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  1. I did say that one of them was done better; that's not the point. My point was that Tellius "[getting] this treatment" could be neat, actually, since that means getting the local Camus et PoR's is good. (The OC part, of course, I'd rather avoid, but if it's both or none at all... i'll take a fairy if it gets him in the game.) That said, Mustafa is well done, for Awakening, and comes from a memorable chapter, and I like him being in FEH more than I'd have liked, say, Priam or Yenfay (even though Yenfay would have made sense with Say'ri, i guess). He should probably have left his place on the banner to Emeryn (her role in the story makes it weird that she doesn't get to be a 5-stars imo), but he's fine.
  2. Mustafa's PoR equivalent would be Shiharam (one of them may be more developped than the other, but they fill the same role), and I for one would love to have him in Heroes. Tellius has a seasonal focus going on right now, I need orbs for that since they somehow managed to make me want bride units for once, and I'll need time to stock orbs again once that focus is over, so as a Tellius fan, I find convenient that they're waiting for the next New Heroes banner instead of having it back to back with the bride one. I like Say'ri, but I can still get pitybroken by her in the future, hopefully after they release an A!Tiki that isn't also red.
  3. This too, please! It's a great set-up for a duo, and I would especially love if their conversation referenced Mist's dialogue with the Black Knight in that fight. I was thinking that the only downside would be that, logically, Ike would be the lead unit here so it wouldn't count as a Mist alt, and somehow my brain ended up with a banner of siblings swapping their main specialities: (infantry) sword (or axe, so they're swapping something they don't have in common?) Mist in the lead, Ike following her and doing his best with a staff. Their weapon has a Sol lance effect (that's his best, 10hp).
  4. Thank you!! Interesting concept indeed, and adorable. 🙂
  5. Do you by any chance have a link to this ? 🥺 I searched but didn't find it. Picnic Annette and Mercie would be sweet. And Forest and Maribelle should absolutely share a banner so they can 'meet' in FEH, they're basically twins design-wise and I want to see their reaction to that.
  6. - Blue mage Lucius, ideally with a tome or staspread that lets him be as useful as he is in Lyn mode - Mani katti Lyn - Florina with a slim lance and a speed stat - Ike&Soren duo (in the far, far future when i have orbs again), and/or a 'start of it all' banner with them and Mist as children, + Elena (or, to stay on the topic of alts, young knight-in-training Titania on visit to Gallia. Or both!) - Earth sword Lachesis and/or Nanna - Sage Lissa in her Emmeryn dress - Summer, picnic, or really whatever will let her not look ridiculous, lance alt Maribelle stabbing people with her parasol.
  7. Timetravel in Awakening apparently just creates alternate realities, since Lucina's future still exists somewhere, so there's no reason for Lucina-from-the-future to disappear just because her father married someone different this time around. Might make things more awkward for her once she slips and calls him "father", though, since in that world there would be no baby Lucina. Imagine that conversation. Gay Chrobin would be my pick too, and I guess Tiki or Say'ri as options for F!Robin. Flavia would also work, if only to get rid of that joke in their support, but it's not something I actively ship. But I'd sacrifice the F!Robin options for having same-gender pairings that don't involve the avatar.
  8. Nasir. His conversations with Ike in middle PoR gave me a teacher vibe.
  9. I sent Lethe and Mordecai to the Grann desert, and they "got lost, but were rescued". Stefan... I know you're there somewhere... (Valentine) Mist and Titania for Tanas Manor, since they were the ones who went looking for a sign of Reyson there.
  10. I don't see how Tiki or Julia getting a legendary is supposed to show that the bar for qualifying is low. Sure, they're not the lords of their games, but... You think the last of the divine dragons, the child of the dragon who serves as a god to Archanea&Jugdral's entire setting, isn't anything legendary? If anything, she should have been a mythic, that's how important she is in-universe. Julia, again, has Naga's blood and wields a tome that contains her will (or something of the sort, it's been a while since i've read Jugdral meta), and is one of the two people most likely to have killed the reincarnation of Loptous. Isn't that legendary? She'd definitely belong in her world's history books. Even Ryoma I suppose I can see, I'd rather forget his character exists but I can still understand, he just shouldn't have been one before Azura and before the legendary Corrin we're definitely getting one day. So yes, they could have waited until mythics were launched for Tiki since they definitely knew that was coming and you could argue that what she is matters more than what she's done, yes Ryoma came at the wrong time, yes Julia too should probably have waited until legendary Seliph had his turn and in the same way Elincia might want to let Micaiah have hers first, but they all "deserve" to be one. Not now though, i'm all out of orbs after failing to get a good nature for Valentines Soren.
  11. I vote for my favorites to show IS that they are liked (with the ones who aren't in FEH taking priority, like Nasir, Ena, and Orochi), whatever they want to do with that information, but I actually want the winners to have some level of prominence/relevance in their own game, and obviously that includes the lords. (Like, think what you will about Camilla winning, I didn't jump with joy either, but at least she had that going for her, while it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth if say, Tharja won before the remaining female Lords or should-have-been-Lords like Julia, Azura or Ninian, and I don't even dislike Awakening!Tharja.)
  12. A - Azelle B - Brigid C - Callil D - Dorothea E - Ena F - Forseti G - Guinivere? H - Heather I - Ilyana J - Jill K - Kamui L - Linhardt M - Miriel N - Nasir O - Orochi P - Petrine Q - / R - Rinkah S - Shinon T - Tormod U - Uther, maybe? V - Volke W - Wil X - Xane Y - Yumina/Yuliya Z - Zihark, i guess
  13. Done. I don't know what kind of game that is but it sounds like fun, good luck with your panel! (And Ferdinand does have major himbo vibes for me, though making him my dancer might have influenced that.)
  14. Archanea: tie between Marth and Merric, and between Minerva and Caeda SOV: Lukas, Celica Genealogy: Lewyn, Julia Thracia: maybe Saias, and a tie between Eyvel, Mareeta and Olwen Blazing Sword: Lucius, Florina Path of Radiance: Soren, Jill Awakening: Henry, Maribelle Fates: Kaze, Orochi Three Houses: Linhardt, Dorothea
  15. Please say this is because the adjutant goes inside the armor.
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