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  1. Okay, minor rant here (towards no one in particular, just letting off some minor salt). What is wrong with you people? Y’all really couldn’t wait until the fourth round to go all in on Team Choco huh? You do realize that horns are one of the most useless mats out there that given out like candy despite their gold status but nooooooooooooo gotta have your narratives fulfilled for the poor “underdogs”. Thanks for nothing, FGO community. *cries in gears and dust*
  2. My GSSR was none other than the king of the sun, and I’m perfectly satisfied with that. Rolling for Skadi meanwhile only took me two 10 rolls. Guess I’ll hoard the remaining quartz for Summer 3. The anniversary is off to a great start for me. Yahoo!
  3. Rider is the only class I’m missing a GSSR in, so I’m going to roll with that one. I’m cool with about anyone there aside from Summer Salter and Iskander to a certain degree, and even then they’re less offensive compared to duds like Artemis or Nightingale. It feels odd having the limiteds be less lucrative than the permanents, but as someone who almost never gets SSR spooks it doesn’t matter so much.
  4. Tfw I try summoning Marie who I somehow haven’t gotten after over a year of playing this game but end up getting Sherlock and two god forsaken Fionns instead. Not that I’m disappointed with the former. When his niche is helpful, it’s REALLY helpful.
  5. My comp consisted mainly of Jalter/Mash/supportMerlin/Abby, and I was able to complete it without much issue. I remember chickening out of this one last year because I was still pretty green to FGO at the time, but this was entered with full confidence.
  6. @Rezzy This is hell you're walking into, but hop on aboard! I’ll send you a request myself (ign is Kris). What brought you to FGO btw? Was it word of mouth or being naturally curious of the Fate series? Your 5*s are actually a very great start! Arthur is... merely serviceable, but Waver is a premier support servant while Drake is one of the best farmers.
  7. Yeah this event blows. Way too many currencies (you know something is wrong you have to use two hands to count them), expensive prices, overall bad/unbalanced bonus servants, etc. Hot take, this is worse than Saber Wars by a mile. I heard Apoc is at least decent, so I’m looking forward to that.
  8. It’s a damn shame this is happening, but in retrospect I’m not surprised. I think the main issue is that Cipher is intended to be a TCG, but hardly anybody cares about that aspect and mostly focuses on the pretty art. It’s not like Pokémon where there’s national/international tournaments (actually are there national tournaments? Do correct me if I’m wrong), and it’s at a disadvantage with Feh which actually gets global recognition and revenue. Plus, since Ciphers inception, a lot of artists (including those who’ve worked on Cipher themselves) have come out of the woodwork and done their own freelance drawings on Twitter/Pixiv which makes a layer of redundancy. Why buy a steak dinner’s worth on a piece of paper when you download your desired work to your phone/computer? Hope the artists out there continue to do good work, and maybe we’ll see a new medium out there for them to invest into.
  9. @Shahrivar Really? Anastasia was underwhelming? We must not have read the same story. I’d say that while I wasn’t as attached to the newcomers as I was in previous stories (Ivan and Salieri as you mentioned were particularly underutilized), the story has some of the best world-building I’ve seen in FGO and there some very strong individual character moments like Kadoc/Anastasia’s relationship (I ship em hard), I was initially skeptical considering how, say, Shimousa was overhyped. However, this one genuinely lived up to the praise the JP players gave it, at least in my eyes. I thought this was a solid start to the Lostbelt saga.
  10. Sonic Adventure 2 (and to a lesser extent 1): Easily my favorite Sonic game and one I think could use an overhaul to the gameplay and graphics. I’m not as attached to the first Adventure game, but I wouldn’t be against a remake so long as 2 isn’t overlooked. Fire Emblem 6+7: Binding Blade remains my favorite FE game, and Blazingn Sword is somewhere in my top 5, so they’re my top candidates. A bundle would be ideal. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: I know, it’s a given, but I just hope it follows the path of HGSS/ORAS rather than the Let’s Go games.
  11. I never thought in a million years that a collab with a spinoff that I never even heard of until now would get precedence over Tsukihime or Hollow Fragments. So much for 2k20 being the year of ending memes instead of prolonging them.
  12. Assassins, not surprisingly, were the most common source of finding an mlb 5* gacha CE, but that’s not saying much when I’d have to reset as many as 50 or so times to even find one. At that point I’m better off just making off with what my friends already have since I’d be shooting myself in terms of efficiency.
  13. Man, you’d think you’d find mlb 5* gacha CEs easily cause everybody loves Shiki and Fujino, but no. Not a single person on my friends list had one, and they’re almost mythical status trying to find one otherwise. Trying to farm cats was a nightmare to the point of me giving up on the shop in the waning days. Pardon my sour grapes, but I was really in this for the free SR anyways. Also eyyy Merlin update and more SQ. Will take gladly.
  14. Man I’m getting pretty burned out with this event. This ladder is just obnoxiously high and I still need to get that second lore. Please just give me KnK already.
  15. You know what? I’ll bite. I got a bad feeling you’ll hate this one 😛
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