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  1. Granted but they're exclusive to the Japanese version of Vestaria Saga I wish that future FE games bring back canto
  2. 30 consecutive minutes of mirror b's theme
  3. Because lying is fun, and kids can't have all the fun. Plus, disappointment builds character. It's a win-win. What makes a movie good? Like, really good?
  4. Agreed, though I'd like for my 30 days to be as close to consecutive as possible haha Day 7 - Archetype: Youngest Rider These have been getting pretty long.
  5. Welp, I missed two days while visiting family, and missed another day trying to catch up on the first two (RIP). So here's three missed days at once! lol Day 4 - Archetype: Calm Horseman Day 5 - Archetype: Young Archer Day 6 - Archetype: Strong and Tough
  6. Seems like a cool concept. As a fellow novice mapper I'd be interested in collaborating/giving feedback on mapping and level design. And if you need a beta tester then I'd be happy to help in my free time
  7. From my post: Ryoma has good defenses. His bases are 36 HP, 16 Def (15 with Raijinto), and 13 Res (12 with Raijinto). At full health, he has effectively 51 physical bulk and 48 magical bulk. You mentioned Scarlet as an example of a good defensive unit--Scarlet's bases are 30 HP, 22 Def, and 6 Res. At full health, she has effectively 52 physical bulk and 36 magical bulk. You could argue that Scarlet lasts longer because her raw defense is higher, but it's already been said that Ryoma doubles more often and therefore activates more Dual Guards. He also has Vantage, which will save him from taking a hit here and there by killing the enemy or filling the Dual Guard gauge. He also has a personal skill that grants him -2 damage taken if he's paired up with the right unit. Ryoma and Scarlet are at worst even on the physical side. And we're not talking about Xander--we're talking about Birthright. I mention Ryoma's offense because he has both good defense and good offense, whereas purely defensive units lack his level of offense. The key part is that Ryoma does both. Yep, Scarlet shouldn't be around archers or mages--they're units that Ryoma handles better than she does. That's a point in his favor. He, in turn, struggles with lances, but the Dual Katana exists. Swords have low might, and Ryoma has good defense. He doesn't need to dodge them. Swords are actually a good matchup for Ryoma because he can attack them at range and they usually can't counterattack. Or he could just counter on enemy phase--he can afford to take a hit. For lances, I mentioned the Dual Katana above--Ryoma is an excellent user of it. Ryoma doesn't need to dodge everything. His Avoid is just another factor on top of his good defenses, good offenses, and good range. Think of it like this: Ryoma and Scarlet already have similar defenses without considering Avoid. Ryoma dodges more often than Scarlet--he won't dodge every attack, but occasionally he gets in a dodge. Ryoma's Avoid is good in the same way that having high Crit is good--you have the potential to get lucky sometimes. You don't rely on it, but often it affords you some wiggle room that other units don't have. I want to reiterate that Ryoma doesn't rely on dodging to be a good unit. He sometimes dodges, which is great and convenient. But he has staying power regardless.
  8. There's so much incentive to use Ryoma. It's the combination of his great Avoid, decent defense and resistance, 1-2 range superiority, and excellent offenses that make him a fantastic unit. Other speedy units aren't in his league--they lack all or most of his good qualities. Defensive units like Scarlet have great tanking, but they aren't the offensive force that Ryoma is.
  9. I don't mean to say that you can't use other sword units, just that Ryoma is a cut above the other sword users in Birthright (aside from Corrin, who's also a top-notch unit). In a non-challenge run, I just don't enjoy using other sword units. It feels like I'm imposing artificial difficulty on myself. That's fair. As a series, Fire Emblem has always had good and bad units, Seth being a particularly extreme example. In my opinion, Ryoma is his own kind of poor balance. It's not necessarily that Ryoma breaks the entirety of the game like Seth does, but that his recruitment changes the game in a less-satisfying way. For me, getting Ryoma changes the feel of Birthright from an FE7 (some great units, some bad units, but overall a fun balance) to an FE8 where he can dominate large parts of the game with his crazy Prf. I had been enjoying Birthright up to that point on my first playthrough, but the difficulty drop killed the mood for me.
  10. This is exactly my main issue with Birthright. Ryoma just trivializes most of the game--using any other non-Corrin sword unit feels like a waste of time. And I hate that! I want to use Hinata and his pickle son without feeling like I'm wasting my time. That's the definition of bad unit balance imo, and it's the main reason why Fates Birthright disappointed me. I had similar issues with FE6, where units like Lot and that other axe guy were just trash, but at least FE6 was pretty challenging. I enjoyed playing Birthright for the most part (I'm a sucker for 3DSFE graphics), but I want the series to move away from this weird, lopsided unit balance.
  11. Hey, thanks! Glad to please! Decided to pull a Fates and subvert the archetype a bit today. We'll see if that screws me over later on. Day 3 - Archetype: Brash Horseman Name: Nevan || Scarlet Wings Age: 16 Class: Pegasus Knight (Lances) >> Falcon Knight (Swords, Lances) or Harrier (Lances, Anima) Appearance: Dark red hair, medium length and swept to the side. Athletic, but short and slim for his age. Nevan wears polished white plate armor with red trim, but between the plates of his armor, glimpses of a patchwork tunic betray his modest birth. It's hidden under his armor, but on his tunic he wears a wing-shaped bronze pin, a gift from his mother. His pegasus, a mare that he named "Scarlet Thunder", is a northern breed with a cream-colored coat and gentle red eyes. Description: The sole pegasus rider of the Cooley Guard. An ambitious, quick-tempered soldier. Bio/Story: Nevan is proud to be the first and only pegasus rider in the Cooley Guard. Probably too proud--his quick temper and big shot attitude lead him to butt heads with the older members of the guard. That said, he takes his position seriously and devotes himself wholeheartedly to his training. He's always the first to the stables in the morning and keeps his armor and mount in prime fighting condition. Despite his dedication, he's still a kid and has plenty of room to grow. He's easily provoked, especially when it comes to Fillin, a haughty pegasus knight serving Baron Carbre. When Nevan is riled-up, his pegasus, Scarlet, will nudge him to calm him down. When Roan, the Baron Cooley, scraped together the funds for pegasus, he had expected to entrust the creature to an older, more experienced cavalier, but it wasn't meant to be. On the day of the pegasus's arrival, as the town guardsmen lead the pegasus off of the trader's ship, a crowd gathered by the docks. As Roan looked on from the crowd, Nevan and four others were guiding the creature onto the docks when an infantryman stepped on the pegasus's wing. Instantly, the creature reared back and flared its wings, knocking three guards into the river. Without thinking, Nevan calmly grabbed the lead around the creature's neck, and within a second had brought her back under control. In that moment, Roan decided to entrust the pegasus to the young recruit. After Roan announced that he was departing for Carbre, Nevan immediately requested to accompany him. He and Scarlet don't get out of the village much, so he welcomes the adventure. Nevan also accompanies Roan on his journey to recover the Sundered Cup. Crit Quotes: "UGH! Now I'm angry!" "Let's ride, Scarlet!" "Yeah, you never stood a chance!" Death Quotes: "I-I'm sorry, Mom... Scarlet... fly away..." Stats: As far as pegs go, Nevan has high strength but low speed and skill. His defenses are average for his class: he has middling defense and above-average resistance. His personal skill "Burning Ambition" boosts his hit rate and damage dealt when initiating combat, which will mitigate his accuracy issues somewhat. He also sports a decent magic growth, making him the most promising of the potential Harriers. Notes: Yes, his favorite color is red. "Alright, listen here, PAL. This isn't just some 'fancy horse'. This is a PEGASUS, and her name is Scarlet Thunder. Got that? And I don't care WHO just--just--UGH! Milord, can I just kill this guy?"
  12. Day 2 - Archetype: Veteran Name: Dairine || Staunch Assassin Age: 31 Class: Assassin (Swords, Bows) Appearance: Dark brown hair cut precisely to shoulder length. Average height with a muscular build. Dairine prefers to lay low--she wears a simple grey tunic, worn green trousers, and a plain brown cloak. She keeps her hood up more often than not. Description: The captain of the Cooley Guard. Stoic and dependable. Bio/Story: Dairine is the stalwart captain of the Cooley Guard. Prior to joining the guard, Dairine was a freelancing assassin--the notorious "Snake of South Nessa". However, business became slow after a peace agreement ended the hostile rivalry between the kingdoms of Mugan and Nessa. The once sought-after Snake was strapped for cash and took a cheap, easy job: killing Roan, the Baron Cooley. Rather than murdering him outright, Dairine offered the baron (who was at the time bound, gagged, and draped over a low-hanging branch) a choice: buy out her services, or die a slow, painful death. And the rest is history! Dairine has since become Roan's most trusted (and best-paid) companion. In the eyes of the recruits in the Cooley Guard, she's a reliable leader, an incredible warrior, and a terrifying slave driver, though she genuinely cares for all the recruits she trains. Dairine accompanies Roan on his visit to the Baron Carbre. Though she was unable to stop the theft of the legendary Sundered Cup, she joins Roan and Carbre on their journey to retrieve it. Crit Quotes: "This is the end!" "Make your peace!" "You're done." Death Quote: "... My turn has come." Stats: Dairine has exceptional bases and growths in speed and luck, making her a prime dodgetank. That said, her strength will end up below average, and she suffers from durability issues. Still, she has the potential to be the fastest unit in the game and requires minimal investment. Her personal skill "Dauntless" boosts her Hit and Crit when her HP is low. Notes: Dairine has been working with Roan for about 4 years. "You cowards aren't tired enough. Get back to the damn training field."
  13. Did someone say better late than never? Yo, this is a fantastic idea! I'm absolutely hopping on this bandwagon. Day 1 - Archetype: Lord Name: Roan || The Baron Cooley Age: 25 Class: Mage Lord. ("A nobleman who wields arcane magic. Equip: Anima.") Promotes to Master Lord, a mounted class. ("A powerful spellcaster with a grand purpose. Equip: Anima, Dark.") Appearance: Meticulously mussed brown hair swept back and falling just below shoulder length. Average height and weight, and fairly athletic for a mage. Roan prides himself on his sophisticated-but-earthy look and maintains a dusting of dirt on his cape at all times. He wears a blue and beige garb and a thick brown cape fastened at the shoulder with an expensive-looking emerald brooch. Description: The scholarly and adventurous Baron Cooley, a skilled mage. He's self-serving, but genuine. Bio/Story: First and foremost, Roan is a scholar. Scouring time-worn ruins, deciphering ancient incantations--that's his calling. He's no scholar by trade, though. Roan is the Baron Cooley, and is likewise responsible for the modest town of Cooley. In truth, he leaves the governing to his unfortunate, saintly steward, Sir Carroll, though Roan does sign decrees on occasion. (He once signed two in the space of a week! Truly, governance is tiring work.) This happy arrangement has granted Roan much time for travel and study, and he's known throughout the kingdom of Mugan as a man of learning. Aside from being a scholar and a traveler, Roan is friendly and energetic, and he claims that his people skills are his strong suit. He's also trusting to a fault--guard-captain Dairine has skillfully extracted him from many a dangerous friendship, a service for which Roan is eternally grateful. On the rainy spring afternoon following the Festival of Warriors, Roan and his companions, Captain Dairine and the young pegasus rider Nevan, arrived in the bustling town of Carbre. The Baron Carbre had sent Roan a message hinting at a great discovery, and on Roan's arrival, the ecstatic baron wasted no time sharing his find: the legendary stone goblet known as the Sundered Cup. However, as the two barons examined the mysterious, unassuming cup, disaster struck. A flash of lightning filled the room, and the shadow of a cloaked figure appeared before them. When the light subsided, the figure and the cup were gone. Now, Roan, Baron Carbre, and their companions embark on a journey to recover the stolen artifact and uncover the secrets that it holds. Crit Quotes: "Oh, have I got a spell for you!" "You're history!" "You aren't fooling anyone!" Death Quote: "Ah... Dairine, I could use... some help..." Stats: Roan is a reliable all-rounder with a balanced statline. His only standout stat is his defense, which is high for a mage but would be average for a non-magic unit like a Mercenary. His personal skill "Knowledge is Power" boosts damage dealt when facing non-mage enemies. Notes: Learned magic by apprenticing under a travelling shaman. His personal wind magic tome is called "Cuhullin". It deals effective damage against fliers and horseback units. High Hit, average Mt, 0 Crit. "It's horrible that the cup was stolen, truly, it is--but doesn't this smell like an adventure in the making?"
  14. I pulled two Bridal!Tharjas and Bridal!Ninian in one session during the bridal bloom banner. The most shocked I've ever been, though, is when I pulled Lewyn on a free summon. He was literally the only unit I wanted from that banner, and my luck will never be that good again lol
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