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  1. Destroyed orbs are always only revealed to you. In this specific case, it would be face-down still (your opponent doesn't get to see what it is).
  2. Skill is active as long as you have him in hand and you have at most 1 orb or 0 orbs.
  3. The +10 is lost at the end of the turn. If she was untapped earlier in the turn, then yes the +10 stacks and she'll be at +20.
  4. Shigure does not get destroyed if you have Treasured Memory active. Yes. You can use both skills in the same turn. There are no restrictions to stop you from doing so unless it is stated. Discard and destroy are different things, discard is referring to discarding a card from your hand, and destroying is destroying a unit on field and sending it to the retreat area. In Zeke's case it's discard from hand. Zeke's skill just changes the enemy deployment cost to 1. Corrin will temporary have a Deployment Cost of 1 until the end of the turn, but other than that, his attack and skills are unaffected.
  5. I'm not too sure what you mean here, but your opponent can just attack Silque normally as if attacking anyone and Silque can get destroyed by an attack as per normal. Being destroyed by skills are different to being destroyed by attacks. Destroying another untapped ally is the cost of his skill, which doesn't cause battle to occur. It just simply destroys them - or sends them to the retreat area (which is being destroyed) and then the result of destroying an untapped ally, which is gaining +10 attack and having 1-3 range until the end of your opponent's turn happens. This is what I mean by a skill's cost -> which means you can't choose Silque when using Berkut's skill because she cannot be destroyed, which cannot fulfill the condition to activate Kriemhild.
  6. There are skills in Cipher that have requirements to destroy an ally as a cost, and you can't select Silque as a target to destroy for that cost if she can't be destroyed. There are also skills that your opponent can use against you such as destroy an enemy, which can be used to target Silque, but she won't get destroyed by it. You can't attack your own allies in Cipher. Only enemies can attack your units.
  7. Ninja Emblem will occur after the result of the battle after you attacked an enemy. Yes even if the class is different, since it still has the same character name, you can choose any of those cards to add back to your hand as long as you already have those units on the field. You only need to pay the cost if you destroy an enemy with it yes. This also works towards the enemy Main Character if you manage to hit them and they take an orb as a result. If the enemy dodges your attack you can't activate these skills. Since you have a total of 4 bonds, as long as you have one red bond, you can deploy Leon. You don't need to flip / or tap bonds to deploy units specifically to deploy units. That's just to indicate that you used those bonds to deploy units for that turn. Flipping bonds are only for the costs of skills. You can't 'modify' your bond area, or rather you'll need to explain what you mean by that.
  8. Don't worry, this game can be a bit confusing to understand at first, hence why the QandA thread is here. The skill's cost refers to the cost of the skill you want to use (which is in brackets after the blue icon in this case). Paying the cost is optional as you said, you just have to Flip 2 Bonds if you want to use this particular skill. In Conrad's case, you only have to Flip 1 Bond to use it, since the cost of that skill is 1 bond. You can level up / class change Faye with any other Faye card (even the Cost 2 Faye). The difference is that Faye cards with a promotion cost count as a Class Change, and give the Class Change bonus of drawing a card. The Cost 2 Faye wouldn't give a Class Change bonus but you can still go into that as long as you have the required bonds to deploy. Untapping a unit means you can perform an action with that unit again, such as attacking, moving or tapping to activate that unit's skill. Basically what Ninja Emblem does is you choose whether or not to discard a card from your hand (your choosing), then after the battle is finished, if you discarded a card, deploy that unit with the Ninja Emblem on the field tapped. When you deploy an ally via a skill, it doesn't factor in the amount of bonds you've used for deploying that turn. Normally cards in the support area get sent to the Retreat Area after battle, but in Gray's case, activating Resistance Emblem let's you deploy that Gray with the Resistance Emblem (unless you already have one) onto the field instead of sending it to the Retreat Area. If you have any further questions, just keep asking. Cipher can be a bit awkward to understand so fire away.
  9. Got some links for y'all. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Starter_Deck_11:_Warriors_of_Bonds https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Booster_Series_17:_The_Advance_of_All_Heroes
  10. It's stated in the rules somewhere, but if you're unable to draw a card because your Deck is empty, you lose the game.
  11. http://serenesforest.net/cipher/tutorial/ This is basically a translation of the online app developed by Intelligent Systems from this site: https://fecipher.jp/special/tutorial/ If the above link doesn't work, try clicking here instead. This app requires Java to run on your browsers and has been tested with Firefox and Chrome on PC. English translation provided by bookofholsety. If you have any questions about Cipher check out the discord! You can also ask away in our Cipher QandA thread!
  12. Yes, you can use Lilina's 'The Making of a Great Sorcerer' skill to draw a card right after you resolve Lute's skill. You can't use Flying Emblem when you're defending, since it's only a skill that activates when attacking. If you're talking about while you're attacking an enemy and then move your enemy with Flying Emblem, you can't do that either since Flying Emblem only moves your own units (your allies). There have been cases of a unit being outside of a certain range when being redirected as an attack, like when using Flora Boreal Maid's skill "Did I prove useful?" to redirect the attack onto her when she's placed outside of range of the attacker - in such case the attack still can get redirected towards her and battle proceeds as normal.
  13. Yes. Titania's Golden Maneuvers makes the stack skills for Ross active until the end of the opponent's next turn. Chrom and Grima's skills specifically require an ally with the card name 'Risen'. Risen Chief unfortunately does not fall under this condition as the card's name is 'Risen Chief'.
  14. Sorry for the late response. You need a separate color bond for each color you aim to deploy for that turn. Keep in mind that in still needs to fall under the total deployment cost for your turn though.
  15. You need a Yellow card in your bonds to play yellow cards from your hand. It's still simple stuff to manage two color decks, just wait til you've seen three or four colors heh
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