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  1. No no. I love gen 4. I just had enough of Pokemon, so to say xD but yeah, the slow speed ugh. Especially those HP bars going d.o.o.w.n.
  2. I was kinda out of Pokemon for a while after gen 4. Gen 7 brought me back in for a bit, but i am out again tbh
  3. Tfw you lose to mobs so hard, the game crashes
  4. ah! tbf, the last gen i played was gen 4 then jumped to gen 7
  5. https://geofront.esterior.net/ soon ™️ White for Noire and Black for Blanc?
  6. Yup. Thankfully, i didn't have to replay the game or something (the horror lol), since i just got a NG+ file from the start for bonding (and didn't let anything carry over except bonding points, so i can view all bondings) Understandable. I am hoping Crossbell restores my Kiseki hype again after CS buried it in a grave far away.
  7. even her S-craft is not-Excalibur xD Not as nails...xD just tough haha The only tough as nails fight in CS2 was Isra-Zamiel, and only if you do him without any Carryover Just see how long it took me xD The only Boss in CS comparable to Trails in the Sky bosses on Nightmare
  8. Here's me playing some Trails (beware potato Quality and Major CS2 Spoilers) And that is, what i consider by far one of the Two or three hard battles in the game.
  9. I can defeat them, as in bring them to 1 HP (because game doesn't let you defeat Mr.Humburger iirc), in the first battle against them. iirc the condition to get the extra AP in that battle was to defeath Ms. Not-Saber, which was easily done. sorry for sounding arrogant xD
  10. Well, it's definetly one of the hardest. Sky 3rd has a couple harder fights though (like , together) And Sky SC epilogue is painful enough on Hard. It made me actually lower the difficulty to Normal for a while before i found normal too easy then restarted again on Hard and tried pushing through it xD
  11. Yup. Healing OP. now i want to see you doing SC penultimate fight on Nightmare xD
  12. Well... Cold Steel Nightmare is like Sky easy for me xD I even limited myself and stopped using truely op stuff, and it was still 💤for me haha Sadly, by the time she gets it every enemy resists that stuff xD
  13. What if i told you... I used to play Trails in the Sky trilogy on Hard/Nightmare? There's a reason why i consider Cold Steel Nightmare a cakewalk xD And ayy, nice new avi
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