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  1. I always found it wasted potential that the female avatar from Fates wasn’t given a name like Corrina. Anyways quite funny, I expect many memes out of the last panel.
  2. I believe it’s actually a nickname that got started by a Youtube sports commentator/shitposter whose channel goes by UrinatingTree (yes, that’s actually the name of it). Ironically enough, he’s a Steeler’s fan himself and quite critical of them as a team.
  3. Please do not put words in my mouth; I never said Fionn was bad. I’m well aware he’ll eventually become at least decent in a year and a half. I just rather dislike like him as a character.
  4. I’ve never summoned Fionn, but if I do, he’ll sure be useful for getting Personal Lesson or Chaldea Lunchtime.
  5. In regards to Rhea As for Seteth, I stand corrected. I wasn’t aware he had his own weapon so I guess it makes sense for him to be a lance flier.
  6. I’m pretty sure that if there is a church banner that Rhea has to be on it, no exceptions. That way, it’s a more neutral portrayal instead of an antagonistic one, and I’m pretty sure there’s a fair amount of people who’d pull for Rhea (myself included). She’d probably be in place of Shamir as much as it pains me to say it, and I’d say Seteth would be better as a axe flier while Flayn could fit better as a flying staff or even a infantry lance if color balance is ignored. The GHB would probably be someone from Slytherin, whether it be Solon or Thales (leaning towards the former).
  7. Oftentimes I do not like tsunderes. The reasons primarily due to 1) mostly simply being token characters that appeal to a specific audience 2) as others have said, they’re often poorly written, usually just there to beat up the (usually male) protagonist and constantly call them an idiot and 3) irl I usually prefer the sweet, mild mannered girls (the closest anime equivalent being deredere and dandere) as opposed to “hard-to-get” ones. Also, I often find tsunderes to cross the line of being flat out bitches/assholes. However... on the rare occasion it’s done right, I adore them. If there’s a genuine reason as to why the character acts that way, and there’s a solid arc behind it, there’s a fair chance there’ll be one of my favorite characters ever. Some examples of excellently handled tsunderes are Naofumi Iwatani from Rise of the Shield Hero and Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night. Hell, I find the “token sweet character” in the latter series to be one of my least favorites, but that’s another story.
  8. I’m just gonna go Medea Lily because her rate ups are basically nonexistent and she deserves headpats. @Jingle Jangle Definitely go for one of the story locks. Penth is relatively common in comparison in terms of availability. Unless you completely lack an effective farming lancer, I’d lean on Gorgon especially considering how you don’t have many options for that class.
  9. Yeah, the Browns are looking to be overhyped. Maybe people should wait until... I dunno, you have a winning season and then gush about them being potential SB favorites.
  10. Probably because the former 1) is always a central character regardless and 2) lacks controversy that the latter has.
  11. As a Patriot’s fan I honestly have doubts of my own. Josh Gordon is probably a wonderful example of a failed experiment (even though he got reinstated it’s hard to believe he’ll still make it through a season given his track record). Granted, Gordon and Brown are somewhat different cases as the latter is more of a character issue than a legal one. If AB can consistently restrain his ego then maybe all will go well, as one of the issues was the Raiders themselves didn’t really have any stars to speak of, so he acted like an entitled king for his duration. The Pats is a different culture entirely as there’s multiple players who are just as talented, especially in the area he is.
  12. Well he got his wish. Antonio Brown was sent packing just recently lmao.
  13. I highly doubt that for several reasons. 1. Archer and Gilgamesh are both popular characters, but neither of them come close to being the face of Type-Moon, much less Fate. Saber is pretty much the poster girl of both. 2. Both of them also use swords, so your point is kinda moot. Contrary to what you might think, Saber doesn’t just wield swords. There’s her Mana Burst, Air Strike, Rhongomyniad, etc. There’s actually a whole Smashboard topic about if you’re interested. 3. We haven’t had a new female rep added in Smash in a while. Not even in the DLC (yet). Saber could help break that mold. 4. Gilgamesh would singlehandedly destroy everyone. Granted, it’s pretty wishful thinking thinking any of them might get into Smash, but if there was a Fate/ character then Saber would be a lock end of story.
  14. At least Byleth can canonically wield multiple different weapons without reclassing/promoting unlike the other lords. Sure, the primary attacks could be swords but there’s also gauntlets, axes, magic, even gambits that can be hypothetically incorporated into their moveset. Anyways, Terry is pretty out of my element so it incited a mostly indifferent reaction out of me, but I’m quite psyched there’s more DLC to come! I’m lowkey hoping for Saber to be added heh.
  15. Why does Edelgard simply throw Rhea in a dungeon in every route other than her own when one of her TOP PRIORITIES (at least displayed in Crimson Flower) is to kill her and destroy the church? I know Rhea is needed for exposition at least in Verdant Wind and Silver Snow but wow it makes no sense for Edelgard
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