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  1. Yeah that's basically it.
  2. Class Changing is the same as Leveling up, just instead it uses a promo cost to do it. Zelgius will be considered a Levelled Up unit if he does growth, but the whole point behind Empire's Finest General is because of the last skill, it acts as a limitation so that you cannot promote into another Zelgius or Black Knight until the current Zelgius has a stack of 5 or more.
  3. Attack gains / buffs / do not carry through onto the next card over when you level up / class change on top of a card. No. The skill just means that instead of needing to discard another copy of Berkut to evade (the cost to evade), you can throw your entire hand instead.
  4. As long as you have the one red card in your bonds, you're allowed to deploy a 5 cost red. It's not needed to have 5 red cards in your bond area in order to deploy a 5 cost Red ally (that would be absurd). Yes. All you need to do is have the one symbol of the card you intend to class change into, and at least the same number of bonds as the class change cost of the card you wanna class change into. The 'grey' cards are just simply cards without a symbol, they can be deployed no matter what face-up bond you have as they have no affiliation. This means you can deploy them even if you don't have any face-up bonds at the time. They are still considered face-up bonds. You can use these cards to pay for a skill's cost if you want to. If you pay the cost each time you deploy Ryoma or another ally (2 bonds each time), the attack gain will stack up. So yes, if you deploy 2 allies (and therefore pay 4 bonds), all allies on your field at the time of each ally deploy gain +10 attack. Resonance of Dragon's Blood refers to a case if you somehow manage to copy an ally's Dragon Blood skill (like through the use of Xane), you can only gain one instance of the skill. So you can't gain Takumi's "Brighthand Bound to Fujin" twice. Each ally with Resonance of Dragon's Blood can still have as many Dragon Blood skills as they want as long as they are available on the field (but only one of each skill).
  5. You can move any White or Black allies or a unit that has both White and Black symbols.
  6. Action Phase only, you tap the unit you want to move and then move that unit (front to back or back to front), or of course declare an attack or declare the activation of a skill that requires you to tap your unit as a cost.
  7. If you're looking for specific character cards, your best bet would naturally be the trading / selling thread through other people. Other mediums are available such as Japanese stores but most of them require a proxy and then it gets super expensive when it comes to shipping and handling. If you're looking for booster boxes best bet there would be Amiami / Amazon.
  8. They usually announce a Starter Deck ahead of time so if there is one, we would have known by now. I suppose there isn't really a reason to release one right now.
  9. You declare your intent to Critical Hit first, and then your opponent may or may not respond with an evade. Crits fail to hit if your opponent evades. Your opponent must declare whether or not they Critical Hit before you evade. Tapping your bonds is just a way of counting the amount you've spent to deploy your units. It's not directly a thing you have to do in the game. You untap all these bonds at the start of your next turn afterwards anyway, so you can tap it again to deploy for the next turn. The timing for the skill only works when one of your Hoshido units destroys an enemy's attack, then you may choose to flip 2 bonds if you want to heal a card - which only works on your turn since you can only destroy enemies with attacks during your turn. Yes. Colorless bond cards count as if they have no symbol, so you can deploy them even if you have no face-up bonds. You only have to fulfill the skill's cost (which is reveal Celica) to gain the skill. Afterwards you leave it in your hand (if it was discard it would flat out say discard the card instead, without needing to reveal it).
  10. Destroyed orbs are always only revealed to you. In this specific case, it would be face-down still (your opponent doesn't get to see what it is).
  11. Skill is active as long as you have him in hand and you have at most 1 orb or 0 orbs.
  12. The +10 is lost at the end of the turn. If she was untapped earlier in the turn, then yes the +10 stacks and she'll be at +20.
  13. Shigure does not get destroyed if you have Treasured Memory active. Yes. You can use both skills in the same turn. There are no restrictions to stop you from doing so unless it is stated. Discard and destroy are different things, discard is referring to discarding a card from your hand, and destroying is destroying a unit on field and sending it to the retreat area. In Zeke's case it's discard from hand. Zeke's skill just changes the enemy deployment cost to 1. Corrin will temporary have a Deployment Cost of 1 until the end of the turn, but other than that, his attack and skills are unaffected.
  14. I'm not too sure what you mean here, but your opponent can just attack Silque normally as if attacking anyone and Silque can get destroyed by an attack as per normal. Being destroyed by skills are different to being destroyed by attacks. Destroying another untapped ally is the cost of his skill, which doesn't cause battle to occur. It just simply destroys them - or sends them to the retreat area (which is being destroyed) and then the result of destroying an untapped ally, which is gaining +10 attack and having 1-3 range until the end of your opponent's turn happens. This is what I mean by a skill's cost -> which means you can't choose Silque when using Berkut's skill because she cannot be destroyed, which cannot fulfill the condition to activate Kriemhild.
  15. There are skills in Cipher that have requirements to destroy an ally as a cost, and you can't select Silque as a target to destroy for that cost if she can't be destroyed. There are also skills that your opponent can use against you such as destroy an enemy, which can be used to target Silque, but she won't get destroyed by it. You can't attack your own allies in Cipher. Only enemies can attack your units.
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