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  1. The girl in between Merric and Linde is a Female MU, and the guys in between Gordin and Draug are the chapter 1 and 2 bosses, respectively.
  2. Wyverns should have axes, but pegs should stay lance-locked.
  3. Sounds like you have everything under control then! I've played the first couple chapters of this and I've liked everything so far, especially the alterations to Eirika's characterization.
  4. Very cool! However, make sure not to shaft straight and, most importantly, Non-Romantic supports. Because people can talk to each other without trying to get into each other's pants.
  5. https://imgur.com/E8AltM9 Data mined titles for upcoming games on Nintendo Switch, featuring Super Smash Bros. Royale, Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Definitive Edition, and most importantly, Fire Emblem Mutiny. I have no clue if these are legit or not, since I know nothing about data-mining, but apparently people are running with the Mutiny leak. Looks pretty fake to me, judging by the other things on the list. Pokemon Nuclear? I don't think so...
  6. Autonima

    Auto's Sprites

    Not exactly FE style, but here's a mug of Mr. Video himself: It'sa Mario!
  7. All light magic gets +15 crit, but +1 weight.
  8. Autonima

    Auto's Sprites

    Fancy boi
  9. If you still need help with sprites or something, I could probably help.
  10. Autonima

    Auto's Sprites

    Golgotha of the Hills inspired me with his Fates royals battle sprites, so... This happened. Animation coming maybe...
  11. Autonima

    Auto's Sprites

    Something I did for the BBS. It's the Spear Fighter from Fates.
  12. It's the Spear Fighter from Fates! Cuz, ya know, spears...
  13. It's the Urchin! A trainee thief that promotes into, well, thief(also myrmidon)
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