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  1. I'm not saying she should have just waited for Alm, but it's better to do nothing then do something rash and then end up in a worse situation. Again, I'm not trying to attack Celica as I can understand her thinking. I'm just saying that, despite being understandable, her decision was still logically poor and ended up making a bad situation worse. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. I feel like your last quote kind of sums this discussion up. A lot of the things we're debating from Gaiden were not clear due to hardware limitations, and, as you said, Echoes should be held to a higher standard. It's unfortunate that Echoes was not able to flesh everything out perfectly.
  2. Okay, I see where she asks Jedah to save Mila now. Thanks, I somehow missed that when I was reading through the script. I understand how you interpreted Gaiden Celica that way, but I'm not sure that interpretation is any smarter or stronger than Echoes Celica. For the sake of discussion, let's compare your interpretation of Gaiden Celica and Echoes Celica: Both listened to Jedah after he and his followers attacked their respective army's throughout Act 4. Sure, according to you, Gaiden Celica did not agree to be a sacrifice but she did follow Jedah into the Tower of Duma and then, upon seeing Alm, follows Jedah into the next room after he asks her to do so. And it's not like Echoes Celica just immediately believes Jedah; she doesn't do what he says until after seeing that Mila sealed herself. Both lead their armies into a trap. Neither saves anyone in Acts 4 or 5. You said earlier that in Gaiden Alm had to save Celica only after she saved him, but, if Gaiden Celica did not sacrifice herself, then she did not really save Alm. In Gaiden, Jedah offers to free Alm in exchange for Celica sacrificing herself, but, if Celica did not sacrifice herself, then Jedah would have no reason to free Alm. Both use questionable logic and decision-making in desperate situations. It's still a logical fallacy though. Even if you invest a large amount of time, effort, money, etc. into something, it doesn't make logical sense to keep investing in a failing endeavor if it will almost certainly lead to more harm. Probably the most famous example of the Sunk-Cost fallacy was when former President Nixon implored the U.S. to continue fighting the Vietnam War even though the army had determined that it was unwinnable so that the soldiers would not die in vain. It convinced the American public because it was emotionally powerful, and no one wanted to be the cold, heartless soul who did not care about the sacrifice of the troops. But, in the end, the U.S. still lost the war and even more soldiers died. I want to say that I'm not trying to bash Gaiden Celica; I actually like her. Maybe she made decisions based on logical fallacies, but if that logical fallacy was convincing enough to convince the American public to continue an unpopular war, then it makes sense that it could convince a sheltered 17-year-old who feared for Alm and Mila. I appreciate the impact she's had on the series (first female Lord, first Lord to promote, first story promotion, and first mixed-attacker). I just don't really see how she's so much better than Echoes Celica (outside of not having to be saved by Conrad 3 times, which we both agree was bad). That's not what I meant. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I meant that Celica did not have to follow Jedah and could have simply left when he said: Hehehe… Cellica.Alm’s trapped in Dragon Mountain. You must want to save him.If that’s so, then follow after me.If you offer yourselves as sacrifices to Lord Doma, Alm’s path shall also open up once more!
  3. I suppose it's up to interpretation. I don't see where she asks him to free Mila, but that could easily be attributed to just a line or two being excluded in the translations I'm using. I guess my issue with your interpretation of Gaiden Celica being better than Echoes Celica would be that she still willingly walked into a trap with her entire army, which is foolish (albeit not selfish like choosing to sacrifice everyone in your army would be). Also, if she didn't sacrifice herself, then she did not really save Alm, as she would have given nothing to Jedah in return for Alm's safety. In that case, Jedah would have acted surprisingly magnanimously in choosing to let Alm proceed. I saw the warping but just in text. I haven't watched any videos/played the game itself, so it's entirely possible that I'm missing key information. I would disagree with your last question though; they could have just left. That's a Sunk-Cost Fallacy (although, admittedly, that is a line of reasoning that many people use).
  4. Sure, but is what I'm saying wrong? It seems from those sources like Jedah told Celica to sacrifice follow him to sacrifice herself and her army to save Alm. And then, after she complies and follows him into the next room, she and her army are trapped, and the sacrificial process is merely them slowly dying at the hands (tentacles?) of the Mogalls. Is that not what happens, or am I missing additional context or something?
  5. It had been a long time since I read it, and I had only skimmed it, so I wasn't sure I was right.
  6. I have two sources: https://serenesforest.net/gaiden/scripts/script-translation/chapter-4-the-land-of-sorrow/ EDIT: To make it easier to find, Control + F "If you offer yourselves as sacrifices to Lord Doma, Alm’s path shall also open up once more!"
  7. I've never played Gaiden, so I may be wrong about this, but doesn't Gaiden Celica sacrifice herself as well as her entire army to save Alm? How is that better than Echoes Celica? Regardless of your stance on Echoes Celica's reasoning, I think it's fair to say that it makes a lot more sense to sacrifice yourself to save the whole world than to sacrifice yourself and 14 others to save one person.
  8. I can see that. I remember being very excited by the January Direct, but I might have just been blinded by love for Nintendo. In fact, if you want to get into supply and demand conversations, there were worldwide shortages, meaning the Switch was underpriced. This could be true, but the PS4 and the XBone were both more expensive than the Switch when they launched, and that's without even accounting for inflation.
  9. Not everyone thinks the Switch is overpriced, but I have seen a lot of people complain about it. Take this article from US Gamer, for instance.
  10. Well, the Joy-Cons can be used individual controllers, in which case $37 for a controller seems like a pretty good deal, especially when PS4 controllers normally go for $60. Beyond that, the Joy-Cons can be pretty versatile. I suppose whether you think the pricing is fair depends on if you care about local multiplayer and handheld mode. If you generally just play games at home alone or online, then I could see why you think they're overpriced. EDIT: Now that I think about it, this would not be an issue for those who only want to play at home and alone/online either because a pair of Joy-Cons are included with the Switch, meaning you would not have to pay for any controllers. So, from my perspective at least, the Joy-Cons seem like they are very reasonably priced no matter how you want to play. I would point out though that the Switch currently does not charge for online play. I know that it will eventually have a paid subscription, but that's a year in advance and is currently slated to be priced at $20 a year, 1/3 of what other consoles charge. So, in some ways, the Switch accessories and peripherals actually cost less than what you would have to pay for other consoles. I mostly understand this, except for having to pay for BOTW again. If you already have it on Wii U, then why do you need to buy it again on the Switch? I think there's an argument that it being an entirely different piece of tech makes the price more worth it. Think about it like this: the PS4 is an upgrade to the PS3. That means that the PS4 does pretty much the same thing as the PS3, but with better hardware and some additional features. On the other hand, the Switch is very different from the Wii U (you can see a progression from the Wii U to the Switch, but that's a different discussion). Therefore, the Switch can fill a different role in your gaming life than the Wii U did, whereas the PS4 is just an improvement upon the role played by the PS3. In other words, the Switch offers an appeal different from what previous consoles have, so there is better reason to buy it than just another upgrade.
  11. This is a complaint I’ve seen around various parts of the Internet occasionally, especially after the January Direct. But if you look at past consoles, the Switch at $300 isn’t that expensive. The Wii launched at $250 and the Wii U launched at $300. And if you account for average inflation rates from 2007-2016 (obtained from http://www.inflation.eu/inflation-rates/united-states/historic-inflation/cpi-inflation-united-states.aspx), the gap between the Switch and Wii launch prices becomes even smaller: the Wii would cost about $297.72 in late 2016/early 2017 dollars, nearly the same as the Switch. Video game consoles are in general are expensive, but the Switch seems pretty fairly priced.
  12. I never thought of the memory prisms as tangible, real objects or that it was canon that Alm and Celica find them. None of the characters ever comment on them, and they usually just materialize in a village. It's like in BOTW where Link remembers events at similarly sparkling places: he's not actually finding a memory object when he does so. Just to clarify what I mean: what happens in the memory prisms did occur, but the memory prism itself is not real.
  13. Males: FE7: Hector (Pent) FE8: Joshua (Cormag) FE11: Marth (Barst) FE13: Gregor (Chrom) FE14: Kaze (Takumi) FE15: Valbar (Boey) Females: FE7: Nino (Lyn) FE8: Tana (Eirika) FE11: Caeda (Palla) FE13: Sumia (Cherche) FE14: Hinoka (Nyx) FE15: Celica (Mae)
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