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  1. It was pretty amusing for the tiger to witness this sort of flirting going on right after a fight, but she supposed that tracked with the type of person Ingverd seemed to be. He had a way with words and theatrics, to a point where it was probably part of his job description somehow, currently much to Cinaed's dismay. "See if you can get something useful out of him and tell me if you do. I'm not the type for interrogations, but you're free to enact mercy whenever he stops talking," Natalya replied, but put on a smirk after a pause. "Maybe you could try being smooth with me next time, see where that gets you... pretty boy~" She wasn't without a bit of tease in her as well, though her position did make it so she had very few chances to ever show it off. That might have been a good thing.
  2. "O... okay?" More than a bit confused by Renais just suddenly running off, Natalya scratched her ears a little, blinking while her tail swayed. Maybe not the strangest thing that one of them had done today, but a headscratcher nonetheless... It was definitely something about Cinaed, so maybe the boss would have to ask what ailed Renais about him, or else there might be some unneeded tension among the mercenaries. Not like they needed any more of that than they already had. Though after that, the expected man showed up and with quite the stained fa├žade. "You sure look like you ran riot through the pirates down there. My idea was to see if there's anything on the ships that we could use personally, then discuss with our crew what to do with them. I doubt we've got enough crew to send them to port, so... unless they have a better idea, we could give our aggressors a burial at sea. Hulking ships this big in the middle of the Altair Channel doesn't strike me as the best option." A quick shrug; Ingverd might have his own suggestions to add to that list. Either way, the quicker they got to a decision about that, the sooner they could be back on the way to Eibar. No point in prolonging what was going to be a week-long trip regardless.
  3. Now Natalya wasn't getting anything out of Alvira either, giving her a lot of reason to be concerned about what she'd said previously. A sigh as the healed dragon flew off; at least she wouldn't be in pain from that arrow anymore. "And there she goes..." Cinaed brought her back to the matter at hand, though. She could do her mom thing later when there wasn't a mercenary group to lead in the moment. "She's... She has issues. I'm trying to get her to feel better, but I think I overdid the scolding just now. Anyway, I keep enough of an eye on the big picture that I saw you fighting just fine, and I'm pretty sure that's what we had agreed on. So, welcome to the Iron Tigers... Cin, right?" The rest of the matter was moreso about what to do about the two ships that held theirs as dead in the water as they could, but that was something she'd have to discuss with the ship's crew. "Anyway. Fight's over, and I can only assume Ingverd's going to show up soon, since he dashed into the other ship and we haven't seen any more pirates show up. I'll discuss the matter of what to do with the ships with our crew, since we'll have to at the least dislodge them from ours if we're going to go anywhere, but you can all rest up while that's going on." Renais was cutely troubled by how Elisa had approached the group, but the quick resolution of combat and the subsequent ignoring of her presence told the strawberry-blonde Evoker that she wasn't really needed, like she'd suspected. Alvira's command of ice magic seemed fairly impressive, even if a bit crude... her grumpiness didn't seem to have changed, either, with how quick she was to try getting away from everyone following being healed. Really, with her seemingly unnecessary for the cleanup, Elisa figured she could just go back to cuddling with Tio, though the pretty man passing her by on the way did raise the relevant question to her mind. That, and the fact Tio was looking more at the man than who she was looking after. "You looked pretty distracted there, and not for his good looks, I'd imagine. Figured something out?"
  4. What a thoroughly and completely repulsive person. This was nothing new for Natalya, they'd been fighting Islexian pirates for years now, and most of them held that kind of contempt for their existence. Alvira and Syndra were enough to deal with him, thankfully; she wasn't a fan of executions, even if she'd gladly have given one to this man if needed. "Good riddance..." A short glare at the fallen captain was all she'd have time for, though, as Alvira suddenly collapsed. The one arrow didn't do that much damage, did it? Things weren't helped by Syndra and Nyx asking for her attention right as she was about to bolt over to the dragon to help. A nod was thankfully all that she needed to deal with Syndra, but her quip stopped the tiger from just brushing Nyx off, making her look at what she was holding, stepping close to the archer and speaking quietly. "If you enjoy not getting in trouble with several people here, you'll go put that in my room right now, and I'll decide what to do with it later. Frankly I'd prefer seeing it thrown where the peppers grow, but it's not a tactical impossibility for us to have to fight other Clouded at some point." Ignoring whether Nyx would catch their drift or understand the Glacian idiom, Natalya cast aside what sudden tension there had been between her and Alvira, quickly coming to the dragon's side, who had now managed to get back on her feet. "Alvira, are you okay? You're going to need a healer for the shot you took. Renais! Come on, we've got a monster killer injury!" A swift call of their healer, who thanks to Cinaed seemed to already be alerted... The Evokers were present now as well, but she was reasonably confident they wouldn't be needed.
  5. Hasty as Natalya had been in reprimanding the dragon, she felt like it might come to bite back rather quickly, but this was a combat situation, and she needed to make Alvira shut up quickly enough that she wouldn't have her attention away from everyone else for too long. She'd have time to reflect on her words later. Proper Procedure Then, of course, the pirates' captain entered with his own ideas about them, clearly wielding a Pure bow himself. "Shut up! It's because of bastards like you that we even have to fight! Too bad you won't live long enough to regret attacking us!" Natalya dashes to 15-9. The tiger might have been harsh on Alvira, but it was this man who actually deserved her fury. Just like all of the pirates attacking Glacies... Elisa would have joined the fray earlier, if not for the fact that she had to practically drag Tio out of bed. Really, for all of their sakes, she hoped they wouldn't have to fight in the morning too often, or it'd always take far too much time to get her wife woken up. "Sorry about our lateness~ Someone is just really bad at mornings. How about you stay with her, Tio, and I'll go see if anyone needs patching up?" Her concern about whether the Iron Tigers would be able to deal with things seemed to be for nothing, given how the pirates were already eliminated save for their captain, but tending to the wounded would be a priority regardless. Elisa saunters over to 9-11. "Everyone feeling alright, or will your lovely cleric be enough to handle things?~"
  6. "Oh I know, I certainly do! And you want to stoop to their level just so you can have a symbolic victory? There are still people like the Iron Tigers who regardless of their race just want things to turn out well for everyone! I may protect your life with everything I've got, but there's a limit to what I'll put up with." Natalya wasn't happy, to say the least, although her attention was partially to keeping a gun pointed at their remaining threat so they wouldn't have a funny interruption in the middle of their moment. "Be the bigger girl and keep being who's right, instead of some mirror image of the Islexians," she added, shoving herself off of Alvira for now. They were still in a fight, and much to her chagrin, she was pretty sure there wasn't any soap to go around until they'd make it back to land.
  7. And there, just as Natalya was about to praise Alvira for pulling something like that off without a scratch, she just had to get territorial about who of them actually gets to kill the people they're fighting... not to be outdone, Nyx just had to fuel her a bit more on top of that. She knew already how possessive Alvira was, what with her previous analogies and such taken to heart, but this was on an unacceptable level, considering what their actual job was. "Let it go, Nyx, she's not gonna listen to you anyway. I know who she does." Natalya runs up beside Alvira on 14-13 and puts a hand on the dragon's shoulder. Even though it looked like she was smiling as normal, the tiger wasn't putting any of her usual feeling into it, and her shut eyes hid what must have been an icy glare from the dragon. "Nice work on the dodge, but hey, Alvira?" She suddenly gripped the shoulder tighter, pulling herself just a tiny bit closer. "Shut the fuck up and focus on the fighting. Nobody gets to claim kills for themselves. The only thing that matters is how efficiently we can keep everyone alive while getting our job done." And because she felt strongly enough about the last point, Natalya finally let that glare shine through and her smile turn downward. "And if I ever hear you call one of our allies a 'worthless human' ever again, I will soap your damn mouth myself. Understood?"
  8. Cinaed's welcome is pretty hot! (-1 HP) [58-73] 10 damage! Cinaed gains +10 EXP. Enemy Phase
  9. Alvira's ice slams hard into the pirate, but he's not out just yet! [37-63 / 72-79] 20 damage! Alvira gains +24 EXP. Cinaed's fireball connects like he'd intended it to! (-1 HP) [61-77] 10 damage! Cinaed gains +10 EXP. Aegean gets rid of the threat! [64-5] CRITICAL! 60 damage! Pirate 2 is slain! Aegean gains +30 EXP and +2 Axe WExp. Aly's daggers connect, but they're just barely not enough! [56-34 / 76-85] 20 damage! Aly gains +20 EXP and +2 Hidden WExp. "Dammit, Alvira, I get you want to sleep, but you could at least look at what we're fighting before you charge ahead!" Natalya had gotten up on deck more or less alongside Alvira, but her quick assessment had spotted quite a dangerous swordsman on the ship beside them. ...And of course the dragon had put herself just in range of him. Best she could do now is thin the crowd so Alvira would only have to focus on evading that one attack. Natalya moves to 10-14, equips her .303 and shoots Pirate 1. "Nowhere to run!" Natalya triggers Eye of the Tiger! [11-(63)-23] 23 damage! Pirate 1 is slain! Natalya gains +6 EXP and +2 Gun WExp. Lead by Example powers up for the remainder of the turn.
  10. The matter of finding a room for Cinaed didn't seem like much of a problem, given Ingverd was by himself, and the cabins were built for two, even taking his size into account. "Unless you managed to seduce one of my girls in the past however many minutes, yeah, you'll be going to Ingverd's room. If you physically can't fit into the bed, then tie yourself down on the deck somehow and sleep there." Aside from the joke, Natalya didn't think he'd have issues with that, given how much space there was in her own bed even with her lying down... Maybe. The other rooms could be different, but there wasn't really any reason for the passenger cabins to be built differently to one another that she could immediately think of. "You'll find pretty quickly the Iron Tigers are a colorful group, literally and otherwise. Talk to the wrong person the wrong way and you might feel it in the morning," the tiger warned, though her slight chuckle made it out to be not as serious as it maybe should have been. Then again, she was confident she could at least deal with any problems that arose with Alvira, and the dragon girl was the most likely to pop off on someone if she, Aly, or Natalya herself seemed the slightest bit threatened.
  11. "...Man, this feels weird." The tall succubus looked around the gathered group a bit timidly, seeing just how many of them there were, all kinds of different people at that. Used to operating by herself as she was, being part of a proper military force -- if loosely applied here -- was still a bit of a shocker for Nashwa. She held a bit of a guarded stance, arms lightly grasping each other... even if she felt better for now, she could now at least tell she was still leaking some magic. Not enough to be a problem when they didn't really have many people who'd be affected by it, if what she'd been told was correct, at least. Still, she needed to be careful. Despite having taken mana potions on the way in, they hadn't given her the same kind of relief as getting some from Amera had, meaning that at best they would maintain her supply at the level it had been upon entering the wastes. And with a whole two weeks' time mostly being spent in carts, it was going to be damn boring for the most part. Couldn't even reload shells, what with needing a perfectly stable surface to do it on, or else things would become a problem. Staying quiet for all that time feels wrong... I should go with Nessraya, she'd at least be able to talk with me about, things. It was difficult to make herself less eye-catching thanks to her stature and dress, but she'd still try and make herself a bit more diminutive as she went on over to the General, greeting her with a nod. "If you don't mind, Nessraya, I'd like to be in the same cart for the journey. You'd probably be able to tell if there's something wrong with me faster than I could myself..." Embarrassing to admit, though it wasn't the only reason.
  12. Implementing magic in dancing was certainly no easy feat, and this lady made it look rather nice. Inspiration for a new spell for Elisa, perhaps, though she was still clearly focusing more on how Tio was feeling... It was very rare for her to be bewildered by anything magical in nature. For something like that to be on the same ship as they were seemed like too much of a coincidence to be entirely that, even if the latecomers did get on by almost a fluke. Ingverd's added information was good, as expected -- Elisa had never held the same kind of apprehension about him as her wife had, and he was proving well enough that he was close to Iseria for good reason. Mana storms did remind her of the time she met Tio, of course; even if they were horribly dangerous, dealing with one was what had brought the two together by chance, and brought her own strength close to the Light Evoker's, just with a different affinity. "We can be sure his thing is something to do with light, since you're able to sense it but I can't... that's pretty much it, though. But, we've got our own plans to talk through. And get the bed as comfy as you can on a ship~" She wouldn't leave belowdecks without first tossing a bemused glare toward Syndra, however. She might not be as good with ice as with fire, but figuring elemental magic out was almost as easy as breathing, and this was going a bit above pulling an inconspicuous prank on Ingverd. Hopefully she'd get the idea. Natalya's answer was to be greeted by a very tall man with some draconic features... No wings, though, so must be Clouded and not a pure dragon like Alvira. Going straight for the sales pitch about himself, and that one detail, told her that he'd probably tried to join a number of mercenary groups already without luck, though with how he was built, probably not out of a complete lack of qualification. "You can calm down, big man, we... don't really do the whole trial and application thing here. I think we should do something since we're on a very important mission now, but what..." The tiger thought on it for a moment, just looking Cinaed over. Definitely one of the tallest people she'd met. "Hmm. Tell you what, if the Islexian pirates show up at some point like we're expecting them to, deck 'em nice and hard, and I'll consider that more than good enough to let you in without reservations. If that doesn't end up happening, I'll come up with something that doesn't take up too much of our time in Eibar. Sound good?" He sounded like he'd take anything, but as far as Natalya was concerned, more hands to deal with things as they may come was only a good thing. And maybe she could negotiate the pay for the job being given to any people like him they'd pick up on the way as well.
  13. Just some blood, she said, when to Nashwa, getting her mana replenished as directly as this felt almost like an epiphany. The reality of how badly deprived she was, and how completely accurate both Amera and Nessraya were, hit her as soon as she could think about it again, still attached to the cat's finger for a moment. ...That also means. Ugh. I'll just, have to think about it later. I... don't think I've felt this good in years, and this isn't even the best way... Realizing she was maybe hanging on for a bit too long, the younger succubus blushed and pulled herself back, straightening out with a quick flap of her wings. "Um... T-thanks. I'm feeling fine now. For now, anyway. So..." She took a small sigh, looking back toward Nessraya. "You know my situation better than anyone else. I... might not be able to use my magic that well, but I'm a good shot, and I really need that lift back to Hwein, so I'd formally like to join your force. If that means I get to kick Coteon's ass, all the better. Kinda running out of cards in my deck otherwise."
  14. Their business had gone smoothly enough, and thankfully for Elisa and Tio, it seemed the Iron Tigers had gone around their business more or less as smoothly. Then, of course, there was a new ruckus right before departure, and one that seemed to be rather interesting for multiple reasons. One was the speed at which the rather beautiful lady had discovered how sour Alvira was, somewhat reminiscent of their first encounter earlier that day, really not giving her any reasons to believe the dragon had more than a few people's interests in mind. Of course, Ingverd was always the mediator and sweet-talker. The other was how Tio was observing the arrivals. She rarely looked that serious when just looking at people, unless she recognized them from somewhere important, or she was sensing particularly interesting magic. "What are you feeling, Tio? It's the... Man? That is a guy, right?" Elisa asked quietly, not having much particular interest herself other than getting to rest with her wife again. On being greeted by the passing Aegean, she gave a simple smile and nod in return. Natalya had had a time, first getting things settled with Almira, and then... Hoo boy. Mild Disciplining As good as it had ended up being, that was before she'd done any of her actual job, but with how well their gear was maintained overall, getting everyone's weapons nice and sharp, armor clean, and medical supplies settled was easy enough. Still, that wouldn't excuse not giving everything a thorough look. It would be an unforgivable stain on an armorer's pride if anyone was performing below their standard because of inadequately maintained equipment. Not to mention she liked some of the Tigers like her children, some in some other ways... She'd do her best for all of them even if it was unnecessary. Yes, even Nyx. Now, she was going over the events of the day in the black book she used to record job progress, in her room in the ship. The style of writing was very concise, to make sure only actual information was to be found in it. Took job from the Evokers on behalf of Iseria. Objective: find out what happened to previous envoy, escort Evokers to Lufiria if dead. 30k payout per member. Secured ship for travel to Eibar, Hecatia. All members including Evokers and Iseria's envoy on board. Satisfied with that for now, the tiger was about to close the book, when Aegean showed up with a knock on the door. "New recruit, off the ship? Unexpected, but I'll see what I can do about that, so just bring 'em in. Door's not locked."
  15. Elisa showed a pout in response to Alvira's intentional annoyance. She knew Tio was well able to stand up for herself, but disrespect like that was a quick way to end up on the relatively short list of people she didn't like. Ingverd she could forgive, what with his flamboyantly teasing tendencies, and knowing he didn't quite mean anything with it... but she did rather hope she wouldn't have to personally intervene with anyone messing with her wife. That might end with some collateral damage. Though, it would soon be time for them to depart for the business they still had left in Glacies. Ingverd and the mercenaries could coordinate finding a ship well enough between each other. "Yes, indeed~ We'll see all of you again soon enough. Good luck with the travel negotiations!" The strawberry blonde was chipper once again, giving a small curtsy to the group, attaching herself to Tio's arm on the way out. Once they were back on the street outside, she did have some thoughts to share with her wife, however. "...You know, this wasn't what I was expecting when Iseria mentioned that these mercenaries were unique. Maybe a few strong personalities, their Clouded commander... I think we've got more questions for Natalya when we have the time." Natalya, for her part, just wanted to grab Alvira and tell her to cut that out right now, but that would've been an even worse look than was already put on them. The others were at least thankfully supportive of what they were getting into, even if Nyx had her specific concerns, and the general trepidation of taking on such a massive job. I'll have to talk to her after this. No matter what her problem there might be, it can't be worth jeopardizing the job for. Three hundred thousand is way too much to risk for anything. Not that she'd get a chance right away. If they were leaving as soon as possible, she'd have to get things settled for that once again, organizing everything to make Almira's job as easy as possible... And only a single night in between this and their previous job to relax. That was just the way things were turning for Glacies, it seemed. "Sorry, Ingverd, but I'm also the armorer, so I've got a lot to do besides that. Gean, Miria, you two go with him to the port to get us a ship and crew. I'm gonna run a check on the armory and get everyone's gear in condition, so make sure your stuff is there before you leave. The rest of you pack supplies for yourselves and make sure you're as rested as you can be by the time we leave the country." With that said, the next thing would be to get their secretary up to speed on what's going on. Worst comes to worst, Almira would get the compound for herself; not that that was something she wanted to think about... you just had to be prepared for the possibility in this line of work.
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