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  1. Thanks for everyone's input, Conquest sounds like the game for me based on what I've read here.
  2. Hey all, I have some questions about which version of Fates I should get. I've played Awakening, SoV and Sacred Stones, so im not exactly a Fire Emblem wizard, but I would like to get another one and Fates is just the easiest to get. Ive heard people say that you play Conquest for the gameplay, Birthright for the story and Revelations for something between that? Is that an accurate assessment in this board's opinion? While im on the subject I will say that while I like good story, I can look past suboptimal writing if the gameplay is good. So if its true that Conquest has better gameplay, what exactly do people mean by that? Also I do not have the time to invest in getting and beating all three, so I am really just looking for people's thoughts on which they consider the best value for their money. Thanks for your time.
  3. Clive is a strong contender for pitchfork for me. Mine had really bad luck on my last play through as a cavalier but he's worth using if only as a power up for Matilda. As an archer though wouldn't it be difficult to keep him near Matilda? Yes he eventually has good movement as a bowknight but I'm trying to avoid grinding. I'm down to try it, if only to be something different with him.
  4. Hey so I just ran through the game on normal and decided to run through it on Hard (which Im told isn't that hard), I plan on not doing any grinding unless necessary. Anyway, as is probably apparent from the title, my question is who makes the best use of the villager forks. Ive looked online for some people's thoughts but I keep getting so many different opinions and I only have three forks. I'd like to use at least one on someone from each army. Thoughts?
  5. Im in the middle of a Lunatic run, with the eventual goal of doing a no-braves challenge for apotheosis. Im about just about to start chapter 11 and realized that I overlooked Gregor when planning my pairings. Gregor is just about my favorite first gen character and a great father in his own right so this needs to change. I would like people's opinions on who makes the (second) best use of him? As the title mentions I want to hear nothing about Laurent. Im aware that Gregor!Laurent is an amazingly flexible and useful unit in his own right, but for a variety of reasons I don't want to have Gregor!Laurent again. Hit me with your thoughts.
  6. I'm curious, which do you guys consider to be a more fun challenge. No braves allowed but you can use dlc or vice versa.
  7. The fifty luck was in reference to Inigo and Nah hitting 50 no matter whether they have limitbreaker but yes I was planning to rally and limit break.
  8. Hello. So ive done apotheosis normal route a few times but wanted to try secret route with one caveat. I wanted to run it without the use of brave weapons. Here are the pairings i was considering. This file hasn't actually been made yet so changes can be made if needs be. Chrom x FeMU (+Mag/-Def)(Im open to suggestions if needs be though. Henry x Sumia Librax Lissa Virionx Olivia Ricken x Maribelle Vaike x Sully Gregor x Cordelia Frederick x Cherche (probably going to be my benchwarmer) Stahl x Panne Lon'qu x Miriel Gaius x Tharja Donnel x Nowi I should add that several of these pairings were made for story reasons and a few (Vaike!Sully) were just because I was sick of always doing Donnel!Kjelle. Also I know that Virion!Inigo and Donnel!Nah don't have good/any procs on their own but they both get AT and 50 luck so I was thinking of slapping them with the vengeance axe and luna spear respectively. Only one whose class is set in stone is Bride for Nah. So let me know if this is doable or if I'll be bashing my head into a wall.
  9. So Im pretty new to Fire Emblem as a whole though Ive sunk quite a few number of hours into this game. Im about to start another file where I want to tackle Apotheosis without the use of brave weapons if I can avoid it, I wanted some advice on my pairings but should probably mention a couple details to preface this. 1. Some of the pairings I selected aren't the absolute best ever but I like to use pairings where the resulting children are effective but also where I enjoy the dynamic between the parents and between the parent and child (even if most are generic vis-a-vis the father) 2. I know he's effective as a parent but goddamn I hate Ricken and would love for him not to be used if I can avoid it. Anyway here are my pairings: Chrom x Sumia MaMU x Lucina (Probably +Speed/-Defense for Avatar) Librax Lissa Virionx Olivia Ricken x Maribelle Vaike x Sully Gregor x Cordelia Henry x Cherche Stahl x Panne Lon'qu x Miriel Gaius x Tharja Donnel x Nowi I should add that I know Donnel makes Kjelle amazing but its literally the only pairing ice ever done for her and I'd like to do something different. Anyway Thoughts?
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