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  1. Ah, good. I was just about to look for a place to put this... The other day I downloaded FEBuilder. At the time, it was working great, I didn't really do anything significant, I was simply experimenting with various features. When I open the program today, it is in Japanese when before it had been in English, and I got this error message after attempting to open a rom... (Spoilered for size) After closing the dialogue window, the program opens up, then displays the same error in another window. After closing that, and then closing the program, the error pops up again. After closing out the program for good, it crashes. I thought I should report this bug before redownloading FEBuilder, so there you go.
  2. Something you can do is, before randomizing your rom, use Nightmare and move some of the base stats from the lord classes to the characters themselves. Then, just save this specific rom somewhere else and make copies of it whenever you want to randomize. You can find Nightmare and guides for how to use it on the Resources forum (well, it is pretty intuitive, so you might not need a guide, but just in case). This might not be a permanent fix, but it is an easy enough fix until a change to the randomizer is made.
  3. Have you seen what happens if you kill off every 2nd gen character but Seliph (obviously)? History basically repeats itself. Onto the topic at hand... while playing FE4, I was kind of mad that certain holy weapons simply can't be used by the player, but looking back, I realized that this really adds to the story. Plus, from a gameplay standpoint, the 2nd gen would be even more broken than before. To be able to use the holy weapons that can't be used in vanilla FE4 would probably be asking IS to stray too much from the source material, and we CAN'T have that... However, in my opinion, the best way to allow the player access to these holy weapons would be what others have mentioned, with allowing minor blood the use of them while removing the stat bonuses, turning them simply into better versions of respective silver weapons. Gimmicks like plot rings would kind of subtract from the story...
  4. DolphinDingus // DolphinDingus // NA Feel free to add me (well, don't add me if you are never on when I am, for obvious reasons). When I do get on, I usually start playing around 8-10 pm EST and play a couple games, but sometimes I get on earlier Friday-Sunday. I play any position not called jungle.
  5. There is pre-season. Basically, it is a time for Riot to add a bunch of new mechanics to the game and test them out, since Ranked gets reset at the start and end of pre-season, so Ranked games don't really matter. However, since you are new, I assume that Ranked isn't something on your mind. Pre-season won't really affect you. At least, you will be affected the least because you will have less preconceptions about the game. This will actually be helpful to you because of the Runes Reforged update. Players like me will have to forget everything we know about runes and masteries and learn new stuff, while you just have to learn new stuff. Of course, you posted this a week and a half ago, so you probably already found all of this info elsewhere. I just hope I could be of help.
  6. Sure, her speed helps... but the main reason she is so hard to hit and kill in the allotted time is because she flies around the top of the map and runs away from you, making it nigh impossible to keep up with and track her. (Of course, basically all of the late game bosses cheat in that game, so it isn't really unexpected that most of them are a pain to kill) Also, nice to find another AC fan. There seem to be quite a drought of them nowadays.
  7. I have even linked to the LP earlier in this thread. Typically, though, my bug reports are from personal experience. I just don't want any bug to go unnoticed by the developers, so I tend to report the bugs that Mangs encounters but that I miss.
  8. In Hector's tale, pairing him with Lyn results in the pre battle conversation (where Oswin tells Hector about receiving a declaration of war, followed by Matthew and Serra commenting on it) getting repeated. The first time is the normal convo, the second includes Kent and Lyn. Also in Hector's tale, if you kill Erik, the game freezes. I think he was supposed to have a death quote, but the game froze because he wasn't given one. This may only happen when Hector is paired with Lyn.
  9. Just going to put it out there that having a reason to be evil (selfishness, etc) means that a characters is not being evil just to be evil. Being selfish, or seeking power, or seeking personal gain are all fine motives for a villain to be evil. I'm going to contrast this to the Grimleal and its leaders. They seek to raise Grima... why? Does anyone know? I sure don't. That is a case in which the villains are being evil "for the evil," and, in my opinion, makes for bad storytelling. Nearly every other FE villain at least has a motive, no matter how dumb.
  10. I would prefer if there were no manaketes at all, or any other type of transformation character, because I'm not a fan of part animal part human characters. However, I know this is unlikely, so I'd definitely rather have male dragons, or at least any dragon characters that do not exist solely to appeal to... those with different tastes (I'm looking at you, Nowi, with your bikini and hot pants).
  11. Wait... were you disappointed that it was a sequel to PoR, and you didn't know the story? Or that you straight up didn't like the game? Or... some other reason? Because I really like RD, and I'm wondering how being excited for it was one of the dumbest things you said about FE... Other stupid things I've said: "Oh, this character has low constitution, so I can't give them heavy weapons." Also, at one point I did think the trainees were good units.
  12. Oh wow... that is now one of my favorites, thank you. Also, thank you for showing me to Master Enex... this is just full of win. (some spoilers in it, for anyone that wants to be careful).
  13. Lets see... Don't use Jeigans Only promote at 20 Est characters are good units Use a variety of classes (which can be extended to: don't use multiple of the same class) Armored units are good units Save valuable items in case you need them later Basically, name a noob trap, I've said it before (not necessarily online, though). EDIT: Oh, and the worst thing I've ever said: prepromotes are bad. There you go, ladies and gentlemen. I used to say incredibly stupid things.
  14. Well, just played through it myself. Spoilered in case others want to get their own opinions on the hack I must say, though, the hack does feel rewarding to beat (even if I have an unfair advantage over Mark, because of not going in blind). This was incredibly creative, props to pwntagonist. Now to see if the same idea can be used to make an Advance Wars FE hack...
  15. I think another reason why Oliver in general is popular, other than his humorous (to some people) character, is that "Power Hungry Fool" was a really cool piece of music. That, combined with the fact that he is the final boss of that story arc, and that he is a zero-effort boss after a marathon level, have made him really popular as joke material, seeing as how the game hypes him up so much, and then he goes down so easily. As for favorite memes: "Disgusting," various characters burning (or, really, any jokes about serious moments in FE games), and "We need disguises. Perfect!" (does "I'M A GREEN UNIT" count as a meme? If so, then that, too) Least favorite: while I don't like Tharja's/Camilla's character/design, I despise the idiotic thot thing. This is mostly because I think thot in general is a stupid meme and a stupid word. Most of the other memes I'm neutral towards.
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