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  1. Because there isn't. Starting R;B2, the games take place in a different dimension, with only a very slight hint to R;B1 in R;B3. From now on the Games are connected, however. R;B1 is basically an introduction to the series and it's characters, before they move on to a slightly different setting. The characters are mostly the same (for the most part, but they added/overamplified some annoying traits to characters for some reason. It's especially bad in R;B3). you know it will xD same here. Imo, R;B1 is just better then both other R;B games. I also disagree on the R;B2 being more serious. It may be darker, sure, but it isn't really serious. Also, at the start of R;B1 the other CPUs all basically teamed up to kill Nepko. Honestly, i didn't like the Candidates much until Megadimension. I do however, like how they play differently.
  2. Presumably was in a car for 5 hours.
  3. because if he got dem moves, they'd be flaring hot.. Why does Mecha exist?
  4. afaik, Fates above 50hit uses 2RN like FE6, so it doesn't make much difference
  5. Again, that's if your attack hits to begin with, which is not certain with anything below 90 hot, and anything below 75 will not hit. in what world? so games become unplayable like FE6?
  6. unlike Pokemon, FE has perma death and missing an attack could lead to your unit dying and you having to restart a Map. Also, when i used to play competitive Pokemon the 95 attacks were pretty much favoured over the 120 ones. They miss too much and usually lead to a total match loss.
  7. honestly, i never use units like that. Because they never hit, they only miss. I'd rather use the low damage high hit, as they atleast can work as chip damage dealers and are not totally useless like low SKL guys.
  8. While True, Str is useless if you can't hit anything you see.
  9. When it comes to Skill, no, it's not an issue. Skill is already pretty damn important, and low SKL units are just useless blind unit that can and will be benched. SKL also usually affects Skill activation, so there's that. For Luck however it could be a buffed a bit, but honestly, i have no idea how. then we get a FE6 situation, nty.
  10. Because you sing infront of the mirror alone alot What are the requirements of the True End of the game called Real Life?
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