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  1. Thanks! Do you also by any chance have a siegbert with life and death?
  2. thanks, rally strength, skill and defense are fine. also could you make his mov 10 with boots using a different save file? you can delete the different file you save on and it shouldn't affect your main save file. I'm also looking for a siegbert with life and death so if anyone has one please let me know.
  3. i didn't want to buy the rally skills, i wanted to recruit a rallybot that had both replicate and rally spectrum as the majority of rally bots have rally spectrum, but not replicate. so if you have both in addition to the other rally skills you mentioned on him, please let me know as i can't seem to find a rallybot with those two skills.
  4. was wondering if anyone had a laslow with replicate, rally spectrum and other rally skills for me to recruit.
  5. i'm looking for a caeldori with miracle, if anyone has one hmu. edit - already found them
  6. Thanks for putting rend heaven up! I asked because I can't afford an eternal seal rn so I wanted to see if anyone had it.
  7. does anyone have a kiragi with rend heaven? i've checked the majority of the kid skill castles and none of them had it.
  8. ty, just picked it up, also got certain blow from a different castle so now i'm only looking for spendthrift, life and death and quixotic.
  9. Does anyone have spendthrift, life and death, certain blow, quixotic, and death blow for siegbert?
  10. thanks for letting me know, i really appreciate it!
  11. thanks for the kiragi skills, just grabbed them now. also noting that i'm looking for gamble on both forrest and kiragi so if anyone has any of these skills please let me know as all other online castle exchange forums are outdated and i can't seem to find any castles with those skills.
  12. i was wondering if you could put a kiragi up with nohrian trust and hoshidan unity and maybe death blow, gamble and lethality or astra if you also have them on him.
  13. does anyone have gamble for forrest?
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