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  1. Does anyone care enough to send more units? Or should I let this die?
  2. First Gen: 1: Lon'qu 2:Lissa, @Levant Mir Celestia 3:Anna, @eclipse 4:Tharja, @Knight Adam 5:Miriel, @NinjaMonkey 6:Donny, @MadJak91 7:Sully, @Tuvy 8:Olivia, @kaiban 9:Kellam, @Xanaxian 10:Cordelia, @SoulWeaver Second Gen: 1:Severa, father: Lon'qu 2:Owain, father: Vaike @NinjaMonkey 3:Yarne, father: Donnel @darkblade2814 4:Morgan, Mother: Olivia @Levant Mir Celestia 5:Noire, father: Virion @Rex Glacies 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:
  3. This is long overdue, but I'm gonna play a Hard Casual (yes, I'm dirty) of this game and want you guys to pick who I'm gonna use! The team will be a max of 10 units first and second gen and who parents who in the second gen. Avatar and Chrom are exceptions. A child does not immediately mean their parent will be used, just supporting the other in free battles.
  4. I made one of these... Madoka: Great Lord w/ Renewal. 00559-34408-73306-64611
  5. For those who care: since Anna is DLC, would you rather me use her or kill her? If I do use her, she will be a Dread Fighter. I killed her.
  6. I changed the post, but dlc is allowed and I will raise the level cap.
  7. The only rules to this are as follows: 1. No Corrin above level 11. 2. All Corrins have to be reclassed, but may carry any one ability of your choosng.(Outside their current line, but those skills can stay on.) 3. The mode is Hard/Classic 4. The version is NA, not Pal. 5. I will accept ONE pre-promote. Level 13 at base then JUST promoted. (Still applicable) 6. Please leave an accessory so I can visit your castle and MAYBE get a bond unit. They are more Corrins. 7. My address is as follows: 00559-34408-73306-64611
  8. I'm doin' it! This is my run of Corrinright, or for the ill-informed, a Corrin only run of Fates: Birthright! Watch the stream at kappastrife on twitch! My current units: Madoka the Great Lord w/ Renewal Aura the Darkmage w/ Astra Serge the cavalier w/ Death Blow Nevarine the Apothecary w/ Sol Seth the Outlaw w/ Point Blank Lorelei the Troubador w/ Rally Defense Jeff the Apothecary w/ Nobility Daru the Knight w/ Dargon Fang Alice the Troubador w/ Elite
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