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  1. iirc i read somewhere that Blademaster wanted to show what the GBA engine was capable of or something along these lines 7 and 8* i meant 9 was very easy yeah. But 7 had 14 def/res enemies when i could barely reach 20 atk and 8 was tank mania
  2. Also the tankiness of enemies was only a problem in certain maps (namely 7, 8 and 18 with it's stance enemies) and Dragon maps
  3. right how could i forget him xD Probably the biggest downside lol you know what, true lol The most important one
  4. SGW Thoughts The good: Excellent and super fun unit design. Good skill and promotion system Difficulty hit a right sweet spot At first i didn't know how to feel about the reward/punishment system, but they are pretty generous honestly. Well done in that regard as well. Dragons on player side. SGW is for good boys and girls The Bad: The Music was awful. It's not the music selection itselt that's bad, as the tracks are tracks i usually love, but how they were gba'fied was done in a way that made almost every track sound really really wrong. Dark Wastes was the worst one in that regard. Probably the worst instance of Thracia capture yet. Anything with a cool weapon or staff was uncaptureable. And i am not just talking about def piercing weapons, but even a normal priest was some cool staves usually had the ''uncaptureable'' skill. It was super annoying and the game should've just done away with capture (and made more weapons dropable) as all it lead to was micromanagement hell, especially with the GBA inventory. Really bad there. Quite a number of maps were a miss. Some had a good idea, but the tanky enemies just made it a slog. Then we got stuff like Thracia 24x or any maps filled with super tanky dragons. I couldn't follow the story at all, but eh, don't really care about that.
  5. You told me Bael unit is more fun, you probably meant killing bawl while i understood it as letting them be green units xD Aura blade Ike and another Ike with Master Sword and that S rank sword Also that pyron spoiler is interesting, sounds pretty cool
  6. But You are the one who told me to get Torrid xD Or was it a misunderstanding? I actually got him Just decided not to use him as i wanted to finish the game with my "core squad" Ty!
  7. i did i played until chapter 16 iirc but stopped because those arena maps were annoying and open af. I think i got softlocked as my units aside from flier were weak af, but not sure since it's been a few years
  8. Since i am now at final map, time for core party! Astrea, MC-chan, and Magical Girl of Magical Swords. She's amazing. Many of you probably know that when i play Fates, i usually go Grandmaster Corncob, and she is pretty similiar to that, as she also has Ignis and access to Magic and Sword. Although she only has access to tomes after promotion, she has been using Magical swords all the game to kick serious ass, and even after promotion i mostly focused on magical swords + her PRF tome when needed. Real good. Hector. Why is he even here? Horseless Eligood. His skill set and stats are cool, and he comes with 2 leadership stars. Evan aka best unit in the game. Crit, tanky, stances, extra range, and personal 50 crit tome. Astrea's Sister the Valkyrie. She is a weaker spear version of Astrea. Has some cool support skills tho with Rally, spur and Blood Tide. Also 45% Adept. Her battle sprite and crit is amazing in the last class tbh. Tanky Bow Armor. 9 Indoor Move Good PRF Bow Bowfaire 30 Def Rally My other Bow Unit, the Dragon girl Nicole. She starts with low Str, but she can use the Magic bows reeally well, and later on when she gets some STR phyiscal bows as well. Also Canto+ (Console Canto not fake gba canto) and Point Blank is an amazing combo The Dancer Duo. SGW is for good Boys and Girls. Green Mage girl. At first i didn't wanna use her, but then she got a Mov lvl up on her join chapter. And Blood tide is always amazing One of the most fun Myrmidons i ever had the pleasure of playing with, up there with the Fates myrmidons but not Berwick Faye level because she's another level. Lancecrusher gave her extra 10 Damage against lances, along with avo, crit and hit bonuses. Astra, Adept, crits, Vantage and duelist blow are a skill set a Myrmidon loves. Especially with her 5 PCC her 2nd attack was always a crit. Late game Malig Knight. With the right use +15 damage from skills. Local Manakete and leader of the Dragon country. Can also use Tomes, where she then gets extra 15 Mag from one of her skills. Learns Dragon Fang at lvl25, dunno if i will get that in the final map or not Double breaker skills Wyvern lord reminds me of the Shigure i had last Conquest run. Was quite tanky as well. Only bows and mages posed a danger to him, really. Local amazing Witch. Witches are my weakness, and i had to use her. Had to have her hold skill scross the whole game tho because otherwise she was blind ''I AM NOT DELICATE'' Wait wait, that's not Lissa. But Axes + heals good combo Another Malig Knight, this time more magically focused. Promoting from a Dark Mage, i was considering benching him until i saw he has tomefaire, and not so bad skill stat. Also got tankier later on Dark Mage thief that promoted into Dark Flier thief. Was my main thief, and a magical tank as well with 28 Res + Tomebreaker. Speed was usually enough for doubling, too. Switch Squad. Used when another one was fatigued, or another thief was needed, or etc.
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