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  1. It’s been a while huh I’m still playing the game. In fact, when the Valentines event dropped, I was able to get my first ever NP5 SSR after saving 3k saint quartz. Yes I really enjoy Sei Shonagon that much. I still have reserves left even after achieving my dream, around 1,600ish to spare for Kingprotea and especially Castoria when she’s finally available.
  2. Man is it just me, or are the egg drops really stingy? I’ve done this raid 250+ times but I’ve only gotten 40 eggs out of the whole thing. I wasn’t expecting to be swimming in them given that the rate are relatively lowish but damn. I can’t tell if I’m having terrible luck or this is par for the course.
  3. My rankings would have to be Arash>Ryouma>Salieri>Tristan. The first two came off as the most coherent to me, if a bit cliche, but I liked Arash’s slightly more. Jalter’s conversely was interesting with her having a connection to Gabriela, though the asspulls involved bring it down for me. Salieri’s felt too self indulgent for himself, and Tristan’s came off as a cop-out.
  4. Man, as much as I love my OG Assassin, I can’t describe how crestfallen I was when I found out he got the buff instead of Mata Hari. DW is just so vehemently opposed to throwing her a bone...
  5. Reminiscing about our starts of FGO eh? Don’t mind if I do! I jumped in around early December in 2018, just right when the Babylonia singularity was released. I pulled Merlin when his banner dropped so my journey through my early days wasn’t particularly arduous, but I otherwise had some pretty miserable luck for roughly 2/3rds of 2019. It wasn’t until I pulled Illya off a ticket when things really turned for the better and by 2020 it’s been straight up sacking of the gacha. Oh, and I’d rather forget about the mat hell, its pretty nasty at the start. Don’t even get me started how back then demon hearts couldn’t even be farmed outside those bloody caster nodes. Nowadays aside of some annoying bronze mats like bones and especially dust (ugh), I usually have healthy stash of what I need for ascensions and skills. I feel this is a game that has an initial sharp grinding curve, but once you reach the hurdle it’s pretty smooth sailing and most new additions to your roster can be brought up to snuff immediately. As for my first rerun, I think it must’ve been Gudaguda 2. When you reach the encore it’s nowhere near as difficult since you’re aren’t scrambling for currency to buy CEs which you might not even need (case in point this event). Instead you can just go right into the farming.
  6. I really like Rin and she’s one of my favorite characters of all time. In fact, Rin is honestly one of the very few tsunderes I actually tolerate since her mannerisms aren’t just a trope for the sake of it and is actually compelling. Illya is in the higher tiers as well, for her tragic story in the original story to her zany cuteness in Kaleid Prisma (yes I watched that series don’t judge me). I like Saber, but she’s not a personal favorite like the aforementioned. Sakura, outside of her body type, I don’t care for her at all. Concerning the franchise as a whole, I got a very soft spot for Sei Shonagon, though that’s mostly due to aesthetics and personality clicking with me.
  7. I don’t know if I should be feel relieved that it’s not a zzzzzzzzz repeat win or salty that my man Tom Brady won another ring after leaving my team. Congrats Tampa Bay for your second super bowl win.
  8. All of my votes went to my girl Byleth. Best teacher deserves it. Predicting the final results is interesting. We’ve had two cases of the (meaningful) standings remaining the same in CYL1/4, and two having more drastic changes to the placements with CYL2/3. Honestly, I think we’re looking at the former. With the males being as cutthroat as is, I think enough attention has been diverted from the females for the traffic to remain more or less the same and Byleth is popular enough to hold off Marianne. As for the guys, I think people have rallied for the Gatekeeper for him not to fall out of the thresholds and Marth supporters seem determined enough to not let him get screwed once more, leaving Chrom to fall short. If I had my way, I’d have Byleth/Eirika and Marth/Chrom for my finalists as I have choice words for the Gatekeeper situation, but that’s enough from me as that hornets nest has probably been shook enough already.
  9. Oh baby a double! Got my first ever 2 (G)SSR in one roll, being Raikou and Kiara. They’re both dupes, but I’m content with them. Both of them are getting NP upgrades in the future so they’ll clap a bit harder. I threw in tickets for New Years to see what happened. I got a gold saber, but it wasn’t a birb. Artoria came for the first time ever, and despite it being a hard spook I’m not mad about it. I in fact welcome the OG Saber.
  10. Oddly enough, the ones I actively struggled with was the solo NP spam Consort Yu fight and 15-2 with those stupid evades and NP ticks. Old Man Li went down like a chump with double Skadi + Melt. Xiang Yu/Consort Yu was noticeably trickier but still manageable, and QSH wasn’t that bad. As for what I think of LB3 personally.
  11. Shoutouts to @Rezzy for being THE ONLY PERSON ON MY FRIENDS LIST WHO HAD AN MLB OF THE EVENT *4 CE. I mean, sheesh. I know Osakabehime isn’t exactly desirable gameplay wise and it doesn’t help that she’s in the permanent pool anyways, but I’d think finding mlb’d gacha CEs wouldn’t be quite as miserable. Trying to farm the two higher currencies has been nothing short of a bottleneck for me and I essentially gave up on the cookies. I’m all but ready for Oniland.
  12. Hot take, Agartha is worse than Septem. While certainly not good by any stretch, at the end of the day Septem is merely a giant, boring nothingburger. Everyone comments on how much of a “trainwreck” Septem is, but what’s a more accurate description is it is a train that never bothered to leave the station. It’s just lame, plain and simple. Plus, at least Septem can be given some slack for being part of the early stages of FGO when nobody knew what direction to take the story. What excuse does Agartha have? We had excellent stories in Camelot, Babylonia, Solomon, and Shinjuku during that time span and we’re given this garbage? Like come on. Now you can say what you will concerning “hurr durr Mary Sue Nero is so unbearable and I hate her guts”, and yeah I get the character isn’t for everyone (personally I find Nero alright). I’d still take that over the abomination that was Agartha.
  13. @Sire Nice to hear you continue on with EoR! Shinjuku also happens to be one of my personal favorites. Agartha... the less said, the better. I can safely verify that the upcoming stories are better than what you’re currently going through. While I got my problems with Shimousa (particularly with the writing and presentation... not to mention those damn boss fights), it’s still decent at the very least. Salem meanwhile is tied with Shinjuku as my favorite of the four, with Salem barely edging it. It’s funny to look back on how hyped Shimousa before release while Salem was largely slept on, feels good to be vindicated.
  14. I mean, it’s a summer event. I can at least understand why someone might balk at normal Abby (though I’m personally indifferent), but what did you really expect here? Of course she’d be wearing a swimsuit. In other news, DL campaign 11 coming soon! Here comes my last decent shot at pulling Squirtoria.
  15. Yeah, Scheherazade made me really salty initially (I got her during New Years of this year) because she was one of the few servants I really didn’t want to pull, but getting Scathach/Melt/Musashi/Jalter/Da Vinci within a weeks time made the salt subside fairly quickly. Yes, that somehow was feasible. As for Dantes, he’s sort of a soft pass for me. I know how amazing he is as a servant, and I don’t mind him in his own right. However, summer as a whole has been reeeeeally tight, and that continues with Archuria just around the corner and eventually Gil/Sheba when the festival hits. It’s not like I’m hosed for green farming anyways, my Lancelot is all set to take on mobs.
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