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  1. Thanks! Do you also by any chance have a siegbert with life and death?
  2. thanks, rally strength, skill and defense are fine. also could you make his mov 10 with boots using a different save file? you can delete the different file you save on and it shouldn't affect your main save file. I'm also looking for a siegbert with life and death so if anyone has one please let me know.
  3. i didn't want to buy the rally skills, i wanted to recruit a rallybot that had both replicate and rally spectrum as the majority of rally bots have rally spectrum, but not replicate. so if you have both in addition to the other rally skills you mentioned on him, please let me know as i can't seem to find a rallybot with those two skills.
  4. was wondering if anyone had a laslow with replicate, rally spectrum and other rally skills for me to recruit.
  5. i'm looking for a caeldori with miracle, if anyone has one hmu. edit - already found them
  6. Thanks for putting rend heaven up! I asked because I can't afford an eternal seal rn so I wanted to see if anyone had it.
  7. does anyone have a kiragi with rend heaven? i've checked the majority of the kid skill castles and none of them had it.
  8. ty, just picked it up, also got certain blow from a different castle so now i'm only looking for spendthrift, life and death and quixotic.
  9. Does anyone have spendthrift, life and death, certain blow, quixotic, and death blow for siegbert?
  10. thanks for letting me know, i really appreciate it!
  11. thanks for the kiragi skills, just grabbed them now. also noting that i'm looking for gamble on both forrest and kiragi so if anyone has any of these skills please let me know as all other online castle exchange forums are outdated and i can't seem to find any castles with those skills.
  12. i was wondering if you could put a kiragi up with nohrian trust and hoshidan unity and maybe death blow, gamble and lethality or astra if you also have them on him.
  13. does anyone have gamble for forrest?
  14. I have completed my Revelations pairings and would now like to know which of my kids should be paired with one another or if some should just be completely left out to be a solo galeforce assassins. Your suggestions should have a reason behind the pairings along with the build the pairings should be (i.e: A nohrian trust build, dodge build, galeforce taker build, go wild with your imagination because there are probably plenty other builds out there). Also would appreciate if you went into depth and gave me the whole skillset rather than just name a build as i'm not that experienced in this in the first place. Without further ado, here is the list of kids I need help pairing and optimizing: (I'll also be leaving the class/es that i'll be making each of my kids but feel free to suggest a different class if you feel necessary) Elise!Ophelia - Witch Orochi!Rhajat - Witch Oboro!Sophie - Paladin or Hero Rinkah!Caeldori - General, Great knight or Falcon Knight (Has S rank with Ignatius) Setsuna!Dywer - Master ninja (Has A+ rank with Asugi) Nina!Kana - Witch Kaze!Shigure - Swordsmaster or Master Ninja (If I want him as a Swordsmaster I need to make him A+ with Hisame) Selena!Hisame - Master of Arms, Hero or Blacksmith Felicia!Forrest - Strategist or Sorc Charlotte!Siegbert - Berserker, Hero or Paladin Hinoka!Mitama - Dread Fighter Camilla!Velouria - Wolfssenger Nyx!Nina - Adventurer or Onmyoji Mozu!Kiragi - Sniper or Kinshi knight Effie!Percy - Hero, Wyvern Lord or Berserker Beruka!Ignatius - General Azura!Midori - Master Ninja Kagero!Shiro - Spear Master Peri!Soleil - Paladin or Hero Hana!Selkie - Nine-Tails Sakura!Asugi - Dark Falcon
  15. Thanks a lot, you really helped me out! If you need any specific skills just note them and i'll see if I have them.
  16. Does anyone have a MU with lucky seven, life and death, or gamble?
  17. thanks, i just picked the skill up if you need any skills let me know and i'll see if i have them or you can just visit my castles for the skills i have up rn if you need any.
  18. hinoka doesn't increase her str that much and barely makes a difference in str when put in comparison to setsuna, who doesn't even increase her str. if anything, effie makes the most out of her strength and would make a great unit out of her, however effie just seems so perfect as percy's mother, it's kind of hard to find a replacement mom for him as great as effie. i also feel as though oboro makes a slightly better mitama since she gives her higher skl and def compared to the res that hinoka gives mitama. oboro still ends mitama off with a +4 in str and a +3 in spd so wouldn't oboro be better than hinoka for mitama in general since the only thing hinoka gives mitama that oboro doesn't is the +3 res, which mitama will most likely not benefit that much from considering she would end off as an offensive class such as a berserker since you mentioned it before. sophie imo would much more benefit from hinoka since she will end as a paladin, which focus on having balanced defenses. if i do end up giving mitama oboro, who would be my swordsmaster and who would i give to hisame as a mom? i have seen the mods that setsuna provides to hisame and they aren't that impressive considering he is not speedy in the first place, leaving him as a swordsmaster with setsuna as a mom would make him have the same spd cap as ryoma, which basically gives me no reason to use him over ryoma. ultimately, i wanted hisame to end as a bulky fighter since his def is naturally high, with oboro as a parent he gets spear master but since i'm ending shiro as a spear master, who should get the waterwheel and i also want to know if it's even worth having 2 spear masters since you can only have 1 waterwheel, naturally making one of them better than the other unless i keep switching the waterwheel between them. edit - what are your thoughts on these pairings: effie x azama, kagero x arthur, setsuna x ryoma. since you said effie was the best mom for mitama i decided to do some switching around and ended up with this, tell me if you agree with it or not. kagero is somewhat better with percy since he already has a low spd cap and mitama definitely uses the +1 spd from effie much better than percy does. kagero also gives percy higher res which effie in sorts only makes lower. the rest of the caps percy got from effie are the same as kagero in the +5 str and +3 skl. i needed a swordsmaster and somewhere to put setsuna so i gave shiro setsuna which basically turns him into a glass cannon with the mods 2/1/4/5/1/-2/-2. tell me if i should keep this or change it for something else.
  19. rinkah!shiro doesnt have bad mods but i think the main point of the kids are to be much better versions of the first gen characters, while i'm not saying all of these kids will outclass the first gen characters, the majority of them will, and the mitama that setsuna creates is just too good of a swordsmaster to pass up since she gives her a +5 spd stat and only makes her skl stat better. but if i do end up going with hinoka as a mother, what class do i end mitama as, and why shouldn't i just stick with setsuna as a mom if setsuna gives her better spd and skl?
  20. Well, i'm not too concerned with the skills that I can get from classes but more importantly the mods and the class itself since online fates PvP is about who has the most broken units and best classes and that's pretty much what i'm going for as I can buy pretty much any skill I want from other people's castles. As for a Selena!Midori I think an Azura!Midori is slightly better in the higher str,skl and spd she gives her compared to selena, but selena is still not a bad option since she acts as a watered down version of azura but with better defense mods handed down to midori. I also decided to give Kaze to Azura because you get a +4 skl and +7 spd shigure which can make him a great falcon knight or master ninja.
  21. i agree with your idea about making nyx nina's mom but i gave rhajat orochi to make her skill growth at least somewhat decent as well as increase her overall skl cap. as for mitama, i wanted a swordsmaster and she was the only kid left that already had a naturally high spd mod, so she seemed like an amazing fit for a swordmaster considering i had no kids that were going to end as swordmasters. as for giving her effie or hinoka, who would i give to percy or sophie in each of those respective cases?
  22. I have a hinoka up with renewal, aegis, bowbreaker, replicate and rend heaven. My castle address is 02683-64392-62340-11495. Any accessories would be greatly appreciated!
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