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  1. He is there, so that's already good news (and though his presence is a little out of left field, it doesn't not make sense), he's got nice art that looks a little retro, he's a staff unit so getting a demote statline won't stop him from being useful, he's got good skills (Dazzling? on a 4* unit?), and he's the demote so theoretically easier to get. I for one am pretty happy with the news. 😁 Always happy to see Nailah as well, and though Leanne is a cheerleader, at least she got something (and it doesn't stop her from getting to be the lead unit one day, maybe). Bit of a shame they didn't take advantage of her presence to make the harmonic a flying unit, but i suppose Leanne just doesn't have the Con to carry someone. (And that the game needed more cavalry refreshers.) Karla... has good art. But I'd have traded her or Deen for a Rafiel in a desert outfit.
  2. It's true that it's a big element of her character, but equally true that, since she carries it precisely because she is one of the few people it doesn't affect, she wouldn't chose to use it to fight. A skill sounds right, maybe not representing the medallion itself but something referencing her order alignment, that lets her ignore debuffs, and called Medallion Bearer or something of the sort? On topic, I'll vote for Soren, Nasir, Ena and Dorothea in that order, then adjust based on the midterm results. Not expecting to be very invested in who wins this time, though, unless F!Robin or Azura somehow get more support than the non-F!Byleth 3H units.
  3. Oh, for sure, but usually they at least pretend to care about their original pitch for a little longer than the third one in the line-up. (Sure, Fjorm and Gunthra didn't really do anything legendary, but they released them when they wanted us to think they would, and we got believable mythical heroes before Lif and Thrasir.)
  4. I see, thank you. The context in which we got the first two didn't exactly made that clear. Basically. To be honest, I found that idea more interesting than if there is simply no lore reason, but if that's how it is, then okay. At least it lets them surprise us.
  5. So who or what "ascended" him, so to speak? Fjorm got a boost from Nifl, Laegjarn from Muspell, what did Joshua get to qualify? (Not that I would be surprised if at some point they started picking whoever they wanted with flimsy explanations for how they're ascended, but it'd be a shame to happen so soon. At least go through the easy options like Naga-boosted Tiki or something before.)
  6. In game order: 1. Non-seasonal Xane 2. Kamui 3. Forseti 4. Edain 5. Tine 6. Safy 7. Elfin 8. Niime 9. Blue tome Lucius 10. Limstella 11. Sword cav Mist 12. Elena 13. Stefan 14. Tormod 15. Muarim 16. Non-seasonal Kurthnaga 17. Nasir 18. Non-seasonal Ena 19. Legendary A!Tiki (not red) 20. Non-seasonal Dorothea, with her summer alt's artist if they reuse one, not the plegian one I'd also like Elm, but we know we will get him, and even when, so it doesn't count.
  7. No, but I'm hoping her seasonal means that base form Ena will happen... eventually. Come on IS, you like dragon girls. Thanks.
  8. Nasir (eh, now that Ena is in, there is a chance).
  9. Oh, there is plenty of judging and shaming people for only liking male characters because of their looks. It just tends to be aimed at women, or at least at people perceived to be women on the internet, with the stereotyped target being teenage girls (and/or girls interested in m/m content). If you've never run into that, good for you. That brings to mind PoR (and other older FEs, this is just the only one where I know examples off the top of my head), where some characters' limited support list is in itself a piece of characterization. It could be interesting to try and come up with a full as-many-as-the-game-will-allow (7?) support set for Soren, Volke, or Stefan, but if the game did it, some of their character might be diluted in the process. As another queer woman, this is exactly my feeling. And yes, sometimes the bad handling still ruins something that I could be fine with in theory - see Sonya (SoV), who I have no problem with, I quite like her character and her (SoV, Heroes fell back into the titillation pit) art, vs Camilla.
  10. I was already going to pick Asbel, and then he came on the free pull, so now I have to. (And, even better, whatever they sent with this banner fixed the problem I'd been having since this weekend, I couldn't access the summonning part of the menu.) Sticking Gharnef with all the kids sure is a choice. Maybe it's just for grail unit reasons, but I wonder if it means that his master is on the table for a future banner.
  11. Sorry if I brought up something that you'd already gone over, then.
  12. Considering that you're already trying to invalidate the issues you think I could bring up by dumping everything in the "it's subjective and thus can't be argued about" box, by using the concepts of contrivance and suspension of disbelief in a way that makes me doubt you understand what they're supposed to mean in the context of criticism of a story, and that you're, curiously, pointedly ignoring the post that already pointed out contradictions in the story to you, you'll have to forgive me if I don't feel like engaging in a pretend debate that will just be you finding more windmills to shake your sword at and then brag that you've debunked giants.
  13. It's a shame, because you can tell they put thought and effort into differenciating Hoshido and Nohr on a design level: the aesthetics of the setting, the classes that are available and their designs (even their names in japanese, though that's somewhat lost in the localization), the weapons, even some trends in the characters' stats... I actually really like that. Unfortunately, that's about where it ends.
  14. See, you're doing it again. Did I say anything about not being able to relate to Corrin? Or about suspension of disbelief? I said "the plot is broken", and you're making up arguments to respond to instead, so that you can say they're subjective or unimportant. If you're willing to walk to the mountain, more power to you, but we have the right to complain that we shouldn't have to, because a piece of media is not just its themes, but the story through which it delivers whatever message it has, and Fates' story is shoddy in so many places. There is no "anti-suspension of disbelief" conspiracy against Fates. When Fates came out, many people were excited for it; fans wanted to like it and for it to be good. Despite the already worrying elements like the designs or the avatar's central role, many approached the story in good faith, disbelief very much suspended, and the story still didn't measure up. That's why people are now "biased against Fates", not the reverse. And again. Nowhere was it said that it being Fates had anything to do with it, this was simply about the length. I personally don't see 30 pages as unbelievable, but again, the fact that you could write them is entirely irrelevant from whether or not you were right about what you wrote in them or projected things on the game. So you admit bad faith?
  15. No one acknowledges your points because they often don't respond to the actual criticisms people have, and not the interpretation you make of them. Like here, where you answer the question "are you sure you aren't making this up?" with "I wrote 30 pages about it". Yeah, and? That doesn't adress the question in a meaningful way. You could have been making it up for 30 pages. See? All this talk of themes and messages, which aren't the main problem of Fates's writing, comes across as you pointing to a mountain and yelling about how people just refuse to go there for some reason even though the view there is so beautiful, while people are trying to tell you that the car to go on the mountain (the plot) has square wheels.
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