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  1. Banned for not being Florida man
  2. Because the Winds are magical and create songs themselves. Do you Believe it?
  3. Speaking about Perma Death, i love the way Valkyria Chronicles does it. In VC, if an allied unit gets KO'd, you have either 3 Turns to rescue them or until an enemy reaches them. If any of these happens, the unit permadies
  4. tbf, FE4 in general had pretty low enemy quality in huge numbers. Which is one of the biggest problems with the game imo Facing a block of Enemies that basically has 0 hit and 0 MT isn't fun
  5. They were scary, but they weren't a problem either imo
  6. Honestly, i usually dealt with them in FE4/5 by using high evasion units Which boils down to Forseti or Eryn/Fee in FE4 or Dismounted Karen and Fergus in FE5 (since they could support and give avoid to each other) here is another Ballista Spam from FE4 This from Binary hack, but iirc the og FE4 had the same ones
  7. http://imgur.com/a/lkNaP my precious Illya album
  8. FE4 and FE5 has a lot of them You sometimes have to deal with a Row of Ballistas in these games
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