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  1. Every year I hope they will "celebrate spring" with a hanami banner instead of bunny costumes. Technically it's already too late, but who knows, maybe this is the year we get both. If they want to make it a trend, though, I would love more child units, though they feel like they should have swapped their seasonal status with the Fallen trend and been normal alts.
  2. An Odd Wave kind of bonus ("loves me, loves me not...")
  3. They depantsed Maribelle and F!Morgan before, and Elincia's resplendant art depantsed her too. Thankfully not enough to call it a trend (Selena, F!Robin, Clair, Mareeta, Eyvel, Tanya, Lucina and Beruka kept theirs, and I'm sure there are others), but still a shame. (*goes back to lurking now that the salt is spilled*)
  4. They struck gold in Marianne's C conversation with the idea of her interacting with Mordecai, and then did nothing with it and wasted the rest of that chain with characters that made me wonder if whoever wrote it knew about 3H beyond a tweet-long summary.
  5. I think it would have been interesting and fitting, but to each their own. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Considering they made a point of telling us that Lif's world's version of Sharena was dead, I can't imagine how having him be featured with our (alive) Sharena in a festival about devotion and family would have been less interesting than having Alfonse there, and the same goes for Thrasir and Bruno.
  7. The fact that "Gatekeeper" is actually two different people under identical helmets, yet they only made him an option in the academy phase section as if that covered both that one and the post-timeskip one, says something about how much character "he" has. They make a nice addition to the monastery though, kind of feel like a mascot, and would be a fun TT reward or something one day.
  8. The support for Soren right under the mid-results tweet made me smile. I'll give him two more votes, and use the last two for Orochi and Marth.
  9. Nasir, Soren, Dorothea, Orochi, and then I'll see. Maybe Ena, maybe Mist for that sword alt, maybe adult Tiki for a blue alt, maybe Marth.
  10. If this was supposed to be a banner about Plegian characters, they wouldn't have advertised it as the characters carrying out their mission "in a foreign land". If anything, Tharja is the odd one out, here only as an excuse for the theme (and of course for fanservice). Pairing Dorothea and Lene could have been quite interesting (they have some similarities to build on, I could believe the "these two have become friends while in Askr" that is supposed to be the justification for harmonics), but giving them that art just makes it very distateful to me, in part precisely because of their similar backgrounds.
  11. Nasir but he's red. Nyna but she's the back half of a Camus duo. Dorothea but her art looks like her harmonic.
  12. I did say that one of them was done better; that's not the point. My point was that Tellius "[getting] this treatment" could be neat, actually, since that means getting the local Camus et PoR's is good. (The OC part, of course, I'd rather avoid, but if it's both or none at all... i'll take a fairy if it gets him in the game.) That said, Mustafa is well done, for Awakening, and comes from a memorable chapter, and I like him being in FEH more than I'd have liked, say, Priam or Yenfay (even though Yenfay would have made sense with Say'ri, i guess). He should probably have left his place on the banner to Emeryn (her role in the story makes it weird that she doesn't get to be a 5-stars imo), but he's fine.
  13. Mustafa's PoR equivalent would be Shiharam (one of them may be more developped than the other, but they fill the same role), and I for one would love to have him in Heroes. Tellius has a seasonal focus going on right now, I need orbs for that since they somehow managed to make me want bride units for once, and I'll need time to stock orbs again once that focus is over, so as a Tellius fan, I find convenient that they're waiting for the next New Heroes banner instead of having it back to back with the bride one. I like Say'ri, but I can still get pitybroken by her in the future, hopefully after they release an A!Tiki that isn't also red.
  14. This too, please! It's a great set-up for a duo, and I would especially love if their conversation referenced Mist's dialogue with the Black Knight in that fight. I was thinking that the only downside would be that, logically, Ike would be the lead unit here so it wouldn't count as a Mist alt, and somehow my brain ended up with a banner of siblings swapping their main specialities: (infantry) sword (or axe, so they're swapping something they don't have in common?) Mist in the lead, Ike following her and doing his best with a staff. Their weapon has a Sol lance effect (that's his best, 10hp).
  15. Thank you!! Interesting concept indeed, and adorable. 🙂
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