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  1. And then there're those in the mid, multicultural, traveleres, etc. They are just hated on by everyone and can feel foreign pretty much everywhere
  2. 439 wtf Well, it was obvious. Always like this Not with that kinda come back tho
  3. Thing is, as much as we might hate it, politics really really affects our lives Especially if you aren't part of the majority, and i mean that in every was possible, down to the way you act
  4. 👀 lmao well, a broken clock is right twice a day?
  5. I am not hispanic or have any hispanic origins, but people confuse me alot for one lol
  6. Japan what the fuck Chika you ok?????? Politics_irl
  7. "i am legally allowed to shit talk you" xD Tbf that can be said about so many damn things not just anime xD
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