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  1. Fates Arrow crit twirl > GBA one :concern: Take care of yourself, man! :thinking:
  2. Atleast for original game, since i need to buy DLC new anyway to get all the codes
  3. I will see come holiday season, but honestly i am trying to get them together haha I will find a way dw
  4. soon ™️ i will be getting XB2. Might be letter than expected however thanks to Covid throwing all my plans outta window
  5. You can actually! Arms scroll help alot, but yeah Should've named Corrin Draggy's Plans xD
  6. The reason i didn't go -STR because i was planning Malig Knight, so some STR wouldn't have hurt. To go with Axes and all.
  7. +Mag -Lck so yeah, i was going full Mag corrin from the begining haha
  8. Umu It is! Although the hardest chapters are still to come, but i think i should be fine haha
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