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  1. Yeah, fair. I usually do 5-6 per run myself. I suspect ch. 22 will have many disliking it, although not on the same level as cq low point maps
  2. There's a festival from Ancient Egypt that's still celebrated today Sham Ennessim (Tl should be: Breeze smelling if my arabic doesn't fail me lol) It's a spring festival that dates back to Ancient Egypt, and is a national holiday. One big problem i had with the day is that fermented mullet that's fucking everywhere. The whole country smells like Bad fish lmao, not to mention i could never stomache the food myself XD
  3. A single run in Fates would have 28 main + 14 child paralogues + 22 DLC. That's still more than Engage, but to tbf Fates also has more DLC than Engage. Without DLC they are almost equal (42 Fates if you get all Children vs. 41 Engage). And some of the Fates DLC i don't wanna count (the grinding one) Also, on most Fates run you won't be doing the first 5 maps, so... Fire Emblem was truly ready for this XD The only maps i would describe as so are Fox hell and Ninja hell. They are really really really bad however i agree Engage is like the first game where there isn't a map i wanna throw the controller away while playing. Ch. 11 needed to be Escape map to be truly peak
  4. If i compare Fates with Engage Engage is better at: Giving the player more fun tools without breaking the game sideways Peak Boss design. This is where the strangth of alot of Engage maps lie Constant drip feed of units -> Better ironmanbility (In Fates later on you only have kids as a replacement). Fates better at: Higher difficulty balance (Skills & Dragon veins > Stat inflation any day) Better map design. Weapon and Class diversity And both (+Berwick) leave the rest of the series behind by quite a margin imo.
  5. Yeah Engage gives you much more tools, and, that's the big thing in Engage's favour, they don't break the game sideways. It's honestly quite fun to use Warp staves liberally ala Thracia without the gaming breaking in 10 like Thracia did lol. I really LOVE Engage's approach of giving the player as many fun and in other games would be outright broken tools as possible and designing a challenging experience around them. In any other game just 5% of the tools you get in Engage would break the game utterly. Even Fates LOL Next Patch: Lucina's Paralogue now launches Smash. Alear added as Smash DLC for salt purposes
  6. I mean How could they've done it better? Arena Ferox is just a flat map. You can't do much with it XD
  7. Tbf it's an Awakening Map It and Celica's maps you can'T do much with xD Fates 5 Prologue + 22 per route + 22 child Paralogues + 22 DLC That's 115 Maps.
  8. @Eltosian Kadath I think you're upload is incomplete. It just stops in the middle
  9. yeah, a thought i had as well. I have like 10+ Fates runs while i am still in my 2nd Engage run lol (and first Lunatic). You know what Engage needs tho? Engage 2 because i want another 50 maps with the same gameplay system lol Engage is quite a meaty game gameplay wise isn't. 26 Main maps + 15 Paralogues + 12 DLC. That's quite meaty. yeah it's pretty good. Most of the time i use turnwheel to test attack ranges and stuff, honestly lol. You have got lotsa terrain manipulation tools this game and that messes with the movements quite a bit lol Also RNG XD Tbf I have seen a video where a lvl1 Jean deafeted the final boss on Maddening, thanks to True damage abilities
  10. I think one point in CQ's Favor is RNG migitation. Conquest gives you much more tools to migitate RNG with. Rallies, skills and supports being more powerful. I know in CQ how to migitate Low%crit or hit/avo with the skills and supports needed. Not that easy to do in Egage. Infact, yesterday had me lamenting not having Timerra in the team because the 3 Range -5 crit could've saved me from some low crit annoyances yesterday. Facts! And i think you will return to Engage more than CQ because turnwheel can act as a save tool as well. Or for RNG moments. Probably first Lunatic run syndrome. It's quite different and much much harder than hard tbh. Or maybe i fucked around too much dunno lol Honestly, the only units i'd call really bad are Alfred, Bencheron and Jean. I can't see how these can be salvaged, especially with how strong maddening enemies are.
  11. If i was on the design team honestly i would've been even more mean and put a couple Entraps and Enfeebles here and there, just to truly emulate Conquest Lunatic Although i found enemy Physic staff users in this game to be the most mean of all, they almost completely ruined my plans yesterday with their healing focus much more than any Enfeeble ever did lol Also compared to Conquest you have many more fun tools like Warp/Rescue and stuff. Cheesing with them can be hard to pull off thanks to how strong bosses are, but you can use them as tools.
  12. Yes. Maybe a bit easier since no staff Savant or Inevitable End bs, but the game has other crazy tools to pull. They heard people found 3H too easy and decided to give Conquest difficulty another try Ngl one of my thoughts yesterday during ch.24 was like "Ruben would hate this without Turnwheel" lol, considering i've been close to 3 Hours in each map late game lmao
  13. I am not complaining 😄 This is exactly what i wanted Although sometimes i felt a bit too much lol, but this is exactly how i felt in my first CQ luna run at first @Interdimensional Observer You enjoyed your time it seems 😄 That "mummy" is hella interesting. Never knew that parctice carried over into later times as well.
  14. Oh my god Late game Engage Lunatic is fucking intense. What the fuck. This feels like my first CQ Luna run all over again.
  15. Is that the B.Saga game on steam Ruben keeps talking about
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