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  1. Interesting notes, mate. Like you, I have never played Conquest for the turn count. I try to beat my own records and find new, better strategies, but I still prioritise meeting some thresholds on some chapters, specially at the beginning (like letting Cornflakes kill Taco, Glasses and Ryoma in Ch 6, so that she ends at L10; or letting Kaze kill everyone in Ch 5 to end at L7-8.) Fun fact sponsored by "Dark" TV series: Your picks were the exact same picks that I would have made. Ha! I would have probably drafted Odin and Ophelia before Elise, but that is it. Close to the final selections, I thought that a sturdy unit would benefit your party, and you went on and picked Benny! That was scary. The bright side is that I said that I would replicate the party that suited me better, and yours is the obvious choice. See? Had I participated in the draft, our choices would have clashed. Only by not participating did I get the party that I wanted. Everything is connected.
  2. But she is as deformed as a Kardashian, and millions of men find that alluring. For me, Pyra is a worse offender, for she is a main character and is supposed to be neutral, yet dresses like a porn star. 🙃 Anyway, I already mentioned that XC2 was “too much anime” for me. Not a loss, really, for I also found its gameplay boring.
  3. Thanks on the quick reply. Twelve units seems fair. Eltosian Kadath and I played it on Lunatic with ten units, no royals, no backpacks, no nothing. And I play it so on Hard regularly. It is this idea of picking units what thrills me. Tell you what: I will not participate in this draft, for I am not sure about it and do not want you all to waste a spot on me. But I will follow this thread and will replicate the drafted team that suits me and play it as a silent spectator. I only need the lightest excuse to replay Conquest anyway, and I will surely learn something.
  4. Then I did not express myself right: I would be glad if Wargroove had earned the award, it is undoubtedly a strategy game. It would have been great if a game inspired by Advance Wars had defeated the latest Intelligent Systems’s blockbuster. I named it in a new sentence precisely because of how different it is when compared to the other nominees, and yet as strategic. Anyway, I prefer any mission of Advance Wars 2 over any map of Four Houses. It has nothing to do with how traditional or serious a game is; strategy is strategy. I will stop here. No worries.
  5. How many units will comprise the final party? Is there a compensation if I choose female Corrin but never use Jakob or Azura? (He can die in Chapter 2, no problem.) Anna is banned, right? I am sorry if these questions are silly, but I have never played a draft. I am curious about it.
  6. Ah!, the big difference is that while you and I may set artificial rules and restraints for a challenge that might or might not draw the interest of others, Maddening and Lunatic+ modes were designed by a professional team for the whole audience. And I guarantee you that our artificial challenge will still be more interesting than the tedious and nonsense that Maddening or Lunatic+ ended up being.
  7. Four Houses was, by far, the biggest disappointment of the past year. There may have been worse games that I tried, but the expectations that I had of them were nowhere near as high. Having a hacked Switch has given me the opportunity to try many games before purchasing them. And even though I still do some research about games and only download those which I already believe that I will like, it is true that the expectations are lower when the only cost is time. On the one hand, I have tried and enjoyed games which I would not have bought. On the other, I was lucky to first try games that everyone recommended but that I did not like at all (like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, both the main game and Torna.) I understand the arguments against piracy, but it can be used to try games and then purchase the ones which you actually enjoyed. However great a review may be, your own experience is the best arbiter. This at least suits a casual gamer like myself, who only has around twenty games, despite being able to install them all.
  8. Suuuuure, "Total War: Three Kingdoms", "Anno 1800", and "Age of Wonders: Planetfall" all roughly fit the criteria of strategy. And "Four Houses" just happens to blend in perfectly with them. 🙃 There is nothing hardcore about it, "Wargroove" was also nominated. "Four Houses" may not be the most strategic, but it was undoubtedly the most popular of the nominees.
  9. Watch such a campaign on YouTube. Say, Conquest Lunatic. It will amaze you how units at base level can still deliver kills with the proper bonuses (tonics, auras, skills, weapon triangle bonuses, weapon proficiency bonuses, pair-up bonuses.) As far as I know, one can still use stat boosters on units, which will most likely be used on already powerful units. If you have played Conquest, think about creating mega monster Xander and Camilla at the core of your party.
  10. He might be talking about how Four Houses earned "Strategy Game of the Year". 😂 At least I find it odd that such a game had won or been nominated to this award, however good Four Houses may be as a game in general. Remember when "The Martian" earned "Best Musical or Comedy"? Oh, well.
  11. Well, a year later, I still believe that Four Houses is not even a strategy game, but a turn-based JRPG. Which may be a problem exclusive to me, of course. Since I have basically nothing positive to say about game, there is no point repeating it all. What I can tell you is that my opinions (expectations, more exactly) did change before its release and shortly afterwards. I still remember how excited I was when I watched the first trailer; I was at the office, stopped everything that I was doing and watched it in awe. I told my assistant about it, even though she could not care less. I shared it with my siblings, who did not even know what Fire Emblem was. I loved the musical arrangement used on the trailer and searched for covers on YouTube for weeks. That trailer was one of the reasons why I bought a Switch, despite its remaining boxed over half a year, for I only play games casually. But I did not want to miss the chance to play that game. Months later, when new footage and information showed up, my opinion started to change. I did not like the aesthetics nor the emphasis on the school, but did not want to face the situation then. Instead, I decided not to read more information about the game until its release, here or elsewhere. I still liked what I had seen on that first trailer, and no leak would ruin it for me. The day I got the game and started playing it... God, it was a disaster. I had clearly got a wrong, a very, very wrong idea of the game. And I faced it too late. It does not even matter what I disliked, it is this shattered expectation that I wanted to tell you about.
  12. Hey!, you also like Owain. Awesome. We could... Wait, your Favourite FE... eh, that is something that my family would never approve. I am so very sorry. Nice meeting you. Bye!
  13. How do you all manage to name ten different options for a specific question?! What do you answer when asked about your favourite ice cream? White chocolate and dark chocolate and raspberry and vanilla and watermelon and coconut? 🙃
  14. Cherche! 🥰 And I do not even like Awakening. It must be true love.
  15. It was only his opinion. I, for example, think that Nina, Ophelia, Velouria, Percy and Ignatius are objectively better than their parents in all situations. And that is already half of the cast. Sophie and Soleil are less sturdy than their papas but can be stronger, faster and defter; Forrest and Midori are different units than their papas, and Siegbert is worse than Xander, but he could be equal if he could wield Siegfried --which he should. In various cases the papas need to "talk" to their children to recruit them. If the papa is dead, you must pray that the child survives the chapter (it remains a Green Unit until the end.) They could limit the number of units per map, say, from 14-15 to 10. This way, even if you recruited fifty units, you would necessarily focus on a smaller party. Supports would be unaffected because your party members may simply not interact with each other (I would still grant [some] support bonuses, even if no conversation were available among units.) And if they varied the growths/ bases/ skills of units that share the same class, you would have an incentive to try different units on different maps/ campaigns.
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