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  1. Colorless cards lack symbols, so they don't actually share any symbols with each other. You can deploy infinite amounts of colorless cards.
  2. I've always really wanted a banner of the Cipher OCs in Heroes. At least Emma / Shade / Yuzu and Ranzal. I mean they made it into Echoes at the very least.
  3. I know I haven't really responded to this topic til today - I was going to originally but I was uh, coming to terms with the ending of Cipher I suppose. I must say it has been a fantastic ride to collect cards and the amount of effort they put into Cipher is amazing. We all sort of expected to end around Series 24 when they showed us cards being put out of rotation for the official format, but now that it is ending I suppose it does not matter anymore. As all great things come to an end, I'd say it should go out with a bang - keep collecting / playing the game you know and love and such. I'll still be working on the Wiki for the time being before Cipher ends, and it has been a fantastic time working and talking with others about Fire Emblem / FE Cipher.
  4. I'd like Hardin or Camus / Sirius to get some more representation, actually. I'll be mostly looking forward to them finishing the 9-card panorama with the Elibe legendary weapons.
  5. Yes actually. Skrimir's skill is different since it reveals. Skrimir reveals the remainder of your deck (5 or less cards) and then, reshuffles, but you choose among the revealed and deploy any you want, send the rest to your new retreat area. Grima's skill makes reset your deck if you only have 3 or less cards in your Retreat Area -> so if you have lets say 2 or 1 cards left in your deck, then you reshuffle, you'll mill 1 more, or 2 more cards with Grima's skill, and then take any Risen if there are any among those new cards (3 cards left in your deck with Grima's skill means that you add none because there are none).
  6. If you use Showdown Roar with less than 5 cards in the deck, you reveal the remaining cards in the deck and then stop there. You reshuffle and do not mill more cards. You pick among the cards revealed and proceed as normal.
  7. You can deploy a different Takumi, whether or not this card is your MC.
  8. Yes. I was gonna write more than this simple 'Yes' answer actually, but I couldn't think of a better way to describe it. How about: "Since the card is already in the Bond Area at the time of the skill's activation, you may select it as the cost of the skill to flip over to draw a card."
  9. You must resolve Deirdre / Julia's skill entirely before resolving another skill. This means that if you place a card that has a Bond Skill (that can activate when placed) into the Bond Area via these skills, and then put that same card (back into the Retreat Area / into your hand), you cannot resolve that Bond Skill since it is no longer placed in the Bond Area afterwards. If you choose to keep the said card in the Bond Area instead of throwing it into the Retreat, back into hand, you can still use that Bond Skill.
  10. Not unless the skill requires you to tap said ally.
  11. I was stating in terms of attack values yes, but support emblems would still take effect of course. I had thought that was obvious but I guess I should be clear next time. Thanks for clearing it up.
  12. Buffs do not carry over, that's correct. If Oboro was tapped before she class changed, she would remain tapped. The attack would work but it's basically the same as a failed support anyway since it provides 0 support values.
  13. Class Changing is the same as Leveling up, just instead it uses a promo cost to do it. Zelgius will be considered a Levelled Up unit if he does growth, but the whole point behind Empire's Finest General is because of the last skill, it acts as a limitation so that you cannot promote into another Zelgius or Black Knight until the current Zelgius has a stack of 5 or more.
  14. Attack gains / buffs / do not carry through onto the next card over when you level up / class change on top of a card. No. The skill just means that instead of needing to discard another copy of Berkut to evade (the cost to evade), you can throw your entire hand instead.
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