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  1. ok so this took me a while to make because i had no idea how to fix it. after a long brainstorm, this is what i got. so the floating head on the left. i recolored the skin color by using a skin color from FE8, in this case Vanessa's skin color. i did this because im curious to know how much the skin color clashes or matches with the white hair color. and the floating head on the right, i did not change the skin color but it is where i attempted to fix the shading of the lower right hair section. i pondered about zelkami's comment on the skin, and i believed he meant the neck region because it looks odd now that i look at it. as for the copy/pasted heads, this is me trying out how 2B's head would look like attached to other bodies without the black neck collar. Also, i trimmed her hair by one line because i have a hunch that one reason why she couldnt fit well with other bodies is due to her large hair. i just realized that i forgot to accommodate the hair band since the hair size got reduced.
  2. thanks for the responses! sorry for responding so late. I had an unexpectedly busy week. so i followed zekami's comment on the headband. i tried to fix it by expanding it to make it less jagged. and on cloudnight's comment on the hair, i removed the strands on the bottom to attempt to make the hair more smoother. and regarding placing the head on brunya's body, i did copy/paste it. i originally intended to edit brunya's body as the base for 2B's body because the mouth and parts of the head originally belonged to brunya. im glad to know that my hunch was right that it looks weird. also zekami, by the shading, did you mean the area circled in red or green? or was it both circled areas?
  3. hello guys. i used to splice for a bit years ago as a way to kill time and now i have decided to actually time and effort to make it as a hobby. for practice, i attempted to make 2B from nier automata in the GBA FE face portrait style. here's my progress so far. i would really appreciate any feedback and criticism. here's her face. and here's attaching the face to brunya's body.
  4. hi guys. i finally made an account for this website despite using it for years. i have been playing fire emblem since the GBA era. im occasionally going to post in other parts of the forum cause im thinking of going to the sprites section more often. i've been tinkering around with splicing portraits for a bit but i want critique to improve my hobby.
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