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  1. he had his op self buff though. Which was fricking strong
  2. One difference though: Sky 3rd's fight boss' S-craft was Area L Ao's was Area ALL Makes a very big difference tbh, as spliting alone doesn'T work. Other than that, i will say Sky3rd had more powerful attacks.
  3. Yametekodasai! Tbf though, this whole harem/bonding stuff started in Crossbell, and will probably be the main reason why i will put Ao a bit below SC, even if everything else is almost 10/10. It's annoying. My biggest problem with CS gameplay. Even on Nightmare it's a snoozefest
  4. 5 levels babeh One Image and one Track to show why i love Trails Gameplay so much But man, what a fight. WHAT A FIGHT! WHY CAN'T I HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN MODERN TRAILS?
  5. 5 fucking levels. That fight was super tough. man. Why is the exp limit 9999 anyway. I should have gotten 27k exp game. pls. Also, Tio MVP. the only one who could damage the guy. Hype not stopping. I will probably miss some more sleep in the next days xD I am at intermission before Finale now 😄 Edit: Finale now with fucking hype & Information overload
  6. >Be me >take a small nap due to headache >nap turns into 8 hours sleep ...
  7. Damn it Ao let me sleep already. Why aren'T there any breaks on that hype train?
  8. me: i will go to sleep after chapter 3 Ao after chapter 3: I will end this man's whole sleep
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