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  1. Actually, his Killer Bow and Mend staff are the only reason he lives. For one chapter. If there are no bow wielders on that campaign (but why would there not be one?!), Shura accepts his fate. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/79969-conquest-captured-units-database/ https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/91217-conquest-generics-lunatic/
  2. Could Shigure not also ride a wyvern from Dragon-talent Cornflakes? I have only played some chapters of Birthright and do not really know when exactly the characters are recruited, but this option might let you marry Jakob to Sakura and still have Shigure on a wyvern.
  3. Fates is at least two different games and a (forgettable) DLC with extras. Four Houses does not even have enough maps to be one complete game.
  4. • U-Can’t-Touch-This MC Ninja of Conquest’s Chapter 17. Mischievous plans, menacing appearance, relevant backstory, great skills and challenging fight. oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
  5. • Lunatic Conquest’s Endgame is not challenging but plainly unfair. • The maps with infinite zombies in Shadows of Valentia are unbearable. • I am always afraid of Conquest’s Chapter 21.
  6. I have been reading this thread for the past week and I not sure that Fates has been vindicated over the past years. For better or worse, I joined the 3DS Party in mid 2017 and discovered Fates weeks later. Therefore, I was not there when the “hate” was at its peak. Everyone around here and on Reddit at the time agreed on that the story was nonsensical (to put it politely) but that various elements of its gameplay were solid. And, to me, that consensus still holds true. I only play and only talk about Conquest, and have never felt mocked. Probably because this community is not toxic, but I have not read serious attacks on others during these years either. (Not even on Reddit, mind you.) If anything, I still cannot understand how Four Houses remains so highly praised. It heavily disappointed me when it was released, and it never became an acquired taste.
  7. Play Birthright first, for its gameplay is boring and basic when compared to Conquest's. The story sucks no matter what.
  8. This seems like the most likely explanation. The first thing that came to mind was Oboro's Personal Skill, but I then read that it does not affect her defence, nor does it seem to be Phase based. If you were put off by this, you will need medication for the last third of the game. Chapter 10 does not even take that long to replay. I prefer a restricted campaign of Conquest on Hard than a common Lunatic one, for I can complete the former with way more diverse parties and challenges. Anyway, enjoy the game. Conquest is the best there is. I do not even know how many times I have completed it. Twenty for sure.
  9. Do you really think that she would let her partner go anywhere!? Psycho girl would follow Odin to the end of times, whatever dimension he travelled to. If Odin went to the new Advance Wars, you can bet that Tits would be firing cannons too.
  10. I was going to suggest Keaton and Pop Star, so that we could have two children as werewolves. But, honestly, Velouria is probably the one child who cares the least about her mama; for her growths are broken. She will do perfectly as Selena’s daughter.
  11. What exactly troubles you? Name a particular situation and we will try to help you. Honestly, I am more inclined to believe that the approach has more issues than the units. I can guarantee you that, after twenty or so campaigns playing Conquest with ten units, no royals and no "backpacks", the defensive thresholds are never as high as one may think. The usual suspects: I will tell you this: Let me know when you want to start a new campaign on Hard, and I will gladly start a new one alongside. Then we can share particular questions and provide specific numbers about offence or defence. I am always looking for excuses to start a new campaign anyway.
  12. You are right: Normal is an entirely different game. It is also worthless, for it teaches you nothing. One / Two / Three Nope. Xander and Camilla are not even allowed in my campaigns. 👻 The first link posted in my previous message also addresses Chapter 23. Feel free to read it. Do not be fooled by the royals: they are front-liners, and as such, they may or may not one-hit or one-round. That is not their main function. Sorcerers, Snipers and Berserkers can easily deal more damage and will guarantee kills. That is their sole purpose. You want multiple one-hitters and one-rounders, not multiple front-liners. Only two maps out of twenty seven are “open”, your party is hardly ever surrounded. For your next campaign, you may want to focus on damage output while building your party, so that you can reliably wipe areas while advancing. Do not hold positions, go ahead and kill them all. Remember: the defensive thresholds are invariably lower and easier to reach than the offensive ones. Some general advices for Conquest.
  13. I know that you already completed Chapter 19, congratulations. If you want to read a couple of messages about it (that may also be useful further in the game), please check: 1. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/95043-this-game-really-seems-to-hate-you-for-trying-to-finish-quickly/&do=findComment&comment=5848121 2. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/92580-conquest-drinking-thread/&do=findComment&comment=5668614 The map is tricky because the enemies have a very high evasion and are accurate, but the defensive thresholds are actually not that high (around 20 Def), and can be reached by numerous party members and classes. One needs to prepare for the map (tonics, weapons, meals, auras), but one certainly does not need to build a party specifically for this map (like one does need to do for Lunatic Endgame, for example.) The fear of the first impression is way worse than the actual difficulty of the map. It is methodical, and completing it with a variety of parties is perfectly reproducible. Since I only use ten units, I must say that your party seems under-levelled, for my entire party class-changes around Chapter 14 at Level 19, and are already at Level 3-4 promoted by the time they face Chapter 19. On the other hand, if you use more units, your fire power may be way higher on Player Phase. On smaller parties (say, ten units), Attack Stance is the only way to complete a map. You cannot advance unless you have enough damage output to clear areas. You should rely more heavily on Attack Stance, as it is the fastest way to advance. Guard Stance is very handy in specific situations, unfortunately it is easily exploitable and causes bad habits (probably inherited from Awakening.) Marry Odin, you will get the best spell caster in the game and unique treasures. You can bench Odin afterwards if he does not suit your party. Assuming that you use the royals, the easiest way to get Rally Defence is yo re-class Camilla into a Wyvern Lord. It will be the first skill that she learns, and the class growths suit her better. No tits or ass, though.
  14. +Magic -Luck Cornflakes, play it simple and go for Nohr Noble with two or three level-ups in her alternate class at levels 23-25. Reliable 1-2 range with tomes, a "tank" with her Dragon Stone, and Draconic Hex is a ridiculously over-powered skill on a front-liner. Dark Mage talent (all first three skills are useful, specially Malefic Aura for the Dragon Stone+; the growths complement her and she is already proficient in tomes by the time she class-changes) or Samurai talent (all first three skills are useful, and while the growths are not ideal, they are not terrible for a couple of level-ups.) - Niles if you want to capture enemies during the entire game. Nina is a great enemy-phase unit with great availability and the only child with high-enough growths to comfortably be a physical or magical unit, depending on her mama. - Odin, at least until Chapter 12 or so, when you can recruit Ophelia, the best magician in the game. Her map grants unique, early magical rewards. - Silas can perfectly be your main "tank" during the entire game with very little investment. I prefer him as a Mercenary » Hero, but that will depend on your party. Sophie is a balanced unit with great availability too. I would ban Anna's gifts, the Gold map and the Items map; would use DLC-classes only at promotion levels (say, 18-20), and would also discard the multiples of the rewards collected during multiple visits to DLC maps (say, multiples of the Pebble from Before Awakening.) Some general advices about Conquest here and here, and about Fire Emblem here. I firmly believe that it is better to recruit the children as early as possible; the more you know a unit, the better. For example, Sophie, Nina and Ophelia can all be recruited around Chapter 12, always. As "broken" as any of them could be by late game wit careful skill planning, I would rather know them for ten more maps and watch them become powerful. Aim for +1 mid-game and +2 late-game. Stop there. Activate the Lottery, the Forge and the Coliseum as early as possible, to get freebies, exchange ore and multiply items.
  15. Congratulations on completing Conquest on Lunatic. It is a demanding puzzle. I prefer Hard over Lunatic precisely because of how specific some maps are in the higher difficulty. I find that Hard is still fairly daring and that it allows you to use a greater variety of units and class combinations, and to implement broader challenges and self-imposed restrictions. On Lunatic you are pretty much forced to use every tool at your disposal and to prepare for certain passages of the game well in advance.
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