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  1. I would like this too, before I worked out my strategy on beating it I at one point almost won, but then played recklessly to kill the last caravans hoping that the game worked this way and instead the Enemy Phase happened and 2 of my units died (meant a restart since I want to keep all of them alive) For player convenience, maybe have it trigger at the end of the Player Phase and not immediately after killing the last caravan? That way for example if you happened to kill the last Caravan and there were still enemies to kill for EXP or ruins that one of your units were in range of, you still have the rest of the Player Phase to try and get what you can.
  2. Long time Serenes Forest lurker here brought out by this amazing game, absolutely love the mechanics changes. I'm only about halfway through the game so I wanted to hold off until I beat it before commenting on it, but I discovered an error and figured the sooner you were informed the better. This occured when I pressed the "Info" button on the menu with Objective / Options / Suspend / End. Traceback (most recent call last): File "Main.py", line 108, in <module> File "Main.py", line 50, in main File "Main.py", line 68, in run File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 189, in update mapSurf = self.state[-1].draw(gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 530, in draw gameStateObj.activeMenu.drawInfo(mapSurf) File "Code\MenuFunctions.py", line 600, in drawInfo help_box = InfoMenu.create_help_box(self.info_desc[self.currentSelection]) NameError: global name 'InfoMenu' is not defined Failed to execute script Main Shrimperor, something that can help rainlash is figuring out how to reliably recreate the error. If you time it right, you can also prepare for the crash and get a print screen to catch the details before the console window disappears (how I got the above error log) which is even better. Also, for anyone having problems with Chapter 4, through trial and error I ended up working out a fairly reliable way to 100% the level.
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