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  1. It's just so lame that Lyn gets a random weapon we've never heard of before while Eliwood and Hector get a legit legendary weapon. Plus, given how Lyn is basically a nomad without a horse, I think Mulgreis would have fit her perfectly. Either that, or go with the original idea like Hardin said and give Durandal to Lyn (and Maltet to Eliwood so everyone gets a legendary weapon).
  2. How do you feel about using the arena in something like this? You could arena abuse Wendy in chapter 13 to 20/20, and then Sophia in the Illia/Sacae Arena to 20/20 as well. At the very least combat wouln't be so bad that way. About the sleep staff, the only thing I can think off is to use pure waters to reduce the hit rate. I think you can finish chater 14 in less than 25 turns if you give the boots to Wendy. The problem with chapter 21 is that it's very large and that it has an absurd amount of reinforcements. Luckily, most of the areas that trigger said spawns can be simply walked around. This isn't really a spoiler so feel free to look at the map I attached. Wendy with boots can walk right past the green and blue boxes (she can ferry roy over). The only one you can't avoid is the purple box, but 1 spawn point as opposed to 3 is much more manageable. Also, you have a 30 turn limit so you should be fine. One last thing, even if you're strict on there being no cooperation from characters other than wendy and sophia, do make sure to recruit the characters that you need to access the gaiden chapters: ● Douglass (just don't kill him in chapter 16). ● Miledy and Zeiss. ● Zealot and Juno, if you go to Illia. ● Sue, Shin and Dayan, if you go to Sacae. [Chapter 21 Map]
  3. I'm with ping on the issue of the silver card. There are many things you can do with your money so you'll never have too much of it. Having it also allows you to buy stuff free of worries. Because of the silver card, you are buying things at the same price that you sell, so if you're not certain of how many you need of something you can just buy a ton and sell the excess in your next preparations screen without losing any money. I think it's also worth mentioning that Arena grinding isn't the most fun thing ever. It takes a while and, unless you're using savestates, you risk dying to a random crit or something dumb like that before you get a chance to surrender, which would make you lose all your progress. It's much more efficient to rely on the silver card for money and use the arena when you need the exp. For example, in chapter 13 I arena abuse a bit with Miledy to get her to a good level before promotion, since I have her destroy half of chapter 14 on her own and I need her to be as strong as possible. I think the only other arena abuse stop for me is in 17 Sacae, where I try to take Saul to lvl20 promoted (it takes surprisingly little time since he earns bonus exp). There just isn't any reason to not take the silver card. It's near the starting point anyways and you don't lose any time picking it up. I do like taking 2 thieves for their extra vision. I almost never have enough trained units in this level to fill the unit limit so there isn't much else I can field besides a 2nd thief. 3 thieves is too much though, 2 more than fixes your visibility and it's enough to pick up items even without the glitch should you chose not to use it. My usual strategy is to use Miledy to take care of the north and northeast enemies, either Rutger or Dieck take care of the northwest and my super RNG abused Lilina destroy the south are (any other strong unit will do, I just like Lilina a lot). I have everyone else follow behind and ferry Roy and Sophia to the northeast area after Miledy has cleared the enemies. On that note, it's ok to field untrained fliers since they dont necesarilly need to do any combat (but it helps to have at least 1 trained flier, which for me is Miledy every time). Also, you have a turn limit of 25 turns to get to the gaiden chapter, so as long as you know what you're doing the turn limit is a non-issue. One last strange thing about Perceval. IIRC, if you recruit him in chapter 13 before he leaves, for whatever resaon he doesn't have HM bonuses. So even in hard mode it's better to just wait and recruit him in his 2nd appearence. (Btw, you have to recruit him with Elphim/Lalum, so don't send Roy to talk to him).
  4. This page has a ton of resources you can use: https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/ You may have seen it already since it's a part of SF, but in case you haven't there you go. I mostly use it for item locations, recruitment requirements, supports and for the gaiden chapter requirements. A few things off the top of my head (in no particular order): ● It may seem like an overkill, but you could consider giving the boots to a mounted unit. One of the ways to get Roy to the throne quickly is to rescue him, and with 10 movement that doesn't take long. I usually give them to Miredy because she's already an excelent unit, doesn't have trouble rushing in on her own most of the time and can really put that 10 movement to good use. ● Speaking of Roy, don't completely neglect him. His promotion time is garbage, but you still need to use him throughout the game. Since he does have 20 or so maps before promotion, I just feed him a kill or two in every level and that's usually enough. This makes him less of a liability (as he won't be dying to random siege tomes or every time you make a little mistake), and he can actually kick ass in the last 3 maps since the Sword of Seals is OP. ● Among the axelocked units, Gonzales is my favorite one. Sadly the garbage axe hit means he'll be missing a lot until you train him, and even then he'll miss more often than other trained units. Once he promotes to Berserker though, he'll kill just about anything when he does hit. Otherwise, Paladins would be the next best option for axes (though you will need to make a point of grinding the axe rank). ● Abuse the crap out of Perceval once you get him. He's most definetely not a Jeigan; his joining stats are equal or better than those of Allan and Lance at 20/5, and he also comes with better weapon ranks. His growths are bad but his bases alone are enough to make him a beast. HM bonuses make him even more of monster. You might have heard around here that Perceval is "RNG-Proof", and he really lives up to that reputation; no matter how bad are his level ups, he's still a beast thanks to his raw base stats. ● I have a bit of a different opinion on archers. Not having an Enemy Phase really hurts and more often than not their stats aren't too impressive. Use Wolt in the chapters before you get a preparations screen, but bench him as soon as you can chose your units. Dorothy barely contributes anything by the time you get her. Klein and Igrene can (probably) ORKO wyverns with their base stats, so it's ok to bring them on, say, chapter 21 as filler units (you have more room for units that you could ever use up even if you send all of your trained units, and there's a ton of wyverns so they can help). Otherwise not really worth training. ● On that note, the Nomads are actually worth using. They're still pretty much bowlocked (even upon promotion you're stuck with iron swords, so they'll mostly be using bows anyways) but they have some more utility than archers. Having the utility of a mounted unit is really significant, and even though I just said that they won't be using swords that much they still have that option if necessary. I think Shin is better due to having a better strength cap, making him more reliable towards the end of the game, but from what I've heard Sue is ok too. Also, you can really feel that 8 movement in chapter 24. I always have Shin advance faster and kill one of the dragons waiting in each room. ● Decide beforehand if you want to go to Illia or Sacae in chapters 17-20. From what I've heard Ilia is easier, but since I've gone to Sacae every time I don't know. If you're using more than 1 Flier unit Sacae is kind of rough because you only get 1 Delphi Shield. Slow units like Lilina tend to suffer too because Nomads and Myrms as very fast (I always take Lilina here but I either feed her the Speedwings or I RNG abuse her a bit. Or both). Also, chapter 20 in Sacae is like playing Kaizo Mario blind. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, you'll probably die a million times to a random Bolting/KillerBallista/Berserker/Sleep. It'd be more reasonable if you could see, but it's a stupid fog of war map so your first playthrough will be trial and error until you figure out what is where and what you need to do to keep your units from dying. The route split is decided by whether your Nomads or your Peg Knights have more exp at the end of chapter 16/16x (if you have more exp on the nomads you'll go to Sacae). ● Don't be afraid to use the legendary weapons but do use them sparringly. I don't like using them more than 8 times each before the endgame since having all of them makes chapter 24 much easier. I wouldn't worry about breaking them because as long as you have 1 use left at the end of chapter 22 you can still play maps 23, 24 and F. If you ever come dangerously close to breaking them you can use Hammerne, but you probably won't need to (I prefer to use hammerne 1-2 times on the warp staff and 1-2 times on the Sword of Seals, depending on how much I use Roy in the final maps). For example, don't hesitate to use Durandal on the chapter 12 boss to one-shot him (he's the first dragon you'll face). Plus, it's hilarious to watch Roy in the cutscene making a fuss over how strong the dragon was when it litterally dropped faster than a sack of potatoes a few seconds ago xD Oh, and if you don't have any Durandal users by this point you can still wreck the boss with a Wyrmslayer, but it's funnier to kill him with Durandal. ● Don't feel bad for picking up utility units but then benching them when they outlive their usefulness. For example, you'll use Clarine a lot early on because she's a mounted healer, but she has almost zero potential for the mid and lategame. Sooner or later you'll have enough healers to not need her, she's extremely frail no matter what you do, and post promotion she does almost no damage due to her poor magic stat. Just use her while you can but ditch her as soon as you need the space for a new useful unit. ● Use this in chapter 14: https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/miscellaneous/hidden-treasure/ I always pick up the Silver Card, Boots, Speedwings, Warp staff and Guiding Ring. The rest, only if I feel like it. I recommend that you take 2 theives. That should be enough to cover all the items and give you a good vision range. You can have a strong, mobile unit like Miledy clear the northeast area on her own while Roy and Sophia slowly make their way to the throne. Just watch out for the sleep staff. ● In chapter 4, Rutger will appear as an ambush spawn about 2 tiles right of the castle in turn 6 enemy phase. Anyone other than Clarine will be completely murdered by Rutger and his killing edge, so make sure than no one besides Clarine is nearby when you end turn 6. When I played this blind Rutger killed me like this and it frustrated me to no end >.< ● The reinforcements in chapter 21 can seem overwhelming, but most of them can be avoided by never placing a unit over the box areas that trigger their spawns. Look at this map: https://lparchive.org/Fire-Emblem-Sword-of-Seals/Update 65/45-21.png I believe the reinforcements triggered by crossing the purple line are unavoidable, but you can deal with them. You could also warp 1 strong unit and roy from above the blue box into the throne area and end the chapter before you trigger any of the spawn points. ● Fa is worth using but by no means a must. She'd be a much better unit if she had more uses in her divine stone and if she had more movement. Because she's very sturdy she never becomes a liability, but she'll probably lag behind in every map since anyone other than Roy should have 6+ movement and she's stuck with 5. If she's still alive, you're forced to take her to chapter 24, but even if she's still lvl1 it's not a problem as all the enemy units are dragons with 5 movement, so they'll never catch her. ● Use Saul. He's the best candidate for Aureola, and he's a very good staffer. Any staff user can be a healbot, but Saul actually has the magic stat to use ranged staffs (such as Physic and Warp) effectively, on top of starting a whole rank above in staff rank than Ellen and Clarine in a game where grinding staff rank is a massive pain in the ass. ● If you either trained Fir or you have a free slot, send either Fir or Bartre in chapter 23 to recruit Karel. You honestly don't need him if you already got this far into the game, but it's a treat to watch him level up in the single level up he gets xd IIRC, he's the only unit in all of the Fire Emblem games to be guaranteed a perfect level up. He can also be a replacement Durandal user if somehow all your sword users got screwed. That's all I can think of for now. I wish you luck and have fun :)
  5. I've been thinking of doing a ranked run of this game since I thought it was a pretty fun challenge to go for max ranks in fe7, but I have some concerns about ranks in this game. The problem I have is basically the Power and EXP ranks, which seem unreasonably high to me unless you arena abuse a ton. As far as levels go, you already get 500 (497 in the Illia route) simply by recruiting everyone, which means you still need to earn 501 level ups in the run to get an A. For experience you need 50,100, which means around 501 level ups as well, so if you get an A in one rank you'll probably get an A in both. After doing some calculations, it takes me 470 turns in average to beat the game without arena abusing (not turtling but not going for a LTC either). Given that you need less than 630 for an A, I have about 150 turns to arena grind (leaving an extra 10 turns just for safety). Basically, after puting some thought to it, a fe6 ranked run just seems like a grindfest that forces me to do 100+ turns of arena abusing in order to achieve a overall s/ss rank. Given how every other rank is extremely lenient, it seems to me that the only thing a fe6 ranked run challenges is your patience. My question is really if there is any other way besides 100+ turns of arena, and if a fe6 ranked run is even worth attempting. If not, I guess I'll try a different challenge such as LTC or just stick to playing ranked runs in fe7.
  6. Seeing this thread reminded me of my own pokemon red speedrun. The other day I was dusting off some old things and found my old game boy color lying around, with my pkmn red cartridge still in it. I tried doing something different and did a speedrun (with help of a guide), and I beat the game in 3 hours and nothing but a lvl50 nidoking xD It mostly abuses the fact that X Acuracy makes you bypass hit calculation rather than raise your hit chance, so Horn Drill literally rips them a new one (it never misses). Not as short as the 0 in-game time run, but this run can get as short as 2 hours despite being a completely glitchless run. This is what it looks like.
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