I don't think so, but Yuri being the only leader without special classes is kinda sad.
  9. Take a seat because this may blow your mind. Ready? The fire emblem is the crest of flames.
  10. Reminder that they aren't actually cousins, be it a retcon or IS forgetting to include it in the game, fates artbook lists Mikoto and Arete as not being related by blood.
  11. I used them and will use them again when I replay CF in the future, basically because I always try to use canon classes, but her performance was mediocre. She was always doubled, didn't have that high of a defense and began the final battle with only 35 str, though I don't know if that's because of her class of because of my bad luck, as she was still the character with highest str and def (31) at lvl 40. Still, she was crucial in the final map, where she, with Manuela as adjutant, somehow kept at bay a golem and a couple of mages by herself.
  12. Petra: 7'5/10 Pretty strong for someone without a crest, knowing how to apply her hunting knowledge in the battlefield. That said, and while she is naturally agile, it seems to me that she still could improve in close combat. Felix: 8'5/10 While not as amazing as Edel or dimitri, he is definitely one of the strongests students. He has a major crest, the sword of zoltan, and a relic, this is particularly telling of his strenght as you fight him in the same chapter you fight his father, yet he is the one weilding it. Marianne: 4'5/10 She is not strong, offensive magic isn't what she focuses in, and her physical strenght is not particularly amazing. That said, she has a relic that goes well with her talents, so she should't fall too far behind. If she were in a class that used mounts she probably would have a somewhat higher rank, but since her canon class doesn't have one, this is how she stays. Thales: 8'5/10 I guess he is supposed to be rather strong in canon. Effortlessly stopping the sword of the creator when Byleth was trying to save Jeralt is also kinda impresive, but it not actually being a combat makes it have little value as a feat.
  13. Kinda late, but here are my rankings: Linhardt: 3/10 He is a researcher first, and a healer, not a fighter in any way. If he trained for it, he probably could be quite decent, but since he doesn't he stays low. Annette: 6/10? She is at the very least competent with magic, has a crest and a relic, so she should be able of holding her own in both long distance and close combat. Lysithea: 8/10 Probably the strongest playable mage. Has two crests and is a hardworker, the perfect recipe for a powerhouse. The lack of her very own relic kinda hurts her rank. Cyril: 6/10 Post timeskip he should have a decent amount of experience. Having a wyvern by itself probably makes you average at least tbh.
  14. I was talking more about the lore side of the skills rather than it's gameplay aplications, like, Leonie's rivalry tells us that her performance increases, strenght wise in particular, arround males because of her competitivity, Ferdinand's confidence shows us that he is more "skilled" when he hasn't received damage, likely because being hurt isn't proper of a noble, or Gilbert's veteran knight, showing that his experience allows him to minimize damage by organizing his troop. Some tell about behavior on the battlefield, others about personality or their effects on other people. A few of them can be important to determine a characters "power level" In Jeralt's case, I suppose his fighting style breaks the enemies stances, which makes it much more difficult for them to attack or defend effectively. But that's simply how I see it, if someone thinks that's a stretch, that it's not significant enough to be a reason for ranking higher or lower, or wants to follow more or less strictly the gameplay, that's fine. Yes, and I agree with you in that, I'm not talking about comparing Edelgard and Hilda, I'm talking about comparing Hilda's strenght and skill. Using Hilda as an example, her stats/growths show us what kind of warrior she is, fighting using strenght instead of dexterity. Her speed stat though, shows us that her speed is bigger than her strenght. This might seem like something that you'd end up knowing naturally as you play, but since the level ups have a rng factor...
  15. I see, the only solo ending of him I had seen is the CF one, so that explains it. As for the actual quote, I read that as Alois being a better leader than Jeralt, his group aclomplishes more than Jeralt's, which is vastly different. That said, I can see where you are coming from. I agree that comparing stats between units isn't useful, as they are made taking into considereation the gameplay and not the lore, but I feel like things skills, growth rates and even the stats themselves when comparing them with other stats from the same unit, can tell about a character's abilities, way of fighting and even behavior on the battlefield.
  16. Huber: 6,75/10 His main focus isn't combat, not even magic, it's tactics, spionage, shady deals, and assassination, which doesn't necessarily translate to good fighting skills. Still, I doubt he would let himself be a liability to Edelgard. Dedue: 7,75/10? As I said, I don't really know about AM, but in CF at least he didn't trust his abilities enough to not use that trick. His physique should make him great at close combat though. Lorenz: 7'5/10 Not much to say, he is good with magic and a fine cavalier, he also has a crest and relic, which should make him notable at least. Jeralt: 9/10 The best warrior in the story of the knights of seiros and it's former captain, bearer of a major crest of seiros and strong enough to be targeted by the Agarthans. While his nickname could be atributed to his times as a knight, the fact that Byleth is known enough to have one himself means that: 1) his mercenaries are well known and therefore succesful, and 2) Byleth was crazy strong even before the story, so Jeralt is probably stronger than that. His body hasn't aged and he has kept fighting, so I doubt he has grown dull. In what ending is Alois said to surpass Jeralt though? I've seen that in some endings he becomes the captain of the knights, but that's quite different from surpassing him.
  17. I think that's something that happens irl too though, like with grades for example, the effort needed to go from a 9 to a 10 is bigger than the one to reach a 9 from an 8. But I think that's fine, in a fantasy setting like this, if instead of using the ranking in the firts post we took Rhea as a 10 and a civilian as a 0 and divided the rating mathematically, most of the cast wouldn't even be above 4, and that wouldn't be... interesting, because we wouldn't be thinking/seeing their differences in a significant way.
  18. Caspar: 7/10 His whole focus is fighting, so he is probably, to an extent, skilled, and we see him winning against someone who seems to have an advantge against him in his support with Lindhart, but the lack of feats or anything that points towards him affecting the outcome of the battles makes it hard for me to give him more than a 7. Sylvain: 7'75/10? As I said, I haven't played Azure Moon yet, so this is more based on my impresion of him with little to support it, but as far as I'm aware he is fairly talented, and on top of it has a crest, a relic, and while not that important, a horse. Ignatz: 4/10 Being trained in the academy probably means that he is at least stronger than a mook, but he is more than likely a liability. Rhea 10/10 She bested Nemesis, who is probably a 9'5 or a 10 himself, while in human form. If we add to that her dragon form it's rather easy to give her this score. But your own ranking descrives a 10 as: "These guys are the strongest people in their respective continents with almost godlike powers. Think final bosses, the previous legendary warriors or those playable characters the lore deems to be far above everyone else." How does Rhea not fit that description? I assumed that those between 9 and 10 were people like Camus, Michalis, Greil.... There has to be a 1 and a 10, but those "something" don't have to necessarily be part of the cast, in this case 1 is a civilian and 10 a divinity. I'm assuming that he doesn't feel that Rhea is at the same level as some of the other final bosses or "gods" in the series. I personally would give a 10 to most of them and call it a day, even if some are clearly more powerful than others, because it messes what is a mostly human scale, but to each their own.
  19. Ferdinand: 7,5/10 He is skilled, something kinda obvious if he was able to ryse in a meritocracy, and has talent in every field that matters for him in combat. Having a crest is also quite a good bonus, but the lack of a real relick hurts his potential. Being a mounted unit is also a bonus. Ashe: 6/10 With no mention, as far as I know, of being particularly skilled, no crest and therefore no relic, he has nothing that makes him go above this rank. Still, he should be capable enough to hold his own in combat. Average suits him just fine, so 6. Hilda: 7,5/10 She is shown to be actually really talented despite her lazyness, and has a crest and relic, but I don't know how much her presence would actually affect the battles. Hanneman: 4,5/10 If he was mostly useless in a mook battle, he'd probably be a burden in a real war. Theorical knowledge doesn't always translate to practice, and he is a very obvious example, being more of a researcher than an actual mage. Still, he has a crest, so he should be able of staying alive for a while. Hmm, so you think Edelgard would be able of going through the same trials as say, Anri ,for example, and do better? She needed Byleth to win against Rhea's dragon form after all. Sure, I'm not saying that it isn't an advantage, I agree that any wyvern rider should be relatively high ranked, as something as simple as diving would be enough to deal with most opponents, but when we begin talk about characters at Edelgard and Dimitri's level, I feel like they have the actual power, skill and experience to deal with that gap, kind of like Ryoma does in the FEW cutscene. Of course, Seteth and Claude are much better than random wyvern riders, but I don't think the lords would have much of a problem dealing with the physical side of the dragons, unlike say, today's characters. Claude attacking from affar is something I see as a stalemate, Edelgard and Dimitri would have a hard time reaching him for sure, but I can't see Claude hitting them easily. That's just my opinion though.
  20. The thing is, how high do the riders have to be to be safe? Can they even attack in an effective way in that position? Having a wyvern is a huge bonus for sure, but when we know that at least certain characters have super human abilities, the gap gets closer, be it super strenght, being able to jump like 10 meters or whatever. No matter how high they are, Seteth HAS to come down to attack, and I'd bet that both Edelgard and Dimitri have the power and skill to deal with both the wyvern and it's rider. To an extent the same goes for Claude, shooting from a wyvern will be enough to deal with a lot of people, but he would have to use more risky strategies if he wants to best both of them. That aside, it seems like people really aren't taking having the crest of flames and the crest of seiros as the huge deal it is lore wise. @omegaxis1 What scores would you give them though?
  21. Nice! I've always been a fan of these kind of threads/discussions. Before beginning though, I should say that I'm using "normal humans" as reference, and therefore is highly probable that any combat oriented character with a crest qualifies to at least a 7. Edelgard: 9/10 Her own strenght migh have not been her goal or most defining characteristic, but it certainly was one of the goals of Those who Slither in the Dark, and tbh, they achieve it. Not only does she have two crests, one of them, the most important and powerful one, is major. She is said to be able of winning against beasts one-on-one during the school phase, has either a modified personal weapon or Seiros sword, can use magic to an extent (even if not while playable)... In general, we know of her strenght both because of her feats and because others statements. Dimitri: 8,75/10? He is a beast at fighting but due to not having played Azure Moon yet, I don't really think I should talk to much about him. Claude: 8/10 Claude is not as good as the other lords in combat when it comes to fighting skill or strenght, being his intelligence his strongest point, but since this is about strenght (which I relate to the individuals) and not leadership, his tactics are not going to work, not in a situation where he is alone. Stil, having a minor crest, two prf weapons, and a wyvern, are quite a few big bonus that make him rank high. Tricks aren't something I consider part of a person's strenght, but a way for those who use them to be closer to the level of the ones they are competing with. Seteh: 8,5/10 He might have been a legend in the past, and with his dragon form he might have been a 9,5 or 10, but without it we have a character that, while has proven to be "decisive" in certain battles, has no tangible feats, neither in the past nor in the present. His role in the war against nemesis isn't noteworthy when he might as well have been in dragon form for most of the fights.
  22. I got Lysithea, while I'm not sure about her portrayal in-game, the text is fairly accurate. Ashe had as many points as her, but the only thing similar to me in his text is about being kinda romantic. As far as points go: 10: Lysithea, Ashe 9: Petra, Anette, Ingrid 8: Edelgard, Dorocea, Mercedes I tried the Girfriend one too and got Petra, which is pretty good. Top 3 GF: Petra, Edelgard, Lysithea
  23. Curious fact of the day, the stance she has in the artwork is kinda similar to an actual real life stance, which is purposely done to leave yourself "open" (you really aren't) and go for the counter. The name of this actually decent stance is... fool's guard. Yeah, it's not only the body language, even it's name is unbefitting of a hero. xD
  24. The three leaders were great, but these are pretty hit ot miss to me tbh. In one hand I love Caspar and Hilda. In the other hand: Lysithea seems even younger than before, though that will (hopefully) change once we se her portrait, Ashe's clothes are great, but I didn't like his face and hair before and don't like it now it's longer, Bernadetta's clothes and hair doesn't really suit her, Felix clothes are simply weird and "tight" for me. Don't really get why everyone is saying Lorenz is ok now, even without the hair his face should still be horrible.
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