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  1. Hmmm guess I’ll throw in my two cents. Loli Medusa could use an upgrade to her second skill at the very least. Not only a higher (and longer lasting) attack boost, but also a golden rule to help with her lousy np gain and maybe even star weight increase. Vanilla Kintoki has been long overdue for a rank up for... basically either one of his non-battery skills. Poor guy has been ignored hard by DW. Oh and Marie, Mata Hari, and Arash should get some animation updates.
  2. I heard some people speculate that Hilda can’t be recruited but honestly I don’t really see it. Unlike Hubert and Dedue who’s loyalty to their lords is part of their character and explicitly stated in their bios no less, Hilda has no such relation to Claude. If anything, it appears they’re rather contentious of each other judging by Claude’s snide remarks about her. It doesn’t make any sense for her to stick with someone she’s not particularly close to. Plus, even if Thani got about 80% of her leaks right, doesn’t mean everything she said leads to anything. Most likely, anyone from the Golden Deer is fair game.
  3. Well, there is Zephiel, but there has never been a BHB with someone from a GHB or TT (probably so there is consistency with the banners having three people), so that might disqualify him.
  4. That could work for Gawain. I think he’d be a mid tier farmer at the very least should that happen. Arjuna is kinda in a weird spot, because he already got buffed twice (with his NP and later his Clairvoyance which... wasn’t really that helpful). All I can see is his second skill maybe having a shorter cooldown, maybe 8-6 instead of 12-10, as well as having a more substantial battery. I doubt his Mana Burst needs to change as while simple it gets the job done. Sadly at this point he may as well be doomed to be passable at best and mediocre at worst, since especially his NP is centered around instakilling (insert laugh track) and denting divine enemies, which while far from useless isn’t ideal for him because divine enemies tend to be servants and/or bosses so his NP being AoE hursts him. It’s a real shame considering I personally like him.
  5. Not to potentially derail the topic at hand, but what’s wrong with Niosi? He seems like a decent guy to me. I’m not aware of any of the alleged rumors. In terms of the voices, I gotta say they sound similar enough to believe there’s a possibility of him being Dmitri.
  6. My servant ended up being brand new, and that was Ryougi Shiki. Now Shiki is someone with a enormous following that rivals og Saber herself, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with KnK (I tried watching the first movie but got bored out of my skull), so on a personal level I’m indifferent to her. On top of that she was kinda in the middle in my own desire factor. However, she’s a limited servant so I got someone relatively rare, and she has her niches, so all in all it was aight. Plus she’s my first AoE SSR Saber so she has that going her. Not floored, but not (overly) disappointed. Welcome to the team, Shiki.
  7. It might just be a red herring, or perhaps half the church is genuinely devout while the other has sinister intentions. Maybe they’re not even evil in the first place, but rather misguided and they simply need to be put in their place.
  8. I’m amazed how the new SSRs for Gudaguda got progressively worse with each new event, and not only does Nobu end up being the worst of them all, but possibly one of the worst SSRs period. If this truly is the last Gudaguda event, then this is quite the fart to end it on. Oy.
  9. Unlike SOME people I was never on the “fEMaLe bYleTh SuKs” hate train (quite the contrary I adored it), but I gotta say I really got something for the new outfit as well. She looks pretty dang cute. The guy looks kinda dumb tho, but I was never huge on him from the start.
  10. I was always baffled why Atalanta was excluded from the starter summon in the first place, as with Zerkerlot (who still got excluded). The new additions seems pretty good too, with Suzuka, Nursery Rhyme, Parvati, and Helena being at the very least solid. Meanwhile Chev got the boot. Uhhhh, you’ll be missed? I’m kinda tempted to start a JP account now, though it might make my phone pretty angry.
  11. Oof Tibarn. Good job, my fellow comrades on Team Mia! We move on to Olivia next.
  12. Black Eagles F: Dorothea or Petra. I actually like a lot of the girls here, as Bernadetta actually deserves an honorable mention from me since she’s a cutie. Funnily enough the only female I don’t care about is the leader herself. M: Lindhart. Purely for the memes. Blue Lions F: Mercedes. Honestly none of the females here impress me much, but I find Mercie to be the prettiest of them. Maybe I’ll just reclass her into a more enticing outfit. M: Felix. I like his design the most out of all the males in the game actually, and if I was personally interested in males he’d be my type. Golden Deer F: Hilda. She’s pretty much Serra but much cuter and potentially much more tolerable. M: ...Wow this selection is weak. I might either settle with Claude or snatch someone from BE or BL to romance because nobody of the sterner sex really speaks to me here.
  13. I’ve been a strong believer in this game since it was announced, and that hasn’t changed after the trailer. A lot of my favorites such as Silver, Hilbert, Hilda, Whitney, Skyla, Lusamine, and Steven are already in from the start, so that’s a huge plus (still gotta wait for Morty, Mallow, and Ethan tho). This game looks great and I’ll definitely be playing it once it launches. I will note that it’s probably a gacha unless explicitly noted otherwise since being able to recruit other trainers through the story is probably just a F2P friendly way of adding to your team as opposed to simply relying on your resources from the get go (phew). Also keep in mind that DeNa (a developer for this game) is responsible for many of Nintendo’s mobile games, almost all of which have a gacha mechanic. Hell, even the new Mario Kart will have gacha mechanics... for some reason. If it truly isn’t, then I’ll be curious to see how it tries to make a profit here.
  14. Mia all the way! She’s a cutie and helped me with a lot of content. My second choice would be Olivia and should they both fall I’ll just feather merc.
  15. As someone who used to occasionally watch his content back in the day (kinda started drifting off around mid-late 2017 or so due to the content he was covering not really interesting me but that’s neither here nor there), it’s pretty devastating and heartbreaking to see he’s gone so soon. During late last year and earlier this year there was a lot of scary stuff going on with him such as his YouTube channels getting deleted after having mental breakdowns, saying bizarre and sometimes nonsensical things on Twitter, getting detained by the the authorities transporting him to a mental ward, and so forth. The red flags were there that something was not right with this guy, and ultimately they proved to be costly. Hopefully people will take situations like this into account when other people start behaving not like themselves.
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