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  1. After Chapter 13, there are up to seven Master Seals at the store, and five more in chests/ drops (10, 13, 16, 17, 18.) I usually promote all ten units at Level 19, and I am done by Ch 16. Try deactivating the Gamble skill (+10 Crit/ -10 Hit), which he might have inherited from his father. Axes demand defter units, and most of his teammates wield more accurate weapons. It is cheating, make no doubt about it. It is tricky, but not particularly difficult. It can be done around Chapter 11, with eight units, no royals, no horses, no fliers. The key is to send a pair to block the southern bridge and force the Lemmings to ignore the island and go north. Then send the other six units north then west, to advance and kill the boss by Turn 8 or so (before the reinforcements.)
  2. Not without Support grinding or a lot of luck with character encounters in your castle. Do not be afraid of Chapter 10, is trickier than it is difficult. Particularly because it presents itself as a defending map while it should actually be played as a routing one. It will take you a couple of tries, embrace the restarts. 😉
  3. Ironically, these boat battles are exactly where my patience stops and I quit playing this game, every single time. 🙃
  4. Is getting all these children a specific goal of your campaign? You will end with double the characters that you can field per map. Then again, mine may probably not be the best advice, for I prefer smaller parties. Do not worry about late skills, just remember to organise the skill order (in the menu) before recruiting a child, so that they inherit the more useful skill of the ones currently available. Note that, in some cases, if a parent learns a new skill during the recruitment map, this will be the one handed down. I firmly believe that it is better to recruit the children as early as possible; the more you know a unit, the better. For example, Sophie, Nina and Ophelia can all be recruited around Chapter 12, always. As "broken" as any of them could be by late game with careful skill planning, I would rather know them for ten more maps and watch them become powerful. Try to understand your mistakes, so that Casual mode does not become a bad habit. Some general advices about Conquest here and here, and about Fire Emblem here.
  5. As much as I enjoy playing (and replaying) Conquest, I do not try crazy parties precisely because I do not use the characters that I dislike, regardless of their objective value as units. I later decided to do without the pre-promoted units and to reduce the party to ten members, which limited my options but allowed me to know the characters-units that I like in many situations. • Favourites Velouria, Odin, Ophelia • Top units Mozu, Elise, female Cornflakes • Like Silas, Sophie, Nina, Kaze, Anna, Haitaka • Like but rarely use Xander, Leo, Benny, Felicia, Flora, Gunther, Rally Man • Neutral Effie, Azura, Shigure, Laslow, Soleil, Camilla, Keaton, Niles, Siegbert, Ignatius, Midori • Dislike and do not use Selena, Beruka, Arthur, Percy, Nyx, Shura, male Kanna, Peri, Charlotte, Forrest, Izana • Commits suicide by Chapter 7 Jakob • Never met Dwyer
  6. Hey, there! I gave you more options so that you could choose at will, but I am glad that more than one were useful. By coincidence, I am re-trying Berserker Azura and Berserker Velouria in my current campaign (silly me, thinking that Shigure would also inherit Fighter), and the girls are walking Delete Buttons. I was also lucky enough to get a Berserker's Axe around mid-game, to one-hit at will. I have not tried Mechanist Anna in a while, but she was a great surprise. Here is probably my first try of her, from a couple of years ago. Note that if you want Silas to father Shigure, then you cannot have Berserker Azura. (Berserker Shigure is more fun, though. 😈🔥)
  7. Four odd, perfectly functional units that you could try: • Let Azura learn +5 Speed and then go - Berserker, from Arthur, to class-change as early as possible; or - Sniper, from Cornflakes. Both classes are broken on her, just pick the weapon that you prefer. • Mechanist Anna. Recruit her as early as Chapter 9, class-change her immediately into Apothecary, user her own Arms Scroll to increase proficiency in daggers. • Wolfskin Shigure You may want to plan his recruitment or grind Supports in Before Awakening, so that you can get him relatively early. Broken.
  8. I would only consider Conquest's Lunatic Endgame as unfair. Not because of its being difficult, but because of the specificity of the difficulty. Lunatic Endgame is a puzzle that can only be solved with a very clear idea of its mechanics. I, for example, have no issues with with Chapters 17 or 19, which many people complain about. The defensive thresholds are rather low so that multiple builds of multiple characters can play the exact same role and succeed in a perfectly reproducible way, and the mechanics involved are clear and consistent. Of course one may find these chapters difficult, but they are certainly not unfair. On the other hand, and as Eltosian Kadath has explained here and in other opportunities, Chapter 20 is indeed unfair because its mechanics are not clearly explained, and the only way to fully understand how the map plays is to play it first. Having said that, I may be an exception, but I enjoy replaying maps. Not because I try to "save-scum" an outcome, but to actually come up with a better, more efficient approach. Therefore the idea of how Conquest fares as a blind play through is very odd to me.
  9. As much as I enjoy playing Conquest, I do not know how to objectively rate it, for its weakest point (its ridiculous storytelling) is something that I do not take seriously or primarily in this genre. Therefore it deters me less that it does other players. Assuming that one can enjoy a tactics game with a terrible storytelling, I would give Conquest an 8/10. Acknowledging that it can never be a whole experience without at least a basic, coherent story; and taking off another point because its map design and gameplay mechanics, while engaging, are not perfect. • Birthright, 3/10 Weak map design and no challenge. It breaks itself. I prefer the characters of Conquest. • Revelation, 1/10 Not even useful as a mechanics tutorial due to how tedious it is. • Awakening, 4/10 Weak map design, but it is irrelevant because of how easily it breaks itself. No challenge. At least it has characters that are more fun. • Shadows of Valentia, 4/10 Tedious map design and basic mechanics. A whole extra point for its presentation and funny voice acting. • Four Houses, 3/10 Weak map design and basic mechanics. The padding between battles does not translate into a more engaging gameplay. It is either very tedious or very easy. I have tried the GBA and DS games, but not long enough to rate them. If the gameplay of Advance Wars is more engaging than that of a Fire Emblem game, then the latter is doing it wrong, for it does not even fulfil its basics.
  10. Short answer: Conquest. Long answer: I played a couple of chapters of Sacred Stones about eight years ago. I then got a New 3DS along with the special version of Fates in 2017. Since everyone else said so, I tried Birthright first, but got bored after some chapters. I then played Conquest and never looked back. I have completed over twenty campaigns, and always start a new campaign along with any other game that I am currently playing. I love its puzzles. Fortunately, in Conquest I found a game that I enjoy. Unfortunately, no other Fire Emblem game that I have tried does the same.
  11. Man, this is a tough one. I know from experience that Odin (main) with his intended Cornflakes can take on any and all Onis west or southeast. That Effie & Silas/ Mozu/ Niles or Silas & Mozu/ Anna can take care of the eastern bridge and then hold the Pegasus ladies. And that Silas & Mozu/ Anna can take on and hold all western Onis. The thing is that, even when Camilla is banned, I have always had more units (ten) to deal with those pesky Pegasus. Jakob is somehow always six feet under by Chapter 8, but Paladin/ Great Knight Jakob would play the role that I usually assign to Silas. Nyx would be a Dark Knight and Arthur… I do not know, I would say Paladin or Great Knight, after an early (Chapter 7) Heart Seal; so that he can gain access to more useful weapons for this chapter (Javelin and Iron Swords.) But if he calls dibs on the earliest Heart Seal, then Jakob will struggle to gain proficiency. Niles would be a Bow Knight for the extra movement and might. Mozu’s map and Invasion 1 would have to be played after Chapter 9 to ensure some thresholds are met. Chapter 10 would finally be played as a defending map, even though it is actually a rout one. I might try it, but I honestly never use Jakob or Nyx, and I doubt that the remaining party has any value afterwards (after all the early promotions.) If successful, the campaign ends after Chapter 10 anyway.
  12. Interesting. I had never heard about this. One thing I did notice in Chapter 27 is that, playing with only ten units, all paired, the Entrap maidens always ignore the healer/ staff user. Thus, I make mixed pairs (say, a magical unit and a physical one) and leave the “weakest” unit paired with the healer (healer as main), for they will be left in the corridor and can assist other pairs on the next turn.
  13. While I not always clear the west corridor of Chapter 26, I am pretty sure that I have got the Spy Shuriken on Hard multiple times. I remember this because there was no dagger wielder in many parties, and therefore this weapon was only a sellable. I am about to start Chapter 21 on my current campaign, and the only dagger wielder was Kaze in Chapter 12 (Jakob always commits suicide in Chapter 6 or 7, poor soul.) I will check Kaze’s proficiency level, though, for he soloed Chapter 5 and was very active in Chapter 12. I will pay attention to this Spy weapon.
  14. Eltosian Kadath already addressed this, and his approach to Chapter 25 is probably more efficient than mine (also with ten units, no royals, no backpacks.) For me the key is to Entrap the Spy Ninjas. You then you bait the Master of Arms in the corridor (everyone will come towards the doors), wipe the area and Freeze the survivor or sustain a phase. Two Entraps in the eastern side should suffice, for you also want to Entrap one or both Spy Automatons and the Life or Death Sword Master guarding Saizo in the west. Instead of Entrap, this can also be done with Freeze, but you need more charges and a couple more turns. A Sniper is usually the MVP here. +Magic Nohr Noble Cornflakes with Mjölnir and Heart Seeker is my best bet against Ryoma. Man, I have yet to come up with an efficient approach for Velouria's map. No matter what I do, I always end up using around twenty turns. 😒 I know, ten units is a small party, but this map takes ages for me. Even when I play it before Chapter 15 (by grinding supports with Keaton in 'Before Awakening.')
  15. Another man of culture. It is a hack. Just remember that Effie also gets Sniper from Mozu.
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