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  1. Even if you did not mention them, I hope that you have a clearer idea about what you liked and disliked from the games that you have tried. So that you are able to identify your personal pros and cons of the game at hand, and make a prompt decision to continue playing it or look elsewhere. Say, I love to replay Conquest, and various FE games simply do not give me the same kind of thrill. They do not have it. Yet, when I feel it, when a game hits the right spots, I try to learn more about it, to appreciate it, no matter the console or how different many of its elements are. So, yeah, try other games. You may or may not find what you are looking for; but at least you will know.
  2. Oh!, I see. Well, I never liked it, but I sort of understood that chibis were used as a necessity on the rather low 3DS's processing power. But as you say, they did not have those restrictions this time. Once you get used to the battle system, Octopath is super easy; it almost plays like a rhythm game. In my opinion, it is so exploitable that it is only entertaining as long as you restrict yourself from breaking it. And contrary to the infinite comments online about its being super grindy, every zone or boss is beatable at 10-15 levels below the enemy's, without a single grind battle or treasure hunting. 😂 I had a lot of fun with its gameplay, and loved its music and art style, but I certainly did not like its pacing and (lack of) story. It did make me revisit the Bravely series (from more or less the same team), but the chibi style kept putting me off.
  3. Does the game crashes when you move the cursor over a specific tile? It has happened to me on numerous occasions, but I have the digital versions. In my experience, it is caused by data corruption after numerous resets (I now close the game instead of pressing Start + L + R.) The only way to solve these errors has been reinstalling the game and deleting all its data (formatting or replacing the SD card was not enough.) Unfortunately, this would definitely affect your purchases (which are precisely the data that I would delete.)
  4. I share your disappointment, mate. The art style is the one reason why I never tried these games on the 3DS. I just cannot stand these chibis. My loss, obviously. I did enjoy Octopath Traveler’s gameplay, style and music, though.
  5. Twenty years ago, that was my very first party, too! Star Lancer Lise, Master Ninja Hawk and Angela were absolutely overpowered (playing Lise/ Hawk’s storyline.) I need to replay this, I need it. 😂
  6. Terranigma. I would also like them to at least translate the version of Tales of Phantasia created for the PSP.
  7. More than when the ideal time to recruit children is, it is about how the recruitment time can affect our perception of the units themselves. It is more related to knowing more about how a children unit behaves, than to making an efficient gameplay decision. But I see why this may be very particular, given that I like to replay Conquest and I also field fewer units. Thus, recruiting the children early was more a necessity (to vary the replays), than a deeper exercise. I just happened to see the children units in different ways than the ones that I usually read about. Thanks for your input, though. I will reorganise the idea and try to come up with a more relatable, clearer way to express it. Probably in a another time.
  8. Well, if you had to ask, then the post evidently did not work. My bad. I will enclose in spoiler tags the middle paragraphs without changing a word, to try to give more focus to the post. But feel free to close it. The idea was that by recruiting children units early, one can assess them in a different way. Whenever I read discussions about the children units, they are treated as final products instead of actual units in development. What matters then is how powerful you can make these weapons, and not how these units become powerful themselves. In numerous occasions, children units are used as late-game reinforcements and not as proper units themselves, even though various of them are naturally available early and can play most of the maps, not as replacements but as actual units. Evaluating children units is already complicate because of the many variables involved, but by recruiting them early one at least has a better understanding of the units themselves. After all, the children are not really versatile. Yes, each one has many options for a mother, but only Nina has the growths, class tree and bases to actually become an effective magical unit or an effective physical one. Depending on the mother, the other kids will be better or worse versions of themselves, but not really different from their basic roles.
  9. A couple of weeks ago, Dandy Druid asked me on another thread how I recruited children by Chapter 12 of Conquest, given that he usually got them various chapters later. He then told me about his idea of recruiting all Nohrian children on his next campaign. We discussed some pairings that he had in mind, and it gave me an excuse to replay Conquest, because why not? 🙃 I only use ten units maximum and prioritise early recruitment over skill inheritance, so that I can use the units for as many chapters as possible and from their early levels. I usually recruit two children as main units of the party, but now the idea was to go for six of them. To accomplish this, I recruited three children naturally by Chapter 12, and then used the "Before Awakening" map right after Chapter 14 to grind supports among the remaining pairs and recruited the other tree children. The natural children were: - Cornflakes (+Mag) » Ophelia, with Dragon Fang. - Mozu » Sophie, with Aptitude. - Azura » Nina, with +5 Speed. The unnatural children were: - Charlotte » Soleil, re-classed into Fighter in her very first turn. - Effie » Ignatius, re-classed into Fighter in his very first turn. - Peri » Velouria, with Elbow Room. The natural children were recruited after Chapter 11, at Level 10-11. The artificial ones, at Level 15 right after Chapter 14. I am now about to start Chapter 22, but I do not want to make this a chronicle of the campaign. Instead, I want to name some perks of recruiting children early. First, instead of focusing on skill inheritance and maximising the children's power, an early recruitment allows one to know the unit better, from the early levels, with low statistics and without game-breaking skills. One sees the development of the child's growths, rather than its product. It is a more faithful picture of the child as a unit. You will experience their becoming (or not) a powerful unit. Second, when children join early, at low levels, they can play different roles in the party. This is, Ignatius with a mama with decent Speed and immediately re-classed at a low level can indeed be a fast unit. But if you recruit him late, say by Chapter 22-23, even if he had the fastest mama, he will struggle a lot more to "overcome" his base role. Not to mention that he would have way less chapters to gain proficiency in weapons not included in his base class tree. Third, recruiting children early grants one more variety to approach maps. If you are used to play the first 18-20 chapters with the exact same units, having children by Chapter 12 lets you vary your approaches and spices replays up. It is already difficult to rate and compare children units because of the numerous variables that come into place, but one at least gets a better idea of the units themselves by recruiting them earlier in the game.
  10. I still prefer total randomness. At the end of the day, the only reason one feels "unlucky" is the sample size. The greater the number of replays, the closer one gets to the averages. If anything, what should be revised are the growths; I prefer specialised units over masters-of-none. I think that re-classing also re-rolls the statistics. That is, numbers are re-rolled whenever a unit re-classes during a chapter, and if one restarts the chapter, it gets a new rolling upon re-classing.
  11. Oh, man! I do not want to try the demo and prefer to wait for the final release, but it looks great so far! I spent a lot of hours replaying this game with different parties back in the day. Now, twenty years later, it is time to relieve those memories.
  12. Support conversations can be interesting, but I spend hours on the map and battles, and only a couple of minutes reading supports. Thus, what the character does during the battles is more important than (or at least equal to) what they may say out of it. And I never take the story or the conversations seriously, anyway. When I first played Conquest, I laughed at what Odin shouted during the battle or after a level-up, and I remember repeating it (in my thoughts) during the day, and smiling because of it. Likewise, I remember Felicia's voice and phrases, and those of Velouria, Nina, Elise, Silas, Ophelia, Mozu, Sophie... I am not talking about character development or character depth, but about simple, yet memorable things like their voice and phrases. Which is precisely what I hear the great majority of the time. Well, the voices and phrases of Blue Lions were never that entertaining to me. The voice acting itself might be good, but their phrases were not funny nor smart nor memorable enough for me. Since they did not amuse me, I had less incentives to care about them. For example, I find it funny how Hilda shouts "Hilda, Hilda!" during battles. And while I dislike the gist of her personality, that phrase was enough to make me care about her and check her supports. I also loved Hapi's voice acting and funny dialogue. What a refreshing surprise! I laughed out loud when she first said "Chatter Box" (one the most memorable lines in the entire game!) Silly things like these are what entertain me. And I did not find enough of them in Three Houses.
  13. Hapi! Her voice acting is brilliant and her dialogue is funny and smart. This alone makes her more interesting than 99 % of the cast. She was the greatest surprise.
  14. Hey! You could try this fun challenge that I like which consists in… Never mind, Eltosian Kadath is a party killer. 😈 Another weird case is that even if Cornflakes chooses a Nohrian talent, she passes a Hoshidian class to her husband if his main class is the same as Corrin’s talent. Say, a Cornflakes with a Sorceress talent passes Japanese Magician (however it is called) to Odin, the Hero of the Ages, through a Partner Seal.
  15. It is possible to recover the great majority of files that have been deleted, because the file system does not delete the actual data but only its pointer (like an index card.) In your case, the “file” (the actual data in your SD card, not the “save file” within the game) was not deleted but altered. What you want is a previous version of an existing file. Your best bet would be to try PhotoRec to recover all deleted files in the location where the console stores the saves, and hope that a previous version of the desired file appears. I am not talking from experience but from a technical point of view. I have an idea about the steps to follow, though.
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