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  1. Man they finally make a 3* caster not named Medea who isn’t meh to just awful... and the guy is likely doomed to being a storylock. I’d actually be fine if it was Tell that was locked while whatshisname was in the pool because while Tell looks great there’s already a surplus of solid 3* archers, but when it comes to the casters besides best witch... oof.
  2. If Serebii is anything to go by, you can breathe easy. They actually keep track of all the Pokémon shown so far in the game. Anyways, I’m not an “apologist”, for I don’t think the removal is ultimately a good decision. However, all I thought was “Oh, that’s kinda lame but oh well” and I’m still planning on getting the game. It just irritates me that not only are some people completely blowing off a game that isn’t even out yet and not giving it a chance despite being shown only the tip of the iceberg, but they have the gall to badger and namecall people like myself who are still willing to purchase the game(s) despite the fact as well as throw tantrums and attack GF. If you’re unhappy with change enough to drop the games entirely, whatever, that’s on you I guess. For all we know, these could be excellent and immersive games that may transcend our previous experiences with Pokémon. But all I ask is for people to not to be labelists just because someone else differs on the stance. I’ve yet to see anyone be genuinely positive about the change (though who knows, maybe such people exist).
  3. Well I’ll be dammed. They actually made a girl legit chubby for once. The closest we ever gotten were characters like Scathach and Scheherazade who were on the soft side but more along the lines of curvy. As someone who appreciates softer ladies (done right), as well as having an affinity for elephants, me likey. William Tell looks pretty cool, it’s nice to have a more familiar figure this time around. Chocolate Saber gets a shrug from me though.
  4. Infernal took some trial and error, but honestly the situation was far from hopeless and this was one of the more forgiving GHBs. Figures that it’s for one of the characters I actually care about. I already have Cynthia at +2.
  5. I got Raphtalia from a ticket. Am very pleased. Now my plate is fuller than ever for Sabers...
  6. My thoughts on this whole debacle sums up to this: whatever. I mean, sure it might be a bummer that the whole cast can’t come back, but this doesn’t bother me personally. I’ve never really been a collector anyways and I think trimming the fat on the increasingly bloated pool of Pokémon might be for the better. In the past we had a bunch of lazy copy-pasting of the Pokédex until Gen 7 where they finally did unique entries for everyone involved and expanded the lore on them which was a huge big. It had the most personality I’ve seen for a long time. It came at the cost of a National Pokédex, but imo I didn’t care about that at all either. A lot people actually overlook a part of the statement Musuda said, where he says the philosophy in GF is changing. “Gotta catch em all” is kinda a dated phrase at this point. It worked in the earlier games (1-3 if say) because of the cap being relatively low at the time and all you needed was a friend with the opposite version of yours to finish it up... as well as some luck with getting involved in event mons but that’s besides the point. We’re now not too far off to getting near 1,000 Pokémon, and unless you’ve been stockpiling every Pokémon up to that point (which in that good for you I guess) then it’s just going to be obscenely tedious. Coupled with the fact that Pokémon as a whole is geared towards a younger crowd, and it come clear that it’s just increasingly infeasible to expect people to “catch them all” when there’s regional starters, legendaries, and mythicals to account for as well as plenty of junkmons that people aren’t prompted to catch in the first place (I’m looking at you, Dunsparce/Sigilyph/Barbaracle/etc). Most importantly, we don’t even know for sure just how many Pokémon are excluded. Best case scenario it’s just the legendaries/mythics with some excluded starters and several junkmons few will miss. Worst case... maybe 100-200 will be excluded? Plus, what’s with all the “hurr durr Kanto will be getting all the attention” complaining? Don’t get me wrong, I hate Gen 1 pandering as much as the next guy and actually dislike Gen 1as a whole, but from what I’ve seen all the gens get some love and there’s no one-sided implications outside of Leon inexplicably owning a Charizard somehow... but w/e. Look at Serebii’s count of all the Pokémon so far and you’d be surprised how must representation there is overall. I get the frustration, to an extent. I hate it when things I like get excluded. Wolf was missing in Smash 4 which was a big bummer. My boi Bowser Jr. got snubbed in several Mario Karts. I wait to wait almost a year and a half to have my waifu favorite female FE character Sumia get added into Heroes (and yet another year for my best daughter Cynthia to join the family). But like... can everyone chill out? The game isn’t even out yet. Give the poor thing a chance before waving it off. TL;DR I think the fuss people are making about this is rather overblown and people should just hang tight before making judgement on a game that’s not even out yet.
  7. As a servant yeah she’s really overlooked. I always appreciate a great assassin when I see one because it’s one of the couple classes that can be rather difficult to find servants that are up to par. Buster leaning assassins are especially rare, so she’s all the more to me. I’m a little more mixed on her personally though. She kinda looks like something from Monster High as opposed to her namesake, but I guess it’s not a terribly far-out design compared to others like, say, Ivan the Terrible or Thomas Edison. I also find her voice kind of weird. It’s rather high pitched and quite similar to Marie’s, while I was expecting a more whispery and sinister tone. Not that I dislike her! She just... subverted my expectations, more or less.
  8. Thanks! My ign is Kris. Also noticed you have a Cleo in your supports which is super nice because nobody else has her in theres. Finally a decent farming assassin to borrow.
  9. @QKumber I actually just had a spot open thanks to a level up, so I’ll send a request your way if you don’t mind. 😄
  10. (Allegedly) worst EoR chapter here we come! At least Astolfo gets to do something for once.
  11. I’m rather bummed Cynthia is excluded since she’s the only character I care about who was added, but at least the accessories look nice...
  12. Actually yes. Male Morgan was demoted and he introduced Dull Ranged. I think Ares had a new one too... but it was a dual seal skill or something.
  13. My family is complete. My daughter is a GHB. happy dances Guess I have a reason to start saving up on grails now. Please be decent Cynthia!
  14. I’ve beaten the Red Oni a couple times, but there are several others where I could only get it to 1mil or so before the time runs out. I usually use a support Shiki along with Ibaraki and Merlin, with Jack tucked in the back. I’m contemplating about replacing Merlin with Tamamo though, since she has better chemistry with Shiki and Ibaraki rarely gets past five or so rounds. This raid in particular isn’t very caster friendly either, though Merlin’s surprisingly comes through most of the time, probably because unlike so many enemy riders the Oni isn’t prone to obnoxiously critting every three seconds. Hell, the raid Ibaraki tended to be nightmare in comparison due to being a Chimera in disguise. In other news, Kerry decided to join the team after throwing in a ticket. I’ll take it, always had a liking to him and more available assassins are welcome. Sadly he’ll likely just be getting the scraps from what Kintoki doesn’t gulp down, and I’m mass stockpiling assassin embers for summer Shishou.
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