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  1. A +Magic Noble Cornflakes wielding a tome with a Sorcerer or “Family” pair-up tanks the entire eastern section of the roof in Chapter 23 (before Oboro’s gang arrives.) She is also the most active of the two “tanks” holding the lines in the lower room of Chapter 26. Simpler examples are that Odin can tank Onis indefinitely in Ch 10, while a Servant would not hold two of them. Or that Odin goes the full Walking Dead against the Apothecary reinforcements in Ch 12, while a trained Kaze could never do it. Or that Odin/ Ophelia can tank the Knights and Taco Meat on the eastern bridge of Ch 13. Or… At offence, Lightning is a safe bet against the General Twins in Ch 18, and against Stoneborns in Ch 21. (Note that, with only ten units, one-hitting the Rocks is a necessity to move forward, otherwise they would kill the frailer units or the caster themselves.)
  2. In Conquest, Magic is easily the most powerful weapon. The game is heavily (even exclusively in numerous instances) Player-Phase based, and Magic deals the greatest damage output. Few enemies possess higher Resistance than Defence, and those who do are frail anyway. On a basically Player-Phase-exclusive game, damage output rules, and after Magic come Bows and Axes. Moreover, the majority of enemies wield Blue Weapons and are weak against Bows and Axes. Berserker and Sniper deal the greatest physical damage, and delete enemies at will. Then come Lances/ Daggers and finally Swords. The latter has lower might and only a bit more accuracy, and does not even offer a physical ranged option. The thing about Daggers is that they have low might and their natural users have low Strength. Sure, one could build a +Strength Ninja Corrinette, or Sol Master Ninjas Silas and Xander-Siegfried; but these builds were already powerful before wielding Daggers and reach offensive thresholds that the natural Dagger-users never do. Yes, Nyx sucks, but Ophelia and Odin always reach the offensive thresholds to carry the entire campaign (Hard and Lunatic.) Oh!, and Elise wipes anything with Fire and Blood. And I am talking about vanilla builds with no re-classing, no DLC, no pre-promotes, no “backpacks”, using only ten units. With re-classing, your two main spell casters have native access to Vantage + Vengeance + Life or Death, the most broken innate combination ever. Sure, most people field more units and use royals, and thus may not depend on the damage output of certain units. Fair enough. Conversely, it is precisely because I play with less units and more restrictions that I can sincerely tell you that Ophelia and Odin always meet their offensive thresholds and are the core of my Player Phases. If they did not deliver, I would simply be stuck in multiple instances. (I just finished yet another camping over the weekend, by the way.)
  3. 1. Cherche 2 Cherche 3. And I also very much like Cherche. The fun thing about this is that I do not even like Awakening, but I have always loved her design. She is sexy and elegant and menacing. And her hair, and her back… The tons of bashing that Fates could have saved if Cherche’s design had been reused for Camilla. 😒
  4. Hard Mode turned boring maps into boring and slow ones. It takes deeper changes to make it engaging, and I do not think that such game play modifications can be implemented now. I guess that map design was simply not a priority during development.
  5. Me too, mate, me too. I cannot stand him either. 😈
  6. Not that age is a defining factor for Anna herself, but it does confuse me about the look of other characters. Say, to me Mercedes and Stripper Hat look older than Anna, before and after. And so do old-Annette, old-Ingrid, old-Marianne and old-orange-haired-archer. Go figure.
  7. Priorities. Clever argument, mate. Another view into that mess that is Fates.
  8. Interesting. In this case „frei" means unimpeded, unrestrained. I do not know the origin, but for me it describes a shot whose hit is magically (diabolically) guaranteed. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this, mate. My issue with Three Houses is not the story, though; my main complaint is its tedious interactions and boring maps. The gameplay did not hook me enough to care about the story, which is secondary to me. Someday I will complete the campaign. Probably. I guess.
  9. Glad to know that you find a way, mate. And do not worry, in Chapter 22 you can give Experience points to whomever you want. It is full of choke points and the enemies cannot one-round you. Just send everyone west, face Hanna with a full guard (or Lunge her) and block the Mechanist reinforcements.
  10. Nah! Do not get discouraged, mate. Sophie's map is rather easy, and saving the Lemmings is worthless at that point in the game. And Ophelia's map is not that difficult, the tricky part is getting all chests; the enemies themselves are not powerful enough to kill you when dealt in chunks. At least try to get the bottom-left chest (Horse Spirit) and the top-left one (Calamity Gate.) Again, at that point in the game, you can probably do without the scrolls, but I always find them handy. Follow the tips given by other members and try again.
  11. God, I would definitely love these too! As you said, there is no reason why this kind of information is not shown. Having to rely on online resources is not a solution; one should not need to check external sources in the first place.
  12. I have never played Paralogues that late, but I have played many of them on Lunatic several times. Thus, unless the enemy density is dramatically increased, to me Sophie’s map has always been way easier than Ophelia’s (as in completed in 5-6 turns with ten units, saving all Lemmings, without flyers or royals.) If anything, a Rescue charge might be more useful than a Freeze one. The thing is that, since I usually recruit Ophelia at Level 10, the real star(s) of the map is the couple in charge of fetching the top two treasure chests. I do feed about four levels to Ophelia, though. Listen to joshcja about Ophelia’s build. Hers is an innately broken skill set.
  13. Well, from what I read, I now have even more reasons to continue recruiting her by Chapter 11-12. 😈
  14. I was honestly waiting for a tits-related punchline. 😒
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