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  1. Alright! I forgot about stuff like that, but I changed it now.
  2. Do you ever have trouble making teams and getting good units? INTRODUCING... Axel's Team Building Guide! Basically, this guide will go through the steps to build a good team for your next playthrough. I'm going to go through how many units to have, good class diversity, etc. Anyways, here we go! Part 1: Amount of Units There's nothing more annoying than going through a game and realizing that you have to leave behind a unit you put hours into training for the final chapter. Always remember that the golden number is 12. If you don't know how many units you want, then just get 12. Not too many that you will have to leave one behind, or that they will fall behind in experience, and not too few that you can't handle the last few chapters. Personally, I recommend choosing the unit cap for the endgame. That way, you can have plentiful units and still be able to bring them all in. Which is probably why I don't like FE7 as much as the others, I hate those 5 must-brings. Part 2: Classes Alright, this part is where things start to change with the different class pools in the games, so I'll try to be as general as I can. Try not to have too many units of 1 weapon type. That will make you have a large disadvantage against a kind of weapon. Don't have too much of 1 kind of unit, or it will be hard to handle counters. Really, just pick what you feel compliments your team the best. Part 3: WHOMST Now that you know which classes and the amount of units you want, you need to decide who will fit those classes. This is the meat of any team building session. You have several factors to consider: When you get them, their growths, their classes, and (In the more recent games) their skill pools. Make sure that you don't get most of your units at the end of the game, as that will make the early a lot more difficult than it should be. Some units are just great all around, coming at an early, or at least not late part of the game, having great growths, a useful class, and great skills. Examples would be Miledy from FE6, Raven from 7, and the Avatar and Morgan from Awakening. Also, be careful if you have an Est character. They come late and start weak, but get incredibly powerful if you train them. I hope you all enjoyed my first guide. and I hope that it was helpful as well!
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