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  1. Technoweirdo already gave you a nice summary of Conquest. It is not about what Conquest did on Lunatic, but about how it was conceived from the very beginning. The changes from Hard and Lunatic are actually small. The enemy statistics are the same (and if there were differences, I never noticed them in over a dozen campaigns) and you are not suddenly flood by waves of enemies. The main difference is the enemy skill set. And, trust me, you will die if you do not check enemy skills first. Some enemies will have an extra weapon, while others will be placed in different locations to make you come up with new approaches. And I only remember one map change (the location of a "door" that causes negative status effects when you cross it.) Lunatic is difficult but it is also fair and respects every principle that you learned to use on Hard (until you reach Endgame, which is just cheap. Ha!) The core gameplay remains the same in Hard and Lunatic precisely because the game has a better design. The maps are already entertaining, the difficulty modes only make it more challenging. You are wasting your time, mate. No matter what you say, he will just deny it and say another negative thing.
  2. Oh, crap!, the fears seem to become reality. Maddening is more stat-inflation than it is smarter corrections. I need to make some core changes on my Switch before I install a newer firmware, thus I am following the threads about the new difficulty. So far, it does not sound promising. Sigh.
  3. For over a year now, I have been playing Conquest with a smaller party (ten units), no "backpacks" and no pre-promoted units. Two things that I learned through these campaigns were to set defined roles to the party members and to find substitutes for the roles played by the banned units. Elise has great availability, overkill Magic, Luck and Speed, defensive auras and Rally Resistance, high mobility and can use Dragon Veins. She can also easily dip into Malig Knight for a couple of levels and learn offensive skills and +Mov through Lunge. Camilla has great availability, high offensive growths and decent defensive ones, high mobility and Lunge, an offensive aura and access to Rally Defence, fast access to Berserker and Hero, and can also use Dragon Veins. Her DNA is irreplaceable. I give you that. That being said, I find it easier to replace Camilla than Elise. Sure, I was "forced" to find alternatives for Camilla since pre-promoted units were banned, but her role in the party is actually easier to replace. For me, Camilla plays the role of a "second liner", a unit not as sturdy as the front liner but with synergy with it, and who may take the lead at a certain point and hold selective Enemy Phases. Like most other units at the front, she seldom one-hits and may not one-round many enemies, but her main task is to help hold a position one turn and allow the party to reorganise in order to wipe the area on Player Phase. Usual substitutes of Camilla are anything-Sophie, Effie, Wyvern Selena and anything-Velouria. And the usual front liners (Cornflakes and Silas) can always play her role, by definition. Percy and Cavalier Arthur can also replace Camilla, but I do not use them often. And then are Beruka and Paladin Jakob, whom I just ignore. Camilla is indeed a better unit than most of her "replacements" (and even Percy and some Velouria builds only tie her.) It is her role within a ten-units party what can be successfully replaced. And I have completed over a dozen campaigns on Hard and Lunatic without her. Elise on the other hand is the healer (not the main healer, but the only one), the status staves user, the Aura Girl and another Delete Button. Her Magic is overkill, yeah, but grants her a TNT hand, greater heals and the highest success chance for staves, specially Entrap. Felicia has no bases and worse growths than Elise, even if early re-classed as a Strategist. It may seem irrelevant early in the game, but it is crucial later on. Some builds of Forrest and Ophelia work, but Forrest shows up around Chapter 20, so good luck playing that long without a healer; and by the time Ophelia is available (around Chapter 12), Elise is already a L17/1 Strategist working on her A-rank in Staves. (Besides, Ophelia has more interesting things to bomb do.) Multiple staff units work too, say, two Adventurers instead of Elise. But units promote around Chapter 16. Meantime? In my experience, Anna is Elise's best replacement in almost every sense bar Dragon Vein use and aura; specially when re-classed as a Troubadour by Chapter 9. Keep in mind that with only ten units, staff users must be very efficient and must contribute to the bombing, or your party will not be able to march on. As I said, I find it easier to replace Camilla than Elise. At least on a ten-units party.
  4. This is probably a trick, for the instances wherein you are surrounded (never outnumbered, though) is against fliers, which can all be one-hit. I will do my best to describe from memory a set of movements for the first section of the map. And there it is. 🙃
  5. Your doubts are perfectly understandable, but I also know that what I say is reproducible. The thing is that doubting is way simpler than proving something. So, to make this more interesting for both of us, give me a specific situation and I will try my best to describe what I normally do. And you do not need to kill all enemies on Player Phase; as long as you kill as many enemies as possible and the remaining enemy(s) cannot kill one of your units in their range, you won. The area is cleared and you can march forward. And I honestly cannot think of a situation where the enemies suddenly "flock" my party.
  6. I do need to play other Fire Emblem entries for longer times so that I not sound so shallow, but what really "clicked" on me was the feeling of Conquest's maps being a "puzzle." And the more I played Three Houses (on Hard), the more I missed Conquest's gameplay. This! How could they create such engaging maps for one game and then ignore every single element of it on the next ones?! (A rhetorical question, obviously; for the exact opposite could be said about its story. Still, it is sad that the latest games had an enormous trade-off between these two elements.)
  7. For real?! Then I do not know who this enemy is! 😱 I usually play this map around Chapter 12, thus most (all) enemies are not promoted. Now I need to replay it and identify this guy. Wait, from what I read, the Unarmed Knight just stands there, unarmed and incapable of attacking you, right? For there might be a Knight with, say, a Javelin and an Axe, but then he would not be "unarmed" but only "wrongly equipped" (he would always be able to attack you with a pole arm.)
  8. While I understand your point, I also think that you found a new tool in Wary Fighter precisely because it suits your play style. You see, I usually play on Hard and Lunatic with ten units only, no royals; and my common "tanks" are Hero Silas and +Magic Cornflakes with her Dragon Stone, or maybe Great Knight Sophie or Wolfssenger Velouria, none of which are defensive units/ builds. So, the defensive thresholds are not that high, and no situation demands that many "tanks" either. I try to create short Enemy Phases and long Player Phases, where I clean the area with the eight units that were not at the front lines and then reorganise the team to march forward. I am not implying that I play more efficiently, I am trying to describe another play style. In the example of the Spear Masters with Seal Speed and Seal Defence, I focus on how to kill them in one phase, and not on how long I can "tank" them. Sniper Mozu/ Effie, Sorcerer Ophelia/ Odin, Berserker Velouria/ Effie or Tactician Elise should one-round any Spear Master on Chapter 20. No life, no Seal. And Seals on back-lines units are irrelevant anyway, for they should not be "tanking" anything, and you can choose which of your units should take the offensive Seal.
  9. This is exactly what I was afraid of. Stat-inflation just because. I did not enjoy what I played of the game and was waiting for Lunatic to give it another try. From what I had read, the biggest difference was supposed to be Breaker skills on most enemies from the very beginning, to somewhat reintroduce the Weapon Triangle, along with higher enemy Speed, so that only your fastest units could double. And I was hoping for different enemy placement or goals, so that the (always open) maps could be more interesting. I still have to update the system and would like to migrate to emuNAND at the same time, so it will be a couple of days until I can finally try the new difficulty. Let us hope that it will actually be more interesting.
  10. This is very interesting. I have never played that map on Normal, and thus had never seen a Spy Yumi. Not a treasure, but I remember a thread mentioning a "famous" Unarmed Knight in Nina's Paralogue. I found it odd, given that I had played that map multiple times but had never seen it. I re-played the map shortly after, looked for it everywhere with no luck... It must be exclusive to Normal difficulty.
  11. Since you have decided to give Conquest a try, I would recommend you to do it in Hard mode. It may be very challenging, but it is always fair (the game is actually trickier than it is difficult.) The reason for my recommending Hard is the radical increase in difficulty between Hard and Normal; while the difference between Hard and Lunatic is rather small. Normal plays like a different game because of the (lack of) enemy skills, which are an essential component of this game’s challenge. Favour Owain a couple of chapters and you are set. And you are going to love Ophelia; she is just as mad, and also blows up entire maps.
  12. Hey, Ilboss! Have you played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana? How does the gameplay of Astral Chain compare to theirs? I am asking you this because I hated one but loved the other.
  13. Apparently, some leaked images from the upcoming DLC. I do not speak the language, but I am pretty sure that it reads "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" and "Female Byleth." It features her bright green hair colour and a stylised tights pattern. Roaming around the monastery, searching for lost objects. At the mess hall. With Mercie or Ingrid. Definitely Mercie. With Bernardetta. Still open maps. Oh, well. I miss Conquest. At least her new critical hit animation looks cool (still second to the GBA ones.) Finally, her statistics seem to have been re-balanced. Sadly, they look exactly like those in Awakening.
  14. Well, DLC classes are broken by design, and Mozu does not even need them. She is fine in her secondary class set. Check some numbers on a couple of campaigns with Mozu as a Sniper. Multiple times MVP on Hard Conquest. Want to break the game around Mozu? Let Mozu A+ Effie to become a Sniper or Kinshi. Then let Mozu bear Berserker Velouria. You now have three Delete Buttons.
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