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  1. I hope you're doing alright with climate change
  2. You throw a tantrum because I call your reasoning out for being as stupid as it is I'm out, I was promised better than teenage trolls
  3. Honestly, I was really hoping Yolo was right about not having to deal with stupid 15 year old shit heads playing like aids, but I guess not
  4. Of course I'll ask other people for reads on you. It's not going to determine my read on you but it helps to know who's probably clear and such and who's not Yes, you did. You're acting like I stabbed you in return lol, I'm just considering things because like you cleared the wagon on the CW except for Shattiel IIRC and also cleared the CW for being the CW so of course I'm considering if that makes sense really and your alignment. Maybe I'll install it at some point. I came in to low effort tbh Okay... well whenever you read this tell me what you think about his reaction to Mello
  5. Anything in particular? From when I've come in his process looks atrocious
  6. I don't really want to bother installing it to ISO this late in the game tbh Interesting given I actually haven't stated a read on you yet, I just said mixed. You think it's weird that I feel mixed on you based on what I've read so far? I mean... are you saying you would not bus her? I know you bus. Tbh I didn't even know you were part of that on her or that she was dead or anything because without ISOs it's a pain to even find end and start of day aside from the one I was pinged for
  7. Will have to look at that What do you think of dya? I'm a bit mixed there but such a limited view so far Eh. What do you mean a really shitty job of prezing the slot? An loleod from Evan doesn't feel good given my memories of team mafia lol
  8. Alright, was trying to be a bit more sure I wasn't just clearing him too fast from that. If others generally think so I'm probably fine with it Also @dyachei curious if you think it helps clear Mello since you did mention that for KTS. Tho on that note, for KTS he was't in your town IIRC so how exactly are you assessing the CW stuff? You just... giving him a day or something else?
  9. It's not even vain, you're trying to defend yourself from Mello and trying to shade him based on his wolf reads not being associative, that's atrocious and looks like level 1 defensive wolfy play Then you're trying to discredit me here and trying to piggyback off someone else having an opinion. I've also only played all of two games with yolo And looking back what am I supposed to see? If there's an argument, give it. I haven't bothered to install the iso script thing and I'm too lazy to do that to read back over a couple hundred pages
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