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  1. Long time no post. Don't worry, I came here as I haven't forgotten too much about it. Currently, the small dev team of two seems to be very busy. Still actively looking for development members for coding, spriters, and scripts writers since we haven't progress much on that either. Just the usual as of now. See you later.
  2. Special player unit preview! Remember this person from another related story? Well, it's her birthday today, and what better time to do a preview in! Jeanne D’Arc - Fate/apocrypha - Salvation Maiden “Even if I must no longer be a pacifist in this kind of war, I’ll still protect whomever I serve.” A Heroic Spirit with the unique class of Ruler. During her life, she was burned at the stake and was deeply resented by her enemies. Values order over anything else. The first of many of Type-Moon’s Servants in the fangame. Servants are canonically known to be highly powerful beings. Jeanne, despite being a Soldier, a class with sub-optimal base stats and growths, her Servant parameters make her into a well-rounded jack-of-all-stats. Her personal skill, Crisis Guard, prevents her and adjacent allied units from stat decreases and status conditions from various other skills if she is adjacent to one or more allied units. (Mugshot by @HyperMorian)
  3. Hey, just been updated with new info that most of the player characters mugshots for the first demo have been finalized. Other than that, we're still looking for a Python-based programmer as of now, since the engine runs on the mentioned language. Other than that... yeah.
  4. Hey, no time long see. Progression is probably at a crawl, and I'm yet strapped for programming and sprite artist positions. Still at planning stage as well, as we haven't touched scripting yet. More info over this next month or so. Maybe.
  5. Fangame technically not dead, still looking for programmer and sprite artist volunteers since progress is currently slow for us. Once we get the first batch of playable units introduced, we'll start other parts of the first stretch of the project.
  6. Quick update: another spriter for character design/portraits/map sprites/etc. is needed to lessen work on the spriter that is deriving their work from the RP predecessor. Weapon icons and skill icons may be addressed in a separate post. Also still looking for coders since we still don't have a signal that they're ready to work on python code.
  7. Small update: Work has begun on the first few chapters (including classes, debut player and NPC characters, and skills that come from characters or classes from those few chapters). As of now, I'm looking for a person who is able to make GBA-styled battle (combat/spell) animations with, at least, the FEditor/FEBuilder/FEXP/FEXNA format. Most, if not all, characters will require unique animations when in battle due to the diversity in species and human character designs.
  8. So I just got word of two players suddenly coming in at the wrong time at the Discord server. Don't want to make a fuss, but if you want this project to be revived, why not introduce your characters?
  9. Sad to say but: this RP is under cryofreeze. When will I defrost it? We'll never guess an exact date. However, there's a project of the same caliber underway. Please PM for further information because I'm not sure whether or not a link to the project would be a good idea.
  10. A Discord server for a proposed fangame? Never heard of that before... right? Link for the brave: https://discord.gg/V8WDthQ Development info goes here. Note that actual proposals to join the team are private/direct messages only. Edit: I dun goofed and accidentally posted a link to the prequel to this fangame. Sorry dudes.
  11. The Souls of Anarchy: Spurning Staff 27 main chapters A strange main continent, with paralogues leaking to other worlds A myriad of skills: originating from Ylisse, Zenith, and the world of Fates Non-canon FE skills that includes personal skills for each playable character 35+ characters that will soon join the squad - a good amount with tragic backstories A dramatic story with comedic gag elements Some draconic and beast classes with corresponding elements Weapons from the entire FE series, plus a batch of outliers and unique items Battles takes cue from Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening This fangame acts as a spiritual successor to the roleplay Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror, currently on a indefinite hiatus, and borrows many of the same concepts and mechanics. It runs on riskrain’s Lex Talionis engine, which was written in Python. The fangame implies you have tackled strategy RPGs at a deep level before and may not be for the faint of heart. While the base game aims to be as difficult as the Jugdral duology, Casual Mode will still be kept just in case. If you’re familiar with my previous roleplay, I might be contacting former players for help on this project. Don’t expect a sequel, because this is pretty tough work. If it is, the sequel may use FEXNA as its base. Discord link for further info and discussion: https://discord.gg/V8WDthQ Progress: Not really begun on yet (or have extra help), so please wait for a first release! Once I gather resources and more development help, I'll keep updated with pictures as soon as possible!
  12. Kujura’s nonchalant expression to Lana’s report gave a clue that there wasn’t enough information. “However it may be, a pipe must end its course somewhere. What’s at the other end may be conquered by evil if it is left open to exploitation,” Lana continued. Adol Meanwhile, the red-haired warrior stabbed the Shaman in the chest. “That should do it.” Nothing but a corpse wrapped in black was left of the hooded malefactor. Vanessa next to him had already passed out from exhaustion and injury. “Maybe there’s more trouble afoot that I expected...” Adol thought. Adol is trying to figure out whether or not his cohorts needed some help from the pioneer of exploration himself. However, he does not realize Simon may be well on his way to aid the needy. (OOC Reply: Just 1 chapter. Only things worth mentioning were the enemies encountered, a Wyvern Knight with a deadly weapon, and the looting of a sapphire that led to Vanessa almost pushing up daisies.)
  13. Final Results Chapter 3 cleared. Second Fire Emblem character slot for Simon’s group has been unlocked. Lana rushed towards the scene in where Kujura had already claimed the throne. “Sorry to bother you all, but we’ve got a headline that a green pipe sprouted in the town’s outskirts. Call everyone back to see it if you can.” Malcom and company were also in search for the castle that they missed the raid on. They probably missed the news that Pokémon were being slain and green pipes were sticking out like a sore thumb. When they got to the castle’s entrance, they noticed a swarm of flying foes flocking towards what may have been that same green pipe Lana mentioned to all the others. (OOC Comment: Just in case, I've done some early slot unlocks.)
  14. Heavy sleeper requires more hours of sleep, so I missed out on a whole day of Nerofest. God damn you maintenance.
  15. Vanessa used the Chest Key. Vanessa got a Sapphire. Raven moves to J3. Gimli moves to L12. Simon moves to M12 to treat Lim’s wounds. Chapter 3 Enemy Phase Turn 9 The Shaman sneaks up to C6 to fire a strange shadow-borne arrow at Vanessa. The Darknut swings down its blade. Chapter 3 Other Phase Turn 9 Adol rushes towards D7 to console Vanessa. “You’re not looking good right now, are you? Let me handle this warlock. You should retreat at all costs!” he told the pegasus knight. Chapter 3 Player Phase Turn 10 (OOC Comment: 2 weeks worth the wait. Problems have been addressed in the Discord server.)
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