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  1. Sometimes the story really needs an order for it to work, as the routes build upon each other
  2. It's different from VN to VN. The one i am playing now has a enforced route order, for example. Some stick you to a common route first, then give you the choices later or on a 2nd run, etc.
  3. Usually first route is usually a lore dump route or something similiar, and there's a popular term called ''first route syndrome'' to describe that, and the games getting stronger with more routes until peaking at last route. It's not rare to have dud routes tho This is probably the first time i like first route more than 2nd or 3rd. Well, 3 routes more to go after this
  4. blame the game i am playing for reminding me of him Sorry tho 😞 Tifa porn at Italian parliament
  5. Characters are being OOC Military ladies fighting over MC like they are school kids, even though one of the ladies was a wingwoman outside of her route A bruh death MC acting like an idiot and thinking more with his lower part ''Daughter left me so she ain't my daughter'' even though it was MC who told her to leave stuff like that
  6. Sooks joining the ''Trust me it's good'' crowd?
  7. Maybe? 70% of her body is mechanical is what i know honestly i am probably nitpicking now because i haven't been enjoying this route lol
  8. Girl - I am a Cyborg MC - *shocked* Me - Didn't you just bang a couple days ago? HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE IT?
  9. Finally someone speaking facts in this route
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