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  1. I got my girl Ishtar off a yolo roll! It helps that it took me off from having a bad mood due to that shitshow of a maintenance. Now my remaining quartz can be saved for Eresh. Nightingale is a weird and disappointing choice for the welfare imo, but what I’m actually looking forward to is the new SSR. Some are speculating it might be Scrooge or Charles Dickens.
  2. I had a nightmare that I wouldn’t be able to pull Ishtar for the third damn time in a row and that the only SSR CE I pulled was 500 Year Obsession. Please don’t have this be a bad omen and have myself revert to my pre-August E rank luck. cries
  3. I don’t think that’s really the point. Anna has a fairly large following, some of which even want to marry her, so the fact that not only that you can’t S rank her but she has no supports at all is quite the low blow.
  4. Wow, the sauna is lame. Consider myself disappointed. At least there’s petting, I guess.
  5. Oops posted in the wrong thread, hehe. Might as well wrote something relevant to the topic I just think it’s cute how the VA who voiced Tethys was a longtime fan of hers since SS. Sweet story.
  6. I’m really hoping that was a FE6 remake (and FE7 if they decide to mix the two) and not for FE4 for several reasons. I personally I have a bias towards towards Elibe while being completely indifferent to the Judgral games. With 3H being extremely similar to (and inspired by) FE4 specifically, I feel another game in that style/setting/tone would be redundant. FE6/7 would be a “safer” choice that I believe would be more appealing to a wider audience, ie the fact that all of their main lords won CYL (which is a HUGE feat), Roy in Smash, etc. FE4 would mostly just attract people who already played the game, while the lack of familiar characters/playstyle could potentially alienate casuals/newcomers. Then there’s all the... uhhhh, potentially controversial story elements that could have sites like Kotaku give it bad press. FE4 already has a large following and is said to be one of the best games. Why focus on something that’s already relatively popular among veterans when they could polish and retell FE6 which usually has a lukewarm reception? Almost nobody cared about Gaiden prior to SoV, but it was the latter that got people to recognize and appreciate it after the remake gave it a new life, and I want the same thing to happen with FE6 since I think it has a lot of hidden potential that could be explored. We’ll probably learn soon enough after a Nintendo Direct, probably one during January/February of next year but maybe one this year if one even happens. I highly doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this.
  7. Awwwww man. Rip my Galar Phanpy/Litleo dream. I still hope we get at least 85% of the cast returning. As for the newcomers, I adore the snow moth, and the ladybug line looks unique enough. Barracuda line (or pike I dunno) is... there. Pretty disappointed by the squirrels. Only the latter one looks like an English red squirrel, and it suffers from “let’s make the next stage fat and/or stupid” syndrome that many of the evolutions of regional mammals suffer from.
  8. You just don’t want it to be legit because Glameow would be excluded once again That Rapidash is lookin fine. Rolycoaly evos... what happened? I was hoping for a train Pokémon and not Rhyperior/Golems lovechild.
  9. So, mini rant incoming. I’ve never been a big fan of the Galar starters as a whole, and now that I see the final stages, they might be my least favorite trio. Not because I necessarily hate them (I honestly dislike other lines like Chikorita, Bulbasaur, and Tepig much more), but because as a whole they’re so... meh. None of them ever really made an impression on me that the previous generations did, and it’s just so disappointing that I’m starting off with something that I don’t care much for at all. I was initially on Team Scorbunny... I guess, but now that I see Cinderace and just how uninspired and dull it is, I might just switch to Grookey since while I’m not really a monkey guy, the gorilla motif at least looks passable. Can’t say I’m huge on Sobble’s line either, Intelleon’s extremely scrawny look is so off-putting to me. All in all, my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. Onto happier thoughts... I really like the new elephant (not sure if it has a name yet or not) since I’m sucker for them. The foxes also look pretty cool even though it’s like our third iteration of one. Everyone else is aight too (well tbh I’m not feeling the Impidimp line... at all). None of the gigantamax forms really interest me but they’re pretty inoffensive if slightly pandered. I’m just waiting for more Galarian forms. I’m hoping Phanpy/Litleo is legit.
  10. My girl Rin is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Oh and Calamity Jane is cool too, but RIN. Sadly I don’t play JP so I gotta wait eons for this one.
  11. I’m just glad Hilda is one of the top girls. She seemed to get off to a slow start but now is noticeably popular. Kinda disappointed Rhea and Seteth did lukewarm in comparison though.
  12. So? Why should that matter? Because he’s not colorless and thus “unique”? Colored bows are often considered worse than their non-colored originals and Python’s fodder while alright is far from earth shattering. Forsyth and Catria aren’t going anywhere for obvious reasons, and Silque has Dazzling Staff which is more valuable than whatever Python offers. Not to mention Silque would be the third healer in a row to demote which... doesn’t seem likely at all.
  13. Actually, lack drew Fallen Tiki several months after Camilla, so that return technically happened way back in May.
  14. I mean, at least Defiant Attack and Defiant Speed aren’t useless, they’re just noticeably outclassed. They still got a lot of synergy with a good deal with offensive sets, and +7 isn’t anything to sneeze at. Brazens are just better due to more stats and being easier to use, but I’d take these over something like, say, Pass. Now Defiant Defense/Defiant Resistance... those are hot garbage. Why in the hell would anyone let their tank lose half their health, kicking them out of Vengeful/Special Fighter and well out of QR range, just to get some defensive buffs? Those deserve all the flack.
  15. I got a robot! After doing a couple yolo rolls before the specific rate ups, Danzo showed up, who I wanted the most. Now that I got her for certain, I’ll definitely hold off until the Raikou/Danzo/Yagyu rate up (don’t really care about Shuten). I’m in dire need of more berserkers and Raikou could be a lifesaver for farming/quests, Danzo is more NP copies for my selfish needs, and Yagyu is a solid saber I guess though I don’t really need him. However, I probably will save some leftover quartz for the Rins, especially Ishtar because she won’t get another rate up for two years whereas at least Eresh comes back next Christmas if my shot at her is a bust. @QKumber I saw your message board and that sounds horrible. Around 700 quartz and only one SR? Was the servant in question even on rate up? My fullest condolences for RNGsus cursing you.
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