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  1. Okay I don’t know the deep end of the Zelda lore, but I’m pretty sure that distinction is made because those Links technically aren’t the same character. Young Link is the Link you play as in Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask, while Toon Link is an entirely different person you play as in Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. That’d be like calling Ike “Roy” because the former replaced the latter at one point but are both headband wearing protagonists of the same series.
  2. SR ticket eh? I’m pretty undecided on that one. There’s Lancer Alter who never gets rate ups and is very solid, and probably the only SR story lock remaining who I don’t have that I’d care for. I’d also like Sheba, but I’m planning on rolling the Gilfest banner and she’s on it so I’ll likely get her then. Edison would be interesting, I guess. Li Shuwen I don’t really care for and Tristan can fuck off. As for the permanents, I’d actually like Nezha for her endearing behavior alone despite her being a rather average servant. I do need a new Berserker since my banana will max out her bond soon enough, so Herc and Penth are on the table as a practical choice. Even Zerkerlot could work as a pick for me. I might just leave this up to rng due to how conflicted I am.
  3. I usually never make hot takes on topics like these due to me 1) being generally apolitical and apathetic and 2) not sharing the same views of the majority of this site. But I’m in the mood to do something out of element and throw in my two cents. On its own, I don’t care either way. I myself am admittedly very anti-PC, so you can bet on me using words elsewhere, albeit ironically, that’d make some people here fuming. I’m never genuinely hateful. So I don’t really mind “boomer” in that context. The problem for me starts when people start making it an “Us vs Them” situation, and ultimately start playing the blame game for the perceived failings each have. I’m technically a millennial, though I’d never personally identify with that demographic. For me it’s just stupid to blatantly provoke people, and I feel neither side (ie the “boomers” and millennials/“zoomers”) has the high ground. I’m too cynical to suggest something like “can’t we all just get along?”, but it wouldn’t hurt some people out there to just chill out.
  4. I’m genuinely excited for Byleth, at least the female one hehe. The prior four DLC additions left little personal impact on me due to a lack of connection and familiarity... in other words I was completely indifferent. Baeleth was someone I actually wanted from the beginning though, so I’m quite psyched with her inclusion. Yeah, I’m going to deal with a ton of salt elsewhere, but that’s on those manbabies. I’m also glad FE got an actual stage that isn’t some generic location and actually reflects on the game they reperesent (no Arena Ferox doesn’t count it’s just a reskinned Coliseum).
  5. I can’t be the only person who wants that “good boys and girls” meme to die right? Why the translators couldn’t have been honest and gone with Sakurai’s cut-and-dry take of “Well we would’ve included Mai in the the game if CERO didn’t have a stick up their ass” instead of implying that they found Mai too slutty to include and making a quasi forced meme of it is beyond me. It’s ironic considering unlike Bayonetta, who’d probably be more in line as an actual “bad girl”, Mai isn’t promiscuous in the slightest and doesn’t look far different than Lyn from FE outside of a bit of cleavage. My apologies for going on a tangent there, but it’s these sort of things that boil my blood the most. Anyhow... my guess for the character is as good as anyone else’s. Maybe Dante, Crash, Master Chief if I want to go out of left field. My actual desired characters are probably going to be hated if they’re ever included though, being Byleth and Type Moon’s Saber.
  6. A lie is one thing, changing your mind is another. They weren’t intending to pull the wool from anyone’s eyes, they probably really were going to follow through with that until backlash was strong enough. Imagine McDonalds saying they’ll never serve vegan hamburgers, only for a petition to gain traction supporting that option, and then for McDonalds to end up serving them after the fact. It wouldn’t make sense to call them “liars” because there never any deceit involved; that was merely a plan and they ending going against it. It’s the same case with Game Freak and the DLC. Your other examples aren’t lies either, especially concerning the animations since they really did have to be changed for dynamaxing. At worst they’re just excuses, which granted are on weak side, but they’re reasons nonetheless.
  7. So I’m not the only one who feels this way! I personally think Byleth is being slept on real hard, and feel she’s actually the silent majority of the 3H females.
  8. Huh? I’ll take it though, no complaints. Can’t say I’m fussed about her as a character, but I never had an alter ego SSR before and she gets real good with Skadi down the line. Something tells me I should really do more yolo rolls in the future lol.
  9. I got Shishou after 9 rolls, along with my first Atalanta. Yay, an SSR I’m actually thrilled with. The guaranteed gacha might not have been a bad omen after all.
  10. My GSSR was Scheherazade... cries. She was one of the four servants I wanted nothing to do with (the other three being Nightingale, Shuten, and Tamamo, the latter only included because I got her off focus twice and didn’t need extra copies). It’s funny when a random SR you got on the same roll, being Mochizuki, is more personally intriguing than your own guaranteed servant. Oh well, guess my hot streak had to end at some point. I’ll probably blow off steam trying to get Scathach and Musashi a couple days from now.
  11. I got myself a good goddess, on my birthday no less! It took quite a bit of quartz to coax her out though, needing just over 900 quartz to come home. Oof, looks like the NP2 dream was wishful thinking. I also finally got my first copy of Kaleidoscope, which leaves Formal Craft as the last regular gacha CE I’ve yet to pull. Huzzah for more farming strats.
  12. Guess what? I’ve now been playing this game for exactly a whole damn year now! You know what this calls for? Something of a self reflection post. This is all basically from the first month I started playing, roughly after the Babylonia chapter launched. Medusa and Emiya were of my starter summon, who I’m glad I pulled as they are personal favorites of mine, even prior to me playing FGO, and were part of my main crew for a while. The rest were either from the FP gacha or desperate rolls for Medea in the... *gulp* story gacha (that should explain how I got Fran and Rama earlier on too, with only the latter making a difference in the long run). Oh, and I also got some lame ass dude named Merlin who was useless and never contributed much to my team. s/ My GSSR was Jack the Ripper, who did wonders for my early game as well. Ibaraki Douji, my go-to Berserker to this very day, was summoned either when I was trying for Musashi or Ishtar. I kinda forgot tbh. After a whole damn month, I finally got Medea! I have no idea why she chose to elude me for so long, to the point she was the last non-storylocked 3* I acquired at the time (no, that Diarmuid doesn’t count; I know for sure I pulled him earlier but burned/vored him to a servant because I read of how bad he was). Valentine’s Day netted me a couple SRs and Tamamo no Mae, who I had a lot of fun using once my arts servant lineup grew. I wasn’t trying to roll for her, but Jeanne and MHXA ignored me while fox wife took pity on me so she has my thanks. Gudaguda, on the other hand, was a complete bust outside of me getting Saberlot and event CEs. Rip over 600 quartz for no Okita, ‘twas a salty day. CCC was kinder giving me both versions of Umu and a gorilla who I’m procrastinating a lot with building up. Vanilla Umu has generally been a solid farmer, while her bride version has been an excellent support/dps hybrid for me. I tried to summon best girl Rin during the download campaign, but only managed to get sneks and for some reason Lobo... you weren’t even the avenger on rate up! I’d call this a bust, but I respect my Medusa’s too much. Meanwhile I got Kerry and Raphtalia off yolo tickets; I didn’t actually try to summon during Onigashima. The anniversary GSSR was Ryougi Shiki, who I was initially mixed on and stalled for months leveling and even fielding. However, after seeing her proc her instakills a lot with me experimenting a bit, I’ve been using her more often and see her more favorably in recent weeks. Summer was... pretty sad. I failed to get Archuria despite a heavy stockpile and got the other two cuties as a consolation, plus a useless Yan Qing that I’ll never use. I did get a clutch Raikou though thanks to a ticket, so there’s that. August forward is where things really turned around. Prior to this month my SSR luck was mediocre at best to horrible at worst. However, Illya was the first and so far only one of two SSR servants to come from a ticket, and that was hype as hell. A week later, I also got Brynhild without too much trouble as well as Salter from some tickets. Medea Lily was my SR pick. Shaddup. I got Kato Danzo (my main target) without much trouble, and also managed to summon Shuten Douji with a ticket. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of her and would’ve preferred Raikou, but eh it’s a limited SSR. I’ll finish her up someday. Ishtar finally quit holding out and joined my Chaldea after only two rolls! She’s amazing, nuff said. Here’s hoping her sis is as merciful. Also summoned another goddess after some ticket yolos, presumably during one of the thanksgiving rate ups. Okita came during a ten roll yolo, possibly to make up for her no show seven months prior. Super stoked by her arrival, but sadly she came when the AP cuts were wrapping up so building her up might take a while. Finally, I got Auntie without much issue, and Abigail Williams showed up thanks to, what do you know, a yolo 10 shot. Like with Okita, she’ll be a work in progress especially given I barely have any dust atm. So what’s next? I’m planning on dumping a lot of quartz for Eresh as well as roll with the Calvary GSSR in hopes of a rider or berserker which are only two classes I’m missing. 2020 has me hyped for the likes of Skadi and a second chance at Archuria. Here’s hoping for a good year for FGO.
  13. Finished Salem, and I must say this might dethrone Shinjuku for my favorite of the EoR chapters. It’s such an eerie and atmospheric story with arguably the highest stakes, and the dialogue didn’t bore me at times compared to Shimosa (anyone miss having to awkwardly cut to old man Musashi with his rambling monologues in a cave cause why not?). Battles on the other hand were on the easier side, but after dealing with Shimosa’s bs I was fine with less stressful battles. If I had to rank all of them, it’d be Salem/Shinjuku>Shimosa>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Agartha. I don’t count CCC but if I had to include it, it’d be in between Shimosa and that loooooong gap from Agartha. It was fine I guess, but I never got the fuss of it. In terms of more spoilery stuff On another note, Abby was not changed. Surprise, I guess? Honestly I didn’t foresee any changes to her all. It’s funny how Wu wears an equally if not more exposing outfit being roughly the same age, but nobody payed any attention and still went “AH NAH WUT ARE THEY GUNNA DO TO MUH ABBY??” Thus an end to a shitstorm that wasn’t. Good grief.
  14. The tone is a complete 180. I’m down for magical girls.
  15. Aight I probably hate the Steelers as much as you do but there’s several things wrong here. First off, while I’m not personally offended by the word “cracker” (imo its an incredibly lame insult), calling other people that doesn’t exactly put you on the high ground considering many others find it to be an offensive slur. Second, I don’t believe Ana was singling out Mayfield who wasn’t even involved in the infamous fight, but rather the Browns as a whole. Yes, it could still be viewed in poor taste, but I don’t really see any malice in her words. Third, Browns fans acted no better in the aftermath considering there’s a video circulating of them trying to smash a Steelers piñata with a helmet (I’m too lazy atm to link but you probably already seen it for yourself). As your own video shows, there’s toxic fans on both sides. I don’t this warrants a lecture this time.
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