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  1. His upbringing by Mycen, which happens because of whose child he is and because he has a brand and has to be hidden, and which took into account that he would need to assume a leadership role one day. His bloodline and his upbringing are two different things but they're not entirely separate; he may have plowed the fields, but he wasn't raised like a peasant who would do nothing else all his life.
  2. Some of these are just male writers going "Hey, for no justifiable reason except that it makes sense in my head, this situation should play differently if there's a WOMAN involved, I have to make sure everyone knows this is WOMAN!Robin!" and sucking at it, so I don't take them in consideration when it comes to Robin's personality. Why does F!Robin gets stupid bath shenanigans with Chrom? Because hey, did you know that's the Robin he can MARRY? let's make sure he sees her NAKED so you know! Why is her Lucina support wasted on accusations of infidelity? Because if she's not Lucina's mother, it means there is a man and a woman who are best friends without being married! Don't you, heterosexual male player, think that's WEIRD? surely we can get some comedy out of this! (Nevermind that there is a perfectly logical and interesting reason for Lucina to be wary of or even hostile to Robin, if that's the dynamic they wanted, since she knows from the start Chrom was killed by his best friend. Really a shame that it's not more utilised.) Why does F!Robin annoy Tiki? Because clearly, as a woman, she can't remind her of Marth! even though M!Robin does and there are only minimal changes between their personalities. I'm not saying it's the case for all of them, for example it makes sense that there's a difference with Lon'qu's, and I could have done without the baiting in Flavia's but it's not bad. But sometimes it has no justification except for the writers relying on "catty women" stereotypes, and when that's the only explanation for something, it's just bad writing.
  3. I don't find the idea of treating Japan and Japanese nerds as a monolith much less ethnocentric. Context is important, yes, including the culture in and for which something is made, and these games are for Japanese nerds, but that doesn't mean that all Japanese nerds want to reduce female characters to their little waifus, or else no other kind of content would get made. This particular subtype of otaku are just the ones who spend the most, so they get pandered to (and thus get more visibility, and the group grows, and gets more pandering, etc).
  4. It's a common FE trope by now, assuming people can understand what's being implied isn't leaving it hanging. Neither is not talking about Tiki's dad, unlike Robin whose mom we know played a role and thus deserves to be expanded on. Naga is the interesting party here, and we don't even know if there was a dad - she is a) a dragon, and b) almost at the level of a god. Sothis presumably didn't create her children with a partner either. On topic, FEH's "favoritism" of female characters to pander to male otaku notwithstanding, I'm glad Nifl got a good friend/girlfriend, instead of the dragon lady/human dude romance that I saw coming for the one second we didn't have Hvergel's gender and which would be extremely boring to me.
  5. I read them and I saw you repeatedly dismissing good points made in favor of SoV, in what read a lot like bad faith. That's all I had to say.
  6. You spent almost half this topic being unfairly dismissive of SoV to prop up your tsundere's supports.
  7. Every year I hope they will "celebrate spring" with a hanami banner instead of bunny costumes. Technically it's already too late, but who knows, maybe this is the year we get both. If they want to make it a trend, though, I would love more child units, though they feel like they should have swapped their seasonal status with the Fallen trend and been normal alts.
  8. An Odd Wave kind of bonus ("loves me, loves me not...")
  9. They depantsed Maribelle and F!Morgan before, and Elincia's resplendant art depantsed her too. Thankfully not enough to call it a trend (Selena, F!Robin, Clair, Mareeta, Eyvel, Tanya, Lucina and Beruka kept theirs, and I'm sure there are others), but still a shame. (*goes back to lurking now that the salt is spilled*)
  10. They struck gold in Marianne's C conversation with the idea of her interacting with Mordecai, and then did nothing with it and wasted the rest of that chain with characters that made me wonder if whoever wrote it knew about 3H beyond a tweet-long summary.
  11. I think it would have been interesting and fitting, but to each their own. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Considering they made a point of telling us that Lif's world's version of Sharena was dead, I can't imagine how having him be featured with our (alive) Sharena in a festival about devotion and family would have been less interesting than having Alfonse there, and the same goes for Thrasir and Bruno.
  13. The fact that "Gatekeeper" is actually two different people under identical helmets, yet they only made him an option in the academy phase section as if that covered both that one and the post-timeskip one, says something about how much character "he" has. They make a nice addition to the monastery though, kind of feel like a mascot, and would be a fun TT reward or something one day.
  14. The support for Soren right under the mid-results tweet made me smile. I'll give him two more votes, and use the last two for Orochi and Marth.
  15. Nasir, Soren, Dorothea, Orochi, and then I'll see. Maybe Ena, maybe Mist for that sword alt, maybe adult Tiki for a blue alt, maybe Marth.
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