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  1. I prefer the Fates method, too, but atleast the inflation works this time unlike every other game in the series xD
  2. And post game at that xD Tbf, this games does use the "inflation" pretty well, so...
  3. >Camilla >36 Mag/ 38 Res Did she steal Elise's magical stats Also wtf 49 Spd holy. >Selena >38 Str hacked >36 SPD Beruka Super hacked
  4. Completely mine 😄 When i saw the sommification of the subreddit while listening to TMS music the idea popped into my head xD
  5. Trauma, suffering, degeneracy and all that fun stuff that brings a smile to my heart Ü
  6. DLC Wave 5 announcement: Sommie Mirage Sessions #XBC The last DLC brings the series' celebration to an epic conclusion. Kyoto, April 1st 2023 Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, Monolith Soft and Atlus announced a new a DLC wave for the latest Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Engage, aiming to not only conclude the celebratory 17th title of the series, but also bring beloved series together. Here's the synopsis from the game's home page: Features Return of paired Endings: The dlc will bring back the much beloved paired endings, including the ability to pair up the Emblems, heroes of the past, with other characters. This feature isn't available in the localized version. Engage ver.2: When Engaging Characters now take on more powerful & sytlish forms! Dragon characters will have futuristical mechanical dragon wings and flying characters will ride air planes, as an example. These forms are known as Carnage Forms. RPG gameplay: Between the challenging and strategic battles of Fire Emblem enjoy dungeon and filed exploration and challenging small party RPG gameplay! Chain attack music: Whenever more than 3 characters take part in a chain or session attack, the music changes during the duration of the attack! A new lyrical collection The DLC will feature various beloved Fire Emblem tracks remixed and sung by Fortuna entertainment Idols. Doors of Fate, by Mamori Minamoto Together we ride, by Toma Akagi and Eleonora Yumizuru Dark Fall, by Yoshiro Tsurugi End of All, by Kiria Kurono and Tsubasa Oribe Opera of Light ver.2, by Itsuki Aoi feat. Alear & Veyle In addition to that, songs from other games will get a remix as well. "Weight of Life" by Vocaloid Adult Tiki and more. Please look forward to it. The Scientist Xenologue Focusing on the origins of Sommie, this story revolves around a child destined to change the world, his strangely familiar red and blue doll and the mysterious picture. Discover the truth of the worlds with 12 highly strategic Fire Emblem maps and fun and challenging RPG gameplay between them! New Emblems, Units and Classes Upon clearing the Xenologue, the following Emblems will be available for the main game Emblem of Wings, Tsubasa & Caeda. Focusing on Spd and Magic, this emblem is able to attack and support with Magic and lances. Stats: Magic/Spd/Dex Sync skill: Session attacks. If an ally in movement range breaks an enemy, this unit performs a chain attack. If Tsubasa targets an enemy weakness (including during chain attacks), all allies in range will join in on the chain attack! Engage Skill: Soaring girl. Avo+50 against attacks effective on the engaged unit. Engage Weapon: Zandyne. Powerful Wind attack that breaks sword units. Effective vs. Fliers. Engage Attack: Grand Finale. Powerful Area wind magic that also heals allies. Power increases with nearby number of allies. In addition to that, more Emblems whose identities & abilities will be revealed later will also join you! Emblem of the Forseer. Emblem of the Chad. Emblem of the Eternal Now. Emblem of the Joker. Clearing the Xenologue will also provide you with a new unit Miracle Uta-Loid Tiki A dragon who once helped Fortuna entertainment slay the shadow dragon, she returned performa to her world with her many songs and actions. More than 2000 years have passed in her world since she helped slay the shadow dragon. A Manakete capable of using powerful dragon stones and the full power of Emblem attacks. 100% Clear Bonus: Sommie Rider. A powerful class that only Dragon units can reclass into. This class provides access to every weapon and high stat caps and growths across the board. Due to power, only one unit can have access to it per run. Super Smash Bros. mode A new mode available once you 100% the game. You can play all of it in the style of the much beloved party game, Smash bros. 80+ Fire Emblem characters are ready to duke it out in the land of Tellius! The DLC will launch on April 20th for 69$
  7. The best kind of characters. Healthy characters are boring I am getting swarmed by April 1st memes everywhere, so just spreading the joy around Ü Pro tip: Check the FE subreddit today you will love it
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