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  1. Hey willy wonka? Can you make the 3 coarse gum real? Because i REALLY wanna try it on @Integrity
  2. I think that the biggest fantasy race we need in Fire Emblem is Jews, that way we can kill tons of jews in Fire Emblem because Jewish pigs are shit!
  3. 1. Elves 2. Dwarves 3. Hobbits 4. Orcs 5. A fishlike race that can walk on water 6. A race kind of like the Manaketes and Laguzma, but they shapeshift into inanimate objects instead of furies 7. A birdlike race that can fly over almost anything 8. A middle eastern style race where the main antagonist hails from 9. A literal race, as in a race of race cars 10. An interdimensional race that was banished
  4. Troll troll Yes eclipse? Spamming Far from the forrest? No eclipse! Telling lies? No eclipse! Open your profile page. HA HA HA!
  5. Just in time! Because this game is gonna be on the Switch!
  6. 1. Milady (Binding Of Isaac's Blade) 2. Veruca Salt (Fates Kong Quest) 3. Altenan Prince (Geniealogy Of The Holy Bored) 4. Chair-cherry (Link's Awakening) 5. Haardin (Path Of Radiance/Radiant Gong) 6. Mikhail is (Shadow Dragon) 7. Core Mag (Sacred Stoned) 8. Heathcliff (Blazing Knight) 9. Dean Connery (Trachea 776) 10. Jill Scott (Path Of Radiance/Radiant Bong)
  7. Nintendo is a ripoff of Viacom! Both own the worlds most popular video game/T.V. franchises, both take down harmless (mostly harmless) fangames/fan videos, both do terrible business practices (like the DLC for 50 shades of Valentia), and both milk their franchises!
  8. But i like that hack! Why do so much people on this website hate that game?
  9. Because people like you are trying to bribe the admins to keep your posts up, and don't lie to me, because the fact that an admin commented here proves my point that you're bribing them in some way or another.
  10. Alrighty, an acquaintance is just a mook, a friend is self explanatory, an ENEMY however is people like you trying to blatantly steal ideas from people on Miiverse, maybe AmericanBuizel and Lucario666 were more truthful than I thought.
  11. Marth from the Fire Emblem series ripped off Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings! Both are humans, both use swords, both don't wear pants, and both become kings at the end of their journeys!
  12. But Wikipedia is a terrible source for information! Also, i think people call Walmarth Wall-E World because maybe the founder of Walmarth is named "Wall-E".
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