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  1. I want to ask, what are your favorite royals from all 3 Kingdoms?
  2. I started a new Let's Play, of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, so if I gain $200 on my Patreon, before Blazing Sword ends, I will play Binding Blade If you want to check my let's play out, look at my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_i-hvlrkL8
  3. Favorite Heroes: Ike, Lucina, Hector, Marth, and Alm. Favorite Side Heroes: Leo, Takumi, Inigo/Laslow, Florina, Soren, Amelia, Rutger, Ryoma, Caeda, Saber, Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Raven, Sakura, Clarine, Clair, Henry, Python and Lilina. Favorite Villains: King Zephiel, and Lord Berkut. Despised Heroes: Corrin, Kris and Ephraim. Despised Side Heroes: Faye, Tharja, Lowen, Shinon, Astrid, Cath, Meg, Rennac, Innes, Naesala, Rhajat, Asugi, Laurent, Azama, Severa/Selena, and Delthea. Despised Villains: Validar, Grima, Garon, Iago, Hans, and Anankos. Those are my new favorites, and least favorites. What are yours?
  4. I know the best person to be a Villager is Lukas, but I am wondering which is the best candidates for the other 2 Pitchforks. Saber, Kamui, Jesse, and Deen don't need the Villager's Pitchfork, because they can reclass into villagers by reaching Level 10 in the Dread Fighter Class.
  5. Basically there is no new news quite yet about Fire Emblem Switch 2018, False Leakers actually are speculating that the new game will have some stuff that they might like, but I don't care, I have my own predictions on Fire Emblem Switch. Multiple paths with different goals. This is a feature I would like, if you choose do one goal you go one route, if you choose to do another you go to an alternate route, just like in Binding Blade, certain conditions needs to be reached, and the Stronghold must be seized, it would be like in one chapter, if you Route the Enemy, you'll go to one route, but if you defend a stronghold, you go to the alternate route, it would be like different stories to make the game more interesting. Better Villains. Echoes had great villains, and Berkut was no exception, but in Awakening, and Fates, the villains in those games sucked, Validar, Grima, Garon, Iago, Hans, and Anankos were pretty bland villains, so if a better villain has a great purpose, then it will be a great story, and one of the best villains in the entire series. Multiple Endings. The previous games had the exact same ending, I am not counting any character endings, I'm counting story endings, but Binding Blade had different endings, and if they do Multiple Endings, then it will be a great addition to the game, and I hope none of the endings have wasted potential, it will depend on how well you do in the story, in all 3 Stories of Fates, you get the exact same ending. Longer and Better Story. Radiant Dawn had a very long story, split into 4 parts, and the game was hard as hell, having the story longer will make it more enjoyable, heck if they can make Fire Emblem Switch longer than a Final Fantasy Game, I want it will take a lot of time and effort, to make it the absolute best story in the series. Better Characters. Basically Echoes had my favorite cast of characters, we got Gray, Kliff, Mae, Lukas, Saber, but some the protagonists in Awakening and Fates were bad, Corrin was by far one of the worst protagonists in the entire series. If they manage to pull off a great protagonist just like they did with Ike, Marth, Alm, Lucina, and Hector, then it would be awesome. 3rd Tier Classes. It was a great addition to add 3rd Tier Classes in Echoes, and Radiant Dawn, Radiant Dawn had a bigger cast, and a lot of 3rd Tier Classes, while Echoes had the Gold Knight, Dread Fighter, and Bow Knight classes, but the Overclass DLC actually broke the game, with the Guru, Yasha, Harrier, etc. So returning 3rd Tier Classes would be great. I can't say for sure, but it's just my opinion. What are your theories about Fire Emblem Switch?
  6. That is not evidence that Lyn X Hector is canon, you know you are just assuming that Hector X Lyn is canon, and to be honest in order for a pairing in Blazing Sword to be canon, evidence needs to be in Binding Blade, not the novels, or Blazing Sword, unfortunately, Lilina's mother was never mentioned in Binding Blade.
  7. Yeah yeah, I get it. Eliwood X Fiora wouldn't really make sense, I can state this, in Binding Blade in Marcus and Lilina's B support conversation, it said "When the two were youths, they were such a happy pair that just looking at them would cheer one up. The people of Pherae were truly happy for them. Lord Eliwood loved his wife deeply. And one night...before the two became engaged, Lord Eliwood suddenly disappeared from the castle. When he returned to his love three days later, he presented her with a beautiful white flower which only grows in the snowy highlands. It was the flower which she loved the most." well in Eliwood and Fiora's ending, the Lycians suspected that Fiora was a Mercenary, and in Eliwood and Lyn's ending, the Lycians protested that they don't want to be ruled by a Sacaen, so it is safe to assume that Eliwood X Ninian are canon, plus Lilina's mother was not mentioned in Binding Blade, so there is no proof that Lyn X Hector are canon, Farina and Florina can be possible to be Lilina's possible mothers as well, true Serra ships Lyn with Hector, but Sain ships Kent with Lyn, however the special conversations in the endgame, don't prove that Hector X Lyn are a thing in the Fire Emblem Canon, if any of Hector's possible wives are canon, things for the fans will get even worse.
  8. For one, I'm going to tell you one thing, Eliwood and Ninian are implied canon because of Marcus and Lilina's B Support, Marcus said this "When the two were youths, they were such a happy pair that just looking at them would cheer one up. The people of Pherae were truly happy for them. Lord Eliwood loved his wife deeply. And one night...before the two became engaged, Lord Eliwood suddenly disappeared from the castle. When he returned to his love three days later, he presented her with a beautiful white flower which only grows in the snowy highlands. It was the flower which she loved the most." And if you look at Lyn and Eliwood's ending, the people in Pherae, were not very happy, and didn't want to be ruled by a Sacaen, and in Eliwood and Fiora's ending, the Lycians suspected Fiora was a Mercenary, and the Lycians never knew that Ninian was part Dragon, so they were happy for them, oh and also in Hector's supports however, was debatable, his supports with Lyn had them end up making fun of each other, and near the endgame, they end up getting along, in supports with Florina, in one support, he didn't know that Florina was trying to talk to him, and in another, Florina was giving herself confidence to confess her feelings to Hector, and then suddenly when Hector was having trouble with Florina's Pegasus, she then helped Hector get out of it, and then they get together, I won't use the Novel as Evidence because none of the novels in Gaming is canon, in Farina's supports however, in one, Farina says that she wants more money out of Hector, then in another, Farina refused to rest, when Hector requested that, and then in the last support, Farina pushed herself too hard, and then the 2 got close, and then in their ending, Farina quits her job as a Mercenary, and lives with Hector, none of the supports Lilina had, nor in the main story, had any mentions of Lilina's mother, I'm serious, I don't have any evidence who Lilina's real mother is.
  9. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  10. Yeah, I do admit that I did bring up Zephiel's villain status, and Lyn's relationship, About Zephiel, I thought he was an amazing villain, his past is tragic, King Desmond wanted Zephiel assassinated, because he was jealous, so his 1st attempt is to have the Black Fang kill him, Nino and Jaffar was sent to kill him, however if Nino killed Zephiel, then Jaffar had to kill Nino as a scapegoat, that didn't work, because the Lycian Army came and forced the Black Fang to retreat, King Desmond's 2nd attempt is to poison Zephiel, but survived it, Zephiel was enraged about his father wanting him killed, so he and his bodyguard Murdoch set up a false funeral, Desmond looked in the coffin to confirm that Zephiel was dead, but it turns out Zephiel was alive, and killed his father out of rage, therefore, he despised all of humanity, so he made a deal with Jahn to work together to destroy all of humanity and have Dragons rule over the world, and he played the Villain Role very well, but also about the Shipping War, in some of the spinoffs of Fire Emblem, Lyn kept mentioning Mark in her supports with Robin, and the Tactician in Heroes, and nothing was mentioned about Lyn in Binding Blade, and Lilina's mother, was never mentioned in the main story, or in support conversations, so it is unknown what happened to Lyn, I know the spinoffs are not part of the Fire Emblem Canon. Of course the units were pretty imbalanced, yeah Wendy/Gwendolyn was a disappointment as a General, and Sophia was just not very good as a Druid, and Cath sucks all around, and also the reason why Rutger is one of the best units in the game, is because of having supports with Clarine and Dieck, and Clarine is a Dodge Tank, and a speedster, if you train Rutger to be a monster, then he will be a boss killer, and considering Clarine is a great unit, you should probably know that she'll get a late promotion, unless you Arena Grind with other units, and have her heal them until she reaches level 20, and have Chad or Astolfo get the 1st Guiding Ring, in Chapter 8, before Cath, or the 2nd Thief gets it, and Fir is not very good without supports, and she does need more training. Yeah the whole ambush shit was not cool, also Hard Mode can only be unlocked if you complete the main story, it is late game you'll have to worry about when Hard Mode drags on, oh and the Sword Units were broken, I would have to agree, but the Anima Magic users are also broken, considering some of the enemies had low resistance, yeah since Promotion Items became a huge problem from the 1st game to the 8th game, (With the Exception of the Jugdral games, those being Genealogy of the Holy War, and Tharcia 776.) they removed it from Path of Radiance and onwards, and replaced it with all Master Seals, but the only promotion source for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, are the Mila Shrines, so continuing with the Master Seal thing is a better idea than using different promotion items.
  11. God! Why is there another Shipping War around here? It will start a flame war if Lyn X Hector, or Lyn X Rath is canon. I said this before "Then again, they might have Lyn remain single, Lyn never made an appearance in Binding Blade, so we are unsure what happened to her during the events of Binding Blade." She was an entirely new character in Blazing Sword, as her 1st Debut. Plus The argument of Zephiel being a great villain came out of nowhere. You guys are changing the subject.
  12. I never even got Deen, because he is the worst between him and Sonya, in order to get Sonya I had to give up on Deen, so with Jesse, Saber, and Kamui, which classes should they be once they become villagers?
  13. OK, since the success of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, people have seen that Both stories of Mystery of the Emblem, War of Shadows, and War of Heroes have been remade, and everyone is speculating that Genealogy of the Holy War is going to be remade next, but the Director of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Kenta Nakanishi wants to remake Binding Blade next, Binding Blade was fan translated, and wasn't very good, but an official release of a Binding Blade remake will make up for it's mistakes, so here's how I would like the game to be like. The Gameplay. The GBA trilogy had amazing gameplay, but out of the 3 Blazing Sword had the best map layouts, the only issue I have with Sacred Stones' map layouts is that it had too many advantages, and the maps were far too easy, except for the final maps of the game, Binding Blade, had a bit of a poor map layout, honestly since it is going to follow the same maps of Binding Blade, I think this will be left unchanged unfortunately. The Difficulty. The Hard mode can be unlocked if you complete the game once, and some units get bonuses, in Hard Mode, but if Intelligent Systems manage to put Normal, and Hard Mode on it on the 1st gameplay, and once Hard Mode is completed, Lunatic Mode will be available, and considering that New Mystery of the Emblem carried out the Casual Mode for new players to enjoy, it will be added on here, but Rutger, Sin, Milady, and Percival get hard mode bonuses, I consider Casual Mode, and Normal Mode to be treated as Easy Mode. Seperate Paths. In Chapter 9, you are given the choice between 2 villages to rescue, depending on your choice, it alters the next 2 chapters, if you get Larum, then you'll pick up Echidna, and a better Gonzales, for more effort to train, and a late promotion, if you get Elffin, then you'll get Bartre, and a worse Gonzales, for an early promotion, and less effort to train, also after you get through Retaking the Capital, or Pinnacle of Light, depending on how you level up Shanna, Thea, Sue, and Sin, if Shanna and Thea's levels are higher, you go to Ilia, and if Sue and Sin's levels are higher, you go to Sacae, depending on your choice between Larum, and Elffin, one becomes a playable character while the other is resigned to Fortune Telling, and depending on your choice, one Divine Weapon will be obtained on your own while the other is obtained by the Elimine church and you get either Juno, or Dayan, if you choose to go to Ilia, you get Juno, and Maltet, if you choose to go to Sacae, you get Dayan and Murgleis, I think that it would be interesting to get both of them on your own, 1st you go to Ilia, then you go to Sacae, or there should be multiple conditions of victory to decide which path you should take, like Route the Enemy, you go one route, and the other route, you Defend a Stronghold, or Seize one. The characters. You know what's a load of shit? Thieves cannot promote into Assassins in Binding Blade, and Assassins are rare enemies, the only notable ones are Jerme, Gecko, Jamil, and Porcus, and if you count the Master Ninjas, the only notable one is Kotaro, returning the Assassin Class can help Chad be a better assassin than most of the Assassins in the series, the only ones he might not surpass in the series, are Jaffar, and Matthew, and Astolfo a slightly better unit, and all around Cath Sucks, plus some of the characters were pretty shitty, Sophia, Gwendolyn, Treck, Cath, etc. and some of the characters had no personality, Roy is nowhere worse as Kris, and Corrin, having no personality, and shitty growth rates, But there were great units such as Lilina, Milady, Clarine, Percival, Raigh, Rutger, Dieck, it would be good to fix some of the bad characters' stats and the Child Units, by adding Blazing Sword in the Remake, putting in the Parent System, making Roy's growth rates better, Lilina easier to train, Wolt a better unit, etc. And I'm wondering what happened to Lyn, maybe she died, or maybe she disappeared, and who is she married to, Eliwood is less likely because Eliwood's supports and some evidence shows that he married Ninian, Lyn Marrying Kent on the other hand, not likely, but the only possible husbands for Lyn are Hector, and Rath, making her the mother of either Lilina or Sue, but unfortunately, if they reveal who Lyn's real husband is, then it will effect the entire fanbase, a flame war will begin, then again, they might have Lyn remain single, Lyn never made an appearance in Binding Blade, so we are unsure what happened to her during the events of Binding Blade, however there are other characters that appeared as playable characters in Binding Blade, those being Marcus, Bartre, and Karel, so why not bring back older characters like Matthew and Raven, I was glad they didn't remove the support system in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, supports show the characters their full personalities, but Zephiel is one of the most well written villains in the series. Weapon Forging. Weapon Forging is an iconic addition to Fire Emblem, it 1st appeared in Path of Radiance, then continued on in the later games, so it would be nice to have Weapon Forging, those who don't know about Weapon Forging, it is a thing where you upgrade weapons, having their strength, critical rate, and accuracy increased, if Intelligent Systems can, they can decrease some weapon weight, so that units with low constitution, and speed can wield heavier weapons, plus the Divine Weapons were breakable in Binding Blade, which was a load of bullshit, but if they make them unbreakable it will be better. Trial Maps. The Trial Maps were added after reaching a certain condition in completing Binding Blade, some of them even needs you to download them, but adding them as DLC can make the Trial Maps available right away, the old maps will not require you to pay for them, but adding in new maps will. That's all I have right now, what are your thoughts? If they manage to remake Binding Blade, then it would be known as Fire Emblem Echoes: Legends of Elibe, or something like that.
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