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  1. I just read about what's going on in the smash community
  2. @Armagon https://guya.moe/pages/aka-akasaka-twitter-qa-session/ I guess you might find this interesting
  3. Not even continue work. I needed like 3 cups of coffee a day to stay awake during workdays lol. Sadly, it's one of the drinks my doctor told me to stop drinking
  4. exactly. Just thinking about losing control of myself is very scary. Very very scary. ikr. I already have enough health problems to begin with, and my doctor did forbid me from drinking alcohol. When i told that to fellow students, they were like ''poor you'' pls xD This should help. How old are you again? And sadly, some societies tend to give these people some weird looks... Gotta say though, Life without Coffee is hard XD
  5. Tbf prople don't drink alcohol for the taste. Or i doubt that is the case anyway. They mostly drink it to let loose. But i can let loose without it, so why should i drink it? The fanbase meme'd bruhfish to the max lmao
  6. Told ya so^^ Honestly, Altera's route was not only my fav... But the only one i liked. Not just Story wise, but even gameplay wise ot was the most original, focusing more on boss fights rather than the usual mob pwnage capture thing (i am not exactly big fan oh mouso games, as you can probably tell xD) And that ending was a tearjerker tbh. It was also the only route where i liked Hakuno iirc
  7. Same. The wait is atrocious. atleast we are still getting a chapter this week, but next week no chapter ;_; Honestly @Acacia Sgt Happy birthday! 😄
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