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  1. Where did they state it would be Switch games only?
  2. Let's not mince words, the opening of Sony was not good. Watching a man play the banjo isn't my E3 expectation and they jumped to people taking too much. Now, once they got into the actual venue and went from game to game, things improved. Plenty of solid looking games, with new stuff for KH 3 and a surprise appearance for RE 2 Remake. Though I think Death Stranding's weirdness is starting to wear out its welcome.
  3. Pretty boring showing this year. Assassin's Creed looked like Assassin's Creed with a dialogue tree, Skull and Bones had boats, Trials Rising looked like a Trials game, For Honor is still a thing that exists, Division 2 was even more boring than it was at Microsoft's conference, and Just Dance is Just Dance. Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks a lot better tone-wise compared to last year, Mario + Rabbids was fun to watch, and the Star Fox cameo is neat (even if Star Link doesn't look very interesting). For now, I'm tying this with EA for conference quality. EA had less good points compared to Ubisoft, but they're good points felt higher than Ubisoft's. Both were incredibly boring and went on for longer than they had a right to.
  4. I considered that myself, but it seems unlikely. Bethesda tends to let themselves do the talking with their games. Unless Fallout 3 is Switch exclusive, I think we can put that leak to rest for good.
  5. Bethesda was okay. An improvement over last year, but I feel like they didn't have the kick needed behind what was shown. A decent amount was an add on to what we've seen before, the online aspect of 76 stops me from getting interested, and Rage 2 looked fine, nothing spectacular. As for the new games, I'm happy to see Elder Scrolls move forward, a new I.P. is always nice, and Doom Eternal makes me very excited. Unfortunately, we aren't seeing those until a year later at the earliest. The highlight was honestly Skyrim: Very Special Edition. My friends and I couldn't stop laughing.
  6. Pretty good Microsoft showing. I'm no more convinced to buy an Xbox One than I was before, but they showed off a lot. Not all of it appealed to me, but very little of it bored me and that's a good thing. Personal highlights include Sekiro, DMC 5, and Tales of Vesperia.
  7. If we're sharing bingo cards I may as well join in.
  8. The usual EA sports, a mobile game, two promising Indie games (one which came out today), and Anthem.
  9. EA was certainly EA this year. My enjoyment all came from Twitter and my friends on Discord. The only things that didn't stood out bore me were Anthem, Unravel 2, and Sea Solitude. Anthem looks fine, but it's showing was worse compared to last year. Too much talking, not enough showing. Unravel 2 looks good, but I am concerned that it came out the day it was announced. That's not good marketing. Sea of Solitude was the best part of the conference for me. I love the look, the premise is really intriguing, and you could really tell the creator was passionate about the game. A highlight not just because the rest of the presentation was underwhelming, but because it was good on its own merits.
  10. I've been hoping for this outcome for a long time. I'd love for a new man game and a remake of one of the Japan-only games. Bonus points if the two tie together some way (i.e. a remake of FE 6 and the new game is set on Elibe).
  11. Define dress up... Though the answer is almost definitely no.
  12. YouTube and Twitch should have livestreams for every conference hosted by the company themselves.
  13. Nintendo isn't a stranger to taking old concepts and using them years later. I recall a boss from Super Mario Galaxy being based on the original concept for the Ganon fight in Ocarina of Time that had gone unused. In this case, I don't think it will happen because Maiden of Darkness was reworked into Binding Blade. The article does say that very little of the game was moved into Binding Blade, but we have no idea how much original content there is left. Going back to Maiden of Darkness would be cool, but I don't see them reviving it for FE 16. Then again, Star Fox 2 got a release 22 years after it was cancelled. You never know with Nintendo.
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