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  1. Sea Lion


    Does anyone have a download link for this? The one posted is dead it looks like
  2. So I revamped the standing sprite a bit, just cleaned up the stomach area, and made the potential attack animation. What do people think? Also, chains or no chains? I couldn't decide and figured it would be easier to add them in later than to take them out.
  3. I really like both of the customs, For the green haired girl, the collar seems a little off center and the shoulders are kind of confusing, I can't tell if it's armor or a shirt. I like the red hair guy's pose, but the ripples on his undershirt seem to go the wrong way, I feel like they should be vertical. Also his collar seems really flat.
  4. *blows off dust* Hello! I am alive again, and making battle sprites now! I discovered that the Duelyst sprites are very similar in style and size to gba FE battle sprites and am using those as reference for battle sprites. Lemme know what you think!
  5. Thank you for the advice, I was trying to get a nose like that earlier but I couldn't quite get any of the face right, definitely gonna continue playing around with it, my version of her just looks a little too young and friendly sort of. I also have 2 more WIPs from the same game, Hakon and Sigbjorn. Hakon is pretty rough in a bunch of areas but Sigbjorn is pretty ready for critique -- oh except for his sword, that's kinda bad at the moment. Lemme know what you all think!
  6. The resheath part still looks real funky, maybe if you just did a motion blur it'd look better? I think part of the issue is that the entire rest of his body is remaining still while his sword turns, so it really calls attention to itself.
  7. So it's been for like ever, but I'm here with some new stuff! This is obviously based off Eponine, I'm shit at custom hair though so I used a head that I'd already made for a different sprite. This is much more of a WIP, a lot of the shading isn't finished or is real wonky. Again, the inspiration should be clear and I still can't custom hair. This one I'm actually really proud of. It's Alette from Banner Saga (fantastic game and I highly recommend it). The one on the left is true colors and then right is a 16 color one. Lemme know what you all think!
  8. Hey, so I'm planning on getting a tattoo from Castle in the Sky with the robot's head and then the spell for protection written on like scroll around it (kinda old schoolish) but I'm not sure what the original language is or if it's a fake language that the spells in (I tried googling it and couldn't find any immediate or obvious results after looking around a couple days). So I was wondering if anyone knew that language for sure or if they knew the official spelling/have access to the original script to show me the original spelling. Thanks anyone that wants to help!
  9. Wait, why'd I get called out? Ornstein and Smough are giants... That's why they're bigger and have more detail... Also I forgot to post a reference. https://eightandahalfbit.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/dark-souls-ornstein-and-smough.jpg
  10. I haven't been doing much and mostly lurking lately, but I saw this and could not resist. Ornstein and Smough, from Dark Souls.
  11. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  12. Hey, so I finally got all of my hacking stuff transfered onto my new laptop but it doesn't recognize FEditor anymore, it sees it as a zip file instead of an executable JAR file and I was just wondering what program/system/whatever I need to be able to open it.
  13. Nightmare is a pretty essential program for hacking (or at least larger scale hacking), but what icarus posted is what you wanna look at, huge tutorial on a whole bunch of different topics.
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