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  1. Safe for work BUT NOT SAFE FOR YOUR EYES!
  2. looks to me more like Armagon is the one summoning it
  3. Hmmm i feel like i can edit this for this Thread's purposes... there
  4. wait what? That sounds too good to be true xD
  5. Sadly, it seems Ruben is not rising up to the challenge smh
  6. And stream it for all of us to see and bear witness to the great Teehee rivalry battle!
  7. You two should duke it out in Fates multiplayer or New Mystery's
  8. I think the only time i really wanted more save rooms was at the very end. It's been a while tho since i played bloodstained
  9. isn't there some kinda regen equipment iirc? But yeah i understand you.
  10. The support system will stay problematic and meh aslong as the evens happen vacuum
  11. Ruben be like it wasn't that bad iirc, but yeah, most game have no reason to not have a save everywhere feature
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