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  1. tfw you cancel an outing with friends due to stomache <.< Their is an orb near their HP bars. When that Orb is filled up, they transform. Also, beware the Imouto system. And enjoy 😄
  2. FE4 - 7/10. Map design may be a dumpster fire, but it being my second FE, it has a special place in my heart. I loved how unique it is, loved gen 1's story, and loved it's characters. Biggest weak points are gameplay/Map design and how Gen2 is basically ''Defeat Evul Dragon''. FE5- 8/10. NGL could've been my favourite if it wasn't for the surprises the playes has no way of knowing of. Special Mention goes for the Manster Arc for how amazing it is. FE6 - 3/10. Worst FE experiece i ever had. I don't think there's anything redeeming about this game. Especially when i played 3DS, Jugdral and Tellius before it. Going from FE5 to this was ????. Like, where's everything. Also, hit rates are horrible ugh. FE7 - 5/10. GBA Era is bleh. FE8 - 6.5/10. Imo, the only enjoyable GBA game. Might be a bit easy but nothing some hacks can't solve. FE9 - 8/10. Would've been more if it wasn't so super easy. FE10 - 9/10. Former favourites before Three Houses, and honestly, the only FE games i would consider having a good story before Three houses (I already talked about FE4 yes, but i am really not fond of it's 2nd generation story, as i said.). Has my still favourite Lord, Ike, and alot of my favourite Characters, like Jill who is my #1 Character in the Series. One thing that i love in RD that's only done in Echoes/Gaiden is the mutlipe armies and prespectives. I really really rally loved this, and wish more games do it this way. I also loved how your different armies fight each other through the game. We need more of that. Ike vs. Micaiah, Chaos vs. Order, Ideals vs. Loyality. LOVED IT! Sadly, even that game has it's big weak points, those being Part 4 Maps (those were horrible ugh) and the whole Blood Pact thing. It's also a ship destroyer of Doom. FE12 - 4/10. Can't for the life of me enjoy it. Early Maps are a pain. Kris is bleh. Ambush spawns. Like,... WHY? Also, same thing as GBA, removed to many Mechanics. Yeah, it's a remake and all, but a remake should adapt new stuff and not remove it. Remakes don't need to be faithful. Conquest - 9/10. Par None, Best Gameplay in the series. Story might be a dumpster fire of epic propotions, but i care about gameplay much much more. FE16 - 9/10. Best Story in the Series so far, with the best and most fleshed out characters. Gameplay is also pretty enjoyable. I especially love the customization aspect. Honestly, the game's main weakness is it's reptitiveness and Maddening mode.
  3. umu. Which is why they should continue with the whole 'sha' thing they did in MegaNep.
  4. @DragonFlamesas a fellow Flayn-o-Fish'er, i think you will like this and lol says the girl who's MVP 90% of the Maps and kills everything with a training axe xD
  5. i didn't reach time skip yet, so i don't have his Unique Class xD He is a Wyvern Rider now, however. we can now legally use it without being called out xD. ...and Mario 64 is 24... Grandpa Shrimpz awwwwwwwwwww
  6. Oh i got that Pauline one in the spirit board yesterday. No idea how it's even doable. Golden Deer I only had 1 last time, now i have 2 Wyvern with Bow and Axe + Hilda with Axe/Lance, and Leonie Sniper who i can reclass into Pegasus if needed. Should make my life much easier next time i try it, which will probably be later today, after rl stuff. Also, the stats of units are about ~7 higher than on Hard. That includes the AS (atleast before time skip). On Hard enemy Pegasi still doubled almost everything i had. does Dark Emperor Hardin ost atleast play? >kid >Wii u you are making me feel really old, you know that? xD
  7. Yup. And they have 7 Mov instead of 6 like the player. Got rekt xD Need a strong red Spirit with 3 Slots, Since Sakura (anti poison) needs 2 herself...
  8. Ok I just got to that Wtf? So tanky. Tankier than Gatrie. And the enemy pegasi in this game are quite tanky, too. Like even on Hard i needed Silver Bows for them.
  9. That's how i play the map, and the assassins are no problem, really. I can take out the western guy pretty fast (read: First turn), eastern dude does take a while however. The problem are really those pegasi with Sword breaker.
  10. Thr Ashe Catherine paralogue on maddening.... ambush + fog big oof <.< And enemies with breaker skill, which makes dodgetanking a bitch since you can't see what is where...
  11. Lmaoooo. What a Hero. So i've been told. Wait until i tell you about my Ignatz
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