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  1. *waves Ethlyn flag* The presence of Sigurd/Deirdre in this gauntlet and the support Sigurd is getting here, while nice to see, is funny in an ironic way to me. (Especially since Heroes!Deirdre is the amnesiac version of her.) It's like a symbolic attempt at getting some form of revenge/compensation for him. I'm voting for his sister because she's my favorite in this family of good people who make bad decisions, but please go and make this the first and only gauntlet Sigurd wins, it would be hilarious.
  2. The scarves of the three Fates ninja, Ninian's head ornaments, Tailtiu's headband, and Lewyn's scarf... hat... thing.
  3. Performing Arts, because the first one felt like canon alts (I wouldn't have minded if they stayed in the permanent pool, except maybe Olivia since she was already in as a dancer with no canon alternate outfit) and the second one had a nice theme (and wasn't fanservice except for its choice of units), and Valentines, I loved the focus on family in those two. Those are the two themes where I feel like the game is adding something to the characters, not taking me for someone who will fall for empty otaku-bait.
  4. I like the focus on Mordecai in the group conversations. (Or at least the first one, I haven't seen more yet because Lethe refused to give me points for two x2 hours straight. Everyone else was burning through their convos and there she was, at 0 points. It's hilariously in-character so I don't mind.) Less convinced by his individual convos, but that might be because of Fjorm. I'm all for her spending what's left of her life doing whatever she wants, but trying to become a Disney princess and being really bad at it isn't that interesting. Worth it for the accessories, though.
  5. I thought that might be your intention, and it's fine, as I said, no offense. It just so happens that in this case, I think we can probably assume that IS was focusing on a straight male audience. Good point about the OCs, Bruno does have the "angst because he's cursed" card and his star-crossed friendship with the Askr siblings going for him, but 1) we don't know how much popularity that would get him if he didn't also have abs, 2) Hrid has pretty much nothing and he's still got fans. I really wish they would do this, at least with the older or hard to access games. Surely there are people who can't play Thracia even in the Japanese fanbase, since iirc it wasn't released the normal way. (Though really, there's isn't much to know about Reinhardt himself. He's Ishtar's big scary bodyguard, he exists to be a fearsome enemy when you have to fight him, to show in passing that Julius is getting creepily possessive with Ishtar (I think his line about specifically disliking Reinhardt is a Heroes original and that the kid would have hated any guy who got to be close to his girlfriend), and to provide character development for Olwen. But Olwen isn't broken in Heroes, so we don't care about that, I suppose. )
  6. 1) Forseti (green dragon flier, with his breath having the same reverse-desperation effect as the Forseti tome. The only downside would be that, being a Mythic, he can't be Wind.) 2) Mila (green or blue, probably armor? but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they make her fly just because they can. Gotta contrast Duma and put those hair-wings to use.) 3) Naga (green or blue, different outfit from Awakening please and thank you) 4) Medeus 5) Lotyr/Loptous and I don't actually want her, but I expect Loki to be one somewhere down the line, so they might as well get it over with.
  7. Agreed. This is why it doesn't quite sit right with me when people (including in this topic, but no offense intended to anyone) say things like "the game assumes Kiran is a straight guy (or a lesbian)" or assume the fanservice targeted towards straight men works for lesbians too. Sure, personal experience doesn't mean much so the fact that FEH's fanservice repulses me is irrelevant, and there are exceptions (I've seen wlw who are really thirsty for Heroes!Tharja and Camilla), but fanservice for female fans would look different even if it used female characters too. A game full of pretty boys would have eye candy but would most likely spend more time on their personality and backstory, and maybe show more interaction between characters, than Heroes does.
  8. Summonable : Jill (PoR version, lance), Xane (colorless), Orochi (either blue or green, I don't particularly care, but using the Fates brave scroll), Ranulf (blue) TT: Erinys or Ena (ideally they'be the kind of good free units we've been getting recently, but if not at least they will be in) GHB: Petrine
  9. Every named character who isn't a meme boss deserves to get in Heroes... but I won't be happy when they add Conrad or Makalov.
  10. Sword: Eyvel Lance: Jill Axe: Rinkah Bow: Shinon (tied with Python, but then I would want Forsyth to join at the same time and there are lance users I want more than him) Dagger: baby Sothe Heather Red tome: Azelle or Miriel Blue tome: Tine Green tome: Orochi (though she could be any color since Hoshido's scrolls don't have a particular element iirc) Staff: Soren alt Silque Breath: Nasir Beast: Ranulf
  11. Nice to see the music from the first trailer return in both of these tracks. The second one sounds pretty similar to what we've heard in Awakening/Fates, especially at the beginning, but it's too early to take it as a sign that the game won't have its own musical style. Box art is cool, though if anyone had hopes of F!Byleth's design changing (I didn't), it pretty much crushes them since she's on it.
  12. It's just a joke. (Though regardless of how much choice Robin had or their ability as a tactician, you gotta admit that the writers went for something ridiculous here, which I think was the point.) Rank 2051. I never get all the arena flags, I've been unlucky with the color quests this time, and I spent on whatever multipliers I happened to catch since I'll be asleep for the biggest ones anyway, so that's not surprising. Here's hoping the multipliers work in our favor and I don't have to change teams in the morning~
  13. Can't rank them either because I'm not familiar with Binding Blade or Sacred Stones, and all actual tacticians in the gauntlet were on the winning side so they must have been doing something right (you could argue that the army Saias originally worked for lost, but he's got the reputation and the leadership stars to make up for it), but I'd say Katarina and Morgan would be near the bottom, simply because one barely got to work as a tactician and one never did. (Sure, she's training for it in her supports, but she never acts as one either for Chrom's army or for the children.) That said...
  14. Definitely coordinated, but fitting for the occasion Done, and @Tybrosion's too. Also, team Soren currently has a multiplier, not that it matters much this early in the round. Edit: just got to use your Marth, and he wiped the floor with 2/3rd of the enemy team, on top of indeed being good support for Soren.
  15. I knew Saias was set up to lose, but that team difference is just painful. Morgan vs Cecilia might have been slightly less unfair. Surprised but glad to see Lewyn in second place. Good for him~ (even though the version we have in feh shouldn't be a tactician yet, lvl 40 quote be damned) If anyone on team Soren could use a L!Tiki, my ID is 0268944411, same username.
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