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  1. I find this interesting, and we could probably continue talking about it in the Fates section. Briefly, I find Speed fundamental for Player-Phase Attacking units (which in my case account for 7 out of 10 units), because it guarantees kills. It is a key component of damage output. And one needs as much damage output as possible to keep marching forward when enemies outnumber you 3:1, and 4:1 on every late map. Hold a line for one phase, then send the back liners to wipe the area, regroup and march, repeat.
  2. That is not what probability means nor how it works, mate. Your perception has nothing to do with probability. Take a simpler example and toss a coin. It is perfectly possible that you get tails twice, or thrice, even five times in a row; but the probability of getting tails will always be 50 %, and it is independent of your results. It is 50 % because a coin lands on one side and there are two sides. Mathematics does tell you that if you repeated the experiment infinitely, the occurrence of the two possible results will match that 50 % chance. In the case you described, you did not try the experiment a high enough number of times to see the occurrence match the probability, or you simply “had bad luck.” There were 97 red marbles and 3 black ones; you got a black one. More than once, you say. But the probability of getting it was, is, and will be 3 %, regardless of what you got, get or will get. I read your message stating that you were trying to give an opinion, even though your phrasing did not express this idea. And I am only telling you this hoping that, in the future, you will have a lighter time dealing with “probabilities.” Every action we take every day has a probability of success, and the immense majority of results are not guaranteed. We simply do not see the percentages.
  3. I am not American either, but ignoring who Tom Brady is shows an incredible lack of general culture. 😈 She is weird, though. Not super weird, but more-than-average weird. And you have a point there, for better or worse, her character does not stand out (which ironically suits her personality.) Lately, I have been using Wolfskin more often (Velouria & Shigure), and they surpassed my expectations. Velouria is just broken; she can tank most enemy phases, even against Kitsune or the Generals with Beast Killers (within a proper formation, obviously), doubles everyone bar Master Ninjas, one-hits magicians/ maidens/ maids, and lands crits here, there and overt here... Honestly, there is not much to dislike. The "lack of 1-2 range" only shows lazy planning for a front liner, given that Conquest is heavily, almost exclusively Player-Phase based. This might be true in Birthright, but it is not in Conquest. Mages at least have super early access to Lightning, but a lot, a great lot of enemies are fast. Late game, units need around 30 Speed to double reliably and over 20 Speed to not get doubled. It is trickier.
  4. Mozilla has more Super Bowl MVP’s than Brady, for sure. I also got late to the party, mate. I got Fates in mid 2017. I only played ten or so chapters of Birthright when I first got the game, and honestly do not even remember recruiting Orochi. However, I have been reading forums and Reddit ever since, and, you are right, I have only sporadically seen Orochi been mentioned, and never in a positive light (unless you count messages about tits sizes.) I get a similar feeling about Velouria; she is just ignored. And she has great growths and can turn into a monster (pun intended), but one only reads that “Wolfskin suck because they have no 1-2 range”, if anything. She is a solid front-liner or Berserker, and her statistics skyrocket if she inherits Aptitude. Yes, she joins too late naturally, but if one grinds supports and recruit her right before Chapter 15, she pays off greatly. The beast stones are broken, and she lands critical hits like crazy.
  5. This is a very interesting point, mate; direction. And I agree with you; various "mistakes" in Fates were deliberate choices. They were not confused, they chose to go on with that. I actually have many, way more problems romancing the Nohrian siblings than the Hoshidians. It is not the case explored here, but the tragedy of two characters who meet and fall in love with each other, to later find out that they are actually siblings is not new, or only related to some anime fetish. It can at least be a morally provocative plot. On the other hand, romancing the people who grew up with you as siblings, regardless of the blood relation, sickens me. How can you romance your brothers and sisters?! There is no dilemma here. The relationship among (adoptive) siblings is infinitely more important than blood. I know that it probably has been explored in different media, but I have serious problems with it. It is Conquest's worst offender for me, and I would perfectly understand if someone told me that they avoided Conquest precisely because of this. How does Awakening address experienced players or players who want a challenge?! If anything, its "difficulties" are only comparable to those of Three Houses: Super Easy, Easy and Tedious. And none is engaging! Either it involves no tactics or is reduced to turtling. I could understand if you told me that, despite its being easy, you enjoyed tearing apart enemies with a broken unit (pair.) It is not my type of fun, but it is at least palpable. Saying however that Awakening was "perfect" for newbies and more experienced players is a stretch. A very, very... very, very long one.
  6. I recruit all children around Chapter 12. No support grinding, no DLC, no Internet, no nothing. 😬 You see, I value “knowing the unit”, thus I prefer to complete my party as soon as possible (I only use ten units, no pre-promoted), even if the children could be “more powerful” chapters later. Sophie, Ophelia and Nina can all be naturally recruited by Chapter 12. And with some luck (like visiting Cornflakes or getting a Trust Seed), they can all join by Chapter 11. Once you get one kid, the others “unlock” immediately. It is actually easy to accomplish, you just need to set supports as an additional goal per chapter. We can continue this conversation through private message or in the Fates section, if you want. On topic, if I re-wrote Conquest, I would prevent Elise from getting S Supports, and focus on her growing up through the campaign. That being said, I think that her support chain with Niles is her best one. Moreover, various other characters could say the exact same lines to her and remain in character.
  7. What?! I honestly did not see that coming. Like, ever. You got me there. When has Fire Emblem been a standard of storytelling and character development?! I missed it all! I my opinion, it is actually simpler: the attachment towards certain characters and permanent death are there to affect you, the player, and not the story itself, which is only serviceable. You are not going to restart the chapter because the story ends after a non-lord character died, neither because you cannot complete the map without that unit; you are going to restart it (or not) because you like that character. If anything, I see a bigger contradiction in spending a lot of resources in exposing a character to the player, and still letting the player recruit 30 or so units. Either they want you to care about a party or they want you to replace all fallen units. You cannot have both. In any case, I use reduced parties to increase the challenge at the same time that I do not care about most of the cast (which I ignore or let die.)
  8. 😎 If I recruit Nina, she always joins early (around Chapter 12.) And when Elise is the mama, I prefer an immediate re-class into Dark Mage and then Sorcerer, because of the specific growths and caps, and because I find tomes more versatile than the Shining Bow.
  9. I am not trying to change your mind, mate. But the way you exposed your ideas, listing all the issues you experienced while playing Fates, seems as if gameplay was just another bullet point on your list. And it clearly is not. We may differ in how much weight we should assign to gameplay in the overall experience of the game. For me, it is like 70 % of the whole, but a 35-50 % seems more reasonable. So, if we both can praise Conquest's gameplay, it already did a lot right. And unless you honestly believe that the music, the presentation, the interface and menus, the difficulty, the re-playability of Conquest are all worthless, then the game already has enough points to at least worth checking. Conversely, the gameplay of Three Houses bores me. I would give it a 10-15 out of 70. Therefore, and even if everything else were perfect, it would only have a low maximum rating in my view. You can argue that the gameplay is not that bad, and I would concede some points. But we would still need to asses everything else and start deducting all those points from the overall rating. Yes, Conquest's storytelling is horrible. I give you that and will not contest it. But in my limited experience with video games, the storyline has never made me think the way books, films or TV series have. Maybe I have only played silly games, maybe what I admire in books, films and TV series cannot be easily reproduced in video games. Either way, I expect very little from the story in video games and do not take it seriously. I do not feel bad about it, for I still appreciate the music, the presentation and, most importantly, the gameplay.
  10. Niles and Elise. While Niles is provocative and lewd in numerous of his supports, with Elise he is harsh but very well behaved. His remarks truly help her change her attitude towards her royal duties, and to improve the impression that she gives to others of herself. Elise grows through this support chain and surprisingly remains is in-character when she proposes, precisely because the realises how much he has helped her give another step towards maturity. Yes, I know that Elise is a teenager by today's standards, but I do not see the issue in a young princess in the Middle Ages getting married and giving birth shortly afterwards. Hell, I do not know the age of most people here, but just a hundred years ago, our grandparents were already "men" and "women" at 18, and it was common to get married at 16-17 and have children within a year. Do not forget that during the great majority of the Modern Era (which comes after the Middle Ages that Fates allude to), the life expectancy in western Europe was still below 40 years of age.
  11. Interesting. I have not thought of that. 🤔 Fingers crossed, they will allocate more resources to map design and difficulty.
  12. Have you considered world building as a literary/ rhetoric device for character development? In real life, one line stating that the action takes place in, say, Victorian London or Nazi Berlin is enough to transport us to that setting and set our views and expectations of characters and their interactions. But in a game like Fire Emblem, one needs a lot of information to produce even 1 % of a similar mental exercise. You seem very comfortable with the anime-tropes, yet some of us do not. Why should I know or care about anime-tropes? According to you, somehow this shortcut to define a character can be turned into a super deep, super interesting, mega layered cumulus of traits. Yet if I criticise the use of a trope (not misuse, but the use per se), walls of text will come trying to prove me wrong. Nothing personal. I disagree with many of your ideas, but still find it interesting reading most of your posts. But scorning world building seemed very odd to me.
  13. I agree with you, mate. I cannot say whether or not Conquest is better than Three Houses, but it has definitely, overwhelmingly provided me with more entertainment than Three Houses has. The latter game is clearly not for me. And yet I did not see that coming. After all the negativity that I had read about Fates, I honestly believed that Three Houses would be better on all accounts. How could it be worse than the Antichrist? And yet it disappointed me in most areas. Tried it when it first came out, I only liked the Blue Lions roster. Tried it again when Maddening was first available, it was simply tedious. Now a new DLC with more maps and characters is available... well, I... found Hapi funny? I always say that I got a 3DS because of Conquest, and I have spent hundreds of hours on twenty campaigns or so. Well, I got a Switch months before Three Houses was released (and the console remained boxed for half a year, maybe more), and it did not work for me. At least I got to know and enjoy other games. You know what is ironic? Later I am going to play Chapter 27 of a Conquest campaign that I started earlier this month. No kidding. Sure, Conquest's story is silly as fuck, but I take the game for what it is: a cartoonish story filled with cartoonish, one-note characters. And it is precisely because I take it as a joke that I can skip it all and focus on other assets, like its gameplay, map design, mechanics, difficulty, presentation, character design, menus, music... There is a lot to like there. Three Houses's presentation is hideous. God, it looks horrible when compared to other Switch games! It looks terrible even when compared to first-party games from ten, fifteen years ago. The character models, specially their eyes look horrendous. The first time I saw Annette and Hilda within the game, I got scared. Conquest's presentation, on the other hand, shone when compared to other 3DS games. Shadows of Valentia was more refined, but it would not surprise me if Conquest's presentation was among the top five of the entire library. OK, OK, presentation can be superfluous, what about the gameplay? Three Houses is dumb easy. And for a game that won the "Tactical Game of the Year" or whatever, this matters, because, well, it should involve at least some tactics! Map design and objectives are non-existent, difficulty got confused with tedium, many units have no niche, class-trees are redundant and some classes were clearly favoured (reinforced by the lack of niche of numerous units)... It is displayed on a grid, yes, but it does not make it "tactical." It actually plays as a traditional turn-based RPG, but slower. Well, the story of Three Houses is definitely better, I guess. It does not leave a bad taste in my mouth like Conquest did, but it did not make me think like some TV series or books. Not once. "What!? This is a game, it is not fair to compare its storytelling to other media!" What is it then? If I take it seriously, I am being unfair; if I take it for a cartoon, I am missing the super deep characters and super interesting story and interactions behind all the "cartoonish façade."
  14. I would go even further and make Support chains rely on chance. Want to play Cupid and marry Unit X to Unit Y? Fine, but X may reject Y, or vice versa. They may or may not be compatible as a couple. You know, as in real life. For a game that considers chance in every situation, it seems rather odd that romance is given and yet non-canon. I remember that when I first played Conquest and units visited Cornflakes, I saw messages saying "unit X left in a good mood" (or something along those lines; I did not play it in English), and I thought that such interactions could also be negative; that Cornflakes or the unit could say something that would irritate the other and thus worsen the relationship.
  15. Mozu, probably. Odin could be another example, but he is at least liked as a character (the reason why he was imported from Awakening to Fates.) I understand why a turn-count challenge or a campaign focused on efficiency would ignore Mozu. The thing is that most campaigns and choices that I have seen here are already inefficient, by choice. People want to have fun and choose these or those units, regardless of the actual value of the chosen unit or class. This might have been different when Conquest was released, but I got late to the party. For a unit whose alternate class has a niche in Conquest, who gains 7-8 levels in her own chapter in fifteen or so minutes, who caps her relevant statistics relatively early (Strength, Speed and Skill, around L19/12-15), who has Weapon Triangle Advantage over most enemies, who is more accurate than any other unit, who is the quintessential boss killer... there is a lot of hate. And I still have to mention that she is also super cute in most of her supports! Oh, and her Spanish localisation is, by far, the greatest localisation in the game! (Having played it in German, Spanish and English.) What are you going to do with that Heart Seal? Favour Jakob? Come on! Conquest is not that difficult early in the game, not even on Lunatic. And by the time the game really gets demanding, a Sniper will always be more relevant than Paladin-Dragon-whatever Jakob, who becomes a "backpack" by mid-game.
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