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  1. These days I'm playing Total War: Warhammer 2. Tons of various customization and factions to choose from. Still need to learn about the more advanced units. Keep running into the same pitfall of trying to be aggressive in the early game; only to be walled by a settlement with stronger trooper than my own. Slowing learning my lessons though.
  2. Oh sweet Tharja has another alt. Even better it is not red for one. I know what my 300+ orbs are going towards.
  3. That's hell you are walking into. Try to meet the more sensible people. And try to have an account exclusive for posting art.
  4. After 380 orbs I got Thrasir, fCorrin, and most of the low rarity blues. No Dimitri sadly. Welp there is always next time.
  5. I know it's a predictable choice. But one I am excited as hell over. I have been waiting for this for a year for this version of Dimitri. Time to fully splurge over this banner.
  6. Sweet Illanya is in the game; in a non seasonal appearance. And will be demoted in the future. That will save my orbs for the time being.
  7. Morale system based on amount of movement points per map. To punish fliers and horse units.
  8. While the AVGN couldn't beat the game, James Rolfe did. Although he did died at least one according to his recollection. James and Mike share some interesting trivia about the game. Good Luck with your let's play. Need to home those ninja skills.
  9. Never played these games, but I am interested to try. Hopefully Galaxy 2 and 64 ds can be ported over in the future. Not a fan of the limited release both physical and digital. Reeks of the same tactic Disney used for the animated movies for years.
  10. Well One Piece came about in 1999. Path or Radiance came out in the year of 2005. PoR was more inspired by concepts from Kaga's Berwick saga than One Piece. Such as: a power enemy in black armor with relations to the main character, pair of divine swords, a dark and a light goddess, and apostle that cannot speak to the goddess despite it being her job. Sure there are some common parallels in the themes. But the stories goes in widely different directions.
  11. The fight require a good amount of baton passing in order to complete it. The best way to achieve it is by using elemental items such as magatamas, molotov cocktails. Exploit the weakness of one robot, then baton pass to another part member, repeat all the way until Joker has a level 4 pass then clear the wave. One of the ways to make the fight easier is by increasing the difficulty to merciless. I know that sounds bizarre, but on merciless damage from weakness and technical attacks is increased for everyone. So it makes it easier to deal enough damage for clear the robot waves in two turns. If you don't have enough items then you could give an accessory to the party members to deal elemental attacks outside of their move-set. Such as Morgana with a Frost Ring to deal ice moves. This boss battle really test the preparedness for than any other fight in the game.
  12. When you get to the Three Houses playthroughs months down the line. Perhaps you could only talk about the interesting dialogue highlights from the monastery. Otherwise there is way too much to dig into. And you are going to discuses Raphael eating habits as much as the story. Same goes for more support heavy games; eg Awakening and beyond.
  13. After 101 summons on the cyl 4 banner my highlights are: 6 copies of Dimitri. One free summon, one sparked, and 4 pulled for. Best iv being netural. Lilith (+res -hp) 2 copies of Claude. One sparked, and the other (+atk -res) brave Edelgard (+atk -def) I got what I wanted and a bit more. Changes are, by next month I'll use the fruit to change ivs for Dimitri. Also got fodder to boot. A win in my book.
  14. Starting an online business, being in some nice get-togethers and all the games/ books I have played/read. Otherwise this year been a massive dent in my plans.
  15. The cyl4 winners are going to be here. With gen 5 bst and endgame outfits. Not the most striking of designs; could have chosen one of the many other classes in 3H. I'll laugh if the legendary versions have better performances. Still aiming heavily for Dimitri Jorge getting into Heroes makes me raise questions about the next cyl. Higher dragonflower cap. Better focus more on AR and the others modes. Poor early units are begging for any advantage at this point. Changing ivs I find to to the most interesting addition in a while. I already have several candidates in might when it comes out. Overall decent feh channel.
  16. After another batch of strengthenings, I would say the winner is Artoria. Going full buster is bonkers.For most unnecessary I would say Musashi since she still has the same problems are before, just with a niche against rare bosses. Caster Artoriais making all other support casters cry in the corner. She brings way too much the the team.
  17. One month later I still put Three Houses my in top five Fire Emblem games. A lot of what makes Awakening works for me also applies to 3H. The sandbox design where there is a good amount of experimentation with classes, skills and weapons. A strong 1st act to the world that makes me invested. In the past I never paid much attention the lords having my attentions to the supporting cast. But Dimitri changed that. Performance wise, 3H is a bit rough around the edges. Some texture work are from a sloppy ps2 game. i know the Switch isn't a powerful console but more of an effort can be made. Playing the gamw on tablet mode makes me wish I had a pair of glasses. What holds it back for me is the amount of repetition. After completing Azure Moon first I didn't know that I have experienced roughly 80% of the game had to offer. Playing part 1 again and again with little thing changing other that the lord in focus gets dull. Three houses has about 4-5 ideas that are enough for a full fledged game crammed together with little room to breathe. So not all the story beats lead to a satisfying conclusion, or answers found within the game. No saying that everything needs a feel length explanation, but game is too vague about important details. From the Nabateas to Edelgard's family; details are difficult to come by. Overall I see 3H as an experimental title for the next game. Hopefully IS and KT can see what works and expand upon that.
  18. For me it's conspiracy/ Illuminati plots. In most cases I don't buy that a group is hyper competent falls quickly when the main characters come knocking that the doorsteps. Where all possible outcomes have been accounted for the the grand plan. Always wonder why the groups don't silence the main character if there resources are available.
  19. After 180 orbs and tickets my highlights are: Alm (+def -hp) Bernie (+atk -spd) Nagi (+spd -hp) Surtr (+def -atk) Luke ( +res -hp) Some decent merges and fodder with Luke.
  20. A Fate Extra remake got announced. Might give it a shot when it comes out. Also on Kiara got a np buff having the second largest healing the the game, first being Enkidu. Hey her np hit like a damp towel instead of wet paper. Nightless City Caster received a 30% battery buff on her 1st skill. DW has some odd choices when it comes to strengthenings.
  21. SMT 5 finally after what, 4 years of nothing. I'm interested.
  22. Tried to get Summer Nero with 260 sq Only to be met with np2 assassin Nito, zerker Nobu, and Anastasia. That's the second year where I wanted caster Nero only to be met with another 5* caster. Here hoping that my luck for lancer Raikou is better.
  23. Both Krises finally made it into the game. All we need is Mark and the circle of avatar is complete.
  24. After leveling Skadi to 10/8/10 I can see why she is praised so highly. Two of her on a team makes berserker Lancelot into a freight train. Being able to murder groups, getting stronger with each wave. On top of that generating 50+ star each turn is over kill. Downsides are that the np gain widely varies depending what classes are enemies. In addition to zerkerlot weak np itself even buffed heavily cannot reliable kill foes with 160+ hp.
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